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Store News(85)

St EmilionDate published: 30/06/16

St Emilion, a large appellation in Bordeaux where many top shelf wines have been produced. You can find many of the village vinyards on steep slopes made from limestone. Wines from this region tend be made from predominantly Merlot grapes, though they are often blended with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon . Blends may also contain Malbec and Petit Verdot grapes however this tends to be less common.

Majestic Wine currently stocks seven delicious wines from this domain. One of which is the Chateau Grand Faurie La Rose, produced in the year 2010. This elegant balance of Merlot and Cabernet Franc contains notes of dried prune, plum and clove. This wine comes from a small, established château to the north of St. Emilion, which today is under the same ownership as the neighbouring Château Larmande. A medium-bodied claret, with a pleasantly spicy and mature nose, with hints of leather and clove against a backdrop of bramble and dried prune fruit, framed by fine-grained tannins on the palate.
Currently sitting at £15.99 - this wine is is not one to be missed !

Majestic Bearsden Party ServiceDate published: 10/05/16

At Majestic, we’ve been helping our customers plan successful parties for years.

We offer the ultimate party service:

Free Delivery

Free Glass Hire

Ice and Chiller Bin Hire

Sale and Return on all wine and un-split cases of beer or cider

Free tastings

Whether it’s a casual drinks bash or a full scale wedding we will make sure your party is one to remember.

Not sure which wine to choose or how much wine to order? Need help with glasses and chiller bins? We can help! These are questions we help answer every day and our expert staff are here to help.

We really enjoying offering our expertise to help take this weight off of your mind, allowing you to get on with having a great time. With our extensive range of drinks including soft drinks and spirits we can save you time with one point of contact, one delivery and one invoice.

We even offer in store tastings so that you can be sure the drinks you choose will be perfect for your occasion.

Italian wine tasting!!!!!!!! Mamma MiaDate published: 31/03/16

Italian Tasting Evening

Thursday 21st April 6:30pm

Come and explore the wines that italy has to offer!!

The tasting aims to take you on a ‘journey’ across Italy’s wine regions sampling the wealth of indigenous varieties available.

Tickets £10

Opening Hours Over ChristmasDate published: 04/12/15

Our opening hours over the Christmas period are:

  • Monday 7 - Friday 11 December: 10am - 8pm
  • Saturday 12 December: 10am - 7pm
  • Sunday 13 December: 10am - 5pm
  • Monday 14 - Friday 18 December: 10am - 8pm
  • Saturday 19 December: 10am - 8pm
  • Sunday 20 December: 10am - 5pm
  • Monday 21 - Wednesday 23 December: 10am - 8pm
  • Thursday 24 December: 10am - 5pm
  • Friday 25 December: CLOSED
  • Saturday 26 December: CLOSED
  • Sunday 27 December: 10am - 5pm
  • Monday 28 December: 10am - 5pm
  • Tuesday 29 December: 10am - 7pm
  • Wednesday 30 December: 10am - 7pm
  • Thursday 31 December: 10am - 5pm
  • Friday 1 January 2016: CLOSED

We're open our normal hours from Saturday 2 January onwards.

Fine Wine of the MonthDate published: 07/04/15

Rioja Gran Reserva Imperial 2007/08, CVNE



Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana, commonly known as CVNE, produces some of Spain's greatest wines. Made from 20 year old vines and aged in French and American Oak, the Imperial range originated in the 1920s, named for its imperial pint bottles exported to the UK.


A Full garnet in colour expressing elegant autumn berry fruits, coffee, caramel and cinnamon. The palate is finely structured with dried fruit, plums and damsons combined with toasty vanilla undertones.


This is a wine that will evolve well in bottle and last many years, or be enjoyed now. Fantastic with roast meats and game birds.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 13/03/15

Finca Carelio Tempranillo - Special one-off Parcel

Available to taste!

So tell me about the wine…

It’s made from 100% Tempranillo, which is the grape best known as the dominant grape of red Rioja, Spain's most famous wine.

The grapes were hand harvested from old bush vines in Castilla y Leon, where the hot days and cool nights make for super concentrated red berry flavours and precise acidity. The wine was aged for 30 months in French and American oak giving the smooth texture and spice so typical of the region.

What does it taste like…?

It’s certainly a fruit-driven wine, with plenty of red berry and cassis flavours. There are also savory notes of tobacco and eucalyptus making the wine more comparable to that of a Bordeaux in style; it doesn’t have that vanillary sweetness that Riojas can have.  

We think it would be great with a decent cheese board or some charcuterie.

Why should I buy it...?

Well it’s a bit of a bargain to be honest. This wine should have been given Ribera del Duero DO status (which would sell for over £15), but because a mere 10% of the grapes came from outside the designated area, sadly it didn’t meet the strict criteria.

Our Buyers are experts at spotting an opportunity and they swooped in to buy the lot, direct from the producers - it’s a one-off parcel so once it’s gone it’s gone…

Was £9.99 Now: £6.66

2014 - How was it for France?Date published: 13/03/15

We caught up with Chris Hardy, our wine buyer for France, to get the low-down on how 2014 shaped up for vignerons across the Channel.

“Now that 2015 is in full swing, here’s a brief round-up of last year’s vintage in France and what you can expect from the 2014 wines when they start arriving on our shelves.


2014 offers the best vintage since 2010. After good weather during flowering, a mixed summer worried producers. A great September saved the day, with red grapes harvested into mid-October. Dry whites look especially promising.


Following a great harvest, volumes are expected to be up by around 10%. For dry white Muscadets and Loire Sauvignons, harvest conditions were near perfect. Grapes feature concentration and intensity, with well-balanced sugar and acidity.


Volumes are up, but quality across appellations is mixed. Some areas had excess rainfall meaning some wine dilution. Through rigorous selection, good producers have made concentrated wines with elegant structure.


Despite a cooler-than-usual growing season, an Indian summer helped produce high-quality rosés, which have great red fruit concentration and refreshing acidity. Red wines were more challenging due to problems with reaching full phenolic ripeness.


This usually reliable region was hit by hailstorms, causing flooding and destruction. Some producers lost up to 80% of their crop – vintage volume is expected to be down 10%. Picpoul yields were down by 60%!

South-West France

After a string of challenging vintages, the region had a much better year with excellent quality and quantity. This should relieve pressure on pricing for entry-level aromatic whites.


A mild winter and warm spring were followed by one of the wettest Augusts on record. Luckily an Indian summer returned in September, boosting flavour concentration and promoting healthy yields. Some are comparing the vintage quality to 1996 and 2004.  The base wines from 2014 will form the backbone of the Non-Vintage releases from 2017-2019 depending on individual champagne house style, so these will definitely be ones to watch.


Volumes are up and quality looks great with a few exceptions. Parts of the Côte de Beaune were subject to hail for the third year in a row with Beaune, Volnay and Pommard bearing the brunt. In the Mâconnais, the Lugny vineyard also suffered hail damage, while Chablis is healthy and very promising.”

Craft beer and why you should be buying itDate published: 13/03/15

n 2002 Gordon Brown introduced 'progressive beer duty', an act which allowed brewers and micro-brewers a tax break on production below specific quantities. It was since this act that the craft beer revolution began to grow and more recently exploded into the mainstream.

Craft beer isn't new, for years the UK was regarded as one of the 'greatest brewing nations'. It was however with the turn of the 1970's that the UK public shifted its focus from the Czech-style Pilsners and Indian Pale Ales that many producers had dominated the market with.

With craft beer returning to the UK, producers began to produce beers in the traditional style, cask ales that had dominated the beer market before. However it wasn't long until the UK producers began to turn to other countries, where new and long-forgotten styles of beers were accounting for huge percentages of the market. UK pioneers such as Dark Star in Sussex and Meantime in Greenwich began to introduce these ideas in their own brewing styles, to be shortly followed by other cult breweries such as BrewDog. This created such a high demand, many more producers followed creating more than the 800 new breweries you see today.

Part of the success, its claimed, is down to the recession. People stopped going to the pub to save money and began to look for alternatives from the regular beers on the pubs taps, to enjoy at home. Young professionals aided this, allowing for beers to make way for the 'foodies' and creating food matching styles and niece brands.

With boom fully developed, the UK beer market is now flooded with new and exciting styles, making beer available to all people regardless of taste, gender or class.

Heres just some of our top picks we have here in Majestic, Bearsden ready for you to take home today!


Anchor Steam, 6 x 335ml, £10.99

The name Anchor Steam is inspired by an age-old brewing tradition in San Francisco where beer was brewed on rooftops in open pans. When the heat generated by the fermentation process met with the foggy cool air of San Francisco ‘steam’ was produced, and this became a nickname for any California beer brewed under these conditions. Anchor Brewing still use traditional open pans for their fermentation process to this day. This is a classic hybrid beer using lager yeasts that are usually associated with the production of traditional English bitter, a technique which originated in the gold rush era of America’s west coast. Using Northern Brewer hops, this beer is amber in colour and delivers a rich, caramel malt flavour, rounded off with delicate citrus notes. Enjoy chilled with Mexican food or just on its own with friends!

Brooklyn Lager, 6 x 355ml, £9.99 

A amber-gold that lager displays a firm malt center with a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. This American original uses the British technique of Dry-hopping in a Viennese-style beer, resulting in a smooth lager that's versatile with food.


BrewDog Punk IPA, 6 x 330ml, £10.99

Light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose

BrewDog Dead Pony Club, 6 x 330ml, £8.99 

A rock 'n' roll American session ale, this Californian IPA packs a huge hoppy punch. Super fresh, with mango, citrus, peach and caramel notes.

Lagunitas IPA, 6 x 355ml, £10.99 (when you buy 2 or more packs of craft beer)

A Majestic favourite. Expect to find An easy drinking IPA with a hoppy-sweet finish.


Vedett Blond, 6x330ml, £9.99,(when you buy 2 or more packs of craft beer)

By their own admission Vedett don’t take themselves too seriously unless they’re talking about quality. The Blond is a yellow to pale gold colour with a delicate bitterness combined with a touch of citrus and a lengthy crisp refreshing finish. A good match to lighter dishes but the heady hop aroma can also make it the perfect drink to cut through spicy foods such as spicy ribs or buffalo wings.

