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Valentin Senior Assistant Manager
Charismatic, responsible, optimistic and knowledgeable about the wines.
Tom Assistant Manager
The youngster of the St Johns wood team. Full of energy and always up for a chat. Specialist in Fine Red Bordeaux and Brandy.
James Senior Manager
Managing SJW, you can find him handing out glass of fizz or samples of fine wine! If you're around NW8 come and see him for a chat!
Joe Sales Assistant
Been in retail for forty years, twenty working with wine. Loves any type of wine as long as it's drinkable
Michael Driver
Friendly and helpful
Jessie Assistant Manager
From the IOW I love all things food and wine
Natalia Sales Assistant
Another cracking Moldovan. Find me at the tasting counter!!
Mark Sales Assistant
I'm an Arsenal fan and a whiskey lover. Ask me about my brass hand

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Have you heard about WINE CLUB?
- Subscription service 40 years in the making and from only £99!
- 12 unique bottles of wine, expertly selected by our award-winning buying team including a Master of Wine.
- Four delicious wine cases delivered to you, one for each season.
- Exclusive access to online content and webinars.
- A colourful brochure with curated recipes and tasting notes.
- Bringing wine to life: discover more about the talented producers and unique regions behind your wines.
- Find like-minded wine-lovers: you’re invited to join our Facebook Group with exclusive webinars to guide you through your wine club tasting and share your experience.
- No Quibble: if a wine isn’t to your taste, just let us know and we'll recommend a replacement we think you'll love.
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Welcome to the world of Chateau Peyrassol where you can find one of my favourite wines for drinking all year round. Now in stock and at £11.99 it is a steal.

Type of soil
Clays and limestones of the interior valleys, associated with a few schist plots.

Vintage 2021
To say that the 2021 vintage was a long calm river would be a sweet joke! However, Peyrassol went through the hardships without suffering from adversity: historic frost in April, not a drop of rain in summer, the fire in August, a hailstorm in September and finally floods. And on arrival, the ultimate reward with an exceptional quality of musts and wines.

Soft colour reminiscent of rose petals. The nose delicately delivers gourmet aromas, reminiscent of well-ripened, sweet yellow fruits, and evokes the sun under which our grapes ripened. On the palate, the crunch of small acid berries, typical of Syrah, revives the tension of the whole. The balance of the whole, both lively and tender, builds an enveloping and refreshing palate.

40% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 15% Syrah, 5% Mourvèdre, 10% Vermentino

Traditional stainless steel vats at controlled temperature after delicate pneumatic pressing.

Food and wine pairings
The beautiful liveliness of this wine will go perfectly with salmon sushi, a ceviche of scallops or a golden sea bass with fennel.
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Domaine Faiveley Puligny-Montrachet 2016

In 1879, Puligny added its name to that of its more renowned Grand Cru: Montrachet. The "La Garenne" covers 9 hectares of vines situated just above "Champ Gain" on the upper parts of the hillside.

The grapes are harvested and sorted by hand. The musts are extracted using a pneumatic press before being settled. Vinification lasts 4 weeks and takes place in French oak barrels (40-50% of which are new oak) in cellars at consistent, natural temperatures and hygrometry. The wines are stirred frequently in order to keep the wine in contact with the lees and then aged for 17 to 18 months. This enables them to retain excellent tension and aromatic complexity as well as a smooth, delicate palate. Attractive nose offering subtle and seductive notes of citrus and exotic fruits combined with delicate toasty notes. The palate is rich and well-balanced with a smooth mouthfeel and taut, mineral structure. A very harmonious wine with exceptional aromatic persistence.

Serve with Farm-bred chicken with truffles, sole meunière, baked oysters, scallops and smoked duck breast
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P. NOLAN 3 months ago
The service I received form the staff regarding a missing order was truly outstanding - if only other businesses were similarly understanding. I cannot praise them enough for their courteous and totally charming approach to my dilemma.
Thank you.
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Happy holiday season, People! Have you forgotten what day it is yet? The beautiful slump of the
between-holiday period has begun! And what’s the best thing about this period? The endless
amount of Christmas movies made better by a matching cocktail to spice things up!

Remember this classic holiday romantic comedy? If you feel like watching something emotional
that makes you laugh AND cry, go for Holiday! We recommend a beautiful Definition Sparkling
Rosé Brut at £23.99 to spark up all the romance in your home this season!

Home Alone
You can’t have family holiday without Kevin, right? We feel like Kevin would go for a rich
orange hot chocolate with marshmallows for toppings, while we recommend a boozy hot
chocolate to Kevin’s parents to help with the fact that they flew to another country without
noticing that their child is missing. Help numb your pain with a mug full of milk, double cream,
chopped dark chocolate, orange zest and a shot of Cointreau Orange Liqueur at £23.00. Cheers!

