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Store News(324)

Wine of the Week!Date published: 29/01/15

New! Domaine de Fabrègues 2011, AOP

The South of France has never been so exciting (as far as wine is concerned)...

This wine is from the Languedoc, situated in the south of France, not far from the Southern Rhône. It’s not a highly regulated region like a lot of France, leading to exciting innovation and styles of wine more common in New World wine producing areas.

The wine is a blend of four varieties (Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and Cinsault) which are grown across the Languedoc in vineyards ideal for each grape.

Why should you buy this wine…?

This is a great quality, full-bodied wine perfect with heart warming food. Casserole, stew, cottage pie or a roast. If it is a big hearty dish, it deserves to be matched with Domaine De Fabrègues.  

What does it taste like…?

Thanks to the robust Languedoc grapes within the blend this is a rich and spicy wine. It has bold blackberry and cherry flavours, is smooth and leaves a long warming pepper and dark chocolate flavour in the mouth. It’s open to taste today, so why not try it for yourself…?

So, how much does it cost...?

£11.99 Buy 2 Save 25% = £8.99

Upcoming Events!Date published: 17/01/15

Upcoming Events!

Check out our store page and twitter feed to keep up to date with all the upcoming events. Browse the calendar to see what we have coming up over the next few months.

There are  lots of events to suit everyone from interactive wine courses to themed tasting weeks. Call us on 02085679251 or email us at eal@majestic.co.uk for more details.

All evens are free and fun so make sure you book your place soon!


Who doesn't love fizz?!?Date published: 06/01/15

Who doesn't love fizz?!?

There's nothing better to celebrate a special occasion than enjoying a lovely glass of fizz amongst friends and family. No matter what your taste there's something for everyone, so why not use the following guide to help select the bottle that is perfect for you....


Prosecco is an Italian grape and is extremely popular at the minute. It commonly has flavours of peach, apricot, pear, honey and even floral notes and is a fantastic light, delicate and fruity option for a refreshing drinking. 


Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine that commonly combines the following three grapes Parallada, Xarel-lo and Macabeo, but can use Pinot Noir as with Reina Cristina Vintage. The typical flavours here are a variety of citrus fruits, baked apples and occasional nutty or brioche notes. There are plenty of fantastic high quality Cava's about at the minute so why not ignore the common misconception that Cava is a lower quality sparkling wine and give it a go?


Champagne is a fantastic way to celebrate in style. Non vintage generally tends to be slightly lighter and fruitier with plenty of citrus fruit and acidity where as vintage tends to be richer in style with more complex flavours of toast and brioche. The style of a Champagne does vary dramatically between different producers (champagne houses) so I would always recommend chatting to a member of staff at Majestic to find a bottle to suit your palate.

Christmas Trading HoursDate published: 07/12/14

Christmas Trading Hours

Monday 8th December to Friday 12th December 9am-8pm

Saturday 13th December 9am-7pm

Sunday 14th December 10am-5pm

Monday 15th December to Saturday 20th December 9am-8pm

Sunday 21st December 10am-5pm

Monday 22nd December to Tuesday 23rd December 9am-8pm

Wednesday 24th December 9am-5pm

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th December -CLOSED

Saturday 27th December 9am-7pm

Sunday 28th December- 10am-5pm

Monday 29th December to Tuesday 30th December 10am-7pm

Wednesday 31st December 10am-5pm

Wine: 'One of the finer things in life...Date published: 06/12/14

Wine: 'One of the finer things in life...

One of the best features Majestic Wines has to offer is its superlative range of wines, heralding from a plethora of wine-making regions across the globe. Through a combined use of our tasting counters and exploration of our monthly offers, customers are able to fully immerse themselves and can find their niche. My own Majestic experience is no exception, inspiring me to take things one step further. This summer I travelled the length of France, visiting a number of producers that lay claim to a place within Majestic’s range. Beginning in the Languedoc, I travelled up through the Rhone Valley and the sprawling vineyards of Beaujolais and Burgundy, a trip that I heartily recommend to any Majestic customer. The stand-out site was Tain L'Hermitage, a village situated on the banks of the Rhone overlooked by the famous lieux-dits of the northern Rhone region. Here I visited the main outlet of Charpoutier, the producer of a firm Majestic favourite of mine, the Côtes du Rhône Belleruche. The enthusiasm of the local people for wine rubbed off on me to such an extent that a fleeting visit became a two day stay in the wine cellars of surrounding Tain L'Hermitage! Any Majestic customer can replicate my experience. The breadth of the wine world is massive and serves as the ideal template for exploration of the New World. Wine's versatility means it is more than just an accompaniment to food or a choice of beverage on a night out. It is an entity in itself. It inspires a range of experiences, whether an impromptu trip abroad or as the foundation for a reunion with friends. It is an entity that can introduce you to like-minded people and even find the person you settle down with (it is alcohol after all!) The nuances of its production and the differing styles that the gargantuan range of grapes used can produce inevitably stimulates debate, meaning no wine is ever definitively described. When was the last time you had a pint of ale that made you instantly recall exactly when you last tasted it, where you were, who you tasted it with or what you were doing at the time? For me, the main thing I have gained from my association with Majestic is an understanding of the value of the role that wine can play in all walks of life, whether it be through future excursions abroad or your average Friday night in. Even the most fleeting of interactions with our customers would prove this, with many only too willing to tell you which wines have had a similar impact in their own lives. Wine has evolved into entity that is open to everyone, without prejudice towards knowledge or experience, and really does deserve its accolade as one of the finer things in life. So I strongly urge you to come on down to Majestic and explore wine's intricacies as I have. You won't be disappointed! And if you are, we sell beer too!

Spirits in Foucs: Blackwoods 5XD VodkaDate published: 06/12/14

Blackwoods 5XD Vodka

Perhaps more famous for its high-quality gin, Blackwoods five-times distilled vodka reflects the quality level expected from this renowned producer. Lightly infused with hand-picked Shetland botanicals such as Meadow Sweet, Sea Pink, Angelica and Marsh Marigold, the resulting vodka tastes exceptionally smooth and rounded with an earthy undertone.

Spirits in Foucs: The One British WhiskeyDate published: 06/12/14

The One British Blended Whisky 

A unique blend of exceptional British Isles whiskies, each with its own distinctive characteristics, have been blended with great care and passion, resulting in a whisky of intriguing complexity. The ONE is the first British Blended Whisky with a taste slightly smoky, sweet and fruity, nutty, with hints of spice.

Spirits in Foucs: Red Leg RumDate published: 06/12/14

Red Leg Spiced Rum

A Caribbean spiced rum, which gets its name from the Red Leg Hermit Crab. The rum is rested in old oak barrels and delivers a sweet smell of vanilla followed by a warming ginger aroma. The palate is smooth and warming with notes of raisin.


Spirits in Foucs: Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Bathtub GinDate published: 06/12/14

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth's Bathtub Gin

A creation by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. Inspired by the past whilst using modern production methods. The gin aims to preserve as much flavour from the botanicals as possible using cold compounding (a traditional infusion technique). Copper stills encourage the integration of: juniper, orange peel, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom with the spirit. The result is a complex and delicious gin with an overt herbal character. Will go well on the rocks or as part of a G and T


Spirits in Foucs: Don Papa RumDate published: 06/12/14

Don Papa Rum, £30.00

This is a premium aged small batch rum from the isle of Negros Occidental - the sugar capital of the Philippines due to the perfect combination of climate and rich volcanic soil. It is first aged for 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before it is then blended to perfection. Its name comes from Don Papa Isio, one of the unsung heroes of the Philippine Revolution. This rum has a light and fruity nose with a rich-textured finish of vanilla, honey and candied fruit.

Spirits in Foucs: Brokers GinDate published: 06/12/14

Broker Gin, £19.99

Produced near Birmingham for over 200 years, Broker's has won more top awards over the past 10 years in International competitions than any other Gin. Ten traditional botanicals are used and quadruple distillation in a copper pot still results in a smooth palate. It delivers rich and creamy candied citrus fruit peel aromas and the finish gives the perfect balance of fresh botanicals with spicy juniper and sweet ripe citrus fruits.

New Member of staff: GeorgeDate published: 15/11/14

New Member of staff: George

I am new to Majestic, this being my first store. Really enjoying working here and i am lucky enough to have landed myself a great group of chaps to learn from. Having come from a strong rum and cocktail background im looking forward to sinking my teeth into wine, I am rather partial to a nice Rioja or Chateauneuf -du-Pape.  

Champagne Offers!Date published: 15/11/14



Nicolas Feuillatte NV - £14.99

J de Telmont NV - £17.33

Canard Duchene NV - £18.66

Mumm Cordon Rouge NV - £19.99

Perrier Jouet NV - £24.99

Laurent Perrier NV - £24.99

Taittinger NV - £26.65

Moet & Chandon NV - £29.98

Veuve Clicquot NV - £29.98

Pol Roger NV - £29.98 – my favourite!

Bollinger Special Cuveé NV - £33.31

Ruinart NV - £33.31

Perrier Jouet Magnum - £36.66

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs NV - £39.98

Upto £60 RRP and when buying any 2 wines in our 33% promotion as part of your mixed case of 6

This Week's Spirit Choices - Langtons Gin, Don Papa RumDate published: 14/11/14

We've been getting pretty excited about our new spirits range and they're finally here! To celebrate the launch, we'll have a selection open on the tasting counter for you to try. Our choices for this week are Langtons No1 Gin from Skiddaw in the Lake District and Don Papa Small Batch Rum from the island of Negros Occidental in the Philippines.

Langtons No 1, Lakeland Gin

Langtons No 1 is a celebration of the Lake District. Using local ingredients amongst their 11 botanicals, including oak bark and slate-filtered water extracted via a borehole from an ancient aquifer under the mountain of Skiddaw. The experience starts with an understated aroma of juniper on the nose and a floral lift. The palate is soft and fresh with notes of citrus and a slight sweetness.

Because of the purity of the water used, Langtons No.1 is exceptionally bright and very clear with real depth and substance. The outcome is a gin so smooth and flavoursome, that as well as enjoying Langtons No.1 with tonic, or in your favourite cocktail, we recommend you try it on the rocks or as a Martini – stirred, of course. £30.00

Don Papa Small Batch Rum

Produced from molasses on the island of Negros Occidental – the sugar capital of the Philippines due to the perfect combination of climate and rich volcanic soil. Its name comes from Dionisio Magbuelas, better known in the Philippines as Don Papa Isio, one of the unsung heroes of the Philippine Revolution. This rum has a light and fruity nose with a rich-textured finish of vanilla, honey and candied fruit. Delicious on its own, or mix up a daiquiri by shaking 60ml rum, 15ml fresh lime juice and 8ml sugar syrup (8:2:1) with ice and straining into a martini glass. Perfect. £30.00

Winter wine tasting Event - 27th November 6.30 pm.Date published: 06/11/14

Don't forget we have a Winter wine tasting event on 27th November from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Please call to book your place.

A free two-hour turn up and taste, ask questions and meet fellow wine enthusiasts. A chance to sample a wide selection of reds, whites, fizz and rose. With some cheese and meats too.

The Wedding Planners!Date published: 06/11/14


Do you have a wedding come up? Finding choosing your wines confusing? Need glass hire?

Do not fear, here at Majestic Wine we have the staff to help with you all your weddings needs, whether it be choosing what wine you want and the quantity needed or wanting to hire out glasses.

We have a very wide range of red wines, white wines, sparkling wine and of course the champagne for the toasts.

We also give you the option of hiring glasses (medium wine, hi-balls, champange and pint glasses), chiller bins and ice buckets from us. All you need to do is put down a deposit down for hiring out and when you return the glasses clean, we will refund you the money back (except any broken glasses).

We also offer delivery to the venue.

So why not pop in store or call us on 02085679251  and start planning your big day today.

Driver Wanted!!Date published: 06/11/14

Driver Wanted!!

Majestic are currently recruiting for a full time driver to be part of the Majestic Ealing Team. For the position you must be over 20 years old and have held a driving licence for more than 12 months. As well as driving you will also be required to work in the store when not carrying out deliveries.

For further information on the requirements of the job and to apply for the position please visit the Majestic careers page at www.majesticcareers.co.uk.

Is Ribera del Duero the new Rioja?Date published: 05/11/14

Is Ribera del Duero the new Rioja?

Rioja has long been considered the premier wine region of Spain.  Ribera del Duero with is warmer climate is producing quality wines with more weight, colour and alcohol.  Whilst Rioja's D.O. laws were established in 1970, Ribera del Duero's were not introduced until 1982. Both use the same Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva ageing laws.  Both have the Tempranillo at the heart of their production. However, during the past decade Ribera del Duero wines have managed to combine great power with freshness and elegance.  There are, of course, some famous wines from the region such as Emilio Moro Valderiz and Tinto Pesquera, (apparently Sir Alex Ferguson's favourite wine).  But the region is now producing consistent high quality wines across the price ranges.

Last night I opened a bottle from Ribera del Duero which is under £10, in fact just £7.99 on the present Majestic Wine Spanish offer.  What a little gem!  Soft, elegant fruit with great depth and complexity, grown from organically grown grapes.  Research has also told me that it comes from the oldest winery in the  region.  I've not tasted a better wine for under £10 this year.  I only wish I had tasted the wine blind without any preconceived ideas.  I believe that I would have placed a far higher price tag on it.  It even comes with a very dapper looking elderly man on the label who I believe is Pablo Penalba.  He was head of this wine producing family until his sudden death in 2006.  "What's the wine?" you ask.  Montecastrillo, from the Finca Torremilanos winery made from 100% Tempranillo.

So has Rioja been overtaken by it's neighbour, Ribera del Duero?  You decide by trying a few comparably priced wines from both regions. Buy them now whilst Majestic Wine still has the Spanish offer on.  For me it is just too close to call.  I believe that I will have to force myself to do a little more product research!  Cheers!

France in Focus: BurgundyDate published: 04/11/14

France in Focus: Burgundy

The white and red wines of Burgundy are justifiably some of the most sought-after in the world.  Burgundy itself covers a large stretch of land from Chablis in the north almost to the northern tip of the Rhone Valley in the south, yet compared to Bordeaux produces relatively little wine.

Two grape varieties dominate Burgundy - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  It is unusual in French viticulture in that wines are very rarely blended; the whites tend to be 100% Chardonnay and the reds are 100% Pinot Noir.

The styles of the white wines can vary from full, rich and round Meursault to lean, taught and elegant Puligny-Montrachet at the top end of the market, although there are oceans of well-made, complex wines produced in the Maconnais area (Macon-Villages is a label to look out for).  Reds tend to be a bit pricier, and due to the nature of Pinot Noir are far less numerous when it comes to everyday drinking, but anything from Louis Jadot is worth a look.

Driver Wanted!!Date published: 03/11/14

Driver Wanted!!

Majestic are currently recruiting for a full time driver to be part of the Majestic Ealing Team. For the position you must be over 20 years old and have held a driving licence for more than 12 months. As well as driving you will also be required to work in the store when not carrying out deliveries.

For further information on the requirements of the job and to apply for the position please visit the Majestic careers page at www.majesticcareers.co.uk.

Carbonic MacerationDate published: 03/11/14

Carbonic Maceration

Carbonic maceration is a widely used process, producing a wine that is ready for drinking in a matter of weeks rather than months or years. It produces the style of wine that is popular, a wine that is of good purple colour, fresh and fruity on the nose, soft and eminently quaffable and ready to drink.

The two important factors necessary to the success of this process are the use of whole bunches of undamaged grapes and a fermentation vessel that can be filled with carbon dioxide.

Any vat can be used for carbonic maceration, provided it can be closed at the top to prevent the ingress of air. The fermentation takes place in two distinct stages, the first in a specially prepared closed vat at an elevated temperature, the second in an ordinary vat at normal temperature. 

The first stage, takes place without the involvement of yeast. The alcohol that is produced during this phase is formed by intracellular fermentation inside the grape where the grape's own enzymes attack the sugars, breaking them down to alcohol. This process is allowed to continue for between five to fifteen days at about 35 degrees, during which time about 3% of the alcohol is produced.

During the second phase, the vat is drained and juices are seperated. The skins are pressed as usual and the press juice is added to the free-run juice. The combined juices are cooled to about 20 degrees, transferred to an ordinary vat and extracellular fermentation takes place, using the yeasts from the skins of the grapes.

Oeil de Perdrix Rosé NV Champagne...down to £16.99!Date published: 02/11/14

Oeil de Perdrix Rosé NV Champagne...down to £16.99!


Pinot Noir & Chardonnay


Meaning 'eye of the partridge', this pale salmon pink rosé Champagne exhibits enticing complexity. Delicate in style, but with a perfect weight of fruit. A fantastic apéritif.

Best of all it is down in price from £25.50 to £16.99!

What is Phylloxera?Date published: 02/11/14

What is Phylloxera?

Phylloxera – Vine pest that came from America in the 19th Century and spread to virtually every viticultural region in the world. The pest attacks the roots of the vine, eventually causing the death of the vine. It was responsible for destroying much of Europe's vineyards, and then eventually most in the New World. However there are still places where vines have remained Phylloxera free, such as parts of Australia and Chile and there are tight regulations to make sure it doesn't spread to these areas. The way the problem has been solved is to graft the chosen vine onto a resistant American rootstock. These days, virtually all plantings have been grafted onto a resistant rootstock.

Planning a party?Date published: 02/11/14

Planning a party?

When you're planning a party there's so much to take care of, it's important to get help from people you trust. When it comes to the reception drinks, there's nobody better than Majestic – we have over 25 years' experience and a range of services to help make organising the drinks for your event as painless as possible...

Free tasting in store: We have a range of wines open to taste in store all day, every day! Speak to a member of staff to arrange a personalised tasting in store or we can put together a tasting case for you to try at home with friends and family.

Majestic Party Planner and Advice: As well as talking to the team in store, you can get a rough guide to quanities and what the best offers are at our online Party Planner http://www.majestic.co.uk/Services/Parties. We've also produced handy little booklets that you can pick up in-store.

Free Glass Loan: Wine glasses, champagne flutes, hi-ball tumblers and pint glasses all for hire, free of charge (we just take £1 per glass deposit - fully refunded when the glasses are returned to us clean)!

Chiller Bins and Ice: Need to chill your champagne and wine...? Our sturdy plastic tubs (deposit of £15 each), filled with ice (£3.99 for a 4kg bag) and water will cool your drinks quickly and cheaply!

Sale or Return: Take the worry out of party planning... return what you don't drink on the day and only pay for what you use!

FREE delivery: We will deliver your wedding drinks directly to your home or party venue for free at a time and date to suit you.

Gift List: A wine gift list makes an unusual but perfect choice for couples who don't need the traditional toaster-and-towels option of a department store. Some couples even use the Gift Lists to pay for the wedding day drinks.

If you would like any further advice on planning the wines for your special day, please talk to any of us in-store or call us on 02085679251 to discuss all your individual requirements!

Wine QuoteDate published: 02/11/14

“There’s only one thing better than a bottle of wine….. Two”Lilly Bollinger

France in Focus: Chablis Date published: 02/11/14

France in Focus: Chablis 

Chablis is a small town in the very northern reaches of what we would call 'Burgundy' in terms of wine geography.  It is the furthest north still wine producing area in France, and as such, produces searingly dry, crisp white wines with bags of fresh, zippy acidity.

Most of the wine produced in Chablis is from the Chardonnay grape, thus giving fresh citrus flavours and a soft mouthfeel.  However, what makes Chablis unique in the wine world is its soil; in the best sites, Kimmeridgian clay provides the top soil.  Kimmeridgian clay is a compost of ancient seashells and this has a profound effect on the wine - Chablis' calling card is not just its crack of acidity, but the 'minerality' it gains from the soil on which it grows.

The best Chablis can smell of crushed oyster shells as well as the classic lemon fruit you would expect of a cool-climate chardonnay, and it is this dimension that makes it my favourite white wine in the world.

Best enjoyed with fresh seafood, smoked salmon, salads and oily fish.

Introducing Cellar Circle.Date published: 02/11/14

Introducing Cellar Circle.

If you love the idea of building a cellar full of diverse and exciting wines, or if a 10% discount here at Majestic would be invaluable, we have the answer for you!
Majestic and Lay & Wheeler, our fine wine partner, are very proud to launch Cellar Circle, giving you all the support and advice you need to realise the cellar of your dreams. You decide the level of guidance that you require, and your own personal adviser will always be on hand to answer any queries.

Membership starts from £100 a month, all of which will go towards your wines. Exclusive 
benefits and rewards include:
· 10% discount at Majestic Wine
· Free delivery to any Majestic Wine store, for collection at your convenience
· One year’s free professional wine storage for customers new to Lay & Wheeler
· A free case on the first anniversary of your membership, as a thank you from the Cellar Circle 

For more information and to sign up visit www.cellarcircle.com. You can also give the team at 
Lay & Wheeler a call on 01473 313300, or to find out more, pop in and have a chat with us in 

Who doesn't love fizz?!?Date published: 02/11/14

There's nothing better to celebrate a special occasion than enjoying a lovely glass of fizz amongst friends and family. No matter what your taste there's something for everyone, so why not use the following guide to help select the bottle that is perfect for you....


Prosecco is an Italian grape and is extremely popular at the minute. It commonly has flavours of peach, apricot, pear, honey and even floral notes and is a fantastic light, delicate and fruity option for a refreshing drinking. 


Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine that commonly combines the following three grapes Parallada, Xarel-lo and Macabeo, but can use Pinot Noir as with Reina Cristina Vintage. The typical flavours here are a variety of citrus fruits, baked apples and occasional nutty or brioche notes. There are plenty of fantastic high quality Cava's about at the minute so why not ignore the common misconception that Cava is a lower quality sparkling wine and give it a go?


Champagne is a fantastic way to celebrate in style. Non vintage generally tends to be slightly lighter and fruitier with plenty of citrus fruit and acidity where as vintage tends to be richer in style with more complex flavours of toast and brioche. The style of a Champagne does vary dramatically between different producers (champagne houses) so I would always recommend chatting to a member of staff at Majestic to find a bottle to suit your palate.

Ribero del D..where-o?Date published: 02/11/14

Finca Resalso Emilio Moro Ribera del Duero


buy any 2 save 25%

= £8.99

Ever tried a Ribera del Duero? Then you're in for a treat! This is an up-and-coming area of Spain, definitely one to watch!

It is a great style of red which sits somewhere between Rioja and the new world in style.

Like Rioja, it is made from the Tempranillo grape and is oak aged but the extreme climate in the Ribera del Duero means the fruit is much riper than what you'd find in Rioja. Think red cherry and forest fruits with hints of licquorice which add a layer of complexity. Primarily though a fruit driven, mid-full bodied smooth red.

The fruitiness of this wine will handle spice well so rustle up chorizo and butterbean stew with this wine for a warming Autumn evening!


Mikey's Favourite Champagne on Offer!Date published: 02/11/14

Pol Roger is on offer! This classic Champagne and favourite of Winston Churchill is now down to only to £29.98!

Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and then aged in Pol Roger's historic 33m deep underground cellars which average particularly low temperatures (thus providing an environment uniquely suited to slow fermentation) this Champagne has famously super-fine mousse.  This combined with its creamy and complex flavours make this Champagne a truly decadent experience.

Great Champagne OfferDate published: 02/11/14

Veuve Clicquot Brut NV Champagne

...at £29.98, down from £45!


Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Veuve Clicquot ages their non-vintage for almost twice the required time, resulting in a superb marriage of freshness and power, with rich fruit and a mouth-filling mousse.

Plenty in stock and a great treat for Christmas!

Marston's English Pale AleDate published: 02/11/14

Marston's English Pale Ale

This week it's the turn of one of Marston's flagship beers, the EPA, to take centre stage on our tasting counter. A light and refreshing Pale Ale, this beer is traditionally crafted with English hops and barley for plenty of taste.

The EPA delivers subtle hoppy flavours with delicious citrus notes and a delicate bitter finish. This is a great everyday, easy-drinking beer that will appeal to both traditional bitter drinkers and those who prefer the refreshing kick a lager provides.

Available for £15 per case (12x500ml) – buy 2 cases save £6

Temporary Closure - Majestic EalingDate published: 21/10/14

Temporary Closure - Majestic Ealing

Due to flooring works we will be closed on Wednesday 22nd October.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

You will still be able to place orders online for free delivery, and for any urgent enquiries the phones will be diverted to the Brentford store.

The nearest stores are Brentford, Chiswick and Shepherds Bush.

We thank you for your patience and we are sure that you will all enjoy the benefits of the refurbishment.

Upcoming Events!Date published: 19/10/14

Upcoming Events!

We have lots of upcoming events to help celebrate the store's refurbishment. Join us in November and December for lots of free tastings. 

Check out our store page for all of the details of our upcoming events and details of how to RSVP.

The new store will be a fantastic improvement and we cannot wait to show off the new shop once the work is complete so please join us at these tastings!

NEW IN - Ondine ShirazDate published: 15/10/14

We have some great new wines for you in-store. Today's highlight is the Ondine Shiraz.

Made from a blend of Cabinet Sauvignon and Syrah/Shiraz and by Ormonde Private Cellars, this is a blend of Shiraz with around 7% Cabernet, grown on the granitic Darling Hills region of South Africa's Western Cape. The wine is matured for 11 months in new and old oak barrels.

A backbone of wild red and black berries, with characteristic hints of cloves and other sweet spices. The tannins are weighty and abundant yet soft and ripe in texture.

The winery suggests serving with pork fillet on a bed of rocket dressed with olive oil, raspberries and pecorino.

Just £5.99 per bottle as part of the 33% off deal. 

Spanish Tasting WeekDate published: 11/10/14

Come and join us for our Spanish tasting week from Friday until Thursday the 16th.

We'll have a variety of Spanish wines available to taste all week. Come and Explore

The Benefits of E-mailDate published: 06/10/14

Do we have your E-mail address on file? 

If we do you already know the benefits. If not, you really should consider signing up in-store. By choosing to receive E-mails from Majestic you will have the following great benefits:

Bespoke personalised offers.

Exclusive deals on interesting parcels.

Invites to events such as our Spotlight tastings.

And best of all NO spam, just the deals that you want.

So next time you pop in make sure to ask if we have your email on file so that you don't miss out on all the fantastic things Majestic has to offer you!

We have two new Argentinian Malbecs!!!!Date published: 05/10/14

We have just received two new Argentinian Malbecs in store the Parilla Malbec and the San Huberto Malbec.

The Parilla Malbec is made by Bodegas Fabre, makers of the original single-varietal Argentine Malbecs, and is sourced from mature vineyards in Valle de Uco. 50% of the wine has been aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, to achieve a fruity yet complex flavour profile. A deep ruby colour, this Malbec is crammed with damson, blackberry and plum flavours, accented by touches of oak toast. Smooth, ripe tannins offer a silky finish. 

The San Huberto Malbec is made in a 'reserva' style, having undergone 12 months' ageing in oak barrels. The fruit comes from the Valle de Aminga in Argentina's aptly named La Rioja province, which has deep, sandy soils and a semi-arid climate. An inky, almost opaque wine with a blackish-purple hue. The flavours are of plum, bramble and ripe blueberries, delivered with a forward, vigourous manner tempered by sweet, spicy oak.

Both wines are currently 33% off at £7.99 when you buy any two bottles from our 33% off promotion.

Beer of the Week - Meantime London LargerDate published: 04/10/14

Our beer of the week is the Meantime London Larger.

The Meantime Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery based in Greenwich, London. The London lager has the perfect balance of bitterness and hopiness.

It can stand up to strong flavours such as mature cheeses, hams and smoked meats or oily fish.

Just £9.99 per case of 6 as part of our buy 2 save £6 on craft beers deal.

Sparkling Saturday - Soffio no.3Date published: 04/10/14

A superb value Prosecco made by the Pizzolo family, one of the north of Italy's archetypal family businesses, run by four brothers from a facility close to Lake Garda. This wine is made using the Charmat method, in which it is rendered sparkling prior to bottling.

Apple and pear flavours predominate, which subtle notes of freshly cut flowers lift the nose. Soft mousse and gently ripe fruit makes for an easy-drinking style.

Enjoy on its own or with anything from seafood to simple chicken dishes.

Just £6.66 as part of our buy two save 33% deal

NEWSFLASH: Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2006 web exclusive!Date published: 18/09/14

If you're a fan of vintage Champagne then be sure to snap up some of this fantastic parcel of Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage 2006.

With fantastic structure, a beautiful toastiness and a refined finish, this is another excellent vintage from Moët & Chandon. Blending 42% Chardonnay with 39% Pinot Noir and 19% Pinot Meunier, the character leans towards elegance, with subtle richness.

We are selling this in un-split cases of 6 bottles for £180 - the equivalent of £30 a bottle!

Price valid until 3pm on Monday 22nd September or until stocks last!

To order, please go online to www.majestic.co.uk and you will see the link to this parcel on the front page.

South African wines open to taste at Majestic Ealing!Date published: 17/09/14

If you're a big fan of South African wines then be sure to pop in to the store over the next couple of days when the following wines will be open to try:

Trebuchet Chardonnay 2013, Western Cape - £6.66 when you buy any 2 wines from the 33% promotion (down from £9.99) *NEW IN!*

Made by Journey's End winery, this Chardonnay offers fantastic value-for-money and is a great alternative to white Burgundy. Aromas of lemon, mandarin and peach blossom leap from the glass. Ripe stone fruits dominate the palate with tropical notes of mango also coming through. With its soft, smooth finish this would be a great match to white meat dishes such as chicken and mushroom risotto.

Robertson Winery Chenin Blanc 2013, Robertson Valley - £5.94 when you buy any 2 wines from the 15% promotion (down from £6.99)

A firm Majestic favourite from renowned producer Robertson, this wine is made from grapes grown in the Robertson Valley which is located to the north-west of Stellenbosch. Lemon, lime and crunchy green apple aromas abound on the palate and lead into a long, zingy finish. Lovely on its own or partnered with salmon and spinach filo parcels.

Trebuchet Red 2013, Western Cape - £6.66 when you buy any 2 wines from the 33% promotion (down from £9.99) *NEW IN!*

If you like Bordeaux, then why not try this South African take on a claret? A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, this wine offers a medley of brooding dark fruits on the nose. Blackcurrant, damson, blackberry and red cherry form a rich, fruity palate framed by firm tannins and a hint of toasty oak. Definitely a food wine - try with herby lamb albondigas served with rice.

Antony’s Yard 2012/3 Graham Beck, Western Cape - £6.74 when you buy any 2 wines from the 25% promotion (down from £8.99)

A classic Bordeaux-inspired blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, this wine spends 12 months ageing in French oak barrels. A deep ruby red in colour, aromas of damson, mulberry and cassis dominate with notes of fruit cake and sweet spice in the background. The palate offers a plethora of dark brambly fruits with hints of dried fruits and vanilla also coming through. Great with rustic autumn fare such as sausage and lentil casserole.

NEWSFLASH! New short-term offers!Date published: 11/09/14

If you're looking for a great deal then look no further than these fantastic short-term offers:

Pinot Grigio Rosé Breganze - £5.99 when you buy any 2 wines from the 33% off promotion (down from £8.99)

Make the most of this fantastic September weather with a glass of this light, floral rosé. Ripe stone fruits and delicate blossom aromas leap from the glass with soft raspberry and white peach on the palate.

Viña Eguia Rioja Crianza - £6.66 when you buy any 2 wines from the 33% off promotion (down from £9.99)

A bright ruby red in colour, ripe red cherries, raspberries and redcurrants abound with hints of vanilla and liquorice in the background.

Prosecco Zonin Brut NV DOC - £6.99 (down from £11.99)

Light and refreshing in style, this floral prosecco is full of fresh pear, soft peach and delicate almond flavours. Perfect as an aperitif!

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial NV - £28.98 when you buy any 2 wines from the 33% off promotion (down from £43.50)

Dry and clean in style with a delicate mix of zesty citrus notes and toasty brioche flavours on the palate.

Hurry, offers end Monday 22nd September! (3pm online, 7pm in-store)

Store Re-fitDate published: 01/09/14

Majestic Ealing is getting a re-fit!

Over the next 8 weeks we will be transforming the shop into a brighter, slicker place with a fantastic new tasting area.

In the meantime the builders will be hard at work but we will stay open and do our best to cater to all your needs.

We apologise for any disturbance caused.

See you soon,

Majestic Ealing

NEW IN - Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2013 Poggio CivettaDate published: 26/08/14

A welcome new addition to our range Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2013 Poggio Civetta, is now available in Ealing. 

This wine comes from several vineyards owned by the Rossetti family, located just a few kilometres from Abruzzo's Adriatic coast close to the ancient town of Chieti, which local legend claims was founded by Achilles in 1181 BC.

A ripe and approachable, medium-bodied and distinctly Italian red. Ripe blackcurrant and cherry flavours are infused with subtle hints of clove and forest earth, framed by fine tannins.

Drink with Italian cured meats and hard cheeses, or pasta and ragu.

