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Store News(305)

Langtons GinDate published: 24/03/15

Did I mention that I love Langtons Gin?

Probably.. but now I have discovered the secret ingredient that makes it so deliciously refreshing and, in my opinion, sets it apart from other gins.

As gin fans will know, juniper (which apparently tastes a bit like Christmas tree in it's natural state) is the main botanical in gin. In Langtons however, the juniper is toned down and other, more interesting botanicals are used to give the gin it's distinct flavour:

Amalfi lemons, liquorice, anise, coriander seeds, Seville orange peel and bark chips.

This careful balance of aromatic spice and citrus results in a gin that is smooth, light and citrussy. The unique botanical, seasoned bark chips from young Lakeland oak, harmonises and enhances the other flavours of the gin, resulting in a super smooth gin, just as ageing in oak results in buttery smooth wine.

But seasoned oak bark is not, in fact, the secret ingredient. According to Langtons the reason their gin is so special is the natural water source, that's right, water is the secret ingredient!

The water is naturally filtered through slate and perfectly compliments the botanicals selected.

For a gin that is a true reflection of terrior, I'd choose Langtons everytime.

Love Australian Wine?Date published: 17/03/15

Come to our FREE tasting this Thursday the 19th of March, from 6:30pm.

We explore 8 wines from the ever popular Australia, in 30 minutes, with some nibbles to accompany.

(Check out our store page to see what wines we decide to open).

Call us on 01522 540128 to get more info and sign up!

We'll also have a varied range of wines from Oz open to try throughout Australian Spotlight week, until the 26th of March, so pop in to come and explore!

Why doesn't my wine taste of grapes?!Date published: 14/03/15

In Majestic we frequently get asked this question, so we've cobbled a bit of science together to give you an idea why;

The flavours we find in wine are determined by the fermentation process, where sugars are converted in to alcohol and Carbon Dioxide through the action of yeast. This chemical process also creates certain chemical compounds, which are very similar to those found in other fruits and foods. So when you taste that intense gooseberry in a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, you are sensing the same chemicals found in a freshly picked gooseberry.

An insight in to Veuve ClicquotDate published: 06/03/15

This week I've been fortunate to be a guest of Veuve Clicquot, the name behind the famous 'Yellow Label' and other Champagnes. Firstly what a pleasure. Over the two days I took in the sights (and more importantly tastes!) of all that Champagne had to offer.

Staying at the Hotel de Marc, we were given an extensive tour of their cellars that cover some 224km underground (I wouldn't advise wondering off either unless you want to be a modern day Minotaur) followed by an extensive tasting of the range. Below are some of their Champagnes that really stuck out;

Veuve Yellow Label – approx £30-£45

The classic style where the recipe has not changed in hundreds of years. Fresh and fruit driven, with notes of apple and brioche.

Veuve Vintage 2004 – approx £40-60

Works well by itself, even better with food (fish and chips anyone? The acidity cuts right through the batter). A slight more richness to the palate, it is only made in exceptional years, with 2004 being one of the best.

Veuve Vintage Rosé 2004 – approx £50-70

Surprisingly to myself this was my favourite, and the one I went away thinking about most. Unlike the Veuve Rosé NV, this has a higher proportion of Pinot Noir, giving it more structure and body. If you were to take away the bubbles you could be forgiven for thinking this was a slightly earthy Burgundy Pinot Noir. Very interesting.

La Grand Dame 2004 – approx £120 - £150

The flagship wine of this famous House is exceptional as you would expect, and named after the great Lady herself. Delicate and only pressed from the highest quality of grapes (Grand-Cru status 90-99% quality) this is for a special occasion.

As far as educational visits go, this had to be one of the best. Santé!

Beer of the week - CitraDate published: 06/03/15

Citra, Oakham Ales 12x500ml Bottles £25.20, buy 2 cases save £6 only £22.20 a case!

A real ale from Peterborough - light and refreshing with grapefruit and gooseberries flavours.

Oakham Ales were the first brewery in the UK to use the American Citra hop. This single hop beer was first made as a seasonal special, but proved so popular is has now become one of Oakham's most successful core lines.

A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish; this is a very modern version of a classic golden ale.

Citra has won many awards since the first brew in 2011, culminating in being awarded the Champion Golden Ale at the CAMRA Great British Beer awards in 2014.

Established in Oakham, Rutland, in 1993, the brewery moved to Peterborough in 1998 where their brewery tap is the largest brewpub in Europe!

Wine of the Week - Waimea Grűner VeltlinerDate published: 05/03/15

Waimea Grűner Veltliner from New Zealand

Available to taste!

Grűner Veltliner

Grűner Veltliner is a white European grape most commonly found in Austria. New Zealand is a relatively young wine making country and whilst it is synonymous with Sauvignon Blanc, winemakers are keen to experiment with other varieties and Grűner Veltliner is proving successful in many areas, including Nelson.

Waimea’s Plantings

The 2014 Waimea Grűner Veltliner is only the fifth vintage of this wine to ever be produced. The vineyard is just three rows wide as it follows the path of a disused railway line. Waimea refer to these vines as the “Railway Reserve”.

What to expect from Grűner Veltliner?

The wine is an inviting golden colour. It’s fresh and crisp with aromas and flavours of stone fruit and pineapple. The wine is quite rich and offers spicy notes of fennel and white pepper. The term “minerality” refers to a flinty, steely character, which has more to do with sensation than flavour. You may be able to experience that sensation with this wine. We think it’s great with risotto.

Why buy this wine?

Waimea are at the cutting edge of experimentation in New Zealand and these richer, spicy styles of wine are the next big thing.

£14.99 buy 2 save 33% = £9.99

New! Alhambra 1925 ReservaDate published: 28/02/15

Beer of the week and open to try in store! 

Alhambra 1925 Reserva Craft Cerveza

What is craft beer?

Brewed on a small scale by independent breweries, craft beers are simply delicious, carefully crafted beers.

The Alhambra brewery was founded in Granada, Andalusia, in 1925 and is named after the city's magnificent Alhambra Palace. Regarded as the leading craft brewery in Spain, despite the arrival of modern equipment little has changed in the overall brewing process since 1925. All Alhambra beers are made with no additives and the water used is still drawn from the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Why should you buy Alhambra 1925 Reserva?

The traditional method employed by Alhambra for this beer involves slow, natural fermentation over a period of 35 days. This strong lager has a deep golden colour, and distinctive hop and caramel aromas. The unique bottle is a nod to the bottles used originally in 1925 when the brewery was founded - a Spanish icon, it has no label with all the branding and legal information embossed on the bottle.

What does it taste like…?

"Pours a good fluffy head. Golden amber with lightly toasted aromas. Full-bodied, with a constant, well-rounded and very pleasing taste. Perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavours, with notes ranging from bitter orange to a slightly caramel finish"

So, how much does it cost...?

£12.99 for one pack, or buy 2 or more packs for £9.99 a pack!

In the words of Alex de Cata, Majestic BDM whose mum

hails from Granada, this is an "Epic" beer!

Meantime Brewing CourseDate published: 23/02/15

I've recently been lucky enough to get a brewing masterclass and tour of the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich by their head brewer. There are certainly worse ways to spend a day down in the Capital. 

There are so many stages that go into the production of quality ales and lagers, I have a new found appreciation for these fantastic craft beers we sell.

Meantime Brewery are at the forefront of the 'Craft Beer Revolution' in this country and I urge you to come into the store and pick up a case today. Local English Hops and a wide range of malted barley give the beers there delightful flavour and I saw first hand the passion that goes into creating there exciting range of beers. Lucky for me I also got to taste my way through the range as well. 

Pop in to have a chat with me about the beer making process if you'd like to find out more details. And we'll crack open one of our many sample beers to try as well.

Spirit of the week - multi-award winning gin!Date published: 16/02/15

Broker's Gin

Produced near Birmingham for over 200 years, Broker's has won more top awards over the past 10 years in International competitions than any other Gin.

Try it and you'll see why! This gin is super-smooth with rich and creamy candied citrus fruit peel aromas and the finish gives the perfect balance of fresh botanicals with spicy juniper and sweet ripe citrus fruits.

Perfect for making premium cocktails or for a classic G&T!

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel USA - 1 Week OfferDate published: 10/02/15

For one week (must end close of play Monday) we have this staff favourite on offer at £7.99 down from £11.99. Unlike other Zinfandels this offers much more body and texture. A spicy, blackcurrant (and some even mentioned Christmas pudding!) feel to it, this is a classic winter wine. 

When we had it open in November it went down incredibly well, and for it's price you will struggle to find better.

This weekend we will have it open to try in store so why not call in and see for yourself?!


Discovering new wine regionsDate published: 10/02/15

Have you visited more Châteaux than you can stand? Probably not...but here is a great alternative wine holiday destination, just in case!


Slovenia is an often-forgotten, tiny state within the Eurozone, that is just coming into it's own as an exporter of great value interesting wines. During the country's years under the Communist government of Yugoslavia, all vineyards were expropriated by the state, and quality standards declined as a result. Since becoming independent in 1991, however, enterprising Slovenians have bought back their family wineries and have really turned things around. This turnaround has been lead by small scale producers, and while most of the wine produced is drunk in house or exported to Croatia, surely the crème of the crop will be making it's way here in the near future? In the meantime, Slovenia is a fantastic little country to visit if you feel like a weekend away. Not only does it have great wines but fantastic food and a stunning natural landscape.

While on holiday I stopped at the beautiful Lake Bled for a few days, and isn't it stunning?

There are three main vineyard areas in Slovenia, Primorska, Podravje and Posavje. White wines shine in Slovenia, and although italian grapes predominate here, Slovenian wines are much more exciting than their predictable varietal cousins over the border. What differentiates Slovenian wines is the innovative approach taken by the winemakers, blends are common here, acacia and mulberry woods were traditionally used for maturation, and malolactic fermentation is still very much in vogue. These trends allow the most skilled winemakers to stand out from the rest, for example, Sauvignon Blanc is cleverly blended with Furmint, to create an acidic, refreshing wine with a surprising finish. Malolactic fermentation allows for the production of richer wines that fill the mouth and leave a longlasting finish. So, when you're out dining in the quaint capital Ljubjiana, or on the shores of awe-inspiring Lake Bled, looksout for these wines on the menu; Malvazija, Stari d'or and Aurelia with dessert.

Spirit of the week - the nicest rum we've ever had!Date published: 09/02/15


Spice up anyday of the week with Rumbullion! It's so good you won't be able to resist it once you've had a drop.

Produced from the finest high proof Carribean rum this is a palate pleasing rum with deliciously creamy vanilla flavours and a hint of spice. A zesty orange peel note adds a hint of freshness, meaning it goes down a little too easily.

Best enjoyed neat or with a little fresh lime and ice, this rum can also be an excellent cocktail component.

Treat someone special on Valentine's Day, or better still, treat yourself!Date published: 07/02/15

There really is no better celebration wine than Champagne, or Champagne-style fizz. In a celebration of our love for the magical liquid that is wine, we will be offering 33% off all sparkling rosés until the 16th of February!

Which is your perfect pair?

Ruinart Rosé - £39.98

For classy people who enjoy the finer things in life, this would be the perfect pairing!

Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé - £29.98

For all the lovers, with elegant aromas of raspberries, wild strawberries and rose petals in abundance.

Nyetimber Rosé 2009 Vintage - £27.98

For those who are sweet on the outside but wild at heart!This is lovely and round with a long finish, and suprising exotic fruit notes.

Chapel Down Rosé - £21.31

For blushing English roses, the delicate aromas of cherry and cranberry bring to mind romantic picnins in flowering English gardens.

Cloudy Bay Pelorus Rosé - £18.99

For sparkly people with lots of character, this wine is flavoursome with a zesty finish.

Oeil de Perdrix - £16.66

For the well balanced individual, delicate in style, but with a perfect weight of fruit.

Chandon Rosé - £13.99

For happy souls, a sunny, peachy wine with a strawberries-and-cream palate and a luscious mousse.

Langlois L’Extra Rosé - £9.99

For nature lovers, is delicate with light summer berry and gentle leafy notes.

Undurraga Rosé - £6.66

For the fruity ones, with zesty watermelons and strawberries.

Pilsner Urquell at £1 a bottle!Date published: 07/02/15

The original golden beer, brewed from a recipe unchanged since 1842. A perfectly balanced beer, with caramel sweetness that transforms to pleasing bitterness as it goes down, it has a fantastically clean finish. The Czech brewers who having been producing Pilsner Urquell in Plzen for nearly 200 years have certainly proved that as far as this beer recipe goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

New! Beer of the week - Flying Dog IPADate published: 06/02/15

Welcome to the wonderful world of craft beer!

The term craft beer originated in the UK in the 1970s and is loosely defined as a beer brewed on a relatively small scale by an independent brewer. The trend for craft beers has really taken off in the last few years and Majestic is proud to bring a range of craft beers to a wider audience.

Why should you buy Flying Dog IPA?

Flying Dog IPA is great beer from Aspen, Colorado which has been brewed since 1990. Unlike many American IPAs the ABV is 4.7%, as opposed to usual 6%+, making this what the brewery term a “sessionable beer”.

Great Design!

The brewery owner is close friends with the journalist Hunter S. Thompson and the illustrator Ralph Steadman, who collaborated to come up with the funky designs on the labels.

What does it taste like…?

The beer is light and citrussy, with subtle hints of spice and an underlying hoppiness. It is a great accompaniment to Mexican and Asian food.

So, how much does it cost...?

£12.99 for one pack, or buy 2 or more packs for £9.99 a pack!

Wine of the Week - New! Natale Verga Pinot GrigioDate published: 05/02/15

New! Natale Verga Pinot Grigio from Italy.

Available to taste!

What is important to know about Pinot Grigio?

Pinot Grigio is a very well known grape variety, providing light aromatic wines. As a soft approachable wine it is a real crowd pleaser that is often found on restaurant and pub wine lists.

Why buy the Natale Verga Pinot Grigio?

This organic wine comes from a traditional family producer with 4 generations of experience and an emphasis on quality. Majestic has formed a great relationship with Natale Verga and we already stock a great Barolo and Primitivo from the winery. Our Italian wine buyer Suzie Harrison says:

“The Natale Verga Pinot Grigio offers great quality at a great price, as do all their wines.”

What does it taste like?

The wine is very fresh, with citrus aromas. The citrus comes through on the palate with hints of apple and pear providing a light, satisfying wine.

Great as an aperitif or serve with seafood and fish dishes.

£7.99 buy 2 save 25% = £5.99

What exactly is Armagnac?Date published: 31/01/15

Is it a Brandy? Yes! But what makes it so special?

Second in fame only to Cognac, Armagnac is also produced in the south-west of France, near to Bordeaux. Both are brandies, which, put simply is a spirit made from distilled grapes, so basically, you make wine, you heat it up, it turns to vapour and you cool it. The resulting liquid is very deep and can range in alcohol levels from 9% to 40%.

Let’s get a little more scientific…

As with all traditional French wines and spirits, Armagnac is named for the region it comes from. The vineyards are divided into three areas, of which Bas Armagnac has the best reputation for its spirits. The area is blessed with rich topsoil, and a subsoil of sand and clay. The wines from this area are low in alcohol and high in acidity, which means that they give the best spirit. Often this will be distilled and bottled under a single domain, with a vintage.

The grapes used for making Armagnac include Ugni Blanc and the hybrid Baco Blanc 22A, the only hybrid grape variety permitted within the French AC system. It also makes wine that is higher in alcohol and lower in acid, contributing to the fullerbodied style of Armagnac. Folle Blanche was historically the most important grape for brandy production until the phylloxera outbreak of the late 19th century, when much of it was destroyed. Later it was found to be unsuitable for grafting, the only known remedy for phylloxera, hence its substitution with a hybrid grape. For Cognac, a blend of Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche is still used.

Wine trivia: Ugni blanc is the most planted grape in France! Who’d have thought it?

Distillation of Armagnac is done on an artisanal scale, normally in the rather primitive single-distillation Armagnacais. The wine is heated by the steam in the condensing tube, enters the top of a second column, and meets hot air rising from the furnace. This vaporises the alcohol before it passes into the condenser to be liquefied. The 'heads', are the vapour part that burns off first, and the 'tails', the liquid residue that remains, are removed during this single distillation. The process of distilling in the Armagnac still, rather than a pot still (which, as the name suggests, is pot-shaped, rather than columnar) allows greater flavour to be retained. Cognac, on the other hand, is double distilled in a pot still. The only still permitted for distilling Cognac is the Charentais, relatively uniform in size and shape, it does not influence the quality of the spirit distilled by different producers. The quality of the spirit produced often depends on the quality of grapes used, as well as the distillation and maturation process. Because of the low level of alcohol produced in fermentation of Cognac, it has to be concentrated around seven times to reach the alcohol level required. This accounts in part for the high flavour intensity of Cognac. The wine is distilled as quickly as possible, and by law before the March following the harvest. This first distilled spirit is known as the brouillis. The ‘heads’ and the ‘tails’ of the brouillis are redistilled separately, to produce a spirit of neutral character. Finally, the producers must decide whether to leave the spirit ‘on its lees’ as it distils, which will of course give the Cognac a richer flavour, and permit it to be aged for longer. Young Armagnac is quite unintegrated, high in alcohol, and takes a long time to mature  Another main contributing factor to the individual style of Armagnac is the wood of the casks in which it is aged, usually 'sappy' Monlezun oak. Both spirits follow a similar aging process in wooden barrels Cognac has to be aged for a minimum of 2 years , and although Armagnac actually needs longer to age, it can be released after a year. For the youngest look for VS on the label, VSOP for medium aged Cognacs and Armagnacs, XO for the oldest Cognacs and Armagnacs.

So, does that mean that Armagnac is superior to Cognac?

Cognac is traditionally a much bigger presence in the wine world than Armagnac. With big names such as Hennessy, Rémy Martin etc it is an instantly recognizable ‘brand’. Armagnac, however, tends to be produced on a more artisanal scale. If we generalize, Cognac is slightly lighter in style.

Cognac is typically full bodied with complex, aromas such as nuts and vanilla with floral and fruit notes.

Armagnacs can have even more body, nutty, earthy and raisined fruit aromas or instead the spiced wood, vanilla, fruity, floral flavours that are similar to Cognac. 

The best part is, you can decide for yourself! Pop into store and try some delicious Chateau Tariquet VSOP Armagnac today! 

The most exciting drink at the moment?Date published: 23/01/15

For me it's English Sparkling Wine..

Since starting at Majestic four months ago, I've discovered the enormously exciting world of sparkling wine. Although the go-to celebration wine is still Champagne, in-the-know consumers are realising that Champagne owes it's popularity to marketing, rather than quality and value for money. For the best offer on Champagne-style sparkling at the moment, look no further than the Cloudy Bay Pelorus, only £14.98 at the moment when you mix and match 2 bottles.

However, if like me you're conscious of your carbon footprint as well as your pocket, 2015 is the year to switch to English Sparkling wine. 2014 saw earlier harvests after a warm, dry September, and although winemakers faced the challenges of typical English weather whilst picking, the crop has been described as 'great' in terms of quality and quantity. So, we can expect an even greater scale of English wine production, and plenty more English Sparkling for coiffing.

Pick of the Crop

A couple of Majestic favourites:

Chapel Down Pinot Reserve, 2008

Chapel Down is Englands biggest producer, and they certainly don't disappoint with this vintage sparkling wine. A better balanced, more reserved style than Champagne, this wine has subtle minerality and fresh green apple on the nose, a rich palate of citrus fruit with lime and brioche notes, and a lovely rounded mousse.

Nyetimber Rosé, 2009

This rosé is made from grapes handpicked in Nyetimber's vineyards of Hampshire and West Sussex. An English alternative to premium rosé Champagne. It demonstrates aromas of redcurrants cherries on the nose, as well as the broiche notes that come from aging on the lees, and the palate is even more complex. There are hints of star anise, liquorice and alyssum as well as the lovely some fruits you would expect to find in a rosé. Overall, the texture is round and full with a satisfyingly long finish.

A little bit of history...

We have the Romans to thank for bringing vines to Britain around 100BC, and the Normans for boosting English wine production in the 11th century. In the 12th century, however, Bordeaux became the fashionable thing to drink, and production declined. Much of the remaining vineyard area, which was cared for by winemaking Monks, disappeared after the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536. The continuation of wine production was left in the hands of the few rich, and daring, landowners who devoted some of their estates to the vines. Dom Pérignon was often acknowledged for 'inventing' Champagne but in fact only deserves the credit for improving wine production methods in the Champagne region. However, it was most likely a Briton, Christopher Merret, that first intentionally added fizz to wine in the 15th century.

Thankfully wine production in England and Wales was revived in the 1950's, it's hard to see why it ever fell out of fashion, when the soil is suitable, the chalk is perfect for Champagne-style sparkling wines and the sloping vineyards and late summer sun allow the grapes to ripen gently. Even the French are interested in acquiring vineyards over here! With the development of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir 'clones' that ripen well in English weather conditions, English wine makers have seen the potential to create fantastic fizz to rival Champagne.The vineyard area in Britain increases year on year, and in the next decade producers should see their previous plantings come to fruition, enabling us to enjoy even more of this home grown treat.

It can't be denied that Britain is producing some of the best sparkling wine in the world right now, the array of awards proves it! So what are you waiting for? Pop in to store and pick up some English Sparking Wine now!

Wine of the Week - Marlborough Ridge Sauvignon BlancDate published: 20/01/15

Can't get enough of NZ Sauvignon Blanc?

Neither can we!

New Zealand Marlborough is our bestselling wine, refreshingly acidic, this style of wine will go down well at any time. We've just added another great one to our range, made by the winemakers at Giesen:

Marlborough Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

Only £6.66!

Usually £9.99

Give it a try!

It's open now in store, so why not pop in for a tasting?

It has the classic New Zealand gooseberry nose, citrussy and herbal notes and is deliciously dry and mouthwatering. On the palate you may detect notes of kaffir lime and blackcurrant leaf as well as zingy tropical fruit flavours. Overall, a fantastic wine for less than £7.

Fine Wine Reductions!!Date published: 20/01/15

Within our largest ever selection of pick'n'mix 33% off section we have knocked the price down on some of our delicious fine wines. 

We class our fine wines as £20 and up so now some of these have been knocked down by 33% there really are some fantastic wines at enticing prices which could allow you to try some different wines.

Some of my favorite wines that have been reduced include;

-Emilio Moro 2011 - This is an exceptional wine produced in the Ribera Del Duero, a slightly less well known region of Spain than Rioja but certainly no less full of quality producers. Without the real toasty, oakyness that you expect from Rioja's, this wine has only spent 12 months in oak which allows the Tempranillo grape to deliver real intensity on the palate, with layers of concentrated blackberry, toasted herbs, smoke and vanilla. It is a lovely full-bodied wine with great length, and the remarkably integrated, ripe tannins give a firm structure. A great wine to enjoy with Spanish food now but if you have the patience then this wine would be even better in a good few years down the line. I have taken advantage of the offer and I think you should to. It has also won a Silver medal in Decanter's world wine awards. (Now £13.32 down from £20)

-Craggy Range Te Kahu 2011 Gimblett Gravels, Hawke's Bay - This is again one of the wines I bought as soon as I realised that the price had been reduced (£13.32 down from £20) by the same as the Emilio Moro. This is a great example of the diversity that some New Zealand wine producers are exploring. It is a blend of grapes you would expect to find in Stellenbosch of Bordeaux. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malber all feature and give this wine a superb structure and balance of flavors. Lots of dark brambly fruit and a dark cherry core, ripe tannins add structure and added complexity is available in the form of sweet spice, vanilla and white pepper. Again this wine would be fantastic to drink now alongside good hearty meals, stews, roasts or a great steak, however give it a few years of your time and you would be left with a wine that would stun everyone who is nice enough to you to warrant a glass.  

-Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - A wine that needs no introduction to any of our customers due to its delicate nature and fantastic flavours. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc has developed a huge following over the years and its no surprise because there wine just sreams quality. Reduced from £27.50 to £18.33 per bottle it is the Cheapest it has been for a long time and weather it is a wine you love or a wine you would love to try now is the time to treat yourself to a bottle.

Bargain Chilean WinesDate published: 19/01/15

In my eyes one of our most consistent wine ranges comes from our friends over at Santa Rita in Chile. 

Their 120 range offers many different wine styles with great depth of flavor, quality and for fantastic value. 

Santa Rita's 120 range has been named in tribute to 120 freedom fighters who sheltered at the Santa Rita winery during Chile's war of independence in 1814. 

Santa Rita's 120 range places the emphasis firmly on lively, up-front fruit flavours, and great value. 

With all of the below wines currently reduced by 33% to £5.99 from £8.99 they are all worth a little taste.

Available in store at the moment we have;

The Carmènère which is sourced from a range of vineyard sites throughout Chile's Central Valley. A lively and juicy representation of this variety, with a soft and supple texture, bright brambly fruit and subtle notes of spice and tobacco leaf, and a hint of vanilla from 6 months in French oak. Enjoy with simple pasta dishes, grilled lamb chops or simply on its own.

The Merlot  which has intense aromas of red fruits, accompanied by floral, vanilla and tobacco notes. Has a great feeling of volume in the mouth, with plentiful but super-soft tannins, and typically Chilean ripeness of fruit.

The Cabernet Franc which is a nice medium-bodied, ruby red wine, offering aromas of ripe red berries, wild herbs and tomato leaf. The palate delivers ripe cherry and raspberry fruit, with both fresh acidity and rounded tannins. This Chilean example offers a rare glimpse of Cabernet Franc as a single varietal wine from outside France. 

The Chardonnay benefits from both the fresh acidity of the coastal vineyard fruit, and the more tropical flavours found in vineyards nearer the Andes. A youthfully green-tinged lemon yellow wine, with an inviting nose of yellow apple, tangerine zest and ripe melon. Refreshing and zippy on the palate, with a soft, clean finish. Enjoyable on its own, or with a chicken Caesar salad.

The Viognier is sourced from a number of vineyard sites across Chile's Central Valley. Free-run juice and light pressings have been used to maintain a light and crisp feel to the wine, with a long 3-week fermentation period followed by 2 weeks on lees for softness of texture.

Lively and crisp, avoiding the big, oily texture of many a Viognier, and focusing instead on the flavours of apricot and pineapple, and delicate floral aromas. Soft in mouthfeel, with a refreshing finish.

The Sauvignon Blanc obtains maximum fruit character by hand-harvesting and cold fermentation of the Sauvignon grapes, and the addition of 2% Semillon helps keep the blend well-rounded. Crisp and refreshing, this wine offers an abundance of grapefruit and lemon fruit flavours, delivered in a softer, more tropical fruit texture. A great party wine, endlessly gluggable on its own, or alongside seafood.



Sam Adams Boston Lager at £1 per bottle!!!Date published: 18/01/15

A fantastic full bodied and full flavored larger which can't be beaten on value at the moment. 

It's a new remastered version of the classic 19th century American recipe resulting in a rich and satisfying beer. 

Get down to the store or order online to pick up a box of 24 for just £24

Exciting New Craft beers!!Date published: 17/01/15

It seems like there is no end to the fantastic selection of new Craft Beers we have in store. Another two delicious bottled 6 packs have joined the moreish 'Brooklyn Lager', 'Anchor Steam' and 'Lagunitas IPA' to name just a few.

Flying Dog Easy IPA is a lovely light hoppy IPA. Only 4.7% Abv means that this is a nice little session IPA which has aromas of grapefruit and subtle spice melting into lemon and pine hop notes balanced with crisp cracker malt. A great beer to enjoy during the week or with a weekend of sport ahead of you.

Cervezas Alambra Reserva 1925 is one of Spain's finest lagers having been brewed and matured for 35 days. Sitting at 6.4% it is a super premium dark larger which is extremely well balanced and certainly not overpowered by the high alcohol. It displays distinctive hop and caramel aromas on the nose with a full flavor and crisp finish. 

Remember that if you buy any two packs of craft beers you save £6 so why not treat yourself to a 6 pack of both of these and step away from the run of the mill larger and ales.    

Wine of the Week!Date published: 13/01/15

Croix Saint Adel

Only £7.99!

This is a delicious, elegant blend of Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. It is produced by the winemaking collective in Cers-Portiragnes, a locale between Béziers and the Mediterranean coast. The wines here are often created by blending unusual combinations of grapes, and are typified by bold varietal characters.

The nose is typical of a Chardonnay, with tropical fruits. The palate is complex with stone fruits, candied peel with hints of vanilla and nuts. This is a fantastic wine for drinking anytime.

It would go down well at a party or would be lovely paired with Roast Ham.

Something new for the New Year?Date published: 07/01/15

Fancy trying something a bit different?

We've picked out some of our favourites to recommend to you, great if you're looking for a change from your usual tipple.

Chateau Moulin Lafitte 2011


Currently £6.66, when you buy 2 or more from the 33% off range.

A blend of one third each Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, this is a well balanced Claret with ample red and black fruit characterisitics, mature tannins and savoury notes.

Drink now, or age for a couple of years, if you can resist!

Lee says: “at £6.66, you can't beat it!”

Tournelles Volupatblilis 2010

AOC Buzet

Currently £6.66, when you buy 2 or more from the 33% off range.

A blend of the classic red Bordeaux grapes with a little Malbec. This is a well bodied, well structed wine with abundant blackcurrant and summer berry flavours.

Lee says: “I always get a couple of bottles when it's on offer”.

Pizarras de Otero 2013


Currently £6.66, when you buy 2 or more from the 33% off range.

Made from the Mencía grape, grown in the mineral-rich soils of Bierzo. Deep cherry with violet flavours, this is a lively, interesting wine.

Vicky says: “a great mid week wine, enjoy whilst watching something decent on the TV”.

Lamatum Crianza 2011

Ribero del Duero

Currently £6.99, when you buy 2 or more from the 33% off range.

Really nicely balanced, this is an exciting wine with flavours of juicy red fruit, vanilla and cloves. It's elegance is exceptional considering the price tag.

Lee says: “my favourite Crianza for under £10”.

Staff favourites: Langtons Gin with Fever Tree TonicDate published: 05/01/15

Because you never need an excuse to have a G&T!

Langtons describe this gin as a celebration of the Lake District. To me, it evokes the dramatic character of the rolling mountains and the crisp freshness of the lakes in the most delicious way! It is produced with pure slate-filtered water and fused with 11 botanicals, including Lake District Oak Bark. Try with fever tree natuarally light tonic if you're on a New Year health kick.

Wine of the Week! Beefsteak MalbecDate published: 02/01/15

Only £6.66! My favourite Malbec for under £10!

When you buy 2 bottles or more from the 33% off range

This fantastic wine comes from the world renowned Mendoza region, at the foot of the Andes, where the intense sunshine and fresh mountain water combine, creating a

perfect terroir for Argentina’s signature grape variety. This particular Malbec, recently added to our range, is fast becoming a customer and staff favourite.

A soft smooth style which oozes jammy flavours of damson and plum. Very well balanced with silky tannins helping it go down just a bit too easily.

Match with a big beefy steak, or, if like me you're a non-carnivore, try with Quorn bolognaise.

Christmas Delivery ScheduleDate published: 15/12/14

If you are wanting a delivery before Christmas we will do our best, but certain areas of Lincolnshire we can no longer guarantee. Our best advise is to ring ahead and check if our internet says no. All areas around Lincoln inc LN1 LN2 LN3 LN4 LN5 and LN6 we are definatly still delivering to.

Oyster Bay @ £7.33Date published: 10/12/14

This is the best offer we've seen in store for as long as any of us in Lincoln can remember, and as it's only a one week deal now is the time to take advantage! 

One of the most iconic Marlborough wines, its popularity keeps soaring. Classic gooseberry aromas with a hint of tropical fruit. This wine is crisp, elegant and refreshing

Christmas Opening HoursDate published: 10/12/14

Monday 8th December - Friday 12th December: 9am-8pm
Saturday 13th December: 9-7pm
Sunday 14th December: 10-5pm

Monday 15th December - Saturday 20th December: 9-8pm
Sunday 21st December: 10-5pm

Monday 22nd December - Tuesday 23rd December: 9-8pm
Wednesday 24th December: 9-5pm

Christmas Day & Boxing Day = CLOSED

Saturday 27th December: 9-7pm
Sunday 28th December: 10-5pm

Monday 29th December - Tuesday 30th December: 10-7pm
Wednesday 31st December: 10-5pm

New Years Day: CLOSED

Christmas PuddingDate published: 27/11/14

 If like me you are going to attempt to make your own Christmas pudding this year, I stumbled across this recipe curteous of Taylor's port website which looks divine and I thought i would share it all with you:

Recipe: Christmas Pudding with Port

Prep time: 1 Day Cook time: 3 hours 30 mins

Recipe Ingredients:

* 350g sultanas * 350g raisins or currants * 150g dried figs, chopped * 125g candied peel * 100g dried apricots * 75g dark glace cherries, halved * 150ml of Port wine * 100g ginger in syrup, chopped, plus 2 tbsp of the syrup * 2 apples or quinces, grated * 2 oranges, juice and zest * 6 eggs, beaten * 250 gshredded suet * 350g soft muscovado sugar * 250g fresh breadcrumbs * 175g self-raising flour * 1 tsp mixed spice

Preparation method:

Christmas Pudding with Port

For this recipe you will need two 1.5 litre (2½ pint) plastic pudding basins with lids.

Soak the sultanas, raisins, currants, figs, peel, apricots and cherries in the Port overnight, giving it a good stir now and again.

The following day, in a large bowl mix the ginger, syrup, apples or quinces, orange juice and zest with the eggs, suet, sugar, crumbs and flour. Butter the two pudding basins and divide the mix between them.

Cut two circles of greaseproof paper to cover the top of the pudding and fold a pleat down the centre to allow pudding to expand.

Put lids on the basins and steam puddings for 3½ hours.

Let puddings cool before removing greaseproof paper and covering tightly with cling film and lid. The puddings can now be stored in a cool, dry place until Christmas.

To reheat, steam Christmas pudding for a further 3½ hours, turn out and flame with brandy.

perfect with a glass (or 2) of taylor's 10 year Old Tawny Port

Ravenswood Zinfandel - Staff PickDate published: 18/11/14

On offer for one week only, Ravenswood has long been a Majestic favourite, and no more than when it is on offer at this price.

Known as the Zinfandel capital of the world, Lodi is a special place within California's Central Valley. Old vines are prefered for quality, and this wine fits well in to their ethos of 'no wimpy wines'!

Smooth and full bodied, this fills the mouth with numerous flavours and fairly complex characteristics, including mulberry, plum, toasty vanilla, blackcurrent, chocolate and cherry to name a few

Classic wintery wine will go well with hearty beef stews or a cheese platter

Did you know...Date published: 17/11/14

Did you know that Chile is the only wine growing country in the world that is completely free of the small yellow aphid (phylloxera) which devastated grape vines back in the 19th century.

