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Store News(379)

Sauvignon BlancDate published: 16/04/14

Sauvignon Blanc is a white grape variety that prefers moderate or cool climate, where it can retain a refreshing acidity, together with the classic green, herbaceous and tropical fruit flavours.

It is widely planted in New Zealand and Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France.

In general Sauvignon Blanc is not oaked and should be consumed young. Oak is sometimes used to give the wine extra body and character, particularly in the USA, where it is often labelled as Fumé Blanc.

An aged Sauvignon Blanc will develop a green vegetable character, displaying notes of asparagus and peas, which some people enjoy.

The most successful of the classic regions is definitely Marlborough, New Zealand. Here a distinction can be made between the Awatere valley, where it is dryer and cooler and the resulting wines have higher acidity and a distinct tomato character; and the Wairau valley, where Sauvignon Blancs go from pronounced caspicum flavours (in the north) to ripe tropical flavours (in the south).

A wonderful and atypical New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc we have in stock is Cloudy Bay Te Koko from the Marlborough region.

Together with oak ageing and batonnage (lees-stirring) the wine is also fermented with wild yeast and the outcome is a complex Sauvignon Blanc, packed with tropical fruit, almond, citrus and a hint of smoke. It would go beautifully with roast turkey.

In general, Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley is vinified in a way that avoids accentuating any excessive herbaceous or fruit character, resulting in a more restrained style of wine.

Sancerre and Puilly Fumé are the most famous (and expensive) appellations of the region. An elegant example is Sancerre Comte Lafond 2012 Ladoucette.

But for a budget choice, look for Quincy, Reuilly and Menetou-Salon, appellations that tend to be very good value for money in the region.

Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire tend to go very well with goat cheese (we tried it in store many times in our free wine course).

Try Reuilly 2012 Henri Beurdin.


AIX Rose DOUBLE MagnumsDate published: 16/04/14

AIX Rose DOUBLE Magnums

What a way to start a party, a double magnum of rose.

Unashamedly vibrant and summery, with a bright pink colour and a delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit.

A superb choice for any event, and the perfect match for canapés or seafood.

Give it a go for just £50.00!

Easter Weekend Opening HoursDate published: 16/04/14

For Easter Weekend we will be operating different opening hours:

Friday 18th April - 10am-8pm

Saturday 19th April - 9am-7pm

Sunday 20th April - CLOSED

Monday 21st April - 10am-5pm 

The fine wine planDate published: 15/04/14

The Fine Wine Plan.

Ever thought about buying wine Fine Wine En Primeur?  Many fine wines are offered "En Primeur" (before they have been bottled by the producer and are still resting in barrel) and "In Bond" (exclusive of duty and VAT). 

Majestic's partner company Lay & Wheeler offer a fine wine plan which is a simple and effective way to gradually build your own fine wine collection for as little as £50 per month.  Some of the benefits of buying En Primeur with Lay & Wheeler include:

•  Storage at Vinotéque, a specialist wine-dedicated bonded warehouse.

•  Expert advice from knowledgeable and passionate staff.

•  An exciting and ever-evolving range.

•  Bordeaux and Burgundy En Primeur and fine wines from Champagne , Rioja, Tuscany and Piedmont in good vintages.

For more information please visit http://www.layandwheeler.com

Great value redDate published: 15/04/14

Mas des Montagnes 2011 Côtes du Roussillon Villages

This estate is owned by Nicolas and Miren Lorgeril, renowned Languedoc vignerons, and direct descendants of Cabardès' Pennautier family. This region has terraced slopes of schist, limestone and granite, and is hence an exceptional terroir, sought after by many winemakers.

Vivid crimson in colour, with a nose dominated by the Grenache's jammy raspberry aromas. On the palate, the Syrah and Carignan add some spice and tannin, resulting in a well structured and racy wine.

Serve with some lamb chops, well seasoned and sprinkled with thyme.


Sambrooks WandleDate published: 15/04/14

Named after the River Wandle, this is a sunshine gold ale that has a sweetness cut by a delicate lingering hoppy bitterness. Enjoy as an aperitif or with a roast chicken dinner.

£25.20 for a case of 12, as part of our bottled ale multibuy deal.

Sambrooks JunctionDate published: 15/04/14

Named after Clapham Junction, the brewery's local station, this is a rich and smooth amber ale with a satisfying malty background. The finish is balanced by English hops which add subtle spicy notes.