At an introductory price of just £6.66 (33% off on our summer selection) this is a wine that you don't want to miss. 

What I'm Drinking - Natalie Verga PrimitivoDate published: 25/08/14

As a firm fan of fruity Italian wines I had to try the Natalie Verga Primitivo when it arrived at Majestic.  It's a new wine to our range but from a  fabulous producer. 

The southern part of Italy is home to Primitivo, a grape now more commonly known elsewhere as Zinfandel. This example is from vineyards in the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, in the south-eastern part of Puglia, the 'heel' of Italy's 'boot'.

An approachable, medium-bodied wine full of sunny red berry flavour and subtle hints of prune and violet on the nose. Smooth, drying tannins mingle with the rounded, juicy fruit.

Drink with pasta cooked with your favourite tomato-based sauces. It went down a treat with my Spaghetti Bolognese.

At just £6.74 as part of our buy two save 25% deal it won't break the bank either! 

Avaliable to Taste - Gnarly Dudes ShirazDate published: 24/08/14

We're spoiling you this Bank Holiday with another Fine Wine available to try.

Two Hands are dedicated to showcasing the wide range of styles available from Barossa's many and varied plots. This example is sourced from a number of parcels of mature, gnarly Shiraz vines, and aged in a mixture of new and old French oak hogsheads for 12 months.

Intense and complex on the nose, which offers an array of fruit accented by notes of chestnuts, burnt toffee, chocolate and lavender. Full and lush on the palate, with a supple texture and good length.

Enjoyable immediately, but will develop nicely for up to 5 years in bottle.

Just £18 when you buy any two selected fine wines.

New, Simpler, Majestic pricing mechanismsDate published: 24/08/14

New, Simpler, Majestic pricing mechanisms

We now have 3 pricing mechanisms which make the whole shopping experience simpler with more of a chance to vary your selection.

You can now mix any 2 wines from any region and get the discount you are after as long as they are on the same offer. We still have a minimum purchase of 6 bottles which includes free delivery.

The three mechanisms are buy any two save 15%, buy any two save 25% and buy any two save 33.3%.

We also have expanded our buy 2 selected Fine wines save £10 to include selected spirits.

Avaliable to Taste - Vina Pomal Gran ReservaDate published: 22/08/14

We've got a treat in store for you this Bank Holiday weekend! Available to taste on our tasting counter we have the Vina Pomal Gran Reserva 2006. It's a part of our Fine Wine offer and at just £15 when you buy any two selected wines it's affordable too. 

Viña Pomal is made by the famous Bodegas Bilbainas, from 100% Tempranillo grown only in the estate's own vineyard, matured in Bordeaux-style American oak barrels. This estate only makes a gran reserva wines in the very best vintages.

At once mellow and powerful, this is a traditionally styled Rioja that combines rich berry fruit with flavours of preserved plums, new leather and old wood, supported by velvety tannins.

Best enjoyed with fine serrano ham and manchego.

E-mail Address?Date published: 20/08/14

Do we have your E-mail address on file? 

If we do you already know the benefits. If not, you really should consider signing up in-store. By choosing to receive E-mails from Majestic you will have the following great benefits:

Bespoke personalised offers.

Exclusive deals on interesting parcels.

Invites to events such as our Spotlight tastings.

And best of all NO spam, just the deals that you want.

So next time you pop in make sure to ask if we have your email on file so that you don't miss out on all the fantastic things Majestic has to offer you!

Gina's Summer Selection PickDate published: 20/08/14

Waimea Estate Pinot Gris is a stunning wine and at £9.99 per bottle is my personal favorite deal in our 33% off Summer Selection.

Grown in Nelson, to the west of Marlborough, on stony loam soils with high sunshine hours and a moderating Maritime influence. The winemaking philosophy blends Old World techniques with pioneering methods now becoming commonplace in the New World.

Bursting with aromas of pear, honey, apple, spice and even a hint of cream. Hints of sweetness partner the pure fruit flavours and are complemented by clean acidity, good length and soft texture. So much more flavorful than the old world Pinot Grigio. 

Gorgeous on its own as a fuller bodied apéritif or with Thai and Asian foods. At its best when enjoyed over the next eighteen months.

Beer of the Week - Camden HellsDate published: 19/08/14

Camden Hells is our new beer of the week. 

Inspired by Germany and delivered for London. Take the crisp dry style of a German-style Pilsner and give it the gentle hopping of a Helles to create a fantastic unique beer. 

A classic larger that's exactly what it should be: easy drinking, crisp and dry with a hop finish. 

Avaliable to taste in-store all week. 

Avaliable to Taste - Wave Series SauvignonDate published: 19/08/14

A new addition to the Majestic Series, this Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is available to taste in-store this week.

An avid surfer since childhood, winemaker Sebastian Labbe grew up in Chile and went on to hone both his winemaking and surfing skills in New Zealand. The Wave Series was inspired both by this passion for the waves, and the Pacific Coast's influence on Chile's terroir.

A clean, crisp Sauvignon typical of Chile, offering intense aromas of grapefruit, gooseberry and refreshing lime. Light in weight yet persistent and concentrated in flavour.

Chill well and try with any seafood.

Just £6.66 as part of our summer selection.

Peroni DealDate published: 10/08/14

This month Peroni is just £1 per bottle when you buy a case of 24. Thats £24 for a whole case!!! 

Make sure to snap them up while you can.

Chocolate BlockDate published: 10/08/14

Here's one for all those of you who have asked about the Chocolate Block in the past; we now have it available in magnum and double magnum sizes!

Order yours now!


Spotlight on Wines form Loire and BeaujolaisDate published: 09/08/14

This week we're having a spotlight week of wines from Loire and Beaujolais. That means that all week when you pop in there will be wines available to taste from these classic French regions. 

Currently on the tasting counter:

Saumur Champigny 2011 Château de Targé

A ruby colour with a nose revealing aromas of crushed raspberries and strawberries. A good structure and backbone on the palate is fleshed out with red fruits

Red Burgundy Reserve Côte d'Or 2011/2012 Labouré-Roi

Light in weight, with a juicy summer-fruit character, where bright flavours of raspberry and strawberry abound. Minimal tannins and a good dash of acidity keep the fruit feeling fresh and lively.

Brouilly 2013 Domaine des Maison Neuves

A deep coloured wine, showing great finesse and fruit intensity. The nose gives powerful aromas of ripe berry and currant notes. The palate shows soft tannins and a balanced acidity on the finish.

Sancerre Vieilles Vignes 2013 Domaine Paul Cherrier et Fils

This wine exhibits classic passionfruit and mineral characters coupled with a racy acidity giving excellent balance and structure.

Pierre-Jean Sauvion Sauvignon Blanc 2013 PGI Loire Valley

A light, straightforward wine, with a citrus fruit backbone and gentle accents of nettles and freshly cut grass on the nose. Crisp acidity provides a refreshing finish.

Vouvray Domaine des Aubuisières 2013 Cuvée de Perruches, Bernard Fouquet

A pure, well developed nose of fresh quince and pear. The palate is a swathe of ripe apple fruit, with a honeyed sweetness, balanced by Chenin's characteristic blade-like acidity and mineral grip.

Beer of the Week - Goose Island IPADate published: 07/08/14

Our Beer of the Week is the Goose Island IPA and is available to try on the tasting counter this week.

From Chicago's craft brewery Goose Island, comes this India Pale Ale. It recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to reserve their distinct taste during the long journey. The result is a hop lovers dream with a fruity aroma, off set by a dry malt middle and long hop finish.

£9.99 when you buy 2 Packs of Selected Craft Beer.

Fantastic Deals Ending Soon!Date published: 01/08/14

Our current Summer Selection wines are ending on Monday the 3rd of August!

Make sure to grab these bargains while you still can this weekend.

What I'm Drinking - Edna Valley ChardonnayDate published: 31/07/14

Chardonnay is my favorite grape and this is a fantastic example of it. 

One of California's coolest vineyard areas, Edna Valley is the ideal location for creating refined, restrained and elegant Chardonnay. The grapes are whole-bunch pressed and fermented in French and Hungarian oak, followed by nine months' lees ageing.

Combining typically Californian richness of texture with great freshness of fruit and subtle complexity, with crisp acidity cutting through the layers of ripe apple fruit and toasty oak.

Just £8.65 as part of our 33% off Summer Selection

Bollinger at Just £25.50!Date published: 30/07/14

That's right, for a limited time only Bollinger NV is just £25.50 when you buy two or more bottles!

Made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Bollinger is made from first-run juice only, and the majority of vineyards used have Premier and Grand Cru status, resulting in a full-bodied Champagne of great class. Delightful pale gold in colour, the mousse is light and persistent.

Hurry, offer must end on the 4th of August.

Beer of the Week - Roscoe's Hop House IPADate published: 23/07/14

We have picked Roscoe's Hop House IPA as our beer of the week!  This is what Matt Pym, our buyer says about it:

28.539 Roscoe’s Hop House IPAThis is an easy drinking craft beer. It boasts a spicy hop character, blended with smooth malt flavour for a balanced finish. Pale, Crystal and Caramel Malts gives this beer a rich flavour profile, while the combination of four different hops - CTZ, Chinook, Willamette and Golding – offer a distinctive, spicy aroma and long hoppy finish.

It will be open to taste all week so swing by for a swig!

Staff favourites: Italian WhiteDate published: 19/07/14

What is your favourite Italian white wine?

Iain - Stella Alpina Chardonnay

Ros - Iname, Soave du Lot

Robbie - Pecorino

Staff Favourites: Italian RedDate published: 18/07/14

What is your favourite Italian red wine?

Iain - Masi Amarone

Ros - Brunelli Brunello di Montalcino

Robbie - Guildaberto

Staff Favourites: Spanish WhitesDate published: 17/07/14

What is your favourite Spanish white wine?

Iain - Caixas Godello

Ros - Muga Rioja Blanco

Robbie: Martin Codax Albarino

Staff Favourites: Spanish RedDate published: 16/07/14

What is your favourite Spanish red?

Ros - Muga Prado Enea, Rioja Gran Reserva (2001 ideally!)

Iain - Vina Eguia Rioja Reserva

Robbie - Vina Ardanza 2004

Staff Favourites: RoséDate published: 15/07/14

What is your favourite rosé?

Ros - Aix Cotes de Provence MAGNUM

Iain - Domaine La Chautarde, Cotes de Provence

Staff Favourites: Aussie RedDate published: 14/07/14

What is your favourite Australian red wine?

Iain - Two Hands 'Angel's Share' Maclaren Vale Shiraz

Ros - Chapel Hill Grenache

Staff Favourites: Best on the 33.3% dealDate published: 13/07/14

What is your favourite wine on the 33.3% deal?

Ian - Ramon Bilbao Single Vineyard Rioja

Ros - M de Minuty Provence Rosé

Robbie - Santa Rita Medalla Real Carmenere

Staff Favourites: Californian WineDate published: 13/07/14

What is your favourite wine from California?

Ros: Beringer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Ian: Edna Valley Pinot Noir

Robbie: Saintsbury Pinot Noir, Carneros 

Staff Favourites: Argentinian MalbecDate published: 13/07/14

What is your favourite Mlabec from Argentina?

Robbie: Benmarco

Ros: Lunta

Ian: Catena 

Staff Favourites: Chilean RedDate published: 12/07/14

What is your favourite Chilean red?

Ros: Parcel Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Robbie: Purple Angel

Ian: Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Merlot

Staff Favourites: Chilean WhiteDate published: 12/07/14

What is your favourite Chilean white wine?

Ros: Montes Alpha Chardonnay

Robbie: Errazuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay

Ian: Santa Rita Medalla Real Chardonnay

Staff Favourites: Fine WineDate published: 11/07/14

What is your favourite Fine Wine currently on the Fine Wine shelves?

Ian - Pesquera Reserva Especial 2003, Ribera del Duero

Robbie - Au Bon Climat "Isabelle" Pinot Noir, California

Ros - Louis Latour Corton-Charlemagne 2007, Burgundy

Staff Favourites: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc over £10Date published: 10/07/14

What is your favourite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc over £10?

Ros - Fairbourne

Robbie - Craggy Range Te Muna

Ian - St Clair Pioneer Block

Staff Favourites: New Zealand Sauvignon under £10Date published: 10/07/14

What is your favourite New Zealand sauvignon Blanc under £10?

Robbie - Black Cottage

Ian - King's Favour

Ros - Vavasour

Staff Favourites: ProseccoDate published: 09/07/14

What is your favourite Prosecco?

Ros - La Marca Conegliano Valdobbiadene Cuvee

Robbie - ditto

Ian - ditto

Clear winner there!

Staff favourites: Sparkling WineDate published: 08/07/14

Ian - Codorniu Maria Cristina Vintage Cava

Robbie - Nyetimber English Sparkling Wine

Ros - Cloudy Bay Pelorus Vintage

Staff Favouirtes: ChampagneDate published: 08/07/14

What is your favourite Champagne?

Robbie - Krug

Ros -  Bollinger RD

Ian - Perrier Jouet

Pick of ProvenceDate published: 17/06/14

Tis the season of sun, swimming and BBQs. What better accompaniment to this jolly little scene than a cold bottle of rosé? With this beguiling thought in mind, below I will outline my pick of provence rosé's for your consideration.

AIX Rosé, Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, Magnum - £19.99

This is the perfect party piece for any BBQ, especially as it only comes in magnum size, so its perfect for sharing (if your that way inclined!). An award winning wine from one of the regions largest and most prestigious wineries, Domaine de la Grande Seouve have established AIX as arguably the definitive Provence rosé. 

Vibrant and summery, bright pink in colour and a delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit.

Domaine La Chautarde Rosé, Coteaux Varois en Provence - £7.49 when you buy 2 or more

Domaine La Chautarde is located near the city of Brignoles in Provence, and is a vast 245ha estate of pine and oak forests, olive groves and vineyards covering 32ha. The soil type here is known as 'argilo-calcaire', which is limestone-rich clay. This is a really excellent value-for-money Provence rose and is incredibly easy to drink on a hot summers day!

Miraval Rosé, Cotes de Provence - £17.99

The 17th century Miraval estate is located in the var region of Provence, and was bought by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in 2009 and extensively renovated. But don't let that put you off! - with winemaking expertise from Perrin, the first modern vintage was released in 2012 and was met with wide acclaim -  this really is a very good rosé!

A beautifually pale pink colour, with a nose of wild strawberry and stone fruit and delicate floral touches. Great palate texture, with soft tangerine and peach notes joining layers of berry fruit.

English Wines for an English SummerDate published: 13/06/14

In recent years English wine and sparkling wines have begun to make a name for themselves- and rightly so! There really are some very tasty English wines out there these days and below I will name two of the best for your consideration:

Chapel Down Bacchus

Grape Variety: Bacchus

As well as being the 4th most widely planted grape variety in England, Bacchus is the ancient Roman name for the classical god of wine. Chapel Down, based near Tenterden in Kent, is demonstrating English wine's considerable potential.

Taste: Complex aromas of rose petals, herbs lychee on the nose; the palate shows apple, pear and white pepper. Well balanced with crisp acidity on the finish. This is a refreshing and interesting wine- perfect as an aperitif or a partner to seafood and salads over the summer months.

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009

Grape Varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Nyetimber are located in West Sussex and since their original plantings of classic varieties in 1988, have established themselves as England's premier sparkling wine house. Making world class wines to rival (and often beat in blind tastings) the big names of Champagne.

Taste: A beguilingly Champagne-like nose of citrus fruit, brioche and shortbread. The mousse is finely pearled, soft, yet mouth-filling and persistent. Elegantly shaped and supremely poised, this is sparkling champagne at its best and for me stands up well against some great Champagne. 

Holiday Hamper 3 - campingDate published: 12/06/14

It's Summer Holiday season! Hooray! If you're taking the car somewhere secluded for the week you may well need some supplies!  

Here's our pick for a camping trip.  No whites because we're assuming you won't have a fridge in your tent! Just don't forget the corkscrew!

Vina Ardanza Rioja reserva magnum £40  awesome Rioja in a magnum.

Mud House Pinot Noir £9.99* a lighter red for a cold buffet in the afternoon.

Mr Shiraz £6.66* a warming glugger

Vinalba Malbec £7.99* for your fire-roasted meat

Monkey Shoulder blended Malt Scotch Whisky £27.50*

Happy holidays!

*multibuy price

Holiday Hamper 2 - The beach HolidayDate published: 11/06/14

It's Summer Holiday season! Hooray! If you're taking the car somewhere secluded for the week you may well need some supplies!  

Saunter to the sea-side?  Here's what we'd drink:

Canard Duchene NV Champagne £16.66 because everybody loves Chaampagne with their fish and chips!

Bouvet Rosé £8.99* a lovely holiday sparkler

Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc £9.99* calling out for an ice bucket on the beach

Montagny 1er Cru £9.74* for your smoked salmon bagels (the classy option)

Brewdog Punk IPA £9.99* for 6 to wash down your sandy sandwiches

Pedro's Palo Cortado Sherry £14.44* for watching the beautiful sunset

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum £20* for party times

Happy holidays!

* multibuy price

Holiday Hamper 1 - The Wood CabinDate published: 10/06/14

It's Summer Holiday season! Hooray! If you're taking the car somewhere secluded for the week you may well need some supplies!  

Peaceful cabin in the woods?  Here's what I would take:

Prosecco Zonin £7.99* to get the holiday off to a cheerful start

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel £7.99* to warm you up after a long walk

Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon £18* for the special meal in (how about a big juicy sirloin)

Gavi Montiero £5.99* light and refreshing lunchtime tipple

Commanderie de Peyrasol Provence Rosé £9.74* pink for a picnic

Taylor's 10yr Old Tawny Port £21.25* for a cosy night in

Happy Holidays!

*multibuy price

PILSNER URQUELLDate published: 09/06/14

Throughout June we have 24 x 330ml bottle packs of Pilsner Urquell for just £24 - that's just a pound per bottle! 

Great for weddings, BBQs, christenings, or just any get together! 

This yummy Czech lager is a great alternative to Peroni, especially at this price.

Heidsick Monopole Brut N/V - £14.99!Date published: 09/06/14

We have an excellent offer of Heidsick Monopole Brut N/V at £14.99, which is astounding value for an excellent champagne. It is an extremely limited offer while stocks last!

Deal of the Month - Sam Adams Boston Lager Date published: 12/05/14

Sam Adams Boston Lager 24 x 300ml bottles £24!

24 bottles of this deeply amber-coloured lager usually retails for £31.92 here at Majestic but for for a limited timeour top lager deal brings you this beautiful beer for just £1 a bottle. With citrus, floral and piney notes amid sweet roasted caramel flavours this would be a perfect beer for a summer barbeque. Stock up while you have the chance!

Chilean Wine in Ten Bullet Points!Date published: 26/04/14

1. Principal Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere & Chardonnay 

2. The country's day-night temperature variation (diurnal range)is very wide and this is a major influence in producing the clarity of fruit flavours for which Chilean wines are famed.

3. Chilean vineyards are among very few in the world free from the pesky phylloxera louse.

4. Chile is arguably the most valuable source of inexpensive fruity, reliably ripe wine in the world.

5. The Pacific Ocean's Humboldt Current to the West and The Andes to the East are major climatic factors.

6. Chile's vineyards run for 840 miles bissecting the Andes and the coastline.

7. The Maipo Valley is THE place in Chile for Bordeaux style reds!

8. The Leyda Valley is THE place in Chile for Sancerre-like Sauvignon Blanc!

9. Chilean Carmenere is a varierty related to Merlot producing soft red wines that work very well with Indian cuisine

10. Chile produces sparkling wine mostly using the Moscatel variety.

Spirits with more bite!Date published: 25/04/14

If like me you like a good cocktail then you'll agree never has there been a better time to sample the latest creations of the best mixologists than now!

Big names on the world drinks stage like Diageo and Pernod Ricard are responding to the insatiable demand  for flavoured brown and white spirits as we become more adventureous in our mixing recipes when we stay in and venture out to that swanky cocktail lounge downtown. The derth of flavoured spirits has given the bar tenders and mixologists ample raw material to wow and thrill with ever more complex creations including "savoury cocktails" featuring among other interpretations using bacon and eggs which make The Bloody Mary look and sound more dated than ever!

Majestic as always gives our customers the chance to keep in touch with the latest drinking trends and spirits are no exception. New to our range you will find Gordon's Gin "with a spot of Elderflower" for an added twist to the mainstay aperitif of every good dinner party. For those with a more adventurous palate, give the Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka a try - made from finest rye with a smooth herbal and citrus note perfect sipped over ice or blended with fresh apple juice. For those with a sweet tooth, Jack Daniels has created a finely crafted honey liquer that would be a pleasant digestif on the rocks!

Come and Explore!

Tequila - The Terroir Spirit!Date published: 24/04/14

Terroir is that inimitable factor in the wine and spirit world - nature's contribution to the flavour and character of wine, a contribution unique to only that place in the world.

Terroir is not specific to grapes, in fact it applies to many crops.

One such crop is Blue Agave - the base plant material for Tequila -  Mexico's trademark white spirit.

Agave plants grown closer to the Yucutan Peninsula are known to produce lighter fruit flavours in the final spirit whereas those plants grown inland at lower altitudes give much riper and softer character to the base spirit. Tequila is released with and without any ageing. But compared to whisky for instance Tequila develops considerable mellowness and complexity much more rapidly meaning its a spirit fanatics dream in that it rewards with flavour at a lower price point!

Patron and Arette are brands of Tequila stocked by Majestic. Look out for Reposado (rested) and Anejo (aged) on the labels of each as these are the styles to seek out if you want that mellow smoothness ideal for sipping. For something more funky Patron also do a coffee liquer based on Tequila which is particularly decadent! For mixing stick with unaged silver which can also be enjoyed neat!

Sparkling Wine a threat to Champagne's future?Date published: 23/04/14

Its official - last year volume and value sales of Italian prosecco in the UK overtook those of Champagne!

Its easy to see that in times when we all have an eye on the purse strings why the cheaper alternatives like Cava, Prosecco and New World versions are making such ground at Champagnes expense. And choosing a cheaper sparkler like Prosecco or a New Zealand sparkling wine is not necessarily a compromise on quality either. Even the chef de cave at some of the biggest Champagne houses admit the gap in quality is narrowing. 

Further, more products in the sparkling category means prices have come down to a level at which consumers can now opt for a glass of good Prosecco or Cava as a mid-week everyday tipple where a decade ago Champagne prices would have discouraged this - hence the surge in volume sales of the sparkling wines.

It can be said that for too long Champagne suffered from complacency, getting fat on the fact it was and remains the default drink for that special occasion. The Champenois have had the gauntlet thrown down by their brazen and proactive competitors. But they have a plan!

Champagne will market itself better - reminding the public of its quality pedigree. It will, as a region make serious internal invesrtment to make significant changes at vineyard and winery level so that only the best of the best ever gets into a bottle with Champagne listed on the label. And certain industrial commercial practices will be stamped out. 

Can the same be said of Champagne's competitors? Perhaps not, but do consumers really care?! 

Pour yourself some bubbles and wait to see what happens! 

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc £7.99Date published: 22/04/14

Stop what you're doing and get down to Majestic Ealing right now! yes, right now! - Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is only £7.99 a bottle for a very short time only!

We all know how good it is, Oyster Bay speaks for itself and at this price it roars for your attention! No brainer!

Jim Barry Lodge Hill Shiraz, Australia - £11.24*Date published: 22/04/14

If you have yet to try this Ausse Shiraz, now is the time. We are selling the 2011 vinatge which was given 90 points by The Wine Advocate Magazine recently.

This wine will surprise you - it manages to retain the bold rich punchy flvours we have all come to love and expect from Shiraz from this part of the world but it comes with a freshness and liveliness that is seldom seen at this price. It also offers a lot more than just fruit with notes of eucalyptus and mint following the rich ripe bramble goodness. The oak offers no intrusion on the fruit or elegance and is seemlessly integrated given the wine great poise and structure so that fruit is not flabby or cloying as can often be the case with Aussie Shiraz.

JIm Barry also does some excellent Riesling  that screams limey minerality - also well worth a look!

The Majestic Wine Course - An Inspiring Introduction!Date published: 14/04/14

There is no better way to learn about wine than to taste it and that's what makes the free Majestic wine Course so special.

In this 90 minute sit down course we talk you through 6 classic wines of the world while you actually sample a glass of each - spittoons optional of course!

You'll learn why the wines taste the way they do, how the winemaker has influenced the style along with elements such as the climate and what the French call "terrior" (or the physical environment). We provide a variety of nibbles to talk you through some basics of food and wine matching and to cap it off, we furnish you with a £10 voucher to use with your next purchase of six bottles or more.

So what are you waiting for? Get some friends together and give us a call to book onto the next free wine course at the Ealing branch!

Check our website, email us at eal@majestic.co.uk, or phone us on 02086579251 for times and dates!

Gavi MontieroDate published: 13/04/14

Gavi seems to appear in many different guises, from ultra clean and zesty to fairly fat and oily. This amazing value example is a great example as it sits somewhere in the middle! Fresh and slightly herby on the nose (think fresh fennel meets basil) and on the palate it's quite zingy with an apple/melon-like core flavour. This wine needs seafood! 

Fine Wine for the WeekendDate published: 12/04/14

Its now time to start thining about what bottle will be gracing your lunch table this Easter Sunday.

Rioja and good Bordeaux are always traditionally reliable at this time of year, but for something a little different Brunello di Montalcino from Tuscany would be a cracking match with a slow roast leg of lamb!

This weekend come in sample Banfi's ultimate expression of Sangiovese - the Banfi Brunello di Montalcino. It's open on the tasting counter for the next couple of days. You will be charmed by its restrained power, the smooth mouthfeel its well integrated fine tannins attribute and the leathery, savoury finish which would be lifted and enhanced by rosemary and thyme infused red meat!

At only £25 when you buy any 2 selected fine wines this 2008 gem is certinly worthy of your attnetion this holiday season!

Picpoul de Pinet Date published: 12/04/14

Picpoul de Pinet 

Produces a green-gold, full-bodied, lemon-flavoured white wine exclusively from Picpoul Blanc grapes. This specialty from the south of France, is one of the country's few varietally named AC wines.   We have two fantastic examples in stock, one by Domaine Cabrol and one by Villemarin. They are both amazing with shellfish and great as a refreshing aperitif!

French Fizz from the LoireDate published: 12/04/14

Much as we love Champagne, there are other sparkling wines from France that really knock our sock off.  The Loire valley is an exciting place for sparkling wine.

If you look to the region of Saumur in the Loire you will find a lovely sparkling wine made from the Chenin Blanc grape.  Our Bouvet Ladubet from Saumur is one of our best sellers.  At £8.99 on the Easter Pick n Mix it is great value for money because it is beautifully balanced with lots of fresh apple on the pallet and delicate bubbles.  The rosé equivalent is made from Cabernet Franc and is bursting with fresh strawberry flavours.

Langlois is another area in the Loire where Chenin Blanc is dominant but our new Langlois L'Extra combines it with Chardonnay.  Lighter than the Bouvet it is a very subtle summery drop and £9.99 on the Easter Pick n Mix.

Both are made using the same method as Champagne but the grape varieties and terroir are different so you get a different style that proves amazing value.

Wine Matches for Classic British Dishes: Shepherd's PieDate published: 08/04/14

In this series of articles we will be exploring the often mysterious and undeinably subjective world of food and wine matching. However, we won't be getting too fancy and going all 'gourmet' on you, instead we will be matching wines with British staple meals, be it roast beef, fish and chips or even something as basic as beans on toast! Simple is often best, and with this in mind, we will endeavour to suggest matches that really work well together and make your mealtime experience, be it slobbing on the sofa or a candlelit dinner for two, even better!

Todays dish of choice is an absolute favourite of mine and i'm sure is one of yours as well: Good old shepherd's pie. A comforting and heartwearming dish if there ever was one, so below I will suggest three wines that do just the same.

Pinot Noir Domaine de Valmoissine - £9.99 when you buy 2 or more.

A Burgundian style Pinot at half the price it would be if thats where it cam from. Candied charry fruits, balanced with a spicy perfume on the nose. A beautifully textured wine that would really match well with this dish.

Tournelles Voluptabilis, Buzet - £6.66 when you buy 2 or more.

A really superb wine at this price. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec, this wine has a wondefully rustic dried-fruit character to it that makes it a perfect match with a rich mince generously flavoured with a bit of Worecestershire sauce!

Dom. Sainte Rose 'Le Marin Blanc' - £7.99 when you buy 2 or more.

Slightly left field compared with the other two suggestions. This white wine is a southern french blend of Marsanne, Roussanne and viognier, making it a very well rounded wine with enough body to compliment a hearty dish such a this. Flavours of pear, melon and pineapple, balanced by a crisp acidity are predominant. The body and texture of this wine make for a surprisingly good pairing with this classic dish and makes a great alternative if you don't fancy red wine tonight!


2013 Provence RoséDate published: 07/04/14

As we all know, last summer was a scorcher here.  It was pretty hot in France too and as the 2013 rosés arrive we're noticing much pinker wines than last year, even in those from Provence which are usually very pale.  However, they are still lovely and delicate, still dry and still beautifully subtle on the palate.  So don't be alarmed by the colour, the rosé inside is delicious!  Here are my picks:

Domaine Chautarde Provence Rosé £6.66*

M de Minutey Provence Rosé £9.99*

Aix Provence Rosé magnum £19.99

* when you buy 2 or more wines from the Easter Pick n Mix

Wine Matches for Classic British Dishes: Roast ChickenDate published: 30/03/14

In this series of articles we will be exploring the often mysterious and undeinably subjective world of food and wine matching. However, we won't be getting too fancy and going all 'gourmet' on you, instead we will be matching wines with British staple meals, be it roast beef, fish and chips or even something as basic as beans on toast! Simple is often best, and with this in mind, we will endeavour to suggest matches that really work well together and make your mealtime experience, be it slobbing on the sofa or a candlelit dinner for two, even better!

Todays meal of choice is roast chicken with all the works.  It is Sunday after all and everybody loves succulent roast chicken with roasties, Yorkshire puds, plenty of veg and good soaking of gravy.  Here's what I would drink with it:

Montes Alpha Chardonnay - £9.99 when you buy 2 or more.

A big, bold, oaky Chardonnay, this fabulous wine has the richness to match all the rich food and the gravy.  Flavours of pineapple and baked apple work really well with all the components of the dinner.

Muriel Gran Reserva Rioja 2004 - £10.99 when you buy 2 or more.

Although white wine is often best with chicken, a roast dinner with all the works if a completely different kettle of fish and can stand up to a lighter red.  This beautiful Gran reserva Rioja is light in body due to its age but is bounding with flavours of dried fruit and spice, like fruit cake in a glass.  From experience I can say it's a great match for riast chicken and neither the wine nor the food dominate.

Enjoy your roast!  Now I'm getting hungry!

Wine Matches for Classic British Dishes: Bangers and Mash!Date published: 29/03/14

In this series of articles we will be exploring the often mysterious and undeinably subjective world of food and wine matching. However, we won't be getting too fancy and going all 'gourmet' on you, instead we will be matching wines with British staple meals, be it roast beef, fish and chips or even something as basic as beans on toast! Simple is often best, and with this in mind, we will endeavour to suggest matches that really work well together and make your mealtime experience, be it slobbing on the sofa or a candlelit dinner for two, even better!

Todays meal of chocie is bangers and mash- as comforting and enjoyable as any dish invented out there in my humble opinion. Thus a classic dish of such repute must be matched with a great wine. No it doesnt have to be expensive, however what it has to do, is offer that same warming, comforting and easy going style of any great banger and mash plateful does. As such I have chosen two great wines for your consideration below:

Rioja Reserva Vendimia Seleccionada, Muriel - £7.99 when you buy 2 or more.

An absolute winner of a wine -  medium-bodied, easy-going, but full of interest all at the same time. Beautiful  dark ruby red, with classic Reserva characters of smoothed polished tannins, subtle herb notes, accompanied by warming spices, vanilla and leather Rioja traits. An absoluter steal at this price and perfect with some herby lincolnshire sausages. 

Cotes-du-Rhone, Leon Perdigal - £7.99 when you buy 2 or more.

A classic Southern Rhone blend with plenty going for it at this price. Red fruits dominate, backed up by  a hint of pepper and spice- perfect with some spicy bangers!

Wine Matches for Classic British Dishes.Date published: 28/03/14

In this series of articles we will be exploring the often mysterious and undeinably subjective world of food and wine matching. However, we won't be getting too fancy and going all 'gourmet' on you, instead we will be matching wines with British staple meals, be it roast beef, fish and chips or even something as basic as beans on toast! Simple is often best, and with this in mind, we will endeavour to suggest matches that really work well together and make your mealtime experience, be it slobbing on the sofa or a candlelit dinner for two, even better!

Our first classic dish has to be Fish and Chips. A crisp, white with a decent amount of acidity is a perfect match for this dish and below are two suggestions that fit the bill perfectly:

Te Muna Road Sauvignon Blanc, Craggy Range. £11.99 when you buy 2 or more.

