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Majestic Guides Exciting Styles of Sauvignon Blanc

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Exciting styles of Sauvignon Blanc

In Short:
Sauvignon Blanc doesn't stop at refreshing, fruity styles made in Bordeaux in New Zealand. These are our picks of pioneering expressions of the grape.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the world’s most popular wine styles. Its reputation for zippy, thirst-quenching citrus flavour is what draws many wine lovers in. But there’s more to it. Talented winemakers are expanding horizons and an exciting new influx of trends have emerged, refreshing what the wine world makes Sauvignon. So, what’s new?

Sub-regional Marlborough Sauvignon

It's no secret that Marlborough is a hub for Sauvignon Blanc, but its sheer variety often all too often falls under the radar. It’s made up of three main sub-regions – Awatere Valley, Wairau Valley and the Southern Valleys – each with their own distinctive style. Each sub-region has its own unique style, and Sauvignon lovers can find an exciting new favourite bottle in each.

For more restrained, crisp styles of Sauvignon, look to the Awatere Valley. Its ocean-influenced cool climate produces Sauvignon Blancs with fine minerality and crisp acidity.

Its neighbour, Wairau Valley, hems the wide Wairau River and offers vines impressively diverse soils and slightly warmer, more sheltered growing. The result? A harmonious balance of rich tropical-fruit flavour and uniquely aromatic herbal notes.

The Southern Valleys are perched between Awatere and Wairau and, mirroring their geography, exhibit a climate that's somewhere between those of the neighbours. As a result you can expect a fusion of herbaceousness and crisp, fruity aromas, like grapefruit and gooseberry.

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Organic Sauvignon

It’s not just natural and biodynamic wines having a moment – organic wines have surged in popularity. So, what makes a wine organic and what makes an organic wine desirable?

Organic wines are made with grapes that are grown using absolutely no herbicides or pesticides, meaning that the wine that reaches your glass is grown with minimum intervention. It’s thought among enthusiasts that a certain purity otherwise unachievable is retained through the practice.

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Oaked Sauvignon

While Sauvignon Blanc has long been adored for its zippy finish, a number of wineries are taking a softer turn by introducing oak to their production. Thought that all Sauvignon Blanc is light and crisp? Indulge in the textured, rich and complex brilliance of oak influence.

Carefully used, it introduces weight and roundness without detracting from the bold fruit flavours you can expect from Bordeaux and Marlborough alike.

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South Africa

As a rule of thumb, Sauvignon Blanc does best in a cooler climate. It's what preserves its citrusy flavours, herbal aromatics and refreshing acidity. So it would be fair to assume that South Africa's too warm for the grape.

But if you make the most of the coastal influence on the Western Cape, you can create something excellent. Due to the plentiful sunshine here, you also get those tropical flavours (think gooseberry, passionfruit and pineapple) which have made Marlborough Sauvignon so popular. Look to regions such as Elgin, Darling and Stellenbosch for this.

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