A classic match for bangers and mash, or how about lamb chops?

£25.20 for a case of 12 as part of our bottled ales multibuy deal.

Sambrooks pumphouse pale aleDate published: 15/04/14

Named after the pump house in nearby Battersea park, this is a light, zesty beer with a wonderful citrus aroma due to the combination of New Zealand Hallertau and Celeia hop varieties.

Try with a cheese Ploughman's, or spaghetti carbonara.

Great QuotesDate published: 15/04/14

'I could not conjure up one melancholy fancy upon a mutton chop and a glass of champagne.'

- Jerome K. Jerome, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

Great QuotesDate published: 15/04/14

'Wine is the glass of the mind.'


Did you know?Date published: 15/04/14

Germany consumes more sparkling wine per capita than any other country in the world.

Great QuotesDate published: 15/04/14

'Rhine wine, fine wine'

German Proverb

Great QuotesDate published: 15/04/14

'A pint of old Port and a devilled biscuit can hurt no man.'

-R. S. Surtees, Handley Cross

Great QuotesDate published: 15/04/14

'Wine is one of the noblest cordials in nature.'

-John Wesley

Great QuotesDate published: 15/04/14

'Let us drink to have wit, not to destroy it.'

-Panard, 18th Century French poet

The ugly ducklingDate published: 15/04/14

El Patito Feo, or 'the Ugly Duckling' is a reference to Navarra's perceived lack of status compared with Rioja, its more famous and celebrated neighbour. This wine demonstrates that Navarra is also more than capable of creating beautiful, swan-like wines.

The nose is fruity and ripe, with a lifted floral perfume and hints of spice. The palate displays bright, with good ripeness and taut, medium weight tannins.

Enjoy with spicy pork dishes...maybe even duck?

Easter Opening hoursDate published: 15/04/14

The opening hours for the Easter weekend are as follows:

Friday 18th April - usual opening hours 10am - 8pm

Saturday 19th April - usual opening hours 9am - 7pm

Sunday 20th April - Closed

Monday 21st April -10am - 5pm

Brooklyn BreweryDate published: 15/04/14

Brooklyn Brewery is a microbrewery based in Brooklyn in New York City. It was started in 1987 by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter. Hindy learned to brew beer during a six-year stay in various Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia and Syria. Upon his return to his home in Brooklyn in 1984, he and Potter, his downstairs neighbour from Park Slope, quit their jobs and founded the brewery.

The pair hired graphic designer Milton Glaser, best known as the creator of the logo for the I Love New York campaign, to create the company logo and identity. Glaser received a share in the company in return.

Originally all their beer was brewed by contract by Matt Brewing Company, and the pair started their own distribution company and personally transported and marketed their beer to bars and retailers around New York City. In 1996, they acquired a former matzo factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and converted it into a functional brewery.

Although the brewery looked to expand its brewing capacity in the City, originally most of the production, including all Brooklyn Lager and all bottled products, were brewed by contract in the upstate New York city of Utica, due to the limited ability to meet demand at the Williamsburg brewery, its lack of a bottling line, and the cost benefits of contract brewing. The company later sought to expand its facilities in Brooklyn, but had difficulty finding a suitable site within the borough. However, an economic recession allowed them to remain in Williamsburg and undertake a $6.5 million expansion of the brewery in 2009.

Since 1994, Garrett Oliver has been the Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster. He had first been appointed brewmaster at the Manhattan Brewing Company of New York in 1993 where he began brewing professionally as an apprentice in 1989. In 2003 he published the book "The Brewmaster's Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food". Garrett has also been a judge at the Great American Beer Festival for eleven years.

This beer is currently on our craft beer offer £12.99 per 6 pack or buy any two 6 pack's and pay £9.99 per pack. The offer includes Einstock Icelandic White Ale, Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco, Underdog Atlantic Lager from Maryland, and Punk IPA from our friends north of the border, Brew Dog.

Wine of the Week Grand Faurie La RoseDate published: 12/04/14

Château Grand Faurie La Rose 2009 St-Emilion Grand Cru

Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Franc


This wine comes from a small, established château to the north of St. Emilion, which today is under the same ownership as the neighbouring Château Larmande. The area has St. Emilion's trademark sand and limestone soils.

A medium-bodied claret, with a pleasantly spicy and mature nose, with hints of leather and clove against a backdrop of bramble and dried prune fruit, framed by fine-grained tannins on the palate.

