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Majestic Wine, Foss Islands Road, York, YO31 7UR



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Simon Sales Assistant
Though I'm a part-time member of the team, I bring my full attention to helping you select the ideal wine. Personally I'm a fan of old-fashioned buttery chardonnays and full blooded malbecs, as well as our fine selection of craft beers; perfect for taking to rehearsals when I'm playing with my band Soma Crew
Jeff Senior Manager
Now part of the Majestic York furniture. When not indulging in my passion for big Aussie reds, crisp dry rieslings and dark beers I can normally be found out and about the roads of North Yorkshire on my motorcycle.

Your feedback and comments are really important to us and help your fellow wine lovers too. We'll always pop your name next to your post to show that it's genuine.

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S. MAJESTIC YORK 4 days ago
A new day, and some tasty new wines to try.....
Chief among 'em is our new Whale Cove Sauv Blanc, not from NZ, as you may suspect, but a jaunty outsider from SA.
It's a mouthful of citrus, apple and herbs, and won't dent the pre-Christmas pocket at a cheeky £7.99, mixed 6.
Pip-Pip, Tally-Ho & Ballyhoo!, as they probably don't say in Stellenbosch very often.
Mind how you go.
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 24 days ago
A'ternoon, good people of York and it's environs! As you tease your Autumnal clothing out of hibernation, spare a thought for our poor, unloved tasting counter. All it wants at this time of year is to share with you it's fruitful bounty of rich Cabernet Sauvignons and delicious oaky Chardonnays. Like, for example, the Jim Barry Cover Drive Cab Sauv at a keen £10.99 Mixed Six, or the buttery Definition Oaked Chardonnay at a risible £10.99 too!
Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and splendid wines at Maj York HQ. Thank goodness.
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 1 month ago
Happy Saturday everyone!
And it's especially happy here, with the golden sunlight glinting off the glorious, winding Foss.
Why not stroll down and try a glass of something, and while you're at it, ask hugo to show you the trick with the paperclip and some crisps?
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L. THOMSON 1 month ago
When are you next delivering to Selby ?
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Good Morning, We deliver to Selby on Tuesday and Thursday every week.
Please give us a ring if you'd like to order.

S. MAJESTIC YORK 1 month ago
Hey hey hey!
The sun's shining on the righteous down here at Maj York HQ, and we're celebrating the arrival of the illusive blighter with some splendid late summer wines. Top of the shop is Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc, which is fresh, complex and balanced, and a treat at £14.99 mixed 6.
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 1 month ago
Now then, we seem to be having a few IT issues, so if you'd like to place an order for delivery or collection, please give us a ring or send us an email, rather than ordering through the website.
Team York
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 2 months ago
Hello good people of York and beyond!
We hereby give notice that we shall be closed for the day on Sunday the 1st August, but fear not!
We shall be open for business as usual on Monday 2nd from 10am.
Happy Sunday everyone!
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 2 months ago
Wait wait wait! A new missive is arriving on ticker tape from York Maj HQ - let's see what it says....
That rascal Jackson has been spotted with a knotted hanky on his head and his tweeds rolled up - STOP - he's got a chilled glass of Manzanilla Pastrana Sherry in his hand - STOP- There seems to be olives, salty crisps and charcuterie at his elbow - STOP - He seems to have the kind of beatific joyfulness about his visage seldom seen - STOP - Await further instruction from HQ, and crisp dry sherry at £12.99 mixed 6 - STOP. Message Ends....
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 3 months ago
Our Sarah doesn't like Vallee des Pins Provence rosé (£8.99 mixed 6). No sir, she flaming well loves it!
Waxing lyrical about the delicious strawberry and redcurrant flavours, she became so animated that she almost forgot to mention the crisp, delicate, refreshing and elegant style of this Maj favourite! Never mind though, we've done that now. As you were everyone. Move along, nothing to see here apart from outstanding summer wines......
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 3 months ago
Hold up! Lightening fast Majestic Wunderkind (aka Hugo) has just made a late run down the left-wing with all the speed and grace of a greased racing snake, uncorked a bottle of Lafili Salice Salento (£8.99 mixed 6, and recommended by Ollie Smith on Saturday Kitchen), popped it in the back of the onion bag and said 'Thank-you very much'. More news as we have it, or nip down and try it yourself. We have, and we like it!
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 3 months ago
"But Paul...", I hear you cry, "what on earth will you be drinking with the footie tonight, eh?"
Well, I can reveal not only that I'll be swigging Alhambra 1925 Reserva (£12 for 6) from a frosty bottle, but also indulging in my favourite Rhone red tomorrow at the inevitably damp BBQ, the Jaboulet Parallel 45 (£10.99 mixed 6). This one's organic and delicious, and also happened to take pride-of-place on my Christmas dinner table last year, wedged betwixt spuds and a fine, fat goose. Cheers!
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 4 months ago
We will be closing earlier than usual, at 6.30pm on Friday, to allow all our hardworking colleagues to enjoy the football. Please stock up early to avoid disappointment.
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S. MAJESTIC YORK 7 months ago
We’re open as usual with strictly limited customer numbers in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Please check the traffic light system at the front door, and wait until the light is green and it is safe to enter.

You can place orders as normal by email or by phone, for collection or home delivery.

When emailing us your order, please include:
• Your name, address and contact number.
• The wines, beers and spirits (with quantities) you'd like to order.
• Please put COLLECTION or DELIVERY in the subject line.
• Please do not email your card details, we will call you to arrange payment and confirm your order. Deliveries are not guaranteed until confirmed by the store team.
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