Possibly my favourite NZ Sauvignon, an incredibly well balanced wine showing ripe aromatic fruits, spice and floral notes all complimented with a crisp acidity- pefect with some delicious cod and vinegary chips!

Muscadet, Jean Sablenay - £5.99 when you buy 2 or more.

Made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape, this wine is clean and refreshing. This is a classic Muscadet, with a backbone of lemon (great with a squeeze of lemon on your fish!) and lime flavour, with a hint of minerality. Muscadet is often described as having an almost 'salty' character as a result of the citrus fruit character of the wine and as such is a perfect compliment to salty chips whilst the fresh acidity cuts through the delcious oily batter perfectly. 

So if you're having fish and chips tonight- come and grab one of these wines and take your British classic meal to the next level!

What is Maranges?Date published: 27/03/14

We have a great new Maranges in stock. What is a Maranges wine I hear you ask? Well to put it simply it is an area in Burgundy and more specifically, at the southern tip of the Cote de Beaune. The rolling hills of Maranges are home to around 170 hectares of vines, including 7 Premier Cru sites. The Maranges is renown for delicate reds from the three communes just west of Santenay. Below is a wine we have just got in stock from highly regarded Nicolas Potel:

Maranges 1er Cru 2012 - £14.99 when you buy 2 or more.

This wine comes from a single plot of 40-year-old vines, hand harvested and sorted. The wine is aged in new and year-old Burgundian oak barrels.

Blackberries, red cherries and gentle spices characterise the nose, supported by subtle truffle and liquorice notes. Robust, compact yet nicely supple and well-rounded on the palate, perfect with rustic hams or traditional coq au vin.

Peachy WhitesDate published: 26/03/14

If your like your white wine to taste of ripe peach and apricot, there are a few grape varieties to look out for that will serve up just that! The most well-known is Viognier.  It can be quite full bodied, especially if it is oaked and tends to have a lower acidity so it is a good food wine and sits well with roast chicken.  If you want something lighter and slightly more floral then head over to Spain for an Albarino.  Perfect with olives and fish, Albarino can also be a classy choice for a drinks party.  For floral-central, a Torrontes from Argentina will whisk you away.

How to pick a ProseccoDate published: 24/03/14

So everyone loves Prosecco but with more and more choice how do you know which to pick?  Here are a few helpful hints to help you interpret the label!

1)  If you want fully sparkling pick a spumante but if you want gently sparkling pick a frizzante.

2)  Extra dry actually means off-dry so if you like a hint of sweetness these are great but if you want a dry Prosecco you will probably prefer a brut.

3) Most Proseccos come from the DOC (Denominazione de Origine Controllata) Prosecco but the better quality ones come from the hills in the Valdobbiadene region within this which is given the staus DOCG (Denominazione de Origine Controllata e Garantita).  So pick a DOCG for a treat!

4) Prosecco has to be made in the Prosecco region in North West Italy from the grape variety Glera.  Therefore you can't make a rosé Prosecco.  However, sparkling rosé made from the Raboso grape is getting more and more popular.

Hope that helps you with your choices next time you're having a party or just fancy a cheeky glass of sparkly fun with a loved one!

New Spanish Wines!Date published: 19/03/14

Spain is so much more than Rioja and Cava!

Ribera del Duero wines compare well to good Bordeaux, Toro produces New World-like weighty and full flavoured styles of Tempranillo dark in colour and flavour and long-lived! When the trend many decades ago across Spain was to uproot vines and replant with international varieties, parts of Spain lacking the financial resources to do so, are now ironically harvesting the benefits of those limitations - with the gnarly old vines which they left untouched now producing small flavour bomb berries best seen in the old vine Garnacha (Grenache) with flavour intensity and freshness unrivalled in another Spanish red wines!!

Why not try some of our new additions to get an insight into the winemaking talents in Spain beyond Rioja. And dont forget we will be having a Spanish tasting week starting soon!

For instance my personal picks are:

Moncayo Old Vine Grenache at £7.99; 

El Parador from Navarra at £7.49;

Vinas del Vero Gewurtztraminer at £9.99

El Picaro from Toro at £7.99

Try something new from Spain today, you won't be disppointed! Be sure to join us for Wines of Spain week here in store!

Wine of the Week !Date published: 19/03/14

Our wine of the week is Allegrini's Bardolino from the north east of Italy a stone's throw away from Lake Garda.

As we see a turn for the better in the weather its time to start thinking about enjoying slightly fresher styles of wine and bardolino is one such option!

The combination of altitude and cooling breezes off the lake ensure lengthy ripening of the grapes - key in developing full flavours in the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara varieties that make up this fresh and vibrant red wine! Flavours of fresh red chaerry are the hallmark of this and all good Bardolino complmented by an attractive dash of bitter almond.

This wine would pair very well with any tomato-based sauce in Mediterranean cuisine or it would be a great alternative to Beaujolais with a platter of charcuterie! 

£8.49 when you buy 2 bottles, saving you £2!

Upcoming EventsDate published: 17/03/14

Tasting Weeks

Each week we will have a selection of wines open from a certain country, you can pop in at any time during that week to try something.

4th -10th April: Wines of Spain

We will have amazing Rioja, taste bub tlicking Tempranillo and some cracking Albarino open for you to try.

Spotlight Tasting
A quick 30 minute introduction to the grapes, regions and winemakers that make these countries so great! 

Make sure to RSVP so you don't miss out.

3pm 5th April: Wines of Spain

Last Day!!!Date published: 17/03/14

The following prices end today so get online, drop in, or give us a buzz to secure some of:

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc at £6.99;

Gavi Montiero at £5.99;

Eguia Rioja Reserva and Gran Reserva at £6.66 and £8.99 resp.;

Nicolas feuillate Champagne at £16.66!!!

Lots more deals in store1

New Additions to our March Pick & Mix - The FizzDate published: 13/03/14

9 fantastic wines have been added to our March Pick & Mix for 1 week only!  Mix and match and and save 33%!  Bargain!  Here comes the fizz:

Veuve Clicquot NV Champagne £29.98*

Nicholas Feuillatte NV Champagne £16.66*

Prosecco Corte Alta £6.66*

*when you buy 2 or more wines from the Pick & Mix 

New Additions to our March Pick & Mix - The RedsDate published: 12/03/14

9 fantastic wines have been added to our March Pick & Mix for 1 week only!  Mix and match and and save 33%!  Bargain!  Here are the smoking reds:

Chateau Meaume £6.66*

Vina Eguia Rioja Reserva £6.66*

Vina Eguia Rioja Gran Reserva £8.99*

*when you buy 2 or more wines from the Pick & Mix 

Wine of the Week - 10th MarchDate published: 12/03/14

Wine of the Week: La Grange Des Combes from St Chinian, Southern France

For under ten pounds this red is a firm favourite with all of us here at Majestic Ealing! Soft and rich this juicy number has a plush and mouth coating mouthfeel, luscious red and black berry fruit character and just enough subtle spice to tantalise the tastebuds!

So what makes this such a soft and approachable wine?! Well it's no accident - the winemaker uses a process called semi-carbonic maceration whereby the grapes begin fermenting from within before being pressed hence minimizing extraction of those lip-smacking and drying tannins. This process also gives you a beautifully aromatic wine!

Enjoy with hearty dishes based on red meat!

Prces at 312.99 but buy 2 save £6 = £9.99

The Ned Sauvingon Blanc - £6.99!! Need we say more???Date published: 11/03/14

We are delighted to announce the temporary inclusion of The Ned Sauvignon Blanc in Majestic's March Pick 'n' Mix selection.

But don't tarry - the discounted price of £6.99 is for 7 days only

That's right, you only have until close of play on Monday March 17th to avail of this spectacular offer!!!

 Need we say more??!

New Additions to our March Pick & Mix - The WhitesDate published: 11/03/14

9 fantastic wines have been added to our March Pick & Mix for 1 week only!  Mix and match and and save 33%!  Bargain!  Here are the wonderful whites:

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc £6.99*

Gavi Montiero £5.99*

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc £8.33*

*when you buy 2 or more wines from the Pick & Mix 

Mocha JavaDate published: 11/03/14

Mocha Java Merlot 2013


This wine has a real hit of coffee bean, something that the winemakers have actively sought to bring out. The pronounced aromas of coffee, cocoa and black cherry grab you, this really has an intense nose. The palate is smooth with well intergrated oak and a lovely long finish.

This would go great with any steak or Burger from the BBQ.

Kings and Queens of England - Queen VictoriaDate published: 10/03/14

What would you serve Queen Victoria?

Vintage Port because it keeps for ages!

Kings and Queens of England - Henry VIIIDate published: 09/03/14

What would you serve Henry VIII?

Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon.  What a belter!  Drink it all the way through your feast (and your wives)!

No Brainer Pick'N'Mix Whites UNDER £6!!Date published: 08/03/14

Here is a list of white wines from the March Pick 'n' Mix which I think reperesent stunning value for money right now. These are versatile options with a lot to like about them ideal for parties, weddings, other big events and a guilt free mid week treat!

1. Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay, Chile - perfect with some chicken this wine has citrus freshness but tropical fruit complexity too.

2. Rachels Chenin Blanc, South Africa - an oaky version with lashings of honey and exotic fruits - not for the faint of heart, this is big and needs food! Try with any herb infused dish!

No Brainer Pick'N'Mix Reds UNDER £6!!Date published: 07/03/14

Here is a list of red wines from the March Pick 'n' Mix which I think reperesent stunning value for money right now. These are versatile options with a lot to like about them ideal for parties, weddings, other big events and a guilt free mid week treat!

1. Mocha Java Merlot, South Africa - crowd pleasing fruit and softness with a coffee like finish.

2. Paul Mas Cabernet de Cabernet  - soft and plummy from one of the best producers in the south of France!

3. Robertson Pinot Noir - a rarity a this price point, Pinot usually costs more to grow than other varieties but this is light, fresh and fruity with a touch of oak!

New Fine Wine Arrivals!Date published: 06/03/14

As you know we always like to treat you to the best fine wines out there!

Just arrived, is the 2006 Chateau Haut Bages Averous. So what makes this Bordeaux red special?

To begin, it is the second wine of the fifth growth house Chateau Lynch Bages in the enclave of Pauillac on the left bank of the Dordogne river, which basically meansWith a quintessental Pauillac strucutre and soft ripe fruit notes, it is underlayed with hints of pepper and cassis.

It comes from the very solid 2006 vintage, a year which has turned out to be much better than originally mooted by the experts and second wines made from the top chateau like Lynch bages in this year offer very good value wines for drinking around now!

Priced at £30 a bottle it is best enjoyed now with a saddle of lamb or rib of beef

Stormy RedDate published: 03/03/14

Curling up in your armchair with your slippers on and a warming glass of red in your hand?  Amarone is the answer! The grapes are dried out in the sun so you get a rich, intense belter with dried fruit flavours and a mega kick of booze.  What a treat!  We have the Amarone Cantina di Negrar at £18 when you buy any 2 selected fine wines and the Masi Amarone at £30.  I reckon this is a quality way to hide from the rain!

Wine and bubblebath matchingDate published: 02/03/14

We all love relaxing in a nice hot bath with candles and a glass of wine.  Especially when it's grim outside.  But sometimes the smell of your bubblebath can completely ruin your wine.  So after extensive research these are some matchings we think work:

Rioja Reserva with coconut bubble bath.  Rioja is usually aged in American oak which gives it vanillary, coconutty flavours so this match just works!

Viognier with peach bubble bath.  Viognier has lovely hints of peach and apricot so this is a match made in heaven.

Shiraz with cherry bubble bath.  The chocolatey notes from the Shiraz combine with the cherry to create a blackforest gateau sensation in your head.

Beaujolais with rose bubblebath.  The fruity and bubblegummy flavours of the Beaujolais are lifted up by the scent of sweet roses!

Sauvignon Blanc with zingy lime bubblebath.  The refreshing acidity and wafts of gooseberry from the Sauvignon enhance the liveliness of the lime.

Malbec with strawberry bubblebath. Rich and fruity Malbec with a strawberry topping!

Bring on the bubbles!!

NB we don't recommend drinking the bubblebath!

Pipers CrispsDate published: 02/03/14

We are pleased to announce that we have started stocking Pipers Crisps!

Made by the same farmers that grow the actual potatoes, we stock the full gamit of flavours.

We have personally and painstakingly undertaken intense examination of all the flavours! Our top picks are:

1st. Cheesen Onion, 2nd. Spicy Tomato 3. Chorizo

Surprisingly good with wine and not only beer, why not pick up a packet of Sweet Chili to have a rich buttery Chardonnay!

Pancake Day!!!!Date published: 01/03/14

Who's excited about pancake day on Tuesday?  I am!  And why not have a cheeky glass of wine with your tasty creations?

For the savoury pancakes laden with cheese, bacon, mushrooms etc

Giesen Chardonnay £7.99 (when you buy 2) - creamy enough to match the cheese and batter with a lovely fresh finish.

Prosecco Zonin £7.99 (when you buy 2 from the pick and mix) - why not snazz up your pancakes with some fizz?

For the lassic lemon and sugar pancakes:

Dr L Riesling £8.49 - citrussy with a hint of sweetness to pair beautifully with the lemon and sugar

Essencia Orange Muscat £9.99 (when you buy 2) - fabulously sweet and floral

For the indulgent Nutella pancakes:

Elysium Black Muscat £9.99 (when you buy 2) - like alcoholic Ribena, in a good way!

Vinalba Gran Reserva Malbec £10.66 (when you buy 2 from the pick and mix) - so rich and wonderful it can handle chocolate!

Happy Pancake Day!!!

Mad for MalbecDate published: 28/02/14

With 33% off all Argentinian Malbecs until Tuesday there are some beauties and some belters and all absolute bargains!  On the lighter, more elegant side we have Callia Bella at £5.99 and Luigi Bosca at £10.65.  The first a great party wine and the second a lovely sipper!  On the richer, more full-bodied side we have Portillo at £6.66, Catena at £9.33 and Vinalba Gran Reserva at £10.66.  Nothing subtle about these, they are belter that need some juicy meat!  If you want your socks knocked off then what you need is the Vinalba Malbec/Touriga Nacional blend at £7.99.  Touriga Nacional is usually used in Portugal for Port but here it adds weight, fruit and power to create an epic wine!  

So it's Malbec time!

Dont forget February Pick 'n' Mix ends March 3rd!Date published: 25/02/14

We're into the last couple of weeks of the February Pick 'n' Mix promotion so if you havent already, do take advantage of some excellent reductions and fantastic value wines available! Easily the most popular reds with our customers have been the Alamos Malbec and the Lagunilla Reserva both a cracking £6.66!

Our bargain bouquets are located just inside the door,on the left and we have gathered a mix of exceptional value reds and whites for you to choose from. Personally speaking the white pick for me is the Grand Heron from Cotes de Gascogne at £5.99. For a warming red, for less than six pounds you can have a lovely southern french blend like the Mont St. Jean! These are just a sample of the great value wine now on offer!

Stay tuned for more updates 

Wine of the Week - w/c Monday 24th FebruaryDate published: 24/02/14

Geyser Peak Chardonnay 2012, Sonoma County, California, USA.

Come in and try this little gem on the tasting counter from Sonoma.

I love Chardonnay in all its guises but especially the soft round and oaky ones from this sun-blessed part of the US. Often maligned for overuse of new oak and careless use of malolactic fermentation to add creaminess and body, the winemakers of Califronia are beginning to take heed to the markets demands for fresh and balanced styles of Chardonnay.

Geyser Peak is one such winemaker creating a bright and vibrant version with lashing of buttery softness and tropical fruit balancing the acidity. This would be cracking with a creamy chicken dish such as Spaghetti Carbonara!! Only £6.99 when you buy at leat 2 as part of your mixed case.

Lesser seen Italy!Date published: 23/02/14

Think of Italian wines and names like Chianti, Amarone, Prosecco and Pinot Grigio immediatley spring to mind!

Chardonnay is not a varietal one instantly expects to thrive in Italy but thrive it does especially in the northen reaches of the country, most notably in Alto Adige bordering Switzerland!

The higher altitudemeans the sunshine quality is superb and with the cooling breezes coming off the slopes delicate varietals like Chardonnay can ripen to perfection. The Chardonnay that results from such conditions is elegant with an excellent balance of concentration and acidity!

Majestic is delighted to stock the Stella Alpina Chardonnay produced by the revered Nals Margreid wine estatE. The wine showcases Alto Adige's trademark mountain freshness and tropical opulence. a must for dfans of Chardonnay in search of a new interpretation of the varietal!

It is featured in our February Pick n ' Mix range meaning you save 33% making it £9.33*, while stocks last! 

Hurry as I might buy up the lot myself!

Wedding Wines 3 - £9.99Date published: 22/02/14

It's that time of year when happy couples are making preparations for their big day.  Picking the wine is high up on the to-do list so why not let us help you?  You can arrange a tasting in store with us but here are a few suggestions of wines we think wash down a wedding well! Below I have outlined some fantastic wines for £9.99.


Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc - Has to be my favourite kiwi sauvignon- a little more green and herbal than most and with it alot of elegance.

Waimea Estate Pinot Gris - Another kiwi wine makes the list, but very different in style. Lovely and aromatic and slightly off dry - perfect with Asian style and spicy cuisine.

Montagny 1er Cru 'Les Millieres' - In my opinion one of the best value-for-money white burgundies available. Done in a deliciously subtle, crisp and refined style, this is a fantastic wine whichever way you look at it.


Rioja Reserva CVNE - An absolute winner of a Rioja at this price. black fruits balanced by warm warm vailla and sweet spices- perfectly balanced.

Pinot Noir Domaine de Valmoissine - quite simply if you were to buy a red burgundy of this quality you would be paying at least double the price. Great for drinking by itself, but with enough structure and spices to make it a great wine for food as well.

Catena Mlabec - At £9.99 I would suggest this is the best Malbec out there. Voluptuous and rich, balanced with peppery spice and ripe fruit. A very good wine!

Bordeaux halvesDate published: 21/02/14

Sometimes it's nice to have a half bottle of amazing wine rather than a whole bottle of standard wine.  Here's our pick of delicious half bottles from Bordeaux to compliment a tasty cheese or a meaty casserole:

Chateau Labegorce 2004 £11.99

Classic Margaux.  Still some tannins but beautifully smooth.

Chateau Potensac 2002 £14

Smoky and mature . This 2002 Medoc is perfect for drinking now.

Chateau Cantemerle 2005 £30

From a 5th Growth Chateau and a fantastic vintage this lovely Haut-Medoc still has plenty of ripe fruit!

Clos du Marquis 2005 £34

Clos du Marquis is the second wine of the outstanding Chateau Leoville-Las-Cases.  The 2005 is definitely worth a sip! 

Chateau Canon 2006 £35

A smooth St Emilion Grand Cru of immense beauty.  Softer than the others because of it's high Merlot content.  Stunner!

Half bottles are a great opportunity to try some epic wines that otherwise might be over your budget.  We have limited availability so snap them up while you can!  

Wedding Wines 2 - £7.99Date published: 20/02/14

It's that time of year when happy couples are making preparations for their big day.  Picking the wine is high up on the to-do list so why not let us help you?  You can arrange a tasting in store with us but here are a few suggestions of wines we think wash down a wedding well! next we move to wines for £7.99, and theres skme very tasty options below!


Giesen Chardonnay - Ripe and richly aromatic in style, a subtle use of oak makes this wine crisp and quaffable!

As Caixas Godello -  A light, floral and very elegant wine, with a palate of lemon and crunchy pear - a hugely versatile wine.

Contesa Pecorino - Mt favourite white wine in the shop at this price -  great balance, great wine!


Montecastrillo (Tempranillo) -  Big and fruity!- A real crowd pleaser

Puy de Dome Pinot Noir - Pure summer fruits dominant. A light-bodied and soft wine - perfect by itself or with food.

Parcel Series Cabernet Sauvignon - A big and rich wine, beautifully balanced by the smooth tannins and sweet spice, a really brilliant wine at this price and my pick of the bunch!

Some really great wines here, if you have any queries or your in the process of planning  a wedding please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Just for Fun - The AnswersDate published: 19/02/14

1. Teacher's

2. Orchard Pig

3. Punk IPA

4. The Telegraph

5. Vin de Constance

6. Widow

7. Pol Roger

8. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

9. Pinot Noir

10. Sipsmith

Wedding Wines 1 - £5.99Date published: 19/02/14

It's that time of year when happy couples are making preparations for their big day.  Picking the wine is high up on the to-do list so why not let us help you?  You can arrange a tasting in store with us but here are a few suggestions of wines we think wash down a wedding well! Everyone's budget is different so we'll start with great wines for £5.99


Yali Sauvignon Blanc - Versatile Chilean crowd-pleaser from a quality focussed producer.  Lovely and delicious

Torres Vina Sol - party party party, this reminds everyone of Spanish sunshine

Grand Heron, Cotes de Gascogne - this little French number is delicate and subtle and only 11%


Santa Ana Malbec - Light and fruity, Argentinian Malbec is the drop of the moment

Robertson Merlot - A mellow South African smoothie.

Mas de Montagnes, Cotes du Roussillon - Classic French blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre, great with a hog roast.

Done!  Any questions, give us a bell. Happy planning!

Quiz - Just for Fun!Date published: 18/02/14

1. What famous Scottish spirit brand is also another word for "educator"?

2. The swine in the "apple vineyard" describes which of our new ciders?

3. If Johnny Rotten were a craft beer which one would he be?

4. Which famous English broadsheet shares its name with one of the most famous brands of Chateauneuf du Pape?

5. According to Jane Austin this sweet wine can cure a broken heart, what's it called? (hint: this wine is also mentioned in Fifty Shades of Grey)

6. What does the Veuve in Veuve Cliquot actaully stand for?

7. Winston Churchill loved his Champagne, but which was his favourite?

8. Kentish Chapel Down Sparkling Wine was served at which famous wedding?

9. In the film Sideways, Myles loved which grape variety?

10. What gin is distilled in the only copper still right here in London's Hammersmith?

This week's Fine Wine - Chateau Berliquet, Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe, 2006Date published: 18/02/14

Berliquet has over the past twenty come from relative obscurity to become one of the value producers of this famed region of Bordeaux's right bank.

Production is always terrioir focused meaning the wine reflects the complex ebb and flow of heat and light throughout the 2006 vintage. Hand picking of grapes is carried out to ensure only the best Merlot , Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet franc are combined in the final blend so even though the weather during the year was not ideal this was negated as much as possible by the skills of the vigneron team!

So how does it drink? Well, the nose is brimming with fresh fruit that is nicely intermingled with subtle woodiness. On the palate the fruit is plush and round.  The blend comprises 70% Merlor, 24% cabernet Franc and 6 % Cabernet SAuvignon. Only 38500 bottles were produced.

Robert Parker scoers it 86 points and recommends drinking now or over the next 5 years.

On teh fine wine deal, the Berliquet works out at £20 a bottle, ideal with Beef Bourguignon!

Answers to Wine Quiz 3Date published: 17/02/14

1) How many grape varieties are permitted in Chateauneuf-du-Pape? 13

2) True or false: you can make white wine from red grapes? True

3) What do you call the process of turning Champagne bottles to move the lees (dead yeast) to the neck of the bottle? Riddling (remuage in French)

4) What red grape variety is most famously grown in the Barossa valley? Shiraz

5) What is the difference between Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo? Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is made from Sangiovese and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is made from Montepulciano

6) What colour would you expect a wine from Meursault to be? white

7) What does PX stand for? Pedro Ximenez

8) Aurelio Montes is a winemaker from which country? Chile

9) What is the difference between Prosecco Spumante and Prosecco Frizzante? Spumante is fully sparkling and Frizzante is lightly sparkling

10) sdmeatuc is an anagram for which wine region? Muscadet

Fantastic Pick and Mix offers.....Date published: 17/02/14

The Pick and Mix section has some stunning offers on Malbec, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Fizz! We are very excited about the Gran Vendema Rioja Crianza at £5.99, the Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc at £6.66 and Lindauer Special Reserve at £9.99. Pop in to the store where the team will be happy to point out our favourites.

Amazing Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2013 back in.......Date published: 17/02/14

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc 2013

The new vintage of Kevin Judd's wine is in stock but hurry it wont be around for too long due to how popular this wine has become in the last couple of years. In the same style of its friendly rival Cloudy Bay it has intense aromas and flavours of Melon and Peach with great minerality to match it with food.

£19.99 Buy 2 bottles save £6 £16.99 each

Wine Quiz 3 (intermediate)Date published: 16/02/14

1) How many grape varieties are permitted in Chateauneuf-du-Pape?

2) True or false: you can make white wine from red grapes?

3) What do you call the process of turning Champagne bottles to move the lees (dead yeast) to the neck of the bottle?

4) What red grape variety is most famously grown in the Barossa valley?

5) What is the difference between Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo?

6) What colour would you expect a wine from Meursault to be?

7) What does PX stand for?

8) Aurelio Montes is a winemaker from which country?

9) What is the difference between Prosecco Spumante and Prosecco Frizzante?

10) sdmeatuc is an anagram for which wine region? 

Answers to Wine Quiz 2Date published: 16/02/14

1)  What do you call the dent in the bottom of a wine bottle? the punt

2) Where would you find the Awatere Valley? Marlborough, New Zealand

3) Carbonic maceration is best associated with which wine? Beaujolais

4) What is the grape variety used in Prosecco? Glera

5) Which famous wine from the Veneto region in Italy dries the grapes out on mats in the sun? Amarone della Valpolicella

6) What is the more famous name for the grape variety Tinto Fino? Tempranillo

7) In the 1855 Bordeau classifications, which growth status was Chateau Leoville-Barton awarded? 2nd Growth

8) What does Auslese mean? Late harvest

9) Which 2 grape varieties is Pinotage a cross between? Cinsault and Pinot Noir

10) What is the name of the 1st growth wine from Pessac-Leognan? Chateau Haut-Brion

Wine Quiz 2 (advanced)Date published: 15/02/14

1)  What do you call the dent in the bottom of a wine bottle?

2) Where would you find the Awatere Valley?

3) Carbonic maceration is best associated with which wine?

4) What is the grape variety used in Prosecco?

5) Which famous wine from the Veneto region in Italy dries the grapes out on mats in the sun?

6) What is the more famous name for the grape variety Tinto Fino?

7) In the 1855 Bordeau classifications, which growth status was Chateau Leoville-Barton awarded?

8) What does Auslese mean?

9) Which 2 grape varieties is Pinotage a cross between?

10)  What is the name of the 1st growth wine from Pessac-Leognan?

Answers to Wine Quiz 1Date published: 14/02/14

1) Argentina is best known for which red grape variety? Malbec

2) Is Beaujolais light-bodied or full-bodied? light-bodied

3) What country does the Albarino grape variety come from? Spain

4) True or false: Champagne can be made anywhere in the world? false

5) What 3 flavours would you expect to find in a Sauvignon Blanc? (3 marks) 3 from gooseberry, lime, lemon, elderflower, grass, asparagus, green pepper, passion fruit

6) True or false:  Chablis is made from Chardonnay? true

7) Where is sherry made? Xerez, Spain

8) True or false: Sauvignon Blanc is usually oaked? false

9) Which region in France does Chateauneuf-du-Pape come from? the Rhone valley

10) A jeroboam is the equivalent to how many bottles of wine? 4

Wine Quiz 1 (easy)Date published: 13/02/14

1) Argentina is best known for which red grape variety?

2) Is Beaujolais light-bodied or full-bodied?

3) What country does the Albarino grape variety come from?

4) True or false: Champagne can be made anywhere in the world?

5) What 3 flavours would you expect to find in a Sauvignon Blanc? (3 marks)

6) True or false:  Chablis is made from Chardonnay?

7) Where is sherry made? 

8) True or false: Sauvignon Blanc is usually oaked?

9) Which region in France does Chateauneuf-du-Pape come from?

10) A jeroboam is the equivalent to how many bottles of wine?

Romantic RedsDate published: 12/02/14

Nice romantic meal in for Valentine's Day?  Pick a bottle of fizz from yesterday's article then wow with a wonderful red to match your culinary skills. 

Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir £20* - silky and seductively smooth

Amarone Cantina di Negrar £18* - rich and fabulous

Vina Ardanza Rioja Reserva £18.50 - because everyone is in love with it

Lily's Garden Shiraz £35 - Get in there

Wine Quiz SeriesDate published: 11/02/14

We are going to publish a few quizes for you to do for fun and to expand your wine knowledge.  Why not try them on your friends?.  There will be three different levels so watch out for the tricky ones.  We will follow them up with the answers the next day so you can check your score. Tweet us your answers if you like?  

Valentines Day FizzDate published: 11/02/14

Want to share a bottle of tasty bubbles with your loved one on Valentine's Day?

Here is our pick of pink fizz to put grins on both your faces:

Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne £49.97* - what a classic, and beautifully indulgent classic at that.

Perrier Jouet Rosé Champagne £29.98* - a fruity yet elegant treat with a lovely flowery label

Cloudy Bay Pelorus Rosé £17.99* - Close your eyes and you wouldn't know it wasn't Champagne

*when you buy 2

Everyone Loves Malbec!Date published: 07/02/14

Everyone Loves Malbec!

In the last decade or so, the Malbec grape really has taken the world by storm. Unlike many other fashions and trends however, there is good reason for this new found love. Malbec represents exactly what most people want froma red wine; rich, fruity, smooth, great value-for-money and of course, emminently drinkable.

More recently, Mlabec has also been increasingly recognised as a grape that can produce fantastic premium wines and this in particular has been pioneered in Argentina with several projects undertaken to identify the perfect malbec clones for each specific site and terroir.

Indeed with the huge variation of altitudes available for planting, Argentina offers some of the most terroir specific wines in the world, and it is this, for me, that makes malbec a wonderfully diverse and interesting grape.

Below are two excellent examples of Argentinian malbecs:

Ben Marco @ £12.99 when you buy 2 or more

In 1999, as a result of the need to express their love and dedication to viticulture and winemaking, Susana and Pedro of Dominio del Plata, started their own project together. The grapes are handpicked from vineyards in the fotthills of the Andes.

Taste: Deep red, with complex aromas of ripe red fruits. Cherry, currants and blackberries combine with notes of vanilla and coffee. This expressive wine has firm, sweet tannins giving a delightful finish.

Vinalba Gran Reservado, Mendoza @ 13.99 when you buy 2 or more

This fine malbec comes from Mendoza's Lujan de Cuyo region, and is the flagship wine in the vinalba range. Created by Herve Fabre, one of the first Bordeaux-schooled winemakers to come to Argentina, and to recognise Malbec's potential in its high-altitude terroirs.

Taste: A generous nose of warm plum-pudding-like fruit, lifted by soft vanilla and flower petal notes. The tannins are muscular, yet smooth and voluptuous, providing a blockbusting mouthfeel and long finish. 

February Pick and Mix - 33% Off Selected WinesDate published: 05/02/14

Our February Pick and Mix is now live in store, with some stunning offers on Malbec, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and Fizz! We are very excited about the Gran Vendema Rioja Crianza at £5.99, the Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc at £6.66 and Lindauer Special Reserve at £9.99. Pop in to the store where the team will be happy to point out our favourites

Burrow Hill CiderDate published: 05/02/14

Big News on the Cider front !

We are now stocking Burrow hill cider. Hailing from Somerset this Cider is the real deal and is widely regarded among the best in the UK ! It has also featured on River Cottage. 

It is unique and beautifully artisan in its approach. The apples all come from the 160 acre orchards situated on the farm. 

Priced at £18 for 8x 500ml bottles it is a bargain too !

It will be available to taste so come in and give it a taste with us.  

Wine of the Week - w/c Monday 27th JanuaryDate published: 26/01/14

Marquis de Pennautier Chardonnay "Terroirs d'Altitude" 2010/2011

If you like oaky Chadonnay look no further. The Lorgeril family has for generations mastered the growth, vinification and oak ageing of Chardonnay to produce consistently well-balanced and elegant wines.

Tropical and exotic characterise the fruit while vanilla nutmeg and clove attest to astute oak usage. The palate reveals hints fo dried apricots and puffed wheat. Great as an aperitif or to accompany hors d'oeuvres.

£8.99 each when you buy 2, £9..9 for a single as part of your purchase

Bargin Hunt promotionDate published: 11/01/14

Don't forget our Bargin Hunt Promotion.  We have plenty of end-of-line wines available, all on a mix and match 33.3% off!

Some great deals to be had but stock is running out fast. So Hurry Hurry!

Rioja Gran Reserva 2006 Berberana Date published: 11/01/14

We are big fans of Rioja and Gran Reservas and the Rioja Gran Reserva 2006 Berberana is on at a fantastic offer price of £8.99.

The Berberana Gran Reserva is matured for a minimum 3 years in American oak cask and a further 3 years in bottle. This gives the wine a smooth and full-bodied palate, with luscious fruit laced with vanilla, cloves and dried fruits. Subtle aromas of ripe dark cherries and strawberries.