Drink with roast beef or lamb.

This excellent St-Emilion is back in stock and on our Fine Wine deal, just £18 when you buy any 2 fine wines on the deal. (£23 single bottle price)

Easter Opening HoursDate published: 12/04/14

Please have a look at our opening hours over the Easter weekend so you don't have to face the disappointment of turning up and finding us closed! 

Friday 18th April - usual opening hours  10am - 8pm

Saturday 19th April - usual opening hours 9am - 7pm

Sunday 20th April - CLOSED

Monday 21st April - Bank holiday hours  10am - 5pm

We look forward to seeing you stocking up for Easter Lunch and the Bank holiday weekend!! Fingers crossed it will be Rose weather!! 

Peroni or Pilsner???Date published: 12/04/14

We have two cracking deals on our most popular lagers this Easter with both Peroni and Pilsner Urquell at £24 for a case of 24. 

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the best-selling Italian premium lager worldwide, with its distinctive, intensely crisp and refreshing character.
Brewed in Italy since 1963 Peroni Nastro Azzurro captures the Italian spirit: a passion for life, authenticity and quality.
The approach to making this premium Italian beer is inspired by Italy’s’ creative spirit and flair:

 In 1842, visionary brew master Josef Groll created the world’s first clear golden beer with a delicately balanced taste of noble hop bitterness and unique caramel sweetness. 

To date, this distinctive, full-bodied taste remains the true taste of Pilsner, still brewed according to the original recipe.

Pilsner Urquell tastes as good as the very first with the same quality ingredients and essentially the same brewing process uncompromised since 1842. Every batch is tasted against Pilsner Urquell that has been made with the traditional equipment. This way, the beers stays exactly the way it was meant to taste.

Over indulge in Oak...Date published: 12/04/14

We all love a fruity wine. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, aromatics from Alsace, lovely light New World Reds, the list goes on. But for me, so many of the wines that really get my tastebuds tingling, the wines that made me fall in love with wine in the first place, have spent time in oak.

I just love some of the flavours that a new oak barrel can coax out of wine, partnering the bright red fruit of Rioja with sumptuous vanilla, the blackcurrant crunch of great Bordeaux with layers of cedarwood, cigar-box and spice. Put simply, I believe that oaked wine achieves a textural and flavour complexity that fruit-forward wine, for all its deliciousness can only aspire to.

And the good news is we have some fantastic deals on oaked wine in store right now.

I'm going to start off with a classic: The Vina Eguia Rioja Gran Reserva. It was Rioja that first opened my eyes to wine, and thanks to bottles like this I will always come back to Spain. To be a Rioja Gran Reserva wine has to spend a minimum of two years in oak casks and a further 3 maturing in bottle before release, so this is smooth as silk and bursting with vanilla and sweet spice flavours. At its current price of £8.99 you just won't find a better Rioja Gran Reserva for the money. An absolute winner!

Not to be outdone, the New World is also doing great things with oak. Case in point is the Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon from Santa Rita. This wine really achieves a beautiful balance of fruit and oak, oozing classic Chilean Cabernet notes of blackcurrant with a touch of mint, whilst oak-induced spices abound. A brilliant inclusion in our Pick-and-Mix deal for March at £7.99, this is a must for Claret lovers looking to try something new.

Oak's not all about Red Wine though. The classic example would be top Burgundian Chardonnay, but for great value it's worth looking around a bit. We have a great selection of creamy, oaky Chardonnays to rival the Cote de Beaune, but the one I keep coming back to is the L'Etoile De Begude. Creamy butter and bags of hazelnut and almond accompany the crisp, fresh fruit that this wine offers. Down to £11.99 this is a match for Burgundies at more than twice the price.

Of course, I'm also a Whisky boy, and whilst oak is important to wine it is far more integral to the old Aqua Vitae, so I can't finish this article without throwing in my current top pick for Scotch. The Whisky I'm making my way through this month is the Glenfiddich 12 year old, and whilst you may all shout words like 'boring' and 'mainstream' there really is a reason why this is the best selling single malt whisky in the world. A beautiful marriage of whisky from both American Bourbon and Spanish Sherry casks this has it all - Sweet vanilla, nuts and a good helping of apples and pears. So why not treat yourself? Remember, Whisky isn't just for Christmas!

Whether you're another stalwart of oak-aged alcohol or are looking to try something different, why not come along and explore our range. I'm always happy to talk about all things vinous, and would love to help you find a new favourite!