The fact that the vine-growers need not worry about these pesky  little critters saves them a fortune because Grafting (the connection of resistant rootstock to original) is not required.

Look out for our Chilean Tasting week that starts this Friday (15th-21st November) where we will be opening up a range of wines from this fantastic country...no bugs included.

weekend 33% off all ChampagnesDate published: 15/11/14

This weekend we have got 33% off all of our Champagnes under £60 

Weather you fancy stocking up on the fizzy stuff before Christmas or just fancy a bottle to open for an occasion don't miss out on the fantastic opportunity.

Pop in store, give us a call or get ordering online.

It's the season for bubbly after all.  

Upcoming FREE TastingsDate published: 13/11/14

Thanksgiving special California tasting, we explore 10 wines from the ever popular wine-making State. We'll also provide Californian food to match (after some more research first!)

Call us on 01522540128 to get more info and sign up!

Wine of the Week!Date published: 13/11/14


usually £17.99, now £11.99!

When you buy 2 or more bottles from the 33% off range

A fine example of Châteauneuf-du-pape, from one the oldest and most prestigious merchants of the region. This wine has been aged in the famous cellars of Ogier Caves des Papes, just north of Avignon, in the Rhone valley where the French pope of the 14th century built himself a summer chateau. It is produced in the traditional way from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes.

A beautiful dark ruby colour, this wine benefits from complex spices and fruit aromas, as well as lovely smooth tannins. A perfect winter warmer!

Enjoy with traditional French cuisine, pair with a hearty vegetarian dish or try with a cheese platter. 

Short Term Winter OffersDate published: 11/11/14

This week we have some great winter wines on offer, the pick of which are listed below..

Chateauneuf-du-pape Antiques, Rhone  £17.99 down to £11.99 - Bambly, spicy smooth and lingering!

Ch Meaume, Bordeaux £9.99 down to £7.49 - Classic Bordeaux, with great balance between the fruit and oak

Truffier Malbec, France £9.99 down to £6.66 - Alternative to the Argentinian Malbec, offers cherry and other juicy fruits. Peppery spice finish

Alamos Malbec, Argentina £9.99 down to £6.66 - An all time Majestic staff favourite, stunning value for a very smooth deep Malbec

winter Wine evening upcomingDate published: 10/11/14

Our flagship event, and without doubt our most popular. Over the course of the evening we open up our store to try many white and reds, sparkling, beer, Port and spirits with festive nibbles provided. We normally have a couple of suppliers who come along too and in the past we've had Oakham Ales, Pipers Crisps and The Cheese Society to name but a few. Stay as long as you wish and hopefully find some new wines to excite you over the Christmas period!

Be sure to call us 01522540128 and secure your place!

Wines of Chile tasting weekDate published: 07/11/14

Wines of Chile, open to try, on our tasting counter, all week. Pop in to come and explore! (or ckeck out our store page to see what wines we have decided to open)

New wines at MajesticDate published: 07/11/14

Beefsteak Malbec

This wine is made by Andean Vineyards, under Australian-born winemaker Stephen McEwan, and in true Argentinian tradition it is intentionally beefy! The Malbec grapes are harvested late for ultimate ripeness, fermented over 20 days then aged in oak for 6 months.

Rivamonte Prosecco

Delicate and aromatic with a light body and fine bubbles, this wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear, apricot and apple flavours with a revitalising finish.

Clos St Jacques

Clos St-Jacques is a 10.5ha vineyard on the outskirts of the town of Colmar, the regional 'wine capital' of Alsace and one of the driest places in France. The dry conditions and stony vineyards have proven to be ideal for cultivation of Riesling.

Nettle Viognier

Intense and inviting aromas of peach and apricot introduce a palate of more lush stone fruit flavours, along with hints of pear and a textural minerality. Fruity, fresh and unoaked.

Vox Populi bobal

Little known outside of Spain, Bobal is actually the country's third most planted grape variety. The region of Utiel-Requena, inland to the west of Valencia, is its heartland. The hot, arid climate here tends to produce fleshy, powerful red wines.

Tasting Events - Book soon or miss out!Date published: 06/11/14

Due to the popularity of our tasting events this time of year two are already fully booked, but we still have several more for you to explore. If you look at our 'Events' tab you'll be able to find a list with a brief description of what each entails. Just remember to call or e-mail ourselves so we can reserve your place.

Wine of the Week - First Class Pinot NoirDate published: 06/11/14

To find a good quality Pinot Noir for under £6 takes some serious searching and good luck but we think we've found just the one! From Chile it's classically light in body with a bit more flavour intensity that makes it stand out from the Burgundy style Pinots.

This wine is sourced from the Casablanca Valley and vinified at a state-of-the art winery in neighbouring Maipo Valley. Following a cold soak, the grapes are fermented with selected yeasts, and matured without oak for a fruit-focused character.

Jam-packed with red fruits on both nose and palate, this Pinot Noir is awash with raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant fruit, framed by supple tannins and gentle hints of floral and pepper hints. Touch of smokyness on the finish.

A great partner for tender pork loin.

Brilliant wines at £4.99Date published: 04/11/14

Ready for Christmas we have revamped our range of wines at £4.99 to include some old favorites and exciting new additions.  Check our online tasting counter to see if any are open to try in store today!

Mont St Jean Corbieres

Winemaker Jérôme Regues blends two different terroirs to make this wine; a typical Corbières red blend. Grapes from Ornaisons provide the rich fruit flavours, while grapes from Durban, around 25km further south, are said to add spicier notes.Showing notes of damsons and blackberries on the nose, with subtle hints of garrigue herbs, which carry through on the palate. Full and fruity, with rounded tannins adding a supporting structure.

Bricchetto Trebbiano

Under various different names and guises, Trebbiano is one of Europe's most extensively planted white grape varieties, found in innumerable blends and styles, but it is generally only the Italians who use it to make this kind of single-varietal dry white.  Fresh and easy drinking, this wine offers plenty of soft citrus, white peach and pear fruit, with subtle white flower aromatics. Dry, soft-edged and clean on the finish.

El Torito Merlot

The southerly location of Valdepeñas gives it a very warm, arid continental climate, which particularly suits robust red grape varieties that benefit from the abundant sunshine and lengthy ripening season that this affords.  Cool fermented for a youthful, fruit driven style, this is a soft and plummy Merlot with supple tannins and a juicy palate full of ripe cherry and berry flavours.

El Torito Chardonnay

Valdepeñas is one of Spain's more southerly wine regions, and is located entirely within the larger La Mancha region. Its reputation for quality and value has led to an increasing array of grapes being cultivated, including international white varieties.  A soft, fruity and easy-drinking Chardonnay, full of golden apple and ripe peach flavours, complemented by gentle tropical notes. Light and refreshing yet lush and delicately creamy on the finish.

Bricchetto Sangiovese

Made by one of Italy's major cooperatives, this is a superb value Sangiovese from Rubicone, a relatively modern IGT region of central Italy in which many wineries have begun to specialise in single-varietal wines such as this.  A light and approachable red, with Sangiovese's typical redcurrant and cherry fruit characters in abundance. Lithe tannins and snappy acidity make for an easy-drinking feel.

for the beer lovers...Date published: 02/11/14

Samuel Adams Boston Lager - £1 a bottle!!

Recreation of a 19th century American recipe - rich and satisfying Samuel Adams helped lead the American beer revolution.  Deep amber in colour with pine, citrus and floral notes... delicious by the fire on the cold nights!

Marston's Classic Ales of England - £18 for 12

A selection of ales from Englands finest breweries, six award winning beers.  Diverse flavours and savoury characters make this the perfect pressie or something to take to a party!

Fantastic Champagne OffersDate published: 02/11/14

Whether you are wanting to get stocked up nice and early before Christmas or if you are just looking to pop some fizz on bonfire night there are some stunning Champagne offers this month. 

All 3 of my favorite Champagnes are benefiting from 33% off reductions at the moment;

Pol Roger Reserve NV is a divine Champagne produced in deep cellars providing an environment uniquely suited to slow fermentation, and are responsible for this Champagne's famously super-fine mousse. Currently reduced from £45 down to £29.98.

Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV is an equally exquisite bottle of bubbly which is deliciously rich, with an overt fruitiness and nutty, yeasty notes. My personal favorite and benefiting from the same reduction £45 down to £29.98.

Perrier-Jouet grand brut NV has a style that is friendly and open, with a refreshing ripeness to the soft, appley fruit and a zesty mousse. Perfect with canapes. This Champagne is slightly cheaper reduced from £37.50 down to £24.99.

So those are my top champagne tips, hopefully something to add a bit of enjoyment and bubbles to the winter which is starting to set in!!

Wine of the Week!Date published: 31/10/14

Montes Twins 2012 Colchagua Valley

The Twins in question are this wine's two constituent grape varieties which are more often seen as single-varietals in South America. A 50/50 blend of the two grapes, matured over 10 months, with 60% of the blend spending this period in new French oak.

This wine combines the smooth textu re and raisin-like notes of Malbec with Cabernet Sauvignon's firm structure, intense bramble fruit and subtle minty nuances.

Decant at least 30 minutes before serving. At its best with rare sirloin steak.

Assistant Managers Pick of New OffersDate published: 28/10/14

Champagne at crazy prices...

Veuve Clicquot Brut NV Champagne

Veuve Clicquot ages their non-vintage for almost twice the required time, resulting in a superb marriage of freshness and power, with rich fruit and a mouth-filling mousse.A steal at £29.99, don't see this sticking around for long!

Not just your New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc...

Waimea Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013 

Grown in Nelson, to the west of Marlborough, on stony loam soils with high sunshine hours and a moderating maritime influence. The winemaking philosophy blends Old World techniques with pioneering methods now becoming commonplace in the new world.  Aromas of ripe gooseberry and tropical fruit, delicate floral notes and mineral characters. An elegant, crisp palate of citrus and gooseberry with a zingy, refreshing finish.  Gorgeous on a warm summer afternoon, or even to bring some sunshine to a wet afternoon. Fantastic with oysters and scallops.

Who knew beer was nice?!...

Punk IPA, BrewDog Cans

Light golden in colour with tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose.

South of France Tasting WeekendDate published: 17/10/14

Exciting news! We have a South of France Tasting Weekend, starting today.Please pop in if you would like to taste some of the great French wines we have open for you to try.

The South of France consists of the Languedoc, Rousillon and the Côtes de Provence regions, producing plenty of good value French wine.
We will be showcasing:
Mont Saint Jean 2012 Corbières - a full and fruity blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, with rounded tannins adding a supporting structure.
Château de Gaudou Cuvée Tradition 2013 Cahors - a Merlot, Malbec and Tannat blend, with lots of ripe, black fruit. The Merlot rounds out the tannins to give a softer, more approachable appeal.
Lecheteau Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Vin de France - with fresh citrus fruit and mouthwatering acidity, this refreshing wine has a clean, dry finish.
Marquis de Pennautier Viognier 2013 PGI Pays d'Oc - a classic Viognier with honeysuckle, fresh apricots and even a hint of sherbet. Crisp and fresh, and a well balanced lingering finish.

We look forward to seeing you over the weekend!
Best wishes,


Wine of the Week!Date published: 16/10/14


2013, M. Chapoutier


When you buy 2 or more bottles from the 25% off range

This is a great wine with rich fruit as well as earthy mineral and spice aromas. On the palate it is soft and well-rounded with smooth tannins and lots of blackberry and cherry, and a hint of liquorice. It packs a substantial finish.

The Chapoutier family have been making wines in the Rhône Valley since 1808. Currently in charge is Michel Chapoutier, who combines tradition with creativity to produce some of the region's best wines.

This wine can be enjoyed over the next few years. Ideal with Sunday Dinner, it goes especially well a roasted leg of lamb.

Short Term OffersDate published: 07/10/14

Until the 20th October we have several fantastic short term deals, including Gestos Malbec, Serena Pinot Grigio and Bellerushe Cote-du-Rhone. We will always have at least one of these short term offers open to try, so why not call in and see what you think yourself? (Veuve is also on the short term offer but can't promise we will be opening this!)

Silver GhostDate published: 04/10/14

The weekend we have open on our tasting counter the two new Silver Ghost Wines, both at a great introductory offer of £4.99 from Chile. The Sauvignon Blanc is more New Zealand in style, with a classic gooseberry flavour on the nose balanced by citrus notes. The Cabernet Sauvignon is a very versatile wine, with a deep fruity core and tannins that are relativley light. But why not judge for yourself!?

Upcoming FREE TastingsDate published: 30/09/14

Over the next 10 weeks we have 7 tastings to excite you, have a look at our events tab for a little information on all of them, and drop me an e-mail to confirm your place!

Wine of the Week!Date published: 30/09/14

Lagunilla Rioja Reserva 2008

Only the best wines of every harvest are selected for the Lagunilla Family Collection. This classic Reserva wine is characterized by it's exceptional elegance. It is both smooth and complex, dark cherry in colour, with aromas of vanilla, leather and tobacco.

Founded in 1885 by Don Felipe Langunilla, this famous winemaker is credited with saving the vineyards of Rioja from phylloxera, through his pioneering grating work.

Great with game dishes.

Only £6.66 when you purchase at least 2 bottles from the 33% off range.

Sparkling SaturdayDate published: 27/09/14

Open to try today!

Soffio No.3 Prosecco 

A superb value Prosecco made by the Pizzolo family, one of the north of Italy's archetypal family businesses, run by four brothers from a facility close to Lake Garda. This wine is made using the Charmat method, in which it is rendered sparkling prior to bottling.

Apple and pear flavours predominate, which subtle notes of freshly cut flowers lift the nose. Soft mousse and gently ripe fruit makes for an easy-drinking style.

Enjoy on its own or with anything from seafood to simple chicken dishes.

Upcoming tasting events at LincolnDate published: 25/09/14


Spotlight on Spanish wine, a selection of wines from Spain open to taste all week. Some new and more interesting wines! Everyone welcome.


A 90-minute introduction to wine. Learn about the basics of wine - how it's made, how to taste it and how to find what you like, all with a few food matches. Please RSVP to confirm your place.


Thanksgiving special California tasting Everyone welcome.


Christmas Special! Our favourite festive wines Everyone welcome.

Wine of the Week!Date published: 23/09/14

Lady Sauvignon 2014 Casablanca Valley

A zingy Sauvignon Blanc that showcases the trademark Casablanca style of crisp, fruity wines. It is fresh and fun with invigorating tropical fruit aromas and hints of fresh cut grass, as well as plenty of tangy, refreshing citrus.

Perfect enjoyed on it's own or paired with seafood.

Come along and try some at our tasting counter.

Only £6.66 when you buy any 2 bottles from our 33% off range.

Learning more about fine wines...Date published: 21/09/14

A few interesting facts about the fine wines we have in store:

Amarone, a rich Italian red, is made by drying grapes on straw mats, thus intensifying the flavour, This process is known as appassimento.

The Chocolate Block is a South African blend of 5 grape varieties, one of which is Viognier. This is the grape that helps to bring out the flavours of the other 4 grapes that go into the wine. Boekenhoutskloof only make a limited number of each vintage, so once it's gone it's gone!

If you are considering starting your fine wine collection, why not join our Cellar Circle? Ask in store for more details.

wine quoteDate published: 20/09/14

'his lips drink water but his heart drinks wine' E. E. Cummings

New additions to our South African RangeDate published: 19/09/14

South African wine has a history dating back to 1659 with Constantia, a vineyard near Cape Town, being considered one of the greatest wines in the world.  We have worked to expand out range recently and here is my pick of our new ones:

Graham Beck Sauvignon Blanc 2014 Coastal Region  

Full of intense gooseberry and passionfruit flavour, offset by subtle notes of lemongrass and capsicum.

Fish Hoek Malbec 2014 Western Cape

A deeply fruit-driven wine that offers an abundance of ripe bramble, plum and black cherry fruit, with hints of smoky spice.

Trebuchet Red 2013 Western Cape

Offering flavours of ripe blackberries and plums, accompanied by earthy undertones

Ondine Chardonnay 2014 Western Cape

Fresh lemon and peach fruit provide the backdrop, which is overlaid with gentle notes of toasted hazelnut and vanilla.

Trebuchet Chardonnay 2013 Western Cape

Gently crisp on the palate, providing plenty of refreshment.


33% off all wines from Argentina, ends Monday, be sure not to miss it!Date published: 19/09/14

33% off all wines from Argentina, ends Monday, be sure not to miss it!

Only this weekend can you enjoy Argentinian wines with 33% off, when you purchase 2 or more bottles from our Argentina range.

Trainee's pick of Argentinian wines:

It's my second week here at Majestic but I have already grown partial to an Argentinian Malbec!

Here are a few of my recommendations:

Alamos Malbec 2013, Catena, Mendoza:

The Alamos Malbec was the first wine I tried at Majestic. It is characterized by dark cherry and blackberry flavours, with a long lasting finishing. Fantastic with steak!

Callia Bella Malbec 2013, San Juan:

Intense and generous on the palate, the Callia Bella has wonderful toasty aromas of plum and spice. It's taste is further improved with plush tannins and good ripeness.

Killka Chardonnay 2012, Bodegas Salentein:

A beautifully buttery Chardonnay with the classic notes of vanilla and honey that come from a short oak ageing, this youthful wine also benefits from aromas of pear and green apple. Goes great with creamy pasta dishes.

Interesting fact: you can tell an Argentinian Malbec with a careful glance at the colour. The Malbec has a unique pink cherry coloured rim, that darkens to the deep purple that is characteristic of those wines.

Cellar Circle: Start your wine cellar todayDate published: 18/09/14

Cellar Circle: Start your wine cellar today

Starting a wine cellar of your own is an incredibly exciting prospect. With thousands of wines to choose from, you can build a collection perfectly suited to your own tastes. But this plethora of options can also feel daunting - we understand that working out where to start can hold you back.

That's where CELLAR CIRCLE comes in - a partnership between Lay & Wheeler who have spent 160 years building up relationships with the world's greatest producers, and Majestic Wine, with over 30 years experience inspiring people to discover and explore the fantastic world of wine. Cellar Circle is all about providing a bespoke, individual experience, giving you all the support and advice you need to create the cellar of your dreams.

Membership of Cellar Circle with full benefits starts from £100 a month, all of which will go towards your wines. You may wish to make a lump-sum payment to give your collection a push, and the more you put in, the faster you'll see your cellar grow. You can amend your subscription at any time.

Alongside building your dream wine cellar, belonging to Cellar Circle brings exclusive benefits and rewards, including:

● A year’s free storage at Vinothèque for customers new to Lay & Wheeler New!

● Free collection from any Majestic store New!

● 10% discount on all purchases from Majestic Wine

● A free case on the first anniversary of membership

Every ones requirements are different and there’s no “one size fits all” approach for us.By discussing your wine preferences and cellar planning aims in detail we tailor the recommendations we make to you.. You can then then decide how you would like to build your cellar

1. We choose for you

2. We help you choose

3. You choose

How to sign up?

Having decided on a monthly subscription, fill out our quick and easy online form. Pay your first month upfront, we'll then get a trouble free direct debit set up for you, and you can start enjoying all those Cellar Circle benefits.

New members can join us at www.cellarcircle.co.uk. 

Bargain Hunt Spirits!Date published: 17/09/14

Due to a constantly refreshed range at Majestic we sometimes have to say goodbye to a number of great spirits.  In order to give them the send off they deserve, these three spirits are currently included in our 'buy 2 mix and match save 33%' offer until they run out.  At prices like these why not treat yourself?!

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey 70cl Bottle - £19.99

Introduced as the brand’s first flavoured variation. With hints of honey and a naturally smooth finish, its taste is one-of-a-kind and unmistakably Jack. 

Gordon's With a Spot of Elderflower 70cl Bottle - £13.32

The No. 1 Gin, with a spot of elderflower.

Tanqueray 10 70cl Bottle - £23.32

The only gin distilled with handpicked fresh fruit and botanicals, including white grapefruits, oranges and limes - along with gin's signature juniper and coriander.

wine quoteDate published: 16/09/14

'I would say that a good shoe is exactly like a good wine.  These shoes are going to stay and last for a long time' - Christian Louboutin

Porcupine Ridge Viognier Grenache Blanc 2013 - Wine of the Week!Date published: 16/09/14

£6.74 when you mix and match at least 2 bottles

A lovely, fruity gem of a South African Viognier Grenache Blanc, this wine is currently available at under £7 a bottle.

It is produced in the coastal region where the indigenous Crested Porcupine can often be found, hence the adoption of him as mascot for these wines.

An unusual grape blend, sure to impress. The marriage of the Viognier with floral and fruity aromas, predominately apricot, with the more crisp Grenache aromas of green apple, with a hint of white pepper, results in a beautiful pairing.

Why not pop in to try it?

'My only regret in life is that I did not drink more champagneDate published: 15/09/14

 I heard that the prominent economist John Maynard Keynes on his deathbed was rumored to have said 'My only regret in life is that I did not drink more champagne'

Maybe he hadn't heard about the buy 2 save 33% offer we have currently over a range of Champagnes (as well as spirits, sparkling wine and still wine).  

Here are my top 3 Champagne picks this month:

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut NV Champagne

The style is friendly and open, with a refreshing ripeness to the soft, appley fruit and a zesty mousse. Perfect with canapes and ideal as an apéritif.  ONLY £24.98

Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2007 Champagne

Soft and rich with subtle vanilla hints. Ideal as an apéritif. ONLY £19.99

Pol Roger Réserve NV Champagne

Pol Roger's historic underground cellars are 33m deep. They thus provide an environment uniquely suited to slow fermentation, and are responsible for the toasty oaky flavours of this Champagne. ONLY £28.98

Hopefully with these savings we can all afford to drink more of the fizzy good stuff!

Malbec at Majestic this weekDate published: 03/09/14

do you like Malbec? if you do Majestic is the place to be this week.

the famous:

Alamos Malbec - £8.99 save 33% NOW £5.99

A Majestic favourite for years even at £10 shows fantastic value when under £6. Soft, smooth, and incredibly balanced it's hard to find a better value wine out there. We'll have this open on our tasting counter from Thursday till Saturday if you fancy popping down to try

 ALSO: Argentina / Malbec tasting this Thursday 6.30pm and Saturday 3.00pm a 30 minute exclusive preview of our favourite Argentinian Wines!

see you soon!

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc offers!Date published: 03/09/14

Like great value New Zealand Sauvignon? Here is my pick both on buy 2 bottles save 33%

Matua Sauvignon Blanc - £9.99 save 33% NOW £6.66

We've been told this will be a two week deal, or more than likely whilst stocks last. It has the classic New Zealand gooseberry nose with refreshing acidity. A gold winner in the International Wine and Spirit Competition with a slightly lower abv at 12.5% meaning this probably goes down a little too easily!

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc - £10.49 save 33% NOW £6.99

A little bit fuller with hints of tropical fruit and citrus flavours. Crisp and refreshing, everything you would want in a great New Zealand Sauvignon.

The Parcel Series, Shiraz, Clare Valley 2012Date published: 03/09/14

The Parcel Series, Shiraz, Clare Valley 2012

£9.99 each or


When you buy two or more.

An exclusive bottling for Majestic, of a rare high-quality Shiraz. A special parcel of a high quality, 'when it's gone it's gone' has never been more applicable. From the prestigious Clare Valley on the outskirts of Adelaide this has undergone a year in French and American oak.

Fruit-focused, it also has hints of spice and savory notes. Perhaps not as full bodied as some Auzzie Shiraz, this instead offers a smooth finish that develops with every sip.

Snap it up whilst you can at this bargin price!

Last Two DaysDate published: 31/08/14

On the 1st September, the current Summer Selection (33% off) offers will be ending!

Our favourite 5 from this selection are:

1) Mud House Sauvignon Blanc - £6.66

2) Argento Malbec - £6.66

3) Santa Ana Malbec - £5.99

4) Vina Eguia Rioja Reserva - £6.66 

5) Gavi Toledana - £7.99

There is still chance to get these wines at their amazing prices, so don't miss out!

P.S. Peroni at £1 a bottle also ends then!

Rose, Rose, Rose!Date published: 30/08/14

An AIX magnum is the perfect way to get your summer BBQ underway. Get a few friends round one evening, an ice bucket in the garden and serve one of these magnums to everyone and your bound to impress.

As for the wine itself, it's from one of the region's largest and most prestigious wineries, Domaine de la Grande Séouve, who have established AIX as perhaps the definitive Provence rosé.

Unashamedly vibrant and summery, with a bright pink colour and a

delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit. This wine works as an aperitif or served with a few canopes before firing up the BBQ.

If you want to impress even more why not get a jeroboam. This monster is the equivalent of four bottles of wine and will definitely get your party off to a flying start

Aix magnum £19.99

Vintages?!Date published: 29/08/14

Here's a liitle info on recent vintages from Spain.

2009: Hot and dry throughout most of Spain, the vintage produced many powerful, intense wines, with plenty of body and ripe tannins.
2008: A long, cool summer in Rioja produced many bright and supple reds, and whites with good acidity. A particularly good vintage for the Duero.
2007: Very difficult weather with rain and hail, especially in Rioja, hence quality variable. Top producers made some elegant, forward-drinking wines.
2006: Not as dry as 2005, but an early September heatwave caused generalised problems. Results vary from dull to excellent but overall not as good a vintage as the two previous ones.
2005: Drier than 2003, with drought in many places during the ripening season leading to an early harvest and low yields. Quality from northern regions (Rioja, Navarra, Aragon and Catalunya) ranges from good to excellent.
2004: Good quality in La Mancha and the North West. Other areas suffering a variety of problems from drought in Andalucia to hail in Ribera del Duero. Top Riojas very good.
Rioja: The best recent vintages for Gran Reserva and Reserva are 2004, 2001, 1998, and 1996.

Chocolate Block in storeDate published: 28/08/14

The Chocolate Block 2012 Boekenhoutskloof

The quest to understand the name of this wine is now the stuff of legend.

Unfortunately Boekenhoutskloof is not going to reveal everything about it, they will say that the style of the red wine is a reflection of their belief that the Cape, with its Mediterranean climate, is eminently suited to making wines using different blends. The blend however is tweaked from year to year by winemaker Marc Kent to best reflect the season and specially selected blocks of ancient vines. It is then fermented and aged up to 18 months in old French Oak.

The Chocolate Block name however seems to be a secret that they want to keep.

The 2012 is a blend of five grapes, 70% Syrah, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Grenache, 6% Cinsault and 1% Viognier. It also states on the bottle how many barrels of this wine was produced and in 2012 it was only 1735.

The nose is complex giving off aromas of leather, earth and spice over underlying ripe blackcurrant and raspberry fruit. The palate is full and powerful but with harmonious flavours of cocoa and pepper complexity.

This wine would be most at home with a nicy juicy T-bone steak, a nice game dish or an opulant rib of beef.

did you know.....Date published: 27/08/14

........we also stock Spirits!

From Cognac to Tequila, Rum to Whiskey and Vodka to GIn, we have it all!

Pop in store and check out our range!

wine of the week, **must end Monday**Date published: 26/08/14

Wine of The Week

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Marlborough


Our newest favorite wine for spring and summer is Mud House-Sauvignon Blanc

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.

Pale straw yellow, with heady aromas of fresh grapefruit, guava and hints of nettles. Crisp, concentrated and vibrant on the palate, combining citrus and tropical fruit with green vegetal undertones.

Chill well and enjoy on its own or with light summery rice or pasta dishes.

Should I decant my red wine?Date published: 26/08/14

Should I decant my red wine?

If you can do so.

The most obvious reason for decanting a wine is to eliminate the sediment from the bottle, doing so will minimise the chance of any bitter or astringent bits.

It can also be very effective in softening a firm, young red wine. The younger and tougher the wine, the earlier you should decant. It is the pouring action, bringing the wine into contact with the air, that softens the wine.

It is certainly wise advice to decanter a fully matured wine but only just before it is served. Old wines can succumb to oxidation quickly and once that happens it is very much past it's best.

Do you run a restaurant, hotel, pub, bar or any other venue with drink and catering requirements?Date published: 25/08/14

Do you run a restaurant, hotel, pub, bar or any other venue with drink and catering requirements?

If so you might want to consider Majestic Wine for all you wine and drinks needs.

You may not have realised but here at Majestic Lincoln we not only cater for the retail sector but we also serve commercial or trade accounts direct from our store with a growing portfolio of businesses with the help of our dedicated account managers who are there to help with any support, advice and information you may need.

What service can you expect to receive if you were to consider joining us?

With us, you get so much more than a company that just sells wines. We also have a range of services that set us apart from our competitors that are carefully designed to help you maximise sales and achieve your individual business goals that include some of the following:

Dedicated Account Manager

A key point of contact is vital. Our experienced account managers are all trained to the leading Wine and Spirit Education trust (WSET) qualification standards giving them the knowledge to guide you through the world of wine. They are on hand to offer the support, advice and information you may need when you need it.

Commercial Exclusives range

One of the things that our accounts love is our ‘Award Winning’ range of commercial exclusive wines which are not available for retail sale to the public giving you peace of mind that the wines on your list are exclusive to our on-trade customers only! Take a look at our range of commercial exclusive wines here: http://www.majesticcommercial.co.uk/wines/commercial-exclusives

Bespoke wine list design & production

A well-presented wine list with informative tasting notes is a vital tool in promoting and selling wines right across your range. Let us take the stress away from you and we’ll do it for you.

Local delivery, local support

Your account will be serviced direct from your local Majestic store. My friendly team are on hand too and also WSET trained to help you with any queries or advice you may need. Delivery is FREE and we are open 7 days a week and we endeavour to arrange deliveries as quick as we can for you even at weekends.

Sharing our knowledge

Our customers tell us that the most valuable support we can give them is via training of their staff. We offer training ranging from our really successful ‘Confidence in Wine’ course that cultivates an understanding of the winemaking process and key grape varieties as well as basic food and wine matching principles. Another recent development is ‘Perfect Partners’, a bespoke food matching course designed to take wine knowledge to the next level which uses both the food and the wines from each customers menus.

On top of all of this, your account manager can help you prepare your own customer events, such as Gastro Evenings and quiz nights. They may even be able to assist on the night by introducing the wines accompanying the courses you serve.

If all this sounds tempting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Pop in for a chat or call the Lincoln store on 01522 540128 where we can discuss your needs and get you in touch with our Business Development Managers.

Revealed: the Favourite Wines of an Assistant ManagerDate published: 24/08/14

I'm really settling in here at the Lincoln branch. As such, I'm busy getting to know my new customer base. I've already been asked several times, 'what wines do you enjoy?'. The truth is, I enjoy most wines. However, it would make for quite a long article if I were to attempt to list every single one of our 700+ products! As such, I've compiled a short list of my top picks from across the store (which are in no particular order). I hope you enjoy....

I'll start with what I always refer to as my 'Majestic Revelation', Chilean Carmenere. Before I started my career at Majestic, I knew very little about wine and Carmenere was a complete mystery to me. It has since become a real passion and interest of mine. These are big, uncompromising wines with flavours of black fruits accompanied by chocolate and bitter cocoa on the nose. My favourite is the Errazuriz Estate Carmnere.  Sourced from our vineyards in the Valle de Aconcagua. This region features a Mediterranean climate. From hand picked grapes, fermented in stainless steel and aged in French and American oak barrels. I love the firm tannins and coffee mocha flavours on the palate.  Have it with steak to really let it shine!

My white 'Majestic Revelation' has got to be Gewurtztraminer (a name that I would've struggled to pronounce a few months ago). This is one of the signiture grapes of Alsace in Eastern France, a region for which I have developed a real appreciation. The Trimbach Gewurtz is one of my favourites, it offers lychee and citric flavours alongside a jasmine like perfume. This makes a wonderful match to Thai food, Thai fishcakes and sweet chilli sauce being my favourite accompaniment. It is perhaps a weekend treat, but definately one that I would recommend. 

Everybody enjoys a New Zealand Sauvignon, right? Who can resist the gooseberry and lime flavours and that streak of minerality? The Ned is consistently popular with both customers and staff (with good reason...it's excellent!). However, perhaps I can tempt you toward some of the other producers. My personal favourite is the Nautilus, I cannot resist the intense passionfruit flavours. This is a fantastically well-rounded wine with a stunning finish. For a slight change how about exploring Chilean Sauvignon? The Santa Rita 120 was offered by Jane McQuitty as one of her top one hundred summer wines. The Leyda Valley also produce stunning Sauvignon Blancs, the Leyda Single Vineyard offers elderflower alongside lime flavours.

Next, we're on to Rose. Before I started at Majestic, my only experience of Rose was that very cheap supermarket Rose, the kind of Rose that should come with a dental warning. I foolishly presumed that because I didn't enjoy this, I didn't enjoy Rose at all. How wrong I was. I've found a real passion for Provencal Roses from the stunning Cotes-du-Provence in southern France. This was no doubt aided by a works visit to Southern France, the dry style of Rose that they produce is absolutely perfect on a hot summers day. The Chateau Pigoudet has become a real favourite of mine with its grapefruit and subtle strawberry flavours. The slightly off-dry Minuty is also fantastic, this makes use of the little known Tibouren grape, which offers a slightly floral note. Boschendal Rose from the Coastal Region of South Africa is another favourite of mine, the nose offers a vast array of fruits and a clean minerasity on the palate.

So, that's my very short introduction. Hope we'll see you in-store before too long...


Bank Holiday Opening TimesDate published: 23/08/14

Just a quick note to let you all know that we are open on Bank Holiday Monday but for slightly shorter opening hours than usual. We will be open 10-5pm for all those post-weekend wine needs!

short term offer ending soon!Date published: 22/08/14

Last 11 days for Mud House Sauvignon Blanc at £6.66! For September and October this will be at £7.49.  I know i will be getting this at the lower price while I can!

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.

Pale straw yellow, with heady aromas of fresh grapefruit, guava and hints of nettles. Crisp, concentrated and vibrant on the palate, combining citrus and tropical fruit with green vegetal undertones.

Chill well and enjoy on its own or with light summery rice or pasta dishes.

get it while you can!Date published: 22/08/14

Great wine under £5, Grifone Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Last 4 days on special offer at £4.99, get it while you can! Call us in store on 01522540128 for delivery or pop in to secure yours at this lower price.

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, not to be confused with the Tuscan village of the same name, is made from the Montepulciano grape variety from the Abruzzi region. This is the signature wine from the area, with coastal plantings at the foot of the Apennines mountains.

Whilst standards in this region can vary, this is a reliable, medium-bodied wine with lots of red cherry fruit and soft supple tannins.