This Rioja would drink well with a variety of traditional Spanish foods like roast meats, tomato dishes, barbecued lamb and game.

Special offer of £8.99 down from £14.99

Christmas delivery schedule Date published: 16/12/13

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, we are now unable to guarantee delivery before Christmas for deliveries further than a 5 mile radius to our store. Our online services are now highlighting this and guaranteeing delivery within 12 days.

However, we will do our very best to deliver before Christmas if you live further than 5 miles from our store if we can. If you have any queries about our delivery schedule we are more than happy to help. Feel free to give us a ring on 02085679251.

We hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas!

December Opening HoursDate published: 09/12/13

In the run up to Christmas we will have the following extended opening hours:

Monday - Friday   9am - 8pm

Saturday              9am - 7pm

Sunday              10am - 5pm

We are even open on Christmas Eve between 9am - 5pm so those last minute cases.

Spotlight TastingsDate published: 14/11/13

Spotlight tastings

The spotlight tastings are our way of allowing customers to taste a wide range of wines and absorb a great deal of information in a half hour tasting. Oh, and did we mention they're free?!

Saturday 23rd November - Wines of Rhone and Bordeaux

Saturday 7th December - Christmas wines

Send us an email on eal@majestic.co.uk or call us on 0208 567 9251 to reserve your place.

Wine of the Week: Saint Clair Estate Selection Sauvignon Blanc, 2012Date published: 14/11/13

A Decanter Bronze medal award winner is made by one of Marlborough's largest family-owned and operated wineries. Their commitment to viticulture has led to a number of award winning wines and a brand that is growing throughout the world.

Made exclusively for Majestic by one of our favourite wineries, this mouth-watering Sauvignon has aromas of passionfruit, blackcurrant leaf and gooseberry and a palate of ripe gooseberry and herbs.

Perfect match with fresh salads, seafood and vegetarian dishes.

£14.99 single bottle

Buy any 2 Pick 'n' Mix and save 33%


Our Winter Wine Evening wines!Date published: 13/11/13

We have chosen all the wines for our winter wine event on the 21st November! We are very excited!

We are going to open:

Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee des Antiques, Vinalba Malbec Reservado, Beringer Founders Chardonnay, Vignes de Nicole Chardonnay, Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc, Codorniu Christina, PX Toro Albala, Chateau Fourcas Dupre, Vina Ardanza reserva, Torres Vina Sol, Chateau Musar, Hochar Pere & Fils.

We will also have some incredible cheeses and even mince pies! Looks to be a good evening filled with good wine and nibbles! 

It is on 21st November from 6.30pm! It is completely free so bring some friends and have a lovely evening!

To confirm your coming feel free to give us a ring on 0208 567 9251 or drop us an email on eal@majestic.co.uk

Wedding Bells?Date published: 02/11/13

Are you or is anyone you know getting married in 2013 or 2014?  Did you know that here at Majestic we have many years experience in helping to plan weddings for a wide range of clients? 

We offer advice on the best wines to suit your food choices and perhaps most importantly, your budget:

Advice on quantities
Free wine tasting 
Full sale-or-return
Free glass loan 
Free chiller bin/ice bucket loan 
Free Delivery

If you wish to find out more about our wedding service or about any of our party services please come and see us in store or give us a call on 0208 567 9251

Wine of the Week: Kings Favour Sauvignon Blanc, MarlboroughDate published: 02/11/13

The King's Favour Sauvignon

Blanc 2012, Marlborough

£9.33 – When you buy 2 or more bottles from our 'Pick and Mix'

Winemaker Brent Marris is descended from the noble De Marisco family, whose members variously fell in and out of favour with the English monarchy in the 12th and 13th centuries. As Marlborough's favourite grape, Sauvignon Blanc here represents a time of the King's favour.

A lively and intense, yet focused nose, with fresh citrus and a youthful, sweet tree sap note. Stony and firm on the palate, with an incisive, Sancerre-like structure, albeit with a ripe, rounded edge.

At its best with fresh oysters, delicate white fish dishes, or soft and creamy goat's cheeses.

Winter Wine Tasting Event 21st November Date published: 02/11/13

Have you had your invite to our Winter Wine Event?

It's on Thursday 21st  November between 18:30 until 20:30+

If so, book early for your place as this is our most popular Wine Event of the Year. 

If you've not been before, this is where we will have a selection of new wines open around the store to taste and try, some nibbles and cheeses. Staff are on hand to answer questions and its generally a relaxed informal evening. 

There is no obligation to buy, but if you want to you can of course.

Hope to see you all soon.

Team Ealing

Dates for the diaries. Date published: 02/11/13

Just some dates for your Diaries. 

November "Pick 'n' Mix Tasting Week - Friday 1st - Thursday 7th November.

Wines of Californian Tasting Weekend - Friday 8th - Monday 11th November 

Wines of Chile Tasting Week - Friday 15th - Thursday 21st November

Wines of Rhone and Burgundy - Friday 22nd - Thursday 28th November

Wines of New Zealand and Australia - Friday 29th - 5th December 

Winter wine tasting Event - 21 st November 6.30 pm.Date published: 26/10/13

Don't forget we have a Winter wine tasting event on 21 st November from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Please call to book your place.

A free two-hour turn up and taste, ask questions and meet fellow wine enthusiasts. A chance to sample a wide selection of reds, whites, fizz and rose. With some cheese and meats too.

Amarone Negar on tasting....Date published: 26/10/13

Amarone Negrar

£23 buy 2 save £10 = £18

Amarone is one of the iconic red wines from Italy, from the Veneto region in the north-west. It is a blend of three grape varieties, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. 

The grapes are harvested and dried for around 120 days on straw mats, where they lose around one third of their weight due to evaporation, concentrating the flavours. The wine's name was used to distinguish between the sweeter Recitio styled wines from the same region, and translates as the great bitter.


Cantina Negrar is a co-operative based in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico region which was formed in 1933 when a group of 6 winemakers banded together to fight off speculators who wished to buy up land and make Valpolicella using imported grapes. The group realised that by joining forces they were able to afford new facilities and therefore produce better wines.


Very rich, with aromas of Christmas cake, cooking spices and sweet fruits, leading to a thickly textured wine with soft tannin and a powerful fruit driven finish.


Slow cooked lamb or beef casserole, as well as blue cheese.

Panamericana WinesDate published: 23/10/13

A new wine at Majestic wine Ealing is the Panamericana Sauvignon; quite an exciting and great value addition to our range. A bright and reflective wine the glass, the Panamericana has a pale lemon green colour in glass, with a full nose of pink grapefruit, gooseberry, passion fruit, and lime aromas; a lovely tropical expression of fruit.

On the palate the Panamericana displays a nice gooseberry and lime flavour, with a floral elderberry finish. Another great value wine that makes a good alternative to other Sauvignons here at Majestic Wine Leeds.

They also do a fantastic Merlot as well. Ample red berries and fresh acidity with subtle hints of vanilla and spice. A great warming wine for this colder nights

Styles of Dry and Sweet Sherry WinesDate published: 23/10/13

Styles of Dry and Sweet Sherry Wines

New styles of Sherry wines occur when the natural course of aging changes the character of a Sherry so that its taste no longer conforms to one of the two main categories (fino and oloroso). Deliberate sweetening of the wine also creates different styles.

Among dry Sherries, these are the main styles:

Fino: Pale, straw-colored Sherry, light in body, dry, and delicate. Fino Sherries are always matured under flor, either in Jerez or Puerto de Santa María. They have 15 to 17 percent alcohol and are best when chilled.

Manzanilla: Pale, straw-colored, delicate, light, tangy, and very dry fino-style Sherry made only in Sanlucar de Barrameda. Manzanilla is thus the driest and most pungent of all the Sherries.

Manzanilla pasada: A manzanilla that has been aged in cask about seven years and has lost its flor. It’s more amber in color than a manzanilla finaand fuller-bodied. It’s close to a dry amontillado in style, but still crisp and pungent. Serve cool.

Amontillado: An aged finothat has lost its flor in the process of cask aging. It’s deeper amber in color and richer and nuttier than the previous styles. Serveamontillado slightly cool and, for best flavor,finish the bottle within a week.

Oloroso: Dark gold to deep brown in color (depending on its age), full-bodied with rich, raisiny aroma and flavor, but dry. Serve them at room temperature.

Palo cortado: The rarest of all Sherries. It starts out as a finowith a flor, and develops as an amontilladolosing its flor. But then, for some unknown reason, it begins to resemble the richer, more fragrant oloroso style, all the while retaining the elegance of an amontillado. Serve at room temperature.

Sweet Sherry is dry Sherry that has been sweetened. The sweetening can come in many forms, such as the juice of Pedro Ximénez grapes that have been dried like raisins. All the following sweet styles of Sherry are best served at room temperature:

Medium Sherry: Amontillados and light olorosos that have been slightly sweetened. They are light brown in color.

Pale cream: Made by blending fino and light amontillado Sherries and lightly sweetening the blend. They have a very pale gold color. Pale cream is a fairly new style.

Cream Sherry: Cream and the lighter “milk” Sherries are richamorosos (the term for sweetenedolorosos). They vary in quality, depending on the oloroso used, and can improve in the bottle with age.

Brown Sherry: Very dark, rich, sweet, dessert Sherry, usually containing a coarser style ofoloroso.

East India Sherry: A type of Brown Sherry that has been deeply sweetened and colored.

Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel:Extremely sweet, dark brown, syrupy dessert Sherries. Often lower in alcohol, these Sherries are made from raisined grapes of these two varieties. As varietally labeled Sherries, they are quite rare today.

Some wines from elsewhere in the world, especially the United States, also call themselves “Sherry.” Many of these are inexpensive wines in large bottles. Occasionally you can find a decent one, but usually they’re sweet and not very good. Authentic Sherry is made only in the Jerez region of Spain and carries the official name, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry (the Spanish, French, and English names for the town) on the front or back label.

Get involvedDate published: 19/10/13

We have various tasting events going on between now and Christmas - do remember to check out our website for dates and more info!


Go on, treat yourselves!Date published: 19/10/13

Fine Wine shouldn't be limited to extravagant occasions. Sometimes all it takes to make a good night great is the right company and a spot of spontaneity. 

Here at Majestic though, we always want to help you having a couple of aces up your sleeve. Alongside our advise and expertise we provide you with a wide range of Fine Wines to choose from at Restaurant House Wine prices. 

Yes, you heard us: buy any 2 selected Fine Wines and save £10.

Because you deserve a treat!

Offer of the Day - Vinho VerdeDate published: 19/10/13

The ever popular Portuguese white. We Currently have the Quinta De Azevedo Vinho Verde on a short-term offer for October!

Made from the lesser known grape variety Loureiro. Vinho Verde literally means "green wine" from the Minho region of Northern Portugal. Historically fermented in open stone lagares before being run off into cask and undergoing malolactic fermentation. Fermentation now occurs in vat, retaining the classic spritz or CO2 bubble in the wine. 

Complex aromas of white and tropical fruits, citrus and white flowers. A lively and stimulating wine, with good acidity and well balanced, hints of spritz and bubble, with a concentrated and fresh finish.

At its best now, as a partner to seafood, green salads and pasta.

A steal at just £5.99 per bottle when you buy two or more. £7.49 single bottle price.

Fine Wine: Château Senejac, Cru Bourgeois Date published: 18/10/13

This weekend we are opening: 

Château Senejac, Cru Bourgeois   £23 buy 2 save £10 = £18

Great Claret should be more than just a good drink, but should reflect and represent the flavours and style of the appellation from which the wine comes, and the vintage characteristics. 

The wines from the Médoc, on the left bank of the Gironde estuary, are predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon based, with Cabernet Franc and Merlot in lesser quantities, giving the wines a perfume and structure. The 2010 was an ideal vintage; the wines have ripe fruit and soft tannins for immediate enjoyment along with intensity and concentration for prolonged ageing.FACTS: Senejac was granted 'Cru Bourgeois' status in the 1933 classification. 

Since the acquisition of the estate by the family who own the 4th Growth St. Julien Château Talbot, and the wine making team of Pontet Canet began making the wines, Château Senejac's quality has improved year on year. The Château dates to 1860 and is situated in a large woodland in the commune of Le Pain Médoc, where only 39 of the 150 hectares are dedicated to vines.


 Perfumed black currant, cigar box, blueberry and plum skin aromas, medium bodied with vibrant dark fruit flavours, a rich texture and long finish.


Roast lamb with rosemary and mint sauce.

A to Z of grapes: G is for GrenacheDate published: 09/10/13

Perhaps the first thing I should talk about in this article is whether the title is in anyway correct! We have entitled this series “Lesser spotted grape varieties”, yet towards the end of the 20th Century Grenache was the world's second most planted wine grape. The other issue with the title is should I be referring to the grape as Grenache? In Spain it is known as Garnacha and the origin of the grape lies either in Spain or Sardinia, where it is known as Cannonau, Granaccia and Tocai Rosso.

It is believed that the grape started being more widely planted within the Kingdom of Aragón. The foundations of the Kingdom of Aragón were in Spain but its influence moved up into France. Sardinia was also part of the Kingdom, lending credence to the theory that the grape originated in Sardinia and was then planted throughout the Kingdom. What we do know is that Grenache had been established in the Rhône valley by the 19th Century and that it was not planted in Rioja until 1901, which coincides with the attempts to re-establish Rioja after the advent of Phylloxera.

On some New World reds, particularly in Australia you may have seen the acronym GSM. This stands for Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. This blend is not a New World creation. The blend's origin lies in the Rhône Valley. Almost all Côtes Du Rhône are a blend of these three grapes. The Southern regions of the Rhône Valley also rely heavily on these three grapes and one or two others too. Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, Gigondas and Lirac to name just a few. Rasteau is a relatively young Appelation of the Rhône Valley, having been granted its status in 2009. Currently we stock Domaine Notre Dame Des Pallières Rasteau. It is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvedre. The wine is intense and bold with heady blackberry note along with white pepper, cocoa and toast. It has an abv of 15%, much of which is down to the Grenache grape, which has a long ripening season, thus providing an increased sugar level which, when fermented, creates a high abv. At £12.49 this is a wine well worth trying.

Returning to Spain, Garnacha (the Spanish name for the grape) can be found in both blends and as a single varietal. Garnacha is used in Rioja, although the dominant grape variety is Tempranillo. Priorat, an Appelation in Cataluña uses Garnacha. As in the Rhône and Rioja it is found as part of a blend. The Camins Del Priorat is a blend of Carignena, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. The wine offers blackberry and cherry flavours followed by a spicy finish. It is a full-bodied wine that matches well with hearty stews. Currently it is £13.99 as part of Majestic's 20% off Spanish wine offer.

In Navarra, a wine growing region next door to Rioja in North Eastern Spain we find a single varietal Garnacha. The wine is called El Chapparral De Vega Sindoa. This is one of my favourite mid-priced wines. It is £7.99 as part of the Spanish offer. The wine has a little less body than either the Rasteau or the Priorat, but still offers vibrant blackberry and raspberry flavours. Those fruits also seem to have real sweetness to them, although I should state that the wine itself is not sweet. There are also some delicate chocolate notes and the wine drinks well by itself or with grilled meats.

A quick trip around the shop to Australia and we find the Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache. Bush vine relates to the way in which the vine is grown. Unlike many vines, which are trained along wires the Grenache vine lends itself well to being aloud to grow naturally as a bush vine. In this form it resembles a small tree. Some of the older bush vines have a wonderful gnarled looked to them. The Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache at £12.49 is suggested to be a good and cheaper alternative to a Chateauneuf-Du-Pape. I would say it lacks a little complexity to be compared in such a way, but it is a good little wine and the added bodied that comes with the heat of the Barossa Valley makes it a fuller wine than the El Chaparral from Navarra.

Given the Islanders' love of Rosé I must finish by mentioning Grenache as a constituent of many Rosé wines. It is probably best known as one of the major varieties used in Provence. The Aix, of which we have both the magnums and double magnums in store, is a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. Provence Rosé is known for its pale colour and soft fruit flavours, much of which can be attributed to the gentle pressing of the Grenache grape.

Whether you knew of the grape before or not, it is found in an impressive array of wines. Perhaps the tendency to be used as a blend explains it lack of exposure to the general public, but currently it is fashionable so why not look out for a bottle of either a single varietal or one of the many blends that uses it and give it a whirl.

Winter Wine Evening - Thursday 21st NovemberDate published: 07/10/13

It's nearly that time of year again for our free Seasonal tasting evening. An evening to relax, try a range of our wines, get to know the staff with food accompaniments provided. (Yes it's free!)

Come & join the team on Thursday 21st November between 6 & 9 pm for a free informal tasting of Staff picks from our Winter range with food provided by Vallebona.

Spaces are limited so please phone the store to reserve your place.  

Chablis 1er Cru - Fourchaume Seguinot-BordetDate published: 07/10/13

This week we have open a Chablis of the highest quality open to taste on our tasting counter. Chablis is often subtle, lean and light and this is no exception. This fine wine is not fabulous because it displays a totally different array of flavours but because of the way it brings these elements together in the glass. 

The nose and palate is both fresh and subtle with notes of lemon, stone and an edge of minerality. Perhaps not surprising, but it is the smooth viscosity, creamy weight and eminently elegant finish, poise and length which makes this a masterful glass of gentle delight. Don't expect an explosion of flavour and a plethora of vibrant new and exciting tastes - it is exactly the simplicity and purity of flavour, brilliantly balanced which makes this a wine that's worth it's price.

Save £5 off this Fine wine when you buy any 2 selected fine wines. £19 a bottle.

Open to taste and sample all week.

Exciting new offersDate published: 05/10/13

To get the weekend off with some swing and panache we have a number of deals carefully picked to really get the most out of it. Most notably we have:

- Banfi Serena Pinot Grigio @ £5.99 when you buy 2 or more (down from £9.99) - A late-picked pinot grigio, deleveloping more fruit character on the vine from one of Italy's biggest premium producer. A firm customer favourite.

- Portillo Argentinian Malbec @ £6.99 when you buy 2 or more (down from £9.99) - A juicy little number. Winner of Decanter's best Malbec under £10 category. Open to taste this weekend too.

- Macon Villages 'Roches Blanches' Louis Jadot @ £7.99 when you buy 2 or more (down from £11.99) - A lightly oaked white burg that goes very well with white fish. A good alternative to Chablis to drink on an afternoon from this reputable producer in the region.

This dreamy selection is only on offer for a week or so more, so don't miss out on getting in those deals!

Educational trip to RiojaDate published: 05/10/13

Last week I was lucky enough to go out to Rioja for a few days on an educational visit.  I had never been to Rioja before and in fact the only time I had been to Spain previously was for a week in Madrid back in 1999, so as you can imagine I was very excited by the opportunity.

There were six of us from Majestic, from various stores and our hosts were Vintae, who produce, amongst others, the Garnacha Moncayo and the Matsu wines (El Picaro, El Recio and El Viejo).

Our trip started with a visit to Vintae's purpose built winery, Bodega Classica.  The facility is state of the art.  The winery was built with a lot of input from Vintae's head wine-maker.  We had the opportunity to taste a few things from barrel and then tried some of Vintae's Guerilla range, which was interesting.

In the evening we were taken to a Pelota game, which is a fore-runner to squash.  We didn't fully understand the rules, but enjoyed it.  Sadly the local hero lost and we were a little concerned there might be a riot, but the crowd were just in high spirits.  We spent the rest of the evening going to various tapas bars, tasting the speciality of each bar and drinking plenty of wine.

On the second day we visited Vintae's other winery, south of Logrono.  Along with the wine maker we tried several of the fermenting musts, which is always an interesting experience.  Afterwards we headed out into their vineyards, where they have a little building and we tasted some more wines there whilst eating local ham and cheese.

In the evening we were taken to a fantastic little cellar, set in a large apartment building, which was built by the managing director's father.  We tried several interesting wines and ate some fantastic meat which was cooked on an open fire, over burning vineyard clipping.  We also discussed one of Vintae's new projects, which was fascinating.

The visit was fantastic.  If you haven't been to Rioja, I'd thoroughly recommend it.  The landscape is rugged and beautiful and the people, wine and food are fantastic!


Storing wines in the modern worldDate published: 28/09/13

There are many benefits to storing wine in a way that lets it mature and develop to drink to it's preferred taste. Although in households in London today space is at a premium and many rooms are multi-purpose. I have put forward a few hints and tips to try and get the most out of every bottle purchased.

Although over 50% of wine purchased in the UK is drunk within 72 hours of purchase there are a number of benefits to storing wine in the right environment.

Particularly for oak-aged wine from well-selected grapes, both white and red, ageing can help the initial powerful flavours of fruit, acidity and oak to settle allowing the wine to reveal a greater balance and plethora of hidden and delightful flavours.

Here are a few quick points to bear in mind:

- Wine asks to be kept lying in a cool, dark and ideally slightly damp place (to prevent the cork from drying out). Strong light can harm the wine by accelerating ageging in an inconsistent way. If cellaring is not an option, underground coal bunkers are perfect. Otherwise anywhere cool and consistent, such as under the stairs (if away from boilers or heating pipes) or at the back of a cupboard with these similar properties.

- Wine is not overly-fussy on temperature. 10 degrees celcius is perfect but anywhere between 7 and 18 degrees celcius will do the trick. Variation in temperature both annually or daily is an issue and so storing wine in the kitchen, for example, is unpractical for long-term ageing.

- Bottles should be stacked horizontally to prevent the cork from drying, shrinking and letting air in - so that the liquid is always in contact with the cork.  

- Every wine has a 'peaking' period based hugely on style and also on personal drinking taste. Each wine is different, for instance the majority of sauvignon blanc should be drunk young and fresh with fresh acidity and fruit flavours becoming less prominent over time. Whereas a Rioja Gran Reserva may go 10, 20 or 30 years and show a multitude of interesting elements from the oak and dried fruit flavours coming to the fore.

If you want to know how long or where to store your wine so that it can be drunk in a way that shows it true nature, please just ask us in store and we would love to help!

Spain 25% OffDate published: 24/09/13

From Ribera to Rioja

Marques de Riscal to Marques de Caceres there's 25% off all of our Spanish range (£5 to £20 inclusive). Some of the wines included have not been as low in price for years. A cracking chance to get a taste for the Spanish and fill your cupboards while the goings cheap.

I'd be happy to recommend you a few too! Just ask..

Happy hunting :)

No deliveries on Sunday 29th SeptemberDate published: 23/09/13

Hello Everyone,

Just to let you all know that unfortunately we will be unable to deliver this coming Sunday, the 29th of September.  This is due to the Ealing Half Marathon taking place and the number of road closures in place.

Good luck to all those taking part.  We'll come and give you a cheer as you run passed the store.

Offers Ending 23rd SeptemberDate published: 21/09/13

Excellent offers here at Majestic Ealind, ending this Monday eve so don't miss out!

Prosecco Zonin only £6.66 - wonderfully versatile, light and refreshing.  Can be served as an aperitif, a partner for fish, or with light fruit desserts.

Piper-Heidsieck only £19.99 - perfect for drinking now at any celebratory occasion!

Heidsieck Monopole Gold Top 2007 only £17.99 - soft and rich in style, tasting of biscuits and brioche. A top quality, low value champagne

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc only £5.99 - top notch Malborough Sauvignon Blanc at a generous price!

Grifone Montepulciano £4.99 - reliable, medium-bodied wine with lots of red cherry fruit and soft supple flavours. While stocks last

Fill your boots!

Rustenberg Straw Wine - recommended on Saturday KitchenDate published: 20/09/13

Suzie Barrie has recently recommended and absolute gem of a desert wine on Saturday's morning show Saturday Kitchen. Rustenberg Straw Wine is a wine made from grape that develop concentration and sweetness from resting on straw to dry out for around 4 weeks in the named 'passito' method. It's an opulent dessert wine, apricot, peach, tangerine and a healthy dose of honey notes on the palate make it a cracking match to fruity desserts!

Wine of the week - Vina ArdanzaDate published: 13/09/13

With all the Rioja wines we have to taste this week, we have chosen a wine of the week which is a big favourite among all of the Ealing staff!

Rioja Reserva Vina Ardanza 2004, La Rioja Alta which is now at £17.99 down from £22.50

Arguably one of the best (and the Ealing staff will definitely agree) Rioja's produced from fruit exclusively grown in the bodega's 360 hectare vineyard holdings in the Rioja Alta region, and named after one of the Region's founding families. Remaining under family owndership, this is of the most sough- after bodegas.

The taste offers complex and perfumed primary and secondary aromas of earth, spice and red fruits with a long, elegantly structured medium weight body of spicy tannins and layers of flavour.

It's a long-term secret and massively popular with those that have tried it. Enjoy it with a meaty casserole and it's 20% too!

A to Z of Grapes: F is for FurmintDate published: 13/09/13

Unfortunately we've had to skip the letter E.  I cannot find a grape variety beginning with E and even if there is, I certainly don't have any in stock!

Furmint may not be a grape variety that everyone has heard of, but there is a good chance you've heard of the most famous wine produced from it - Tokaji

Furmint is grown widely in Hungary, as well as Slovenia, Slovakia and Austria.  The grape is known for its high acidity and high potential alcohol.  Dry versions of Furmint often easily reach 14% abv.  Furmint is very suseptible to Noble Rot and this is why it makes such fantastic dessert wine.

At Majestic we stock a Dry Furmint from Royal Tokaji.  The wine boast aromatic honey notes and stone fruits.  On the palate there is plenty of acidity, giving the wine a crispness, that accentuates the exotic fruits.

We also stock a dessert wine from Royal tokaji, the 5 Puttonyos Aszu.  The 5 Puttonyos relates to the measure of sweetness.  5 is high, but they do go higher.  The Royal Tokaji is one of my favourite dessert wines.  It is rich and luscious, you the acidity prevents the sweetness from being cloying.  Try with Foie Gras for a truly decandent experience.

Short term offers - Fill your bootsDate published: 12/09/13

As of Thursday 12th September Majetic have some highly competitive offers on some of our best selling lines, which knocks the socks of supermarket offerings at a similar price. Those included in the 33% off deal include:

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc - £5.99 when you buy 2 or more of any 1/3 off wine or £8.99 for one (was £9.99)

Grifone Montepulciano D’Abruzzo  -  £4.99 when you buy 2 or more of any 1/3 off wines or £7.49 for one

Piper Heidsieck Brut - £19.99 when you buy 2 or more of  any 1/3 off wines or £30 for one

Heidsieck Gold Top Vintage 2007 - £17.99 when you buy 2 or more of any 1/3 off wines or £27 for one

Nicolas Feuillatte NV -  £15.99 when you buy 2 or more of any 1/3 off wines or £24 for one

Prosecco Zonin - £6.66 when you buy 2 or more of any 1/3 off wines or £9.99 for one (was £11.99)

Offers only until Monday 23rd of September.

Fill your boots!

Majestic Wins AwardsDate published: 12/09/13

Good news!

Majestic has won awards at the much reveered National Decanter wine awards.

Majestic were voted 'Best National Wine Merchant' by the Decanter Readers, for the fifth consecutive year.

Some of the readers' comments were:

'..carries a comprehensive range of the world's good quality and attractively priced wines, not being afraid to go
out on a limb if the quality justifies it.. Efficient and charming service'

''The name of the company says it all: head and shoulders above the rest
with a superb team of highly trained and interested, committed staff.'

We also came runner-up in the 'National Wine Merchant of the year' category
as voted by the judging panel.

We hope that you agree with the choice!

Fine Wine FridaysDate published: 12/09/13

Fine wine Fridays are back!

Throughout September and October we will be treating our customers to samples of fine wine available to taste every Friday (hopefully they'll last to Saturday aswell!).

This is to coincide with our deliciously tempting buy any 2 save £10 fine wine offer we have currently running. When you want to treat yourself to a night in, but are unsure whether the expense will be worth it, we have a range of styles and wines open to taste for you to 'try before you buy'.

All the details of the dates and wines to be opened are on our events planner on the Ealing webpage.

We hope to you see you..

A to Z of Grapes: D is DolcettoDate published: 10/09/13

This is an early ripening grape variety grown in the north west Italian region of Piemonte, almost exclusively in the provinces of Cuneo and Alessandra. There are seven Dolcetto DOC'S in Piemonte: Alba, Asti, Acqui, Diano d'Alba, Dogliani, Lannge Monregalesi and Ovada. Alba is considered to be of the finest quality. The wines produced are soft, round, fruity and fragrant with flavours of liquorice and almonds.

The Dolcetto d'Alba from De Forville is clear and bright ruby in colour, its nose has expressive youthfulness of fruits and the palate is rich with dark cherries and liquorice with a superb finish.

Amazing with Italian cured meats or pizza.

Wine and food matching - Tucumen Malbec with Steak Baguette and CrispsDate published: 10/09/13

With the weather starting to get a little chillier, it is time to start drinking some warming reds.

Yesterday evening I bought some minute steak, onions, salad and a baguette.  I briefly fried the steak and then cut it into thin strips and put it in the baguette along with the onion, which I fried off in the pan I'd used for the steak, and added some salad too.  I also had a few chunky salted crisps too.

I chose the Tucumen Malbec from Argentina to drink.  It is currently on offer at £7.99.  It is not the fullest of Malbecs, which is why I chose it to match a lighter style of steak.  It is fruity and easy drinking and was a good match with my baguette.

A meal that took five minutes to prepare and a warming red wine.  Sounds like a good meal to me!

The Top 10 tips for investing in Fine WineDate published: 31/08/13

Courtesy of the Newcastle store, I thought that you may find this interesting..

For many people, the world of Fine Wine and investing in wine can be a daunting place. We've compiled a list of ten top tips designed to help you get the most out of the market.

1: Focus on buying from the best estates in the Old World.
The regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, Rhone and Champagne provide the best returns. For long term appreciation, it is advised to focus primarily on the best wines and vintages from Bordeaux, and to diversify your investment portfolio with a selection from the other top wine makign regions from the Old World.

2: Invest in wines with a medium-long term view.
The historical performance of fine wine has shown that it is capable of providing investors capital protection, low volatility and solid returns. Fine Wine Investment has produced positive absolute return in every single 5-year holding period since the first period record of Dec '99 - Dec '04.

3: Provenance and storing your wines in bond are key.
When buying a precious asset like fine wine, having it stored profesionally and in in the right conditions is key. Doing so will help to guarantee the future value of the wine and a good return when you decide to sell.The easiest way to ensure this is to store your wines in bond in a bonded warehouse (See end of article for futher information on this).

4: Understand the risks and benefits when buying 'En Primeur'.
En primeur, or 'wine futures' as it is commonly referred to as, is the process of buying wine whilst it is still in the barrell. Bottling and physical delivery occur 2-3 years after the vintage is released. Traditionally believed to be the best way to buy for investors as it allows wine to be purchased by investors at it's lowest market price, it does come with some risks. The main risk being that as the wines are sold before the final blend and oak aging is complete, the actual bottled product may be better or worse than samples suggested.

5: Use as a diversification tool.
One of fine wine's most attractive features for investors is that it makes a great diversification tool in your investment portfolio!

6: Buy Wines with a high Parker Score
Robert Parker Jr (for those unfamiliar with the name) is the single most influential critic in the world of wine. The scores he awards to any given wine directly effect price and market demand. So, when it comes to investment, it's wise to follow Parker's scores.

7: Speak to a tax advisor.
Although fine wine investment is often adervtised as being a 'tax free' investment due to it being exempt from capital gains tax, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a tax advisor as legislation within this area is not always black and white. This should also ensure you are making the most of fine wine as an asset.

8: Always check prices.
Prices for investment grade wines can vary by as much as 20% when buying from one source or another and therefore it's always crucial to shop around. One of the best ways of doing doing this is using wine-searcher.com.

9: Manage your portfolio online.
One of the best 21st century advances in the wine market, is the ability to monitor your portfolio online using a tool such as Liv-ex's 'Cellar Watch' - which allows you to upload your portfolio and value it's holdings against recent market activity and price data.

10: Invest in wines that offer value and growth potential.
The best way to do this is to compare prices across a range of vintages for a particular estate and also cross-compare these with Robert Parker scores, Vintage quality scores and availability.

Want to find out more?
Lay & Wheeler is the fine wine specialist of Majestic Wine and have been offering en primeur, in bond and fine wine sales since 1854. Head over to www.laywheeler.com for more information and to start your investment portfolio!

Wine of the week - Portillo MalbecDate published: 31/08/13

Portillo Malbec Argentina


(when you buy 2 or more) £9.99 for one

This juicy and plump little number is something slightly special at an affordable price.An intense red-purple colour. Round and fulsome on the palate, delivering a swathe of ripe, fresh black fruit held together by lush tannins. This multi-award-winning wine recently won Decanter's 'Best Argentinian Malbec under £10' trophy. It has also collected Silver Decanter and Bronze IWC awards in other categories.This is a bold and full but not over the top wine which is why is makes a great BBQ accompniament.