This is just a small selection of the craft beers we have in store today. Each week will be also be opening a new beer on a week by week basis, for you to try on our tasting counter.

Pop by today and try something new!

South African WineDate published: 22/02/15

South African Wine

South Africa is a beautiful and long-established wine producing country. With 1.5% of the worlds vineyards South Africa ranks about 17th in area under vines, but its annual output at just under 10 million hl/264 million gal, makes it definitively one the worlds top 10 wine producers in the World. South Africa's wine history dates back to 1659 in Constantia - a vineyard near Cape Town, being considered one of the greatest wines in the world. Most of the wine produced in the country's vineyards is concentrated around Cape Town in towns such as Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester. 

Nature is certainly on South African wine producers' side with plenty of sun in this warm Mediterranean climate, tempered by Oceanic onshore breezes. Climate plays a greater role in determining the style and quality of the Cape's wine, while the predominantly granitic (low pH) soils contributes to a generally fuller, rounder, low acid mouthfeel. 

The country has a number of different grape varieties: white wine grapes are Chenin Blanc (Steen), Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier. The red wine grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Also, Pinotage is South Africa's indigenous grape varietal. Pinotage is actually a crossing, which means it was the result of breeding two different varietes together. In this case it was Pinot Noir and Cinsault. It can create wonderfully concentrated and long lived wines when handled carefully. A good example is our current Wine of the Week - Bellingham Pinopasso. This wine is big and full bodied. It has flavours of cherry, plum and hints of chocolate and spice. So at £7.49 why not give it a try...!

Christmas Opening HoursDate published: 10/12/14

Monday 8th December - Friday 12th December 10am - 8pm

Saturday 13th December 10am - 7pm

Sunday 14th December 10am - 5pm

Monday 15th December - Saturday 20th December 10am - 8pm

Sunday 21st December 10am - 5pm

Monday 22nd December - Tuesday 23rd December 10am - 8pm

Wednesday 24th December 10am - 5pm

Thursday 25th December - Friday 26th December - Closed

Saturday 27th December - 10am -7pm

Sunday 28th December - 10am - 5pm

Monday 29th December - - Tuesday 30th December 10am - 7pm

Wednesday 31st December 10am - 5pm

Thursday 1st January - Closed

Friday 2nd January - 10am - 8pm 

Saturday 3rd January - 10am - 7pm

Riesling- time for a comeback?Date published: 30/08/14

Riesling is one of my favorite grapes.  Much maligned since the 80's, where people associate it with sweet Liebfraumilch; even though much was made with Muller Thurgau or Silvaner grapes.  Riesling can often be dry these days, and when it's from the New World can be dry and around 13% alcohol.  

 We have a few styles from Australia and New Zealand.  One is the Jim Barry Lodge Hill Riesling, recommended by Jancis Robinson and winner of a Bronze Decanter Award.  Zippy citrus with a finish of mandarin and peach, this is a great example of a modern Riesling which has some of the delightful German qualities of old, and it's only £10.61.

 My absolute personal favorite is Dr Hermann's Erdenner Treppchen Spatlese Riesling 2005.  At only £10.99 this wine has a nice bit of bottle age, whilst the balance of acidity and citrus is the true delight of Riesling.  At only 8.5% ABV you can drink this anytime and not worry about a sore head.

Champagne deal ending soon!Date published: 28/08/14

Pol Roger NV Offer- ENDS SOON

This excellent richer in style champagne is at an excellent price of £33.31.

This Champagne was famously Winston Churchill's favourite brand of Champagne. Upon his death Pol Roger place a black border around the labels around all the NV brut shipped to the United Kingdom. 

This Champagne house is based around Epernay in the champagne region of France. They annually produce around 110,000 cases of Champagne. Their historic cellars are 33m below ground level and due to this average notably low temperatures which significantly contributes to the fine mousse on this champagne.

 If you would like to take advantage of this great offer call us on 0141 943 0505.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 20/08/14

Matua Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough


was £9.99



Matua is a Maori word which translates as 'head of the family'. Matua were the first ones to plant Sauvignon Blanc in New-Zealand. Its winery is also recognised as one of New Zealands first modern winemakers, who began making great Sauvignon Blanc in the mid-1970's.

A great all-round Kiwi Sauvignon, combining tangy grapefruit and gooseberry flavours with hints of passion fruit, all delivered with an explosion of refreshing acidity.Chill well and enjoy as a mouthwatering dry aperitif and goes well with seafood.

Producer of the Month - Saint Clair EstatesDate published: 13/08/14

Saint Clair Family Estate is owned by Neal and Judy Ibbotson, viticulture pioneers in Marlborough since 1978. When they began their business they originally supplied grapes to local wine companies only; however a desire to extend the quality achieved in the vineyard through to the finished wine led to the establishment of Saint Clair Family Estate in 1994.

The Saint Clair name originates from the vineyard property, first settled by the Sinclair family. The company's mission is to create world-class wines that exceed their customers' every expectation. Neal Ibbotson combines his extensive viticultural expertise plus Marlborough’s mix of climate and soils with the talent of one of New Zealand’s leading winemaking teams, led by Matt Thomson and Hamish Clark.

From 1994 when wines from the first vintage all won medals including gold, the name Saint Clair has been synonymous with quality and its award-winning record continues today. Top International accolades include the trophy to Matt Thomson of Saint Clair for White Winemaker of the Year at the London International Wine Challenge, September 2008 and the coveted trophy for Best New Zealand Wine Producer of the Year at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2005. Saint Clair Family Estate also has the distinction of being the first New Zealand wine company to win major international trophies for Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in the same year.

Saint Clair is rapidly becoming one of the post prestigious and desirable wineries from New Zealand. With Majestic now stocking a full range of their wines, including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and their wonderful Gewurztraminer and Riesling.

Bored with Prosecco?Date published: 16/06/14

It's not all Prosecco when it comes to Italian fizz.... 

Looking for a sparkling wine to try? We've got a new one in store from Lombardy, Italy, and it's fantastic! 

Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale Franciacorta D.O.C.G. Brut

Franciacorta was first produced in Italy in 1961 at Palazzo Lana Berluchi, and this wine is from the same house that first created this style. The Franciacorta region is in the heart of Lombardy. This wine is a classic blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, made in the “Champagne” style, with all grapes being hand-picked, aged on the lees for a minimum of 18 months with the addition of 10% reserve wines from previous vintages. This wine will give many more expensive Champagnes a real run for their money! 

On special offer right now at £14.99

Summer is the time for fizz!Date published: 09/06/14

If, like me, you love to treat yourself with a bottle of fizz every now and again or are celebrating something specific or are simply having a party, we have a fizz offer to suit you!

We have a brilliant range of Champagne and sparkling wine featured in our Summer Selection offers. With 33% off a whole range of big name champagne houses such as Taittinger, Bollinger and Pol Roger there is plenty to choose from, along with other Proseccos and fizz from around the world. Plus, we have Heidseick and Co Monopole Brut for an amazing £14.99! Hurry, it's going fast!

Take a look at our website or come and see us in store to see what we have to offer!

Brand New: Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, MarlboroughDate published: 19/05/14

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough - £6.66

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.

Made in a classic style focussing on varietal characteristics - this Sauvignon has typically fresh flavours of grapefruit and green grass, with a cool refreshing finish.

Like most Kiwi Sauvignons, this wine will pair nicely with chicken, fish or salads.

Brand New: Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, MarlboroughDate published: 19/05/14

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough - £6.66

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.

Made in a classic style focussing on varietal characteristics - this Sauvignon has typically fresh flavours of grapefruit and green grass, with a cool refreshing finish.

Like most Kiwi Sauvignons, this wine will pair nicely with chicken, fish or salads.

Spanish Wine!Date published: 18/05/14

Spanish Wine

Spain (located in South-West Europe) is well known for its wine production - located on the Iberian Peninsula, it has over 2.9 million acres planted—making it the single most widely planted wine producing nation. Despite this, due to stresses of heat and water availability, Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world. The country has an abundance of native grape varieties, with over 400 varieties planted throughout - although 80 percent of the country's wine production is from only 20 grapes—including the reds: Tempranillo,Garnacha, and Monastrell; the white Albarino, Airen, Viura and Verdejo; and the three cava grapes: Parellada, Xarel·lo, and Cariñena.

There are a number of major wine regions in Spain; which include the upper ebro (navarra, rioja, calatayud and Carinena), Catalonia (Catalunya, Penedes and Priorat), The Duero Valley (Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro, VdlT Castilla y Leon), North west Spain (Rias Baixas, Bierzo), Levante (Valencia, Jumilla, Yecia) and Castilla-La Mancha (La Mancha, Valdepenas, Vinos de Pago, VdlT de Castilla).

In terms of winemaking, Spain, for many years, was known for its very rustic and steeped approach. This included the prudent use of oak with both red and white wines, spending as much as two decades ageing in the barrel. This created distinctly identifiable flavours that were internationally associated with the wines from regions such as Rioja. However, in saying this, Spanish wine has undergone a wine revolution over the last twenty years and is now producing a diverse range of brilliant red, white and rosé wines. Modern fermentation with temperature control and use of stainless steel tanks has allowed for fresher, fruitier, unoaked styles of wine – particularly whites. With reds, winemakers started to rediscover the use of French oak, with shorter periods of maturation. Most will require minimum period of barrel ageing which will be stipulated on the wine label by the designations-Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva depending on how long it spends in the barrel. Nonetheless, the tradition of long barrel and bottle ageing has meant that most Spanish wines are ready to drink once they hit the market.

Why shop with majestic wine?Date published: 09/05/14

Why would a customer want to shop with us? This is one of the questions we need to make sure is constantly in the forefront of our minds. This is why we offer various incentives to do so. From our customers with a new-found love of wine to our vineyard veterans, we believe that if your serious about wine, there is only one clear choice. In this article I will look to explain why we believe this.

We have a huge range of products, vast, extending through your favourite French regions to New World Australia and New Zealand. We have a price range starting from £4.99 all the way through to bottles of Champagne and fine wine costing hundreds of pounds. Whatever wine you want, we're confident that as a company we will be able to provide you with your perfect match. We train our staff to understand what it is you want and bestow them with the expertise to identify this for you. As well as this we offer a free tasting counter which we constantly rotate to offer you the opportunity to try new wines every week, without having to commit to a potentially risky purchase.