Rose time!Date published: 12/04/14

Time for Rose

Rose wines

The sun has got his hat on and it is time to crack open the Rose – but which style is for you? Whether it be dry, sweet or sparkling we have just the thing for you!

M de Minuty Rosé 2013 Côtes de Provence - £9.99 when you buy 2+ bottles

Pale honeysuckle pink, and offering a clean nose of citrus fruit, offset by subtle floral and candied notes. Fresh acidity makes for an incisive and lively palate, with a rounded feel.

AIX Rosé 2013 Coteaux d'Aix en Provence

Magnum - £19.99

Double Magnum - £50.00

Vibrant and summery, with a bright pink colour and a delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe fruit. Perfect for a party!

Pizarras de Otero Rosé 2013 Bierzo - £7.49 when you buy 2+ bottles

A vivid, deeply coloured rosé, with an intense raspberry and redcurrant character and leafy undertones. Firmly structured, with well-balanced acidity, good grip and a crisp finish.

Black Cottage Rosé 2013 Marlborough - £9.99 when you buy 2+ bottles

Pale salmon pink, this wine has a gentle and attractive nose of ripe red berries and subtle spice. Light and refreshing, the delicate fruit and crisp acidity fade to a clean, dry finish.

La Grille Rosé d'Anjou 2012 Gwenaël Guihard - £7.99

Bottled with a light natural spritz, the wine has a refreshing, summery zing. Strawberry and hints of peach fill the palate, with their flavours brought out by the wine's laid-back, off-dry demeanour.

Peroni DealDate published: 12/04/14



£24 for 24x33cl case

 An intensely crisp and refreshing lager with an unmistakable touch of Italian style brewed in Italy to the original recipe conceived in 1963.
Crisp and lightly sparkling, its unique taste is refreshing and dry with a clear-cut, clean character.

Cometa del SurDate published: 12/04/14

New Arrival - El Cometa del Sur Blanco 2013 Terra Alta

Grape ; Garnatxa Blanca

A light straw colour with hints of green, this is a youthful and delicate wine, offering white pear and apricot flavours and gentle floral aromas. Soft acidity and remarkable body.

Best served alongside simple tapas such as anchovies or grilled squid.

Price; £6.74 when you buy at least 2 bottles

CHAUTARDE ROSEDate published: 12/04/14

Domaine La Chautarde Rosé 2013 Côteaux Varois en Provence


Grenache, Syrah-Shiraz, Cinsault, Carignan


Domaine La Chautarde is located near the city of Brignoles in Provence, and is a vast 245ha estate of pine and oak forests, olive groves, and vineyards covering 32ha. The soil type here is known as 'argilo-calcaire', which is a limestone-rich clay.


A light, dry and fruity rosé, with strawberry, red cherry flavours accompanying more subtle flavours of watermelon and nectarine. Soft acidity and delicate juiciness make for a refreshed palate.


Great on its own, or as a refreshing foil for 'pissaladière' (Provençale onion and anchovy tart).

Domaine La Chautarde Rosé 2013 Côteaux Varois en Provence is only £6.66 when bought with any other wine from our Easter Pick N Mix! (£9.99 single bottle price)

Wirra WirraDate published: 12/04/14

Wirra Wirra

“Wirra Wirra” is an aboriginal name meaning “amongst the gum trees”. The vineyards were originally established back in 1894 by Australian eccentric and cricketer Robert Strangeways Wigley. It ran into disrepair and was abandoned until 1969 when Greg Trott took it upon himself to rebuild the winery from the remnants of two walls and some slate fermenting tanks.

It is a rather unique winery. It has a ¾ tonne bell, The Angleus Bell, that rings to mark the start and finish of each vintage as well as for random fun. It also has a ginat outdoor “bush” sculpture of a cricket bat, ball and stumps.

They also celebrate in crazy ways. To celebrate their late “second founders” birthday they hurl watermelons into the vineyard from a giant medieval siege machine, a trebuchet. They also acknowledge Australia's most famous equestrian race by running around the grounds astride a broomstick topped with a cut-out horse head

Explore Taylors PortDate published: 12/04/14

Made from Tinta Barocca, Touriga Francesa and Touriga Nacional it has been aged for almost all its life in large wood casks. It is also made from a blend of some of the best wines from several vintages. 