The ripeness of the fruit and the soft tannic structure make this the perfect party wine or for drinking with light pork dishes.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 22/08/14

First Class Pinot Noir 2013 Casablanca Valley


This wine is sourced from the Casablanca Valley and vinified at a state-of-the art winery in neighbouring Maipo Valley. Following a cold soak, the grapes are fermented with selected yeasts, and matured without oak for a fruit-focused character.

Jam-packed with red fruits on both nose and palate, this Pinot Noir is awash with raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant fruit, framed by supple tannins and gentle hints of floral and pepper hints.

A great partner for tender pork loin.

Plan your party with MajesticDate published: 15/08/14

Got a special event coming up? Or even just a social gathering of friends and family? Well let Majestic Wine help you make it that extra bit special. From the moment you come into our store, you'll see a plethora of wines to choose from. Don't let this put you off or intimidate you however, we have specially trained, expert staff to advise you on all of our wines.

Our staff are also well versed in what makes for a good party, from the recommended amount of wine per people, to the wines that will go down the best with your particular crowd. Take advantage of our free tasting counter, sample some wines and try before you buy. Don't forget, we also offer free glass hire, ice and chiller bin hire.

So make your party Majestic, and visit us in store at Wragby Road, or telephone on 01522 540 128

Wine of the WeekDate published: 14/08/14

Mâcon-Lugny 2012 Louis Latour

The family run négociant house of Maison Louis Latour has been producing and selling wines since 1797. The limestone-rich soils of the Lugny village produce rich, buttery yet still Burgundian styles of Chardonnay with the typicity and style of the Mâcon.  Pale gold in colour, with a beguiling aroma of fresh apples, lemon curd and toasted citrus fruits atop a palate of fresh and crisp green-apple acidity, buttery and peachy fruit and a long, warming finish.  Perfectly acceptable on its own as an afternoon apéritif or with poultry, pork and or with fresh seafood.

Short term special offerDate published: 12/08/14

For two weeks only we have secured lower prices for:

Fleurie Duboeuf 'Flower Label' - £11.75 buy 2 save 25% = £8.81

Classic Fleurie with fresh cherry fruits and a fragrant, floral perfume. Concentrated fruit and light tannic presence are testament to the cru status of this wine. An attractive wine with a silky texture.

 Pinot Grigio Rosé Breganze - £8.99 buy 2 save 33% = £5.99

Although thought of as a white grape, the Pinot Grigio grape's skins naturally develop a pink tinge when the berries are fully ripe, and it is these colour pigments that make this wine lightly rosé in colour.

Grifone Montepulciano D'Abruzzo - £7.48 buy 2 save 33% = £4.99 

Whilst standards in this region can vary, this is a reliable, medium-bodied wine with lots of red cherry fruit and soft supple tannins.

Ramon Bilbao Single Vineyard - £9.99 buy 2 save 33% = £6.66 

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao is situated in a privileged location: Haro, in Rioja Alta, a paradise where Rioja’s emblematic grape variety, Tempranillo, grows best. From vines with an average age of 40 years, this concentrated, intense Rioja is a blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha.

 Cava Calamino NV - £8.99 buy 2 save 33% = £5.99

Parellada is a highly regarded Catalan white grape variety that is synonomous with Cava production. It is the least planted of the three Cava varieties but can produce a fine, quality wine from cooler climates and relatively poor soils.

Codorniu Brut NV - £9.99 buy 2 save 33% = £6.66 

A dry light bodied Cava displaying green apple, citrus, almond and brioche characters.

 Giesen Sauvignon Blanc - £10.49 buy 2 save 33% = £6.99 

The Giesen brothers Theo, Alex and Marcel started the winery in the 1980s and today have 13 vineyards covering the length and breadth of the Wairau Valley. This wine is blended from 32 separate vineyard parcels, vinified in the winery in the town of Blenheim.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 08/08/14

Luis Felipe Edwards Signature Series Viognier Reserva 2013 Rapel Valley

Luis Felipe Edwards is the largest family-owned winery in Chile, and have developed a wide range of markedly Chilean-style wines, from classic grape varieties. This Viognier is pressed in a protective atmosphere and spends only 2 months in oak, for maximum freshness.

Light and fresh, yet intensely aromatic. Flavours of peach, apricot and ripe pears cascade across the palate, finishing with a refreshing acidic lift and gentle mineral grip.

A great partner for mild spicy dishes, such as cajun chicken, Thai red curry, or sweet chilli and garlic prawns.

August FavouritesDate published: 08/08/14

This month a lot of my favourites have come onto the 'buy 2 save 33%' offer. So I thought I would share them with you while they are at a great price.

Prosecco Zonin £7.99

Established in 1821, Zonin has become Italy's largest privately-owned winery, and are owners of Italy's largest Prosecco vineyards. This example is made from grapes grown only in the DOC region within Veneto and as such, is entitled to use the Prosecco name on the bottle.  Deliberately light and refreshing in style, with a palate of fresh pear and dessert apple fruit, further lifted by subtle floral and almond aromas. Delicately off-dry, with a clean finish.  I took it to a party recently and it went down very well!

Waimea Pinot Girs £9.99

Grown in Nelson, to the west of Marlborough, on stony loam soils with high sunshine hours and a moderating Maritime influence. The winemaking philosophy blends Old World techniques with pioneering methods now becoming commonplace in the New World.  Bursting with aromas of pear, honey, apple, spice and even a hint of cream. Hints of sweetness partner the pure fruit flavours and are complemented by clean acidity, good length and soft texture.  I had this at my first training course for Majestic and it has been a firm favourite ever since.

Rioja Reserva Lagunilla £7.33

This famous Rioja bodega was founded in 1885 by Don Felipe Lagunilla San Martín, who is credited with rescuing Rioja's vineyards from the phylloxera epidemic, through his pioneering work in grafting vines onto American rootstocks.  A classic Reserva wine, striking a balance between meatiness and elegance. 24 months in oak casks has endowed it with an enjoyable smoothness and mellow, spicy aromatics.  When this first came into store about 18 months ago I fell in love straight away, great wine, great value!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Veuve ClicquotDate published: 01/08/14

Prices of Veuve Clicquot;

Ocado: £31.99

Asda: £35.00

Tesco: £36.99

Morrisons: £36.99

Sainsbury's: £37.00

Majestic wine: £29.98

Simple choice. Choose Majestic Wine. Better value, better range, knowledgable staff.

Oyster BayDate published: 01/08/14

Anyone having the post-ned blues? Or simply just craving some of that Marlborough Sauvignon blanc that we all know and love? Well come down and take advantage of the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc at £7.99. This offer runs out on Monday, along with some of our other great offers. So stock-up now and avoid dissapointment,

Brilliant BeaujolaisDate published: 01/08/14

"What interesting wines do you have?"

That's one of the main questions I am asked by customers on a daily basis, so here's an article explaining some of the most interesting, intriguing and enticing wines that we have available. Most wines follow a theme, based on the grape, the country of production or the style of the producer. Some, however, display fantastic, engaging new styles, flavours and aromas. One of those categories is 'Beaujolais Nouveau', and this is all down to the production method.

Unlike in the production of most other wines, the grapes used in Beaujolais Nouveau are picked in full bunches, and put in fermentation vats as full bunches. Then comes the interesting, somewhat scientific, somewhat geeky side. The vat is filled with carbon dioxide to kickstart intracellular fermentation; this means the fermentation of these grapes is begun without having to add yeast. The adding of carbon dioxide into the vat forces the grapes to find oxygen independently, which is does by converting glucose into alcohol and thereby initiating the fermentation process.

This completely different and new way of fermenting grapes, known as carbonic maceration brings dazzling new characteristics to the end product. These wines are often brightly coloured, reminiscent of artificial colouring, but in a completely natural way. The wine's also exhibit much softer tannins and bring to the forefront flavours like kirsch, banana and even bubblegum.

So why not broaden your horizons? Try something new for the summer, and just simply see the massive effect production methods can have on the wines we all love and know. If you're interested be sure to ask a member of staff the next time you come in, and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Bollinger £25.50 - One week dealDate published: 29/07/14

"I only drink champagne when I'm happy and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not in a hurry and drink it when I am, otherwise I never touch the stuff unless I am thirsty." Lily Bollinger

Our lowest price since 2008, this is a brilliant deal at £25.50 when you buy at least two bottles. This runs until Monday, or until stocks last!

Ned Sauvignon Blanc - Great OfferDate published: 23/07/14

For those of you who have yet to order, this is on off at £6.99 per bottle (when you buy at least two) until Monday 7pm. Don't miss out!

Wine of the Week- Alamos Malbec £6.66Date published: 22/07/14

Wine of the Week

Alamos Malbec, Argentina


When people think of Argentinian Malbec, this is the wine they are thinking of!

From the world renowned Mendoza region comes this fantastic wine that is slowly becoming a firm favourite among staff and customers alike. At the foot of the Andes where the intense sunshine and fresh mountain water combine creates a perfect terroir for Argentina’s signature grape variety.

A soft smooth style which oozes fruit of blackberry’s cherries and dried raisin like fruit. Very well balanced with silky tannins helping it go down just a bit too easily.

What else do you match it with?! A good piece of steak or beef this Saturday night and you will wish for nothing more....

£6.66 when you buy two

single bottle £9.99

Wine tastingDate published: 17/07/14

Majestic in the Community

Here at Majestic Wine in Lincoln we love tasting wine, but if there is one thing that we love more than tasting wine than it's sharing over knowledge, experience and wines with people. So if you are part of a wine group, social group or even work with a number of wine enthusiasts then we would like to hear from you.

We often run wine tastings in the community with like-minded people who are interested in wine, and are keen to learn more. We find these events an invaluable experience, and really enjoy getting to know the local community in a more informal manner. We do not charge for our services on the night, bring our own glasses and spittoons and may even be able to contribute to the cost of the wines that we present on the night.

So if you would like to arrange a wine tasting event, and would appreciate our involvment than simply call Majestic Wine on 01522 540128, alternatively you can e-mail us on lin@majestic.co.uk.  

Fine wine at house wine pricesDate published: 17/07/14

Rioja Reserva Viña Ardanza 2005 La Rioja Alta

One of the very best of Rioja's produced from fruit exclusively grown in the bodega's 360 hectare vineyard holdings in the Rioja Alta region, and named after one of the Region's founding families. Remaining under family ownership, this is of the most sought-after bodegas.

Enjoy now with lamb or over the next decade as the richness and power will soften to spice and earth, augmenting game casserole or wild duck.

Majestic staff say:     
''Sweet red berry aromas, as well as an undercurrent of darker fruits; plum and currant, with vanilla, wood-smoke, tobacco, earth and aromas reminiscent of a Forrest floor. Medium weight at the front of the palate, red berry flavours along with sweet vanilla and oak. Soft and savoury flavours in the mid-palate leading to a long, earthy, roasted herb and dark berry finish.'' Enjoy now with lamb or over the next decade as the richness and power will soften to spice and earth, augmenting game casserole or wild duck.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 17/07/14

Mont Saint Jean 2012 Corbières


A great price for a great wine! I can see myself getting through a fair number of these over the coming couple of weeks. Fresh and fruity with good rounded tannins, a perfect weeknight drink.

Short term special offerDate published: 16/07/14

Villemarin Picpoul de Pinet 2013 Côteaux du Languedoc

Only £5.99 on short term offer!

Nestling in amongst the warm and red-biased appellations of the Languedoc, just a few miles from the Mediterranean coastline, Picpoul de Pinet is something of an unexpected find, offering a crisp and zesty white wine made from the rare Picpoul grape.

Youthfully pale lemon yellow, with a nose of lemon and lime fruit, and an intriguing blend of white blossom and green herb notes. Vibrant green apple fruit with a refreshingly dry and acidic finish.

Drink with fresh oysters, whitebait or grilled sardines.

Pop in store, call us on 01522540128 or order online to secure this lower price.

get it while you can!Date published: 16/07/14

Mont Saint Jean 2012 Corbières

£4.99 for a limited time only!!

Winemaker Jérôme Regues blends two different terroirs to make this wine; a typical Corbières red blend. Grapes from Ornaisons provide the rich fruit flavours, while grapes from Durban, around 25km further south, are said to add spicier notes.

Showing notes of damsons and blackberries on the nose, with subtle hints of garrigue herbs, which carry through on the palate. Full and fruity, with rounded tannins adding a supporting structure.

Perfect with your home-made shepherd's pie or a cheese board.

Call us in store on 01522540128, pop online or in brnach to take advantage of this excellent offer

Criminally Underrated?Date published: 12/07/14

It can be hard sometimes following in the footsteps of an older sibling, one with tremendous popularity, character and terrific appeal. Sound familiar to anyone? Well if so, spare a thought for The Ned Pinot Grigio. Not only does it have to contend with been ignored for its Italian counterparts, but it also has to live in the shadow of The Ned Sauvignon Blanc.

As you're all undoubtedly aware, The Ned Sauvignon Blanc is a tremendously popular wine, and rightly so. It's fresh, fruity and floral and represents everything that we love so much about New Zealand Sauvignons, but, it's not all The Ned has to offer. It's hugely lesser known Pinot Grigio is a truly superb wine. It can be difficult to find a good Pinot Grigio, especially now with the hyper-saturation of the grape variety across the UK market. But, The Ned Pinot Grigio is the real deal.

It's an intriguing salmon pink in colour, and bursting with ripe tropical fruits, a true winner for a summer drink and a great wine to try as a change to Italian Pinot. It's only £7.99 at the moment, so why not try it and tell us what you think?

Wine of the WeekDate published: 12/07/14

TWO HANDS, Angel Share Shiraz 'Angels' Share' Shiraz 2012 Two Hands, McLaren Vale

Two Hands was established in 1999, with a view toward showcasing the best Shiraz that Australia, and particularly Barossa, could offer. This blockbusting example comes from vineyards in the slightly cooler coastal climes of McLaren Vale

Aromatically rich and complex, with notes of coffee, cocoa and cola against a backdrop of mulberry and plum fruit. Immense and mouth-coating, with lashings of soft, rounded tannins.

Drink now or cellar for up to 10 years.

Wine of the WeekDate published: 07/07/14

Edna Valley Chardonnay 2012

One of California's coolest vineyard areas, Edna Valley is the ideal location for creating refined, restrained and elegant Chardonnay. The grapes are whole-bunch pressed and fermented in French and Hungarian oak, followed by nine months' lees ageing.

Combining typically Californian richness of texture with great freshness of fruit and subtle complexity, with crisp acidity cutting through the layers of ripe apple fruit and toasty oak.

A fine match for roast poultry.

Rose, Rose, Rose!!Date published: 04/07/14

Mid-summer is rosé time, and there's no more popular style at Majestic than the light, delicate rosés of Provence. We'll have a range open to taste all week, so call in and give them a try. 

Rose open to try today in Lincoln Majestic:

Miraval Rosé 2013 Côtes de Provence

The 17th-century Miraval estate is located in the Var region of Provence, and was bought by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2009 and extensively renovated. With winemaking expertise from Perrin, the first modern vintage was released in 2012, and was met with wide acclaim.  A beautifully pale pink colour, with a nose of wild strawberry and stone fruit, with delicate floral touches. Great palate texture, with soft tangerine and peach notes joining layers of berry fruit.  Enjoy on its own or with fine seafood.

M de Minuty Rosé 2013 Côtes de Provence

Château de Minuty is located on the St Tropez Peninsular, with its vineyards virtually overlooking the Mediterranean. This rosé is quintessential of the local style, with the blend employing the little-known Tibouren grape, a variety grown almost exclusively in Provence.  Pale honeysuckle pink, and offering a clean nose of citrus fruit, offset by subtle floral and candied notes. Fresh acidity makes for an incisive and lively palate, with a rounded feel.  Partner with the delicate flavours of fresh shellfish, or with a mozzarella and sun-ripened tomato salad.

La Grille Rosé d'Anjou 2013 

College-trained oenologist Gwenaël Guihard has used specially selected grapes from the schist and granite of the Western Loire for this delicious off-dry rosé. Using cool fermentations to bring out all the grapes’ appetizing fruit flavours and aromas.  Bottled with a light natural spritz, the wine has a refreshing, summery zing. Strawberry and hints of peach fill the palate, with their flavours brought out by the wine's laid-back, off-dry demeanour.  Great on its own, as an apéritif, or with sweetly spiced, creamy curries.

New Beer - Brooklyn Summer AleDate published: 01/07/14

New Beer - Brooklyn Summer Ale

Fancy a bit of a change from the generic beers this summer? We've got some cracking craft beers that will more than fill the void in your empty fridges. One beer in particular really stands out.

Brooklyn Summer Ale - £12.99 or £9.99 when you buy 2 packs of Craft Beer - This beer comes with an attractive pastel blue label. It has a lovely citrus kick and a discreet, hoppy edge makes this beer a real thirst quenching success. Perfect for a BBQ or just to have in the garden with friends.

open to try in store today

Wine of the WeekDate published: 01/07/14

Waimea Sauvignon Blanc 

For me sometimes NZ Sauvignon can be a bit like alcoholic fruit juice - here we have something different - gooseberry is replaced by lime with a minerality reminiscent of old world sauvignon. An elegant and more restrained example of the much loved grape.

Grown in Nelson, to the west of Marlborough, on stony loam soils with high sunshine hours and a moderating maritime influence. The winemaking philosophy blends Old World techniques with pioneering methods now becoming commonplace in the new world.

Aromas of ripe gooseberry and tropical fruit, delicate floral notes and mineral characters. An elegant, crisp palate of citrus and gooseberry with a zingy, refreshing finish.

Gorgeous on a warm summer afternoon, or even to bring some sunshine to a wet afternoon. Fantastic with oysters and scallops.

Wine of the Week- TWO HANDS Gnarly Dudes ShirazDate published: 26/06/14

TWO HANDS, Gnarly Dudes Shiraz



An absolutely terrific wine. Open on the tasting counter and available to try now. This fine wine produced by highly regarded 'TWO HANDS' showcases everything that is great about the Australian Barossa valley.

It's not your typical Australian Shiraz though, yes it's bold and bursting with flavour, but it's also fantastically balanced. White pepper, cherry, prunes and chocolate are all present on the nose. These characteristics are all continued onto the palate, and joined by succulent blackcurrant and mellow vanilla.

In conclusion, this is a tremendous wine which can be drunk and enjoyed now or aged for a couple of years. A cracking example of fine wine at house wine prices.

* When you buy another bottle of fine wine or any spirit.

Mystic Minuty Strikes AgainDate published: 26/06/14

It's the final day of the group game matches in the 2014 FIFA world cup and resident psychic, mystic Minuty has come up with his predictions for this evenings games. Also, he's recommended some wines and beers to enjoy all the footballing action with.

Germany vs USA

 " This is a game I had predicted would be a narrow win for the USA, however following Germanys 2-2 draw with Ghana, I think things will be different. The Germans are, nothing, if not efficient and they will be focused solely on qualification. Therefore they will win this game with a stout performance by 1 goal to nil. For this match, there can be no better drink to enjoy than Pilsner Urquell*"

Portugal vs Ghana

"Ronaldo and his compatriots have been largely dissapointing so far, and I think they will struggle in this match. Their only chance of winning is through an inspired performance from Ronaldo. But, I think this is what they will get, and he will haul them to a 2-1 victory after coming from behind. For this game, I shall be drinking Vinho Verde* and cheering on the great Portuguese master"

Belgium vs South Korea

"This is nothing but a dead rubber, and Belgium will emerge victorious, steamrolling a limited South Korean struggle. It will be 3-1 to the Belgians, and for this I would recommend something a little stronger, something to take your mind of the game. I would go for the Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel*. Infinitely more interesting than the match itself."

Russia vs Algeria

"What a breath of fresh air the Algerians have been, fast, pacy and skillful, they could be a surprise package. All of you Englishmen should know what to expect from Capello, boring football and even more boring results. I am going for a shock and think that Algeria will triumph 3-2. Enjoy this with an exciting, vibrant Soave Fattori, a wine, much like the Algerian team itself."

Pilsner & Becks £1 per bottle. Cheaper than the pub!Date published: 25/06/14

Here at Majestic, we know that the World Cup and beer go together like fish & chips and Ant & Dec. They're just the perfect match. So why not take advantage of some of our World Cup offers? At the moment, in store we have;

Pilsner Urquell 24 pack at only £24!!!!

Becks 24 pack at only £24!!!!

That's a staggering price of only £1 per bottle!!!!

So why not take advantage, stock up on your favourite beers and relax in the comfort of your own home with two of the nations favourite things, beer and football. After all, it's much cheaper than the pub and will help with those post-England world cup blues.

Why not visit in-store today? Or, call us on 01522 540 128.

Even easier than all of that, you could just visit our webpage, www.majestic.co.uk and do all your shopping from your armchair.

Mystic Minuty WC round up 24th JuneDate published: 24/06/14

Well, well, well it's been a less than inspiring few days for England since our resident psychic last predicted the football scores. However, that's not dampened the spirits of Minuty, who has been reveling in her  country's footballing success by relaxing with some of her favourite wines this week. Below, she list's her predictions for this evenings games, and some of her recommendations.

England 1-3 Costa Rica

Mystic Minuty says, "Wash away those English footballing blues by enjoying a wine from a superior country, such as mine! The AIX magnum* would be the perfect accompaniment for this match and provide you with some much needed joy"

Italy 0-0 Uruguay

Minuty revealed, "The Italians are masters at getting results, and this will be no different, a boring stalemate, although every Englishman will enjoy seeing Luis Suarez suffer, so support the Italian with the lovely Grifone Montepulciano*!"

Japan 1-2 Colombia

Mystic reckons," Although the Colombians have already qualified, don't expect them to take their foot off the gas, Japan may craft a goal but Colombia will triumph. Drink some Curious Brew* with this, you'll need something to entertain you!"

Greece 0-2 Ivory Coasy

Mystic sluggishly suggested," Snooze, snooze, snooze, this will be terrible. Do not expect the Greeks to thrill, they are yet to score in Brazil, and won't tonight. The Ivorians will stumble their way to a 2-0 victory, for this, you will need wine, something interesting, to distract you from the football. Why not the Mocha Java*? Infinitely more interesting than the football, and guaranteed to get you thinking"

* Aix Magnums available at £19.99 per bottle

* Grifone Montepulciano available at £5.99 per bottle multi-buy.

*Curios Brew IPA and lager 12 packs available at £17.99 

*Mocha Java Merlot available at £6.74 per bottle multi-buy.

Upcoming Wine CourseDate published: 23/06/14

Free Wine Course

17 July 2014 (18:30 - 20:00)

A free in store tasting where we explore the world of wine including Champagne and food matching. An event where you'll hopefully take away a little bit of knowledge and find some new wines that will excite you!

New Fine Wine of the WeekDate published: 21/06/14

Rioja Reserva 2009 Marqués de Vargas


Although its modern winery and hacienda were built in 1989, this vineyard estate dates back to 1840, when the first vines were planted near Logroño by Felipe de Mata, the eighth Marqués de Vargas. This traditional blend is aged in American, French and Russian oak.

A rich, dense and deeply coloured Reserva, combining aromas of bramble and wild strawberries with hints of liquorice and savoury-sweet spice. Velvety, full and well balanced.

Best decanted before serving. Pair with beef carpaccio.

Mystic Minuty Predicts 15th JuneDate published: 15/06/14

So, not the ideal start that we had all hoped for as England crashed to a defeat last night at the hands of the Azzurri, all on our Italian spotlight tasting day as well, a good day for the Italians all round. But, that's all behind us now and our resident predictor, Mystic Minuty is right back in the saddle and ready to help you all see into the future with the results for tonight's World Cup games.

So here goes;

Switzerland 2-2 Ecuador

France 3-1 Honduras (1 Red Card Honduras)

Argentina 4-1 Bosnia & Herzegovina 

What's this?! Heidsieck NV at £14.99......Date published: 14/06/14

What's this?! Heidsieck NV at  £14.99......


Heidsieck & Co. Monopole Brut NV Champagne

Representing Heidsieck's Pinot-dominant, rich yet approachable house style, this cuvée offers a harmonious balance between crisp golden fruit, satisfying brioche notes and an abundant mousse.

only £14.99 while stocks last.

Mystic Minuty PredictsDate published: 14/06/14

Today our store psychic Mystic Minuty has predicted the outcomes of the four matches taking place in Brazil today, so prepare to be amazed.

Minuty Predicts;

Colombia 1-0 Greece

Uruguay 2-0 Costa Rica

England 1-1 Italy

Ivory Coast 3-2 Japan

As you can see, Mystic Minuty is scouting England's opposition for tonight.

24 Peroni's only £30!

Italy tasting weekDate published: 13/06/14

The following wines will be open tomorrow for our Spotlight tasting at 3pm.  Feel free to pop along.

Discover Gavi

Gavi 2013 La Toledana

The white wines of the village of Gavi in Piedmont have been dubbed the Chablis of Italy, due to their fresh, steely minerality. Wines from the vineyards closest to the town are labelled Gavi di Gavi, and this one is made from late-harvested grapes.  Ripe peach and pears with hints of citrus and a slight honeyed edge held together by steely minerality and a fresh acidity.

Gavi 2013 Araldica

Gavi is a small town and winemaking sub-region in the far south-east corner of Piedmont, around 50km inland of the Med, famed for the Cortese grape which is indigenous to the north of Italy, and a popular feature in the restaurants of the Ligurian coast.  Zippy, fresh and predominantly citrus-flavoured wine, with a racy lime-zest and nettle aroma. Refreshingly clean on the palate, with enduring, mouthwatering acidity.

Focus on Chianti
Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva 

From a large estate located in the Rufina sub-region, around 30km north-east of Florence. Making this Riserva style wine involves ageing the wine in oak barriques for a total of 24 months. The barrels are housed in the cellars of the Castello di Nipozzano.  Deep and vibrant ruby red. The nose is a concentrated mixture of blackcurrant, raspberry, blueberry and black cherry, with intense cinnamon and leather spice. Firm tannins provide texture and grip.

New and Interesting
Minini Valpolicella Ripasso 2012

Started in 1920 by Francesco Minini, this winery has expanded by involving partner growers across a larger geographical area, and now vinifies in a modern facility in Verolanuova, completed in 2002. This is a ripasso wine, enriched by 10 days on Amarone pressings.  This vibrant ruby red wine has a dense core of bright cherry and bramble fruit and lifted violet aromas. Medium-bodied and harmonious yet muscular and well-structured.

... and a very special suprise wine will be open too!

see you then!

Fine wine at house wine pricesDate published: 13/06/14

As a special treat to celebrate Italy vs England in the World Cup we are going to open one of the finest wines Italy has to offer.

Amarone Classico ‘Vigneti di Roccolo’ 2011 Cantina Negrar

From the Veneto region of northwestern Italy, Amarone della Valpolicella is a blend of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grape varieties. Grapes for the wine were dried on straw mats, increasing the sugar concentration, before being fermented and aged in oak barrels.

Brooding, deep, intense aromas of Christmas cake, chocolate, cinnamon, sweet fruits and spice. The concentrated palate offers a thick texture and soft velvety tannins, very rich fruit characteristics.

A wine that can age for up to 5 years or be enjoyed right now, particularly with game, rich pasta, tomato flavoured sauces and cheeses.

Currently £19.99 when bought with another selected fine wine.

3 wines to keep you smiling whatever the weather!Date published: 11/06/14

Typical British summer... unpredictable! I am sat here with a forecast for rain, RAIN! tomorrow.

Here are my 3 wines to cheer me up regardless of the weather this summer!

1) Mud House Sauvignon Blanc

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers. Pale straw yellow, with heady aromas of fresh grapefruit, guava and hints of nettles. Crisp, concentrated and vibrant on the palate, combining citrus and tropical fruit with green vegetal undertones.

2) La Serrana Rose

Central Spain is one of the most diverse and prolific wine producing regions in Europe, and is the source of many great value wines such as this fruit-driven rosé. A short maceration gives a light, delicate and easy-drinking style. An intense pink wine with plenty of juicy berry fruit. Strawberry and raspberry flavours are complemented by a creamy texture and crisp, refreshing acidity.

3) 120 Carmnere 

Santa Rita's 120 range has been named in tribute to 120 freedom fighters who sheltered at the Santa Rita winery during Chile's war of independence in 1814. The Carmènère is sourced from a range of vineyard sites throughout Chile's Central Valley. A lively and juicy representation of this variety, with a soft and supple texture, bright brambly fruit and subtle notes of spice and tobacco leaf, and a hint of vanilla from 6 months in French oak.

Enjoy the rest of summer! What’s your favourite summer wine from Majestic? Tell us in the Facebook comments below.

Click & Collect for free collection from your Lincoln store!Date published: 11/06/14

Click & Collect for free collection from your Lincoln store!

Not sure when you'll be in for delivery? Order online today and collect your order FREE from Lincoln store at your convenience!

We are open 7 days a week, and have free parking right outside. You can tell us online when you'd like to collect and we'll have everything ready for you when you arrive.

To make sure you're choosing wines that we have in stock, you can tailor the website to browse the wines available locally:

Find your local store for collection

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You can add cases of beer, water and soft drinks to your wine order, and when you get to the checkout you can take advantage of our free glass loan, chiller bin loan and order cubed ice.

Come to my wine course!Date published: 09/06/14

Taste & Explore at Majestic:  There's only one way to find the wines that are right for you and that's to taste them.

 On Sunday 15th of June at 3pm I am hosting a wine course.  This is a  90-minute introduction to wine. Learn about the basics of wine - how it's made, how to taste it and how to find what you like, all with a few food matches.  An event where you'll hopefully take away a little bit of knowledge and find some new wines that will excite you!

If you want to come along please RSVP in store, by calling us on 01522540128 or by hitting 'RSVP' on our store page  http://www.majestic.co.uk/lincoln

33% off FizzDate published: 08/06/14

Here are our best bargains in Fizz, all buy 2 save 33%.

Bollinger Special Cuvée NV £33.31

Bollinger is made from first-run juice only, and the majority of vineyards used have Premier and Grand Cru status, resulting in a full-bodied Champagne of great class. Delightful pale gold in colour, the mousse is light and persistent.

Prosecco Zonin Brut NV £7.99

Established in 1821, Zonin has become Italy's largest privately-owned winery, and are owners of Italy's largest Prosecco vineyards. This example is made from grapes grown only in the DOC region within Veneto and as such, is entitled to use the Prosecco name on the bottle.Deliberately light and refreshing in style, with a palate of fresh pear and dessert apple fruit, further lifted by subtle floral and almond aromas. Delicately off-dry, with a clean finish.  Wonderfully versatile. Serve as an aperitif, a partner for fish courses, or even with light fruit desserts.

Canard-Duchêne Brut NV£16.99

Excellent value for this fabulous and well-respected Champagne. Clean and fruity in style, with baked-bread and bruised-apple notes, fresh and easy drinking.

Bouvet Ladubay Saumur NV £8.99

The second oldest sparkling wine producer from Saumur in the Loire, Bouvet Ladubay is made by the traditional method, but from Chenin Blanc grapes, it is of excellent quality.  Fruity aromas and florals on the nose. Fine and persistent bubbles. Honeysuckle, acacia and bruised apples on the palate. Very elegant.  A surprisingly good match for fish and chips, this also makes a great apéritif.

Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale NV £14.99

Franciacorta is a region in Lombardy which gives the local sparkling wines their name, and is responsible for some of Italy's best. Guido Berlucchi was the first to produce this style commercially, and went on to become the region's largest sparkling wine producer.  With its Chardonnay-biased blend, this is a supremely elegant wine, with a light-footed feel on the palate. Generously fragranced with pear, golden apple and citrus character.


Serve with mixed antipasti or fresh cheeses.

Why not PoP in and snap up these bargains while you can!

eek! It's Father's Day soon....Date published: 07/06/14

Eek! It's Father's day soon.... and I had no idea what to get mine.  A pair of socks just wouldn't cut it, again, this year.  

For once I am determined not to be the child whose card is late, who misses the table reservation and who claims the present was delayed where I bought it on the internet.  AND I have something fab lined up for my Dad from Majestic - a mixed case of wine.

Here are my top tips for a smooth Father's Day.

1) Opt for a pre mixed case

Our website offers loads of offers for pre mixed cases.  It is quick and easy and will guarantee a great value selection of wines any Dad would enjoy.  Or call us in store with a budget and we will do all the work for you. Here is a link to all the mixed cases we do online: http://www.majestic.co.uk/six-bottle-mixed-wine-cases

2) Check out our 'buy 2 save 33%' offers

If your Dad knows what he likes, why not pick out a selection for him yourself. We have loads of great wines on 'buy 2 save 33%' at the minuite.  Pop in store or give us a call to check them out.

3) get your gift box while you're here

No one likes to wrap.  While you're ordering get us to put them in a gift box for you.... simples!

Remember..... 15th June! 

Open to try for New Zealand Tasting WeekDate published: 06/06/14

Here is what we think of the wines we have open for our New Zealand tasting week.

Saint Clair Estate Selection Pinot Noir 2012 Marlborough

Sourced from several vineyards in Marlborough's Southern Valleys, whose clay soils promote the growth of small bunches of small berries, and thus intensely flavoured Pinot Noir. Portions of the wine are aged in French oak barriques before blending with unoaked wine. Rich garnet core with a purplish rim. Aromas of ripe black cherries and currants, with a lifted raspberry note and a hint of vanilla. Fine tannins, medium palate weight, and good fruit concentration.

Invivo Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Awatere Valley, Marlborough

Invivo is the brainchild of winemaker Rob Cameron, and his old school friend and marketing expert, Tim Lightbourne. Together they have created the Invivo range of unmistakably Kiwi wines. This Sauvignon comes exclusively from their vineyards in the Awatere valley.  Bold and intensely tropical, with an immense bouquet of guava, passionfruit and lime. Crisp and crunchy on the palate, which is awash with a lingering citrussy zest.

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Marlborough

Made from a selection of the best grapes grown throughout Marlborough. During vinification the wine was left on its lees for a brief spell which has given it excellent concentration and added depth.  Displays pronounced aromas of gooseberry and passion fruit on the nose. It is fresh and beautifully crisp on the palate while being vibrantly fruity, ending in a long zingy finish.

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Marlborough

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.  Pale straw yellow, with heady aromas of fresh grapefruit, guava and hints of nettles. Crisp, concentrated and vibrant on the palate, combining citrus and tropical fruit with green vegetal undertones.

The Ned Waihopai River Pinot Grigio 2013 Marlborough

The Karearea is the only falcon found in New Zealand and is a threatened species. Ned have a breeding pair, resident at the property, named Maggie and Astin. They take great delight in scaring away other birds thereby reducing the need for man-made pest control.  A nose of pear drop, blossom and nectarine leading to a palate that is softer, richer and more tropical in flavour than its European counterpart. Lovely purity of fruit with a smooth finish.

