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Neil Senior Manager
Hailing from the North-East I have spent over 4 years in Majestic now mainly in Berkshire and Surrey. Thrilled to be leading the team here and very excited to get to know all the great people of Esher! I am particularly fond of any Italian wine, full bodied Bordeaux and white wines from South Africa and Australia.
Elle Senior Assistant Manager
I'm one keen bean to be co-piloting the fabulous Esher store this year! I'm a massive fan of Spanish reds and anything a little bit unsual.
Harry Trainee Manager
A brand new face here in Esher. Harry loves his beers and a full bodied red.
Ali Trainee Manager
I have just started my adventure at Majestic and within the wine world. I am very excited to learn as much as possible and to get to know the people of Esher. I am a big fan of red wines, particularly Spanish wines and Pinot Noirs. Feel free to join me on the tasting counter, Cheers Big Ears!
Steve Sales Assistant
24 August 18:00 - 20:00
Majestic Esher

Portugese Masterclass!

Come and enjoy a masterclass with us! We will have a variety of Portugese wines open to try. Learn about the grapes, history and culture of Portugese wines!
14 September 18:00 - 20:00
Majestic Esher

September Showcase: Autumn Concierge Wines

Come join us in store for our seasonal Showcase! This time we are having an Autumnal Wine Concierge focus so come down and chat to us about what the Majestic Concierge service is like! Enjoy samples of fantastic wines we offer to our Concierge members in what's sure to be a fantastic evening.
21 September 18:00 - 20:00
Majestic Esher

The Celebrity Winemakers

What are the decisions a winemaker makes? When to pick, how to press, how long to ferment, what to blend, how soon to fine, is it in oak or steel, do you age the wine, if so in what and for how long? It’s a lot more complicated than making a meal! Just like celebrity chefs, winemakers can take a base ingredient, grapes, and turn it into something special and unique. Majestic likes to work with genius winemakers above flashy winery names.
28 September 18:00 - 20:00
Majestic Esher

The Next Big Vin

Majestic are always ahead of the curve for wine trends. We know what’s dominant in the UK at the moment, malbec, prosecco and sauvignon blanc. So what do you think will come next? We’d bank on some of these, particularly in a post Brexit world!

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