The bodegas, Salentein has one of the largest cool-climate estates in Argentina, with 2000ha of vines, at up to 1700m above sea level. Their Malbec is grown at around 1050m. This is where the lift and retention of acidity comes from in the wine.

Open to taste all weekend :)

A to Z of Grapes: C is for Corvina.Date published: 30/08/13

Corvina or Corvina Veronese is from the North East of Italy, Valpolicella territory. It is used in Italy's most famous dried grape wine - Amarone. Traditionally grapes were spread out on mats and dried in special drying lodges - the aim of this is to intensify the flavour, colour and tannin of the grape.
Amarone Classico 'Vigneti Di Roccolo' 2009 Cantiina Negar is a powerful and intense wine made from a blend of Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella. The palate has a concentrated flavour that shows a very rich fruit characteristic. The nose has aromas of Christmas cake, chocolate, cinnamon, sweet fruits and spice.

A fantastic wine to have with a rich tomato pasta dish - but at it's best with venison.

Banging Beer DealsDate published: 29/08/13

We are making the most of the summer heat and have on offer some highly competitive offers and deals. The perfect accompniament to a fridge on a hot summer day and just in time for the football season!

Across our ales range we have a mix and match deal which saves you £3 of each case of ale, as long as you buy any 2 or more.

On top of this we have some choice Lager offers - quality lagers at very low prices. My pick off these deals at moment, all at £1 a bottle are:

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 330ml - £24 for a case of 24 

Pilsner Urquell 330ml - £24 for a case of 24

And my *beer of the week*: Asahi from Japan - £24 for a case of 24 - crisp but with a full malted deapth of flavour.

Get in quick though.. these deals only last until this Tuesday.

A-Z of grape varieties - B is for BarberaDate published: 20/08/13

In keeping with our current, fantastic Italian 25% saving when you buy two or more offer, I thought we would focus on an Italian grape variety.

Barbera was the third most widely planted dark grape variety in Italy, after Sangiovese and Montepulciano, in 2000.  The grapes origins can be traced back over many centuries and whilst its origin is disputed, there are records from the cathedral of Casale Monferrato which show leasing of vineyard land between 1246 and 1277 and the contracts stated that Barbera must be the grape variety planted.

Barbera ripens relatively late and is renowned for its naturally high level of acidity.  This high acidity makes it very appealing in warmer countries.

Currently in store we have the Barbera D'Asti from De Forville open to taste.  It has intense aromas of red cherry, vanilla, rose petals and spice leaps from the glass.  It has a powerful palatte which is an elegant balance of fruit and tannin, with a long, smooth and crisp finish.  The wine is £10.12 as part of the excellent Italian offer.  Please feel free to drop by for a taste and talk to us about all our great wines.

Italian Wine And Food MatchingDate published: 20/08/13

Italian wines are great with food, have a look at some of our suggestions!

Gavi Montiero - Gavi is a light, fresh style of wine.  The town of Gavi is situated in Piedmont.  We would recommend a nice piece of white fish, such as cod, baked in the oven with a herb butter sauce.  Served with seasoned new potatoes and fresh garden peas.  With a squeeze of lemon!

Barbera D'Asti - De Forville - The Barbera grape variety is often found in the Northern region of Italy, surrounded by the Alps.  We would recommend a nice traditional meaty Spaghetti Bolognese dish!  The wine will benefit from being decanted before drinking.

Salice Salentino - Casa D'Aragona - Salice Salentino is a small town in the middle  of Puglia, in Italy's heel.  We would recommend taking this on a picnic.  It's a fantastic accompaniment to rustic salami, smoked ham and game.  Or simply with some fresh bread and cheese!

Verdicchio di Matelica - Poggio Alle Ondini - Verdicchio di Matelica is from a small commune in Italy's Marche region.  We would recommend a spiced fish dish such as a Cajun salmon.  Serve with wild rice with a hint of rosemary.

How to taste wine - The scentDate published: 15/08/13

Part 2 of how to taste wine.. is the nose. A week on from the first installment. The smell or scent of a wine can reveal much about its age, condition, grape variety, climate in which it was grown, any post-production processes used to impart flavour on the wine and even the soil type. 

As is common knowledge, much of the taste is actually taken in through the navel receptors and consequentially most scents are a clear indication of the taste of the wine.

The first aspect of 'nosing' is to swirl the wine (without spilling! ps might need practising before the first glass). This lets air breath through the wine and carry the scents up to the rim to dissipate. Now edge your nose toward the glass to get an indication of intensity.  Lighter wines such as Pinot Grigio have a lesser intensity (generally) but a bulsty young Shiraz will be jumping out the glass. The stronger and more obvious or intense the characteristics - the stronger the intensity both on the nose and therefore the palate. 

Different characteritics provide indications about the wine. To provide a generalised overview:

For Whites

Fresh fruit nuances such as green apple, citrus, cut grass or grapefruit indicate a younger wine, perhaps with higher acidity (if combined with a high intensity) and are often found in lighter bodied, fresher tasting wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, unoaked chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. Richer wines are often stylised through lees (yeast and skin cells) stirring and oak ageing adding body and more dominant 'flabbier' smells such as butter, cream and toast. This is often used to wrap around and hold richer characteristics gained through growing grapes in hotter climates where the grapes ripen more. As a result you will often find more tropical flavours such as mango, pineapple, peach and honey in these richer, fuller whites.

For Reds

Again fruit-driven wines tend to be younger. More intense, fuller bodied wines tend to be from hotter climates or made of bolder thicker skinned grapes (such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz). Darker fruits are often coupled with darker flavours such as coffee and chocolate. Really get creative with picking out those flavours - this is the fun part. Oak use and age create secondary or tertiary characteristics such as leather, must, strewn fruit and fruit cake. Couple this with the visuals and you can get an indication of the precise age of the wine. Oak adds cedar, spice and even vanilla to the wine (from American oak in particular).Where fruit and oak characteristics are clear - this may be a indicator that the wine would age well and release its plethora of flavours over time. Also some grapes have particular characteristics. For instance Syrah often has a strong white pepper character turning to black pepper in the darker richer Shiraz style taken on the grape, while Pinot Noir tastes more of redder fruit, and a touch of smoke. Pinotage is even said to smell of Banana and tar - while I can get a definite nose of volcanic ash! Remember to get creative and have fun!

One thing we'll come back to in the 4th part is that the number of different flavours in the wine add to the quality of the wine because complexity creates interest in the wine and makes you keep wanting to come back for more. Another improtant element is a balance between all these different flavours and but we'll delve into more of that next time...

A-Z of Grape Varieties - A is for AlbarinoDate published: 13/08/13

The Albarino grape is to be found in the North West of Spain in Galicia.  It is also known as Alvarinho in Portugal.  It is a white, thick-skinned grape.  The skin thickness is vitally important to allow it to thrive in Galicia.  The climate is damp, so the thicker skin helps to prevent the grape from rotting.  Interestingly, many Albarino vines used to be trellised at a height of approximately 6 foot, to help negate the problems of damp.  However, with increased understanding of methods to prevent rot and the high cost of hand-picking, this is now rarely seen.

The grape produces wines which are high in alcohol, flavour and acidity.  It also lends itself well to ageing, with many Albarino wines not being released without having spent several years in stainless steel or time in oak.

In store currently we have the Albarino Martin Codax for £9.99 on the multi-buy offer and the Albarino Caixas at £6.99 on the multi-buy deal.  Why not come in and buy one and see what you think?

Our tasting events! How to get involved...Date published: 12/08/13

One of the great things about Majestic wines is that you can try wines before you buy!

You can do this at our regular wine course events. These courses include a 90 minute introduction to wine, wine and food matching, friendly chit chat and the chance to try a variety of delicious wines. To find out the dates for these fabulous events, pop onto our website for more details or give us a ring if you have any questions! We are always happy to help!

We also have a great flow of wines on our tasting counter to try every week, throughout the week! On certain weeks there may be a theme to our wines, such as wines of Loire, at other times staff tend to pick their favorites or interesting wines we wish to taste. If you wanted to know more about a particular wine we don't have on tasting, one of our friendly members of staff will no doubt be able to give you a full description. You can check online the wines we have on tasting then come, visit and explore.

Commercial Proposition: Majestic and the On-tradeDate published: 10/08/13

With a challenging commercial outlook, we need to make sure that we are getting genuine value for money in every area of our business. Here at Majestic one of our key strengths is our value for money in our commercial proposition – a price list tailored to you. We also recognise how busy a manager is in operationally running a commercial establishment like a restaurant or pub – which is why we offer:

A single dedicated account manager

A friendly local store to easily top up and add to your list

Free delivery usually within 48 hours

We offer a wide range of wide selection award-winning commercially exclusive wines to the on-trade. This means that your customers will not find our wines in their local supermarket or off license, and will keep returning to you for their favourite tipple.

Another key component to our commercial proposition is our flexibility around your business. We have over 190 stores in the U.K, each open 7 days a week, all ready to deliver out to you when you need it. This flexibility and level of customer service cannot be matched by our competitors, and is something that we are very proud of.

As well as our range and flexibility, we can also offer you an assigned account manager, there for all of your needs, whether it be free staff training through our award-winning 'Perfect Partners' Food and wine matching course, or you need to extend or amend your wine list, and even wine list production. Our highly qualified team are always on hand to help with any wine-related request you may have.

If you would like to discuss your current wine list, and how Majestic Wine can help improve your wine proposition, then please call your local store in Ealing on 0208 567 9251, or e-mail us eal@majestic.co.uk, where we would be delighted to help you further.

In Focus: Provence RoseDate published: 09/08/13

Provence is a iconic region, set in the rolling hills just to the North of Marseilles and Nice on the French Riveria. Whilst it's renound for it's beautiful medieval villages and fields of lanvendar it is also the most famous French (and probably world) region for rose production. Unlike much of the rose produced, rose from Cotes du Provence is made specifically from grapes grown to produce the best and most favourable rose wine, rather than as a by-product of red and white wine production. Given the region that they are grown in, Provence rose is an ideal tipple in 35 degree French riveria heat, a refreshing glass to cool and cleanse the palate.

A key difference of Provence rose is that it is almost always dry and delicate. Light fruit flavours of strawberrys, raspberrys and cream are coupled with elements of fragrance and a touch of perfume - finished to a clean, lean and elegant end. The most delicate and refreshing of styles, delicatelly poised.

My recommendations of this expression in our current range are as follows:

Domaine La Chautarde Rosé 2012 Côteaux Varois en Provence

£8.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £6.99

A light, dry and fruity rosé, with strawberry, red cherry flavours accompanying more subtle flavours of watermelon and nectarine. Soft acidity and delicate juiciness make a palate which is emminently sippable.

AIX Rosé 2012 Coteaux d'Aix en Provence 150cl Magnum


A great looking party of BBQ wine in Magnum or Double Magnum sizes. Unashamedly vibrant and summery, with a bright pink colour and a delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit.

Chateau Pigoudet 'La Chapelle' Rose 2012, Coteaux d'AIX en Provence

Benefiting from sun all the year round, this light strawberry and rose petal touch fills out the mouth with its like but rounded touch. The aromatic elements add to it's interest with the finish is verging on sublime and leaves you coming back for more.

Make the most of these long sun-filled days by exploring all that Provence rose has to offer!

How to taste wine - VisualsDate published: 08/08/13

Wine tasting is reveered by some to be a pompous, self-indulgent expression of wealth, voyeurism and poppycock. But this doesn't have to be the case..

Just from looking at a wine you can get a good indication of sweetness, body, oak ageing and vintage. It can also be interesting and enjoyable task which not only helps you in selecting precisely the wine you wish to devour but gaining the most out of the glass to gullet experience.

So just to give you a starting platform on how to assess and understand a wine, I'm going to share a few simple tricks of the trade which will help you judge, analyse and select better quality wines based on your own personal pallet.

First things first: the visuals.

Get a white, clear and clean background if possible. The whiter the better. Lay the glass (now full with wine) against it - be careful not to spill! The darker, deeper and fuller the colour - typically the more body the wine has. The more vibrant the colour, the more youthful the fruit flavours are likely to be.

Now gently swill it. You'll notice tear drops forming at the top of the newly formed rim. These are formed from the friction created between the liquid and the glass, used as one the most neutral drinking vessels. The larger the tears, the more viscosity in the liquid. Therefore, bigger larger tears, usually denotes more sugar, alcohol or again body to the wine.

Now tip the glass again and have a peek at the rim. If this fades to brown (for red wines particularly) this denotes age. Some 20 year old Rioja's for example can have significant orange or brown notes due to the fading of the fruit over time and the colour influence of the oak showing itself through the faded fruit. 

You may also see a cloudiness or deposits forming in the glass. Don't pour it away! These are natural and are often fine although perhaps not the most pleasant. They can carry the tannin (grape skins, yeast cells and oak particles) and may be there due to a minimal amount of post-production fining, particularly for older wines, as they act to impart flavour and structure throughout the ageing process.

Richer deeper wines tend to either be younger or made from wines with a heavy body. For instance a full-bodied young Australian Shiraz will have a core of dense black and purple fruit, whereas a lighter-bodied and aged Pinot Noir will have a light and thin red fruit flavour potentially with a touch of orange or brown.

With whites a light Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc when unoaked will have a light but vibrant pale lemon colour typically. Whereas, a fuller bodied oaked Chardonnay will show a deeper honeyed and golden shine with greater intensity.

There you go! Who'da thunk it!

If you'd like to find out more, come and explore and discover with us by signing up to our FREE wine courses or spotlight tasting events.

Step 2 coming soon will be the scent or nose of the wine...  grrrrrrrreeeaaaat!!

Our Wines 'In the Press' - Jane McQuitty's Summer Selection - RedsDate published: 08/08/13

The final part of Jane MacQuitty’s Summer Top 100 - reds, fizz and fortified wines.

Under £6
 Lacroix Bordeaux Superieur 2007
£7.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £5.99 until 2nd September

 Paul Mas Merlot 2012
£7.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £5.99 from 5th July until 18th July

Under £8
 Pizarras de Otero Bierzo 2012
£8.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £6.99 until 2nd September

Under £12
Château de Sainte Gemme 2002
£13.99 Buy 2 bottles save £8 = £9.99 until 2nd September

Fitou by Mlle Jones 2011
£14.99 Buy 2 bottles save £6 = £11.99 from 5th July until 18th July

Under £25
Laurent Perrier Brut NV

Enjoy the finer side of life..Date published: 08/08/13

At Majestic we encourage people to branch out and explore, to extend their spectrum of experience and treat themselves now and again.

To make this even easier we have created a deal where you can mix and match fine wines (anything above £20 a bottle) and as long as you buy and 2 or more, you save £4 off each bottle!

Still, £16 or above can seem a large amount to spend on a bottle of wine. But when you consider it is often the price of a bottle of house wine at a bar or restaurant, a cinema ticket or outside activity for 2 it seems more affordable as an experience to be enjoyed and shared. A great bottle of wine can get the juices flowing, spur conversation and generate a fantastically relaxing homely environment. It can make that meal for too or night in both memorable, enjoyable and worth every penny.

What's more we have a a large selection from Amarone to Chateau-neuf-du-pape and from Pouilly-fume to Mersault all of incredible quality, simply delicious and £4 off when you buy any 2. Goo oon, treat yourself... to our Fine Wine at House Wine prices

Exciting news for Italian wine loversDate published: 07/08/13

As of Tuesday 20th August all Italian wine will be going down to an amazing 25% off all of our £5 to £20 range on an improved offer. It's a chance to mix and match to try some new ones without commiting to 2 of the same and stock up on your old favourites.

We'll be opening up plenty of our range to trial and taste and Majestic Ealing so you can even know what you're getting and won't be disappointed.

Magic ;-)

Our Wines 'In the Press' - Jane McQuitty's Summer SelectionDate published: 07/08/13

For those of you that missed it, here's Jane MacQuitty's recommended wines as published in The Times newspaper.

Jane MacQuitty’s Summer Top 100 - Whites and Rosés from Majestic

Under £6
Yali Merlot Rosé 2012
£7.49 Buy 2 Chilean wines save 20% = £5.99 until 2nd September

Grand Heron Marc Ducournau 2012
£7.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £5.99 from 28th June until 11th July

Under £8
Vouvray Domaine des Aubuisieres 2012
£9.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £7.99 from 28th June until 11th July

Under £12
 Sancerre ‘Clos des Bouffants’ Neveu 2012
£14.99 Buy 2 bottles save £6 = £11.99 from 28th June until 11th July

 Pouilly Fumé ‘Les Cascadelles’ 2012
£11.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £9.99 from 28th June until 11th July

Muga Rioja Rosado 2012
£10.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £8.99 until 2nd September

Under £25
Chassagne Montrachet Philippe Colin 2010 (Lay & Wheeler)

The Saturday Times – Jane MacQuitty – 29th June

In case you didn't realise we keep a record of all of our wines which have been reviewed in national newspapers, on some websites and award winners. These are available product-by-product at www.majestic.co.uk or enquire in store with a member of the team.

Last Chance SaloonDate published: 07/08/13

Hurry! Our fantastic New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc offer of Giesen at £5.99 don't come around too often, so stock up to save missing out. This one certainly fits the bill with it's snappyintensity and vibrant fruit flavours. 

There's plenty in stock in our Ealing branch.

But the offer ends this Monday!

The Cream of the Crop - Our Best Champagne DealsDate published: 04/08/13

I'm a champagne lover it's true. Most are beautiful in their own right but some I think ar just a touch above the rest too. The trick with champagne is to try the all (a hard task I know) and then buy the ones you love when they come onto cracking offers.

Here are my top 3 favourite deals we have at the moment:

Ruinart NV - was £45  now £35

Pol Roger Reserve NV -  was £42 now £32

Louis Roederer - Was £32 now £29

Veuve Clicquot NV - was £37  now £30

So, if you've got a celebration coming up (or even if you haven't!) make sure to check out some of these great deals at Majestic C

Majestic wins awards!Date published: 01/08/13

I'm glad to inform you that Majestic has one a number of awards at the reveered International Wine Challenge awards including:

Multiple Wine Retailer of the Year 2013 (5 years in a row!)


The Ned is now back in stock!Date published: 01/08/13

The phenomenally popular Ned Sauvignon Blanc from the shores of the Marlborough valley is back in stock with it's new 2013 vintage! It's still on it's 20% off offer and is currently at £7.99 a pop on the offer. We'll be opening it up in the coming weeks to show you just how the 2013 vintage stacks up. Smashing!

Sparkling Saturday - Cordornui Brut NVDate published: 20/07/13

This weekend we are celebrating... Our weather being as good as in Barcelona, where Codornui is made!

A delightfully light and pleasant easy-drinking glass of bubbletastic amusement. A light frothy moose and a light flavour of apples and lemons. Perfect for the weather without feeling at all guilty. Ideal for parties or that afternoon garden tipple. This is a Cava made in the champagne style (secondary fermentation in bottle) meaning it integrates the bubbles better with the liquid perfectly but made with local Spanish grapes.

Open to taste all Saturday.

It's £6.99 when you buy 2 or more or £8.49 for a single bottle.

Wine of the Week - Gavi ToledanaDate published: 09/07/13

Gavi di Gavi, La Toledana


(when you buy 2 or more Italian wines) £9.99 for one

Known affectionately by Maji-staff as the 'Tolly Dolly' this is a wine made from the Gavi grape from the Gavi region of Piedmont in Italy (North-western tip). Known as the Chablis of Italy for it's steely minerality and fresh acidity this a perfectly light and refreshing summer aperitif.

This particular example is our most popular Gavi in the range. It's late-picked meaning it has the chance to develop more of its peachy and pear-like quality as it sweetens on the vine in the hot Italian sun.

Open to taste all week and on the banging 20% off Italy Offer. Cheeky!

Sparkling Saturday - Prosecco ConeglianoDate published: 06/07/13

A cherry picked fruit bomb to make this sunny weekend sparkle and go out with a bang. On special reduction from £12.99 to £9.99 this a crisp and well formed spritz with plenty of crisp apple bite.From the region of Italy famed for it's fanciful foam and delicate, vibrant palate, this Conegliano from La Marca doesn't dissapoint.

Great as a tipple in the garden or to get creative with the cocktail shaker - it's open to taste all Saturday!

Find it here.. http://www.majestic.co.uk/find/keyword-is-conegliano/product-is-23253

Mid week wine and food matching - Lemon Drizzle Cake and Muscat Beaumes de Venise Date published: 03/07/13

I had the day off yesterday and my sister came up to visit me along with my little niece.  I organised a picnic hamper to take up to the park.  Having pushed my little niece on the swings and left her stranded in the air on the see-saw whilst I sat on the other end, we decided it was time for lunch.

We had sandwiches, pork pies, raw vegetables, fruit, crisps and to finish off we had a homemade lemon drizzle cake.  When I say homemade, I mean homemade by someone who then sells it in a shop with a homemade label on it!  Baking is not my strong point.  My sister hasn't been drinking very much recently, but she is partial to a dessert wine.  I chose the Domaine De Coyeux Muscat de Beaumes de Venise.  The Beaume de Venise is a relatively light style of dessert wine and is not too sweet.  It allows the sweetness of a lighter style sponge cake to still come through and isn't too sticky.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon in the park and my niece enjoyed the cake, even if she wasn't allowed the wine!

Mid week wine and food matching - Steak and MalbecDate published: 26/06/13

Let me start by saying I realise this is possibly not the most summery wine and food matching article, but I am trying to be relatively healthy (giving up wine is not an option).  The steak provides protein, which I need as I have actually been in the gym recently and steak is filling enough for me not to miss the carbohydrate too much.

I purchased a nice t-bone steak from a local butchers and cooked it rare.  For me, the rarer the better!  I added rocket salad and a grilled tomato for a bit of colour.

When choosing a wine to go with steak there are plenty of options.  Bordeaux, Bordeaux blends from elsewhere in the world, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to name but a few.  My decision was to go for an Argentinian Malbec.  The Vinalba Reservado.  It is currently £8.99 on the multi-buy offer.  It always offers great depth of fruit with a big whack of spice at the back of the palate.  It is almost like adding a pepper sauce to the steak, without the cream!

Steak and Malbec defintely work and the Argentinians do it better than most!

Wine of the week - Ravenswood Lodi ZinfandelDate published: 22/06/13

Our Wine of the Week : Ravenswood's Lodi Zinfandel, 2010

£7.99 (when you buy 2 or more) £10.99 (for one)

Our wine of the week this week is Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel 2010, Lodi county.

The ever popular Lodi Zinfandel is back onto it's cracking offer!

It's a wine grown in the upper reaches of Central California – in the Lodi district, know as the capital of the world for Zinfandel.

Zinfandel is a grape that certainly fulfills Ravenswood's 'No wimpy wines' motto. It certainly packs a punch with its super-ripe juicy berry fruit. Concentrated blueberry and plum notes that have a fantastically full, intense and confected feel. It's a macho mouthful and a good alternative to those juicy Malbec's for that BBQ tipple.

Try it and find out for yourself!

Sparkling SaturdayDate published: 22/06/13

This Saturday the show not only must go on but it must start in the best way possible with a glass of bubbles..

Open to taste all day and on special reduction at £9.99 down from £13.99 the Oyster Bay Brut Sparkling provides a lot of bang for your buck as a well established house name made in the champagne style, just to show that you can get a champagne style sparkling without having to pay champagne prices.

If you don't believe me try it yourself!

In Focus Grape Varieties - CorvinaDate published: 20/06/13

Corvina is one of those grape varieties where the area in which it is grown is more famous than the grape itself (much like Bordeaux, Champagne and Barolo). It's grown in North Eastern Italy and goes into making the famous wines hailing from the DOC's of Valpolicella, Amarone. Like much of Italy, there is a huge array of grape varieties and areas which can be initially confusing and complex but once explored becomes both interesting and exciting to get your teeth into.

Corvina is a grape that is full of deep bitter chocolate flavours and dark cherried fruit. Using the post-picking process called Ripasso (used for both Valpolicella and Amarone) the grapes are laid out and dried. This drying process intensifies and concentrates the flavours and makes the tannins super smooth and silky. Corvina is perfect for this process as the chocolate, violet berry and dark cherry flavours intensify to build a deep and smooth wine of ultimate flavour capacity. The Valpolicella Ripasso Casetta 2011 at £13.59 on the Italian 20% offer really shows the Corvina grape using the ripasso method off.

Last Bottle OfferDate published: 19/06/13

Looking to buy a bottle that's on a multi-buy buts it's our last one? No bother, you'll get it at the lower price!

And that's a promise.. ;)

Mid week wine and food matching - Salade Nicoise with Rioja BlancoDate published: 19/06/13

With the warmer evenings, finding the motivation to cook isn't that easy.  Plus, with the time we tend to get home after work, it is not often the best idea to have a hearty meal.

With that in mind I prepared a Salade Nicoise for myself on Monday evening, which I then ate on Tuesday after work.  It is a simple little dish which I made with baby tomatoes, green beans, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, olives and anchovies, with a vinaigrette.  I'm sure you all have your own little additions, I'm not sure I've ever had identicle recipe Salade Nicoise.

I needed a white wine with a bit of body to match the tuna and eggs, so I plumped for the Muga Rioja Blanco.  The wine is barrel fermented in 100% new oak, which gives it a richness and fuller mouth feel, which allows it to stand up to the fuller flavour of tuna.  The wine is zesty and refreshing with a lovely vanilla richness and a slightly spicy finish.  Currently it retails for £9.99 when you buy to or more.

A thoroughly satisfying combination!

Free £10 off vouchers for new customersDate published: 18/06/13

Your next bottle is on us!

Receive a free bottle of wine up to the value of £10 when you purchase any 6 bottles from us in-store and sign up onto our mailing list. Minimum purchase in-store just 6 bottles, any mix.

*One voucher redeemable per transaction/household

What's in a name - Syrah vs ShirazDate published: 17/06/13

Ever heard someone say that Syrah and Shiraz were the same thing and not sure whether to believe them? Well it is the same thing, and it's not - I hope that's cleared things up for you.

The thing is, its made from the same grape type but made in a completely different style or take on the grape. Producers, focus their post production processes (such as lees stirring, oak and bottle ageing, and chapilisation - the adding of sugar). These are based on the terroir and geography of the area, the grape type chosen and generally selected and orienteered to meet a specific demand for a particular style or type of the wine that has been identified.

Syrah - This is the 'old version' of the grape, styalised originally in Rhone particularly in the Northerm Rhone areas such as Crozes-hermitage and St-Joseph. It is a much more supple and savoury style with generous body but obvious restraint and a polished texture.  It also has recognisable leaf and white peppers flavours. Cool fermented and often blended with vioginer this Rhone has an obvious uplift making it much more elegant than the Shiraz alternaitve. Great with stewed meat dishes.

Shiraz - On the opposite end of the style spectrum, and not dissimilar from the stereotypical Aussie attitude, this wine is big and bold and brash. Grown in the hot climat on the outreachers of outback land the fruit sweeten and develops through photosynthesis caused by the hot baking sun. the fruit. This version is riper, sweeter and packs a punch, often high in alcohol with black pepper, liquorice and dark mouthf-filling fruit flavours. Perfect with brazen peppered steak or a burger on the barbie!

If you'd like to learn more about the styles and varients in wine production, why not do one of our wine courses or wine tasting tutorials? Ask a member of the team to find out more...

AlbarinoDate published: 17/06/13

Albarino is a Spanish grape variety grown in Galicia. It is distinctively aromatic, and of high-quality. The thick skins help withstand the particularly damp climate, which results in the white wines produced being high in alcohol, acidity, and flavour. It ages better than most light-skinned grapes however it is made.

Albarino has become so popular that it now accounts for 90 per cent of plantings in Galicia. It is also grown in California, Oregon, and Australia. Due to its aromatic and light style it is similar to Viognier, and is also a refreshing alternative to Chardonnay.

We currently are stocking an Albarino from the producer Martin Codax, which was founded in 1986 in the Rias Baixas region of Northwestern Spain. This wine has delicate peachy  aromas accompanied by a fresh, crisp palate of honey, peaches and stone fruits. A medium bodied wine with a floral finish.

Enjoy over the next two years as a aperitif or with grilled seafood.

Father's Day IdeasDate published: 16/06/13

Woke up this morning and found out it was father's day? Fear not!

We have gone to the trouble of putting together a list of goodies which are aimed to please any fella or gent.

Wine is a great present, because it is a safe bet but with our knowledge and advice we can suggest bottles specifically geared towards their personal taste. Or keep it simple.. these ones are hidden gems which seem to go down with the majority:

Lirac Vignobles Abeille 2011 (£12.99 when you buy 2 or more, £14.99 for one) - A traditionalist region of the Rhone Valley, Lirac boarders the 'daddy' of all wine areas Chateau-neuf-du-pape. It has a similar climate and soil and made from the same varietals, but at nearly half the price! and deep and full bodied jems, with elements of black pepper and liquorice with bold but smooth tannins.

Mersault Vielles Vignes 2010, Le Meurger (£20 when you buy any 2 fine wines, £24 for one) - The white wine almost designed for men (trying not to be too sexist here). This is naughty, rich, buttery
 and full flavoured without the calories. Fabulously full and satifying from the premium white burgundy region. Delish

Leoville Barton, 2006 St-Julien £25 - A true hearty Bordeaux from the famous village appelation of St-Julien, this  has all the elements of a hallmark bordeaux. With ample fruit flavour, a leady feel and oak to polish it off. A sexy little minstrel, this is bound to tickle those taste buds and looks a more than impressive gift.

Alternatively, pop in and chat to us about his personal tastes.

Don't forget that we also do cards, gift boxes and offer free delivery on orders over £40.

Happy Father's Day!

Majestic Ealing

Mid week wine and food matching - Salmon and Cave de Lugny Les Pierres BlanchesDate published: 14/06/13

Sorry, my article is a little bit late this week..mainly because I haven't been cooking much this week and have survived by eating sandwiches!  However, last night I fancied a nice piece of salmon.  Keeping it simple I roasted the salmon in the oven in tin foil with just a squeeze of lemon juice.  I then boiled some new potatoes and added some rocket salad with a little balsamic dressing.

To accompany my dish I selected the Cave De Lugny Les Pierres Blanches from Burgundy.  The wine has citrus and green fruit notes on the nose.  The apple comes more to the fore on the palate, but the citrus is still there as is a hint of pear.  It even has a touch of minerality and considering it only costs £7.99 as long as you buy two or more, I think you get a lot of complexity for your money.

Chardonnay is a great match for salmon and I thoroughly enjoyed my light, refreshing dinner.

Wine of the Week - LFE Gran Reserva MerlotDate published: 12/06/13

Our wine of the week this week is Luis Felipe Gran Reserva Merlot 2011.

This is a personal fave and cracking value at £6.99 a pop (when you buy it with any other Chilean wine).

It's a Gran Reserva which has no legal ramifications but it's a term used to differentiate between Luis Felipe's wines (meaning that it's one of the top wines in their range).

It's a full-flavoured, full-bodied beast with plenty of that lush berry fruit and sumptuously smooth edge that make Merlot eminently enjoyable on all occasions  This is aged in French and American oak and you can really taste the lashings of vanilla imparted from the American oak influence which smothers the inners of dark berry and chocolate notes. Just like a chocolate berry desert with vanilla ice cream on the side!

I had this wine the other night and even after 3 days it was tasting gorgeous as the time just let it release more of its flavour profile.

A true delight, and not to be missed, especially at this cracking price.

open to taste on our tasting counter all week!

Wine of the week - Kuhlmann-Platz Pinot Gris 2011, Cave de HunawihrDate published: 07/06/13

The tiny village of Hunawihr is in the heart of Alsace near to the villages of Riquewohr and Ribeauville. A group of winemakers formed the local cave co-op in 1954 helping them to survive in a post-WWII Europe.

 There is a great balance between the softness and acidity which makes this wine versatile. Off-dry with notes of pear, apricot, and honeysuckle.

2011 is a fantastic vintage for Pinot Gris, and this wine will be great partnered with a wide range of food such as soft cheeses, or delicious as an aperitif. 

£8.49 when buying two or more as part of a mixed case of six

Mid-week wine and food matching - Gammon and Pinot NoirDate published: 04/06/13

I was busy at work yesterday, trying to work out how to merchandise the front of our New Zealand section when I had a desire to eat a gammon steak!  I haven't had gammon for some time, but once the thought had occurred to me, there was no getting away from it.  I had decided upon my dinner for the evening.

Given the warmer weather we've been having I decided not to go with the accompaniment of egg and chips, but rather baby new potatoes and a mixed green salad.

It was fortunate that my hankering for gammon took place whilst I was merchandising New Zealand as Pinot Noir is an excellent match for pork.  Finding good Pinot Noir under £10 is not easy, but my eye was drawn to the Ned Pinot Noir, which is £9.99 on the New Zealand offer.  The wine has good supple ripe cherry flavours and just a little hint of smokiness and spice.  The body of Pinot Noir makes it a great match for gammon, which is a more delicate red meat.  And yes, I did really enjoy my gammon steak!