Pop in to try for yourself!

Bank Holiday Opening TimesDate published: 25/05/14

We are open as usual, 10-5pm on the 25th and for the Bank Holiday Monday we will also be open 10-5pm. So there's no way you can miss out on your favourite wines, beers and spirits this Bank Holiday Weekend.

Majestic Vs Tesco Part OneDate published: 21/05/14

Majestic Prices, Majestic Wines

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

One of the most popular New Zealand sauvignon's around, from the heart of the winemaking revolution in Marlborough, this wine displays all the trademark characteristics of a Marlborough Sauvignon. Fermented in cool stainless steel vats, every ounce of flavour is wrought from the grapes which is exhibited in pronounced gooseberrry

and tropical fruits.

Majestic Wine Price; £7.99

Tesco Price; £11.19

Errazuriz Estate Series Merlot

This wine comes from one of the most renowned producers in Chile, sourcing their wines from a range of vineyards in central Chile. Only half of the wine has been aged in French oak in order to add complexity whilst retaining a fruity character. A bright crimson colour, vibrant fruity bouquet and the merest hint of vanilla and spice on the palate.

Majestic Wine Price; £8.92

Tesco Price; £9.99

Nicolas Feuillatte NV

This is a great, refreshing light and fruity champagne with fine discreet mousse (bubbles) and delicate subtle tastes of apples, pears and citrus fruits! This has undergone four years ageing prior to been released on the market. Perfect for drinking now, but could be kept and enjoyed later also.

Majestic Wine Price; £16.66

Tesco Price; £31.99

Make Majestic Lincoln your World Cup store!Date published: 19/05/14

It's only a few weeks to go until the beginning of the greatest sporting tournament in the world. To celebrate this, we at Majestic Lincoln will be getting very much in the spirit of the World Cup. To kick things off, (rather un-patriotically) we will be putting the spotlight on Italy on 14th June and celebrating some of their wines on the tasting counter*

Further to this, throughout the tournament we will be taking a wine related look at some of the upcoming fixtures, for example, prior the the three lions kicking off their campaign, we will be comparing and assessing the merits of an Italian and an English wine (Hopefully with an English victory on both fronts). The store itself, will also be clad in world flags to celebrate the footballing festivites.

We will also be very proud to welcome a new addition to the staff here at Majestic Lincoln. Our very own psychic predictor, who will be casting an eye over events in Brazil and posting match predictions on twitter and facebook. Our psychic predictor, will be coming all the way from the Provence region of France. Yes, that's right. We will be welcoming Mystic Minuty. 

This hybrid creature is a mixture of a magnum of Provence's finest Rose wine, a wizard and a psychic predictor. So keep updated on twitter and facebook to find out all the correct predictions for the World Cup, and why not come in store and say hello to Lee, Alice, John and Mystic Minuty!

* We are holding an Italian spotlight tasting on the 14th June from 3pm- 3.30pm. This will be a free tutored tasting, exploring some fantastic wines. If you are interested in coming along, you can put your name down in store, through our e-mail (lin@majestic.co.uk) or by calling one of the team on 01522 540 128

Bring a Friend to MajesticDate published: 19/05/14

We've launched a brilliant new initiative at Majestic this month, and best of all-there's a free bottle in it for you!

If you bring a friend to Majestic (who isn't already on our customer list) and you both buy at least 6 bottles, you'll each get a free bottle up to the value of £10.

So introduce your best mate to good wine and all that Majestic has to offer and they'll thank you forever. 

Rose, Rose, RoseDate published: 18/05/14

At our recent Summer Seasonal Tasting, after much deliberation, we opened our new Provence Rose: Vallée des Pins Rosé, Coteaux d’Aix, and it went down a storm.  For us at Majestic opening a Rose signifies the beginning of summer.

Gone are the days of Rose being a 'wine for people who don't like wine'.  Now Majestic is flooded with so many different Rose options and there are many which are really high quality, good value wines.  Styles of rosé can vary a lot nowadays, and below I’ll try and sum up a few of the key wines you’ll find in our range.

The lightest rosés, (apart from the Pinot Grigio’s) come from Provence in southeastern France and are a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah.  Quality from these wines is very consistent and you should find they display lots of soft summer fruit on both nose and palate.  I love the versatility of these wines, they are beautiful with salad, shellfish or simply on their own.  A classic example is the ever popular Minuty Rose  which is very subtle, light and floral.

If you want a bit more body you have the Pinot Noir based rosés.  Both from the old world and new these wines have the lovely fresh red fruit flavours so characteristic of Pinot.  For something light and crisp try La Grille Pinot Noir Rosé from France.

Going up a notch, you could try a Spanish Rose... Calima Rosé from Catalunya is made from the Garnacha grape.  Inviting aromas of fresh strawberries dominate the nose, there is real red berry character and it gives it a fresh, fruity taste.

For those of us who really love sweet fruit we have Fetzer White Zinfandel Rosé.  With a lot of cherry and raspberry flavours and a slight spritz this should satisfy even the sweetest tooth!  Also, it makes an excellent match for creamy curries (who knew?!)

Hopefully I have shed a bit of light on the ever growing world of Rose wines.  What are your favourites? Give us a tweet @majesticlincoln using  #SummerRose to let us know or comment on this article on our facebook page (Majestic Wine Lincoln).

Wine of the WeekDate published: 13/05/14

Wine of The Week

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc 2013 Marlborough

Our newest favorite wine for spring and summer is Mud House-Sauvignon Blanc

Mud House Wines was started in 1996, and is a producer focused on sustainable viticulture. Just over half the fruit for this wine is sourced from their own Woolshed vineyard in the Upper Wairau Valley, with the remainder sourced from partner growers.

Pale straw yellow, with heady aromas of fresh grapefruit, guava and hints of nettles. Crisp, concentrated and vibrant on the palate, combining citrus and tropical fruit with green vegetal undertones.

Chill well and enjoy on its own or with light summery rice or pasta dishes.

Mud HouseDate published: 12/05/14

At £6.66 this is great value New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that isn't to be missed. We currently have it open in store to taste for those of you who can make it down, and for others take our word on it and add it to your shopping basket!

Wine of the week Waimea PNDate published: 30/04/14

Wine of The Week

Waimea Estate Pinot Noir 2012 Nelson

As a red drinker, Pinot Noir is one of my favourites for a nice warm summers day. I love to sit out in the garden with a light, refreshing glass of wine and read a good book. The Waimea Pinot Noir is one of my favourites at this time of year.

Waimea vineyards are in Nelson which is to the west of the famous Marlborough region. The stony loam soil, maritime influence and the long days present great conditions for growing Pinot Noir. Waimea love to take the best of both Old World and New World philosophy to blend beautiful wines.

The 2012 Pinot Noir has aromas of violets and boysenberry with a hint of wood smoke. On the palate it is dense with dark fruit and a little spicy oak. The tannins create a chocolaty mouth feel and draw the wine out to a long finish.

I had this with Beef Bourguignon and it was beautiful, otherwise try with any red meat or game dishes. For the veggies try with a mushroom sauce. If you can resist also try cellaring for 3-5 years.

Wine of the Week- Santa Rita 120 MerlotDate published: 23/04/14

Santa Rita 120: 2012



Merlot, Syrah

The 120 Chilean series are named in honour of the 120 Chilean patriots, who in fighting the royalist 'Criollos' for independence from Spain, took refuge in the cellars of Santa Rita; cellars which are still used for wine maturation.

This Chilean Merlot is a fantastically fruity, floral and fun wine. Perfect for parties, nights in front of the television or just chatting with friends. You'll get intense red fruits on the palate with this wine, whilst avoiding the 'grippiness' associated with many other red wines.

You could enjoy this wine on its own, or even with light red meat dishes and pasta!

*When you buy at least 2 bottles as part of a mixed case

Oyster BayDate published: 22/04/14

TODAY Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc has joined our pick 'n' mix offer and is now £7.99 when you buy 2 as part of your mixed case!

Marlborough has been at the heart of a winemaking revolution without modern precedent, and Oyster Bay is one of the region's most dynamic wineries. Cool fermentation in stainless steel vats brings out every last ounce of flavour and concentration in the grapes.  Showing pronounced aromas of gooseberry and tropical fruits, alongside a subtle herbaceousness. Crisp, elegant and refreshing.

Pop in to store, order online or call us on 01522540128 to take advantage of this bargain.

PeroniDate published: 19/04/14

Peroni at £24.00 for a case.

Peroni is a great Italian lager which ticks all the boxes when it comes to flavour, crispness and style. 

Now on at a cracking deal that works out at only £1 a bottle.

Great for those Easter gatherings.

Easter HoursDate published: 19/04/14

Easter's just around the corner so please be aware that our opening hours are slightly different.

We will be CLOSED Eater Sunday & open 10am-5pm Easter Monday. 

Finding the perfect SparklingDate published: 15/04/14

There's nothing better to celebrate a special occasion than enjoying a lovely glass of fizz among friends and family. No matter what your taste there's something for everyone so why not use the following guide to help select the bottle that is perfect for you....


Prosecco is an Italian grape and is extremely popular at the minute. It commonly has flavours of peach, apricot, pear, honey and even floral notes and is a fantastic light, delicate and fruity option for a refreshing drinking. 


Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine combining the three grapes Parallada, Xarel-lo and Macabeo. The common flavours here are a variety of citrus fruits, baked apples and occasional nutty or brioche notes. There are plenty of fantastic high quality Cava's about at the minute so why not ignore the common misconception that Cava is a lower quality sparkling wine and give a bottle a go?


When the budget is allowing a bottle of Champagne is a fantastic way to really celebrate in style. A non vintage Champagne generally tends to be slightly lighter and fruitier with plenty of citrus fruit and acidity where as vintage champagnes tend to be richer in style with more complex flavors of toast and brioche. The style of a Champagne does vary dramatically between different Champagne houses so if you're wanting to spend that extra cash I would always recommend getting advice based on personal taste to make sure you get the right bottle for your palate.

Staff ChoiceDate published: 14/04/14

Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Chardonnay

2013, Casablanca Valley,


Luis Felipe Edwards make some good wines, and then great wines. This is certainly the latter.

Every vintage on these estates they pick the very best grapes from the best areas, and stored in the families private cellars to age. This has undergone a small amount of French oak ageing. At the foot of the Andes, the combination of cool air flowing by and sharp drops in temperature during thje evening create a suitable growing environment.

This wine has that classic slightly oaked flavour of vanilla, but much more prominent is the abundance of tropical and stone fruits. Very smooth with a slight creaminess makes this one very enticing wine.

£7.33 when you buy at least two, saving 33%

Single price £10.99

Want up-to-date information?Date published: 14/04/14

In store we have an ongoing list of people who want to be informed about certain wines when the stock comes in or they go on to an exceptional offer via telephone or e-mail. As a company we are increasingly getting special 'one off parcels', which have recently included Spain, Germany and New Zealand, which we are also happy to inform you of. 

If you are interested just e-mail us at lin@majestic.co.uk writing down what you would like to be informed and we can then contact you when we see something you may like.

Understanding RiojaDate published: 12/04/14

The world of Rioja's can be daunting and somewhat scary to some people. The reason for this, is largely due to the Spanish law, and the different classification criteria that they impose upon Spanish winemakers. In this article, I will give you a brief overview of the three main classifications of Rioja reds.


A Crianza is the youngest of the three Rioja categories I shall be profiling. To qualify to be called a Crianza, the wine must have been aged for a minimum of 24 months, of which, 6 of these must be in small oak barrels. This ageing process defines the taste of the wine, unlike its older counterparts, it will be very youthful, and exhibit prominent fruit flavours, along with slight secondary flavours, such as vanilla and toast.


The Reserva classification is the mid-range, and would be the perfect starting point for someone new to Riojas. It is aged for 12 months longer than the Crianza and spends twice as much time in the barrel. Reserva wines are, as a general rule, normally selected from vats of better vintages. They will still provide fruity flavours, but tend to have a good blend between primary flavours and aromas, and secondary and tertiary ones. All in all, the perfect Rioja variety for a beginner to try, as a means of gauging your preferences.

Gran Reserva

The eldest of the trio, a Gran Reserva must be aged for a minimum of 60 months, and be matured in oak for at least 18 months. These wines are only produced in exceptional vintages, so will generally be the winemakers 'pièce de résistance'. They are full of secondary and tertiary flavours, and will exhibit real scents and hints of toast, vanilla, prune, figs and cloves. Gran Reserva's are outstanding wines, and certainly my favourite red. Not one to be idly drank, but rather sipped, savoured and enjoyed.

The Gran Vendema Crianza is currently on offer in our Easter pick 'n' mix  at the price of £5.99*, and the Vina Eguia 2008 Reserva is on at the price of £6.66*.

When you buy at least 2 bottles of wine as part of a mixed case.

Easter Opening HoursDate published: 11/04/14

The opening hours for the Easter weekend are as follows:

Friday 18th April - usual opening hours (10am - 8pm)

Saturday 19th April - usual opening hours (9am - 7pm)

Sunday 20th April - closed

Monday 21st April - Bank holiday hours (10am - 5pm)

Wine of the WeekDate published: 09/04/14

Rioja Crianza 2010 Gran Vendema

£5.99 when you buy 2 or £8.99

A youthful Crianza wine made from 100% Tempranillo, from 10-15-year-old vines around Cenicero in the heart of Rioja. Aged for 12 months in American oak barrels and a further 12 months in bottle before release.

Vibrant cherry red, with a nose dominated by raspberry and strawberry fruit and lashings of lifted oaky vanilla notes. The palate is supple and soft, with moderate tannins and an easy-going feel.

Supremely versatile, this can be drunk on its own or paired with cured meats, pork chops, and all Mediterranean cuisine.

ChileDate published: 08/04/14

10 reasons why to buy Chilean wine.

1. Due to the difference between the Peso and the Pound, Chilean wine represents excellent value for money/

2. Chile is a winemakers heaven, with uninterrupted sunshine and all the water for irrigation from snow melt a vine could need.. 

3. Chile's viticulture is important not just north to south but east to west because of the Humboltd Current, a coastal range, plains and then the Andes all the way down the country.

4. This means Chile has a huge range of climate condition enabling it to make just about any style of wine in the world.

5. Carmenere was thought to be extinct after Phylloxera wiped out European vineyards in the late 19th Century, but it survived in Chile.

6. Carmenere was once a very important variety in Bordeaux, it's a late ripening variety that has huge potential to make great wine.

7. Chile remains phylloxera free (a vine destroying insect originating from the US and imported into Europe in the late 1800s) which means that vines in Chile don't have to be grafted onto American root stocks leading to a unique purity.

8. Although Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the most widely planted vines, Chile also makes world class Pinot Noir, Carmenere, Carignan, Malbec, Riesling, Viognier and they have been developing super premium sparkling wines too!

9. Although certain areas of Chile can get rather hot during the day, temperatures drop dramatically at night as air rushes down from the Andes. This means grape ripen wonderfully during the day but develop and retain essential acids at night; important for the finesse and freshness of a wine.

10.  Many famous international winemakers and companies have had a big influence in Chile including Mondavi, Torres, Chateau Mouton Rothschild and so on...

So next time you pop in why not try something a little bit more unusual from Chile and ask one of the team for a recommendation!!

Four exciting new additions to our pick 'n' mix buy 2 save 33%Date published: 08/04/14

Four exciting new additions to our pick 'n' mix buy 2 save 33%

Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Merlot 2012 Colchagua Valley

A great example of Chile's most celebrated red varietal, mainly from vineyards in Colchagua Valley, with 15% Casablanca Valley fruit added for extra freshness of flavour. Aged for 12 months in 30% new French and American oak barrels. Plush red and black fruit flavours of strawberry, cherry and blackberry form the backbone, overlaid with notes of vanilla and green tobacco leaf. Soft, ripe tannins provide a great sense of volume.

Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Chardonnay 2013 Casablanca Valley

The Casablanca Valley's climate is largely governed by winds that alternate between those from the Pacific and the Andes. These serve to moderate the climate, and promote a sharp drop in night temperatures, aiding the preservation of primary fruit during ripening.  Aromas of peach, apricot, dessert apples and vanilla open the show for a palate with more round, ripe stone fruits and citrus. 3 months in oak barrels has added a touch of creaminess on the finish.  Best served with turkey or whole salmon.

Prosecco Corte Alta NV DOC, Italy

Prosecco is really driving the sparkling wine market at present and this value example really shows why. A fresh, frothy wine with medium acidity and lots of accessible pear and peach fruit, without being too heavy or alcoholic.  Delicate and aromatic with a light body and fine bubbles, this wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear, apricot and apple with a revitalising finish.  Enjoy on its own as an apéritif or as an accompaniment to canapés.

Rioja Reserva 2009 CVNEGrapeGrenache

Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España, CVNE, was founded in 1879 in and is still family owned. Their wines are made in the original Haro winery and hail back to the first wines produced here, then sold as 'Cuné Clairette'- a Bordeaux lookalike.  A soft luxurious wine, mid garnet in colour with a lovely brambly nose and a hint of spice. Nuances of warm leather, caramel and coffee over rich autumn fruit. Excellent balance and a lingering finish.  Try served with grilled lamb, duck and most rich meats.

Pop online or call us in store on 01522540128 to find out more.   What are your favourites from the pick 'n' mix? Comment below or give us a tweet!

Leon Perdigal on the Pick 'N' MixDate published: 07/04/14

Leon Perdigal - A great offering from the Rhone

This classic Rhone blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Mourvedre gets its name from the first Cellarmaster Ogiers famous cellars in Chateauneuf du Pape.

It has a intense fruit and spice nose which extends onto the palate with a good finish.

I'm drinking this with roast beef!

Eye of the PartidgeDate published: 02/04/14

No, it's not a sequel to Alpha Papa, the feature length Alan Partridge film! It's a fine Rosé Champagne, entitled 'Oeil de Perdrix', literally translated as Eye of the Partridge. This salmon pink Rosé Champagne is hugely popular amongst the British market, and was named due to remarkable resemblance to the colour of the Partridge's eye.

This intriguing Champagne is a blend of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes from the Cote de bar region of Champagne. The warm and sunny climate allows for a great maturity of the grapes, and this, coupled with the pressing technique results in the peculiar colour. Produced by the Devaux winemakers, it is only made in very small quantities, making it a highly sought after champagne.

Oeil de Perdrix exhibits a hugely enticing complexity, its style is quite delicate but also matched with a perfect weight of fruit, making it a well-rounded, complex and refined choice of drink. It can be purchased now, until the 28th of April for the bargain price of £16.66 per bottle when you buy at least two bottles as part of a mixed case.

Don't miss out, and get yours now, either on the internet, in-store or call us on 01522 540 128.

In the words of Alan Partridge, A-HA!

Wine of the WeekDate published: 01/04/14

Pouilly-Fumé 2011 Jean Vincent

£9.99 when you buy with any other pick and mix wine or £14.99

Father-and-son team Jean and Vincent Chatelain are the 11th and 12th generations of an illustrious winemaking family, based in the heart of Pouilly-sur-Loire. Each parcel of their 30ha estate is vinified individually to maintain the character of each plot.

An intensely aromatic wine, with a nose that centres on gooseberry fruit, enhanced by a smoky, flinty character. This mineral theme continues all the way to the long, steely finish.

A mouthwatering, dry aperitif wine, also ideal with fresh seafood and tomato based dishes.

Wine of the Week - E. Guigal, Cotes-du-Rhone, 2010Date published: 26/03/14

This sensational, full-bodied red from the famous Rhôneis packed with robust flavours. Most notably it offers a core of dark fruits, mixed with subtle savoury flavours such as white pepper.

This wine was produced by Marcel Guigal, the son of the famous Etienne Guigal. Marcel and his brothers have sought to continue the hard work of their father, who was responsible for the vinification of 67 vintages. The family motto of, 'Hard work reaps its rewards' is evident in all Guigal wine-making.

This wine would match perfectly with most red meats, or alternatively with a rich vegetarian dishes like Mousakka

£9.99 when you buy 2 or more down from £11.99

Do you run a restaurant, hotel, pub, bar or any other venue with drink and catering requirements?Date published: 24/03/14

Do you run a restaurant, hotel, pub, bar or any other venue with drink and catering requirements?

If so you might want to consider Majestic Wine for all you wine and drinks needs.

You may not have realised but here at Majestic Lincoln we not only cater for the retail sector but we also serve commercial or trade accounts direct from our store with a growing portfolio of businesses with the help of our dedicated account managers who are there to help with any support, advice and information you may need.

What service can you expect to receive if you were to consider joining us?

With us, you get so much more than a company that just sells wines. We also have a range of services that set us apart from our competitors that are carefully designed to help you maximise sales and achieve your individual business goals that include some of the following:

Dedicated Account Manager

A key point of contact is vital. Our experienced account managers are all trained to the leading Wine and Spirit Education trust (WSET) qualification standards giving them the knowledge to guide you through the world of wine. They are on hand to offer the support, advice and information you may need when you need it.

Commercial Exclusives range

One of the things that our accounts love is our ‘Award Winning’ range of commercial exclusive wines* which are not available for retail sale to the public giving you peace of mind that the wines on your list are exclusive to our on-trade customers only! Take a look at our range of commercial exclusive wines here: http://www.majesticcommercial.co.uk/wines/commercial-exclusives

Bespoke wine list design & production

A well-presented wine list with informative tasting notes is a vital tool in promoting and selling wines right across your range. Let us take the stress away from you and we’ll do it for you.

Local delivery, local support

Your account will be serviced direct from your local Majestic store. My friendly team are on hand too and also WSET trained to help you with any queries or advice you may need. Delivery is FREE  and we are open 7 days a week and we endeavour to arrange deliveries as quick as we can for you even at weekends.

Sharing our knowledge

Our customers tell us that the most valuable support we can give them is via training of their staff. We offer training ranging from our really successful ‘Confidence in Wine’ course that cultivates an understanding of the winemaking process and key grape varieties as well as basic food and wine matching principles. Another recent development is ‘Perfect Partners’, a bespoke food matching course designed to take wine knowledge to the next level which uses both the food and the wines from each customers menus.

On top of all of this, your account manager can help you prepare your own customer events, such as Gastro Evenings and quiz nights. They may even be able to assist on the night by introducing the wines accompanying the courses you serve.

If all this sounds tempting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Pop in for a chat or call the Lincoln store on 01522540128 where we can discuss your needs and get you in touch with our Business Development Managers.

Upcoming Wedding?Date published: 23/03/14

Upcoming Wedding?

If you are looking for help/advice regarding the all important refreshments for your big day then contact Majestic Wine Warehouse Lincoln.

You can pop in for a chat with one our expert staff, we will be able to advise you on all our products to suit any budget.

Take advantage of our in store 'Tasting Counter' which always has a wide variety of wines open for you to sample at your leisure.

Once you have decided on the wines for your special day we can further assist you by offering:

- Free glass hire

- Free Chiller bin/ice bucket hire

- Free delivery

Now that is all sorted the only thing we need now is the sun to come out on the day....not so reliable.

See you soon.

Free delivery on any six bottlesDate published: 22/03/14

At Majestic we now offer free delivery on any six (or more) bottles of wine, spirits and fizzies! 

We guarantee delivery within 7 days if we have everything in stock and will try and deliver at a time to suit you.

Call us in store on 01522540128 or order online at www.majestic.co.uk

John's Recommendation: Alamos ChardonnayDate published: 20/03/14

'Rugged, yet refined!'

This terrific Argentinian Chardonnay comes from the rough and rugged foothills of the Andes mountains. Produced by Nicholas Catena (Decanter man of the year 2009), whose family have been creating their wines in Mendoza for over 100 years.

This splendid wine captures many of the key features and components of the area in which it was yielded. It is alive with ripe peaches, pears, apples and stone fruits. However there are also subtle, yet strong aromas and flavours of toast and butter. All in all this Chardonnay exhibits the main characteristics of a Chardonnay but with stunningly simple refinement.

This wine can be enjoyed with a good variety of foods, however a perfect food match to compliment it's toasty qualities would be a rich, creamy pasta. Equally though it can also be enjoyed with grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and fish.

At just £8.99 when you buy at least two bottles as part of a mixed case it is the perfect wine for established Chardonnay drinkers, or those just looking to try a new wine.

Are you a society/club/charity?Date published: 18/03/14

At Majestic Wine in Lincoln we are keen to get out and about (shop gets a bit stuffy after a while) and we frequently travel the county offering our services to help you have a good social occasion or raise a few pound for a cause close to you. 

We provide our time for free, and heavily subsidise the wines that you will be drinking, doing a presentation to suit you (i.e. formal and educational to fun/game show type format). All we ask is there is a venue available and the numbers are between 20-80 ish. 

If you are interested give me a call in store and I'll be happy to go in to more detail what we have to offer....


My Weeknight FavouritesDate published: 16/03/14

Sometimes during the week I fancy an easy meal and a nice glass of wine.  One that's tasty, but won't break the bank.  I now have a good few go-to dinner wine combinations that are simple, delicious and require minimum effort.

Spaghetti Bolognaise with Primitivo

Spag Bol is one of my favourite foods to cook.  I'm not the best chef and this is hard to get wrong - I think that's why!  I think it goes beautifully with Primitivo, a grape indigenous to Italy and the eastern Mediterranean, now more commonly known as Zinfandel. This wine is made by over-ripening the grapes on the vine, then harvesting and fermenting them over a lengthy 20 days, then oak-ageing to create a rich style. My favourite is Surani Costarossa 2011 Primitivo di Manduria.  The hints of sweet spice and full mouth feel make it a great match for Bolognaise.

Oven baked Salmon and Broccoli with Chilean Chardonnay

Oven cooking salmon is really easy so this is a great quick meal for the evenings when I'm lacking time.  Because salmon has quite a lot of flavour it can stand up to a little oak in a Chardonnay.  I love the 120 Chardonnay, the melon and yellow apple are delicious and the finish is soft and clean.  A favourite combination.

Pizza and South African Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot blend

For really lazy evenings I just pop a pizza in the oven and have a nice bottle of Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot.  Aromas of ripe berries and plums beautifully enhanced by silky chocolate and coffee, with finely grained tannins, berry flavours and a complex spicy finish.  All this provides a perfect match to a simple pizza.

What are your favourite weeknight wines? Leave a comment below to share, I'd love to know what you drink on weeknight evenings.

See you soon!

Tasting Events coming upDate published: 13/03/14

As you can see in our events page, over the next 2 months we have many different tasting events coming up. Highlights include a vsiit from The Cheese Society and our big 'Summer Tasting'. Below you can find a quick list of all the upcoming tastings. If you are interested in some of them (or all!) drop us an e-mail/telephone call and we will reserve your place.

Summer Wine Evening -Wednesday 7th May 6.30-9pm

At our big once a year tasting we have everything open from wine to sparkling, spirits to beer. With a wide selection of wines from £6 to £20 open across the evening, call in and and start getting a few ideas for the Summer months ahead. We'll also put out some nibbles and ensure you have a great time!

The Cheese Society meets Majestic Wine - Thursday 27th March 6pm onwards

A relaxed evening in store where we are very pleased to welcome The Cheese Society who are based in Lincoln. They are providing a great selection of cheeses and we'll provide the wines to match. We are asking for a £2 charity donation per ticket in aid of our individual charities for this event, and ask your friends to come along too!

The Wine Course - Friday 28th March 6.30pm

- Thursday 10th April 6.30pm

- Friday 9th May 6.30pm

Over the course of one and a half hours we explore the world of wine, looking at whites, reds, Champagne and dessert wine. Next we try food matching, seeing which combinations work (and more importantly which don't!). Aimed at people who are either new to wine, or wanting to learn a little bit more we ensure a balance between being educational and having a good evening.

Saturday Spotlight Tastings - Saturday 5th April 12pm and 3pm (Spain)

- Saturday 3rd May 12pm and 3pm (Chile)

A relaxed look at 6-8 wines around the tasting counter where we compare similar styles or those from the same country. Plenty to try and a great way to spend part of your Saturday afternoon.

In addition we have several themed tasting weeks where we will have a selection of wines from the selected country open to try throughout the duration.

Spanish Tasting Week (4th April - 10th April)

Chile Tasting Week (2nd May - 8th May)

01522 540128 / lin@majestic.co.uk

Ned Ned Ned!Date published: 13/03/14

Wine of the Week

The Ned, Marlborough, New Zealand, 2013

'The wine that symbolises Majestic'

This fantastically popular wine comes from the founder of Wither Hills, Brent Marris. Much acclaimed, last year he won Decanters producer of the year and always manages to find just what we are looking for in a bottle. It is named after 'The Ned', a mountain nearly 1000m above sea level that looks out over the region.

Classically associated with gooseberry flavours the 2013 vintage is just a touch more subtle, and better for it. Combined with citrus and passionfruit flavours, it has a refreshing feel about it doesn't look out of place at a dinner table or back garden whilst enjoying the sun.

At £6.99 when you buy at least two this is not to be missed, as the offer finishes on Monday.  As one customer said to me recently "Need to make sure your cupboard is full of the essentials, eggs, bread and Ned!"

Have the craic this Saint Patrick's Day!Date published: 11/03/14

Hello Majestic customers, or as they say in the Emerald Isle 'Dia Duit!'. As you may or may not be aware Monday 17th of March is Saint Patrick's day. The event will be celebrated across Ireland, England, America and many other places this coming weekend. The Guiness will be consumed by the barrel load and the craic will be flowing.

Why not join in with one of the greatest national days in the world and drink some of the black stuff yourself? Down here at Majestic we have 12 cans of Ireland's most famous export at the fantastic price of £17.49. This works out at just £1.46 per can and represents superb value. So get out the green, have the craic and make sure you stock up on Guiness from Majestic Lincoln.


Hurry - New Deals on the Pick 'n' Mix for ONE WEEK ONLY!Date published: 11/03/14

In celebration of the sunny weather, we've added another 9 wines onto the fantastic Pick 'n' Mix offer!

These additional offers are:

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc - was £10.49 NOW £6.99

Chateau Meaume - was £9.99 NOW £6.66

Gavi Montiero - was 8.99 NOW £5.99
Vina Eguia Reserva - was £9.99 NOW £6.66
Vina Eguia Gran Reserva - was £13.49 NOW £8.99
Nicolas Feuillatte NV - was £25.00 NOW £16.66
Veuve Clicquot NV - was £45.00 NOW £29.98
Prosecco Corte Alta - was £9.99 NOW £6.66
Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc - was £12.49 NOW £8.33

These offers are only on for a week so pop in and get them whilst you can!

wine of the Week - Peter Lehman ShirazDate published: 04/03/14

Peter Lehman 2011, Barossa Valley


(When you buy 2 or more bottles a part of a mixed case, saving £4)

This Shiraz from the Lehman estate has previously won a Decanter award for its quality. It's sourced from the best vineyards in the region, and has been aged in a combination of American and French oak, which contributes to its complexity of flavors.

This wine literally wraps itself around every corner of your mouth, full of that classic Aussie Shiraz taste. Plum, dark chocolate, mocha and a deep blackcurrant core are wrapped in a smooth, warming wine. Make the most of the cold nights we are expecting with this great wine!

Would partner peppery meat dishes perfectly.

New arrival to our 33% off deals...Date published: 26/02/14

From today for one week our best Malbec wines are on offer at 33% off, these include...

-Callia Bella £5.99

- Portillo Malbec £6.66

- Alamos malbec £6.66

-Vinalba Reserva £7.99

We have a selection open to try in store, and my personal favourite, the Alamos, is not one to be missed (especially as from Tuesday it will be £9.99!).

If you can't find your favourite Malbec online don't hesitate in calling us and we will do our best to source it for you.

Team Lincoln

A successful wedding fayreDate published: 24/02/14

As some of you lucky people may already know, we recently had a stall at a wedding fayre at The Showroom on Tritton Road. There was a huge selection of fantastic wedding ideas to be taken from the event whether it be beautiful dress designs, show stopping cakes or musical enjoyment in the form of a very elegant singer and a harp player. 

Whatever theme you may decide upon for your wedding, the one thing that I'm sure each and every one of you will agree is that wine is a necessity for your big day. Regardless of personal tastes, budgets etc we really do have something to suit everybody and our policies in regards to sale and return, expert advice from our friendly staff and free delivery throughout the UK means that the service we provide really is unbeatable.

If you want further information on what we have to offer call our team in Lincoln on 01522 540128, email lin@majestic.co.uk or feel free to drop in to store for an informal chat.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Another wine courseDate published: 24/02/14

Our wine courses are proving so popular that we are already fully booked for the following two. Luckily we've managed to squeeze in another date on Friday 28th March. It is completely free of charge and allows you to sample various wines from around the world, gives you a bit of information about how to taste wine 'like a professional' and also gives you some basic and wine matching samples. Book soon to avoid disappointment.

Some new products to get us excited...Date published: 22/02/14

There has been several new products that have come in the Majestic range over the past few weeks so there's plenty to get us excited and keep us going with some well deserved wine tasting. 

Just a couple of examples that I have personally really enjoyed are the El Rescatado Albarin (Spanish white) and the El Patito Feo (Spanish red).

Why not come in yourself to check out all the new products available and see what takes your fancy?

Bargain BouquetDate published: 20/02/14

With so many wines to choose from in store where do you start making your selection? Look no further than our bargain bouquet selection which demonstrates that you don't need to spend a fortune to get a great quality wine. With plenty to choose from, both reds and white there's something to keep everybody happy.

Here's just a few of the fantastic things we have to offer:

Torres Vina Sol £5.99

Mont Saint Jean Corbieres £5.99

Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc £5.99

Yali Cabernet Carmenere £5.99

There's also plenty of fantastic offers withing each country so why not pop in to store and grab a bargain?

Wine CourseDate published: 19/02/14

Our wine courses are filling up very quickly, just a quick note to say we have 4 places left for Friday 28th Feb, with March being full. Completely free, call or e-mail for further details or to book your place.

Online ParcelDate published: 19/02/14

For those of you who have missed our recent online parcel this is just to highlight it quickly and assure you as of this moment we still have stock. From Hawkes Bay in New Zealand which is renowned for Cabernet and Syrah comes Delegat's wines, in a range of vintages and blends, at VERY good prices. Not to be missed!

A welcome to new additions...Date published: 18/02/14

In the next couple of weeks we welcome Alice and John to our team, and hope you are able to call in soon to meet them! We have a lot of tastings being arranged at the moment which will give everyone plenty of chance to meet and greet, and of course to try some fantastic wine at the same time. Watch this space....