The vast majority of our stores offer car parking facilities, enabling you to make large purchases without worrying about transfer. As a little bonus we'll even carry your wine to the car for you. We offer a sale and return policy, meaning that for big events you can buy in bulk with the confidence that we will refund all the unopened bottles that you didn't need. We even offer free glass and chiller bin hire which can be a great help for expensive weddings and parties.

One of my favourite things about Majestic is that we don't just sell a product, we look to educate you, the consumer, to get you as excited as we are about wine. This is why we offer free wine tasting courses, seasonal tastings and even external tasting events. 

Look at what we offer and ask yourself the question 'Where else can I find all of this?'. This is why you shop with Majestic wine. 

SherryDate published: 09/05/14

A resurgence is afoot. A once unpopular choice with young people is making a comeback. Trendy East London bars are now awash with trendy sherry drinkers discussing the latest bands. Here at Majestic we want to keep you up to date with all the latest trends so here is a quick guide about the different styles of sherry to help you start your new love affair.

Light, dry and delicate with a smooth almondy flavour. 100% palomino. 

When Fino develops an amber colour in cask it becomes a Fino-Amontillado. Then at least 8 years later it becomes an Amontillado. Nuttier than the Fino with more body, can often take on a sweeter style. 

Dry, rich with intriguing complexity from age, this classy style oozes quality and finesse. 

A sweetened Oloroso which is usually (but not always) slightly lower quality. Previously very popular in Scotland. 

East India:
Some sources believe that this sweet madeira-like style dates back to 1617

Thick white and vigorous, one of the more classic styles. 

Pedro Ximinez:
Huge, dark, deep and powerfully rich this sherry is piled high with complex yet succulent raisiny muscovado flavours.

Looking to try a sweet wine?Date published: 09/05/14

Looking to try a sweet wine?

The best way to navigate this section is to pick your pudding.

If it’s fruit based and lightish, choose an unfortified wine from an aromatic grape such as muscat or gewürztraminer. Moving on to richer, creamy concoctions, you can move it up a gear and look for a bit of botrytris cinerea, or 'noble rot' - the natural miracle which is the most glamorous route to a sweet wine.

Here we have three quite different offerings from the sweet wine range, each of which displays characteristics and flavours typical to their ilk.

Chateau Suduiraut Castelnau de Suduiraut, Sauternes, France - this is a classic sweet white wine blend made from semillion and sauvignon blanc. This versatile blend is typically made into crisp, dry wines, but it is also the blend of choice for the world's most prestigious sweet wine style, Sauternes. The blend is endowed with vibrant acidity and grassy aromas by Sauvignon Blanc, and its structure from Semillon. This wine also embodies the typical tastes of orange blossom,spice and fudge for which Sauternes wines are famed. Try with duck liver terrine or a fruity dessert. £11.99

Rustenberg Straw Wine 2011, Coastal Region, South Africa - this wine is a mix of Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Crouchen Blanc grapes. This wine is so named because it is made in the 'passito' method, where the harvested grapes are laid out on straw mats and allowed to dry for around 4 weeks, concentrating the sugars. As such the wine develops complex aromas of honey, marmalade and ripe peach. Match this with tarte tatin or a fresh sponge pudding. £12.99

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos 2008, Tokaji, Hungary - This wine is so famed that it has made its way into Hungary's national anthem! It is made from an aszu blend of furmint and harslevelu grapes. The unique combination of volcanic soil, hot summers and autumn fog are harnessed to create this sweet yet upliftingly fresh wine. This wine will match perfectly with blue cheeses and fruit desserts. £19.99

Wine of the weekDate published: 21/04/14

Single Vineyard Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc

Producer of the Month - Cloudy BayDate published: 11/04/14

Producer of the Month

Cloudy Bay

New Zealand

Innovation and meticulous attention to detail are the guiding principles of Cloudy Bay. The team is committed to producing ‘wines of region’ and strives to enhance the pure, bracing flavours and stunning vibrancy, naturally afforded by the climate and soils of Marlborough.

Established in 1985, Cloudy Bay Vineyards is situated in the Wairau Valley in Marlborough at the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island. This unique and cool wine region enjoys a maritime climate with the longest hours of sunshine of any place in New Zealand. Cloudy Bay has estate vineyards located at prime sites within the Wairau Valley, and long-term supply agreements with five Wairau Valley growers. The main varieties grown are sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and pinot noir with lesser quantities of gewurztraminer, Riesling, and pinot gris.

Cloudy Bay Vineyards was a founding member of the New Zealand Integrated Winegrape Production scheme, set up to develop a programme for sustainable vineyard management, which is now monitored by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand. Cloudy Bay’s impeccable scorecard reflects the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly vineyard management practices.

The winery takes its name from the bay at the eastern extremity of the Wairau Valley, which was named Cloudy Bay by Captain Cook on his voyage to New Zealand in 1770.

Fine wine of the MonthDate published: 11/04/14

Vina Ardanza


La Rioja Alta, a family-run firm founded in 1890, has, through the years, built up a huge vineyard of more than 300 hectares. What sets La Rioja Alta apart from other traditionalists is that their wines also retain plenty of sweetness, vigour and flavour on the palate. Their wines are then given considerable bottle ageing before sale, and so are ready for drinking when released. Viña Ardanza is aged three years in barrels with six rackings.


Complex and perfumed primary and secondary aromas of earth, spice and red fruits with a long, elegantly structured medium weight body of spicy tannins and layers of flavour.

Food Matching

Manchego: Sheep’s milk cheese is traditionally served with rich, ripe Rioja. Boiled Beef: A dish for showing off your some of your finer wines. Claret and Rioja are classic partners.

Cottage Pie: Traditionally cottage pie is a great way to use up leftover roast beef. This humble dish can shine quite easily at dinner parties calling for top-quality reds from Rioja

Jancis Robinson (25th Jul 2013):

"Cheesy nose but fun and stuffed with complex fruit. Appetising dry finish and real zest. Very classical (compared with Rioja modernists' efforts). " 

Easter Opening HoursDate published: 10/04/14

The opening hours for the Easter weekend are as follows:

Friday 18th April - 10am - 8pm

Saturday 19th April - 10am - 7pm

Sunday 20th April - Closed

Monday 21st April - 10am - 5pm

Cava- champagne but not quite...Date published: 27/02/14

Cava it has received a bit of a bad name but lets have another look at this super bubbly

The Codorníu Brut NV (£7.33) is composed of Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel-lo grapes. It is a dry light bodied Cava displaying green apple, citrus, almond and brioche characters.

The Codorníu Selección Raventós NV ( £7.99) is made from a different variety of grapes, namely Chardonnay, Macabeo and Xarel-lo, giving a wonderful body and clean citrus flavours. The nose displays peachy and lemon aromas and on drinking the wine presents full bodied, vibrant fruit flavours and crisp mineral acidity. This year reviewed by Jancis as her top bubbly under £10!

Either would be a great match for light seafood dishes or canapes, or can just be enjoyed on their own!

Producer of the Month - Robertson WineryDate published: 18/02/14

Producer of the Month

Robertson Winery

THE HISTORY : Established in 1941, Robertson Winery celebrated their 70th Birthday in 2011. The winery had its humble beginnings in a charming missionary church on the outskirts of Robertson, and it’s history is closely linked to that of the town. Robertson, established 1852, were named it in recognition and appreciation of the many services of Dr William Robertson, a Scottish minister who arrived in South Africa in 1822. During the late 19th century the worker community that occupied the land where the Robertson Winery now stands built a stone church and their congregation was serviced by missionaries. When Robertson Winery was established in 1941, the small church was no longer in use and the winery acquired the building for its winemaking and cellaring operations.

THE FAMILY: The winery has a long-standing tradition of dedicated grape-growing families, some of whom are 7th generation growers. Today, no less than 35 families, cultivating some 2400 hectares of vine, take pride in contributing to the success of winery. Working in close partnership with our viticulturist, Briaan Stipp, they are committed to identifying the vineyard sites best suited to specific cultivars and to nurturing the grapes to optimum flavour and varietal character.

THE PHILOSOPHY: Robertson Winery believe winemaking is a natural process. Since different styles of wine vary greatly in their soil and climatic requirements, they accomplished cellarmaster, Bowen Botha, believes that the desired style should determine the choice of vineyard. Adhering to a philosophy of minimal handling and gentle pressing in order to capture the natural flavours of the fruit in the wine, Bowen and his inspired team of winemakers gently guide the transformation process to craft wines of exceptional quality and individuality.

Beer of the Month - Deuchars IPADate published: 18/02/14

Deuchars IPA

Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh


' Distinvtively radiant, deliviously refrreshing, Deuchars IPA is a golden beer brewed in Caledonian's unquie direct-fired coppers in the Victorian brewhouse in Edinburgh. The finest malted barley and whole flowered styrain Goldings, fuggles and willamette hops create a fresh citrus taste and delicate floral finish. Deuchars has won over 40 awards including the Supreme Camra Champion Beer of Britain and World Champion Cask Ale.'

This really is a fantastic IPA, different to the regular American style IPA's. The freshness that is offered makes it the taste like you are in a beer garden with the sun beaming down on your back. I really Majestic Wine Bearsden Favourtie.

Know Your Vintages - RiojaDate published: 04/02/14

The difference in a vintage can have a massive effect on the taste of a wine and how well it is enjoyed. Although this tends to be less substantial for more mass produced wines, the difference in Rioja is significant as the wine is aged for a greater time before release and the grapes have to hold the balance, potency and intensity to withstand this ageing process - reflected in the vintage variations from which they were grown.

Here is a guide to the best vintages in the last 20 or so years for Rioja:

1994: Overall good quality, but because of late frosts and an arrid summer, grapes did not flourish as expected and so less wine was produced.

1995: An outstanding vintage for Rioja; masses of grapes of top quality producing some cracking wines.

1998: Despite late frosts, this vintage has seen some great wines from Rioja

2001: Once again, Spring frosts were a potential issue, and despite a lower yield than predicted overall, Rioja produced some superb wines.

2004 & 2005: Both were great vintages, 2005 perhaps marginally better thanks to just about sufficient rainfall.

2008 & 2009: These were both very good years, 2009 saw very hot growing conditions, but, again thanks to some timely rainfall, the vintage thrived. 2009 takes the spoils as the better of these two vintages.