I love its rich, silky taste. There's figs, dates, nuts, and ripe berry fruits on the palate. It's smooth with a long finish. 

Interesting fact of the day!Date published: 26/03/14

In the United States,  vineyard regions are classified according to a system developed by scientists Manyard Amerine and A.J. Winkler. Their work was based on the research of the 19th century French scientist, A.P. de Candolle, who found that vines began to grow each spring after the air temperature avaerages 50oF. In 1944, winkler and Amerine, working at the University of California-Davis, drew up a regional climatic classification based on the total number of degrees accumulated during the seven months that the vine grows. It is sometimes criticised for is oversimplification, but the system is widely used in reference material on the subject. Thus, Level 1 regions have less than 2,500 "degree-days" per season; those and Level 2, between 2,501 and 3,000 degree-days, those at Level 3, between 3,001 and 3,500 degree-days, those at Level 4, between 3,5001 and 4,000 degree-days; and those at Level5 accumulate more that 4,000 degree-days. As a guide, the average Bordeaux climate is considered to be around Levels 2 or 3. 

Aix provence roseDate published: 26/03/14

The last few mornings I have walked to work in the sunshine and that has already got me thinking about the hopefully long hot spring and summer to come. This of course means rose! Having long lived by the phrase "If something is worth doing it is worth doing properly!" what better way than with a magnum or indeed double magnum of Provence rose! 

Made from Grenache, Cinsault, Shiraz this award-winning wine from one of the region's largest and most prestigious wineries, Domaine de la Grande Séouve, who have established AIX as perhaps the definitive Provence rosé. 

Boldly brought to you in a party-ready magnum! Unashamedly vibrant and summery, with a bright pink colour and a delicate balance of crisp acidity and soft, ripe summer fruit. A superb choice for any event, and the perfect match for canapés or seafood.

Only £19.99 for a Magnum!

Wedding planningDate published: 26/03/14

Need to get your wine, beer, spirits, sparkle and soft drinks for your wedding? But don't know where to start?

Feel free to come in store and speak to a member of staff. They will be happy  to give guidance on:

- The best wines to please your guests

- Help you choose the best wines that will compliment your food choices

- Quanities of wine that you will need

- The best 'sparkling' deals: Champagne, Prosecco, Cava

Other services we provide to make planning your day hassle and care free:

- Free Delivery 

- Free Glass Hire, Chiller Bins and Ice Buckets are also avaliable (deposits are required)

- Sale and Return

We look forward to seeing you soon

Food and wine matching!Date published: 26/03/14

For all you food lovers out there this is a brief summary of some of the rules to follow when trying to come up with the best wine to match your favourite dishes.

1.) Match acidity with acidity

For acidic foods such as fresh tomato salads, fruit salads and any rich tomato sauces it is best to balance the acidity in the food with a wine that is equally high in acidity. Therefore the perfect match for these type of foods would be Sauvignon Blanc whether it is a punchy New Zealand option, something a little bit different from South Africa or the slightly more restrained style found in the Sancerre region.

2) Matching acidity with fat

Acidity in wine can also help to balance a dish that is relatively high in fat. Therefore meat dishes such as pate, pork belly and duck work perfectly with a light red such as a Pinot Noir. Alternatively why not try the classic food combination that this rule follows which is fish and chips with a glass of Champagne.

3) Matching foods with wines of the same region

In many of the traditional wine making regions food and wine have evolved side by side and therefore the wines often work best with the traditional dishes of the region that the wine has been designed to be drunk with. Some of the classic examples of this are as follows:

Olives with dry Sherry

Goats cheese with Sancerre or Pouilly Fume

Smoked salmon with Chablis

Lasagne with Italian reds

Chorizo and other cured meats with Rioja

High protein food such as strong cheeses and rich meat dishes with Claret

4) The perfect match for a dessert

Whether you are having a rich chocolaty dessert or a cheese board at the end of the meal there is a wine option to keep everybody happy. The obvious choice for a chocolate based dessert would be a sweet desert wine where the sweetness of the wine complements perfectly the sweetness in the food so that one flavour does not overpower the other. For those of you however who are not a fan of desert wine why not try chocolate based deserts with a glass of Shiraz? The richness and intensity of the wine will give it a black forest gateaux like effect and still works extremely well.

It may not sound like a match made in heaven to everybody, but for those of you who enjoy the combination of sweet and savoury together, rich blue cheeses can also work fantastically with a glass of sweet desert wine. For me personally I think this combination is divine so why not give it a go and see what you think?