Wedding FayreDate published: 18/02/14

This Thursday (20th) we will be exhibiting at a local wedding fayre, and for all those brides to be out there we welcome you along to this free event. Beginning at 6pm till 9pm it is held at the Showground, Tritton Road LN67QY. Any queries don't hesitate to get in touch, and look forward to seeing you

Pick n Mix - Lee's ChoiceDate published: 18/02/14

Despite having a fantastic selection of Malbec's on this 33% off, don't be frightened to look outside of Argentina. The Montes Reseva from Chile at £6.66 still offers that full-ish round style, with the soft fruit of the Alamos but with a but more spice. All our Pick N Mix offers finish 30th march, so pleanty of time to try a couple, and still come back!

Wine of the WeekDate published: 30/01/14

Wine of The Week

Yalumba Y-Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, South Australia

Yalumba is a winery that goes back generations producing quality wines without having to pay the Earth for it. Always a producer that majestic staff have been happy to recommended, this new addition is no less inspiring.

The Cabernet is sourced from South Australia, primarily the world famous Barossa Valley. The label depicts the scarecrow, a figure that guards over the grapes and is their 'guardian of abundance'.

Vegan and vegetarian friendly a third of this wine has been aged in oak giving it a well balanced, smooth style.

Flavours of blackcurrant, chocolate, violets and red fruit give it a lively nature, with supple tannins all hidden within a deep crimson red.

£7.99 when you buy at least two Australian wines saving 20%

Single bottle price £9.99

STOP PRESS! Date published: 21/01/14

Marques de Riscal, the much loved and often sold wine is on offer for just two more weeks at £9.99, and after that it is reverting £14.99. Smooth and soft, this is a wine worth stocking up on!

Lincoln Staff's Favourite Fine WinesDate published: 20/01/14

We have been looking at which fine wines we like the most here, and have come up with a very attractive selection:

- Two Hands Angels Share Shiraz - A really intense velvety wine with a bouquet of black cherry, cocoa and coffee reminiscent of a black forest gateau we thought.

- The Chocolate Block - A gorgeous intense South African red with hints of coffee, cocoa, tobacco and cedar

- Clos de l'Oratoire CNDP - A rich wine from the Rhone with lots of ripe fruit on the nose and palate, even better when decanted and allowed time to open up.

- Cloudy Bay Chardonnay - A big complex wine with flavours of citrus and a hint of toasty butterscotch.

- Meerlust Merlot - A really tasty South African red that goes incredibly well with grilled red meat. Lovely

- Ch. Coufran - Soft tannins with flavours of bramble and ripe plum. Great with firm cheeses

- Ch. Senejac - Black fruit, coffee with well integrated tannins which are good now, but would be amazing in 10 years time

- Saint-Veran "les crais" - A clean, crisp example of a Burgundian Chardonnay with a great minerality and refinement. 

Wine of the Week: Striking French ViognierDate published: 20/01/14

Striking French Viognier


(When you buy 2 or more bottles a part of a mixed case)

Grape variety- Viognier

This is a Southern French wine, produced by Jean-Claude Mas. It is partially fermented in oak to add richness.

It is pale gold in colour, when swirled around the glass it produces thick legs that streak all the way down. On the nose it has ripe peach and apricots with a slight toasty, vanilla hint (oak). On the palate the nose is supported with a blast of stone fruit and a hint of vanilla on the aftertaste. The finish is long and slightly creamy. All in all, a very pleasant wine.

At £7.99 it is a bargain.

Sherry should be for life, not just for ChristmasDate published: 20/01/14

For quite a few decades now sherry seems to have been regarded as being unfashionable and labeled by many people as 'too sweet'.

In reality however sherry comes in a range of styles to suit all palates. It has extremely complex flavours which to me make it one of the most underrated and therefore best value products on the market.

The flavours of a dry sherry can range from a salty style which is perfect to accompany cured meats and olives, to nutty, dried fruit and burnt caramel flavours that match up well with rich, fatty foods such as pork and creamy cheeses.

The sweeter Pedro Ximinez style sherry then goes to the far extreme of tasting almost like an extremely concentrated raisin syrup. This can work extremely well dark chocolate, blue cheeses or as a topping for vanilla ice cream...Delicious!

Fine wine at house wine pricesDate published: 17/01/14

It seems strange in concept that we all regularly concede £20+ for a bottle of wine in a bar or restaurant, fully aware that this has a huge mark up on it, yet we think of this as a large amount to pay per bottle when doing our weekly wine shop. 

Why not make staying in the new going out and enjoy a fantastic bottle of wine in the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that every penny you have spent is reflected in the quality of the wine you are drinking. 

For merely the price you would spend on a bottle of house wine, we have a huge range of stunning wines that will make you feel every bit as special as the wine you are drinking.

Why not come and speak to our expert staff and see about finding the perfect bottle for you? 

Planning a Wedding? Some helpful information...Date published: 17/01/14

Here at Majestic we know how stressful planning a wedding can be and we hope that through our excellent service we can help eliminate the stress element in at least one area of your planning.

Here are some of the many services we offer in store:

- Free advice on quantities needed to cater for a party of any size

- Free advice from our expert staff on which wines may be most suitable for you

- The option to sample various wines on our tasting counter

- Free price estimates

- Free delivery on your order at a date and time to suit you anywhere throughout the UK

- Free glass hire service

- option of sale and return on any wine purchased

To take advantage of all these fantastic services simply come in to store, send us an email or alternatively call us for an informal chat.

01522 540128


South of France Tasting WeekendDate published: 15/01/14

Beginning Friday we are opening a range of Southern French wines for your enjoyment on the tasting counter. A combination of classic Majestic wines (Corbieres), some unusual ones (a 100% Mouvedre red win) and one of my favourite grapes, Viognier to name but a few. This will run until Monday, hopefully see you soon...!

Some unusual food and wine combinations for the adventurous Date published: 14/01/14

If you are wanting to try some new, more unusual combinations then look no further. There are plenty here to start you off and kick start your adventurous streak....

Why not try Gammon with a Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris? If you generally like the sweet and salty combination then this may well become a new favourite for you. Not necessarily the obvious choice but one I found extremely interesting and as someone who usually enjoys sweet and savoury together I felt that this actually worked pretty well.

Scampi or battered fish with Picpoul. Picpoul is a Southern French, refeshing style white wine with classic flavours of citrus fruit and green apple. The citrus kick works perfectly with the flavours of the fish whilst the acidity in the wine helps to cut through the grease in the batter.

Blue cheese with a sweet desert wine. Definitely a marmite combination in that some people love it and others hate it but this sweet and salty combination can be really amazing if it's something you appreciate.

Haggis or black pudding dishes with an aged bottle of Rioja. Preferably a Gran Reserva style to give off more of the classic savoury notes that can be found here.

Wine of the Week - Grifone Montepulciano d'AbruzzoDate published: 14/01/14

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2012 Grifone


(When you buy 2 or more bottles a part of a mixed case)

Grape variety- Montepulciano

This medium weight Italian red offers a palate of sweet red fruit, driven predominently by red cherry and hints of strawberry.

The soft tannis combined with the straighforward, simplistic nature of this wine make it perfect as a wine to be drunk on its own or to accompany simple grilled meats such as pork or venison.

At £5.99 it is the perfect combination of excellent value with quality to match. A real party favourite!!

Wines to match classic winter dishesDate published: 11/01/14

Steak and Ale Pie - This hearty dish should be enjoyed with an equally hearty and rich red such as an Argentinian Malbec or a big Aussie Shiraz.

Lamb Mousaka - Perfect with Rioja. The rich oaky vanilla notes in the wine stand up perfectly to the richness of the lamb yet is fruity enough to work perfectly with both the tomato based sauce in this dish.

Chicken and Dumplings - If it's white you're after than why not try a lightly oaked chardonnay to show off both the rich taste and texture of the dumplings whilst balancing the simplicity of the chicken with delicate and fresh citrus fruit.

Sausage Casserole - Fantastic combined with a medium/full weight Rhone blend with plenty of peppery spice in the background. 

Lee's Bargain Hunt Pick - La Plata SauvignonDate published: 11/01/14

Ok, so an Argentinian Sauvignon isn't the first wine that would spring to mind, but when i add it's £4.66 from nearly £7, and a pretty good wine at that, then people stand up and take note. We still have some in stock, and for a good versatile quaffing wine it is not to be missed. Light and refreshing with notes of citrus and melon.

Regional Education: PomerolDate published: 07/01/14

Pomerol is one of the smallest appellations in Bordeaux; its wines (quite rightly) hold mythical status. The names here produce only a fraction of its neighbours in Medoc and St-Emilion and the demand is extremely high....as such, a bottle from a great vintage will probably set you back a few months wages (if not more!). Pomerol's location means that Cab Sauv doesnt ripen as well as in St-Emilion, however, it does mean that the Merlot produced is the finest in the world!

The wines as bursting with sweet fruit wrapped in an overcoat of velvety tannins unlike any other wine!

The soil varieties vary throughout the appellation, but the best wines in the region are from an area called Crasse de fer which is on a plateau to the north of Catusseau (there is no village of Pomerol). Chateaux Petrus is from this area – it is rumoured that during the 1991 late-spring frost, a helicopter hovered over their vines to keep the air moving and protect the shoots.

Quality in Pomerol is high and very labour intensive to produce higher quality, as with Chateau Le Pin which only produces 500 cases from 2 hectares of vines.

Regional Education: St-EmilionDate published: 05/01/14

On an escarpment above the right bank of the Dordogne sits arguably one of France's most beautiful and photogenic towns, St-Emilion. From the town's square at the foot of the beautiful bell tower you can sit and eat lunch looking across a sea of pink rooftops to a seemingly endless vista of vineyards. The town is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Wine from this area was first classified in 1955 and the list is revised every ten years. In 2006, 61 chateaux were classified Grand Cru Classe, of which 13 are Premier Grand Cru Classe B and 2 are Premier Grand Cru Classe A. This was the most convoluted in the regions history and aprked many law suits and no estate was permitted to use the term Premier Grand Cru Classe for that vintagenot even Ausone or Cheval Blanc!! However after a long legal battle, this restriction was lifted in 2007 by the French High Court.

The 2012 classification stands as follows:

Premier Grand Cru Classe (A):

Chateau Ausone

Chateau Chevel Blanc

Chateau Angelus

Chateau Pavie

Premier Grand Cru Classe (B)

2012 promotions are marked with an asterisk

Château Beauséjour (héritiers Duffau-Lagarrosse)

Château Beau-Séjour-Bécot

Château Bélair-Monange

Château Canon

Château Canon la Gaffelière*

Château Figeac

Clos Fourtet

Château la Gaffelière

Château Larcis Ducasse*

La Mondotte*

Château Pavie Macquin

Château Troplong Mondot

Château Trottevieille

Château Valandraud*

Grand Cru Classe

*2012 promotions marked with an asterisk

Château l’Arrosée
Château Balestard la Tonnelle
Château Barde-Haut*
Château Bellefont-Belcier
Château Bellevue
Château Berliquet
Château Cadet-Bon
Château Capdemourlin
Château le Chatelet*
Château Chauvin
Château Clos de Sarpe*
Château la Clotte
Château la Commanderie*
Château Corbin
Château Côte de Baleau*
Château la Couspaude
Château Dassault
Château Destieux
Château la Dominique
Château Faugères* 
Château Faurie de Souchard

Château la Marzelle
Château Monbousquet
Château Moulin du Cadet
Clos de l’Oratoire
Château Pavie Decesse
Château Peby Faugères*
Château Petit Faurie de Soutard
Château de Pressac*
Château le Prieuré
Château Quinault l’Enclos*
Château Ripeau
Château Rochebelle*

Château Saint-Georges-Cote-Pavie
Clos Saint-Martin
Château Sansonnet*
Château la Serre
Château Soutard
Château Tertre Daugay (Quintus)
Château la Tour Figeac
Château Villemaurine
Château Yon-Figeac

To make things more confusing, many wines are awarded Grand Cru. This classification is essentially a completely separate appellation. The producers in this area must make their wine 0.5% higher in alcohol and make less of it than basic St-Emilion. they are deemed to be of lesser standard but still reach a certain level of quality, subject to alcohol levels, yield restrictions and tasting.

There are also the St-Emilion satellites of St-Georges, Puisseguin, Montagne and Lussac, which are not as well rounded as its siblings further up the road in the St-Emilion appellation, but they are significantly cheaper and great value for money. 

Wine of the WeekDate published: 04/01/14

Marquis de Belleville 2011, Bordeaux Supérieur

A classic Majestic wine, and a firm favourite among staff and customers alike this wine is as good value now as it was when we first started stocking it. Matured for twelve months in oak (as per Bordeaux regulations for wines holding the AOC appellation) it is made from grapes sourced from smaller Châteaux's and expertly blended.

Softer than some other typical Bordeaux wines, it is primarily fruit driven with a core of berry, plum and blackcurrant flavours. Well balanced tannins and ample length means this wine punches above its price tag, and will drink well with or without food.

A great all round quaffing claret, ideal with simple, rustic cuisine.

£5.99 when you buy at least two bottles, single bottle price £7.99

Regional Education: MédocDate published: 28/12/13

When I hear the name "Médoc" it conjures distant memories of tasting Margaux, Mouton-Rothschild and Latour with my dad as a child when we were on family holidays in the late 90's and early 2000's. This star-studded peninsular just north of Bordeaux has been a dominant power in the wine world for almost two centuries! You can drive down the tree lined roads and marvel at the phenomenal architecture of the chateaus and immaculate vines as far as the eye can see. Because unlike a lot of iconic wine growing areas, the Médoc is pretty much flat!  However, the slightest of bumps in the land gives rise to minute micro-climates that create very subtle style changes.

Wines from the Médoc are blended reds, with Cabernet Sauvignon being the iconic dominant grape in the blend, with Merlot. Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc are used also, like a chef may use herbs, to add variety to the flavour of a wine. Every producer has their own style, and the producers with the best "terroir" command the higher price tags. 

The area is split into two bits; paradoxically one is called the Médoc and the other is the Haut-Médoc, with the latter producing the most superior. This is due to better soil with some gravel and better drainage. The stones on the surface reflect sunlight and assist in the ripening of the grapes, the vines in this area are trained low to increase this affect. The soil in the area is ideal for Cab Sauv which puts down deep roots allowing the older vines to produce fruit that is very full of flavour.

The proximity of Margaux, St-Julien, Paulliac and St-Estephe to the Gironde river protects them from harsh winter climate and as the Gironde is an estuary, the breeze that comes up it from the Atlantic, protects the vineyards from frost.

As with most of Bordeaux, the conditions, the soil, the area and the history greatly affect the price of the wine and it would take me hours to write down a full article about this area. I have tried to keep it brief with only a few subjects. 

If you would like to know more, call in store and I would be more than happy to talk about it some more. 

Deliveries before ChristmasDate published: 22/12/13

If you are needing a last minute delivery before Christmas we still have space for Monday if you order this evening/tonight (Sunday 22nd) in the following postcode areas; 







and if we don't see you before have a very Merry Christmas from all the Majestic Lincoln team!

Regional Education: England Date published: 21/12/13

Although wine has been imported to Britain for over 2000 years, the Romans did cultivate successful vineyards in the south. But over the lst few decades, the noticeable rise in Global temperature has allowed for greater production. This began in the 50's  with Guy Salisbury-Jones who planted vines at his Hambledon vineyard. Since then over 400 producers have sprung up as far north as Leeds & Doncaster but also into South West Wales. The still wines produced are getting better in quality, but it is the sparkling wines that are really turning heads the world over. 

At Majestic we stock Chapel Down and Nyetimber both from Kent. The soil type has been proven to be almost identical to the Chalk soils in Champagne as the Chalk layer runs under the English Channel and into Kent. The climate is also similar which leads to some brilliant wines made from Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs has proved extremely popular and along with their Classic Cuvee, they really do put up a strong opposition to Champagne. 

At Majestic we stock Nyetimber's Classic Cuvee, Blanc de Blancs, Rose and Demi Sec. We stock Chapel Down's Brut, Pinot Reserve, Brut Rose, English Rose and their beers; Curious Brew and Curious IPA which are both superb!

Regional Education: LebanonDate published: 21/12/13

Wine has been produced in the area for thousands of years, harking back to ancient Phoenician and Roman times. But today only a handful of fine wine producers remain in the Bekaa valley a fertile sunny valley situated 25 miles east of Beirut.They have built up a reputation of making great wines even after 20 some years of civil wars in the region. The best producers are at around 1000m growing varieties like Cab Sauv and Cinsault. Serge Hochar from Chateau Musar is one of these producers, and you can purchase his Reds, White and Rose from all Majestic stores. Also Chateau Ksara and Kefraya are two other great producers; unfortunately they are not available from us. 

No vintage is ever the same as the last, with the weather sometimes being quite hostile toward the grape. The flavours produced in the fertile soils and humid clime are very intense and are suitable for cellaring, the alcohol is generally not above 14.5%.

If you see any of these wines, they are unlikey to be priced at anything lower than £15, with the Musar commanding anything from £20 up to £50-60 a bottle on certain vintages. 

Chateau Musar - A Christmas treatDate published: 21/12/13

Chateau Musar

As seen on BBC Two's “12 Drinks of Christmas”

Although you may not think about wine when you think about the Middle East, but that is where wine began! Some of the most amazing wines you may never try are from this area of the world!

Buy this wine and you are 100% letting yourself in for a treat. As soon as you put it in your mouth there is an explosion of flavour. This wine exudes beautiful Christmassy aromas of cinnamon, prunes and other sweet spice along with the classic earthy and leathery notes which are typical of the area. The palate has firm tannins that stand up to the most heavily flavoured foods and a great acidity that pairs well with North African foods in particular.

The wine is a blend of Cab Sauv, Cinsault and Carignan

Bearing in mind, the Chateau only produces a fairly small amount of wine each vintage, the cost is bound to be fairly high because it is very sought after the world over! Believe me, this is a steal for the quality on offer within the bottle...


(no offer; meaning you can buy 1 on its own without missing out on any deal)

Christmas food and wine pairing...Date published: 21/12/13

Confused about what to have for Christmas? Scan over these ideas....


Red – Something lighter like Pinot Noir. Try L'Aigle from Gerard Bertrand at £9.99 (buy 2 or more)

White – A lovely minerally white Burgundy like the Macon-Villages from Cave de Lugny at £6.99 (buy 2 or more)


Red – Try something packed with flavour to stand up to the salty Ham. Try a Grenache like the El Chaparal at £8.49 (buy 2 or more)

White – Try a zingy new world Sauvignon Blanc like The Ned at £6.99 (buy 2 or more)


Lobster – Champagne. Try Ruinart Brut for its elegance. £35

Crab – Riesling. Try Ayler Kupp for zingy off dry flavours. £8.99

Scallops – Gruner Veltliner. Try Weissenkirchen for it beautiful textures and complexity. £8.99

Mussels – Muscadet. Try Chateau de Cleray for its light but flavourful palate. £8.99

Oysters – Chablis. Try Chablis Vocoret 1er Cru for its refined acidity and crisp palate. £14.99

Still not sure? Call in store, tweet us, email or give us a ring on 01522 540128

Wine of the week!Date published: 19/12/13

Portillo Malbec 2012 Bodegas Salentein, Mendoza


(when you buy 2 or more)




Bodegas Salentein has one of the largest cool-climate estates in Argentina, with 2000ha of vines, at up to 1700m above sea level. Their Malbec is grown at around 1050m.

This multi-award-winning wine recently won Decanter's 'Best Argentinian Malbec under £10' trophy.


A really intense red-purple colour, with an equally intense nose of plums and black fruit. It is round and full on the palate, delivering masses of ripe blackberry held together by lush tannins.

When are we in your area to deliver before Xmas?Date published: 15/12/13

If you're yet to order your Christmas wine and you're worried that you've missed out on free delivery in time for Christmas than worry no more, you still have time. Below is an outline of

Tuesday 17th & Friday 20th December - We will be covering Market Rasen, Grimsby, Skegness, Boston and everything in between.

Wednesday 18th December - We will be covering west of Boston down almost as far as Grantham and up beyond Newark.

Thursday 19th December - We will be covering Scunthorpe, Epworth, Gainsborough, Retford and all surrounding areas.

For any deliveries over the weekend or in Christmas week please contact the store and we will try our best to get out to you where possible!

In Store Tasting Counter this ChristmasDate published: 12/12/13

With only two weekends until Christmas we are filling up our tasting counter with a real range, in particular over the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Every weekend we will have at least one Fine Wine open to try, and every Saturday we will be opening a Champagne for you to enjoy, beginning with Pol Roger this weekend. This will of course be in addition to the usual array of New Zealand Sauvignon's, Chilean Merlot's and classic Bordeauxs, so take advantage and call in to try!

Like Fine Wine?Date published: 06/12/13

Tomorrow (Saturday 7th December) we will have open SIX Fine Wines from around the globe to try all day, with free tutored tastings at 12 and 3pm. This is where I normally go in to detail about my favourite, and the differrent styles, but instead I think I'll leave it there. If that isn't enough to tempt you in then nothing is!

Delivery ScheduleDate published: 05/12/13

Currently our delivery schedule is really picking up for Christmas, you may have seen Pete our driver tootling around Lincolnshire, from Boston to Scunthorpe, Skegness to Retford 7 days a week. Due to the increase in orders and our desire to get them out as quickly as we can the normal weekly route has been expanded, and we now visit most areas at least three times per week, meaning you wait even less time for your wine. As we get closer to Christmas inevitably we will be getting busier so the best advice is if you know you want an order close to Christmas, book as early as possible to ensure we will make it to you. If in doubt drop us an e-mail or telephone call and we will be more than happy to help. And don't forget, if you see our van about don't forget to wave!

Ned Ned NedDate published: 05/12/13

Majestic's favorite wine is back on offer at £6.99, and it couldn't be more popular if we were giving it away. A classic Marlborough taste that one comes to expect from such a wine, with a prominent nose and palate of fresh gooseberry (although slightly more subtle this vintage compared to last). We fortunately have a lot in store, so see you soon for all your Ned needs!

Winter Wine EveningDate published: 28/11/13

Tonight is our annual Winter Wine Evening, beginning at 6.30 and fininshing approximatley 8.30. with lots of wines/spirits/Port/Sherry and Sparkling to try, why not pop in and say hi? Just call/e-mail ourselves beforehand so we can keep an eye on numbers, and for thoes of you already signed up....see you le soir!

Lee's ChoiceDate published: 21/11/13

Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2011, Nicolas Potel

Red Burgundy doesn't come any better than this for under £10. Nicolas Potel's reputation for producing great quality wines remains in tact after this classic Pinot Noir produced wine.

From old vines, mostly from Cote d'Or region within Burgundy, it is wine that expresses its terroir through the typical light fruit flavours one would come to expect. Blackcurrent, strawberry and raspberries notes are enclosed within supple tannins that have a embracing softness about them.

Enjoy with, well, what else other than a Turkey at this time of the year!

£8.99 when you buy two, single botttle price £12.99

Wine of the weekDate published: 13/11/13

The Lodge Hill Riesling 2013 Jim Barry, Clare Valley

£9.99 (when you buy 2 or more)




The late Jim Barry was one of the pioneers of winemaking in the Clare Valley. Purchased by Jim Barry in 1977, The Lodge Hill vineyard is one of the higher sites in the area, making it relatively cool and ideal for producing the steely style of Riesling typical of Clare.


Straw coloured with green hues. Rich and lifted aromas of citrus fruit, nectarine and kumquat. Firm, zingy natural acidity on the palate, supporting flavours of white peach and mandarin orange.

Would go beautifully with scallops

Seasonal Food & Wine Matching...Date published: 13/11/13

Hello country folk! As most of you will be aware, we are well into Pheasant, Partridge and Grouse shooting season; so i thought it apt to give you some guidance on what wine you could match with game.

For pheasant try a Pinot Noir from Burgundy, treat yourself to a lovely Beaune 1er Cru!

For Grouse (depending on how you have it) try a New World Pinot Noir or even a French Syrah

For Partridge try a richer New world Shiraz.

This is obviously a suggestion and may not compliment some flavours used in a dish, so just think about the ingredients you're using and try to match the wine to that! These meats are fairly rich in flavour so you need a wine that will not be overpowered, but at the same time not destroying the flavour of the meat.

If you have any questions of queries, call me in store on 01522 540128, or tweet us @majesticlincoln

Winter Tastings coming up...Date published: 08/11/13

Over November and December we are holding many FREE tasting events of different sizes where are all welcome. As it fills up quite quickly, all we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible so we can reserve you a place.

Winter Wine Evening -Thursday 28th November 6.30-8.30

At our big, once a year tasting, we have everything open from Port to sparkling, spirits to Sherry. With a wide selection of wines from £6 to £20 open across the evening, call in at your leisure and start getting a few ideas for Christmas. We'll also put out some nibbles and ensure you have a great time!

The Wine Course - Sunday 1st December 3pm

Over the course of one and a half hours we explore the world of wine, looking at whites, reds, Champagne and dessert wine. Next we try food matching, seeing which combinations work (and more importantly which don't!). Aimed at people who are either new to wine, or wanting to learn a little bit more we ensure a balance between being educational and having a good evening. In addition to it being free you'll also receive a £10 voucher for next time you call in.

Saturday Spotlight Tastings - Saturday 23rd November 12pm and 3pm

- Saturday 7th December 12pm and 3pm

A relaxed look at 6 wines around the tasting counter where we compare similar styles or those from the same country. Plenty to try and a great way to spend part of your Saturday afternoon.

In addition we have several themed tasting weeks where we will have a selection of wines from the selected country open to try throughout the duration.

Chilean Tasting Week (15th November - 21st November)

Rhone & Burgundy Tasting Week (22nd - 28th November)

Australia and New Zealand tasting Week (29th November - 5th December)

Bordeaux Tasting Week (6th December - 16th December)

Pick n Mix - Lee's ChoiceDate published: 31/10/13

Sainstbury Chardonnay 2010, Carneros California
Since 1981 Saintsbury has been strongly influenced by the wines of Burgundy, with a dash of Oak in a world that is trying to avoid it for reasons beyond me. A wine for all those who love a 'proper' Chardonnay here is a £20 wine available for little over £13.
Barrel Fermented in 25% new French oak  and aged sur lie for 8 months, this is a producer that isn't shy to get as much flavour characteristics as possible, even stirring the barrels to increase yeast contact. 
Melon, apriocot and pear are beautifully balanced with spicy oak characters, vanilla and a nutty finish. Creamy soft, a must try for all Chardonnay fans.

£13.32 when you buy two, single bottle £19.99

Wine of the Week Gieson ChardonnayDate published: 27/10/13

Gieson Chardonnay 2012, Marlborough

£9.99 or £7.99 when you buy 2 or more

This fantastic value New Zealand Chardonnay is deeply golden in colour and displays beautiful aromas of stone fruit and delicate oak.

These fresh stone fruit characters follows through to the palate where they are met with lashings of creamy vanilla, brioche and a subtle backdrop of ginger.

This wine is perfectly balanced and would be the ideal accompaniment to any cream based poultry dish such as chicken a la crème.

Star Buy - Alamos Malbec, New ZealandDate published: 22/10/13

When people thing of Argentinian Malbec, this is the wine they are thinking of!

From the world renowned Mendoza region comes this fantastic wine that is slowly becoming a firm favourite among staff and customers alike. At the foot of the Andes where the intense sunshine and fresh mountain water combine creates a perfect terroir for Argentina’s signature grape variety.

A soft smooth style which oozes fruit of blackberry’s cherries and dried raisiny fruit. Very well balanced with silky tannins helping it go down just a bit too easily.

What else do you match it with?! A good piece of steak or beef this Saturday night and you will wish for nothing more....

£6.99 when you buy two

single bottle £9.99

Wine of the WeekDate published: 18/10/13

Côtes du Rhône Belleruche 2011, M. Chapoutier

With only 1 week left of this fantastic offer, this is a must try wine.

The Chapoutier family have produced wines in the Rhône Valley since 1808. Michel Chapoutier, currently in charge, has combined tradition with a dynamic, creative approach and makes some of the best wines of the region. 
A superb wine with rich aromas of dark fruit, earthy minerals and spice. Soft and round on the palate with smooth tannins, rich blackberry and cherry fruit, hints of liquorice and a substantial finish. This wine can be enjoyed over the next several years and will superbly partner most rich meat dishes. 
Buy 2 bottles save £4 - £7.99 a bottle! (single bottle £9.99)

Coney Pizzicto Pinot NoirDate published: 20/09/13

For our 3rd Friday of autum magic we have the Coney Pizzicato Pinot Noir from New Zealand open to try.

25% off South AfricanDate published: 18/09/13

offer ends 23-9-13 so don't miss out a this great deal..

TGI Friday!!Date published: 13/09/13

Its the weekend, so come and see us. #comeandexplore #lovetheSB

Wine of the Week: Conde de San Cristobal Ribera del Duero 2010Date published: 12/09/13

Conde de San Cristobal 2010 Ribera del Duero


*when you buy any other Spanish wine

Take advantage of our 20% off Spanish wines offer with this delicious wine from the Ribera del Duero region of Spain.

The 80-hectare Conde de San Cristobal estate is the 'daughter bodega' of Marques de Vargas. Its wines are made using traditional techniques, but combine native and international grape varieties, in the modern signature style of Ribera del Duero.

A rich, generous yet elegant wine, displaying intense flavours of ripe blackcurrant and summer fruits, accented with hints of exotic spice. Plush and silky, with a long, involving finish.

Like its Spanish amigo Rioja, this wine would match perfectly with roast lamb dishes.

Under Dog Atlantic lager now in stockDate published: 11/09/13

Under Dog Atalntic lager is now in stock, we have it open to try on teh tasting counter.

£12.99 per 6 x 335ml Cans

Six AMAZING new deals ( until 23rd Sept)Date published: 11/09/13

Grifone Montepulciano D'Abruzzo @ £4.99

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc @ £5.99

Prosecco Zonin @ £6.66

Piper Heidsieck NV @ £19.99

Heidsieck Gold Top 2007 @ £17.99

Nicolas Feuillate NV @ £15.99

Wine of the weekDate published: 05/09/13

Alamos Chardonnay 2012 Catena, Mendoza £6.99

Chardonnay is the wine that everyone wants to produce and the Argentines are no exception. Alamos is produced by Nicolás Catena, Decanter Man of the Year 2009, and focuses on ripe, varietal fruit.


This wine displays a stunning array of ripe peach, pear and apple flavours which marry harmoniously with toasty oak.

Try this with creamy pasta dishes, poultry or fish.

Autumn magic of fine wineDate published: 02/09/13

This Friday we continue our weekly "magic of fine wine" with the Beaune 1er Cru, Louis Jadot. So please pop in and enjoy this corking wine with us.

Madeira: the indestructable wineDate published: 29/08/13

Madeira started life as a completely different product, but due to long sea voyages in the hot, humid bowls of ships, changed in taste; effectively, the wine was baked in the barrel. This new product was much more popular than the original, and that is how it has stayed. The ship conditions are replicated by storing the barrels in the attics of the Madeira houses for months and years. So, now, you can leave the bottle open forever (if you can resist it) and it would still be fine. It is the perfect accompaniment with rich desserts, or to soak a Christmas pudding nom nom nom

Wine tailored to your personal needsDate published: 29/08/13

There are several pre-packed mixed cases of wine displayed on the majestic webiste which can be ordered at any time throughout the year. If however you want to put together a more specific selection in order to be a bit more personal as a gift or simply because you fancy trying something new and don't know what to go for, why not ask one of our expert staff for advice? All Majestic staff are expertly trained and are more than happy to help in order to ensure you go away with a slection you're happy with. Simply give us an idea of what sort of wines you usually enjoy and from there we can make recommendations for things that we think you should also like. There's nothing worse than getting to the end of a long week at work and getting home to that long awaited glass or two of wine and finding that the wine you've selected isn't to your taste. If on the odd occasion you do take a few bottles of something and it's not quite what you were hoping for, it's worth remembering that at Majestic we will always let you bring back and exchange any unopened bottles. Wine is there to be enjoyed and for that reason we go out of our way to ensure you will savour every mouthful!

Which fizz is perfect for you?Date published: 29/08/13

There's nothing better to celebrate a special occasion than enjoying a lovely glass of fizz amongst friends and family. No matter what your taste there's something for everyone so why not use the following guide to help select the bottle that is perfect for you....


Prosecco is an Italian grape and is extremely popular at the minute. It commonly has flavours of peach, apricot, pear, honey and even floral notes and is a fantastic light, delicate and fruity option for a refreshing drinking.


Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine combining the three graps Parallada, Xarel-lo and Macabeo. The common flavours here are a variety of citrus fruits, baked apples and occasional nutty or brioche notes. There are plenty of fantastic high quality Cava's about at the minute so why not ignore the common misperception that Cava is a lower quality sparkling wine and give a bottle a go?


When the budget is allowing a bottle of Champagne is a fantastic way to really celebreate in style. A non vintage champage generally tends to be slightly lighter and fruitier with plenty of citrus fruit and acidity where as vintage champagnes tend to be richer in style with more complex flavours of toast and brioche. The style of a Champagne does vary dramatically between different Champagne houses so if you're wanting to spend that extra cash I would always reccommend getting advice based on personal taste to make sure you get the right bottle for your palate.

For more information or help in selecting the perfect bottle for yourself feel free to email or call the store where myself (Elaine), Tom or Simon will be more than happy to assist.


01522 540128

Hurry- Summer offers finish this MondayDate published: 28/08/13

Our current listings will change on Monday 1st Septmber, so if you are fan of NZ, Chile or OZ make sure you take advantage of the 20% and the amazing 25% off Italy

Wine of the WeekDate published: 28/08/13

Montecastrillo 2011, Ribera de Duero


(*when you buy 2 or more)


Tempranillo ( Organic )

Origin This wine is made by Finca Torremilanos, a family ran estate located at the eastern end of Ribera del Duero. Its 200 hectares of vineyards are spread across some 140 organically farmed plots, including some which are over 100 years old. Taste A fruit driven and easy drinking Ribera with medium tannins framing a core of super ripe blackcurrants and raspberry alongside hints of spice and cocoa that come from the 6 months barrel ageing. Enjoy With braised lamb shanks.

25% off Italy until 2nd SeptDate published: 20/08/13

Right then Majestic peeps, for all those who love Italian wine, it is now 25% off rather than the usual 20%!


Any questions, drop us a line by phone, email or twitter

Xerez, Jerez, sherry...the wine so nice they named it thrice!Date published: 15/08/13

Xerez, Jerez, sherry...the wine so nice they named it thrice!

I love Sherry, it is definitely one of the jewels in the crown of the wine world. But for a while now it has been shamefully under appreciated and ignored. I feel this may be down to a lack of knowledge rather than a dislike for it. So in this article I aim to shed some light on this style of wine and hopefully encourage you to give it a go!!