Wine Of The Week - Te Muna Road Sauvignon Blanc - Craggy RangeDate published: 02/06/13

The Te Muna Road Sauvignon Blanc from Craggy Range is a rare white wine from Martinborough.  Martinborough is famed for its premium New Zealand Pinot Noir.  The family owned winery of Craggy Range specialises in the production of expressive single vineyard wines.  The grapes are sourced exclusively from several parcels of vines growing on a stony, limestone influenced soil adjacent to the Huangarua River.

Craggy Range uses minimal intervention in the winery for their Sauvignon Blancs as they wish the wines to be expressive of their origin.  The Te Muna Road has aromatics of nectarine, guava, spice and floral notes.  It has flavours of lime, grapefruit, peach and apple, with some minerality.  It also has a very dry, almost grainy texture.

The wine is £11.99 on the New Zealand offer and it offers a great chance to experience a New World wine focussed on "Terroir". 

Our alternative to Lindauer Special Reserve?Date published: 25/05/13

Oyster Bay Sparkling Rose £11.99 (Buy 2 or more)

Made from 80% Chardonnay sourced from Hawke's Bay and 20% Pinot Noir from Marlborough this sparkling wine displays typically intense aromas of Strawberry, honeysuckle, apricot with a fantastic toasty complexity. With a rich mouthfeel and refreshing acidity we think its a fantastic replacement for the Lindauer Special Reserve and great value for money too!

It's open today (25th May) to taste in store, why not pop in and see what you think?

Now Available to taste: Hogsback Brewery TEADate published: 19/05/13

Hogsback Traditional English Ale, 4.2% abv is a classic English bitter;
Hogsback's verdict: "Our top selling, award winning, best bitter in a bottle. A deep golden colour. TEA is refreshing, hoppy and well balanced. Surely the best drink of the day"
Here at Majestic Ealing we'd have to agree, a fantastic ale, slightly chilled and perfect for Summer.

Wine of the Week: Vino Nobile Di MontepulcianoDate published: 19/05/13

Wine of the Week: Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano

Fantastic Tuscan red from vinyards around the town of Montepulciano. Made from Sangiovese and aged for a minimum of two years this wine displays complex aromas or dark cherry, graphite and savoury spice. Great Tannin structure and fresh acidity, it's made for rich, hearty Italian dishes. Fantastic value at only £14.99 when you buy 2 or more Italian Wines. Winner!

Wine of the Week - The Laughing MagpieDate published: 11/05/13

One of my favourite wines of our recent summer wine evening. We are now making the Laughing Magpie the wine of the week. 

The wine is made by D'Arenberg who offer a wide range of Australian reds. This particular wine gets its name from its composition of 92% Shiraz and 8% Viognier combining black and white grapes, and the fact that the children of the fourth generation winemaker used to call their pet Kookaburras "laughing magpies" although they bore no resemblance to the birds.

On the palate the wine has a deep backbone of dark cherry fruit, peppery spice and a slight twist of jasmine and vanilla due to the influence of the Viognier grape.  The wine is rich and powerful and a modern take on the Cote Rotie style. Be sure to enjoy as the sun is going down with dark meat dishes. 

The Laughing Magpie is on offer at the moment for £13.99 when you buy two or more Australian wines so there has never been a better time to try it!

Notes on the white wines at the Summer Tasting last nightDate published: 10/05/13

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc - £6.99 on New Zealand offer

- Winery founded in the 1980s by Theo, Alex and Marcel Giesen - The wine is blended from 32 separate vineyards sites - Nose is tropical with youthful lime, lemongrass and green herbs - Palate is gooseberry and citrus - Great match with seafood risotto or Paella

Sainte Victoire Rosé - £8.99 when buying two or more

- The Negral family settled at the Domaine Mas de Cadenet in 1813 and have been there for seven generations - Sainte Victoire is on the upper parts of the slopes, renowned for high quality wines - Nose is light fruit and floral notes - Palate is dry, crisp and delicate - Match with delicate poultry or lightly spiced dishes

Masi Masianco - £9.99 on Italian offer

- The Bosciani family have owned Masi since the 18th century - The wine is a blend of 75% Pinot Grigio and 25% Verduzzo - The Verduzzo grape is late-harvested and partially dried to add complexity - Nose is peach, apricot, pear and pineapple - Palate is ripe and dry with a citrussy finish - Match with mussels and clams

Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Gérard Thomas - £18.99

- The vineyard borders Puligny-Montrachet - Cheaper than most Puligny-Montrachet wines - Barrel fermented to give a softer, smoother mouth-feel with more complexity - Nose is citrus, peach, subtle sweet spice and minerals - Palate is lemon and limes, hazelnuts, vanilla and butter - Superb with pan-fried scallops

Heggies Chardonnay - £14.99 on Australian offer

- High altitude site, cool and rocky with well drained soil - Stressed vines resulting in low yields and high quality fruit - 12 months in French barriques, a "New World" wine made in the "Old World" style - Nose of subtle toasty notes with apple and pear - Palate of apples and pears with a rich creamy rounded finish - Great with smoked fish

Wine of the week - Angelique De MonbousquetDate published: 03/05/13

A relatively new wine to the Majestic range is the Angelique de Monbousquet, 2009, St-Emilion Grand Cru.  Being from the right-bank it is predominently Merlot, blended with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The second wine of Chateau Monbousquet, Angelique is a more youthful and approachable version of the grand vin, designed to require less cellarage.  Made from the same 32ha vineyards, which lie on St-Emilion's characteristically sandy, iron-rich clay soils.  This ripe and fleshy St-Emilion has an up-front, convivial character, offering lashings of jammy black and red fruit, supported by muscular yet supple tannins, and aromas of cocoa, incense and herbs.  Drink over the next five years, with full-flavoured beef dishes, such as braised oxtail.

The Greco GrapeDate published: 29/04/13

The Greco grape is assumed to be of Greek origin, currently grown in Southern Italy.  In Campania, it produces the DOCG dry white Greco di Tufo around the village of Tufo.  It has delicate aromas which remind people of a good Viognier, and has become better appreciated.  When blended with Falanghina and Biancolella it helps produce the dry whites of Capri.  We currently have the Fremondo Greco open on the tasting counter to try.  Since we did not know much about the Greco grape we decided to do some research.  it has a delicate aroma but full flavours of apricot, peach and honeysuckle on the palate.  A great match with seafood.

Mid-Week wine and food matching - Quiche and Macon LugnyDate published: 25/04/13

With the lovely weather we've been experiencing these last few days, I wasn't really in the mood for a lot of food in the evenings.  Given that it has been bordering on summery, I thought I'd eat something summery!  I chose a Quiche Lorraine.  I'd love to claim that I made it myself from scratch, but that would be an outrageous lie and pastry is not really something that I ever cook.  To accompany my quiche I had baby new potatoes and a rocket salad.  From my wine rack I pulled a bottle of Macon-Villages Domaines des Terres Gentilles.  This white Burgundy is not expensive at £7.99 on the multi-buy price.  It has delicate citrus and stone fruit flavours, is refreshing, but does have a little bit of body, which helps it stand up to the Quiche Lorraine.  As a match I think it works really well.

Fantastic Short term Deal on Roederer Champagne £25Date published: 25/04/13

Fantastic Short Term Roederer Offer @ Only £25!! A Real staff Favourite from the makers of Cristal, this Champagne is Rich Nutty & Yeasty with Overt fruit character and a long, complex finish.

Keeping it in the Family?Date published: 19/04/13

I don't know about you but when I find a great producer I really enjoy working my way through their range and am rarely dissapointed! Luckily here at Majestic we have various producers from whom we stock a range of wines. Producers such as Cune, Poggioargentiera, Rigal & Masi to name but a few!

So! Our focus for the remainder of April and continuing throughout May, is to review these ranges and let you in on a few great deals (I know, we've got a tough job).

To start off the series I've chosen:


Poggioargentierais an Italian winery founded in 1997 with just 15 employees and production of 250,000 bottles. Composed of two estates in different areas of Tuscany, their philosophy is simple 'to make make wines with a sense of place,  where Terroir is allowed to show itself unbiased.'

Since 2009 they have been farming their land organically and following a very natural 'no-intervention' approach in the cellar.

Vermentino 2011/2012 Poggioargentiera

I love this wine and that's why I've been so excited about trying the rest of the range, intense aromas of ripe peach, stone fruit and delicate floral notes, all balanced with a refreshing citrussy acidity. Lovely with fresh fish dishes.

Morellino di Scansano 2011 Poggioargentiera

Fun Fact: Morellino is the local name for Sangiovese! And in this case blended with 15% Ciliegiolo.

Concentrated red cherry and strawberry aromas, medium bodied and fresh with a rustic complexity. This is a great wine, food friendly and well balanced. Made for lamb chops or a pizza if you're feeling lazy!

Poggioargentiera Rosato 2012 IGT Toscana

The new Kid on the block, brand new to our range and causing a stir!

lush candied cherry and strawberry flavours, soft and refreshing, this summery number will be making an appearance on our tasting counter soon...Watch this space.


Come & Explore...

Wine of the Week! Churchill EstatesDate published: 18/04/13

Churchill Estates 2010, Douro.

A blend of Indigenous Varietals from Portugal, this wine is full of Ripe Cherry, Strawberry and delicate vanilla aromas.

Well balanced and perfect for those hearty red meat dishes.

Why not pop in and try it with us!  

Here's What Team Ealing Think:


"Ripe, Redcurrent, Bold"


"Spice, Rich, peppery"


"Raspberry, Full bodied, Vanilla"


"Parma Violets, Cherry, ripe red fruit"  

Mid week wine and food matching: Fish and Chips and CavaDate published: 17/04/13

This week one of my favourite wine and food matches: Fish and chips and sparkling wine!

Previously I lived on the Isle Of Wight and used to have fish and chips on the beach regularly...and it was often accompanied by Champagne.  Sadly there is no beach for me here, but Ealing does have many other advantages over the Isle Of Wight.

Feel free to make your fish and chips at home, but I went to the local chippy...there is something satisfying about chip shop greasiness!  To go with my fish and chips and mushy peas (I did live up North for many years) I chose the Raventos Cava from Codorniu at £7.99 on offer.  Cava is made almost identically to Champagne, although some local Spanish grape varieties are used as well as the three Champagne grapes.  The Raventos has a crisp acidity with a mild yeasty note and a bit of body.  This is why it matches so well with fish and chips.  The acidity of the wine acts like vinegar, cutting through the grease, but not over-powering the fish.  The fact it has a bit of body helps it match up well with the chips too.

If you haven't had fish and chips and sparkling wine before, I thoroughly recommend you give it a go.  It is one of those wine and food matches that really does work and I promised you will be impressed! 

Malbec World DayDate published: 17/04/13

Today is Malbec World Day, so I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a little about the Malbec grape variety.

Malbec is one of the five major red grape varieties of Bordeaux.  However, subsequent to the phylloxera outbreak in the 1870s Malbec was one of those grapes that was never heavily re-established in Bordeaux.  Most commonly it is now found in the Entre-Deux-Mers region.

Where you will find Malbec in France is Cahors.  Situated in the South West of France Cahors has been producing wine for many centuries with wines of Cahors known to have been sold in London as early as the 13th Century.  Wines from Cahors tend to be darker and more concentrated than those of Bordeaux.

These days the Malbec revival is really thanks to one country, Argentina!  Planted throughout Argentina's wine growing regions the most popular tend to come from Mendoza.  The wines share some flavour characteristics of Bordeaux, but not structure.  Argentinean Malbecs tend to be very full-bodied with a lot of fruit and a good dose of spice.  Interestingly they also have potential for ageing, although the majority in this country are consumed young.

There are a couple of Malbecs open on our tasting counter today, April 17th.  Before I end this article there is one specific wine to which I'd like to draw your attention.  On our fine wine shelves is a wine called Cheval Des Andes.  This is an Argentinean wine being produced in partnership between Terrazas and Cheval Blanc (the famous Bordeaux producer).  It is a Bordeaux blend, but predominently Malbec.  If you enjoy good quality Bordeaux, you'll love this wine.  It is £50 a bottle, but in my humble opinion, if it were from Bordeaux and not Argentina, it could easily command £100 plus.  Sadly it isn't open on our tasting counter, but next time you're tempted to buy a more expensive bottle, why not give my recommendation a try? 

Veuve ClicqoutDate published: 16/04/13

Yesterday I had the fantastic opportunity to taste some of the wines of Veuve Clicquot. This is amazing as I'm really developing a fondness for champagne and haven't had much experience with tasting much other than the basic Non-Vintage expressions of the wine.

We firstly tried the yellow label Brut NV. Blended with a greater percentage of Pinot Noir grapes. This is a crisp and refreshing champagne.

We then moved on to tasting the Rose NV which had a great nose of red fruits and strawberry! Perfect for matching with fish or sushi.

The Vintage Rose was next, and was may favourite champagne of the evening! It was really interesting to compare the Vintage and Non-Vintage expressions side by side as you get a real idea of how the ageing affects the wine.

We then tried the 2004 Vintage Veuve. It is again made with two thirds of Pinot Noir grapes and has real body and a great finish.

Finally we were given the opportunity to try the 2004 La Grande Dame. This is the premium expression of the house style and is characterised by only using grapes from the best sites, a blend of only Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and an extensive ageing process - the wine was released from cellar last year.

So I feel very spoilt now having tried all these amazing champagnes! If your unsure which to choose make sure that you find me in-store.

Pilsner UrquellDate published: 14/04/13

Just to let everyone know, the original Pilsner from the Czech Republic is still only £24 for 24 bottles!

Average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5!

Here are some of the customer comments...

"Pilsner for me from now on...and this is an excellent one. Crisp, clean, and very refreshing"

"This is a full flavored, hoppy lager that is great with food as well as on its own. It's 4.4% so you can have a few without falling over."

"The Best Pilsner To Pass My Lips"

New opening hoursDate published: 14/04/13

From the 1st April our opening hours have changed,

Monday - Wednesday: 10am - 7pm

Thursday - Friday: 10am - 8pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm


Wine of the Week: Meerlust MerlotDate published: 13/04/13

Meerlust Merlot, 2009, Stellenbosch. The meerlust estate has been owned by the Myburgh family since 1757. Taking inspiration from 'right bank' Bordeaux producers, this wine is a blend of 89% Merlot and 11% Cab Franc which gives this wine ripe fruit character, balanced structure and great depth of flavour. A fantastic opportunity to try this South African Merlot. One of my favourites, I'm looking forward to trying it with the whole team! A Tasting note will follow.

What we think...


'Savoury, Earthy, Bramble'


'Liquorice, sweet spice, Black plum'

Gina. G

'Smoke, Blackberry, Complex'

Mid week wine and food matching - Chicken in bacon with Pinot NoirDate published: 11/04/13

Last night I was in the mood to cook.  I haven't had a huge amount of time to cook properly since moving to manage the Ealing store, but now that we close at 7pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have a little more time on my hands.

I cooked one of my favourite dishes.  Butterflied chicken breast, stuffed with mature cheddar cheese and wrapped in bacon.  This was accompanied by potato dauphinoise and green beans and carrots.  The dish takes about ten minutes to prepare and about half an hour cooking time.

When matching something like chicken and bacon you have a choice of either going for a relatively full bodied white or a light bodied red.  I do like full bodied whites, but tend to enjoy the lees-aged white burgundies, which are not usually under £10.  My decision last night was to go for the Errazuriz Pinot Noir from Chile for £7.99.  It can be tricky to find a consistently good Pinot Noir under £10, but the Errazuriz gives a good balance of ripe fruit and a little hint of spice.  Why not give it a try yourselves and tell us what you think?

Fine Wine Friday - Chateau FonpleagdeDate published: 05/04/13

Chateau Fonplegade 2007, St-Emilion Grand Cru Classe


"Performing much better from bottle than it did from barrel, this is a sleeper of the vintage from the American proprietor who has done such a great job resurrecting this once moribund estate. A dark ruby/purple hue is followed by notes of blueberries, raspberries, crushed rocks, and spring flowers, medium body, a soft, silky texture, lush, ripe fruit, and a heady finish. Drink it over the next decade". 90 points. Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate.

We are closed on Easter SundayDate published: 28/03/13

Please note that we will be closed on Easter Sunday, 31 March 2013. We are open our normal Friday hours on Good Friday and our bank holiday hours on Easter Monday.

Fine Wine FridayDate published: 01/03/13


Fine Wine Friday

Amarone Classico Costasera 2009, Masi

£27.00 Buy 2 or more £30.00 Single bottle price

Masi has been run by the Boscaini family or the past six generations, and their wines are rooted in tradition, representing the classic Venetian styles.

The Amarone is made by drying the grapes on bamboo racks throughout winter, after which the dried berries undergo a very long fermentation period of around 80 days in total, in a mixture of steel vats and Slavonian oak barrels.

This wine is full-bodied and complex, with intense and mature dry fruit aromas. A great wine to drink with game or mature cheeses.

Wine of the Week - Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Nicolas PotelDate published: 28/02/13

£9.99 – Buy two or more. £11.99 – Single bottle price

Grape: Pinot Noir.

The grapes used are primarily from old Cote d'Or vines sources across the Burgundy region. Maison Nicolas Potel is a respected name in Burgundy, the Potel family having previously owned the prestigious Domaine de la Pousse d'Or in Volnay.

Aromas of berry fruit, strawberry and blackcurrant, which is then followed by a soft-edged palate and supple tannins.

Drink with cold cuts, pasta dishes and tangy cheeses.

Mid-week wine and food matching - Going out!Date published: 07/02/13

Normally at this time of the week I produce a mid-week wine and food matching article with a meal that doesn't take too long to prepare and a wine under £10.  However, last night I was priveleged to be invite to José Pizarro's restaurant, Pizarro over in Bermondsey to be treated to a fantastic meal and some wonderful wines, courtesy of Cillar De Silos.

Cillar De Silos is a Spanish producer based in the Ribera Del Duero.  Majestic currently stocks their Crianza, which is £13.99 when you buy two or more as part of a mixed case.

The food and wine were fantastic.

We started with a white wine they produce which was paired with scallops.  The scallops melted in the mouth and the fresh acidity and citrus of the wine balanced beautifully.

The next dish was an artichoke dish.  Some of my colleagues stuck to the white wine for this dish, but I had already sampled the rosé and it was really interesting.  The rosé had depth of colour, making it almost look like a red pinot noir.  It was aromatic and fruity, with a lovely hint of white pepper.  It is the sort of wine I would recommend trying to hunt down at some point.  Sadly, we do not stock it.

To follow was squid.  Again I stuck with the Rosé and the combination was very good.

We then moved on to the reds.  The first wine was a Joven (which literally translates as young).  It is a wine taken from their 25 - 40 year old vines and is not aged in oak and is released after 6 months.  It was fruity and rounded.  We had a discussion with our host over what she would normally pair it with.  Her suggestion was duck, which was then promptly ordered.  She was indeed correct.  The rounded fruity wine just took the edge off the saltiness of the duck, leaving a succulent sweet duck flavour.

Finally lamb shoulder and beef cheeks were brought out.  It was my first time eating beef cheeks and I was very impressed.  We matched these dishes with the Cillar de Silos Crianza which we stock.  I've always liked this wine and again, it proved to be exceptional.

A fantastic evening

Mid-week wine and food matching - Chicken breast and Macon LugnyDate published: 31/01/13

Mid-week wine and food matching - Chicken breast and Macon Lugny

This dish does take a little while to prepare, but it is very tasty.  It is a butterflied chicken breast which is then tenderised.  The chicken is then wrapped around a chunk of mature cheddar and then the chicken itself is wrapped in streaky bacon.  Half an hour in the oven and there is a succulent chicken with a wonderful crispy bacon shell, which oozes cheese when it is cut.  This is served with swede mash and peas.

To match the dish I chose the Macon Lugny from Louis Latour.  This is an old favourite with many of our customers.  The wine is refreshing with a bite of green apple and subtle stone fruit flavours.  However, it is the delicate oaking, which gives a fuller mouth feel and a butteriness that makes it match the dish so well.  An un-oaked chardonnay would be over-powered, but the Macon Lugny Louis Latour has enough depth to still be flavoursome, whilst helping to bring the flavour out of the chicken.

The wine is currently open on our tasting counter, so if you haven't tried it before, why not come in and sample for free.

Fine Wine Friday - 01/02/13 Petaluma CoonawarraDate published: 31/01/13

Fine Wine Friday

Petaluma Coonawarra - £25 down to £22.50 when buying 2 or more bottles

I've chosen this wine because I really want to try it!  I have heard some very good things about older vintages and am interested to see how the 2008 is fairing.

The Petaluma Evans Vineyard is situated in Coonawarra.  The 2008 vintage received 1503 degree days of heat during the growing season, which is slightly higher than the long term average of 1414 degree days.

The blend is 60% Cabernet sauvignon, 31% Merlot and 9% Shriaz and are all hand picked.

The wine is described as being typical of Coonawarra, with deep red cherry and underlying subtle black fruits.  It has soft tannins which compliment the red fruit with a hint of cedar on the palate, with a real elegance.

Why not come in and have a taste?  Once it has been opened, we'll write our own tasting note and see if we agree with what we've read.

Mid-week wine and food matching - Mirin salmon and Composite Sauvignon BlancDate published: 16/01/13

Mid-week wine and food matching - Mirin salmon and Composite Sauvignon Blanc

Like many people I tend to try to be a little bit healthier with my diet in January, after the excesses of December.  I don't always succeed, but I do at least try on occasions.

Last night I made one of the tastiest dishes that I know which only takes twelve minutes to prepare and cook and is relatively healthy.  The dish is Mirin Salmon, which is a recipe from Nigella's cookbook, Nigella Express.  The dish does only take a few minutes to prepare and cook, although the experience in the supermarket can take a while longer as some of the ingredients are not what all of us keep regularly stocked at home!

When the dish is complete you have a Japanese style sweet and sticky salmon dish, which I always serve with long grain rice and wilted spinach.  My wine of choice was the Composite Sauvignon Blanc.  This wine is featured in Majestic's Bargain Hunt and is only £5.99.  The acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc helps to cut through the sweetness of the sticky mirin sauce and the flavours work as a good contrast and compliment to the dish.

A dish that takes so little time to prepare and cook, with that much flavour and a wine that costs less than £6, who could possibly complain?

Mid-week wine and food matching - Pepperoni Pizza and Locorosso CarmignanoDate published: 09/01/13

At Majestic we tend to like our wine and our food.  As much as many of us like to show off when we're cooking, we get home after a long day and tend to cook things that are quick and easy.  From now on, each week we will be producing a mid-week wine and food matching article.  In order to qualify the food must take no longer than half an hour to prepare and the wine must be under £10 (our wallets generally don't allow us to drink fine wines on a school night!).

Last night I took it very easy.  I bought a supermarket pepperoni pizza.  Ten minutes in the oven and you have something that is meaty, cheesy, slightly spicy and filling!  To match the pizza I chose the Locorosso Carmignano from Italy.  This is one of the wines featured in the Bargain Hunt and is £9.99 on the multi-buy offer.   The wine itself is medium to full bodied with plum and blackcurrant fruit on top of an underlying backbone of cherry fruit.  The wine matched well with the tomato pizza base and the cheese.  If anything the slight spice from the pepperoni made the wine feel a little more tannic, but it was not a bad match and I did enjoy my glass of wine after the meal whilst watching a bit of telly.

Bargain Hunt Is BackDate published: 07/01/13

Last year some of you may have had to opportunity to buy up some wines at bargain prices thanks to the Bargain Hunt.  Well, I'm delighted to announce that as of Tuesday January 8th it starts again.  With the Bargain Hunt Majestic offers some fantastic discounts on wines which will no longer be stocked.  This makes room for new and exciting wines to come in from all over the world and offers you the chance to snap up a bargain.

Come into the store to see our display of the wines featured in the Bargain Hunt and may be leave with one or two or more of them (as part of minimum purchase of six).  All of the staff will be happy to talk to you the wines and may well be getting in on some of the offers themsleves.

We look forward to seeing you in store.  Don't miss out!

Wine of the Week: Vega de la Reina, Verdejo 2011Date published: 06/11/12

Reinia is a small region within Castilla y Leon that is famed for this delicate style of white wine. Verdejo is the predominant white variety in this area. It is an aromatic grape and is often thought of as Spain's alternative to a Sauvignon Blanc.

This offering from Marques de la Concordia carries lively aromas of greenery, and citrus fruits in the sauvignon vein, accompanied by softer, melon and petal touches. Crisp and refreshing on the palate with a lemony zing.

This wine is great to pair with summery lunchtime dishes, such as paella and other rice salads, or pasta dishes with mussels.

£7.99 or £6.99 when you buy at least two bottles!

MAKE YOUR AUTUMN REDDate published: 25/10/12

Take our Autumnal quiz...


1. What is red, South African and tastes like coffee?

2. What is red, Australian and tastes like blackberries?

3. What is red, Argentinian and tastes like forest fruits?

4. What is red, French and tastes like spiced fruit cake?

5. What is red, Italian and tastes like cherries?

6. What is red, Portugese and tastes like wild berries?

7. What is red, Californian and tastes like spiced plums?

8. What is red, French and tastes like morello cherry jam?


*** Spoiler *** Answers Below!


1. Barista Pinotage - £6.99 when you buy 2 or more

2. McGuigan Signature Cabernet - £7.99 when you buy 2 or more

3. Vinalba Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot - £8.99 when you buy 2 or more

4. Chateau Meaume £7.99 when you buy 2 or more

5. Poliziano Chianti DOCG £8.99 when you buy 2 or more

6. Crasto Duoro 7.49 when you buy 2 or more

7. Qupe Bien nacido, Syrah 16.99 when you buy 2 or more

8. Dom Borie Blanche £7.99 when you buy 2 or more

Make Autumn RedDate published: 21/10/12

Here is our new in store display to help you make autmn red!

Its getting colder and we all need a nice comforting red to help us through.

Wine of the Week: Thelema Merlot 2008 /09Date published: 12/10/12

Thelema Mountain Vineyards in Stellenbosch benefit from high altitude and a maritime climate, two factors contributing to a uniquely long ripening period.

A beautiful bouquet of cherries, blackberries, pine, vanilla and cocoa. With winter spice, plum and cherry fruit flavour, this Merlot is reminiscent of Christmas.

Soft silky tannins mean this wine can be enjoyed without food, but a chunk of mature cheese or even a wedge of Christmas pudding would make a delightful union.

£15.99 when you buy at least two South African wines, otherwise £19.99

Nyetimber VisitDate published: 11/10/12

On Tuesday three of us from Ealing got to pay a visit to the Nyetimber estate, along with some other lucky Majestic employees from around the country. After a couple of very successful in-store tastings with Nyetimber rep Julia earlier this summer, we were all already swooning for Majestic's Nyetimber range (Classic Cuvee 2004, Blanc de Blancs 2003 and Rose 2007). On Tuesday we were privileged enough to extend our profiles with tasters from other fantastic vintages, including Classic Cuvee, 2005 & 2008, Rose 2008 and Blanc de Blancs 1996.

Upon arrival, we were ushered into a beautiful white barn - with tasteful interior akin to Nyetimber's minimalist, yet classically designed bottles. From the window was a vista onto the recently restored historic Nyetimber manor house, once owned by Henry VIII: simply stunning. The skies were grey and there was incessant drizzle, which has been the theme of this summer it seems, but we felt far from dismal. After a sophisticated buffet lunch we braved the elements, in matching wellies provided by Nyetimber, to tour the precious vines behind the even more precious wines.

Richard, the vineyard manager enthusiastically described the tender process that he and his team undergo to make sure that every grape is of the utmost quality. This includes everything from rigorous pruning, employing grazing sheep during winter months, a badger-scarer to discourage the theft of Pinot Noir (which West Sussex badgers are apparently especially fond of) and an emergency on call frost-busting team. Nyetimber's practically maternal care for their vines ensures that only the finest quality grapes make it into bottle and it makes perfect sense to hear their philosophy:

“You can make a bad wine from good grapes. You cannot make a good wine from bad grapes.”

Such is Nyetimber's commitment to outstanding quality fruit that they have announced this morning the decision not to harvest grapes from the 2012 vintage. Due to the appalling conditions this summer, the grapes this year simply do not meet Nyetimber's required standard, which if you'll take it from me, I can tell you is exceptional. The mission statement of founders, Stuart and Sandy Moss' was, “To make the finest English Sparkling Wine, One to rival the best in the world, including Champagne.”

The wines we tried on Tuesday are each testament to the fact that Nyetimber have so far succeeded in this aim. Each was truly delightful (a bottle of any them would make me a very happy girl) and the breadth of style was impressive. I was fascinated by how the 2007 & 2008 Rose vintages differed from each other, with wine maker Cherie's different blends contributing to a strawberry, redcurrant and rhubarb-driven wine in 2007, and a richer, more plummy style wine in 2008. For me, a taste of the Blanc de Blanc 1996 was the highlight of my day, with this wine standing in a league of its own. The sheer age of the wine has enabled it to develop a gorgeous golden intensity, an incredibly satisfying subtle mousse and a complex depth of flavour - mushroom, brioche and citrus. We were also in for an exclusive sweet treat: a taste of Nyetimber Demi Sec NV, the first ever English Demi Sec. This wine would go brilliantly with dessert and actually tasted like lemon tart. Its sweetness is balanced by a lovely citrus lift and no one would suspect its novelty.

We ended the day with a trip down the road to a lovely local pub for some delicious fare and yet more Nyetimber – it would have been rude not so close by. Thank you Nyetimber for hosting such a wonderful visit. I hope you'll have me back again!

After a fantastic summer of increased Nyetimber sales to our customers high on patriotic spirits, and breaking down prejudices that many people have towards English wine, it is my hope that our customers will continue to opt for Nyetimber this winter. I know it's a glass of Blanc de Blanc 1996 that I'll want with my Christmas dinner, some Demi Sec with my Christmas pudding and a week later, I'll be opting for the Rose 2008 to toast to 2013.

Commercial Business FacilitiesDate published: 05/10/12

Trade Customer?
Need expert advice?
Free urgent delivery?
Excellent wines that only we specialise in?

We have a wide range of Ontrade only products to serve all your Business
needs. Please call us on 02085679251 or email on eal@majestic.co.uk and we shall put you in touch with a member
of our dedicated Commercial team. If you need wine delivered in a hurry
contact us today.

New Fine Wine FridayDate published: 05/10/12

Chassagne-Montrachet Blanc, 2007, Gagnard Delagrange

£25 per bottle

One of the best producers of white Burgundy, Gagnard-Delagrange, has given us this fantastic Chassagne-Montrachet. A fine example from this much sought after appelation in burgundy. This wine is a fine example of the rich, toasty aromas displayed and the elegant and complex minerality and creaminess on the pallet. Enjoy with some roast chicken, roasted sea bass or chicken stew.

A Spanish Fiesta or a parcelDate published: 19/09/12

A Spanish Fiesta of a Parcel

Majestic has been a buzz recently with Rioja the word on everyones lips. The gossip around the 'water cooler' (aka sink) has been a 'wash' with chat about rustling up some money to pay for an exciting new parcel of Spanish wines! If you're a fan of Fine wine, if you're a fan of Rioja, if you're a fan of wine in any way shape or form, then this parcel is not to be missed!

Our buyers were contacted at the beginning of the summer by an intermediary who offered them copious amounts of well maintained, aged Rioja's from all the top vintages and top bodega's kept by a former Catering company in Spain. The wines have all been tasted and are the real McCoy, and so here they are, on our shelves! This seems to be the sort of opportunity that comes around once in a blue moon, so I have done my homework (with a little help from our buyer Matt Plymm) and accumulated some little gems, and because I'm such a stand up bloke, I shall pass on my pearls of wisdom on to you!

There are two things you need to think about when buying fine wine, or any wine for that matter, and that is the vintage and the producer. Lets start with the vintages. (classifications according to Rioja DOCa classification system)


1982 ***** Outstanding Vintage.

1987 **** Very Good Vintage - A highly respected vintage of very good quality. Following an extremely cold winter and a slight frost - and some insect infestation in May, the summer was comfortably hot. July turned wet with little sunshine but August was very dry and very sunny, with temperatures up to 40°C, and total rainfall for the whole growing season was only just over half the average. The harvest started in Rioja Baja on the 5th September but was interrupted by rain. Growers who waited until after the rain before they picked were rewarded with excellent grapes, fully ripe and in perfect health.