Equally blue cheese works very well with the classic match of Port or other rich reds such as a Shiraz and makes a very enjoyable end to a meal.

For more food and wine matching ideas feel free to come in and ask our expert staff or sign up to one of our free wine tasting tutorials held in store by calling and booking your place today

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc offer!Date published: 26/03/14

Short Term Deal

Offer Ends Monday 31st 

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc

If you like The Ned then this wine should hit the spot! Made from a blend of 32 separate parcels to insure the best possible quality. The wine displays a rich tropical nose with youthful aromas of lime, lemongrass and green herbs whilst the palate is packed full of gooseberry and citrus.

All for a shockingly good £6.66*

*When you buy any 2 wines from our pick and mix range. 

Ravenswood Zinfandel Offer!Date published: 26/03/14

Ravenswood Lodi Zinfandel 2011 Lodi County

Lodi, in the Northern part of California's Central Valley, is known as the Zinfandel Capital of the World. Home to mature vine Zinfandel plantings in well-drained sandy soils, produce powerful and extractive wines that underline Ravenswood's 'No Wimpy Wines' motto.

Bursting with concentrated sweet blueberry, plums and spice aromas. Bright and fruity with soft, ripe roundness and well balanced acidity, filled with vanilla and toasted spices that linger on the finish.

A pleasure to drink by itself or with flavourful duck dishes. lamb or a cheese platter. Enjoy over the next four years.

Pick 'n' Mix any 2 bottles save 33.3% = £6.66

ViognierDate published: 22/03/14

A grape variety that many have heard of, many may not have heard of, and that many may struggle to pronounce:

- Pronounced vee-ohn-yay - and is the only white grape permitted in the making of the very famous Condrieu from Rhone.

- Legend has it that Emperor Probus brought it to the Rhone region in 281AD

- Once very common, plantations dwindled until 1965, when there was only 8acres producing around 2000 litres of wine a year. Since then the popularity has increased.

-In terms of taste, wines made from the Viognier grape vary greatly depending on the region and country they are from. Natually low in acidity, with floral scented, apricot, peach and honeysuckle notes. 

Read it? Try it!

McManis Viognier, California

Rich, fruit driven, perfect with roast chicken!

£10.99 when you buy 2+ bottles

Santa Rita 120 Viognier, Chile

Lively, crisp, notes of pineapple and apricot!

£6.99 when you buy 2+

Are you a Business customer?Date published: 22/03/14

Do you own or manage your own business? Are you looking to change supplier? Do you want more flxibility?

If the answer is YES then you might want to consider a Majestic Wine account facility.

We are looking for independent restaurants, hotels, pubs & bars in the surrounding areas. Majestic have years of experience looking after our business customers and understand meeting their needs is paramount.

Benefits include:

Unrivaled expertise and competitive pricing

An extensive range

Exclusive labels for the on-trade

Staff training

Food and wine matching advice

Wine list production service

Flexible delivery 7 days a week

Friendly and helpful staff

Are you interested or need more information?

TEL: 02078199796

Email: bat@majestic.co.uk

Or pop into our branch and a member of the team will be happy to help:

334 Queenstown road, Battersea, SW84LZ

Mother's Day Gift IdeasDate published: 18/03/14

Can't think of what to get ol' mumsy for that special day?  Or if you're like me, and you've forgotten completely and need something a little last minute

Look no further: http://www.majestic.co.uk/mothers-day-wine-gifts

Deal of the Week - Villa Maria Sauvignon BlancDate published: 18/03/14

Deal of the week 

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough's long sunny days and cool climate leads to a long ripening season and a unique combination of very ripe fruit alongside fresh acidity. Villa Maria is an acclaimed family owned producer with an unwavering dedication to excellence.

A medley of intense, ripe herbaceous characters on the nose, followed by rich gooseberry, lime and tropical fruit characteristics on the palate.

A fantastic apéritif which will equally match all manner of seafood.

£7.98 (25% off)

New Arrival: Viñalba Fifty 50 2012 Tupungato, Domaine VinalbaDate published: 18/03/14


Bordeaux winemaker Hervé Fabre made his name from Malbec, having been the first to make a single-varietal Malbec in Argentina. This wine is a 50/50 blend of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina's 'other' great Bordeaux-sourced grape.