What is sherry?
it is a fortified wine made from grapes grown in vineyards around Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia in the far south of Spain where extreme heat—summer temperatures regularly exceed 40 ºC—is countered by cooling breezes from the Atlantic. Table wines made from here wouldn’t be terribly exciting, but the complex process of Sherry production, including the addition of spirit once fermentation is complete (fortification), results in complex, stable wines. This stability is one reason for the historical popularity of sherry: it became highly fashionable in the UK in the late 16th century, at a time when temperature controlled shipping and storage wasn’t an option.

Sherry’s popularity peaked in the late 1970s, when roughly twice as much was exported from the region than is shipped today. The region has since been through a painful contraction, but is now bouncing back, largely because of the consistently high quality of the wines that are now made here, and the fact that they offer great value for money.

The vineyards are mainly located within a triangle formed by the Sherry towns Jerez de la Frontera, El Puerto de Santa Maria and Sanlúcar de Barrameda.  The characteristic vineyard soil in the region is known as albariza. A blinding white colour in bright sunlight, it has a high chalk content, and retains water well. In such a warm, breezy region, evaporation levels are potentially very high, so this characteristic is important. Vines are pruned by a method called vara y pulgar, which is similar to the French ‘Guyot’, with a single cane of some seven buds and a short replacement cane of a couple of buds. Harvesting is almost always done by hand.

There are three grape varieties authorized for the production of Sherry: Palomino, Muscat of Alexandria (also known as Moscatel) and Pedro Ximénez. The latter two grapes are mainly used for sweetening purposes, and Palomino is by far the dominant grape in the region. It’s a relatively heavy cropper, producing large bunches of pale green grapes, which are harvested at a potential alcohol level of 11–12.5 degrees. The resulting base wines are crisp with a neutral character. It’s the production process that transforms these into the compelling, diverse wines that sherry is known for.  

Essential to the production of sherry is the growth of a layer of film-forming yeasts on the top of the developing wine. This is known as the flor, and it forms spontaneously from yeasts that are abundant in the winery environment when the sherry casks are left incompletely filled. Sherry butts (as the barrels are known) are made of American oak and usually have a capacity of 600 litres, but are only filled to 500 litres, leaving a large air space. The species of yeast responsible for this film, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is the same as the yeast that carries out alcoholic fermentation, but four specific races have been identified as being involved in flor formation: beticus, cheresiensis, montuliensis and rouxii. The precise make-up of this yeast layer changes with time. The growth of the flor protects the developing wine from oxidation. It’s thicker in the humid coastal towns in the region. In addition, the flor contributes a distinctive flavour to the wine through metabolizing alcohol to the nutty, apply compound acetaldehyde. To keep the flor healthy, casks are periodically topped up with fresh wine, to maintain the nutrients that the yeasts need to survive. 

At the end of the year when fermentation is complete and the wine is still on its lees, it is classified and then fortified. This classification determines the destiny of the wine. The cellarmaster will taste through the casks with a view to separating out the lighter, more elegant wines to become fino, and the heavier, darker wines to become olorosos.

Typically, a single chalk slash on the face of the cask will indicate that a wine is to become a fino; two slashes will indicate it is to become an oloroso. Fino wines will then be fortified to 15 º alcohol, and olorosos to 17 or 18 º. At this latter level of alcohol, the flor dies, and so olorosos are not protected from oxygen during their development in the way that finos are.

Also important to the flavour of sherry is the solera system. This is a rather complex arrangement of barrels (butts) where wine travels from one to another in a precise order during its maturation. Rather confusingly, the lowest level of butts is known as the solera, which is the name also used for the entire system. This is the final stage in the maturation process, and this is where the wine leaves the system. Up to one-third of the wine may be withdrawn each year from these barrels, but typically the amount taken will be 10–15%. They are fed by wine from the next level of butts, knows and the first criadera. The first criadera is in turn topped up by a third level of butts, the second criadera. Wine in the second criadera is usually replenished by new wine, but there can many levels in the most complex of the solera systems. Sherry that has been through a solera system such as this will therefore contain a mixture of vintages. The system helps maintain a house style, and results in consistent wines. Some vintage-dated sherries that have not been through a solera exist, but these are a rarity.

Styles of Sherry
Crisp, dry, yeasty, nutty and tangy, fino is the freshest and most delicate of sherry styles, weighing in at around 15% alcohol. Protected from oxygen during its development by the flor, fino needs to be treated like white wine once it has been opened. It’s a versatile food companion, and should be drunk chilled. An excellent example would be Tio Pepe priced at £9.99 which goes brilliantly with fish.

This is a fino-style sherry from the coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Because the more humid environment in the bodegas here encourages a thicker flor layer, these wines are typically lighter and even fresher than fino, often with a distinctive salty tang. A great example (and my favourite) is La Gitana priced at £7.99.

Aged fino that has lost its flor and then gone on to develop oxidatively, amontillado is an amber-coloured sherry that is nutty and complex, with a long finish. It is fortified to around 17.5 ° alcohol to protect it during its development, and because it has been aged oxidatively it will last for longer once opened.

Palo Cortado
A sort of half way house between a fino and an amontillado, Palo Cortado is the result of a fino sherry losing its flor. Nutty, fresh and complex, this is now a popular style. A good example is La Bota de Palo Cortado priced at £40

Complex brown-coloured sherries, Olorosos develop in barrel without the protective flor layer, often for many years. The result is a complex, rich, nutty style of sherry with aromas of old furniture and raisins. These wines are dry. Because they’ve seen so much oxidation during development, they are pretty stable and stay in good condition for a while once the bottle is opened. If you have never tried this style you are missing out...BIG TIME.

Pedro Ximénez
Made from air-dried grapes, with fermentation stopped early by the addition of spirit, Pedro Ximénez is a remarkable wine. Viscous and amazingly sweet, it tastes like liquid Christmas cake. A great example is Noe PX.

Cream sherries are more commercial products that have been sweetened by the addition of Moscatel or Pedro Ximénez. I absolutely love the Lustau East India solera but unfortunately we don't sell it, or any variant of cream. 

So, in conclusion; no style of wine has this level of complexity in its production but still hovers around the £10 mark. You will not get this much value for money in any other drink. I hope you try some soon!



Food and wine matchingDate published: 20/07/13

For all you food lovers out there this is a brief summary of some of the rules to follow when trying to come up with the best wine to match your favourite dishes.

Match acidity with acidity

For acidic foods such as fresh tomato salads, fruit salads and any rich tomato sauces it is best to balance the acidity in the food with a wine that is equally high in acidity. Therefore the perfect match for these type of foods would be Sauvignon Blanc whether it is a punchy New Zealand option, something a little bit different from South Africa or the slightly more restrained style found in the Sancerre region.

2) Matching acidity with fat

Acidity in wine can also help to balance a dish that is relatively high in fat. Therefore meat dishes such as pate, pork belly and duck work perfectly with a light red such as a Pinot Noir. Alternatively why not try the classic food combination that this rule follows which is fish and chips with a glass of Champagne.

3) Matching foods with wines of the same region

In many of the traditional wine making regions food and wine have evolved side by side and therefore the wines often work best with the traditional dishes of the region that the wine has been designed to be drunk with. Some of the classic examples of this are as follows:

Olives with dry Sherry

Goats cheese with Sancerre or Pouilly Fume

Smoked salmon with Chablis

Lasagne with Italian reds

Chorizo and other cured meats with Rioja

High protein food such as strong cheeses and rich meat dishes with Claret

4) The perfect match for a dessert

Whether you are having a rich chocolaty dessert or a cheese board at the end of the meal there is a wine option to keep everybody happy. The obvious choice for a chocolate based dessert would be a sweet desert wine where the sweetness of the wine complements perfectly the sweetness in the food so that one flavour does not overpower the other. For those of you however who are not a fan of desert wine why not try chocolate based deserts with a glass of Shiraz? The richness and intensity of the wine will give it a black forest gateaux like effect and still works extremely well.

It may not sound like a match made in heaven to everybody, but for those of you who enjoy the combination of sweet and savoury together, rich blue cheeses can also work fantastically with a glass of sweet desert wine. For me personally I think this combination is divine so why not give it a go and see what you think?

Equally blue cheese works very well with the classic match of Port or other rich reds such as a Shiraz and makes a very enjoyable end to a meal.

For more food and wine matching ideas feel free to come in and ask our expert staff or sign up to one of our free wine tasting tutorials held in store by calling and booking your place today.

***Majestic Lincoln Delivery windows***Date published: 19/07/13

Monday PM – LN1, LN2 only

Tuesday PM – LN1, LN2 only

Wednesday – NG22, NG23, NG24, NG31, NG32, NG33, NG34, LN1, LN2, LN3, LN4, LN5, LN6

Thursday – LN1, LN2, DN9, DN10, DN17, DN20, DN21, DN22, DN36

Friday – PE20, PE21, PE22, PE23, PE24, PE25, LN7, LN8, LN9, LN10, LN11, LN12, LN13

Saturday AM – LN1, LN2, LN3, LN4, LN5, LN6

Sunday – No Dels

Wine of the Week - Commanderie de Peyrassol CDP RoséDate published: 17/07/13

Commanderie de Peyrassol Rosé 2012 Côtes de Provence

£9.99 when you buy 2 or more.


Syrah or Shiraz, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre


Commanderie de Peyrassol was founded in 1308 by the Knights Templar. In addition to 80ha of vines, it also shelters 2500 olive trees, 200 oak truffles trees and a private hunting area with deer, hinds, mouflons and wild pigs.


This dry rosé has a spicy warmth to the fruit, lifted by refreshing acidity and a peachy edge. Notes of strawberry predominate, with background notes of white pepper.


Equally at home with charcuterie and other cold meats, olives, soft cheese, or fish dishes.

Wine of the Week - Santa Ema Sauvignon BlancDate published: 13/07/13

Santa Ema Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2012 Leyda £8.74 OR Buy 2 save 20% £6.99

This wine comes from the Leyda Valley where the cool climate and mix of granite and clay soils give it fantastic acidity and minerality.

It is bone dry in style and offers intense tropical aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit and subtle herb like hints.

It is fantastically refreshing and makes the perfect summer drink that will match up with all the classic summer foods such as

tomato salads and grilled fish.

Veuve Cliquot DealDate published: 05/07/13

Veuve Cliquot NV only £30 (while stocks last)

Summer Inspired RecommendationsDate published: 04/07/13

With the great British summer finally here and some great weather forecast for the up and coming weekend it feels the perfect time to be getting prepared for a BBQ in the sun. And what better way to enjoy the good food and weather than with some equally fantastic wines to be shared amongst good company? Therefore I would like to share with you a selection of my favourite wines to go with some classic BBQ foods...

As a refreshing apertif:

Vouvray Domaine des Aubuisières 2012 Cuvée de Perruches, Bernard Fouquet

£9.99 or buy 2 save £4 £7.99

This off dry style wine offers intense aromas of bakes apples, peach and an underlying honey character. The residual sugar and racy acidity make it perfect for a pre dinner tipple.

For lighter fish dishes such as king prawn skewers or tuna steaks:

M de Minuty Rosé 2012 Côtes de Provence

£12.99 or buy 2 save £6 £9.99

This fantastic rose is extremely elegant in style and offers delicate floral notes of rose petal combined with subtle strawberry and citrus fruit. It is fantastic with a large array of delicate fish dishes or as simply as an afternoon drink to enjoy in the sun.

Gavi 2011/2012 La Toledana

£9.99 or buy 2 Italian wines save 20% £7.99

This Italian white is clean, crisp and exceptionally well balanced. It combines citrus fruits with lighter notes of pear, peach and a slightly honeyed edge.

For pork chops and sausages:

Anakena Single Vineyard 'Tama' Pinot Noir 2011 Leyda Valley

£8.74 or buy 2 Chilean wines save 20% £6.99

This fantastic value wine offers a large array of fresh fruit flavours such as blueberry, raspberries and cranberry. This intesnse fruit combined with the high acidity in a Pinot Noir make it perfect to balance out the flavour of any fattier meats.

For red meats such as beef or venison steaks:

Viñalba Malbec Reservado 2011 Mendoza

£11.99 or buy 2 save £6 £8.99

This full bodied Argentinian red has intense flavours of bramble fruits, stewed plumbs and subtle mocha hints. The intensity of this wine make it able to stand up to any extremely rich red meat dishes.

For BBQ lamb chops of game dishes:

Rioja Reserva 2007/2008 Lagunilla

£10.99 or buy 2 save £8 £6.99

This reserva style Rioja displays a combination of red and dark fruits as well as subtle hints of sweet spice and lashings of creamy vanilla.

Wine of the Week - Caixas Albarino Date published: 03/07/13

This Spanish white is well rounded, clean and crisp and has an elegant, mouth coating texture.

It is dry in style and offers prominent flavours of zesty citrus fruit combined with a subtle peach backdrop.

It is a perfect summer drink or alternatively can be a fantastic match for a large array of seafood dishes such as moules mariniere or pan fried scallops.

Bottled exclusively for Majestic Wine it is an absolute steal at just £6.99 when you buy 2 bottles or more!!

30 minute Rose TutorialDate published: 26/06/13

We're having a rose renaissance! Lets introduce you to some real corkers this Saturday 29th June @3pm, call 01522 540 128 to book a place

Saturday Kitchen Food Pairing: Caixas Godello 2012Date published: 22/06/13

Chorizo-stuffed squid with sage, potatoes, peas, capers and aïoli

Ingredients For the aïoli

1 large free-range egg yolk

1 small tsp Dijon mustard

½ garlic clove, very finely chopped

1 tsp white wine vinegar, plus extra to taste

100ml/3½fl oz vegetable oil

100ml/3½fl oz extra virgin olive oil

salt and freshly ground pepper

lemon juice, to taste

For the chorizo-stuffed squid

10 baby squid

3 spicy parrilla cooking chorizos, peeled and chopped finely

8 new potatoes, cut into quarters

2 tbsp olive oil

1 garlic clove, crushed

25g/1oz unsalted butter

7 sage leaves, roughly chopped

25g/1oz fresh peas, podded

12g/½oz miniature pickled capers

½ lemon, zest only

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preparation method

For the aïoli, place the yolk in a mixing bowl along with the mustard, garlic and vinegar. Begin whisking and slowly add the oils to emulsify with the yolk. As the oils incorporate into the yolk, you can speed up the process.

When all the oil has been added, season with salt and pepper and add some lemon juice and vinegar to taste. Set aside.

For the chorizo-stuffed squid, pull the tentacles away from the body of each squid and reserve them. Check the centre of the tentacles for the hard beak, which can be discarded. Feel inside the body for the quill of each squid (it resembles a shard of plastic). Pull it out of the squid and discard. Rinse inside the body in cold water. Pull the ears (wing-like flaps) from the body. Pull the purplish skin from the ears and body to leave only the white meat.

Discard the guts of the squid or, if desired, retain the ink sack to use in seafood pasta or risotto.

Knead the chorizo in a bowl together using your hands to form a rough paste. Take a piece of chorizo and form it into a shape to fill the cavity of one of the squid.

Fill each squid to about two-thirds full and press it down. Secure each squid tube with a cocktail stick and reserve until ready to cook.

Cook the potatoes in a pan of salted water until tender and then drain well. Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, add a lug of olive oil, the crushed garlic and the potatoes and season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Cook over a moderate heat tossing occasionally to evenly crisp and caramelise the potatoes.

Take another non-stick pan and place over a moderate heat. Season the squid pockets and tentacles with salt and pepper. Add a lug of oil to the pan and add the squid. Cook for two minutes on one side and then turn over and cook for a further two minutes.

Add the butter and sage and, when foaming, spoon it over the squid to cook further and ensure the chorizo is cooked inside. The filling will feel firm to the touch when cooked.

Add the peas, capers and zest and remove the pan from the heat. When the potatoes are ready, transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper to drain.

To serve, divide the potatoes between serving plates along with the squid, the buttery pan juices, peas, capers and zest. Serve with a dollop of aioli.

Thanks to Ben Tish for the recipe and Olly Smith for the wine choice

wine of the week- Rosso PicenoDate published: 19/06/13

80%-Sangiovese blend made from grapes grown on the estate of Count Saladini Pilastri in the hills of the Marche reagion, overlooking the Adriatic. The estate was certified as entirely organic in 1994, and was the first in Italy to achieve this status. Taste A deep ruby core with a purple rim. A ripe and youthful nose of cherries and sloes, with hints of tobacco leaf and spice. Harmoniously structured, with a firm texture and enduring tannins. Enjoy A great all-round food wine, to drink now or keep for 2-3 years. Try with a selection of traditional antipasti. £6.99 when you buy 2 or more. 

Wine of the Week - Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos 2008Date published: 11/06/13

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos 2008



Within Hungary, the region of Tokaji is well known for producing wines of superior quality since the 17th Century. In the 18th Century, Louis XV of France was given a bottle by the King of Transylvania and he liked it so much he referred to it as “Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum” (Wine of Kings, King of Wines) and from then on served it at court in Versailles.

On Queen Victoria's Birthdays, Emporer Frans Josef of Hungary gave her 1 bottle of Tokaji wine for every month she had lived, so on her final 81st Birthday, the gift was 972 bottles!

Napoleon III ordered 30-40 Barrels of Tokaji wine for the French court every year. Pope Pius IV ordered Tokaji wine to be served at the Papal table!


The grapes undergo a process of rotting called Botrytis Cinerea, this concentrates the sugars and sweet flavours. The base wine is made using the un-botrytised grapes. A Puttonyos is a measure used to portion the amount of botrytised grapes into the base wine; the higher the number, the sweeter the wine.

A medium amber colour with a beautiful and enticing nose of marmalade, figs and cinnamon. The sugar on the palate is well-balanced by the fine acidity, leading to a clean, refreshing finish.

Will continue to improve over several years but drink now, slightly chilled, with blue cheeses or fruit desserts; OR on its own!

Offers end Monday 10th June!Date published: 07/06/13

The following offers are due to end in less than a week's time so stock up while you can!

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Marlborough NZ @ £5.99

Prosecco Zonin NV @ £7.99

Vina Eguia Reserva 2006, Rioja @ £5.99

LFE Especial Malbec 2011, Chile @ £5.99

Georges Duboeuf Fleurie 2011, Beaujolais @ £7.99

To take advantage of these fabulous offers contact us in-store via telephone or email..or pop in!

Tokaji - Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum...Date published: 21/05/13

Majestic Lincoln: Featured Region - Hungary

Within Hungary, the region of Tokaji is well known for producing wines of superior quality since the 17th Century. In the 18th Century, Louis XV of France was given a bottle by the King of Transylvania and he liked it so much he referred to it as “Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum” (Wine of Kings, King of Wines) and from then on served it at court in Versailles.

On Queen Victoria's Birthdays, Emporer Frans Josef of Hungary gave her 1 bottle of Tokaji wine for every month she had lived, so on her final 81st Birthday, the gift was 972 bottles!

Napoleon III ordered 30-40 Barrels of Tokaji wine for the French court every year. Pope Pius IV ordered Tokaji wine to be the wine at the Papal table!

Royal Tokaji

Owned by renown wine writer Hugh Johnson, the Royal Tokaji Wine Company was founded in 1990. It has become one of the most defining wineries in Tokaj. From the outset, Royal Tokaji decided to concentrate on producing single-vineyard wines, made from the first growth vineyards. They produce 10 wines, and Majestic sell 3 of these;

Dry Furmint

This dry white wine from the Tokaji wine region is produced 100% from the dominant grape varietal in the Tokaji wine region. It is an early budding, late ripening variety and is particularly susceptible to noble rot. Its high acidity gives the wine longevity. It's characteristics are clear, apricot and a hint of honey on the nose. The depth of fruit is balanced by its mineral backbone. £8.49 (2 or more)

Late Harvest

The grape varieties are Furmint, Hárslevelű and Muscat de Lunel and the wine is produced for early drinking. The alcohol strength is always low, around 10%. The wine has the colour of sun and hay. It's characteristics are fresh tropical fruits, with a tiny hint of quince, giving a lingering citrus finish. £9.99

Blue Label 5 Puttonyos

Royal Tokaji's 1st growth Nyulászó vineyard is the benchmark for quality. As in all aszu wines, the three grape varieties are Furmint, Hárslevelű and Muscat de Lunel. The characteristics are a vivid gold colour with honeyed apricot and orange peel flavours which are uplifted with dramatic acidity. £19.99 <<< The King of dessert wine...(PERHAPS NOT GRAND ENOUGH A TITLE)....EMPORER OF DESSERT WINES!!

Wine of the week - Manzanilla La Gitana, HidalgoDate published: 11/05/13


Grape Variety



This sherry is made using the Palomino grape, which is one of only three used in sherry (post phyloxera) and it is grown in “albariza” soil which according to the French concept of “terroir” means that the vines receive a lot of warmth and benefit from the sandy earth. This style of Sherry is very far removed from the sweetened styles that you used to be able to buy on tap from the off license. The Manzanilla style is well known for being sharper and crisper than its siblings, this comes from being produced in the coastal region of Sanlucar de Barrameda which provides more humidity and moisture allowing the yeasty cap in the barrel to be much thicker and prevent any oxidation.

Incredibly fresh, with a savory tangy character. A complex, nutty palate and crisp, palate-cleansing finish.

Treat like a white wine and serve chilled in a normal wine glass. A must-have with tapas, but can be enjoyed with seafood or just as a refreshing drink on a hot summer evening.

Wine of the Week - Clos du Bois 2011 Pinot Noir (California)Date published: 15/04/13

Clos du Bois 2011 Pinot Noir (California)

£9.99 (2 or more)

WINEMAKING The grapes were machine harvested as well as harvested by hand. Grapes were destemmed but not crushed to stainless steel fermenters and the must chilled to 50oF for a three-day cold soak. After the cold soak, yeast was added for alcoholic fermentation and then the juice was pumped over the skins two to three times per day for about eight days until fermentation was complete. Lots were then pressed off to barrels to undergo 100% malolactic fermentation and racked off lees and returned to barrel. After nine months in a combination of French and Eastern European barrels, 25% new, the wine was racked in preparation for bottling.

WINEMAKER NOTES A deep ruby-red Pinot full of great aromatic intensity, from strawberry and cherry to lavender, dried roses and earthy woodsy notes, including a touch of forest floor. In taste, the strawberry and cherry are sweet and fruity, balanced by a rich, silky texture and a finish of spicy oak.

FOOD PAIRINGS This plush Pinot Noir calls for slow-roasted pork shoulder, ribs or any dish made with bacon.  

Check out this Saturday Kitchen Food Pairing: Peter Lehmann Riesling 2011Date published: 13/04/13

Deep fried soft-shell crab with aioli and a watercress salad

Soft-shell crabs are wonderful deep fried. In this recipe the fresh yeast and beer in the batter produces a light and crunchy result.

Ingredients 15g/½oz fresh yeast ¼ tsp caster sugar ¼ tsp salt 200ml/7fl oz Belgian beer 1 tsp white balsamic vinegar 4 tbsp chopped coriander 1 lime, juice only 200g/7oz plain flour 8 soft-shell crabs salt

For the aioli 6 garlic cloves, cut in half 250ml/9fl oz white wine 2 free-range egg yolks 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp Dijon mustard salt, to taste 125ml/4fl oz extra virgin olive oil ½ tsp saffron, soaked in 25ml/1fl oz hot water 1 lemon, juice only

For the watercress salad 2 bunches watercress ½ bunch mint 2 handfuls pea shoots 1 tbsp vegetable oil 2 red chillies, finely chopped 2 green chillies, finely chopped

Preparation method 1.To make the batter for the crab, place the yeast, sugar, salt, beer, white balsamic vinegar, coriander and lime juice in a large bowl and whisk until smooth. 2.Add the flour and whisk until the batter is well combined. Leave to rest for an hour. 3.Preheat a deep fat dryer to 190C/370F, or until a cube of bread sizzles and turns golden-brown when dropped in the oil. (CAUTION: hot oil can be dangerous. Do not leave unattended.) 4.Dip the crabs in the batter and place in the deep fat fryer for 3-4 minutes turning two or three times, until golden-brown and crisp. 5.Carefully remove the crabs from the hot oil using a slotted spoon, place on a plate lined with kitchen paper and season with salt. 6.For the aioli, place the garlic and white wine in a pan and cook for a few minutes, then drain. 7.Place the egg yolks in a small food processor, add the vinegar, Dijon mustard and salt. Blend until smooth, then with the motor running, gradually add the oil until the mixture resembles mayonnaise. Add the saffron and garlic and blend to combine. Add lemon juice to taste. 8.For the watercress salad, place the watercress, mint and pea shoots in a bowl. Heat a small wok and add the oil. Once hot, add the chillies and cook for a couple of minutes.

Wine of the Week - Falabella Bianco 2012, Tenuta Ulisse, Terre di ChietiDate published: 10/04/13

Grape: Trebbiano, Cococciola, Pecorino

In the early 1900's, Antonio Ulisse started a small vineyard close to the town of Crecchio in Abruzzo, but it was not until 2006 when his grandsons transformed it into the commercial winery it is today, making wines from the fruit of three family-owned estates.

This wine originates from the Abruzzo region in central-eastern Italy and is an exciting blend of three of their principal white grape varieties. These are Trebbiano, Pecorino and the incredibly sexy sounding Cococciola. When combined together the flavours on the nose and palate produce citrus and tropical stone fruit flavours with a lifted spiciness and a touch of mineral grip. Falabella Bianco is best enjoyed whilst young, probably within the next twelve months.

This wine is very versatile for food, especially Italian cheeses this region is recognised for. However this wine would be best partnered with dishes from the region, such as pasta alle frutti or Gnocchi Carati.

£7.99 (Buy 2 Bottles Save £4) - £9.99 (Single Bottle Price)

New opening hoursDate published: 04/04/13

Mon - Wed: 10am - 7pm Thur - Fri: 10am - 8pm Sat: 9am - 7pm Sun: 10am - 5pm Bank Hols: 10am - 5pm  

Wine of the Week - Peñalolen Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 Maipo Valley Date published: 03/04/13

A single-variety Cabernet Sauvignon from Clos Quebrada de Macúl, the vineyard of the renowned Domus Aurea winery. Planted in 1970, it was one of Chile's first hillside vineyards, on a site specifically chosen for its hard terrain, creating lower grape yields.

Deep, purple-tinged ruby red wine, with an expressive nose of plum and blackberry, accented with aromatic herb and toasty oak notes. Well integrated tannins and bright fruit make a satisfying palate.

Drink with rare beef fillet, venison steaks or red meat casseroles.

£9.99 (Buy 2 Bottles Save £4), £11.99 (Single Bottle Price)

Wine of the Week - Château Méaume 2008/2009, Bordeaux SupérieurDate published: 28/03/13

Grape Variety This wine is made with blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This is widely referred to as a “Bordeaux blend” due to the requirements of a Bordeaux wine being the inclusion and (more importantly) exclusion of certain grape varieties. In the USA, this blend of wine is known as “Meritage” (pronounced Mer-it-edge), which is a wine made in a “Bordeaux style”.

Origin Set in the area near to St-Emilion and Pomerol, Château Méaume represents an example of how tradition and technology can combine in the making of a magnificent wine. Being a “right bank” producer, the vineyards are in good stead to receive all the benefits of the local “terroir”.

Taste A nose of fruitcake, spice and ripe, plummy fruit. Soft and rich on the palate, with blackcurrants, plum, and smoky cedarwood.

Enjoy The classic structure of this wine will cope with all manner of foods, and would be good for Easter dinner.

Last few cases of the Conde de Valdemar parcel have come up for grabs!!Date published: 25/03/13

Five generations of the Martinez Bujanda family have made wine since the foundation of their first winery in 1889. Conde de Valdemar is their flagship Rioja brand They've a reputation for innovation, pioneering the modern style of Rioja in the 1980s that we love today.

This is a one off chance to buy mature vintages at everyday prices. Spanning 18 years from 1980 to 1998, the wines have been stored in perfect conditions at the winery since their production. This impeccable provenance is reflected in their fantastic condition.

Choose between traditional style Gran Reserva, the more robust 'Vendimia Seleccionada' 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, large bottles for special occasions and a host of different vintages. Don't miss out! Please call 01522 540 128 for vintage's left.

Wine of the Week - Chateau Saint Georges 2007, St-Georges-St-EmilionDate published: 22/03/13

Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc

Located just to the north of St-Emilion, the satellite appellation around the hamlet of St-Georges produces wines in a similar style. This château is the leading local producer, with a 50-hectare estate on the area's south-facing slopes.

This wine's pedigree is immediately apparent on the nose, which offers up ripe blackberry, cigar box and graphite aromas in abundance. The palate is satisfyingly dense and swell structured. This is a fantastic wine from St-Emilion with great traditionalist flavours from the right bank.

Best served with traditional French casseroles such as coq au vin.  

£12.99, Buy 2 Bottles Save £10; £17.99, Single Bottle Price

WEEKEND BAKING!!! (from Saturday Kitchen) Orange cake with a caramel and orange sauceDate published: 16/03/13

Who doesnt love a bit of baking on the weekend!?....and during the week....or just any time really. This recipe comes from Saturday Kitchen 16/03/13, by James Martin and contains the zestiest sauce that he can dream up. The serving method involves a cheeky bit of flambe, so BE CAREFUL!


For the orange cake

2 oranges

225g/8oz caster sugar

6 free-range eggs

250g/9oz ground almonds


For the caramel and orange sauce

50g/1¾oz unsalted butter

1 orange, zest and juice

2 oranges, juice only

1 orange, segmented

3 tbsp caster sugar

2 tbsp orange liqueur

2 tbsp brandy


To serve

ice cream


Preparation method

1.For the orange cake, simmer the two whole oranges in a saucepan of simmering water for 45-60 minutes, or until very soft. Remove the pan from the heat and leave the oranges to cool in the water.

2.Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Grease a 23cm/9in loose-based, springform cake tin.

3.Drain the oranges and roughly chop, discarding the pips.

4.In a food processor, blend 450g/1lb of chopped orange to a purée. Add the sugar, eggs and ground almonds and blend until smooth.

5.Spoon the mixture into the cake tin.

6.Bake in the oven for 25 minutes, then cover loosely with aluminium foil and bake for a further 25-35 minutes, or until cooked through (a skewer inserted in the middle should come out clean). Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

7.For the caramel and orange sauce, heat a frying pan until hot, add the butter, orange zest and juice and the caster sugar. Add the orange liqueur and brandy and flambé by slowly tilting the pan towards the flame, or lighting with a match. Let the flames flare up then die down. (CAUTION: Keep your face and hair away from the flames. Do not leave unattended.)

8.Cook for a few minutes until just thickened and bubbling, then add in the segments and remove the pan from the heat.

9.To serve, slice a piece of cake and place on a plate and pour the sauce over the cake and around the plate. Serve immediately with a scoop of ice cream.


As on the show, serve with a chilled bottle of Brown Brother's Orange Muscat & Flora priced at £7.99 at any Majestic store (especially us)

Lincoln's A-Z of Wine: D is for...Dessert wineDate published: 13/03/13

There is a strong argument that some fortified wines could be called a "dessert wine". But in this case, I am referring to wines, where the grapes have undergone a process known as Botrytis cinerea or "noble rot". This is the process where the grapes begin to rot away and the water inside is reduced, which concentrates the sweet flavours inside.

Unfortunately, the fungus is very fussy about the conditions required for such noble rot; if it is too damp, the same fungus causes the destructive grey rot. So, vignerons walk a fine line between maximising the amount of noble rot and losing the whole crop to grey rot. Typically, noble rot forms best in conditions where morning mist from a nearby lake or the sea gets burnt off during the day by hot sun. The wait for noble rot to form is the reason why noble rot wines are usually late-harvested.

No doubt the first noble rot wines were created by accident - both the Hungarians and the Germans have similar stories of how the harvest was delayed for some reason, but the mouldy grapes were vinified anyway, and then found to be delicious.

Noble rot is responsible for many styles of dessert wines, including Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese of the German wine classification, Romanian Grasă de Cotnari, French Monbazillac, Austrian Ausbruch and other wines from all over the world.

My personal favourite is Chateau Suduiraut's Sauternes, but at £80 a bottle it'll have to remain a distant memory. However, at a far more reasonable £19.99 from all Majestic Wine Warehouses is the Royal Tokaji Aszu from Hungary. It is an absolute cracker and it goes fantastically well with pungent cheeses like Gorgonzola.

Lincoln's A-Z of Wine: C is for...ChardonnayDate published: 13/03/13

Since you've all been such good little Majestic peeps (nothing to do with me forgetting), you get TWO articles today!!!


Chardonnay The Chardonnay grape itself is very neutral, with many of the flavours commonly associated with the grape being derived from such influences as terroir and oak. It is vinified in many different styles, from the lean, crisply mineral wines of Chablis to New World wines with oak, and tropical fruit flavours.

Chardonnay is an important component of many sparkling wines around the world, including Champagne. A peak in popularity in the late 1980s gave way to a backlash among those wine drinkers who saw the grape as a leading negative component of the globalization of wine. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most widely-planted grape varieties.

Two good examples of Chardonnay can be seen in the Louis Latour Macon Lugny from Burgundy priced at £8.99 (when you buy 2 or more) and Anakena's 2011 Chardonnay from Chile priced at £5.99 (when you buy 2 or more).

Wine of the Week Recipe - Homemade Shepherds PieDate published: 12/03/13

Simon Rimmer’s version of this comfort food classic packs in extra veggies that the kids won’t notice.


*450g/1lb lamb mince *100ml/3½fl oz extra virgin olive oil *1 onion, finely chopped *1 garlic clove, crushed *2 aubergines, diced *3 carrots, diced *2 tbsp tomato purée *100ml3½fl oz red wine *100ml/3½fl oz lamb stock *4 tomatoes, chopped *1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves *1 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary *750g/1lb 10oz mashed potato

Preparation method

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.

2. Heat a frying pan until hot and fry the lamb mince for 4-5 minutes, or until browned all over. Remove the lamb from the pan and set aside to drain in a sieve.

3. Heat a little of the olive oil in the same frying pan and fry the onion and garlic for 4-5 minutes, or until softened. Add the aubergines, carrots and the remaining olive oil and cook for a further 5-6 minutes.

4. Return the lamb mince to the pan, add the tomato purée and stir well. Cook for a further 5-6 minutes.

5. Add the wine and stock, bring the mixture to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 5-8 minutes. Stir in the chopped tomatoes, rosemary and thyme.

6. Spoon the mixture into a large baking dish and top with the mashed potato.

7. Bake the shepherd’s pie in the oven for 20-30 minutes, or until the the topping is golden-brown and the lamb mixture is bubbling around the edge.

Wine of the Week - Chateau Guiot 2011, Costieres de NimesDate published: 12/03/13

Costières de Nîmes has more in common with the Rhône across the river than it does with the wines of Languedoc immediately neighbouring it. Château Guiot lies just outside the city of Nîmes, in the heart of this appellation.