1991 **** Very Good Vintage - A very good vintage producing wines of impressive intensity. This was the year in which Rioja was 'promoted' from DO to DOCa, and the growers really wanted a blockbusting vintage to show off their new rating, but they were to be disappointed (until 1994, indeed). The winter of 1990/1 was, for once, a 'typical' winter with attendant rains and snow on the highest ground, leading into a cold and rainy spring, with a sharp frost on the 22nd April in the highland areas of Rioja Alta and Alavesa, putting the flowering back between two and three weeks. In June there was an infestation of insects in the Tempranillo but this was cleared in Rioja Baja by the third week of June and in the highlands by the end of the month. Summer was dry and hot and the vines made up for lost time in the spring. Most of the rain came late - in September and October, and this took the quality edge off the vintage. A hailstorm on the 11th September did severe damage to vineyards in the western part of the Rioja Alta and the rains brought Botrytis in its wake, although white varieties were hit harder than red. At vintage time the wines were characterised as high in acid and a little under-ripe. The average quality was somewhere between 3 and 4 throughout the region, but good producers turned out some very good wines (note MP - 1991 has since been seen as a really top vintage for those wines from quality Bodegas).

1994 ***** Outstanding Vintage - Splendid year with intense, slow maturing wines of great colour and depth of flavour. This was the 'Aaah!' vintage, after three years of drought and indifferent quality, nature relented and provided one of the best vintages of the century (compared by many producers with the legendary 1964). The winter was warmer than usual; just what the growers had been looking for, as the vines budded early. April was a crucial month as frost took 10-30% of the buds, slowing down the development in the vineyard. However, the grapes had set well by mid-June, particularly Garnacha and Tempranillo, which is much earlier than normal. The summer was good without excessive heat, dry enough to avoid fungal problems and scattered storms provided just enough water for the development of the grapes. For the first time in 20 years the vintage began in Rioja Baja on the 1st September and in the highlands between 6th and 10th. By 18th September everyone was picking, and the grapes showed
tremendous ripeness, colour and extract. This was a truly great vintage in the making, although (or perhaps because) it was relatively low in quantity.

1995 ***** Outstanding Vintage - A big vintage of classic wines. This was the impossible dream - an 'Excelente' vintage with what was (then - superseded in 1996 and again in 1997 and 1998) the biggest harvest of all time (albeit after a three-year drought), and the second 5-star year in a row. The late autumn and winter of 1994/95 were mild and comfortable, and the vines were showing signs of life by the end of January, with bud-burst at the beginning of March. There were frosts in the second half of April, affecting mainly the area around Najerilla in Rioja Alta, some parts of Rioja Alavesa and quite substantially in Rioja Baja. However, the residual water in the subsoil, combined with very much better temperatures in May, allowed for a second budding which saved the day, and the more mature vineyards recovered all their losses in the highlands. Rioja Baja, having suffered badly during three years of drought, did not recover as well.

2001 ***** Outstanding Vintage - Classic Rioja wines; robust and round with balancing acidity. The total 2001 harvest in Spain is expected to be down 20% on 2001 at around 35 million hectolitres, although this is still about 10% higher than recent average vintages. The reason for this is a long, hot and dry summer after prolonged winter rains, which has also meant that picking started early in many places - in some cases up to fifteen days before the usual date. The D.O.Ca. Rioja Control Board Plenary decided to award the 2001 Vintage its highest rating: "EXCELLENT". The decision came in the wake of the spectacular results obtained during the wine approval process, which has to be undergone by every wine made from the harvest before they can earn the right to belong to the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja. This general rating for the vintage confirms the comments on the exceptional quality of the grapes harvested which the Control Board made after the harvest, as well as the impressions of wine technicians during vinification. Everyone agrees that this is going to be a "historic" vintage. No other vintage since strict analytical and sensorial approval system was introduced in 1980 had offered such high percentages of top quality wines. The average test parameter results are undoubtedly the best obtained to date, surpassing such an emblematic vintage as 1994. Only 9 vintages were rated Excellent during the last century, the last three being 1995, 1994 and 1982.


Next we must consider the bodega at which the wine is produced. Many of the producers will already be known to you. For example CNVE, Marques de Caceres and Muga, but some will be unfamiliar!

Marques de Vargas
This is a serious producer, making excellent wines that blend traditional style with modern winemaking techniques, like Muga in some ways. And at £15.99, there 2001 is an absolute steal! (Berry Bro's & Rudd are selling the wine at over twice the price!)

Bodegas Urbina
A small bodega focussed on quality wines, which has history back to 1870. Parker gives their 1994 Gran Reserva 92 points so not to be sniffed at!

Vina Tondonia, Bodegas Lopez y Heredia
Probably the most traditional wines being made in Rioja. Long aging in big old oak vessels, these wines are incredibly stable, and old, when released. Very long lived wines.

Viña Arana and Alberdi, La Rioja Alta
Two other wines made by la Rioja Alta, of Ardanza fame. Arana is of the same quality level as Ardanza, just form a different vineyard selection resulting in a fruitier style (as compared to the spicier style of Ardanza). Alberdi is the level beneath these two, but still lovely wine as one would expect from La Rioja Alta.

Baron de Oña, La Rioja Alta
This estate wine was bought by La Rioja Alta in 1995, so this vintage would have been overseen by the original Cuban owner. Unusual in Rioja, this was at the time a single estate wine, and was also made in a more modern, fruit forward style in new oak.


These wines are all fantastic wines, and Majestic are lucky to have them, but in reality, we are the lucky ones, you and I. To have these wines in the market place at these prices is almost too good to be true! So my advice is simple....... Buy now or you will always regret it, because when they're gone, they're gone!!

Wine of the Week: Viña Ardanza Rioja Reserva 2001 La Rioja AltaDate published: 14/09/12

Having been awarded 94 parker points this wine truly is great value for money!

One of the very best of Rioja's produced from fruit exclusively grown in the bodega's 360 hectare vineyard holdings in the Rioja Alta region, and named after one of the Region's founding families. Remaining under family ownership, this is of the most sought-after bodegas. Having been awarded 94 parker points this wine truly is great value for money!

The Wine
On the nose aromas of leather, earth, vanilla and red fruits. On the palate experience notes of juicy redcurrants with earthy silky tannins that linger to give a long vanilla finish.

Enjoy now or over the next 5 years with a lamb stew.


Buy at least 2 Spanish wines save 20%


Wine of the Week: Rioja Gran Reserva Imperial, CVNE 1999 / 2001Date published: 12/09/12

Compania Vinicola del Norte de Espana, commonly known as CVNE, is a fantastically well renowned producer based just outside the twn of Haro in Rioja Alta (Rioja's finest of its 3 regions). Made from 20 year old vines and ages in French and american oak, the Imperial range originated in the 1920's, named for its imperial pint bottles that it exported to the UK.

Full Garnet in colour and expressing a beautiful autumnal bouquet of berry fruit, with undertones of coffee, caramel and sweet spices. On the palate this perfectly balanced and finely structured wine comes alive. It gently carresses your mouth with dried fruits, plums, damsons combined with toasty vanilla undertones and nice soft tannins.

The 1999 was great vintage in Rioja, but is drinking perfectly now, however the 2001 was an outstanding vintage and this bottle will keep for the next 5 or so years, if you can keep your hands off it.
Its best enjoyed with roasted meats or game birds.

£25.00 or
£19.99 when you buy 2 or more Spanish Wines

Amazing New Fine Wine Friday WineDate published: 07/09/12

Bodegas Matarromera is one of the finest producers in Ribera del Duero, which in turn is a phenomenal wine-producing region, rivaling Rioja and even Bordeaux.

An enticing array of black fruit, tobacco, sage and paprika aromas, this deep ruby wine is smooth and harmonious. Think black cherry, blackcurrant, plum, hints of vanilla, lavender and beefiness – what more could one want in a red wine?

Ready to be enjoyed now with roast lamb or beef, but equally with the potential to age for another 5-10 years.


From £25 to £19.99 if buy 2+ Spanish

Wine of the Week: Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva MerlotDate published: 31/08/12

A Chilean Celebration...

Being Chile's most celebrated red varietals, these merlot berries were selected mainly from vineyards in the Colchagua Valley. To give the wine an extra freshness of flavour, 15% of fruit were added from the Casablanca Valley. It has been aged for 12 months in 30% new French and American Oak.

With an intense and vibrant ruby red colour, this wine offers aromas of ripe strawberries, young red cherries and vanilla. On the palate experience blackberries with tobacco leaf notes and a coffee bean finish. Soft but firm tannins create a full bodied red.

Enjoy now or over 2-3 years with a lasagne or lamb stew.

Save 20% on Chile


New Veuve Pocket Flat Pack Ice Bucket Arrives in EalingDate published: 24/08/12

Have a look at this!

A fold up pocket sized ice bucket has just arrived in Ealing. Classy! Useful for all those end of Summer Picnics in the park. We will give away 1 free with every 6 pack of veuve bought! Amazing

Majestival BBQDate published: 20/08/12

With the wonderful weather we're having, Team Ealing just couldn't resist the urge to have a BBQ! Keeping the true #Majestival spirit  alive we decided to team our BBQ bonanza with some of our favourite English wines including the Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2004 and Rose 2007. Did you know all Nyetimber wines are aged for a minimum of 3 years?! If that doesn't impress you, did you know Queen Elizabeth chose Nyetimber Blanc de Blanc 2003 as her sparkle for her Jubilee?

Send in your best BBQ ideas, favourite wines and party tricks on facebook and join in on the Majestival fun!  Just follow this link/: https://apps.facebook.com/majestival

NYETIMBER song lyrics Date published: 17/08/12

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want
(He'll tell you what he wants what he really really wants)
I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want
(He'll tell you what he wants what he really really wants)
He wants some N
He wants some N
He really, really, really wants some NYE-TIM-BER!

Verse 1
If you want some bubbles, if you want some fizz
Better put down that Champagne, get some of this
Prosecco and Cava – an inferior choice
Fill your glass with Nyetimber and you'll rejoice

If you are a wine lover, you have got to try
The finest English bubbles
They'll take you by surprise.
If you've got a celebration
Or even a small do
Stock up on some Nyetimber
The joke won't be on you!

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want
(He'll tell you what he wants what he really really wants)

Verse 2
If you're under pressure
From French from French critics
Be assured that you're no heretic
Good enough for Lizzy at her jubilee
So who do you think you are to disagree?

If you are a wine lover, you have got to try
The finest English bubbles
They'll take you by surprise.
If you've got a celebration
Or even a small do
Stock up on some Nyetimber
The joke won't be on you!

So here's the story from grape to glass
This Nyetimber stuff is not a farce
We've got Pinot Noir, we've got Chardonnay
Blanc de Blancs and Classic Cuvee
You can try them all in store today – even the Rose
Sceptical? - well let's see.
Have a little taste – smiles on your face
Have a little taste – smiles on your face
Have a little taste of NYE-TIMBER!

If you are a wine lover, you have got to try
The finest English bubbles
They'll take you by surprise.
If you've got a celebration
Or even a small do
Stock up on some Nyetimber
The joke won't be on you!

Repeat chorus

Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble
Give it a try, give it a buy, give it a try
Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble

Give it a tryDate published: 16/08/12

newcomers welcome to join this elite bubbly clan

Artistic appreciationDate published: 16/08/12

the bottles are just so beautiful and the wine if just so divine

Contemplating its greatnessDate published: 16/08/12

mmmmmmm, it's all we're thinking about

We're on a monastical pilgrimage to Nyetimber ...Date published: 16/08/12

Part 1 - the shrine!

Toddle with meDate published: 15/08/12

I'm the new trainee here at Ealing and if you follow us online, you'll know that a few weeks back I started a "Come and Explore With Me" journey into wine. Having only begun here 6(ish) weeks ago, I would have then considered myself a baby in the wine buff hierarchy, but now dare I mutter it, I consider myself a wee toddler. This might not be that outlandish an assertion however, given that I showcased my childlike experstise by identifying a Sancerre in a blind tasting at head office yestreday - something that even 2 weeks ago, I'd have not been equipped to do. I feel like a proud primary school pupil that just triumphed in the egg and spoon race but this post is about wine and not about me, so now down to the business of introducing you to some reds that I have tried and enjoyed recently.

Kangarilla Road, Shiraz 2009, McLaren Vale - I really enjoyed a glass of this by itself a couple of Friday's ago on the sofa watching a film. Black cherry, blackcurrant and violet aromas - it packs quite a punch. More black cherry on the palate and some lovely cinnamon and black pepper spice. A big wine that I will buy again. (£11.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles).

Lirac Vignobles Abeille 2010, Mont Redon - Until startng with Majestic, I was rather careless when it came to making a mental note of which wines I enjoyed. This is a caveat to the fact that I had never before tried a Rhone (I may well have uconcsciously done so). The Lirac has lovely stewed plum and cherry aromas and a hint of nutmeg. It's a medium-bodied powerful wine, with blackberry and spice and a really meatiness to it. Personally, it's long finish made me think of barbequed aubergines, but I might be alone in that observation. Ready to be enjoyed now, but definitely with the potential to age for a few more years, this wine is crying out for a tagine or mezze dish - something with a bit of bite but not too spicy. (£11.99 when you buy 2 bottles).

Rioja, Gran Reserva, Imperial 2001, CVNE - I was a right lucky so and so getting to try this lovely stuff the other day. As part of our training at head office, we had a comparative blind tasting of this bad boy and an inexpensive (and I must add inferior) alternative. The CVNE is just so wonderfully mature and so silky smooth that I couldn't resist a smile tasting it, and rather than emptying my sample into the spitoon, cheekily drank the whole lot! It's got a bit of berry on the palate, lots of spice and that famryard thing going on, which I am increasingly appreciative of. Oh and I should add that 2001 (my colleagues repetitively inform me) was a mind-blowingingly good vintage for Rioja!


Wine of the Week: Jim Barry Cover DriveDate published: 15/08/12

My colleague loooves this wine and I found it very intriguing, so we've made it wine of the week...

An inviting purple hue, with a fruit-driven, menthol influenced nose - reminiscent somehow of blackcurrant jam tarts. Blackcurrant confirms the nose and is accompanied by red cherry, violet spice and eucalyptus.

A very interesting wine, which due to its slightly minty character would be great matched with tabbouleh or a minty lamb dish.

NYETIMBER: The Royal ChoiceDate published: 10/08/12

If I said “English Sparkling Wine” to a Champagne purist, they might well retort, “no thanks”, “give over”, “maybe never” or offer any number of other out-right dismissals.

I would then inform the skeptic that NYETIMBER has won no fewer than 65 awards and, get ready for it, beaten bubble-lovers' favourite, Champagne in blind tastings. This wouldn't be nearly as an alarming item of news, when it was understood that the NYETIMBER vineyards in West Sussex and Kent enjoy both the same climate and limestone soil as those in Champagne – viticultural kinsmen if you like. If they remained skeptical, I would casually drop in the fact that our very own Queen Elizabeth II chose a glass of NYETIMBER Blanc de Blanc to toast with at her diamond jubilee, and if it's good enough for our monarch, who indeed qualifies to say that it's beneath their sparkling standards?

On a royal note, if I said, “NYETIMBER” to a Tudor historian, they might well comment, that the very estate which is now pumping out award-winning wines, was once owned by none other than Henry VIII. In fact, the NYETIMBER estate is so drenched in English heritage, that it appears in the Domesday book, from whence NYETIMBER derived its name.

Impressive waffle aside, what does this classy label offer? Let's start with the Classic Cuvee 2004. Made from the three self-same grape varieties as Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (the trickiest of the three to grow in the UK), the Classic Cuvee boasts lovely brioche and apricot aromas. It's wonderfully creamy, and reminiscent of apple crumble, gooseberries, blossom and citrus and its fine mousse is nothing short of divine. At Majestic, we're offering you the Classic Cuvee for £24.99 a bottle, (with most competitors charging £29.99).

Next, there's NYETIMBER Rose, the salmon pink princess of bubbly. She's fresh and ever so slightly farmyard on the nose; yet on the palate, she offers much more fruit flavour than her aroma suggests. Zesty, floral, “Haribo” cherry, yellow plum and somehow a bit meaty, NYETIMBER Rose is a wonderfully sophisticated (and for £39.99 a bottle, good value) choice.

Last but not least, NYETIMBER Blanc de Blancs, the 100% Chardonnay variety. Overflowing with freshly baked bread and vanilla, the nasal allure is fulfilled by a dried almond, apricot, marmalade, gooseberry and lemon symphony of flavours. A delightful gently fizzing, option, a bottle of Blanc de Blancs will cost you £34.99, but you won't regret a penny.

NYETIMBER is in keeping with the zeitgeist of recent royal festivities and sporting achievements. The odds are, you've got something to celebrate, or you're partial to a glass of bubbles just because...and why shouldn't you be? Can I implore you, with royal support, not to immediately assume that Champagne is the answer and give the French all the glory, but recognise our homegrown English achievements and give NYETIMBER a try.

If you can't take my word for it, then come and sample the NYETIMBER products with us in store on Friday 17th August between 5-7.30pm.

Get in the majestival sporting spirit!Date published: 10/08/12

In keeping with the Majestival sports day theme, we've selected our wine winners. Each of these wines are amazing value for money and chosen by our very own staff members. Get in the #majestival spirit and let us know your thoughts for the perfect sports day picnic on twitter using #majestival

Wine of the Week: BARISTA Pinotage 2010Date published: 07/08/12

For just £8.99, you can pick up a bottle of South Africa's Barista Pinotage, our Wine of the Week. What a steal! I am all over this wine and have just thoroughly enjoyed writing up my tasting notes. It's simply gorgeous and despite the fact that I am obviously rather enjoying my shift here at Ealing, I'm itching to be at home on the sofa with a big glass of Barista in my hand, a romcom on the TV and oodles of dark chocolate!

A vibrant and youthful-looking wine, with a wonderful marriage of ripe blackberries, plums, cloves and leather aromas. Despite the richness of dark chocolate, coffee bean and red cherry, this wine has a surprising freshness. Beautifully well-balanced, the tannins coat the mouth politely and leave a long-lasting liquorice silkiness behind.

Would partner perfectly with a decadent chocolaty desert or equally, a red meat dish.

May the best Matsu win!Date published: 07/08/12

The Matsu wines are from three generations: The young guy, the tough guy and the old guy. Experience a festival of flavour characteristics, from youthful ripe fruits to powerful yet silky tannins finishing with smoky cigar box nuances. Matsu is Japanese for 'wait' and good things come to those who wait. Give each of these wines a try and decide if youth is ideal or if age more than just a number...may the best man win!

Wine of the Week: Chianti Classico San LeoninoDate published: 03/08/12

Chianti Classico San Leonino, Tenimenti Angelini

when you buy 2 or more bottles, otherwise £9.99


Chianti is surely one of the most evocative names in the world of wine. Chianti Classico is a sub zone established to preserve the region's traditions with regard to wine production and the grape varieties used.
San Leonino is a very traditional example of a Chianti, made from Canaiolo and Sangiovese grapes which are grown on prime south-easterly facing slopes. It exhibits red cherry flavours and a hint of sweet spices. Thanks to its acidity, this is a superb food wine and a particularly good match for pasta dishes or pizza.
Drink immediately or cellar for 3-4 years for even greater depth and complexity.

Fine Wine Friday: Cloudy Bay Te Koko Date published: 03/08/12

Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2008/09, Marlborough

A beautifully crafted and highly distinctive wine from the world-renowned Cloudy Bay winery. This is a rare example of an oaked Sauvignon Blanc: fermented with indigenous yeasts and matured on its lees for 18 months in French oak barriques. The result is a full-bodied, exciting yet restrained wine, which combines flavours of citrus, gooseberries, caramel and nougat. Drink today with tuna, oysters or poached fish, or cellar for up to 5 years to achieve even greater complexity. Few wines offer the drinker a truly unique experience – this is one.


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Wines I RateDate published: 02/08/12

It's time to get my creative juices flowing and write a little something about what I've been tasting recently. As a Majestic employee, working within 50 yards of the tasting counter 48 hours of my week, I've tried a fair number of wines already. I've whittled them down and selected three that have stuck out for me so far...

Spy Valley, Gewürztraminer
I'd never heard of Gewürztraminer before my Majestic career began and I am thrilled to have been introduced to this grape. The Spy Valley was like no wine I've ever tasted. Wonderfully aromatic, reminiscent of blossom and tropical fruits. It's delicious, beautifully balanced, with honey-dew, rosewater and lychee notes. I thoroughly enjoyed it by itself, but have been told to give it a go alongside a Thai curry. If you like floral and delicate flavours, and something a bit different, I can't recommend it enough. It's £10.99 if you buy 2 bottles or more.

Pol Roger Reserve NV Champagne
I must admit that thus far in life, I have not been massively into Champagne, but that might be liable to change with Champagnes like Pol Roger. A lovely golden colour with comforting biscuity aromas. Think marmalade, green apples, citrus and an underlying doughy back bone - and yet still light and refreshing with a long finish. I'd be more than happy to toast with this! We've got it at £30 a bottle (down from £42) at the moment, so I implore you to consider raising a glass.

“El Recio”, Matsu 2009
What a beauty. He's a pleasing deep ruby colour, and gives off an alluring combination of oak, almond, damp leaves and blackcurrant scents, which is not let down by a fusion of plum, vanilla and a very satisfying meatiness. This is a full-bodied BIG wine, which gets 3*s in my incredibly stingy personal starring system. Oh, what would happen if you paired this with rare steak? You can find out for just £7.99 (for 2 or more bottles).

Keep your eyes peeled for some more of my tasting revelations and perhaps the occasional “wino” fact!

Wine of the Week-Pouily Fume Les GriottesDate published: 27/07/12

Pouilly-Fumé 'Les Griottes' 2010/2011 Jean-Pierre Bailly

when you buy 2 or more bottles, otherwise £13.99


Grapes from up to 40 year old vines, imbues this wine with Pouilly-Fumé's classic richness, smokiness and complexity.

Woodland aromas of nettles and white blossom. Smooth, medium-light bodied, smoky and floral notes with green apple and suggestions of green peppers.

Light and refreshing – great for summer drinking. To be enjoyed with asparagus or Caesar salad.

Rekorderling Strawberry&Lime Cider Available to TryDate published: 25/07/12

We have a fairly recent arrival in our beer and cider section. This is the amazingly refreshing Swedish Cider Rekorderling. Ideal in warm balmy summer times over ice. Incredibly moorish! Strawberry & Lime are a perfect combination and its only 4%.  Please come along and ask to try!

Jane Macquitty's Summer Top 100- Majestic InclusionsDate published: 21/07/12

Here are Jane MacQuitty's write ups in The Saturday Times. This is the
first part of her Summer Top 100 - the best white wines and sparkling
2011 Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc
Squeaky clean and proud of it, this stainless steel fermented and aged
sauvignon is the wine to serve to Loire devotees who feel New World
sauvignon somehow fails to hit the spot. Named in honour of the 120
soldiers who hid in Santa Rita's cellars during Chile's war for
independence, this grassy, punchy, 13.5 per cent alcohol, lime and green
pepper-scented sauvignon is the wine to serve at all those mixed buffet
summer parties.

2011 Giesen Sauvignon Blanc
Star Buy - Best Value
This bowled me over with its mouthwatering blast of zesty, verdant, nettle,
grass cuttings and flowering currant pisazz. All that, and closing on the
zingy, tropical fruit note that has made Marlborough sauvignon so famous,
effortlessly put Giesen ahead of the pack. Made with grapes from 32 plots
in the Wairau valley, Giesen is just the job served with asparagus, or an
Asian-spiced salad.

2011 Wither Hills Chardonnay
Star Buy - Best Buy
Anyone tasting this 14 per cent alcohol Kiwi chardonnay will wonder why
they bother with white burgundy - it made mincemeat of most of the sub-£8
white burgundies it was lined up with. It oozes spiced baked apple and
cinnamon flavours. With a fine, nutty, toasty, oak-derived finish, it was
impossible to fault.

2009 Les Princes Abbes Riesling Schlumberger
Unthinkable to go through the summer without a fine Alsace white to savour
alongside those powerfully flavoured summer dishes. If you have
stomach-space for just one, make it this racy riesling. Schlumberger differ
from other Alsace producers in that every wine it produces comes from
grapes grown in its own vineyards. Such quality control has paid off and
this mouthwatering riesling oozes bold, vibrant, thrillingly complex musk
peach, lime and floral fruit.

2008 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Clos St-Jean
The Gagnard family work together, which helps to explain why this premier
cru is so good. From the northern end of the appellation, this swanky
premier cru has lots of delicious, ripe, toasty, smoky, steely, again
heavily oak-spiced fruit.

Bouvet-Ladubay Saumur Brut NV
Star Buy - Bargain Fizz
Big summer party in view? Then you and yours will need a brilliant, bargain
bubbly to crack open for the occasion. Made exclusively from the Loire's
classy chenin blanc grape and stored in long, cold galleries hewn out of
the region's tuffeau stone, what you get from this fine sparkler is lots of
zippy, zesty, waxy, floral, honey-baked apple fruit.

More to follow in the next couple of weeks...

Party PleasersDate published: 21/07/12

It's the Majestival season, ergo it must be time to host a party. Which bevies ought you have the butler serve your guests? New Zealand have got some offerings that fit the bill; at just £6.99 (when you buy two or more NZ bottles) Ned Waihopai River Sauvignon Blanc and Giesen Marlborough (£5.99) Sauvignon Blanc are sure winners. These two are both flying off the shelves (almost) quicker than we can replenish them.

We've recently had Fairleigh Estate Sauvignon Blanc on the tasting counter. This one's only £5.99 (when you buy 2 or more) and an easy drinking gold medalist. On the nose, I got the lovely seasonal gooseberry and elderflower scents, as well as citrus hints and tropical passion fruit. These aromas were matched on the palate and further accompanied by a smearing of honey and a smattering of fennel. Fairleigh's not the most sophisticated, but an nice simple wine for your party guests.

If New Zealand's not your thing, than another suggestion would be Italy's Serena Pinot Grigio Banfi at £6.99 (when you buy 2 or more bottles). Pinot Grigio, I've learnt, is the grape of the masses – another party favourite. I sensed aromas of green apples, stone fruit and found it reminiscent of pine forest childhood walks. When I took a sip, I got more apple, as well pear on the palate and a touch of metal. Serena would be great with salad or seafood.

In summary, these wines are easy drinkable companions for you and your party guests during the Majestival season.

Come and Explore with MeDate published: 20/07/12

I am a 15 day old Majestic trainee manager based at the Ealing store. I've got an awful lot to learn and am feeling a wee bit overwhelmed so I thought it would be great to write about what I'm learning. My musings will have a four-fold purpose: to solidfy my knowledge, promote Majestic products, amuse the connoisseur and accomodate the fellow amateur.

Watch this space and learn all about the world of wine through the eyes of a baby wine-buff-to-be in realtime!

Wine of the Week: Valpolicella Classico 2011, Cantina di NegrarDate published: 16/07/12

This week available to sample on our tasting counter we have Valpolicella Classico 2011, Cantina di Negrar

Produced east of Lake Garda in the western Veneto region of Verona,
northeast Italy. Negrar's vineyards, sited at the heart of the 'Classico' or
traditional producing area, are planted with Corvina, Rondinella and
Molinara grape varieties. Traditionally, the wine is made by drying the grapes on straw mats to give a more concentrated grape must.

The Wine
Juicy red berries and red fruit aromas explode from the glass
accompanied by exotic spices and a hint of earth.
Seductive and smooth with a full body that lingers on the palate with velevety tannins.

Enjoyed with pasta and soft and semi-soft cheese, grilled meats and
olives. Enjoyable now or over the next three years.


Buy at least 2 Italian wines save 20%


Sparkling SaturdayDate published: 14/07/12

Today it's La Fête Nationale (French National day) so we think it's time for a toast! Don't let yours be a rainy Saturday, rather make it a sparkling one - we've just opened up a bottle of Louis Bouillot sparkling wine. Come and have a taste to forget the British weather and instead celebrate French independence.

Wine of the Week: Albarino Martin CodaxDate published: 12/07/12

Albariño Martin Codax 2011 Rias Baixas

£9.99  - when you buy 2 or more bottles, otherwise £11.99 for a single bottle.

Founded in 1986 in the Rias Baixas region of Northwestern Spain, Martin Codax produces wine from the aromatic white Albariño grape.

A light wine with aromas of green apples and white blossom. Crisp grapefruit and lemon flavours and waxy notes.

This is a pleasant, summery wine. It would suit sea food dishes, but could equally be enjoyed by itself al fresco.

Around The World in 80 WinesDate published: 09/07/12

Here at Majestic Wine, Ealing we have decided to take a voyage around the world in 80 days. Along the way we will be discovering some of the finest wines each region has to offer.

Every day for the next 80 days we will be recommending a different wine.

Come and explore with us and treat yourself to some of our recommendations. It is a great way to discover wines that you may not have yet experienced.

Our journey begins with Chapel Down English Rose, embarking from England, setting sail across Europe, Asia, South and North America before returning to Europe and disembarking back on home soil on 24th September.

Tried one of our recommended wines? Let us know what you think on Twitter using #ATWI80W or on facebook. We're excited to see your tasting notes!

Wine of the Week: San Gimignano Sangiovese, Pasoni 2008Date published: 29/06/12

San Gimignano Sangiovese, Pasoni

£9.99 or
£7.99 when you buy 2 or more


From the towering village of San Gimignono, this wine represents a classic interpretation of a Tuscan Chianti. Although the white grape Vernaccia predominates the planting in the area, there are plans to make a DOC rosso di San Gimignono, due to the quality of the red production.

The wine has medium-full weight in the mouth and lashings of ripe red-cherry fruit and spicy edge. It well structured with a classic sangiovese backbone of well rounded tannins, sweet spice d firm but not over powering acidity, making it the perfect companion to food.

The wine is drinking fantastically now or over the next couple of years. It's great structure means its a perfect match for a variety of cured meats and game, or any tomato based dishes.

Double Pink PleasureDate published: 25/06/12

Love our Aix Provence Rose Magnums? Well we now have Double Magnums in store. Not only do they look impressive, they taste fantastic!

AIX Rosé 2011, Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, Double Magnum

An award-winning wine from one of the region's largest and most
prestigious wineries, Domaine de la Grande Séouve, who have
established AIX as perhaps the definitive Provence rosé. Boldly brought
to you in a double magnum; a great addition to the most decadent of.

This medly of Cinsault, Shiraz and Grenache is vibrant and summery, with a bright pink colour and a
delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit.

A superb choice for any event, and the perfect match for canapés or

At the Bargain price of £50!

Euro 2012...The joy of 6Date published: 25/06/12

So...we're out! Last nights game against Italy was intense but ineveitably we lost in the penalty shoot outs. To cheer all you emotional avid football fans up, we've put together 6 of our English favourites:

Sipsmith Dry Gin £26 - stilled in Hammersmith and "exploding with character"

Chapel Down Bacchus  £10.99

Chapel DownFlint Dry £8.99

Chapel Down Rose £9.99

Chapel Down Brut NV £14.99

Nyetimber Special Cuvee £24.99 - a great 'English' Champagne

Unable to get into store? Don't worry we now deliver 6 bottles, so give us a call on 0208 567 9251 or place your order online and we'll deliver them straight to your door!

Wine of the Week: Ayler Kupp Riesling Kabinett 2011, MargarethenhofDate published: 20/06/12

Ayler Kupp Riesling Kabinett 2011, Margarethenhof

£9.99 or
£8.99 when you buy 2 or more


This beautiful Riesling is produced in the Saar tributary of the Mosel, on steep slopes above the village of Ayl. Produced by the quality conscious family producer Margarethenhof from low yielding vines, it represents a classic example from the region.

Due to the very low temperatures in the region during the growing period, not every year can be used to create Riesling wines, with the poor year grapes going into German Sekt wine. 2011 was a fantastic year in the region and this wine represents all its best qualities.

This Riesling has an aromatic honeyed nose and fantastically concentrated, ripe fruit and plenty of tangy acidity on the palate with a long, clean and steely finish, this wine is everything that is great about German wine.

Enjoy this wine served on its own as an aperitif or as a perfect accompaniment to Thai cuisine

Wine of the Week: Turkey Flat “Butchers Block”, 2010 Shiraz Grenache MourvèdreDate published: 07/06/12

Turkey Flat “Butchers Block”, 2010
Shiraz Grenache Mourvèdre

Buy any two Aussie wines save 20%

Turkey Flat is located in the center of the Barossa Valley, Australia's most prestigious wine region. First planted in 1847 the vineyard has a winegrowing heritage that stretches back as far, or even further, than many Old World producers. The vineyard is positioned on an area of flatlands on the banks of Tanunda Creek where wild turkeys once roamed.

Like most Barossa Valley vineyards Turkey Flat is famed for its Rhone grape varieties, especially Shiraz but also Grenache and Mourvedre. The Butchers Block is a blend of all three of these varieties which have been picked from vines planted by Eric Schulz, the grandfather of the current owner.

The wine displays rich black fruit flavours alongside complex spice. It is an excellent example of the GSM blend, and has superb structure and firm tannins. It is drinking very well now, but it will continue to develop and improve for the next 10 years. It is a wine that will go with any red meat dish, but would be superb for a BBQ (if the weather ever improves).

Massive Jubilee Offers!Date published: 01/06/12

Jubilee Offers


To prepare for the Jubilee celebrations we are introducing a set of additional great value offers to run alongside our current deals.

These offers will run from Thursday 17th May until Monday 28th May.