Die Hard
Looking for a movie to help get back in touch with your masculine side after folding too many
swan napkins and sniffing all the Christmas candles? We recommend watching Die Hard -which
for whatever reason is a classic Christmas movie. Pair your manly celebration with a side of
Godfather made with Disaronno Amaretto at £18.00 and Glenmorangie 12-year-old Scotch at
£44.00 served over ice. Don’t forget your cigar!

Love Actually
Finally, we can’t not recommend this classic movie when it comes to Christmas. An absolute
festive joy to watch, all the way until you realise it has no point whatsoever! Don’t believe us?
Give it a go and help ease your stress caused by the pointless storyline with a glass of red G&T!
Try our Sipsmith Vintage Sloe Gin at £20.00 and mix with a can of Fever Tree Tonic at £4.79
for an 8 pack. Throw some frozen berries in your glass for extra fanciness!

Happy holidays, Everybody from our Majestic St John’s Wood team!
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Shop In Store: we’re open until 5pm on Friday 24th (Christmas Eve)
Shop Local and Collect: order online and collect in 4 hours, up to 1pm on Friday 24th
Local Deliveries: NW8, NW6, W9
Contact Us: Talk to us about a local order - please call on 02076043461 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Fine wine week is coming up, people!
When we say “fine wine” it sounds fairly obvious what we mean: good quality wine. But have you ever wondered where we draw the line between wine and fine wine? Find out now!
Many would argue that certain qualities clearly define whether a wine should be classified as “fine wine”. A well-known region where the grapes are grown, the name of an established vineyard, the price or a limited production quantity may seem like it would grant a certain quality. The term “fine wine” can also refer to wines that age well or to its characteristics and structure.
But what is the final judge in the categorisation of a subjective product that is while simply a marketed and regulated item, is also an art form that is up to personal taste and the interpretation of the consumer?
Clive Coates -one of the world's leading wine authorities- uses a verbal rating. Coates categorises wine as 'Very good', 'Fine', 'Very fine' and 'Grand Vin'. Coates argues that fine wines have improved over the years in certain regions due to the maturity and technical achievements of their production, and the consistency of creating fine wine year after year has improved, the style of fine wines is in decline. This questions whether the “fine wine” rating could ever be fulfilled just by high quality expertise, without personal judgement and the change in trend. Fine wine making, like all high quality crafts that reached the level of art, invites interpretation and therefore will remain debatable.
For this reason, we would suggest to feel inspired and invite you to try our variety of fine wines and use your judgement to see just how high our selected bottles would finish on your personal fine wine rating system!

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Do you like cocktails? Do you like history? Do you like the spirit of the holiday season? How about some festive drinks history lesson? That’s right, this week we are tasty and educational!

Ever heard of the classic Hot Buttered Rum? This cosy drink got popular in the USA during colonial times when rum was believed to be nutritious for the body... which it is, right? After a short hiatus, Hot Buttered Rum has seen new popularity in the 1940s, when it appeared in Kenneth Roberts’ 1937 bestselling novel, the “Northwest Passage. The festive drink returned with new combinations and refined recipes. Some of today’s most popular recipes call for vanilla ice cream instead of butter. Tasty!
2 ounces Plantation 5 Year Old Rum £29.99
1 tablespoon batter (softened butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, clove and ground nutmeg mixed with softened vanilla ice cream)
Boiling water, to top
Freshly grated nutmeg and a cinnamon stick for garnish

Our next classic is Christmas punch! Punch is originated from the Indian subcontinent with its name coming from the Hindi word पाँच meaning "five", referring to its five main ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lime or a lemon juice, water, and spices. Punch made it to England in the 17th century when employees of the East India Company introduced it to the English and later to the rest of Europe. At the time, the cocktail was made with wine or brandy, until the 1650s when Jamaican rum became popular in England and transformed the old-school punch into today’s version. Here is a beautiful festive variation of the classic punch:
750 ml Pasqua 'Romeo and Juliet' Prosecco £9.99
250 ml Sipsmith Vintage Sloe Dry Gin £20.00
1 l cloudy apple or cranberry juice for a kick
1 ball stem ginger
3-4 sprigs rosemary
1 sliced Clementine and frozen red grapes for garnish