2010: Growing and ripening conditions spot on for optimum fruit growth and ripening. Considered a better vintage than 2009.

2011: This year saw very hot conditions, which heat-stressed the vines. As a result, the fruit provided powerful wines with very concentrated flavours. The wines produced also have lower than usual acidity.

2012: This was a bizzare year in terms of weather in Spain. Due to the very dry conditions, It was the fifth consecutive small vintage. As a result, it is likely that wine produced from this year will be massively concentrated and high in tannin thanks to the smaller berries which were harvested in Rioja. High tannin will mean the wines should have a lengthy potential for ageing.

Fine Wine in Focus: Natale Verga BroloDate published: 04/02/14

Barolo is one of the worlds great red wines. All Barolo is made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. By law it must be aged for a minimum of three years and 18 months of this must be in oak. Barolo Riservas must be aged for a minimum of 5 years in total. Barolo DOCG lies in North West Italy in the Piemonte region. Piemonte, means the 'foot of the mountains' and it is here there is a strong influence on the region from the Alps. There are 5 Barolo communes, each with distinct soil types that largely effect the style of wine produced. In general, the the soils of barolo and La Morra tend to give a softer, fruitier wine, whereas the soils in Monforte and Serralunga give a wine of more defined structure and more suited to longer maturation. Finally the Castiglione soils combines elements of the two. 

The Verga estate was founded in 1895, and is now owned by Natale Vega- the fourth generation of the Verga family. The grapes are sourced from an 11 hectare estate and the wine is matured for 24 months in French oak. Aromas of subtle wood smoke, red fruits, liquorice and petal are evident on the nose. Full bodied, complex and spicy on the palate, this wine would perfectly suit roast beef dishes.

Wine CoursesDate published: 04/02/14

Throughout the year we run our Wine Course tastings for up to 10 people to learn a little bit more about wine in a relaxed tasting run by one of the team in our store. Here is a little bit of what to expect.

Whites - Learn how to taste wine like a pro and decide not just whether you like it but assess it merits and what foods or occasions it may be suitable for. Compare and contrast wines of different grapes from the same climate and then the same grape from different climates.

Fizz - Sit back and sip a glass of Champagne while we explain how it is made.

Reds - A tour of 3 grape varieties, the differences in the style and the effects the winemaking has.

Dessert wines - Try a bit of the sweet stuff and understand how desserts can be complimented with a sweet wine

Food matching - We will taste the wines again with food, see how the food transforms the tasting experience of the wine....but watch out, we won't just show you the good pairings, we will show you a few bad ones too!

We won't focus heavily on the producers or get bogged down in detail, this is to help bring a little more enjoyment to what you already know. If you would like to sign up check out the events page, email us bea@majestic.co.uk

Does the way you store wine matter?Date published: 04/02/14

If a wine is stored incorrectly it can affect the flavour or may become faulty. 

For long term storage 

All temperatures should be cool and consistent between 10 and 15 °C

The worst place to store your wine would be in the kitchen due to the high fluctuating temperatures. Also long periods of refrigeration can cause damage to the corks and cause sparkling wine to lose their fizz.

Wines with corks should be stored on their sides to keep the wine inside the bottle in contact with the cork, this will stop the cork from drying out and letting air into the bottle causing the wine to oxidise.  Wines with screw caps can be kept up right. 

Keep wine away from direct sunlight as this will cause the wine to discolour, it will also heat the wine and it will become stale and old before its time. 

Keep wine away from vibrations in order for it to lie undisturbed.  

Tournelles Voluptabilis 2010 AOC BuzetDate published: 04/02/14

Tournelles Voluptabilis 2010 AOC Buzet 

was £9.99

NOW £6.66

Grape Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec

This wine is the 'second wine' of Château Tournelles, and is a blend of the most common red Bordeaux varieties with around 15% Malbec. Located in Calignac in the small appellation of Buzet, the estate enjoys a great position overlooking the Garonne Valley.

A voluptuous, well-structured, medium-to-full-bodied and approachable red, offering a wealth of blackcurrant and summer berry flavour, surrounded by rounded tannins for a pleasing sense of weight.


Drink over the next 2-3 years with duck or lamb dishes.

Food and Wine MatchingDate published: 12/01/14

The world of food and wine matching is incredibly complex. It confuses, baffles and frustrates in equal measure. While any wine can be drunk with any food it will not always leave the most pleasant taste in your mouth. A successful food and wine match will ensure that the wine does not deteriorate in quality. 

The question is, how do you achieve this feat?

Well there are some simple ways to ensure that the wine and food will not create a bad taste in the mouth. A good place to start is with the old myth that you can have 'white wine with fish and red wine with meat'. This is a generalisation that is not necessarily the best way to match your evening meal and will stop you exploring some excellent matches that go against this widely held view. However there is some credence in this statement too. When eating fish it is common to have lemon juice or vinegar, which are highly acidic. This matches well with the acidity found in plenty of white wines and can help create a fuller, more enjoyable wine. However reds which tend to be less acidic can taste metallic and thin.

When it comes to red wines and meat, the tannins can have a softening effect however there are still other obstacles to it being a perfect match. Often meats like a rare steak are seasoned with plenty of black pepper. This can have a detrimental effect on some finer, older wines, ruining the depth of flavour but may improve younger, lighter reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese and even make them seem more complex.

Sweet foods are another area that can be difficult to match. Dry wines are a disaster when mixed with them and chocolate especially can coat the mouth and require a strong, full bodied sweet wine to overcome them. Other flavours such as bitterness in wine can be matched with salty foods, while salty foods can also make sweet wines taste even sweeter.

Some classic food and wine matches include smoked salmon with a dry Riesling. Red Bordeaux matches lamb beautifully, while the merits of Gewurtztraminer and thai green curry are becoming very well known. Sparkling wine and champagne can create an elegant match for some fish and chips while Sauternes is a great match for some roquefort cheese.

There are many food and wine matches that classically match however every dish is different as every wine is. While there are recommended ways to match food and wine there is no clear template and the best way to find good matches is to experiment. Sometimes certain flavours in foods may have an unexpected match with wines you wouldn't expect. This is all part of the fun and if a match doesn't work then you can always save the wine to drink on its own after dinner.

Getting Married?Date published: 12/01/14

We have been meeting lots of wedding couples this weekend, so if you have just got hitched and are planning your nuptials we are on hand to help you out. Now is a great time to stock up on our Cracking  Champagne deals!

On our website we have our wee check-list of all aspects to cover in planning your big day from how many glasses can I get from a bottle to planning corkage and glass hire! http://www.majestic.co.uk/services/weddings

All our staff in store are experienced at advising couples on wines to suit their tastes, their menu and their budget. We'd be happy to help point you in the direction of a few different whites, reds and sparkling to choose from.

Fan of Albarino? Why not try Godello?Date published: 12/01/14

Are you a fan of Albarino and want to try something a little different from the same region in Spain? If so, then why not try Godello -  This is a white grape variety found predominantly in North West Spain.  It is a fantastic dry white wine with peachy, ripe pear flavours.

Which ones we sell:

Caixas Godello £7.99 

Montenovo Godello £9.99 

Wine of the WeekDate published: 29/11/13

Hochar Père et Fils 2008 Château Musar

Was £11.99 Now £10.49


Cabernet SauvignonCinsaultCarignan


This is the second wine of the famed Musar estate, made in a lighter, more easy-going style. Partially aged in oak vats for 6-9 months, the wine undergoes a further 2 years' cellaring prior to bottling.


An intense burgundy colour with a complex nose of black fruits backed up by figs, dates and spices. The palate is well integrated with good acidity, fine tannins and a good length.


This wine's great structure bestows it with excellent ageing potential. Partner with saddle of lamb or Moroccan cuisine.

Pick 'n' Mix offer has two weeks left!Date published: 18/11/13

There is now only two weeks left of our hugely popular 33% of Pick 'n' Mix offers! There really is something for everyone in this deal and could be the perfect Christmas present if you are thinking that far ahead! We have everything from Champagne, Prosecco, easy drinking party wine or a hearty Red to warm the cockles during the predicted cold snap!

Here are some of my favourites to help whet the appetite:


-Laurent-Perrier Rose at £44.98

-Perrier-Jouet at £24.99

-Nicolas Feuillatte at £16

White wine

-Serena Pinot Grigio at £6.66

-Caixas Albarino at £6.66

-Gavi Montiero at £5.99

Red wine

-Lagunilla Rioja Gran Reserva at £9.99

-Ravenswood Zinfandel at £7.33

-Alamos Malbec at £6.66

These offers end 2nd December so hurry while stocks last!

Chianti Poggio GaligaDate published: 07/11/13

Chianti Poggio Galiga, 2012 Grati Normally £9.99

Now £7.99

From an estate located in the DOCG region of Rufina, one of the most renowned and respected of all Chianti producing areas, this wonderful embodiment of time and place was produced by the Grati family, who have been making wine and olive oil for 6 generations.

The wine itself is comprised of 90% Sangiovese with a touch of another two indigenous local grape varieties. It's beautiful ruby color reveals the classic Chianti nose of cherry and red fruits. It has a subtle floral hint to compliment its classic Chianti style acidity. Can be enjoyed on it's own due to its youthful fruitiness or alternatively with selected antipasti.

Beer of the Month - Curious BrewDate published: 07/11/13


Curious Brew Lager,

Chapel Down

Region: Kent

Tasting Notes:

Vivid gold in the glass, the nose is packed with floral and

stone fruit aromas. Like any good Champagne this wine has

citrus and biscuit flavours that are enhanced by a

refreshing bitterness.

ABV: 4.7%

Background Info: Hops: Casacde, Saaz and Nelson Sauvin

Origin: From Chapel down winery in Kent this is an award

winning beer. The product of two fermentations, this beer

receives not only a "dosage" of Champagne yeast in its

second fermentation but a shot of Nelson Sauvin hops,farmed for their intense aromas.

Enjoy: Cold on a hot sunny day with barbecued meats

New Champagne OffersDate published: 04/11/13

As part of our new Pic 'n' Mix November off offer, we have some great deals on Champagnes. Now is the time to stock up for the festive season on all your favourite Champagne houses!

