Majestic in Scotland

Our prices in Scotland work differently than England and Wales

The Alcohol Scotland Act 2010 disallows any alcohol promotion offering customers a discount for buying multiple products in Scottish stores.

So that all our customers can benefit from the same competitive pricing, wherever a Mix Six price is offered in England and Wales, this will be the single bottle price we charge in Scotland.

Price in England and Wales Price in Scotland
£9.99 £9.99
£9.99, Mix Six = £6.66 £6.66

Online Pricing

Our website allows you to indicate where you would like delivery or collection before ordering. By default, our website shows the pricing in England and Wales. If you select an address served by a store in Scotland, however, the prices shown online change to reflect the single bottle prices effective in Scotland.

In the vast majority of cases, the total for your order will be exactly the same as an order placed in England or Wales. If it does change it will only ever be by a few pence due to differences in the way the prices are rounded when English multi-buy discounts are calculated.

Since the Alcohol (Scotland) Act only covers deliveries that originate in Scotland, some deliveries to Scottish addresses are not affected because they originate in England. This includes some parts of the Borders covered by our Carlisle or Newcastle stores, or those parts of the Highlands and Islands where we deliver via courier (since our Mail Order warehouse is in England). In these cases the prices shown online will be the prices valid in England and Wales including Mix Six discounts. This is also the case if you are based in Scotland but are placing an order for delivery to an address in England or Wales.

The Listing

As we are unable to produce a separate version of The Listing, please be aware that wherever a Mix Six price is quoted, this will be the single bottle price that we charge in Scotland.


Our Scottish stores have separate price tickets, so prices quoted are those valid in Scotland.