Heidsieck Vintage From £20 down to £18

Nicolas Feuillatte Non Vintage From £18 down to £15

Prosecco Raboso Rosado Corte Alta From £9.99 down to £6.66

Prosecco Corte Alta From £9.99 down to £6.66



The Ned Sauvignon Blanc From £8.11 to £7.49 Buy 2 Save 20% = £5.99

Viña Equia Crianza From £8.99 to £8.49 Buy 2 Save £7 = £4.99

Riverlands Run Sauvignon Blanc From £7.99 to £6.24 Buy any 2 New Zealand Wines Save 20% = £4.99

Viñalba Malbec Reserva From £10.99 to £9.99 Buy 2 Save £4 = £7.99


Peroni 12-pack From £15.99 to £12 a case

Peroni 24x330ml From £1.30 to £1 a bottle

Kick off your Jubilee weekend with style and celebrate the sunshine with a little help from Majestic.

Keep Calm, And Drink On!

Fine Wine Friday - 01/06- Chassagne Montrachet 1er cru!Date published: 27/05/12

Please come and try this excellent Chassagne from the ever reliable producer Fontane-Gagnard.

An excellent example of  a Premier Cru vineyard, les Boudriottes. A superbly rounded and firmly structured, with heaps of personality. At a very reasonable price for a wine of this quality at £28. Can be drunk now or over the next few years.

Excellent with rich chicken or seafood dishes

Soave Classico 2010, InamaDate published: 11/05/12

Soave is a region found in the Northeast of Italy, within the commune of Veneto close to the city of Verona, which produces white wines comprised almost entirely of the Garganega grape. The 'Classico' label is one that denotes the wine is made from grapes from areas within the region where Soave was originally planted. And this 'Classico' designation is normally an indicator of better quality as maximum yields are in place in these areas to guard against the over productive nature of the Garganega grape.

Inama was founded in 1960 and has since gone on to command a reputation as one of Soave's best. The grapes for this wine are produced by 30 year old vines on 17 hectares of basaltic lava, a soil composition common in the area. Once picked they are fermented in stainless steel and then aged for up to 8 months before bottling.

The wine displays a rich and developed flavour profile with notes of apricots, honey, almonds, citrus fruit and a floral quality all revealing themselves. It drinks well now but will improve with another couple of years ageing and would match fish pie or a risotto perfectly.

£13.74 or


when you buy two or more

Fine Wine Friday - Ten Minutes By Tractor Estate Chardonnay 2009, Mornington PeninsularDate published: 04/05/12

Ten Minutes by Tractor is one of the stand out performers from a region gradually becoming a real force in the world of fine wine. Mornington Peninsular is found on the southern tip of Victoria in Australia flanked by Port Phillip Bay on one side and the Ocean on the other. It's cool maritime climate is perfectly suited to the production of the Burgundian varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as it helps to maintain acidity in these grapes.

This wine is from the estate's Main Ridge vineyards (Judd, McCutcheon and Wallis), one of the highest and coolest parts of the region. It is whole-bunch pressed and fermented with wild yeasts in French oak barriques.

The 2009 vintage was dominated by spring rains and mild autumn weather, resulting in low yields and a retention of acidity. It has lead to a Chardonnay of delicacy and restraint with aromatic floral and citrus notes along with a long, alluring finish.

As good as any Chassagne Montrachet your likely to find, so go on give it a go we promise you won't be disappointed!


Wine of the Week: Montenovo Godello 2010Date published: 28/04/12

One of our new arrivals, the little-known Godello grape is an indigenous variety of Galicia in Northern Spain. This one is from the inland Valdeorras appellation, which has become well known for producing the grape as it seems to thrive in the region's moderate, maritime climate and rocky slate soils.

The grape exhibits a nose and palate of pear, pineapple, melon and plenty of citrus fruit as well as a herbaceous and almost salty quality. Light in weight but with a palate coating sense of texture.

It would be perfect with Spain's simple fish tapas dishes like grilled sardines, octopus and calamari or when the sun is shinning in the garden, when that eventually decides to happen!

£9.99 or


when you buy two or more.

Last Weekend of Spring Prices!Date published: 20/04/12


Our Spring price lists end on Monday the 23rd of April. So this is the last weekend to get Spain, South Africa and Portugal wines on Offer!

Wine Of the Week: Surani Constarossa, Primitivo di Maduria, 2010Date published: 10/04/12

£9.99 or

£7.99 when you buy two or more

Until recently Primitivo was a relatively obscure grape variety grown primarily in the Apulia region of Southern Italy. However today it is noted as being genetically identical to Zinfandel, one of California's most prominent grape varieties, and also the Croatian grape Crljenak Kaštelanski. Like these varieties it is known for its robust flavours of ripe fruits and full bodied, smooth texture.

The Surani Contarossa comes from Manduria, a sun drenched coastal region on the “heel” of Italy, and the benefits of the climate have given this wine characteristically powerful flavours of juicy fruit and sweet spice with a long, elegant, fruity finish. The intensity and smoothness of this wine are remarkable, it has more in common with New World red wine than many of its European counterparts.

To match with food you need something equally powerful, try with roast venison or barbecued steak.

Open EasterDate published: 07/04/12



Just to let you know we are open Easter Sunday & Monday 10-5pm


FINE WINE FRIDAY-Meursault 1er cruDate published: 06/04/12



Meursault 1er Cru 'Chateauxde Blagny', Louis Latour.


Seeing as it's Easter and the sun is shining, we have chosen this delightful white Burgundy to tickle your taste buds. From the world class producer Louis Latour, and from the best year in Burgundy in the last 10 years, this wine will not fail to impress on every level.

From a vinyard overlooking the two famous villages of Mersault and Puligny-Montrachet, this wine is traditionally vinifed and matured in small oak barrels for 8 to 12 months to ensure a buttery character in the wine.

On the nose the wine is full of elegant buttery notes balanced with aromas of fresh hazelnuts and lemon and pineapple fruits. On the palate it is fresh and vibrate with generous citrus notes and long lingering finish. Its a perfectly balanced wine and a prime example of the region.

Quite frankly, this wine is spot on just as it is, but could also be enjoyed with fish or chicken dishes or perhaps it would be best with a nice cheese board and chutney.

Chateau Musar: Viticulture in the face of adversityDate published: 16/03/12

When people ask me for an interesting wine in store, I never have to think about it long. For me the most interesting wine majestic supply is that of Chateau Musar. This Lebanese wine is produced in the Bekaa valley in Lebanon, and if your thinking that Lebanon is a strange place to produce wine, think again, because grapes for viticulture have been grown there for over 6000 years. Although at 34 degrees North of the equator, which is further south than anywhere in Spain and Italy and should be too hot, the Bekaa valley benefits from its significant altitude (approximately 1000m above sea level) and seasonal temperatures, together with the fertility of the land making this particular corner of Lebanon viticultural bliss.

The Hochar family (pronounced Hoshar) have been producing wine there since the 1930's, having to revive what was considered a dead profession in Lebanon. Combine that with the fact that following the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the following territory claiming issues, when the Hochar family first started making wine, the borders of their own country were not even set. For this reason their winery was based some two and a half hour drive away from the vines, on the coast at Ghazir and has stayed there ever since. But this was not the end of the problems faced by Chateau Musar. After changing the opinions of the population at home and the international community, on the wines of the region, the country was plunged into turmoil once more with the start of civil war, which raged from 1975 to 1990. Far from falling into obscurity during this problematic period for the country, the wines of Chateau Musar continued to be produced, and produced to an extremely high standard. This is testament to the determination of the Hochar family to maintain the reputation they had worked so hard to create but also to the courage of the Bedouin tribes people of the area, who continued to pick the grapes by hand!

In Recent years, their reputation has gone from strength to strength, and deservedly so. We stock 3 of their wines, the Chateau Musar red, the Hochar red and the Chateau Musar white. The red wines are produced at the southern end of the Bekaa valley and are a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan. The Chateau Musar red spends approximately 12 months in oak barrels from Nevers, and is aged for approximately 3 years before bottling. After which it is cellared for another 4 years at Chateau Musar, before being released 7 years after it was harvested. You might think that the wine would now be nearing the end of it's life, but far from it, the wine is only at the very beginning of it's drinking potential. Serge Hochar, the chief wine maker proclaims that, 'if you give my wines more time, they will give you more joy', and he couldn't be more correct. The wines still contain plenty of acidity and tannin, the two main components necessary for wine aging. They are spicy wines with a real flavour from their origin, brimming with dried fruits such as figs and prunes with good body and an exceptional finish. The Hochar red is made in a lighter earlier drinking style and as such is aged for less time in oak and in bottle before release. It is therefore more approachable when young.

The white Chateau Musar is no less intriguing. The wine is intentionally slightly oxidised, as is the practice for the local grape variety, in order for it to age well as, like the red Musar, it is aged in Nevers oak barrels (only for 6-9 months though) and cellared for 7 years before release. However unlike the red, which is made from French grape clones, the white is produced from the local grape varieties of Merwah and Obaideh and grown further up the Bekaa valley. This unorthodox style of white wine is somewhat unfamiliar to the European palate, but apparently bares the closest resemblance to a mature white Graves. The wine is deep golden colour and exudes baked apple and almond characteristics on the nose with a rich, spicy, buttery finish on the palate.

It difficult to say enough about the wines of Chateau Musar without trying the wines for yourself. They are fantastically interesting wines in their own right before taking into account their fascinating history. In the case of the wines of Chateau Musar, it almost literally contains the blood, sweat and tears of not only the Hochar family, but the entire nation.

Wine of the Week: Benegas Malbec, Libertad Vineyards 2008, MendozaDate published: 09/03/12

There is a long history of winemaking in the Benegas family. It was the current winemaker's great grandfather who bought the first French vines to Argentina. This wine is from the high quality Libertad Vineyards, which consists of a plot in the cooler southern zone of Mendoza (whose grapes lend rich fruit and floral perfumes) and a plot in the 'Primera Zona' of Mendoza (the top viticultural area whose grapes lend body and structure to the wine).

This wine balances the powerful style typical of Mendoza Malbec with the finesse of a European wine. Lots of dark cherry, blackberry and sweet spice with a long finish and ripe tannins.

The Benegas would go well with any red meat, but as always with Argentinian Malbec it would be fantastic with good quality steak, whatever your cut!


Buy 2 Bottles Save £10


Portugal: The Next Big Thing?Date published: 27/02/12

The history of Portuguese wine is long and varied, dating back to the bronze age the region has been cultivated by Phoneacians, Romans, Moors as well as the Germans, French and Spanish.  As a wine producing country it can rival almost any of its European counterparts, but a reputation for inconsistent quality and a bewildering array of local grape varieties have held it back in recent years. It has also had more than its fair share of political problems; from 1933 to 1974 the country was controlled by the authoritarian dictatorship the Estado Novo and its leader Antonio Salazar.  The regime was overthrown in 1974 by the peaceful Carnation Revolution, but the conversion to democracy was difficult and the country had to continue to endure years of economic turmoil. Poor winemaking in the 70s and 80s also did not help, with a large number of over extracted, bitter and highly tannic reds which appealed to no-one and did further harm to the regions reputation.

However, despite all its problems I believe Portugal has the ability to become one of the most interesting and popular wine producing regions in the world. Its diversity in both climate and grape varieties have the potential to really capture the imagination of the wine drinking public. This country can produce huge, full bodied red wines that are bursting with fruit flavours, black chocolate and licorice and yet it can also produce the light, floral whites that are fresh and delicate. Investments in the wine industry since Portugal joined the EU in 1986 have begun to heal the damage to the reputation of Portuguese wine, and the wines that are on sale in Majestic demonstrate the advances that have been made.

Quinta de Azevedo 2010, Vinho Verde, £7.49 down to £5.99 on the Portuguese offer
Vinho Verde is fast becoming one of Portugal's most popular wine regions. It is a coastal region in the north of Portugal where the Atlantic influence cools the vineyards helping create light, floral wines, with subtle flavours of lemon and tropical fruits. This wine also has a light spritz which is characteristic of the region and helps makes the wine taste fresh and light.

Churchill Estate 2007/8, Duoro, £10.99 down to £9.49
The Duoro valley is probably the most famous of Portugal's regions as this is where the grapes for port are grown. It is also one of the most difficult wine regions in the world to cultivate, with steep slopes and fragmented schist soils that make mechanized harvesting almost impossible. To this day the vast majority of Duoro Valley vineyards are picked by hand, with the help of a few donkeys to carry the grapes. The Churchill's estate wine uses the port varieties Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca to create a wine that is beautifully smooth on the palate with flavours of black cherry and strawberry and a hint of vanilla.

Ramos Reserve 2010, Alentejo, £8.49 down to £6.99
Alentejo is a huge, sun drenched wine region that covers much of southern Portugal. Traditional techniques are prominent with many estates still using foot-treading to press the grapes. The region is known for its ripe, fruity and very approachable red wines and the Ramos Reserva is no exception. It has flavours of red berries and sweet spice alongside well integrated tannins, and it displays excellent legth.

Quinta da Bacalhoa 2008, Peninsula de Setubal £13.49 down to £11.99
The Setubal Peninsula is one of Portugal's most popular tourist destinations. It is known for its beautiful beaches, good food and sensational full bodied red wines. The Quinta da Bacalhoa is a new addition to the Majestic lineup, grown on the grounds of a 15th Century Renaissance villa. The name Bacalhoa means 'codfish', and the Quinta was supposedly named after an unfortunate looking member of the Portuguese royal family who used to reside at the villa. The wine itself is fantastic, it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that has flavours of blackberry alongside notes of cedar and cigar box, it rivals any Bordeaux at a similar price. The wine has been made at the Quinta since the 1970s and brilliantly shows the potential of Portuguese wine.

At the moment you can buy any two Portuguese wines and save £3 at Majestic, so come down and explore what we have to offer.

Torrontes: The Next Big Thing?Date published: 22/02/12

With the phenomenal popularity of Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc showing no signs of abating, we here at Majestic Wine Ealing have taken it upon ourselves to, rather foolishly, predict (guess would probably be more apt) 'the next big thing' in the wine world.

In my very humble opinion Torrontes might just be it, if based only around the success story that is Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc. Let me explain why:


The Original Torrontes is known as a Spanish grape, native to Galicia in Northeast Spain. It is in Argentina however where this grape has really excelled. First commercially planted in Argentina in 1990, it seems to suit the arid, high altitude environment. Infact it could be argued that Torrontes has found it's true home in the counrty, which may be the reason it is thought there is no definite relationship between it and it's Spanish namesake.

There are 3 subvarieties of Torrontes on show in Argentina: Torrontes Riojano, Torrontes Sanjuanino and Torrontes Mendocino. With the first producing the most characteristic and well respected expression of the grape. In terms of region the Cafayate Valley (Salta) is viewed as the most prestigious growing area.


Torrontes produces wines that are dry, light in body, high in acidity and intruigingly aromatic. With notes of lychee, roses, jasmine and geranium on the nose and palate. This makes it ideally suited to partnering with spicy Asian food, fish, shellfish and traditional Argentinian cuisine like empanadas.


It is this combination of high acidity and an aromatic quality that leads me back to why I think Torrontes might prove to be 'the next big thing'. These qualities are ones it shares with the rampantly successful Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, so as customers become more interested in searching out alternatives to the ubiquitous Sauvignon Blanc, this is a grape they could and should try.

I'll leave the last words to one of my favourite wine critics, Tim Atkins MW, who I think perfectly paraphrases my argument:

"This little-known Argentinian grape has the potential to be the next big thing. Everyone I show it to in blind tastings adores it. They love its perfume, they love its flavours, they love its personality."

Wine of the Week: Bernard Series Chenin Blanc, 2010Date published: 17/02/12

The Bernard series celebrates the legend of Bernard Podlashuk, the founder and original winemaker off the vineyard. Originating from the Western cape, close to Cape Town, this wine is produced on 40 year old, low yielding Chenin Blanc vines, a variety which represent 30% of the countries grape production.

Chenin Blanc, known locally as 'Steen' (which incidently they thought wa a different grape until 1965), originates from the Loire in France. The Grape is enormously versatile producing a spectrum of grapes from easily aged sweet whites to cool crisp dry floral wines as well as some sparkling numbers.

This wine is sumptuous on the nose. Its bursts out of the glass exuding pungent floral and tropical fruit aroma's with a touch of vanilla spice. On the palate it is well balanced and refreshing with honeysuckle and tropical fruits perfectly harmonised with crisp acidity.

Enjoy this delicous chennin over the next 2 years with pan fried fish, pork chops or scallops.

£10.99 or
£8.79 when you buy 2 or more

Wine of the Week: Camins del Priorat 2010, Alvaro PalaciosDate published: 09/02/12

Coming from one of Spain's lesser known, but highly regarded regions, Proirat is situated just south of Barcelona. The region has been producing wine for millenia, but it has received some what of a rejuvenation in quality and acclaim since the 1980's.

Alvaro Palacios was one of the first vintners to recognise the potential of the region, and aided by his apprenticeship under Jean Pierre Moueix at Chateau Petrus, is now producing some of the region's finest examples.

Rich and fruity on the nose, its opulent fruity character emits lush brambly fruit aroma's subtly amalgamated with blueberry and cherry. On the palate its dark fruit characters combine perfectly with the silky smooth tannins to give a full mouth feel and superb length, with a hint of spice to finish.

Enjoy this delightful wine with rich beef based dishes such as stew or hot pot or possibly a nice juicy steak!

£17.49 or
£13.99 when you buy 2 or more

Fine Wine Friday - Brunello di Montalcino 2005, Gianni BrunelliDate published: 03/02/12

The small town of Montalcino in southern Tuscany has the double advantage of a warm, dry climate associated with the Tuscan coast and the rockier, less fertile soils of the cooler Chianti Classico area. This can result in some of the the most concentrated, long-lived forms of Sangiovese on the planet, and has consequently been labeled Tuscany's answer to Barolo.

The Area generally practices late harvesting, long, slow fermentation alongside ageing in barrel for 4 years (even though the minimum is now only 2, but can only be released once the wine is at least 4 years old).

This wine displays fine, firm tannins and ripe Sangiovese fruit. Rich and full bodied, it's concentrated and spicy bouquet would compliment red meat dishes with thick, rich sauces.
Superb now, this wine would also keep for over 5 years.


The Majestic Bargain HuntDate published: 31/01/12

Our new spring promotion is the perfect time for a bit of a clear-out to make way for 2012's exciting new wines, so we have just knocked a third off the price of loads of bin ends in the first ever Majestic Bargain Hunt!

Here are a few of the amazing bargins that can be found:

Matetic EQ Sauvignon Blanc    £7.32

Clos D'Yigne Rouge Et Noir    £6.66

Costero Sauvignon Blanc    £6.32

Domaine Pech Rome Temprinillo     £5.32

Domaine Py Merlot     £3.99

Syrah les Fumes Noires   £3.99

Heritage Road Brut Sparkling Wine    £3.66

There are even more bargins to be found, however stocks are running out quickly...so hurry down to the store!

If you cannot make it down please do not hesitate to call or email us.

email: eal@majestic.co.uk

tel: 0208 567 9251

Wine of the Week - Quinta da Bacalhoa 2008Date published: 18/01/12

The Quinta da Bacalhoa estate, situated on the Peninsula de Setubal just south of Lisbon, is one of Portugal's oldest wineries. Dating back to the 15th century, it was formerly owned by the Portugese royal family, but has been producing its modern day commercial wine since the 1970's. The area is renowned for producing a new wave of quality, reasonably priced wines and this wine does not disappoint!

An unusual take on a Bordeaux blend, this wine is awash with brambly fruit flavours on the nose, with a subtle woody edge from the oak. It is well balanced and voluptuous on the palate with the fruit characteristics perfectly combining with the nutty, tobacco leaf flavours and soft tannins to produce a wine that is as smooth as silk and jam packed with flavour.

This wine is a perfect match for a juicy steak to warm your cockles on a cold winter's night.

£13.49 or
£11.99 when you buy 2 or more

Wine of the Week - Vitis Divina 2008, Donato D'Angelo, ItalyDate published: 11/01/12

£9.99 or
£8.99 when you buy 2 or more

The Vitis Divina is made from Aglianico, a rare and often overlooked grape variety, which is actually one of Italy's oldest and has the potential to produce some of their best and most interesting wines. It is mostly grown in mountainous Basilicata, one of the poorest regions in the “heel” of Southern Italy.

The wine does not disappoint, it is fresh complex and goes fantastically with Italian food. Violets and sweet spices accompany aromas of fresh black fruits on the nose, while on the palette blackberries and black cherries combine with cloves, nutmeg and a hint of rich, dark chocolate. This is all supported by wonderfully balanced acidity and sweet, soft tannins.

Try it today with rich tomato based pasta or red meat dishes.

New Year Opening HoursDate published: 30/12/11

Happy New Year! We will be resuming our normal delivery service as of Monday 2nd January. If you have more specific delivery requirements please contact us by phone.
Please be aware our opening hours over the coming weeks are as follows:

Saturday 31 December: 9.00am-5.00pm
Sunday 1 January: Closed
Monday 2 January: 10.00am-5pm
Sunday 8 January: 10 am- 5pm
Monday 9 January: 1pm- 8pm .

Christmas/New Year Delivery InformationDate published: 07/12/11

Christmas is fast approaching and delivery slots are fast filling up, although we are still able to offer a largely normal service. We recommend ordering as early as possible to guarantee your preferred delivery slot and secure stock.

Fine Wine Friday: Gevrey- Chambertin 2009, Domain Paul CroizierDate published: 02/12/11

Gevrey- Chambertin 2009, Domain Paul Croizier

Burgundy as a region has a well established history of producing great wines, going as far back as 51 BC when the Romans found the Celts inhabiting the region and already growing and producing their own wine. Written praise for the region's wine even dates back to 312 AD. With the region being based on limestone and a continental climate, it has a much more varied environment than that of Bordeaux, making successful production more temperamental. However, the Burgundian grapes have developed at special aptitude to produce fantastic wines, both red and white.

The Gevrey- Chambertin 2009, Domain Paul Croizier is made from young Pinot Noir grapes in a biodynamically framed vineyard in the very heart of Gevrey-Chambertin in the Cotes de Nuits viticultural region. True to its history, the wine is made with minimal human intervention and its native yeasts, resulting in a untainted expression of the Pinot Noir grape.

The wine boasts youthful fruity aromas of raspberry and blackberry, yet remaining strong with firm but fine tannins. The palate too does not disappoint, while being juicy and supple it has been polished and refined by 17 months in cask.

This wine partners beautifully with white meats or game birds; perfect for the festive season!!




Wine of the Week - Taylor's 10yr Old Tawny PortDate published: 19/11/11

Port was first discovered by Seventeenth Century English Wine Merchants, when punitive tax and war with France prevented usual trading routes, which led the men to Portugal and down the River Douro. Brandy was added to the wine to ensure it lasted the journey home. This particular Port is made from a blend of some of the best wines and several vintages and is aged in large wooden casks for almost all its life, which is on average 10 years. Hence how it gains it's name as Tawny, due to the colour that it takes on.

This particular port is a blend of Tinta Barocca, Touriga Francesa and Touriga Nacional. All of these grapes are considered amongst the best varieties within the Douro region.

By adding brandy to the wine, it arrests the fermenting grapes and transforms the liquid into a sweet and high in alcohol fortified wine. With strong aromas of ripe berries but with delicate undertones of nuts and chocolate, it provides a smooth and silky palate. It offers a true sense of Christmas with its flavours of figs and dried fruit.

Port best partners desserts especially ones that are based around berry fruit and dark chocolate. Rich blue cheese's are also a match made in heaven.



The Rhone Valley: An Overview part 1Date published: 19/11/11

As the Rhone and Burgundy tasting starts I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly outline the best known areas of the Nothern and Southern Rhone and highlight some of their characteristics and the differences between them.

Northern Rhone:

Most of the Rhone's biggest names are in the north and as such, they normally fetch higher prices than their southern counterparts (with the exception of Chateauneuf du Pape). The reds are, in almost every case, comprised entirely of the Syrah grape (known as shiraz elsewhere in the world). These reds can be fantastically complex and on the whole, more restrained than their New World imitators. Infact, these wines can be closer in style and complexity to Red Burgundy than Australian Shiraz. And on the white side, wines are made from either the Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne grapes. Far less white is made than red however.

The following is a list of these appellations from the furthest north to the furthest south:

Cote-Rotie - Only produces red wines of a very high quality. Unusually a small amount of Viognier is allowed in the blend (a white grape), which acts to soften and add aromatic complexity to the wines. This blend has become very popular in the New World. Cote Rotie literally translates as 'Roasted Slope'.

Condrieu - The spiritual home of the Viognier grape and produces incredibly expressive, perfumed white wine from very steep, terraced vineyards. On a personal note Guigal's 'La Doriane' Condrieu is one of the finest white wines I have ever tried.

St-Joseph - Produces both red (Syrah) and white wine (from the Marsanne and Roussanne grape varieties) and is the largest appellation both in terms of size and production. Typically it produces the fastest maturing reds of the Nothern Rhone, and probably the least celebrated. Although, at it's best can rival its more famous sibling across the river, that of Hermitage. The whites are full flavoured, unctous and display oxidative characteristics. Fantastic with a classic roast chicken or guinea fowl.

Crozes-Hermitage - The appellation extends almost 10 miles around ithe more famous Hermitage, both to the North and South. Production is focused on red with small amounts of white wine made. The reds (Syrah) come in two main styles; youthful, fruit driven styles for early drinking and more serious, complex wines that attempt to compete with Hermitage. The whites (Roussanne/Marsanne) are again, less well known but much like those of St-Joseph can be very good. Chapoutiers' Chante-Alouette is a very good example.

Hermitage - Along with Cote-Rotie and Chateauneuf-du-Pape a giant of the Rhone. Famous for the small Chapel which sits amongst it vineyards, the region is dominated by four well known producers: Jean-Louis Chave, Jaboulet, Chapoutier and Delas. The appellation makes incredibly long lived wines of a very a high quality in both red and white.

Cornas - This region makes only red wines from the syrah grape, which are famously much bigger and more rustic than others from the Northern Rhone. The region contains some very big names like; Jean-Luc Colombo and Auguste Clape.

St-Peray - Rather an anomoly, in that the region predominantly is known for it's sparkling wine, produced by the Champagne method using Roussanne and Marsanne. Some of wines can be fantastic.

The Great British Spirit offDate published: 06/09/11

At 42 Hasting Road we have been lucky enough to be able to have  a bit of a clash of two great British spirits titans on the tasting counter.

In one corner we have a local Sipsmith boys with their creamy dreamy Barley Vodka, winter warming Sloe Gin and their landmark London Dry Gin.

In another corner we have the country Chase boys fielding their scrumptious Naked Apple Gin and the tangly tasty Marmalade Vodka.

Come in and decide of yourself whether you are a rural or urban spirit drinker.. 

And now welcome the new contender...

Martin Millers is now available to try on our tasting counter. An urban Gin using a combination of Icelandic water and English Botanicals and small batch distilled in london.

Also there is an amazing offer at the moment where you get a free 4 pack of Fever Tree for every Bottle of Martin Millers Gin you buy

Think you like Rioja?Date published: 16/08/11

Think you like Rioja? Wish you understood the label? Yes? Then we're in the same boat. Fear not! This quick guide will help you to understand what you're drinking and maybe even to bluff your way through a conversation about the king of all Spanish wines.

So let's start with the basics: Rioja. Not only is this a Spanish wine of legends, but it is also a region in northern Spain where the wine of its namesake is made.

There are three grapes used typically in Rioja reds:

Tempranillo forms the basis of most Riojas. So if you feel the need to impress your fellow tasters, declare that there are flavours of ripe strawberries and plums, typical tempranillo characteristics, and you wont be far wrong.

Garnacha Tinta is often blended with Tempranillo, providing alcohol and body, as well as notes of strawberries, raspberries and white pepper. Older Garnacha based wines will also develop flavours of tobacco, toffee and even tar. This is a good thing however, promise!

Graciano is a grape that essentially provides structure to Rioja blends, ie changing its texture so that it feels richer in the mouth. It also adds to the aroma of the wine, particularly black fruits, cherries and plums.

Mazuelo provides acidity and tannins (the thing that coats your teeth). Although not obviously appealing, these two elements ensure that the wine will age well

Unlike in France, Spanish wines are made and put on sale when they are ready to be drunk. They can be kept for several years in your cellar and many will improve greatly in this time, but all can be opened and enjoyed immediately. There are four categories of Spanish wine, indicating how the wine has been made and, thus, an idea about flavours:

Joven: Literally “young”, this indicates a wine that is bottled and released the year after the gapes are picked.
Crianza: A step up from Joven, a red wine with this word on the label will have been aged for at least 24 months including 6 months minimum in small oak barrels.
Reserva: Aged for 36 months, of which 12 is spent in oak. This is usually made from the best batches of wine in good vintages (years).
Gran Reserva: The crème de la crème of Riojas, only made in exceptional vintages. The wine is aged for a minimum of 60 months before release, spending at least 18 months in oak barrels.

Storing wine can be an expensive business for producers, which means that there is an increasing scale of pricing as you move up from Joven to Gran Reserva. However, this does not mean that the Gran Reservas are always the best choice or that they will be suitable for every occasion. Au contraire, each has its place. The Joven Riojas will make easy every day drinking, not necessarily with food, whereas a Reserva would stand up well to juicy lamb and Gan Reservas almost demand to be accompanied by game.

As with all wine however, being essentially a natural,and thus somewhat unpredictable, product and due to varying techniques used by producers, the finished product can vary enormously. Two Reservas made from identical combinations of grapes may well taste quite different. So while this guide will provide you with the basics to understand the label, the only real way to fully grasp the concepts is to try as many different types as you can. Discuss them with friends or wine buff acquaintances, experiment with food and, most of all, savour each mouthful. It's a hard life...

Provence Rosé GemsDate published: 22/06/11

This fashionable summer tipple comes from a region whose turbulent past has lead to a rich culture and a rather special drink.  Provence was historically fought over by many civilisations including the Saracens, Sicilians and Catalans.  This turbulent past is reflected in the grape varieties still grown in the area, with Italy's influence particularly prominent.  A grand total of 13 grape varieties are permitted in Côtes de Provence wines including the indigenous Calitor and Italian Barbaroux aka Barbarossa. 

Money invested in the area in the 1990's as part of a push to increase standards have lead to improved wine making techniques and flavours in Provence wines.  The extra funds as well as proximity to the sea, south facing vineyards and over 300 hours of annual vineyards all contribute to the quality of this fruity fresh wine.

Regulations require that Côtes de Provence Rosé contains 20% saignée wine.  This means that red grapes are slightly crushed and left to macerate for a short time, releasing a pink juice that is later blended with other wines to create optimum flavour.  Grapes most commonly used are Cinsault and Grenache, but keep an eye out for Tibouren which adds real interest! 

Our suggestions:

Commanderie de Peyrassol 2010
Domaines Ott 2010.

These wines are packed with refreshing acidity, complexity and summer red berry notes, perfect for you summer barbecues. 

Team Ealing's "Have you met this Grape?" Date published: 17/05/11


Arneis is a very attractive little Italian white grape
Roero is the region it originates from, in Piedmont
Not to be underestimated, it produces dry, delicate, dreamy wines
Elegant aromas of citrus fruit are entwined with spring flowers
Invite your friends over and introduce them too
Serve with seafood or salads

Marco Porello makes a great Roero Arneis. With the Italian multibuy offer, this super summery white works out at only £7.99. Give it a whirl if you fancy a change from Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

Team Ealing's "Have you met this Grape?" This Month: Mencia Date published: 24/03/11

Although it rarely makes its way to the UK, Mencia has been used for wine-making in Spain for a number of years. Until recently it has been a case of quantity over quality, with high yielding vines producing light, relatively fragrant wines with no ageing potential. The good news is that the situation is rapidly changing and Mencia is beginning to be used to make unusual and interesting quality wines.

Mencia is predominantly grown in Ribiera Sacra and Bierzo, two sub-regions of Galacia, traditionally a very poor region of Spain. Today however the wine industry is beginning to flourish with the coastal region of Biaxas producing some excellent white wines from the floral Albarino grape. Ribiera Sacra and Bierzo are further inland, away from the cooling influence of the Atlantic ocean and therefore warmer and better suited for growing red grape varieties, and it is here Mencia is grown on steep vineyards made up of mainly schist soils where the vines are carefully managed to avoid yields becoming too high. This careful cultivation helps produce quality grapes and allows Mencia to fulfil its potential.

Majestic has a great example of the Mencia grape, the 2008 Pétalos Bierzo, Descendientes de J. Palacios, a balanced, aromatic wine with violet aromas on the nose and black cherry and cassis fruit on the palate as well as subtle oak flavours. The wine is made by Alvaro Palacios, one of a group of winemakers who started producing world class wines in the Priorat region in the late 80s, and who is now succeeding in turning what was once an underused grape from a poor region in Spain into a fantastic wine.

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