And of course finally, Eggnog! The retro festive cocktail is making a comeback with new spins on its old recipes, finding new fans amongst the new generation of consumers. But did you know that the love-hate surrounded drink is one of the oldest cocktails, with several countries competing to claim its invention? Weird, right? Eggnog’s history is full of unproven theories stemming from as early as the 1300s. The name “Eggnog” was first recorded in the 1700s and is argued to come from the combination of rum –then referred to as grog- and the small wooden mugs called noggins. This combination has led to “egg-n-grog” which with time turned into Eggnog. The cocktail was arguably first made in medieval times, with the old version known as Posset -made with hot milk, curdled with wine or ale and added spices. By the 13th century eggs and figs were added to the mix and the new version was consumed by monks. Later, cream, cinnamon and nutmeg became popular ingredients of Eggnog with its alcohol keep changing from ale to sherry. Today’s classic Eggnog uses brandy, rum, whisky or bourbon. Check out this traditional version of the historic beverage:
1/2 cup Courvoisier VS Cognac Brandy £27.50
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In need of some Christmas dinner inspiration? Check out our colleagues’ nation’s favourite Christmas dishes paired with their wine of choice!
For a traditional English Christmas dinner, you may serve a lovely roast turkey, Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, some rich nutty stuffing, a bit of cranberry sauce with a side of pigs in blankets and lashings of hot gravy. And what wine may pair well with your festive feast? Jamie, our store manager at Majestic St John’s Wood suggests a beautiful white Burgundy to complement your turkey, like the Alain Chavy ‘Les Charmes’ Puligny-Montrachet @ £49.99 or the Henri Boillot Bourgogne Blanc @ £30.99. For dessert, pair your Christmas pudding with a glass of Courvoisier VS @ £27.50 and serve your mince pie with the sweet Triana PX Sherry @ £13.99.
In Portugal, Consoada is served on Christmas Eve -a traditional dish made of codfish with a side of greens and roasted potatoes. Our Portuguese colleague, Jose, suggests having your Portuguese Christmas meal with a bottle of Hands of Time Chardonnay @ £17.99. For an authentic dessert, serve your crème caramel or arroz doce –a Portuguese sweet rice- with a glass of fruity and sweet Dulce Enero Ice wine @ £16.99.
For a traditional Hungarian Christmas feast, get your stuffed cabbage ready! The cabbage leaves are filled with meat mixed with rice and served with a dollop of sour cream. Our Hungarian colleague, Rita, suggests pairing your stuffed cabbage with a bottle of Hugel Riesling @ £17.99. For dessert, have your beigli – a delicious and sweet walnut or poppyseed roll - with a side of beautiful Royal Tokaji gold label dessert wine @ £29.99
Let’s get cooking!
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Have you been planning your Christmas shopping for this year? What would you choose:
online or in store? Here are a few advantages to shop in Majestic St John’s Wood and support
your local businesses.
Come and meet our team!
Come and visit our store in St John’s Wood and meet your lovely local experts! Jamie, Val,
Jessie, Tom, Rita, Joe and Loukia are ready to provide you with expert advice on wines and
spirits. Our team is always up for a challenge to find the perfect bottle. Come and give them a
piece of information about the consumer’s taste, age, favourite food, the occasion, price range
or the planned menu and watch them find the perfect pairing for you. They are truly
To shop in our local stores, there is no wait, no delivery fee and we are always up for a chat
while carrying your bottles to your car parked outside.
Being the proud flagship store of the brand, our St John’s Wood branch is big, bright and
beautiful with the widest range of wines in all Majestic stores. Come and see it for yourself!
Now, supporting your local businesses, meeting the team and getting free advice is great...
But do you know the best part about shopping in Majestic St John’s Wood? Two words: Free
That’s right, all friendliness aside, we all know that you won’t be able to go on the website
and browse around our new arrivals, our classics or festive stars and taste them while thinking
about the perfect festive occasion to drink them. Come and try anything you like in your local
Majestic and feel the difference it makes to pick your wine after tasting it while having a
lovely chat with Tom about the latest rugby match!
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Alex Dale left Burgundy for winemaking liberty just weeks after Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa - and that's when the 'Freedom' Pinot Noir began. This is fresh, perfumed and complex, with notes of strawberry, bramble fruit, oak and spice. Serve at room temperature with a hearty stew.

Only £21.99 mixed 6
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Great News!!!! Our petrol tank is full and ready to go!!! Give us a call or order online and we can deliver straight to your door!!!!!
                                    FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £75!!!!!!!
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Fine Wine Of The Month

Chateau Fonplegade 2014, Saint- Emilion Grand Cru

Chateau Fonplegade aimed to create the purest expression of Saint-Emilion. So they recruited one of the world's most sought-after winemaking consultants, farmed organically, picked each bunch of grapes by hand from their oldest vines and made this from 95% Merlot. As a result, it's full-bodied and plush, with notes of blackcurrant, blueberry, cocoa and fresh tobacco and a long, smooth finish. Try it with a cassoulet.
                                         Only £39.99 When you Mix Six!!!!!!!!
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Hello Lovelies! Today is our last day of 25% off selected Chardonnay's. We have some great wines on our tasting counter, so join us today to find your new favourite!
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Exciting new arrival in our St John's Wood store!
Le Serre Nuove dell'Ornellaia magnum is now in, a delicious explosion of vanilla, chocolate, red fruit and tobacco, Tuscany at its best.
Pop in and pick up your bottle!
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