Deep purple hue, a beautifully scented nose with herby aromas, lashings of juicy forest fruits and spicy, rich berry flavours on the palate and a good, smooth finish.This is a nice easy drinking wine ideal for the current cold snap.

Equally good with anything from shepherds pie, meatballs or moussaka style vegetarian dishes.

Wine of the Week Recipe - Spicy Cajun Chicken with Bean StewDate published: 05/03/13


For the chicken

* 1 chicken breat flattened out to 3cm/1in * 50g/1¾oz plain flour * 2 free-range eggs, beaten * 50g/1¾oz breadcrumbs * ½ tsp chilli powder * ½tsp cayenne powder * 3 tbsp oil

For the bean stew

* 2 tbsp olive oil * ½ red onion * 1 garlic clove, chopped * 100g/3½oz haricot beans, tinned, rinsed and drained * ½ tsp chilli powder * ½tsp ground cumin powder * 200ml/7¼fl oz chicken stock

Preparation method

1. For the chicken, coat the chicken in flour, then dip in the beaten egg.

2. Mix the breadcrumbs with the chilli powder and coat the chicken in this mix.

3. In a hot frying pan heat the oil and cook the chicken for 2-3 minutes on each side or until cooked through.

4. To make the bean stew, heat the olive oil in a frying pan and add the onions. Cook for three minutes until softened.

5. Add the garlic, beans, spices, chilli, cumin, and stock. Simmer for ten minutes.

6. Serve the chicken with the bean stew.


Wine of the Week - LFE Seleccion Especial Malbec 2011, Colchagua ValleyDate published: 05/03/13

Although Argentina claims much of the Malbec-related limelight, neighbouring Chile's unique climate and terrain allows it to grow great Malbec of its own. Persistent sea breezes moderate temperatures, meaning Chile is less reliant on altitude for cool growing conditions. This is a powerful red wine that provides a lot of bang for your buck!

Intense violet colour, with a nose of blackberries, plums and blueberries, accompanied by a subtle tough of vanilla. Juicy and smooth, the palate is satisfyingly weighty and long. This really does go pound for pound with a resonably good Argentinian Malbec.

A great match for many white or red meat dishes, especially sweetly spiced Mexican or cajun recipes.

Wine of the Week Recipe - Beef Stew with DumplingsDate published: 26/02/13

Beef stew with dumplings For all those feeling down by this cold weather tuck into this rich beef stew with fluffy dumplings to warm you right down to your toes.

Ingredients For the beef stew 2 tbsp olive oil 25g butter 750g beef stewing steak, chopped into bite-sized pieces 2 tbsp plain flour 2 garlic cloves, crushed 175g baby onions, peeled 150g celery cut into large chunks 150g baby carrots cut in half 2 leeks, roughly chopped 200g swede, cut into large chunks 150ml port 500ml beef stock 2 fresh bay leaves 3 tbsp fresh thyme leaves 3 tbsp chopped fresh flatleaf parsley Worcestershire sauce to taste Balsamic vinegar to taste salt and pepper (to taste) For the dumplings 125g plain flour , plus extra for dusting 1 tsp baking powder pinch sea salt 60g suet water, to make a dough

To serve Crusty bread

Preparation method 1.Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. 2.For the beef stew, heat the oil and butter in an ovenproof casserole and fry the beef until browned on all sides. 3.Sprinkle over the flour and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. 4.Add the garlic and all the vegetables and fry for 1-2 minutes. 5.Stir in the port, stock and herbs, then add the Worcestershire sauce and balsamic vinegar, to taste. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 6.Cover with a lid, transfer to the oven and cook for about two hours, or until the meat is tender. 7.For the dumplings, sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. 8.Add the suet and enough water to form a thick dough. 9.With floured hands, roll spoonfuls of the dough into small balls. 10.After two hours, remove the lid from the stew and place the balls on top of the stew. Cover, return to the oven and cook for a further 20 minutes, or until the dumplings have swollen and are tender. 11.To serve, place a spoonful of mashed potato onto each of four serving plates and top with the stew and dumplings. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Wine of the Week - Rustenburg RM Nicholson Stellenbosch 2010Date published: 26/02/13


Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah or Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Origin This wine was named in honour of one of the estate's former owners, Reg Merriman Nicholson, who lived and worked as winemaker at Rustenberg for 30 years. Small batches of each variety are vinified separately, blended, then aged in oak for 7 months for good integration.

Taste Blackcurrant aroma complemented by notes of dried herbs and black pepper. The palate is fleshy and firmly structured, with weighty red fruit flavours and bold tannins.

Enjoy Correctly cellared, this wine will continue to improve, and keep for 8-10 years.



Wine of the Week Recipe - Chilli-Glazed Sticky RibsDate published: 18/02/13

This easy recipe for sticky ribs with fluffy jacket potatoes is American comfort food at its best. Serve with coleslaw, green salad and onion rings.


For the ribs:

*2 racks pork spare ribs *1 tsp black peppercorns *3 bay leaves *small bunch flatleaf parsley *1 onion, roughly chopped *1 carrot, cut into chunks

For the baked potato:

*4 large baking potatoes *1 tbsp olive oil *1 tsp sea salt flakes *250ml/9fl oz soured cream *4 tbsp finely chopped curly parsley

For the sauce:

*175g/6oz tomato ketchup *150g/5oz chipotle chilli ketchup *100ml/3½fl oz dark soy sauce *175g/6oz dark muscovado sugar *4 tbsp teriyaki sauce

Preparation method

1.For the ribs, place the ribs in a large saucepan with the peppercorns, bay leaves, parsley, onion and carrot. Cover with water, bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 1½ hours.

2.Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

3.For the baked potato, pierce the potato a couple of times with a fork, then rub with the olive oil and salt.

4.Bake on the top shelf of the oven for one hour, or until cooked through.

5.For the sauce, put all of the ingredients into a saucepan and bring to a simmer.

6.Remove the ribs from the water, dip them into the sauce and place onto a roasting tray.

7.Bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes, basting with more of the sauce after 10 minutes.

8.To serve, pile the ribs onto a serving plate. Split the potatoes in half and top with a dollop of soured cream and a little chopped parsley.

Wine of the Week - Duiker Shiraz Cinsault 2011, SwartlandDate published: 18/02/13

This wine is a blend of Shiraz, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Viognier and comes from a 60-hectare farm called Kalmoesfontein, located in the Paardberg, owned by winemaker Adi Badenhorst. The majority of the estate's red grapes are grown on old bush vines, which are unirrigated and planted across varied terrain.

The Shiraz component forms the wine's backbone, providing red berry fruit and hints of white pepper. The rest of the blend provides complex floral and herbal aromatics, and deep tannins.

Drink with spicy barbecued pork ribs.

Saturday Kitchen Food Pairing: Yali Reserva Gewurtztraminer 2011Date published: 16/02/13

Monkfish tail with blackened spices, purple sprouting broccoli and slightly spiced mussels

Curried monkfish served with mussels in a creamy sauce and herb-laden cracked wheat. This recipe is taken from Saturday kitchen (16/02/13) by Marcus Eaves. Wine choice by Olly Smith.


For the monkfish 2 x 200g/7oz monkfish fillets, from a 1.5-2kg tail 110g/4oz coarse sea salt 110g/4oz blackened curry powder (available from specialist suppliers) 6 stems purple sprouting broccoli salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 tbsp vegetable oil

For the cracked wheat 1 tbsp olive oil 2 shallots, finely sliced 1 garlic clove, sliced 2 sprigs thyme 2 sprigs marjoram 2 bay leaves 2 tsp cumin seeds 6 dried apricots 6 tbsp golden raisins 1 tsp ras el hanout 110g/4oz cracked wheat 325ml/12floz white chicken stock, hot 1 tbsp mint leaves, shredded 1 tbsp coriander leaves, shredded ½ red chilli, finely chopped

For the mussels olive oil, for fryiing 1 shallot, finely sliced 1 fennel bulb, finely sliced 1 tsp curry powder 1 tsp ras el hanout pinch saffron 2 tsp tomato paste 500ml/18floz mussel stock or fish stock 250ml/9floz double cream 250ml/9floz Greek yoghurt 1 lemon, juice only 16 large fresh mussels chopped coriander, to garnish

Preparation method 1.For the fish, cover the monkfish in coarse sea salt for four minutes, then wash thoroughly in cold water, wrap the fish in a clean kitchen cloth or kitchen towel, place in the fridge and leave to dry (normally for around 4-6 hours). 2.Once the fish is dry, coat it in the blackened curry powder until you can no longer see any of the fish’s natural colour. Set aside until ready to cook. 3.For the cracked wheat, heat a sauté pan until medium hot, add half the olive oil, the shallots, garlic, thyme, marjoram, bay and cumin until soft. 4.Add the apricots and raisins and cook for two minutes. 5.Add the ras el hanout cook for two minutes. Add the cracked wheat and turn the heat up to high until the wheat turns slightly golden-brown. 6.Add the hot chicken stock, stir well then remove from the heat. Cover with a lid or cling film and leave to rest in a warm place for 20 minutes. 7.Break up using a fork then place back onto the heat to warm through with a splash more olive oil. 8.Add the mint, coriander and chilli and check the seasoning. 9.For the mussels, heat a sauté pan until medium hot, add the olive oil, shallots, fennel and curry powder. Cook until the vegetables are soft then add the ras el hanout, saffron and tomato paste and cook for two more minutes. 10.Add the stock, reserving a few tablespoons for cooking the mussels later, and cook until reduced in volume by half. 11.Add the cream and boil for 3-4 minutes. 12.Add the Greek yoghurt and bring to boil. Add the lemon juice and season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pass through a sieve then set aside. 13.To cook the mussels, heat the reserved stock in a lidded saucepan until simmering. Discard any mussels that are cracked, or any open ones that do not close when given a sharp tap. 14.Add the mussels and put the lid on the pan. Leave to steam until the mussels have opened. Discard any that do not open after steaming. 15.Remove the mussels from their shells and add to the sauce. Finish with the chopped coriander. 16.For the broccoli, bring a pan of salted water to the boil, add the broccoli and boil for 2-3 minutes until just tender. 17.Drain and season with a little salt and black pepper. 18.To cook the monkfish, preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. Heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and then add the monkfish and fry one minute on each side. Then place in the oven for four minutes. Remove from oven and leave to rest for four minutes before serving. 19.To serve, spoon the cracked wheat into the centre of serving bowls. 20.Carve the monkfish into two equally sized pieces and sit on top of the cracked wheat 21.Spoon the sauce around the edge of the fish, then finish with the broccoli.  

#sparklingsaturday Food Pairing - Smoked Salmon Blinis with Creme Fraiche and HorseradishDate published: 16/02/13

Food Pairing: Lindauer Special Reserve NV Brut Cuvee

Smoked salmon blinis with crème fraîche & horseradish

16 blini pancakes

5 tbsp crème fraîche

1 tbsp creamed horseradish , according to taste

150g smoked salmon , cut into small slices


Warm the blinis in the oven. Mix the crème fraîche and horseradish together and spoon a little onto each blini. Curl a small piece of smoked salmon on top of each blini, season with freshly ground black pepper and serve.

The smokey and salty taste from the salmon is both enhanced and supported by the crispness of this sparkling wine. The Chardonnay provides a creamy elegance and the Pinot Noir adds fresh fruity notes. With this recipe, the warmth of the horseradish does not interfere with the taste of the wine. Enjoy this pairing as a canape at a party or as part of a light meal.

Wine of the Week Recipe - Beef Stew with DumplingsDate published: 13/02/13

Beef stew with dumplings

For all those feeling down by this cold weather tuck into this rich beef stew with fluffy dumplings to warm you right down to your toes.


For the beef stew 2 tbsp olive oil 25g butter 750g beef stewing steak, chopped into bite-sized pieces 2 tbsp plain flour 2 garlic cloves, crushed 175g baby onions, peeled 150g celery cut into large chunks 150g baby carrots cut in half 2 leeks, roughly chopped 200g swede, cut into large chunks 150ml port 500ml beef stock 2 fresh bay leaves 3 tbsp fresh thyme leaves 3 tbsp chopped fresh flatleaf parsley Worcestershire sauce to taste Balsamic vinegar to taste salt and pepper (to taste)

For the dumplings 125g plain flour , plus extra for dusting 1 tsp baking powder pinch sea salt 60g suet water, to make a dough

To serve Crusty bread

Preparation method 1.Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. 2.For the beef stew, heat the oil and butter in an ovenproof casserole and fry the beef until browned on all sides. 3.Sprinkle over the flour and cook for a further 2-3 minutes. 4.Add the garlic and all the vegetables and fry for 1-2 minutes. 5.Stir in the port, stock and herbs, then add the Worcestershire sauce and balsamic vinegar, to taste. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 6.Cover with a lid, transfer to the oven and cook for about two hours, or until the meat is tender. 7.For the dumplings, sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. 8.Add the suet and enough water to form a thick dough. 9.With floured hands, roll spoonfuls of the dough into small balls. 10.After two hours, remove the lid from the stew and place the balls on top of the stew. Cover, return to the oven and cook for a further 20 minutes, or until the dumplings have swollen and are tender. 11.To serve, place a spoonful of mashed potato onto each of four serving plates and top with the stew and dumplings. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.


Enjoy this with our wine of the week - the Muriel Rioja Reserva 2007, with its dark ruby red colouring and smooth tannins....it pairs well with this meaty dish and would match equally as well with a mediterranean lamb dish.



Lincoln's A-Z of Wine: B is for...BordeauxDate published: 09/02/13

This week on our bi-weekly series on all things wine, we are on the letter B, and this week it stands for Bordeaux.

What is a Bordeaux wine?

A Bordeaux wine is any wine that is produced within the region of Bordeaux, which is an area within the Gironde department It is the largest wine producing area in France with over 120,000 hectares and produces around 700million bottles in an average vintage by around 8,500 chateaux with 54 appellations.

Within region, around 89% produced is red, and the remaining amount is made up with sweet white wine, dry white, and rose and sparkling (in smaller vintages).


The Romans were thought to have introduced the vine to Bordeaux around the 1st century for local consumption and it has been continuous in the region ever since. Following the marriage of Henry Plantagenet to Eleanor of Aquitaine, Bordeaux wines became much more popular as the region became English territory and the produce was then exported – interestingly, as the principal style at the time was Clairet, the British colloquialism “claret” is thought to have originated from this. However, after the 100 years war in 1453, Bordeaux became French again and they took possession of the area's wine production.

After Dutch settlers drained the area of the Medoc in the 17th Century, they planted vines which surpassed the Graves area in quality. Until the 19th Century, Merlot was the dominant grapes, when it replaced by Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1855, all of the Chateaux in Bordeaux were classified into a system still used today. In the late 19th Century, the disease Phylloxera ruined almost all of the vines in Bordeaux, but French pilgrims in America found that the vines there were immune which led to American rootstock being grafted to Bordeaux vines.


The main reason the success of winemaking in Bordeaux due to the excellent growing environment. The main bed rock in the area is limestone, which means that the soil is rich in calcium. Due to good irrigation from the Gironde river and its tributaries (Garonne and Dordogne) the region experiences an oceanic climate (warm summers, cool winters).

The rivers in the area define the subdivision of the region:

  • The “right bank” is on the right of the Dordogne in the north of the region
  • Entre-deux-mers meaning “between two seas”; is the area between the Dordogne and Garonne in the centre of the region.
  • The “left bank” is on the left bank of the Garonnein the west and south of the region around Bordeaux itself, this area is further divided into:

    Graves – upstream of Bordeaux

    Medoc – Downstream of Bordeaux, on a peninsula between Gironde and the Atlantic.

    Within Bordeaux, the concept of “terroir” plays a pivotal role in production, with the top vineyards aiming to reflect the place they are from in the taste of the wine; this is often done with single vineyard production.

    The soil in Bordeaux is gravelly, sandy stone with clay. The regions best vineyards are located on the well drained gravel soils around the Gironde.

    Within the Bordeaux wine region, there are a number of sub-regions including: Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Medoc and Graves. The 60 Bordeaux appellations and the wine styles they represent are usually categorized into six main families, four red based on the subregions and two white based on sweetness:

    Red Bordeaux and Red Bordeaux Supérieur.

    Bordeaux winemakers may use the two regional appellations throughout the entire wine region, however approximately half of the Bordeaux vineyard is specifically designated under Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs. With the majority of châteaux located on the Right Bank in the Entre-Deux-Mers area, wines are typically Merlot-dominant, often blended with the other classic Bordeaux varieties. There are many small, family-run châteaux, as well as wines blended and sold by wine merchants under commercial brand names. The Bordeaux AOC wines tend to be fruity, with minimal influence of oak, and are produced in a style meant to be drunk young. Bordeaux Superieur AOC wines are produced in the same area, but must follow stricter controls, such as lower yields, and are often aged in oak. For the past 10 years, there has been strong, ongoing investment by the winemakers in both the vineyards and in the cellar, resulting in ever increasing quality. New reforms for the regional appellations were instituted in 2008 by the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur Winemakers' Association. In 2010, 55% of all Bordeaux wines sold in the world were from Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur AOCs, with 67% sold in France and 33% exported (+9%), representing 14 bottles consumed per second.

    Red Côtes de Bordeaux.

    Eight appellations are in the hilly outskirts of the region, and produce wines where the blend usually is dominated by Merlot. These wines tend to be intermediate between basic red Bordeaux and the more famous appellations of the left and right bank in both style and quality. However, since none of Bordeaux's stellar names are situated in Côtes de Bordeaux, prices tend to be moderate. There is no official classification in Côtes de Bordeaux.In 2007, 14.7% of the region's vineyard surface was used for wines in this family.

    Red Libourne, or "Right Bank" wines.

    Around the city of Libourne, 10 appellations produce wines dominated by Merlot with very little Cabernet Sauvignon, the two most famous being Saint-Émilion and Pomerol. These wines often have great fruit concentration, softer tannins and are long-lived. Saint-Émilion has an official classification.In 2007, 10.5% of the region's vineyard surface was used for wines in this family.

    Red Graves and Médoc or "Left Bank" wines.

    North and south of the city of Bordeaux, which are the classic areas, produce wines dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, but often with a significant portion of Merlot. These wines are concentrated, tannic, long-lived and most of them meant to be cellared before drinking. The five First Growths are situated here. There are official classifications for both Médoc and Graves. In 2007, 17.1% of the region's vineyard surface was used for wines in this family.

    Dry white wines.

    Dry white wines are made throughout the region, using the regional appellation Bordeaux Blanc, often from 100% Sauvignon Blanc or a blend dominated by Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. The Bordeaux Blanc AOC is used for wines made in appellations that only allow red wines. Dry whites from Graves is the most well-known and the only subregion with a classification for dry white wines. The better versions tend to have a significant oak influence. In 2007, 7.8% of the region's vineyard surface was used for wines in this family.

    Sweet white wines.

    In several locations and appellations throughout the region, sweet white wine is made from Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes affected by noble rot. The best-known of these appellations is Sauternes, which also has an official classification, and where some of the world's most famous sweet wines are produced. There are also appellations neighboring Sauternes, on both sides of the Garonne river, where similar wines are made. The regional appellation for sweet white wines is Bordeaux Supérieur Blanc. In 2007, 3.2% of the region's vineyard surface was used for wines in this family.






  • Food pairing: Nyetimber Blanc de Blancs 2003Date published: 07/02/13

    Try this buttery fish dish with some beautifully british blanc de blancs fizz, made from  100% chadonnay grapes, i think it will really compliment the flavours in this recipe.

    Tuck in!!

    Lemon Sole with a citrus beurre noisette sauce


    2 fillets of lemon sole (about 150g/5oz each), skin removed

    3tbsp plain flour

    ½ tsp salt

    2 pinches freshly ground black pepper

    1½ tbsp sunflower oil

    45g/1½oz butter, cut into cubes

    ½ lemon, juice only

    1 tbsp chopped flatleaf parsley

    1 tbsp small capers (optional)


    Preparation method

    1.Check the fish for small bones and use tweezers to pull out any that you find.

    2.Mix the flour with the salt and pepper and spread out over a large plate. Pat the fish fillets in the flour so they are evenly coated, and shake off any excess.

    3.Heat the oil in a large frying pan over a high heat. When the oil is smoking hot, place the fish fillets in the pan and lower the heat to medium. Cook for 1-2 minutes on one side until golden-brown, then turn the fillets over and cook for a further 1-2 minutes until the second side is golden-brown. (Flatfish fillets need only 1-2 minutes cooking on each side. If you’re cooking thicker slices or fillets from a fish like trout (2-3cm/1in thick), then 3-4 minutes on each side should be fine.)

    4.When cooked remove the fish from the pan and wrap the fish in aluminium foil to keep warm.

    5.Wipe the pan with paper towels and return to a medium heat. Add the cubes of butter and heat until they melt and become light brown, then turn off the heat and add the lemon juice (stand back a little as it will splutter).

    6.Add the parsley and capers (if using), and swirl the contents of the pan around. Return the fish to the pan, spoon over the juices and serve immediately.

    Recipe courtesy of Rachel Khoo

    Food Pairing: Decoy Zinfandel 2010Date published: 06/02/13

    Food pairing: Decoy Zinfandel 2008/2009  

    Venison casserole


    1 tbsp olive oil 25g butter 2 diced onions 4 garlic cloves 4 rashers smoked bacon 500g mushrooms 2.5kg haunch or shoulder of venison, diced ½ bottle good red wine 400ml water 2 beef stock pots 3 tbsp redcurrant jelly salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste 50g cornflour

    Preparation method

    1.Preheat the oven to 150C/300F/Gas 2.

    2.On the hob, heat the olive oil and butter in a large lidded cast iron casserole dish. Soften the onions (don't brown)

    3.Add the garlic, bacon and mushrooms and cook for a further minute.

    4.In a frying pan, brown the venison a handful at a time and add to the casserole. When all the meat is browned, add the red wine, water, stock pots, redcurrant jelly and salt and pepper.

    5.Bring to the boil and stir well. Put the lid on the casserole and place in the middle of the oven - cook for 90 minutes.

    6.Remove from the oven. Make a paste with the cornflour and two tablespoons of water (or milk). Add as much of the paste to the casserole as is needed to thicken the sauce - add a little at a time if you are not sure how much you will need (you can put in, but not take out)

    7.Transfer the casserole to the hob, and, on a low heat, cook until the gravy has thickened - this will take about five minutes.

    8.Serve with new potatoes and wilted spinach. Decorate each plate with a sprig of rosemary or thyme and a bunch of fresh redcurrants.  

    Wine of the Week Recipe - Chicken, butterbean and Chorizo StewDate published: 06/02/13

    Chicken, butterbean and chorizo stew

    Try this speedy, spicy, smoky mid-week supper to warm you up from head to toe. Ingredients

    2 tins butterbeans 1 tbsp oil 500g chicken thighs or breast 125g piece of chorizo, cut into bite-sized chunks 3 cloves garlic, chopped 1 onion, chopped 2 tsp ground coriander 100ml dry sherry 1 x 400g can chopped tomatoes 200ml chicken stock salt and freshly ground black pepper To serve extra virgin olive oil toasted flaked almonds

    Preparation method

    1.Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken until golden-brown all over. Remove from the pan and set aside. Then fry the chorizo in oil until just beginning to crisp.

    2.Add the onions, garlic and coriander and fry for 2-3 minutes until softened. Pour in the sherry and allow to bubble for a minute, then tip in the tinned tomatoes, butterbeans and stock. Bring to the boil.

    3.Add the browned chicken and the chickpeas and simmer for 20-25 minutes, or until the chicken is completely cooked through. Season, to taste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

    4.Serve topped with flaked almonds and a swirl of olive oil.  


    Try this recipe with our Wine of the Week - Hacienda Zorita Tempranillo 2009

    Food Pairing: Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Franc, ChileDate published: 03/02/13

    Here is our food recommendation pairing for Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Franc, which was recommended on this week's Saturday Kitchen.


    For the pasta

    * 100g/3½oz plain flour, plus extra for flouring *1 tsp salt *1 free-range egg, plus 1 extra for eggwash *1 tsp olive oil

    For the filling

    *1 tbsp olive oil *75g/2½oz chorizo *50g/1¾oz aubergine, finely chopped *1 tomato, finely chopped *50g/1¾oz spinach, chopped *75g/2½oz ricotta cheese *salt and freshly ground black pepper

    For the chorizo butter sauce

    *1 tbsp olive oil *25g/1oz butter *75g/2½oz chorizo, chopped *1 tomato, chopped

    Preparation method

    1. For the pasta, place the flour and salt into a food processor. Add one of the eggs and the olive oil and pulse, until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Technique: Rubbing in

    2. Turn the mixture out onto a floured surface and knead until it comes together to make a ball. Wrap the dough in cling film and place into the fridge to rest for at least ten minutes, ideally 30 minutes. Technique: Kneading bread

    3. Meanwhile, for the filling, heat the oil in a frying pan over a medium heat and fry the chorizo for 2-3 minutes. Add the chopped aubergine and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add the tomato and spinach and cook for another minute.

    4. Remove from the heat, stir in the ricotta and season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Allow to cool slightly.

    5. Remove the pasta from the fridge, remove the cling film and roll the dough as thinly as possible on a floured board. Alternatively, pass the pasta through a pasta machine several times, ending on its thinnest setting. Technique: Rolling pasta using a pasta machine

    6. Cut the pasta sheet in half and lay flat on a floured wooden board. Place teaspoonfuls of the filling 5cm/2in apart along the middle of one of the pasta sheets.

    7. Lightly beat the remaining egg in a clean bowl and brush the pasta around the filling with the beaten egg. Place the other sheet of pasta on top and press down around the filling to seal it. Using a pasta cutter, cut around the filling to make 4cm/1¾in squares of ravioli. Place the ravioli onto a plate, cover with cling film and place in the fridge until needed.

    8. For the chorizo butter sauce, heat the olive oil and butter in a saucepan over a medium heat and fry the chorizo until crisp. Add the chopped tomato and cook for 1-2 minutes.

    9. Place the ravioli into a large pan of boiling salted water and cook for three minutes, or until tender.

    10. To serve, place the ravioli into serving dishes and top with the chorizo butter sauce.

    Simon's weekly recipe - Moules MarinieresDate published: 30/01/13


    Moules marinières

    This is possibly one of my favorite dishes and reminds me of family holidays to France. Its one of the simplest way to cook a feast of seasonal mussels. An absolute classic that can be enjoyed by all (who like mussels).



    1kg/2lb 3oz fresh mussels

    2 tbsp olive oil

    1 finely chopped shallot

    2 chopped garlic cloves

    150ml white wine

    2 sprigs thyme

    150ml double cream (or crème fraiche)

    small bunch chopped flat leaf parsley

    Crusty bread


    Preparation method

    1.Clean the mussels by thoroughly scrubbing them under plenty of running water, pulling away and discarding the 'beards' (the seaweed-like stringy threads). Discard any broken mussels, and any mussels that don't close tightly when you tap them.

    2.Heat the olive oil in a heavy pan with a tight-fitting lid. Add the shallot and garlic and cook over a medium heat until softened, but not coloured.

    3.Add the wine and turn up to a high heat. As the wine starts to boil, add the cleaned mussels and thyme to the pan. Turn the heat down to low.

    4.Put the lid on the pan and allow the mussels to steam. Cook for about 4-5 minutes, lifting the lid from time to time to check - you will know they are cooked when the shells have opened. Discard any mussels that remain closed.

    5.Add the double cream and cook for a further minute.

    6.Scatter with the chopped parsley and serve in deep bowls, use hunks of the crusty bread to mop up the creamy wine juices. Serve with crispy chips (moules frites)

    I would recommend a bottle of Cote Mas 2011 to go with this dish with its smoother flavours and softer acidity, it matches well with the creamy sauce and doesn't overpower.

    Food pairing: Rioja Reserva 2008 CVNE Date published: 29/01/13

    Rioja-braised lamb shanks with chorizo and garlic

    Once the initial faff of browning the shanks is done, there is little effort required to produce massive flavours.

    Ingredients 4 lamb shanks salt and freshly ground black pepper oil, for frying 350ml/12fl oz Rioja or 350ml/12fl oz good-quality beef stock 250ml/9fl oz balsamic vingear 1 garlic bulb, cut in half horizontally 2 bay leaves

    1–2 tsp paprika handful black peppercorns 4 sprigs fresh rosemary 300ml/10fl oz beef stock 125g/4oz chorizo 1 large red onion, peeled and cut into wedges 2 carrots, peeled and chopped dash honey, to taste


    Preparation method 1.Preheat the oven to 150C/300F/Gas 3. 2.Season the lamb well with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Drizzle oil into a heavy-based saucepan pan set over a high heat. Turn down the heat slightly and brown the lamb shanks all over. 3.Pour the wine and balsamic vinegar into a casserole dish and boil for five minutes. Add the lamb shanks, garlic, bay leaves, paprika, peppercorns, half the rosemary and the stock. Cover with a lid and bring to the boil. 4.Once boiling, place the dish into the oven and cook for two hours. 5.Remove the dish from the oven and add the chorizo, onion, carrots, honey to taste, if using, and the remaining rosemary, then return to the oven and cook for another hour, or until the meat is tender and falling off the bone. 6.Remove the meat and vegetables with a slotted spoon and keep warm. 7.Place the casserole dish onto a high heat and boil for 8–10 minutes, or until thickened slightly. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. 8.Serve the meat and vegetables with creamy mashed potatoes and lashings of the sauce.  

    Food pairing: Mâcon-Lugny 2010/2011 Louis Latour - Pork fillet with creamed leeksDate published: 25/01/13

    Ingredients · olive oil · 150g pork fillet ·salt and freshly ground black pepper For the leeks · olive oil · knob unsalted butter ·1 garlic clove chopped ·½ leek, washed and sliced ·2 sprigs of thyme, leaves only · 50ml milk ·150ml double cream or crème fraiche ·1 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

    Preparation method 1.Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7. 2.For the pork, heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan. Season the pork fillet and sear in the hot pan for 1-2 minutes on each side. Transfer to the oven and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until cooked through. 3.For the leeks, heat the oil and butter in a pan and sauté the garlic with the leek and thyme leaves for 3-4 minutes, to soften. 4.Stir in the milk, cream and parsley, then reduce the heat and simmer gently for a further 6-8 minutes, stirring occasionally. 5.Remove the pork from the oven and allow to rest. Slice diagonally. Spoon the creamed leeks onto a serving plate and top with the sliced pork. Serve with some homemade apple sauce.  

    Food pairing: Real Compañía de Vinos Tempranillo 2011- Moussaka Date published: 25/01/13

    Ingredients · olive oil · large onion, finely chopped ·675g lamb mince ·3 cloves garlic, chopped ·¼tsp cinnamon · ¼tsp allspice · 2 x 400g tin of chopped tomatoes ·1 tbsp fresh oregano, chopped ·2 bay leaves ·1 tsp fresh, soft thyme leaves ·175ml white wine · 4 medium aubergines, cut into 1cm slices · Salt & pepper ·Plain flour (for dusting) For the topping ·85g unsalted butter ·85gplain flour · 900ml milk · 85gparmesan, grated ·115g gruyere, grated · 2 egg yolks ·1 whole egg

    Preparation method 1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F/Gas4 2. Heat a glug of olive oil in a large casserole dish, add the onion and soften, but don't colour. Brown half the lamb in a frying pan and add to the onion. Add the garlic and break up the meat so it has a loose texture. Brown remaining lamb. 3. Stir in the cinnamon, allspice, chopped tomatoes, oregano, bay leaves and thyme. Add the rest of the browned lamb and de-glaze the pan with white wine (careful of flare up) and pour straight into the casserole dish. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 1 hour. 4. Place the aubergine in a colander, sprinkle with salt and leave for 30 minutes. This will draw out any bitter juice. 5. Meanwhile make the béchamel (cheese) sauce. Melt butter in a non-stick pan and stir in the flour to make a paste, gradually mix in the milk with a whisk, keep it moving until it thickens. Simmer over a gentle heat for about 5 mins. Remove from heat and add some of the cheese (save some for the top) and stir in. Season to taste 6. Rinse the aubergines and pat dry, dust with flour and brown on both sides. Dry on kitchen paper. Set aside until ready to construct. 7. The sauce should now have cooled enough to whisk in the egg and egg yolks. 8. Construct the moussaka like a lasagne, with alternate layers. Pour on the sauce and sprinkle over the remaining cheese. Whack into oven for 50-60 mins, until bubbling and golden. Allow to settle for a few mins before serving. 9. Serve the moussaka with a chunky tomato, cucumber, parsley and mint salad and hunks of crusty bread.

    Wine of the Week Recipe - Lamb Shank Tagine with TabboulehDate published: 23/01/13

    Lamb shank tagine with Tabbouleh I first had this on a climbing trip to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, I loved it so much I asked the host for the recipe. From what I understood in Arabic, I pieced together a recipe which I then refined; this is it:

    Ingredients for the tagine: ·1 tsp Ras-El-Hanout ·1/2 tsp ground cinnamon ·1/2 tsp group ginger ·1/2 tsp paprika (I find the sweeter smoked kind better) ·1/2 tsp cumin ·1/4 tsp turmeric ·4 lamb shanks (I had it as goat, but lamb is nicer) ·A couple of glugs of good olive oil ·1 sliced onion

    ·4 cloves garlic ·Chopped tomatoes (I find 1x400g tin works well) ·1 tbsp clear honey ·2 tbsp pomegranate molasses ·1/2 tsp saffron · 350ml chicken stock · 125g dried apricots (halved) · Large handful of green olives (pitted) · Small handful of whole almonds · Season to taste

    Preparation: 1.Preheat of the oven to 160C/315F/Gas 3. 2.Mix the dried spices in a bowl. Coat the lamb shanks in the mixture. 3.Heat some of the oil in a large cast iron pot until smoking hot and sear the lamb shanks on all sides until golden-brown all over, set aside. 4.Add remaining oil and fry onion and crushed garlic until softened. Add lamb to the pan and stir well, add all of the remaining tagine ingredients. 5.Reduce the heat, cover with a lid and place in the oven for two hours, or until the lamb is tender. 6.Remove lid and cook for further 30 mins, or until the tagine is slightly thickened. Season, to taste. 7.For the tabbouleh; bring 175g of bulgar wheat with 350ml of chicken stock to the boil, then reduce to a simmer. Cover the with lid and cook for 15minutes on a low heat until tender, drain excess liquid 8.Remove from heat and allow to cool. Transfer to a bowl. Add chopped pistachios, juice of 1 lemon and 1 orange, seeds of 1 pomegranate, glug of olive oil, chopped mint, chopped parsley and then season to taste.


