Very smooth with a lively bouquet of floral and fresh mint characteristics, followed by further hints of woody spices and hints of vanilla.

£36.90 Mix Six
£41.00 per bottle

If Congac conjures up images of stuffy old men in smoke filled rooms think again and try this modern update of a French classic.

£27.90 Mix Six
£31.00 per bottle

One of Tariquet's finest Armagnacs. Aged for at least 13 years in oak barrels in Tariquet's cellars.

£50.40 Mix Six
£56.00 per bottle

Good value, stylish Calvados - an ideal after-dinner alternative to Cognac.

£22.50 Mix Six
£25.00 per bottle
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Made from hand-sorted cider apples from the Pays d'Auge area, this Calvados has been aged and blended in old French casks and is three years old.

£30.60 Mix Six
£34.00 per bottle

Armagnac Duc de Seviac

ABV 40%

A wonderful Armagnac with a distinctively smooth yet earthy style.

£19.98 Mix Six
£22.20 per bottle

This delivers the fruit of a younger style with the complexity of a more mature style, with distinctive strong floral notes.

£52.20 Mix Six
£58.00 per bottle