Laurent Perrier Rosé £44.98

Classic rosé Champagne made by the saignée method, macerating the grapes with skin contact. One of the first non-vintage rosés made first in 1968, the bottle shape is inspired by those made in the time of French King Henri IV. Salmon-pink in colour, this wine has delicate strawberry fruits and a fine mousse with a refreshing level of acidity which makes this a perfect apéritif. 

Veuve Clicquot £29.99

Everybody's favourite yellow label Champagne. A perfectly balanced rich style of Champagne with toasty, briochey notes and hints of vanilla. Exactly what I would have with smoked salmon and scrabled eggs for a birthday breakfast!

Canard Duchene £17.99

The biggest-selling Champagne in France, this is a great price for this house Champagne. Clean and fruity style that's far too easy to drink!

Viva Espana!!Date published: 04/11/13

When you think of Spanish wine, you immediately think Rioja. Rioja comes in all different guises from easily gluggable every day reds to amazingly powerful and complex wines that can last for decades. But if we delve a little bit deeper into Spanish wine, we can discover a whole plethora of wines from sparkling Cava, to light and fragrant whites, to deep, luscious reds and even the odd dessert wine, so here is a quick guide to the magic and diversity of Spanish wine.

Sparkling wine - Cava is Spain's traditional-method sparkling wine, with most being  made in or around San Sadurni d'Anoia, just outside Barcelona. Keep an eye out  for Codorniu Cristina Vintage Cava which is made from Pinot Noir, rather than the traditional Spanish grape variety Xarel-lo.

White Wine - White Rioja was pretty much all we used to see in the way of Spanish white wine, but that is no longer the case. Grape varieties such as Albarino and Verdejo offer us wines with amazing complexity and gorgeous stone fruit flavours. A recent addition to Majestic's list is the grape, Godello, with 2 listings now, one from the highly regarded wine producer Martin Codax.

Red Wine - Rioja  will always be the bench mark wine to show off the amazing grape vaiety Tempranillo, but Ribera Del Duero is now giving Rioja a real run for its money. Historically an expensive red wine made from Tempranillo, or Tinto Fino, Ribera del Duero offers a whole range of styles now, from the glamorous and expensive, e.g Vega Sicilia, to the more modest and affordable, Lamatum Crianza is a cracker at only £7.99. Up-and-coming red wine regions such as Toro are also ones to watch out for, made from,Tinta de Toro, again another name for Tempranillo, they are likely to be the next big thing in Spanish wine. The Matsu range with there eye-catching labels offer a range of styles and prices.

So there is our Rough Guide to Spanish wine, Viva Espana!!

Antony's yard 2009, Graham BeckDate published: 04/11/13

Bordeaux region of France still remains as one of the most prestigious wine growing regions in the world, it holds the highest prices and some of the oldest history. One of the most important and well known blends in the wine world is the 'Bordeaux Blend', consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pettit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. This stunning and complex blend has found a home away from it's heartland on the other side of the world, on the south most point of Africa. This dense and baron land is perfect for the BB, the diversity of soils and cooling effects from both the Benguela Current coming up from the Antarctic, and the strong summer winds of the Cape Doctor coming from the east. It is these factors that help to prolong the ripening season and build the grape to physiological ripeness.

This South African beaut has had 12 months ageing in French oak to help integration and to push complexity and roundness. This Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend produce a stunning maroon coloured/garnet rim. The nose has the text book cassis, blackcurrant with a poof of cigar box. Palate: red and black fruit, over hanging tobacco, still freshness about the body, a subtle tanning leave the food match open: Meat or a strong cheese would be perfection.

Bargain Price of just....


We have a new Sherry range!Date published: 20/10/13

Pedro is his name and producing fantastic Sherry is his game! Our new Pedro Almacenista Selection is new and available to taste in store!

This particular sherry range comes from small, boutique family-owned cellars in Jerez called Almecenista's. These unique sherries undergo minimum filtration to obtain maximum flavour intensity.

Fino: Weighty and complex, pale in colour and made in the presence of 'Flor' in all layers of the solera system. 20% of the blend is from an aged fino solera (average age around 15-20 years)which gives it an impressive depth.

Amontillado: A subtle and delicate bouquet, this sherry is darker in colour and slightly sweet. It offers notes of roasted hazelnut on the nose and a lightness on the palate. The 'Flor' has died off during the ageing process which helps it pair well with tuna steak or Asian cuisine.

Oloroso: The difference with an Oloroso is that unlike Fino, Manzanilla and Amontillado this sherry is aged without the presence of 'Flor'. This is a very complex sherry which offers aromas of toasted walnut. This would go well with seafood paella.

Palo Cortado: An extremely rare sherry which falls between an Oloroso and Amontillado in flavour and complexity. Aromas on the nose are very intense and develop elegantly on the palate. It would match well with an assortment of hard cheese and ham.

The quirky design on Pedros labels was commissioned for the Festival de la Vendimia (Sherry festiva)l of 1956. 

Why not come and explore our Pedro Sherry range and see how amazing it is? 

Wine of the weekDate published: 20/10/13

Jose Pariente Sauvignon Blanc, 2012, Rueda

Normally £12.49

Now £9.99

Not the most common grape in Rueda but they really have produced a Sauvignon Blanc of great quality! This particular example comes from some of the regions earliest Sauvignon plantings and offers an expressive nose of exotic fruits and a vegetal, freshly cut grass note. It is exceedingly fresh on the palate with a firm, tight structure.

An excellent accompaniment to all manner of shellfish.

Spotlight Tasting on Shiraz/SyrahDate published: 26/09/13

We have a Syrah/Shiraz themed week starting from tomorrow. Pop in to try some different Shiraz/Syrah from around the world, which will be available to try on the tasting counter until next Thursday(3rd Oct).

In addition, we will be holding our weekly spotlight tastings on Saturday. It will be 2 half hour tastings on Syrah and its influence on international styles. The two slots are at 12pm or 3pm. If you wish to come down on Saturday and be led through an interesting range of this particular grape variety,then please do let us know. 

bea@majestic.co.uk or 01419430505

25% off Spanish wine!!Date published: 25/09/13

If you haven't already heard.. our Spanish range has been reduced to 25% off! What better way to enjoy the last few days of September than sipping on some Spanish sensations! Here are some highlighted offers where you can get a full description of each wine on our website:


-Real Compania, Tempranillo, 2012 = £5.24

-Cune Rioja Crianza, 2010 = £6.56

-Gran Vendema, Rioja, Crianza, 2009 = £5.62

-Marques De Riscal, Rioja, Reserva, 2008 = £10.30


-Real Compania, Verdejo, 2012, = £5.24

-Torres Vina Sol, Catalunya, 2012 = £5.62

-Martin Codax, Caixas Albarino, 2011 = £7.49

-Marques De Riscal, Rueda Blanco, 2012, £6.56


This offer only runs until Tuesday 1st October so andale andale!!

Recommend a friend to Majestic and receive 2 free Dartington crystal glassesDate published: 22/09/13

Do you know anyone who doesn't currently shop with Majestic?

If this is the case (no pun intended) then pop along to the Bearsden store where we will be happy to give you a 'Bring a friend to Majestic' voucher which will entitle you BOTH to two free Dartington crystal glasses! What better way to enjoy your favourite wine from Majestic?

Come and Explore the Bearsden store

Improved Short-term Offer on South AfricaDate published: 20/09/13

For a short time only (until Monday 23rd Sep) we will be offering 25% off our South African range of wines! Some fantastic deals to look out for include:










* It is also worth noting that we are giving away 2 free Dartington crystal glasses if you buy any 6 Boscendal Sauvignon or 6 Rustenberg Sauvignon!!

Lower ABV Campaign-GlasgowDate published: 16/09/13

Today marks the start of Drinkaware's new campaign in conjunction with the Scottish Government to promote encouraging comsumers to try a lower alcohol drink.

Drinkaware say- 'Switching to a lower alcohol content drink can make you feel better in the short term and reduce risks to your health in the future/ Lower alcohol beer and wine can taste just as good too. Why not give it a go? '

The campaign focuses on wines at 10% abv and under. Here is asmall selection of our 10% or lower wines.

Dr L Riesling Loosen Brothers 2012, 2012,Mosel (8.5%) - £8.49

Ayler Kupp Riesling Kabinett 2012, Margarenthenhof (9%) - £8.99

Saint Clair Pioneer Block Riesling 2010, Marlborough (9%) - £17.49

Brown Brothers Late Harvest Muscat 2011, (10%) -£9.99

Brown Brothers Orange and Flora Muscat 2011 (10%) - £7.99

Villa Sandi Prosecco Frizzante DOC (10%) - £7.49


Spanish Tasting Week and Spotlight on SpainDate published: 12/09/13

Spanish Tasting Week starts tomorrow, plus Spotlight on Spanish wines on Saturday!

Tomorrow marks the start of our tasting week with some lovely wines from Spain. Highlights include -

Jose Pariente Sauvignon NEW! @ £9.99. From Rueda, this fresh, lively and crisp Sauvignon displays wonderful grapefruit and citrussy fruits.

Real Compania Verdejo GREAT VALUE! @ £5.59. A brilliant party piece! This cheap and cheerful white will really surprise you. So ridicuously drinkable.

Vinas del Vero Gewurztraminer SOMETHING A BIT DIFFERENT! @ £7.99. Wonderful lucious fruit, lychees and really ripe stone fruits. Great with something spicy.

Arienzo Crianza Riscal NEW! @ £8.79. From the fantastic Marques de Riscal producer, this Crianza is a well made, light in style Rioja. Fruity and smoooooooth.....

Montequinto Rioja GREAT VALUE! @ £5.59. Another crowd pleaser... Soft plum fruits make for a very moreish part wine.

On Saturday, we will be holding the second spotlight tasting for the Autumn Season. Surprise Surprise, its all about Spain!!!!

There are two 30 min sessions- 12 and 3 pm. There are plenty of spaces available. If you wish to pop along, then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to see you there.

bea@majestic.co.uk or 01419430505.