    This recipe would match really well with our wine of the week: Mas de Mas Corbieres

    Wine of the Week - Mas Des Mas Corbieres 2011Date published: 23/01/13

    Mas des Mas Corbières

    Variety: Syrah (shiraz), Grenache, Carignan Origin A classic Languedoc blend vinified with a view to preservation of the grapes' most youthful fruit characters. Only 25% of this wine is aged in oak, which lends a little complexity and structure, without over-softening the fruit.

    Taste Dark purple in colour, with a rounded middleweight core of juicy fruitiness, and subtle notes of garrigue herbs. Has the potential to age for 5 or more years in bottle.

    Enjoy At its best with herb-rich Mediterranean dishes, from a simple beef casserole to a fragrant lamb tagine.

    Bargain Hunt £6.99 when you buy 2 (or £9.99 single)

    Simon's weekly recipeDate published: 19/01/13

    *Taken this recipe from BBC's Saturday Kitchen - 19/01/13*

    Popcorn Pork Tiger Prawns “Juicy Tiger Prawns seared with a novel popcorn and pork dust coating”


    For Garlic Mayonnaise: 5 garlic cloves, peeled iced water 2 tbsp mayonnaise

    For the smoked bacon relish: 25g/1oz smoked streaky bacon, finely diced ½ white onion, peeled and finely shredded 1 tbsp white wine vinegar 1 tbsp chicken stock 1 garlic clove, chopped 1 sprig thyme 10g/¼oz flat leaf parsley

    For the popcorn tiger prawns: 20g/1oz smoked bacon fat, reserved from above 50g/2oz popcorn kernels 70g/2½oz pork scratchings salt, to taste 24 tiger prawns

    Serve with Salad leaves of your choice

    Preparation method:

    1.For the garlic mayonnaise, remove the root from each of the garlic cloves. 2.Fill a pan with cold water and add the garlic. Bring to the boil. 3.Once the water has boiled, drain and repeat the process two more times (this process is called blanching). 4.Once the cloves have been boiled three times, immediately place the garlic into iced water to cool down rapidly. 5.Drain the garlic, add to the mayonnaise and blend in a food processor until smooth. 6.For the smoked bacon relish, cook the bacon in a small saucepan until crisp. Drain off the excess fat, reserving it to cook the popcorn later. 7.Add the onion and cook until soft and translucent with no colour. 8.Add white wine vinegar and chicken stock. Continue to cook until the liquid has almost evaporated. 9.Add the chopped herbs, mix, then set aside and keep warm for serving. 10.For the popcorn tiger prawns, put half the reserved smoked bacon fat in a small saucepan with a lid. Add the popcorn kernels, put on the pan lid and heat the pan. Turn off the heat once the kernels have finished popping, being careful not to burn them by cooking too long. 11.Drain the popcorn on kitchen paper to remove excess oil. 12.Blend the popcorn in a spice grinder or blender until it is a fine powder. 13.Grind down the pork scratchings to a powder and then mix the two powders together. Season to taste with salt. 14.Fry the tiger prawns in a hot non-stick pan with the remaining smoked bacon fat, for about two minutes per side. 15.Place the cooked prawns on kitchen paper to drain off any excess fat and then roll the cooked prawns in the popcorn powder coating. 16.Serve on bed of dressed salad leaves and pot of garlic mayonnaise and smoked bacon relish.

    Less than 30 mins preparation time 10 to 30 mins cooking time Serves 4  

    With this dish, you could crack open a bottle of Waimea 2011 Pinot Gris; with its sweet aromas of pear, honey, apple, spice and even a hint of cream, it partners well with saltier foods like yoiu find in Asian cuisine. When chilled, this wine gives you a breath of fresh air even on the darkest of days. Its in all Majestic stores now at £11.24 for single bottle or £8.99 a bottle when you buy any two NZ wines (excluding sparkling).

    Hope you enjoy,


    Important Delivery InformationDate published: 19/01/13

    Message to all our customers;

    Due to severe weather conditions, we are suspending all our deliveries until further notice. If you have any questions please call us in store on 01522 540128

    Many Thanks

    MW Lincoln

    South of France tasting Friday 18- Monday 21st JanDate published: 17/01/13

    Bring some summer sun into your life with a tasting of 4 wines from the sunny South of France.

    Lincoln's A-Z of Wine: A is for...AlsaceDate published: 13/01/13

    Hello, and welcome to our new bi-weekly series on all things wine. We are going right through the alphabet with our brand new A-Z of wine series. We hope that you will enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing. We hope to educate you aswell as broaden your horizons in the wine world. This week we are starting right at the beginning with the letter A, and this week it stands for Alsace.

    Alsace is a region of Eastern France that borders Germany. In fact, the region of Alsace has exchanged hands more than four times in the space of 75 years. It is a territory that over history has long been disputed over by both nations. The wine of Alsace reflects the ambivalent situation of a border province. There are two physical boundaries between France and Germany: the Rhine and the Vosges mountains. The Rhine has been the political frontier through most of history, but its the Vosges that makes the great climatic and linguistic difference. This is reflected by its wines. Alsace makes Germanic wines the French way.

    Traditionally, Alsace winemakers sought bone dry, firm, storng wines, fermenting every ounce of the sugar produced by the long summers of Alsace and, often, adding even more (chaptalizing) to make the wine even stronger. This contrasted with the traditional German modelof feather-light wines with natural grape sugar lingering delicately within.

    There are many grape varieties that are grown within Alsace, like Riesling, Pinot Blanc, some Pinot Noir, and the uniquely perfumed Gewurztraminer. Gerwurztraminer is the perfect introduction to the province. You would not think that so fruity a scent could come from a wine that can be so clean and dry. Some of the flavours that come from an Alsace Gewurztraminer are grapefruit, rose petals and lychees.

    Gerwurztraminer has its place with some of the richest of the very rich Alsatian dishes, that of goose or pork. But many from this region consider Riesling to be their favourite. It edges over Gewurztraminer by offering a balance of hard and gentle, flowery and strong, which leads you on and never surfaces.

    Like its counterparts from from the Loire and from Germnay, Alsace wine is essentially about fruit rather that oak. If oak is used at all it is generally in the form of old oval casks incapable of imparting oak flavour. Similarly, most Alsace winemakers have deliberately supressed the second malolactic fermentation for their whites. Colours and styles vary enourmously from the traditional tart looking wines, to dark rose and onto deep crimsom, oaky wines made from barrel-aged, low yield fruit.

    Bargain Hunt 2013 Staff Choice: Composite Sauvignon Blanc 2010Date published: 11/01/13

    Ara is an emerging terroir that lies at the confluence of the Wairau and Waihopai rivers in the world famous Marlborough region. A single landform that dates back some 20,000 years, the 1600 hectare terrace is a unique geological feature in New Zealand.

    The name Ara (pronounced 'Are-ah') is both the indegenous Maori word for 'Pathway' and Latin for 'Altar'. Both definitions are compatible with the Winemakers of Ara philosophy. This wine also echoes their deep respect for tradition and the environment.

    Tasting Notes:

    Vibrant and intense, Composite Sauvignon Blanc shows ripe, clean stone and grapefruit characters. It is highly concentrated with a generous textured mouthfeel and a long clean finish. This is the perfect match for seafood but can be successfully partnered with a variety of foods including sashimi or spicy Asian fish.

    Majestic Bargain Hunt 2013Date published: 08/01/13

    The Majestic Bargain Hunt has started today. We have 26 lots in the Hunt, perfect chance to stock up the rack with some real quality wines. Pop into see us or call 01522 540 128 for more information.

    Fine wine of the month- Brunello di Montalcino Banfi 2007Date published: 03/01/13

    " This wine has fabulous aromas of blackberry, black cherry and raspberry. Full bodied, with wonderfully intergrated tannins, fresh mushroom and milk choocolate. Best after 2010" 93 points- Wine Spectator


    Only £20.00

    Wine of the Week: BriO de Cantenac Brown 2007, MargauxDate published: 21/12/12

    This is the second wine of Château Cantenac Brown, made from pre-selected lots of the Château's younger vines, which are cultivated specifically for this earlier-drinking blend. Otherwise traditionally made, with 25%-new oak maturation for 13 months, followed by egg-white fining.

    Elegantly structured claret, with aromas of pencil lead and sandalwood, and a bramble backbone. A good level of ripeness, medium body, and tannins of a firm, taut character.

    Drinking well now, preferably with braised lamb.

    RRP: £17.99 (When you buy two bottles), £19.99 (Single Bottle Price)

    Wine of the Week: Serena Pinot Grigio 2011, BanfiDate published: 11/12/12

    From one of Italy's greatest producers comes this Pinot Grigio, grown in the hills around Montalcino, and made in the unmistakabe delicate Italian style. Using only free-run juice means minimal skin contact for delicate colour and lightness of body.

    The warm Tuscan climate gives the delicate Pinot Grigio grape the ripeness and softness that really brings out the pear, melon and banana aromas, and softens the acidity on the palate.

    A lively yet easy-going wine, which can be enjoyed on its own, or with white fish or light poultry dishes.

    RRP: £5.99 (Buy 2 Bottles Save £6) £8.99 (Single Bottle Price)

    Fine Wine Friday: CNDP 2010, Domaine DurieuDate published: 07/12/12

    Domaine Durieu was established in 1976 by Paul Durieu and remains family-owned, now run by Paul's sons, Vincent and Francois. Unusually, Durieu de-stem their grapes to aid fruitiness, relying on fruit from low-yielding vines to provide firm tannic structure.

    With typical Chateuneuf power, the wine delivers a fresh and spicy nose of red cherry embellished with notes of sage and wild thyme. The palate is equally powerful, with sinuous tannins and huge length.

    The classic match for a full-flavoured game pie.


    RRP: £22.00 (Single Bottle Price), Buy 2 bottles save £8 £18.00

    New Alsace Wines have arrivedDate published: 05/12/12

    Majestic wine Lincoln are pleased to introduce -

    Kuhlmann-Platz Cave de Hunawihr to the range, this historic cave produces Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer and at £7.99 per bottle on offer they become even more attractive.

    Sparlikng new fizz deals...Date published: 28/11/12

    Some new cracking Deals to start the festive season off with a pop.

    Canard Duchene Brut £15.00

    Heidsieck Gold Top £19.00

    Taittinger NV £26.00

    Moet NV £28.00

    Bollinger NV £30.00

    St Clair Pinot Noir Wine of the WeekDate published: 27/11/12

    Yet another belter from St Clair! This wine is sourced from several vineyards in Marlborough's Southern Valleys, whose clay soils promote the growth of small bunches of small berries, and thus intensely flavoured Pinot Noir. Portions of the wine are aged in French oak barriques before blending with unoaked wine. It has a rich garnet core with a purplish rim. Aromas of ripe black cherries and currants, with a lifted raspberry note and a hint of vanilla. Fine tannins, medium palate weight, and good fruit concentration.

    If you're looking for the perfect wine to go with your christmas turkey, then look no further!  

    Majestic PortDate published: 27/11/12

    Our Port section is now fully stocked to help with those chilly winter evenings. 

    Highlights Include-

    Taylors LBV £9.99

    Delaforce Quinta da Corte 1991 £18.99

    Croft Quinta da Roeda 1997 £18.99

    Taylors Quinta de Vargellas 2001 £25.00


    Wine of the Week - Cotes du Rhone Belleruche, M. ChapoutierDate published: 21/11/12

    The Chapoutier family have produced wines in the Rhône Valley since 1808. Michel Chapoutier, currently in charge, has combined tradition with a dynamic, creative approach and makes some of the best wines of the region.

    A superb wine with rich aromas of dark fruit, earthy minerals and spice. Soft and round on the palate with smooth tannins, rich blackberry and cherry fruit, hints of liquorice and a substantial finish. This wine can be enjoyed over the next several years and will superbly partner most rich meat dishes.  

    RRP - £7.99 (When you buy 2 or more bottles as aprt of a mixed case) 20% off Rhone Wines

    MW Lincoln Staff Choice: Mandrielle Sangiovese 2010, BanfiDate published: 17/11/12

    Hello there, Here at Majestic Wine Lincoln, one of our favourite things about our job is tasting all different kinds of wine from all over the world. We all have different tastes and we all have our favourite grape varieties and regions. But this wine is one we all agree is good to drink this winter; Mandrielle Sangiovese 2010, Banfi from Italy. This lovely wine from Tuscany really does warm the cockles for these dark winter months and what better way to sit in front of a nice warm fireplace than with this wine. Here are the tasting notes for a bit of background knowledge:

    Tuscany's signature red grape, at home in the warm Tuscan climate, and here with the expertise of Banfi's winemaking, Sangiovese really shows its varietal character.

    Tasting Notes Well-defined notes of liquorice and cedar on the nose are followed by an intense yet medium-bodied palate crammed with flavours of red and black cherries.

    Classic tomato-based Italian dishes rarely go better with anything else!

    RRP: £6.99 (Buy Two Bottles Save £4) £8.99 (Single Bottle Price)

    Sparkling Saturday - Codorniu Reina Maria Cristina Blanc de Noirs 2008Date published: 17/11/12

    Hello to all our fellow Majestic customers here in Lincolnshire. Today here in Majestic Wine Lincoln is 'Sparkling Saturday' and we have a fantastic choice for you all to try; its Codorniu Reina Maria Cristina Blanc de Noirs 2008. If your looking for that special party fizz or that Xmas present you the ones you love then come on down and try this amazing Cava today. Here is a bit of background information on this fantastic fizz. I might also add that this Cava is also a Bronze Medallist at the 2012 Decanter World Wine Awards!

    This Cava Brut was launched in honour of the Regent Queen María Cristina of Austria who in 1897 granted Codorníu with the title of 'Official Provider of the Royal House'.

    Tasting Notes: With fine bubbles and persistent beading, this deliciously dry Cava has fresh, light, floral aromas with delicately rounded, well-balanced pear and brioche flavours.

    Excellent to combine with white fish or as an apéritif.

    Christmas Mixed CasesDate published: 15/11/12

    If your looking for that special present to give to the someone you love this Christmas but can't decide what wine to give them, then whyn dont you buy them one of our mixed cases this Christmas! We have an amazing range of mixed cases all filled with some cracking wines. Why dont you see for yourself!

    The Discovery Case 12 x 75cl Bottles

    Discover what the world of wine has to offer with this fantastic value case. From Italian Pinot Grigio to Spanish Crianza; There's something in there for everyone. If you're sending this case as a gift don't forget to select a stylish gift carton for just £5.

    RRP: £59.88 - Total Saving £15!

    Winter Classics 12 x 75cl Bottles

    We pride ourselves on the party services we offer and this unique mix of top quality wines is a great place to start your preparations. There is a good mix of traditional styles such as white Burgundy and Rioja, as well as the very popular Italian Gavi and Argentinian Malbec. If you're sending this case as a gift don't forget to select a stylish gift carton for just £5.

    RRP: £79.88 - Total Saving £26!

    Festive Favourites 12 x 75cl Bottles

    Settle in at home this Winter with our Festive Favourites! This mix of new and old world wines has some exciting additions including a refreshing South African Sauvignon and ever popular Rioja Crianza. This case is also ideal as a festive gift - add the stylish gift carton for just £5 and you'll score some serious brownie points!

    RRP: £69.88 - Total Saving £24!  

    Wine of the Week: Dry Furmint 2010/11, Royal TokajiDate published: 15/11/12

    The name Furmint is derived from 'froment', the Hungarian word for the wheaten colour of its wines. More commonly associated with the super-sweet dessert wines of Hungary, the Furmint grape is employed here in a dry white, to stunning effect.

    Well-defined aromatics comprising rich honey notes and stone fruits on the nose. Plenty of acidity gives the palate crispness and bite, with mineral tinges accenting the fruit-laden, exotic feel.

    Partner with strong creamy cheeses or rich poultry dishes.

    RRP: £7.99 (When you buy at least two bottles or more as part of a mixed case) £9.99 (Single Bottle Price)

    Californian Wine of the WeekDate published: 11/11/12

    As part of our Californian wines tasting week, we have selected McManis Family Vineyards Zinfandel 2011 as our staff choice. Our Californian wines currently have 20% off when you purchase two or more wines from this region, and so for £8.79 this deliciously fruity Zinfandel is an absolute steal! More of a middle weight Zinfandel when compared to others, this wine appeals to a very wide spectrum of red wine fans. As a new addition to Majestic's repertoire, we hope you love all the McManis family wines as much as we do!

    Our Wine of the WeekDate published: 02/11/12

    This week we have selected the Alamos Malbec 2011 as our wine of the week. It is currently on a special offer, priced at £5.99 instead of the usual £8.99, and we believe this great wine is a steal at such a low price. As with pretty much all Malbecs, it perfectly compliments roast meats, but the raisiny fruit character and sweet, ripe tannins make this wine equally as enjoyable on its own.

    New Arrivals For WinterDate published: 31/10/12

    Hello Majestic Customers,

    Here at Majestic Wine Lincoln, Christmas has come early for us. We have just had a wide selection of brand new wines come into store. In fact we've had over 40 new and exciting wines arrive, all of which we hope will tickle those taste-buds this coming winter. We have had almost everything arrive in the last few weeks, from brilliant Bordeaux, to corking California. In addition, most of our wines cover a wide range of prices, from those wines you would like as stocking fillers, to that special wine to go with the turkey and trimmings. Here is a selection of our favorites that's new and that we cannot wait to try ourselves, enjoy.

    Château Moulin Eyquem 2001/2002 Côtes de Bourg

    Moulin Eyquem was originally property of the Marquis de Marsillac, but was bought in 1998 by the Mostermans family, who improved and modernised the estate. Its 20 hectares of vineyards lie on south and south-east facing slopes overlooking the Dordogne. Now mature and ready to drink, this wine offers aromas of stewed blackcurrants, plums and raisins, with hints of vanilla and sweet spice. The palate is soft and has a generous weight and texture. Perfect with rack of lamb.

    RRP: £6.99, When you buy two or more bottles - £9.99, Single bottle price.

    Château Grate-Cap 1999 Pomerol

    Château Grate-Cap is a small vineyard estate of only 12 hectares, located in the heart of the Pomerol plateau. A very near neighbour of Le Pin and Vieux Château Certan, sharing similar gravel and clay soils to these more famous properties. Full bodied and firm, the wine has a deep crimson colour, and a fine balance of fruit-driven power and savoury tannic grip, accompanied by a nose of dry herbs and cedar. Drink with roast beef.

    RRP: £19.99, Single bottle price.

    Pietrariccia Fiano 2011, Surani

    Masseria Surani is an estate dating back to the early 1900's, and is located just 6km from the Ionian coast in Apulia, Italy's 'heel'. The Fiano grape is found almost exclusively in southern Italy and Sicily, and is thought to have it origins in ancient Greece. A bright lemon colour with a golden tinge. The nose offers an inviting mixture of citrus and tropical fruit with floral hints. Crisp acidity and good palate texture make for a refreshing, satisfying feel. Drink with a salad, generously dressed with olive oil, anchovies and pine kernels.

    RRP: £6.99, When you buy two or more bottles - £8.99, Single bottle price.

    Beringer Founders' Estate Chardonnay 2010 Central and North California

    This Chardonnay comes from selected vineyards in central and northern California, where the vines are bathed in sunlight during the day, and cooled by marine breezes in the evenings, ensuring steady ripening. Only a small percentage of the blend is oak aged. With aromas and flavours characterised by ripe apple and pear, with hints of citrus and mango, this is a fruit-driven Chardonnay. The mouthfeel is round and soft, with a hint of spicy complexity. A perfect match for a rich and creamy risotto.

    RRP: £8.99, When you buy two or more bottles - £11.24, Single bottle price.

    Big is BeautifulDate published: 22/10/12

    We now have the following Magnums in for that extra impact around the Christmas table!

    Aix Rose 2011

    Marques de Riscal Reserva 2007

    Marques de Caceres Crianza 2008

    Chateau Meaume 2007

    Vinalba Malbec

    Veuve Cliquot NV

    Canard Duchene NV

    Tatitinger NV

    Wine of the Week: Plasir de Merle Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, PaarlDate published: 18/10/12

    Plaisir de Merle is a vine growing area established by French Huguenots in 1693, now covering nearly 1000 hectares, on the slopes of the Simonsberg mountains. The modern winery here was developed in the 1990s under the supervision of Paul Pontallier of Château Margaux. It is on the rolling foothills of this majestic mountain that vineyards thrive, producing grapes of exceptional richnessthat would have favoured their Huguenots founder, Charles Marais. Fleeing religious persecution in France, Marais and his family set sail for the cape in 1687, and settled at the cape of Groot Drakenstein Valley. In 1693, Cape Governor Simon van der Stel  granted land to the Marais family which they named after their home town, Le Plessis Marly.

    The nose is a vibrant mix of red berries, earth and spicy vanilla notes. The palate is full-bodied and ripe, with a dark chocolate richness, and a more savoury, food-friendly spiciness on the finish. This wine will mature for the next ten years or more.

    Pair with red meat and it will really shine. Try with venison burgers.

    RRP: £14.99 - 20% off South African Wines - £18.74 - Single Bottle Price

    South Africa - The Old - New World CountryDate published: 14/10/12

    There are few countries around the world that can match South Africa's rich wine making history and tradition. South Africa (SA) is considered to be a new world wine country, but its wine making tradition dates back over 350 years to 2nd February 1659, when the first grapes were pressed and South Africa's wine story began.

    The roots of the SA wine industry can be traced back to the explorations of the Dutch East India Trading Company which established a supply station in what is now modern day Cape Town. A Dutch surgeon, Jan van Riebeeck, was given the task of managing the station and planting vineyards to produce wines and grapes intended to ward of scurvy amongst sailors during their voyages along the 'spice route'.The first recorded harvest occurred in 1659, seven years after the first grape plantings. In 1685, the Constantia estate was the first recorded winery in the whole of South Africa and was owned by the Governor of the Cape, Simon van der Stel. His Vin de Constance dessert wine acquired an amazing reputation. The Dutch had almost no wine tradition and it was only after the French Huguenots settled at the Cape between 1680 and 1690 that the wine industry began to flourish. As religious refugees, the Huguenots had very little money and had to make do with the bare essentials. They also had to adapt their established wine making techniques to new conditions. After van der Stel's death, the estate fell into disrepair and was revived in 1778 when it was purchased by Hendrik Cloete.

    Under Cloete, Constantia soon earned a reputation across Europe for the quality of its Muscat based dessert wines. The reputation of Constantia positively affected the perception of other Cape wines and when the area fell under British rule, large quantities of Cape wine were exported to Britain. By 1859, more than 990,000 gallons of SA wine were exported to Britain. The region experienced prosperity until 1886, when the great phylloxera epidemic caused widespread damage to crops and the industry. It would take more than 20 years for SA to recover from the epidemic.

    For much of the 20th Century, the SA wine industry received very little attention on the world stage. Its isolation was exacerbated by the boycotts of SA products in protest against the country's system of apartheid. It was not until apartheid had ended in the late 1980s and early 1990s that the SA wine export market opened up again. Many producers adopted new wine making technologies which brought about the influence of international varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Chardonnay. Its main wine producing regions of Constantia and Stellenbosch have given SA wine international recognition from across the world again. Today SA, exports more than 400 million litres of wine and has over 112,700 hectares of vineyard. SA has now become the 7th highest producer of wine in the world, with Chenin Blanc its most widely planted grape variety.  

    Wine of the Week: Jordan Cabernet Merlot, StellenboschDate published: 12/10/12

    Warmth tempered by cooling breezes from the ocean make Stellenbosch famous for the finest red wines from South Africa, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Pinotage, as well as rich whites from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

    Ted and Sheelagh Jordan took over their spectacular 146-hectare Stellenbosch estate in 1982, and set about repairing it with international grape varieties. Now run by their son Gary and his wife, Kathy, who built the new winery, developing the new Jordan range.

    A bright, juicy and straightforward wine, offering a mixture of jammy red and blackberry fruit, with subtle notes of menthol and cocoa. Soft, middleweight tannins make for an easy going feel. Ideal partner for a meaty lasagne.  

    (RRP - £7.99 - 20% off South African Wines)

    The arrival of the Ragged Point Sauvignon Blanc.Date published: 01/10/12

    The arrival of the Ragged Point Sauvignon Blanc, 2012…

    At the bargain price of £5.99 when you buy at least 2 bottles (or £7.99 single bottle price), this crisp, fresh New Zealand sauvignon blanc is a bargain not to be missed!!

    Marlborough is the major centre for grape growing in New Zealand, where the New Zealand signature style of Sauvignon Blanc was pioneered. New Zealand sauvignon blanc has gained increasing popularity over the years, and is now a firm favourite with Majestic customers.

    The wine comes from Morton Estate, a multi-award-winning winery established in 1978 in the coastal town of Katikati, Marlborough, where their winemaking operation is still based today. This sauvignon is made by Nick Millichip and Johnson Scutt, who between them have made wine in 12 countries.

    Typical Marlborough characteristics of gooseberry, nettle and hints of tomato leaf are pronounced on the nose. On the palate, fresh primary fruits shine through, predominantly citrus and green apple, with hints of melon, framed by tense acidity.

    This wine is delicious on its own, or consumed with fresh fruits de mer, mmmm!

    Nicolas Feuillate NV only £15.00Date published: 01/10/12

    Cracking Champagne at only £15.00 ( until 15th oct) hurry while stocks last

    New Arrivals For AutumnDate published: 01/10/12

    Starting this Friday 5th until Thursday 11th we will be showcasing the best of the new wines that we have added to our range

    Mature Spanish Parcel Date published: 17/09/12

    Exclusive Mature Spanish Parcel Just Arrived!

    Like Rioja? You can not miss this exclusive parcel.

    In-store only we have a selection of serious Spanish wines from top vintages and even better.....are ready to be enjoyed now!

    Some of the producers include Riscal, Muga, Ardanza and Tondonia with vintages starting from 1982!

    If you enjoy Spanish wine this is an amazing opportunity to sample some top quality Rioja with out having to lay it down...some one else has done that for you

    Saturday TastingsDate published: 03/09/12

    In the month of September we will be doing the following tastings.

    Saturday 8th - Exploring Chardonnay

    Saturday 15th - Wines of Spain

    Saturday 22nd - Exploring Sauvignon Blanc

    Saturday 29th - Exploring Pinot noir

    The tasting are at 11am and 3pm, spaces are limited so please contact the store on 01522 540128 to avoid missing out on these events.


    FREE Nyetimber English Sparkling Wine TastingDate published: 03/08/12

    With a busy summer of patriotic glee ahead, we have added the superb Nyetimber sparkling winery into our range. Based out of the self styled Southern Riviera of England: Sussex, Nyetimber's Classic Cuvee was the Queen's choice of tipple at her Jubilee celebrations. Joining us in store will be Kate from Nyetimber for an informal tasting session that shall include the following: Classic Cuvee 2004 Vintage Rose 2007 Blancs de Blancs 2003 If you would like to attend, contact us in store.
    Booking required - reserve a place...

    Fine wine of the month- Ch Corbin 1999Date published: 03/08/12

    Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Château Grand Corbin was built in the 18th century, but has only been a significant producer of wines since its takeover by Alain Giraud in 1960. The grapes are hand-picked, vinified in the estate's own modern winery, and matured for 12-14 months in Vosges and Allier oak.

    Now fully mature, this wine offers an expressive nose of ripe bramble fruit, plum jam and cherry pie. The tannins are nicely softened, and frame a palate of lush, mellow fruit and spice.

    Drink with braised oxtail or lamb shank.

    Happy HaciendaDate published: 28/07/12

    This Thursday myself and a bunch of Majestic merry men departed for the sun climes of Salamanca in Spain in the search for wine, food and sun

    After a somewhat early start (4am) from Stansted our team of intrepid travellers made our way to the magnificent Hacienda Zorita in Valderon. A true hidden gem for all those looking for peace and tranquility. The Hacienda would be our base for the next 48 hours.

    A quick change into shorts and we were off to our first destination Hacienda Zorita's Organic Farm. After a brief explanation of the production process of their soft and cured cheese, we were treated to a typical Spanish lunch of cured meats, cheese, Spanish omelette and salad, finished off with a gorgeously smooth goats cheese cheesecake, with walnuts, honey, and a mango puree, all washed down with some all important Tempranillo.

    Next came a tour of Salamanca, the city of culture of the Duero valley, it has a large student population, and some very impressive architecture - most strikingly in the city's two cathedrals and the public libary. After the tour our lovely guide Carmen departed and we made our way to Casa Paca for some genuine tapas and stunning wine.

    We popped the cork on the second day with a tasting of not just the Marques de la Concordia and Berberana ranges, but the complete range of producers for United wineries.

    Next came a 4x4 tour through the Arribes del Duero Natural park, just crossing the border into Portugal, and then a river cruise up the Duero river follow by a BBQ lunch with some local Portugese local which were very interesting to say to least!

    The remainder of the afternoon was our own to enjoy in the hotel "Wine spa" after a full body massage and a soak in the plunge pool we were all set for dinner

    For dinner we were treated to a five course meal, each course carefully matched to a Concordia wine. Highlights included Carpaccio, Grilled Squid, Poached salt cod and roasted pork.

    Thursday was a blur and a rush back to Valladolid Airport for a 11am flight to end an amazing few days in Spain.

    Champagne Part 1Date published: 28/07/12

    The first article in this series covers the most famous sparkling wine of all: Champagne.

    Known for it's golden colour, biscuity flavours and delicate bubbles as well as being the drink of choice for the rich and famous. Many consumers will raise an eyebrow at the hefty price tag that often accompanies these bottles, but with an understanding of the intricate processes and centuries of knowledge and tradition in each bottle, the price is more than justifiable.

    Champagne is made from a blend of three grapes, but what many people don't know is that only one of these is white; Chardonnay. The other two grapes that make up the blend are Meunier and the delicate and temperamental Pinot Noir. To avoid staining of the juice, press houses are located at the vineyard, so that pressing takes place as quickly as possible after picking. This juice will go through two stages of fermentation, a complex procedure of blending and a varying time period of bottle ageing before it makes it to your glass.

    The first stage of fermentation produces what is known as the base wine. This is a fairly unpalatable liquid, that is very high in acidity. At this time the blending procedure takes place. For the large champagne houses that we all instantly recognise, maintaining a consistent house style is essential. To achieve this in their non-vintage and vintage wines, blends may be made from as many as 70 reserve wines. This is what makes champagne such an impressive product; the knowledge and understanding of taste required to keep this consistency for a market that demands only the best. After this, the wine will undergo a second fermentation, followed by a period of ageing in the same bottle that will eventually make it to our shelves.

    You may have noticed that champagne foils cover the entire neck of the bottle. In the early days of production, there was little consistency in how full the bottle would be. The foil meant that the varying levels were hidden from the consumer. Nowadays more sophisticated production means that this no longer occurs, but the traditional methods of labelling have remained, to create distinctive and recognisable appearance.

    Having covered the basics of champagne production, next Friday's installment will describe the various styles that champagne can adopt, and the variance in prices that these differing styles ask.

    Staff favourite Champagne!Date published: 28/07/12

    Fantastic value Champagne! Pinot Noir dominates the blend which means this is no light and fluffy fizz. One of the best things about this hugely underrated Champers is how beautiful it looks in the glass. Oeil de Perdrix translates as 'Eye of the Partridge' which relates to the wines peachy hue. There is a perfect weight of fruit, developing fine biscuity characteristics as the wine matures.

    And only £18 per bottle at the moment!

    New 6 bottle minimum deliveryDate published: 11/06/12

    We now offer free delivery on six bottles, minimum price £40, for orders less than £40 there is a charge of £5.00. We deliver within 7days, please contact the store on 01522 540 128 for any questions regarding delivery.

    Ozzy Wine tastingDate published: 07/06/12

    Pop in to store to sample some old classics and a few new treats from our new range

    Fine wine of the monthDate published: 14/05/12

    Our Fine wine of the month is, Two Hands Angel's Share shiraz 2011£18.00 when you buy 2 or more.

    Tom's Thursday Tasting - Rioja Reserva 2005/2006 Marqués de la Concordia Date published: 13/04/12

    This week I have chosen the delicious Rioja Reserva 2005/2006 Marqués de la Concordia!

    Marqués de la Concordia brings together the best of both the New and the Old World - New World style and Old World terroir. Using only the very best grapes, they have created a Rioja Reserva of extremely high quality that will improve with further bottle ageing.

    This Reserva shows complex aromas of ripe fruit, cedar and spice, which develop into a smooth palate with powerful dark fruit flavours, hints of coffee and a gorgeous chocolatey richness.

    Enjoy now with a slow roasted shoulder of lamb!

    And enjoy for £7.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles of Spanish wine!

    Malbec World DayDate published: 12/04/12

    Malbec World Day Friday 13th April, got some blockbusters open to try.... Including Vinalba, La Posta and Gouguenheim

    Tom's Thursday Tasting - Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Date published: 22/03/12

    This week I have chosen the fantastic Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

    With the sun shining and a blue sky above, I simply could not resist choosing a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!

    Winemaker David Clouston spent a number of years working at wineries in the USA, France, Spain and Chile before returning to his native Marlborough, and now lives in a black-painted wooden cottage in the Wairau Valley after which the winery is named.

    Bright yellow in colour with lime green tinges, offering beautifully fresh aromas of gooseberries and passion fruit. Tropical and herbaceous characters continue on the crisply acidic palate.

    Drink now with a crayfish salad!

    Furthermore, enjoy now for £8.49 when you buy two bottles, with a saving of £5!


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    23 April 2015 (18:30 - 19:00)

    To celebrate St Georges Day we will be trying a range of English Sparking wines. Because of limited spaces we need to ask for a fully refundable deposit of £5 per head.


    Free Spotlight Tasting

    16 April 2015 (18:30 - 19:00)

    8 Argentinian wines in 30 minutes, a range of prices and styles with some nibbles to accompany


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    • Lee Manager

      I've been with Majestic for four years, and Manager of Lincoln for the last year. After a very enjoyable Christmas here and meeting most of you I'm really looking forward to getting to know the City even better, and hosting/attending as many wine events as possible to meet the rest of you! Currently I'm enjoying Italian red and Languedoc wines, though there is very little I don't appreciate.
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      I've been with Majestic for just over a year now and constantly expanding my passion for wine. Food and wine go hand in hand for me so feel free to ask for any food recommendations as I'm sure there will be some delicious food ideas going round in my head. Not overly fussy but a great lover of the diversity of Chardonnay and I'll show you why to take advantage of fantastic Southern French reds!
    • Vicky Trainee Manager

      I have just started at Majestic Lincoln as a new trainee, so I am very excited about discovering new wines. Having lived in Italy, I especially enjoy the white wines of the Veneto region but am looking forward to expanding my tastes. Today I have experienced my first tasting and will be recommending Matua, a lovely New Zealand Sauvignon.

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