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For Bordeaux 2021, we are delighted to launch Majestic’s first En Primeur campaign for over 15 years. Read on to find out what makes this such a special release — and how you can secure wines for a cellar you love.


What is En Primeur? 

En Primeur (or “wine futures”) is a way of buying wine whilst it’s still in barrel. By investing in these brand new vintages, you get first pick – and incredible value – before bottles hit the open market. It’s an incredible way of starting your own private fine wine collection – all kept and nurtured in the best possible conditions until they’re released.

You can now browse our latest En Primeur brochure here. This includes a detailed overview of Bordeaux as well as a comprehensive 2021 Bordeaux Vintage Report.


Five reasons why En Primeur is for you

1. If you’re a wine fan – it’s a must
Buy wine the “old fashioned” way. With access to the barrels before the wine is even bottled, En Primeur gives you the inside line on Bordeaux’s finest.

2. Barrels of expertise
Majestic is known for having friendly, highly qualified colleagues – alongside an award-winning Buying Team. Trust us to sniff you out the best bottles vintage by vintage.

3. It can be extremely good value
You buy the wine before any inflation or extra costs creep in. Although not an exact science, investing in fine wine before it ages can be a great way to secure expensive bottles at lower prices.

4. It makes an extra-special gift
Marking a special occasion or anniversary? Treating the wine lovers in your life? Laying down wine on behalf of someone else is a beautiful thing.

5. Reap the rewards
When you receive your wine in the future, you’ll thank yourself for your patience and foresight. Ninety percent of all wine bought in the UK is consumed within a year. But to really appreciate these styles of wine a bit of bottle age is a must. With our expert guidance, you’ll have a selection of beautiful bottles to enjoy for years to come.

How does it work?

Read & discover
You'll find our full catalogue of En Primeur wines here - with expert insight to help find the right bottles for you. This includes a detailed overview of Bordeaux as well as a comprehensive 2021 Bordeaux Vintage Report.

Register your interest by dropping us an email or filling out the form below. A specialist advisor will be in touch to help guide your En Primeur journey.

Discuss your choices
Our expertly-trained advisor will contact you to discuss your options and ease you through the selection process – as well as taking payment and securing your wines (when you’re ready).

Your secured wines will continue to age in the cellars and barrel rooms of our trusted producers. This is a vital stage in your new wine journey – and can’t be rushed. It can take from eight months to three years, and we’ll keep you posted on their status.

Once your wines have been bottled, they’ll be shipped to us here in the UK for further ageing. From this point on we’ll continue to store your wines at our specialist storage facility in southern England. We’ll recommend when to release your wine, when our experts believe the timing is right.
Please note – once your wines are in the UK, you will be charged a six-monthly storage fee. To read our full terms and conditions head to our terms and conditions page. 

Release and enjoy
You can release your wines as soon as you'd like. However, our experts will recommend when the best time for this is. We’ll send you regular updates including their ideal drinking window. Your wines will be shipped to you using a specialist courier.

Meet our Experts

Jake Biggs
En Primeur Buyer

Jake is a true Bordeaux expert with extensive experience in selecting ageworthy wines throughout his long Majestic career. As our man on the ground, he returned from a recent trip to the region with a notebook full of compelling wines he can’t wait for you to try.

Emma Biggs
En Primeur Expert

Emma has worked across a range of En Primeur businesses, and knows exactly which wines are sure to fly - and which to avoid. Working with Rob and Jake, she’s helped to build our market-leading 2021 offer.

Robert Cooke
Chief Commercial Officer

Rob leads the Majestic buying teams and nothing goes into our range without his nod of approval. His expertise in sourcing top-end wines is truly second to none. You're in very safe hands.