New improved deals!!Date published: 11/09/13

We know summer has just about finished but that doesn't mean that the deals must stop! We here at Majestic are always looking out for our valued customers and have some new unbelievable deals on the following products:


-Piper Heidsieck down from £35 to £19.99

-Heidsieck Gold Top Vintage down from £30 to £17.99

-Nicolas Feuillate NV down from £25 to £15.99


Prosecco Zonin down from £9.99 to £6.66


-Grifone Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, Italy, down from £7.49 to £4.99


Giesen Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, down from £8.99 to £5.99

These deals only run up until Monday 23rd September so come and explore the Bearsden store!

Looking for a fantastic deal on Champagne?Date published: 07/09/13

Heidsieck & co Monopole Cuvee Prestige

We have a new Champagne that is exclusive to Majestic in the Uk and the good news is...it's only £16.99 a bottle! This champagne has a slightly different blend of grapes that are of a higher quality than the standard bottle on offer in supermarkets.

Perfect for any party or event that you have coming up!

Spotlight on Chardonnay TastingDate published: 04/09/13

On Saturday,we will be hosting the first of our Spotlight Tastings.We are going to start off with a look at a few different Chardonnays with contrasting styles. Why not pop along to sample these and be surprised at how Chardonnay has changed over the years.

Morning session is at 12pm

Afternoon session is at 3pm.

please do not hesitate to let us know which session you would like to attend

0141 943 0505 or bea@majestic.co.uk

Hope to see you there!


Calling all New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc loversDate published: 02/09/13

Today is the last day of our current promotional prices so anyone who loves their Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc may want to pop into the Bearsden store!

Favourites such as Oyster Bay and The Ned are both £7.99 at the moment but will be going up in price tomorrow! 

Don't worry though. If it's not just New Zealand Sauvignon that you love... there will be plenty of special new prices arriving tomorrow!  Keep your eyes peeled!

Last day of 25% off Italy special!Date published: 02/09/13

Today is the last day of our 25% off Italy promotion!

If you have any special event coming up then I highly recommend you have a look our Italian section! Some of my favourites include:


-Grifone Montepulciano at £5.61

This medium bodied red is the perfect everyday wine that punches well above it's weight in terms of price. Offers flavours of dark cherry and has a slight smokeyness on the palate.

-Surani Costarossa Primitivo at £7.49

A full bodied red that won't leave you dissapointed! Smooth and velvety tannins make this a joy to drink with strong flavours of prunes and figs. This is the perfect red bfore bed.


-Stella Alpina Pinot Grigio at £8.99

Definitely my favourite Italian pinot grigio in the store.  A lot more fruit oriented and body to this Pinot Grigio with lovely flavours of peach and pear. 

-Contesa Pecorino at £7.49

This is a very light and zesty white which has an extremely fresh fruit feel to it. Flavours of orange zest shine through for me and should be enjoyed on it's own during a nice September evening.

Wine of the weekDate published: 02/09/13

Montecastrillo 2011, Ribera del Duero

Normally £9.99

Now £7.99


Origin: This wine is made by Finca Torremilanos which is a family-run estate located at the eastern end of Ribera del Duero. Its 200 hectares of vineyards are spread across some 140 organically-farmed plots, including some which are over 100 years old.

A fruit-focused and easy-drinking wine, with medium weight tannins framing a core of ripe blackcurrant and raspberry flavour, accented with hints of cocoa.

Best enjoyed with barbecued chops

Bank holiday opening hoursDate published: 25/08/13

Since it is a bank holiday tomorrow (Monday 26th August) we are only open until 5pm! If you are lucky enough to have the day off then why don't you come and explore the Bearsden store?

It's the last week of our summer promotional prices so it's a great time to stock up!

Calling all Restaurants, clubs, pubs etcDate published: 21/08/13

Food and wine are a match made in heaven so why not let us help you out with the latter! We here at Majestic not only provide an in-store service but can also supply  businesses, restaurants, pubs etc with any wine, beers, spirits or soft drinks that they need to make their customers happy.

You may already have a house wine but want a better pric! Or you may need a constant supply of those key wines that the customer craves at a very reasonable price. Whatever the need..we would be more than happy to set up your own personal wine list at a very competitive price!

Along with our great selection, we also provide a free delivery service, free glass hire and free chiller bins!

If you think this service may be of use to you or someone you know then feel free to call one of the team on 0141 943 0505


Wine of the weekDate published: 19/08/13

In line with our fantastic 25% off Italian wine deal, we have selected an Italian Red that will be leave you craving for 'amore'. The Casa d'Aragona 2010 Salice Salentino' at only £6.99 is the perfect every day red that can be enjoyed on it's own or goes perfectly with cured meat.

Grape : Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera

Origin : Salice Salentino is a small town in the middle of Puglia, Italy's 'heel', and was recognised as a DOC as recently as 1976, although wine has been made in this region since Greco-Roman times. This wine is a blend of the two principal native local red grapes.

Taste : Vibrant cherry red with a garnet tint acquired through ageing. A ripe red fruit character and round texture are accented by dry spice and tobacco notes, and supported by sinewy tannins.

Enjoy : A great accompaniment for rustic salami, smoked ham or game dishes.

25% off ItalyDate published: 19/08/13

We will be offering a fantastic 25% off Italian wine deal over the next two weeks to help finish the summer on a high!

Prices go live tomorrow so keep an eye on our website or come into the store to snap up some of the best deals!

Why not grab some Peroni to whet your appetite at only £12 a case!

Oeil de Perdrix- Special offer at £19.00Date published: 17/08/13

Oeil de Perdrix(means Eye of the Partridge) is back in stock!

We were getting a bit nervous the other day because we were down to our last bottle of this lovely Rose Champagne. But fortunately stocks have been replenished with many boxes!

This is a pale salmon pink Champagne, which exhibits enticing complexity. Delicate in style, but with a weight of fruit.A fantastic aperitif.

Scotland versus EnglandDate published: 13/08/13

What better way to enjoy the football tomorrow evening than have a battle of the beers?

My favourite Scottish beers at the moment are:

Innis and Gunn Oak beer 12*330ml £19.80

Bitter & Twisted 12*500ml £24.00

Or why not see what our English compatriots beers are like? My favourites just now are:

London Pride 12 * 500ml ONLY £10!!

Spitfire 12 * 500ml £19.20

Go on...Let's get into the spirit!

Veuve CliquotDate published: 13/08/13

Veuve Cliquot is on offer at £30 a bottle at the moment. Unfortunately after a busy weekend, we are down to our last 18 bottles! Hurry to catch this offer whilst stocks last....

Great £5.99 offersDate published: 10/08/13

Great £5.99 offers...

This is pretty much the average price for a bottle of wine these days. You will find that there is better quality than a £4.99 wine and more choice of styles of wines.Here is a quick look list of some of the £5.99 wines we have in stock at the moment. You should find something to suit your taste!

Pennautier Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, France - Cool fermented and matured only in stainless steel, this is a youthful and fruit focused Cabernet, emphasising its ripe bramble fruit with lively acidity and supple tannins.

Montepulciano  D'Abruzzo Grifone 2012, Italy - this is a reliable medium bodied wine with lots of red cherry fruit and soft supple tannins.

Pinot Grigio Pasqua 2012 - Light,dry and citrussy, with hints of pear. A great all rounder.

Torres Vina Sol 2011, Spain - Fresh and fruity on the nose, this is a smooth ,crisp palate with plenty of apples and pineapple fruit. Lower in alcohol too!

Rioja Criaza 2007, Vina Eguia, Spain - Vivid cherry red in colour. The aromas show off the wine's oak ageing, with vanilla, coconut and balsamic notes coming to the fore. An elegant palate of ripe fruit framed by soft polished tannins.

Luis Felipe Edwards Signature Series Pinot Noir Reserva 2011, Chile - rich fruity and full of ripe strawberry redcurrant flavours. Subtle notes of dried mixed herbs and woodsmoke make this a wonderful match for smoked duck.

Luis Felipe Edwards Signature Series Syrah Reserva 2012,Chile - Intense aromas of blackcurrant join hints of black pepper and spice. The juicy, fresh palate will marry deliciously with seasoned lamb chops.

Luis Felipe Edwards Signature Series Viogner Reserva 2012,Chile - Flavours of peach, apricot and ripe pears cascade across the palate. A lovely match for Thai red chicken curry.

Callia Bella Malbec 2012,Argentina - An upfront wild berry character accompanies hints of pudding spice. Generous on the palate with plush tannins and good ripeness.

Robertson Winery Sauvignon Blanc 2012,South Africa - Fresh and aromatic with plenty of zesty gooseberry and green apple flavours. Pop a bottle of this in your picnic hamper and enjoy with some seafood rolls. 

Parcel Series Merlot 2012, South Africa - A nose of plum and raspberry fruit, with inviting dark chocolate notes. A smooth and supple palate, bursting with berry flavours and tinged with subtle sweet spice.

Fantastic offer on PeroniDate published: 09/08/13

Peroni 12 case now only £12!

Not much more to say than this is a fantastic deal so snap it up while it lasts!

The Crimson KingDate published: 09/08/13

The Crimson King...Carmenere has really found a place in the Chilean wine industry, with roughly 9000 Hectares of plantings in the Central valley alone. The variety originated in the Medoc, but has lost favour with Bordeaux viticulturists due to its susceptibility to coulure, which results in low yields. Only minimal plantings are now found in France, where Petit Verdot has replaced it as the 'blending variety'.

The Carmenere vines in Chile were only 'discovered' in the early 90s. They had previously confused it with Merlot for 150 years! The two are very similar in appearance, which is mirrored in genetic studies. It has also been confused with Cabernet Franc in Italy.

When it was grown in Bordeaux, it was mainly used for blends. However, Chile's perfect growing conditions allow Carmenere to develop fully, as it ripens quite late into the season. Cherry fruit dominates, with smoky, spicy and earthy notes giving this wine a distinctly savoury flavour. Better examples may show leather and tobacco aromas too. Enjoy with red meats, stews, and cheeses.

Chile is currently on offer at 20% off, so why not try and selection of our Carmeneres.

Mountain View Carmenere,Luis Felipe Edwards - £5.59 - Full of soft blackberry and damson fruit, set apart from the norm by subtle earthy, smoky notes, redolent of toast. Rounded yet firm tannins frame the thick and juicy fruit.

Santa Rita 120 Carmenere - £6.39 - Med/full bodied with bramble fruits and subtle spice. This is an excellent all rounder and a favourite amongst staff and customers.

