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Chloe Senior Manager
Chloe was born and bred in the West Midlands, not the 'North' as so many like to suggest. After 18 months spent in the East Midlands and a tour of Berkshire she now finds herself in Majestic Basingstoke. Her main interests are sport related, particularly if West Bromwich Albion are involved (Up the Baggies!), but she is also keen on wine and the way to her heart is definitely with something fizzy (most recently Bollinger Rose!)
Josh Assistant Manager
"Josh has been working in the wine trade for the last three years, primarily in restaurants and has been your friend for many a year. Josh loves New World wines, especially Australian Shiraz and Californian Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. He has been known to ritualistically chant as he opens wines. If Josh had to pick a favourite wine in the shop, it would probably be the Mollydooker Boxer Shiraz. Do not believe his lies. "
Charlie Assistant Manager
When he's not deep in his man-cave creating experimental electronic music and visuals, Charlie can be found happily cooking away in the kitchen with a large glass of well-aged Rioja. Passing by the store? Don't hesitate to pop in for a chat over a glass of red!
Helen Sales Assistant
Helen has joined Majestic Wines after leaving a career teaching. While this means she is drinking much less, she is still passionate about wine. Ask her for a recommendation on a Rioja!
Ian Sales Assistant
Ian is a lifelong fan of a red, be it Liverpool or a Cabernet Sauvignon from South America. Dry, full bodied and great with cheese, Ian is also local to the Berkshire area. Among many other occupations, he has been a postman, bookseller and ping-pong player and he is looking forward to experiencing the delights that Basingstoke has to offer.
Adam Sales Assistant
Adam will be joining us soon...
23 August 12:00 - 20:00
Majestic Basingstoke

Discovery Series - Portugal!

It’s a bank holiday weekend, the last one of the summer, and it’s Discover Portugal week! We have some cracking price reductions, the launch of some exciting new wines to the range and an opportunity to try before you buy on a wide range of Portuguese Wine...
31 August 18:00 - 20:00
Majestic Basingstoke

The Celebrity Winemakers

What are the decisions a winemaker makes? When to pick, how to press, how long to ferment, what to blend, how soon to fine, is it in oak or steel, do you age the wine, if so in what and for how long? It’s a lot more complicated than making a meal! Just like celebrity chefs, winemakers can take a base ingredient, grapes, and turn it into something special and unique. Majestic likes to work with genius winemakers above flashy winery names.
01 September 16:30 - 18:00
Majestic Basingstoke

Gin Masterclass

"A perfect martini should be made by filling a glass with gin then waving it in the general direction of Italy" - Noel Coward. No other spirit has had such a roller-coaster ride through popularity and history as gin, beginning with the arguments over its origins! We will explore the history of gin in this country, its influence on popular culture throughout the years and the methods that go into making it. With 6-8 gins open to taste, a full range of Fever-Tree tonics and carefully selected garnishes we will find you your perfect serve!
14 September 18:00 - 20:00
Majestic Basingstoke

The Next Big Vin

Majestic are always ahead of the curve for wine trends. We know what’s dominant in the UK at the moment, malbec, prosecco and sauvignon blanc. So what do you think will come next? We’d bank on some of these, particularly in a post Brexit world!

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