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James Manager
I've had an interest in wine ever since the age of 2, I blame the parents; well.. my Dad mostly, twas he that filled my beaker up! I don't have a particular favourite but if pushed I'd say Italian reds. I'll tend to drink what ever I'm in the mood for at the time or match it up to a meal. Also really partial to the odd pint or two of real ale & craft beers.
Mike Assistant Manager
Mike is immediately recognisable by his impeccable elocution and suave manner, also he has a beard. Studious and dedicated to his craft, Mike can often be found perusing a wine atlas or expanding his palette at the tasting counter. A promising student of viniculture, Mike is sure to be the shining light of the team before long. An avid keeper of reptiles, Mike has occasionally been known to moisten his eyes with his own tongue.
Paul Sales Assistant
Russ Sales Assistant
25 August 09:00 - 19:00
Majestic Fleet

Discover Portugal

We think Portuguese wines are the next big thing and we'll have a few stunners open all week from Thursday 23rd.
20 September 18:00 - 19:00
Majestic Fleet

The Celebrity Winemakers

Just like the celebrity chefs of the world there are a host of winemakers out there carving a name for themselves in the world of wine and beyond. What are the decisions a winemaker makes? When to pick, how to press, how long to ferment, what to blend, how soon to fine, is it in oak or steel, do you age the wine, if so in what and for how long? It’s a lot more complicated than making a meal!
28 September 18:00 - 19:00
Majestic Fleet

The Next Big Vin

Majestic are always ahead of the curve for wine trends. We know what’s dominant in the UK at the moment, malbec, prosecco and sauvignon blanc. So what do you think will come next? We'll look at what we think they could be.

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