Tabali Reserva Carmenere - £7.99 - Deep opaque red, with hints of violet and an almost black core. The nose is a mix of spicy red fruits and notes of coffee bean and cocoa. Integrated oak creates a voluptous palate with a savoury steak.

Santa Rita Medalla Real Carmenere - £8.79 - Plush and full bodied, this wine offers on the nose and palate an array of blueberry, plum and oak softened cassis fruit, accented with intriguing coffee and dark chocolate aromas.

Food and wine match of the weekDate published: 07/08/13

So who likes their mussels?? No I'm not talking about the kind of muscles that you would find in a gym! I'm talking about the much tastier shellfish variety!

If you do then you are going to need a wine that will compliment the dish even further! Look no further than Caixas Albarino! This light, fresh Spanish white has all the correct flavours to match well with a manner of seafood. It has a hint of citrus flavour along with stone fruit and will balance perfectly with the acidity found with mussels in a white wine sauce!

Only £6.99

Wine of the dayDate published: 05/08/13

I don't know whether it's the recent hot weather that we've experienced recently but I can't get enough of my perfumed whites at the moment. None more so than the Waimea Gewurtztraminer from Nelson in New Zealand. Nelson experiences long sunny days which means that there is very concentrated fruit flavours in this quality Gewurtz.

This is an off-dry style with flavours of orange zest, Lychee and turkish delight. Why don't you try it and see what flavours come through for you? I strongly recommend it with a mild curry!

Only £10.99 at the moment!

Beer of the monthDate published: 05/08/13

Now I love wine but I also love beer too! What better way to enjoy a summer BBQ than with a beer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other?

My favourite at the moment is definitely Brooklyn Lager from New York. This is an amber-gold lager that displays a firm malt center with a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. This American original uses the British technique of Dry-hopping in a Viennese-style beer, resulting in a smooth lager that's versatile with food.

Currently on offer at £9.99 for 6*355ml.

Trip to Epernay in ChampagneDate published: 04/08/13

What a beautiful place Champagne is and what a fantastic trip I have just returned from! Myself and 6 other members of Majestic were  fortunate enough to visit Epernay in Champagne as part of an educational visit with Perrier Jouet. This amazing visit included a tour of the cellars, a visit to Perrier Jouets vineyards, a tutored tasting, and dinner/overnight stay at the Maison Belle Epoque itself.

It was an early start for us all with an 8 o clock train from St Pancras to Lille on the Eurostar. This was made easier by the constant supply of coffee and croissants! The train journey only lasted about two hours and we then got a coach from Lille to Epernay where the sun was shining just in time for lunch. We visited a lovely restaurant called 'Le Banque' where we were able to sit out on the terrace and enjoy some fine cuisine with a glass of Perrier Jouet NV and Blason Rose.

So after being fed, it was back on the bus to Perrier Jouets Maison Belle Epoque! Driving through Epernay really was amazing with some beautiful views of vineyard after vineyard. Some of the most recognisable names in Champagne are produced here and it was great to be in the thick of it. As soon as we arrived..we were given a tour of the incredible Maison. This used to be a museum in the past with a focus on Art Nouveau but it has now been transformed into a guest house. There are over 200 works and pieces by the greatest names in Art Nouveau such as Majorelle and Guimard to Lalique and Rodin.

The Champagne house is connected to the underground cellars and here we could see the scale of Perrier Jouets production. The cellars go on for 10km and produce over 2.5 million bottle of Champagne a year. This may sound a lot but is small in comparison to other Champagne houses and shows that Perrier Jouet focuses on quality rather than quantity! It is here that you really get to understand the amount of effort that goes into making a bottle of Champagne and see the philospohy of Perrier Jouet shine through.

It was now time to spruce ourselves up and make our way to the dining room of the Maison for our evening meal. This consisted of a menu which had three courses to match each of Perrier Jouets Champagnes. To start we had the most amazing scallops that I have ever tried in  my life. These were complimented by Perrier Jouets Belle Epoque Blanc de Blancs. Next on the menu was roast chicken on a bed of mash which was matched superbly with Belle Epoque 2004. For dessert..it was mixed summer fruit and berries which of course went hand in hand with Belle Epoque Rose. A thouroughly enjoyable evening was capped off by a game of French biliards which no-one was any good at!

The day after the night before brought us a tour of the Maisons winery and surrounding vineyards. Perrier Jouet really do have the prime location in terms of sunshine exposure and the focus on elegance is personified just by looking at the care and effort that goes into the vineyard. This was followed by a tutored tasting from Perrier Jouets cellar master who helped display the different characteristics that each Champagne has. The fact that there has only been 7 cellar masters in 200 years helps to maintain consistency and safeguard the unique heritage and taste of Perrier Jouet.

Finally, we were lucky enough to squeeze in a private BBQ style lunch in the gardens of the Maison which was the perfect setting to end what was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational visit to one of the most recognised names in Champagne.

That's amore...Date published: 03/08/13

 That's amore....I've nicked that title from our flyer. I thought it was pretty apt when describing Italian wines. I am a great lover of all things Italian and the wine I crave the most at the moment- especially in this warmer weather- are some our lovely crisp Italian white wines. Our range covers most bases, from north to south and varying styles. Why not try Gavi Montiero at £6.99 which has characteristics of limes zest, grapefruit and hints of fresh fennel.Goinjg a little futher south, I would also recommend the Verdicchio de Matelica at £6.99 from the east coast. The nose offers hints of acacia honey against a backdrop of citrus fruit. It light young and fresh, perfect on a warm summer's evening. Travelling even further south to Italy's heel - Apuglia- you can enjoy Pietrariccia Fiano, Surani, also at £6.99. The nose here offers an inviting mixture of citrus and tropical fruit with floral hints. Crisp acidity and good palate texture make for a refreshing, satisfying feel.

Bubbles to wet one's head!Date published: 02/08/13

The world has gone Royal baby mad. Love or loathe it, I think it's lovely. Ok not the wall to wall media, who tells us every intimate detail but it's just nice to see a happy couple nervously show their baby to the world. It got me thinking about what Champagne they would crack open to 'wet the baby's head'! I have Champagne on the brain, mainly because I cannot drink it at the moment. I am also expecting my first baby and my first thought was what what my husband and I would pop open once our little prince arrives into this world. 

My choices would be Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV at £30 a bottle and Pol Roger Reserve NV at £32 a bottle. I am very sure that they would get a  Royal seal of approval. 


Giesen now £5.99!!!Date published: 01/08/13

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc isn't really cheap,so when a good offer comes around, I would expect that most people will jump at the chance to buy  Giesen Sauvignon at only £5.99!!

The offer is only on for 12 days(till 12th August) but we have plenty in stock to satisfy your Sauvignon needs. 

Of course will be always have a bottle in the fridge to try before you buy, just incase you are unsure of its citrussy goodness!!

Wine of the Week w/c - 7/7/13Date published: 06/07/13

La Garnacha 2011, Salvaje del Moncayo

This Garnacha(Grenache) is from Ribero del Queiles just east of Rioja in the Ebro Valley. The weather has picked up this week hence the recommendation of this fantastic BBQ or picnic wine. Packed full of fruit- fresh and juicy and full in body, this will be a perfect match with with rich meats and cold cuts. It is pleasantly elegant on the nose and shows bags of complexity on the palate with the red fruits, slaty minerality and earthy flavours. 

Forgive me for saying this but it also has a cool label with a moody looking Grenache Bush Vine on the front. I would be pleased to serve this up to friends on a lovely summer's evening!

Only £7.99 a bottle.


wine of the weekDate published: 29/06/13

Wine of the week(this week) is- 

Rosso Piceno 2011, Conte Saladino

From Le Marche on the east coast of Italy, Rosso Piceno is a style of wine that perhaps a lot of people won't have come across. It is often overshadowed by the Sangiovese of Tuscany like Chinati, but go further east and this blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano is really drinkable and with many of the wines, much cheaper!

This Rosso Piceno from Conte Saladino is 80% Sangiovese and 20% Montepulciano. It is really fruity- full of dark red plums, cherries and soft tannins, but still has a lovely 'Italian' style earthiness which makes it a perfect wine for any occasion or meal. 

It is great with pasta and pizza midweek but I think it also has something a little more special to serve at a dinner party. It is also a complete bargain at £6.99.

It's on the tasting counter this week and it has already proved a bit of a hit with customers sampling it!

Love Fine Wine?Date published: 27/06/13

At the moment we have a great range of fine wines at really affordable prices. It takes the pain out of going to a restaurant and paying £50 or £60 for a bottle of Cloudy Bay! Outrageous I know.....

A wee taster of what we have in store-

Vina Ardanza Rioja Reserva 2004, La Rioja Alta - £18.00 a staff favourite here in Bearsden- why not try it with a Roast Lamb?

Amarone Classico 'Vigneti di Roccolo' 2009, Cantina Negrar - £18.00 - who does't love Amarone. Rich, velvety, smooth and fruity.... Mmm

Beaune 1er Cru Rouge 2008, Louis Jadot - £19.00 - Classic Pinot Noir. Lovely red berry fruits and hints of delicate spice.Soft and fruity on the palate with little tannin. Great with Game!

Chateau Grand Faurie La Rose 2007, St Emilion Grand Cru - £15.99 - Such good value for a St Emilion, great with a steak!

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Marlborough - £19.99 - the ultimate - go to - Marlborough Sauvignon

Angel's Share Shiraz 2011, Two Hands, McLaren Vale - £18.00 -Big, juicy, rich and packed full of flavour. Bags of dark fruit, cocoa and hints of black pepper and spice. 

Any many more..... Just pop down to the store to peruse!

La Bella VitaDate published: 12/05/13

It seems to me that the good life is ever present in Italy. The wine and gastronomy is key to the Italian lifestyle and somehow we just can't seem to replicate that in this country. Perhaps its the weather. I can't bring you the weather or the food but as our Italian wines are on offer at the moment, I can suggest some lovely wines for sampling with some homemade antipasti or pasta/pizza!


Fattori Soave 2012 - £6.99  This is such a refreshing wine with hints of herbs and minerals on the nose a citrussy and white apple palate. Great as an aperitif or with antipasti.

Contessa Pecorino 2012 - £7.99 This is Pecorino the grape not the cheese- however having them together is a delight(perhaps when the sum is shining).This wine is 30% oak fermented so the palate is soft and full with lovely clean flavours or orange blossom, citrus and hawthorn. Its also got a really cool label.

Stella Alpina Pinot Grigio 2012- £9.59 Okay it is quite pricey for a Pinot Grigio but this is brilliant. It isn't insipid and uninspiring like many other of its counterparts but it is packed full or mouth watering acidity, and rich pear,peach and melon flavours.It is crisp,dry and marrys well with fresh tomato salads and some grilled seafood dishes.


Bardolino 'Naiano' Allegrini 2012 - £6.99 If you are fan of the Italian Lakes, then you are bound to have heard of Bardolino. Some cheaper Bardolinos can be really too light and taste of bubblegum but this has got great body but keeping its ' lighter' style.Ruby red and youhful this is packed full of red cherry fruit and hints of almonds. Perfect with pasta dressed with olives and tomatoes.

Chianti Classico San Leonino 2008/09 - £8.99 Characterful, traditionally styled Chianti Classico with savoury cherries and hints of tobacco. The perfect partner for a Saturday night Pizza!

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso, 2010 - £13.59 From the hilly villages east of Lake Garda, Ripasso wines have had a portion of the fermented, dried skins from Amarone added to them. These wines therefore combine the power and class of the Amarone with the bright fruit of the classic Valpolicella. There is an abundance of plum, dark cherry and berry fruits packed into this wine. The palate is rich and full with a smooth velvety finish.

Copertino 2008, Masseria Monaci - £6.79 This is made from the Negroamaro grape and this one is made from some vines that are 30 years old. The wine itself is dark and luscious with rich dried fruits and spice mixed with fresh plummy ones! Copertino is a village in the heel of Italy in sunny Puglia so you can just taste the ripe fruits from all that sunshine. Ideal with most rich Italian dishes. 

The joy of Italian wines are that they are so diverse, it would be a shame not to try out a few new ones. We oftern have Italian wines on our tasting counter. Why not check out our virtual tasting counter and see what we have open in store,then pop in for a taste!

Changes to our opening hoursDate published: 04/04/13

From the 1st April we moved from 10-8pm hours Monday - Wednesday to 10-7pm.

We continue to be open from 10-8pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Left over CorksDate published: 11/07/12

Most people just throw away their wine corks but there are plenty of creative things you can do(whilst obviously having a wee glass of wine!)

I got married a few months ago and because of my love for wine and all things 'wine', I decided that I wanted a little nod to the wine trade as part of the celebrations. For the reception, I made place card holders out of the hundreds of corks I had accumulated over the months.

It was simple- Using a craft knife, CAREFULLY cut a slit across the horizontal side of a cork.Make sure the Chateau name or producer logo isn't upside down. Use an old business card or credit card to make sure that the slit is big enough for the card to go across the cork.

I bought small buttons in a craft shope and stuck them, one on each side for feet. Super glue is really the only glue to use here.

Then cut out some card and get crafty with the names......et voila! A lovely place card holder for weddings or wine dinners.

A break from the norm!Date published: 16/11/11


It was a holiday through the Loire Valley and a cheeky 'work' trip to South Africa that did it. I was hooked. No, it wasn't just the picture perfect villages around the river Loire and the majestic mountains of the Cape. It was Chenin Blanc. Why? As a grape variety, it has several guises and is probably the world's most versatile grape variety. I love the fact that it can be so very different and can surprise me every time!

Chenin Blanc in its native region is often called Pineau/ Pineau de la Loire or Steen in South Africa. It grows well in the cool climatic area of the Loire due to its natural high acidity, especially in the less ripe vintages.South Africa now has more than three times as much Chenin planted as France because of its resistance to disease and wind. Its productivity is also excellent with higher yields.

It is capable of producing some of the finest, longest living sweet wines, off-dry wines with refreshing acidity, floral aromas and lovely peach and subtle honey flavours like the La Grille Chenin Blanc or Robertson Chenin Blanc. There are wines that are steely and dry with hints of apples and pears like the Jasnieres and medium sweet wines such as Vouvray Demi Sec Domaine Bourillon- Dorleans (although Vouvray can also be dry and sweet). Continuing on with its' versatility, we have the Bellingham 'The Bernard Series' Old Vine Chenin Blanc which has a huge amount of complexity from 12 months' fermentation in French oak and concentration of flavour from old vines!

Lastly, many of our customers may have visited the town of Saumur in the Loire, well known for it's Saumur Mousseux, a well priced sparkling wine made from- yes you guessed it- Chenin Blanc! We have the Bouvet Ladubay NV which has fresh citrussy flavours and a creamy mousse.

I urge you to take a break from the norm and try some Chenin Blancs from our range. There are quite a few to choose from!

BeaujolaisDate published: 16/11/11

Often derided, the appellation of Beaujolais, which produces a single, unique style of fruity wine, can evoke strong reactions by those who love it and others who won't touch it. The latter point out that the region produces a lot of wine – well over 1 million hl per year – which does not help quality. The majority of grapes go into producing the infamous 'Beaujolais Nouveau', which the French public famously boycotted in 2002. This type usually uses grapes grown in the flatter parts of the region, and is generally best avoided.
The intermediate category is Beaujolais-Villages, which is by far the most important appellation. This region is hillier, with soils of granite and schist. The best (10) sectors in the hills are called Beaujolais Cru, each having its own appellation status. These are definitely the ones to go for!
Beaujolais is made predominantly from Gamay. This variety has thin skin and low levels of tannin, making for an easy-drinking red. Many treat it as a white wine, serving it slightly chilled at ~14-16 degrees. Depending on the style, enjoy with salads, picnics, or light red meat dishes.

The Majestic Fine Wine Plan....Date published: 04/04/11

.........in association with Lay and Wheeler.

The Fine Wine Plan is a simple and effective way to build and personally tailored fine wine collection.

It's pretty simple. You can join from £50 a month and this goes into your 'account'. There are lots of great benefits and I was so impressed that I even joined up! My way of thinking is that, I am sure I fritter away £50 a month on things I don't really need,so this way I can buy some fantastic fine wines in a few months and not feel too guilty about blowing a fortune in one go!!!

If you want to find out more, pop into the store and speak to me,Ross or Gavin. Alternatively, go onto our Website and follow the Fine Wine section which explains everything nicely!!!

Happy drinking....... :)

Lovely SherryDate published: 25/03/11

I have noticed that over my many years at Majestic, people tend to just buy Sherry at Christmas but as the weather is starting to turn and the sun(kind of) is coming out more, I find that there is nothing more pleasurable than having a nice cold glass of Manzanilla or whatever you fancy with some smoked almonds and a bowl of olives-just like they do in Andalucia!

Some background-Sherry is a fortified white wine, naturally dry, which is produced commercially in a variety of styles ranging from dry to very sweet.It is a natural product of the province of Cadiz in the south-western tip of the region of Andalucia in southern Spain.The sherry vineyards are to be found in the centre of a triangle formed by three towns to the north of Cadiz:Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa Maria.

Climate- It is generally very warm and can be hot and very dry in the summer, the heat tempered by the proximity of the ocean.Two prevailing winds-the dry Levante from the east, the wet Ponente from the Atlantic-blow alternately.

Soil- The soil of the main vineyards, called albariza, is of chalk, and it is the combination of this soil- ideal for making white wines- and the hot, somewhat humid climate that produces the conditions ideal for growing the grapes.

The grapes- The Sherry region is fast becoming one of a single grape variety.The white Palomino grape or Palomino Fino as it is technically called- occupies 90% of the vineyard area, leaving little(and decreasing) room for the other permitted grape varieties, also white: Pedro Ximenez(which makes a sweet wine, still used occasionally for turning dry sherry,sweet) and Moscatel Fino(rarely found today).

How it is made- Once the white wine is made, it is at this point when sherry changes from an ordinary white table wine into something quite unique and almost magical. Once fermented, the wine will be put into wooden casks, locally called butts, which hold 500 litres but are not filled to capacity. As the wine ages in the large, cool storage buildings of the bodega, a yeast called flor, carried on the Ponente wind, grows naturally on the wine. This preserves it from oxidation from the air space in the cask, as well as lending a yeasty character to the mature, dry wine. Sherry is then classified into styles- the butts with a decent amount of flor will be put aside for ageing as a fino or go onto become amontillado. They will then be lightly fortified with brandy up to 15.5%. Those without or very little flor will be destined for Oloroso. These will be immediately fortified up to 18% alcohol(flor only survives up to 17.5%) and put aside for separate ageing.

The Solera System- The essence of sherry is blending, across the years as well as between casks. The solera, used for all styles of sherry,operates by a series of blendings: a proportion of the youngest wine in the bodega is blended into a butt of wine from the preceding year, where the younger wine begins to take on the character of the older.
To make room for this process, a third of the butt of second year wine is transferred to the third year wine, while a third of the third year butt is moved into the fourth year wine. Each of these stages is called a criadera(the spanish word for nursery).
Sherry is therefore a blended wine in many senses. The final bottle will contain wines from a number of different soleras which are blended in a further series of butts before bottling.

This one of the many reason why we LOVE sherry. It is a vastly underrated product and such good value for money. We all must realise what a bargain Sherry is at even £10! Some sherries have older wine blended in them dating back thirty to sixty years and more!

Sherries styles from dry to sweet-
MANZANILLA- matured by the sea at Sanlucar de Barrameda, it is sherry's lightest style-searingly dry, delicate and with an almost salty bite. Goes very well with olives,smoked almonds, serrano ham etc.

FINO- similar to Manzanilla but fractionally weightier. Both get their characteristic yeasty tang from the flor yeast which is left to grow as they mature in barrel.

AMONTILLADO- is fino on which the flor has lived, matured and died and so it is an older, darker and nuttier sherry, but one which should still have a certain tang.

OLOROSO- is a sherry which did not grow flor. It i sthe fullest and richest- with nut, fig and prune flavours- but naturally dry. Some commercial brands are sweetened and often called CREAM sherries.

PALO CORTADO- this is rarely seen but is a style halfway between amontillado and oloroso(Christine's favourite!!)

PEDRO XIMENEZ- Rich,decadent and sweet! Like drinking liquid raisins and prunes. So divine even poured over quality vanilla ice cream.

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