Typically intense and vibrant, full of inky violet colour, with a juicy damson and blackcurrant backbone characterising both nose and palate. Toasty oak influence adds a touch of complexity.


Perfect with a juicy roast leg of lamb.

Single Bottle = £11.99 OR Buy 2 bottles save £6 = £8.99

Puy de DomeDate published: 01/03/14

Puy de Dôme is a commune within the Auvergene region to the south of Loire, and it is named after the large volcanic dome that is the local landmark. Both the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are grown on granitic soils, with the Chardonnay being grown at 570m above sea level and the Pinot Noir between 350-550m.


A tightly structured unoaked Chardonnay, displayed soft-edges acidity and citrus fruit character, intriguingly nutty complexity and a profound minerality. This Chardonnay will enhance almost any white fish dish and is only 

Pinot Noir:

This Pinot Noir is characterised by its superb purity of fruit, exhibiting ripe redcurrant, raspberry and cherry flavours, with a softness and harmony from a year's maturation without oak. This Pinot Noir can be enjoyed best with chicken liver pate or any cold cuts of meat.

Timothy TaylorDate published: 01/03/14

12x500ml, 4.1% abv

When it comes to brewing beer, Timothy Taylor's has one of the best reputations around. He started brewing in Keighley, West Yorkshire way back in 1858. It is still a family run business to this day. 

'Landlord' is their classic Pale Ale and is made using Pennine water from the wells at Knowle spring. It contains some of the finest Golden Promise barley malt and the very best whole leaf hops.

Why not visit us in store and treat yourself to a couple of cases?

Cabernet FrancDate published: 28/02/14

Cabernet Franc is a black grape grown all over the world, but is best known for its role in Bordeaux. It looks similar to Cabernet Sauvignon and does share some characteristics. It is at its best in the vineyards of St-Emillion and Pomerol, where Cabernet Sauvignon does not dominate the blend. In the Medoc, it makes up just 10 per cent of vineyard plantings. It is still one of the great black grapes of Bordeaux and it is very important in the blend. The grape has an less tannin and colour than Cabernet Sauvignon and matures earlier. It can bring a slightly earthy character to a wine and is very aromatic, but with a bit less intensity on the palate than Caberet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc is also grown widely in north-east Italy and most New World countries.

Majestic winesDate published: 28/02/14

Majestic specialises in selling brilliant wine by the case. We believe wine – whether you’re buying it or selling it, and especially when you’re drinking it – should be full of fun.

There are plenty of places where you can buy decent wine. What gets us really excited is interesting wine – the wines you taste that are just a little special. They’re difficult to find in the supermarkets but we’ve got hundreds of them for you to explore, and we don’t want you to pay over the odds to find them. Majestic makes interesting affordable, so everyone can enjoy it.

We live and breathe wine, and we taste our fair share too. We love to share our knowledge with people and help them to discover and explore new wines, and we always tell it straight. None of us could ever recommend a wine we didn’t believe in.

Naturally, we think experimenting with wines is a good idea. We’ve never fallen in love with a wine so much that we’d stop trying new ones. And it’s how we run our business. Majestic doesn’t stand still; we’re always trying new ideas and looking for the next big thing in wine. That’s how we stay one step ahead of the competition.

Come and explore your local Majestic. 

Rich Succulent Red!Date published: 23/02/14

Rich Succulent Red!

Emilio Moro 2010 Ribera del Duero

Coming from a selection of vineyards between 15 and 25 years of age this wine spends 50% French and 50% American oak for 12 months prior to bottling. The Tempranillo clones are old and pure here, known as Tinto Fino.

Real intensity on the palate, with layers of concentrated blackberry, toasted herbs, smoke and vanilla. Full-bodied and a long length, the remarkably integrated, ripe tannins give a firm structure.

Enjoy now if you like modern interpretations of Tempranillo, or age over the following 6-8 years to soften the fruit and spices.

£18.99 or £14.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles

Bargain Bouquets - Wines under £6Date published: 23/02/14

Bargain Bouquets - Single bottles under £6

Here are our top 6 for under £6...

Torres Vina Sol 2012, Catalunya, Spain, 11.5% £5.99
Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Central Valley, Chile, 13.5% £5.99
San Marco Frascati Secco 2012, Italy, 12.5% £5.99

Alain Grignon Carignan Vielles Vignes 2012, PGI Pays de L'Herault, France, 12.5% £5.99
Mont Saint Jean 2012, Corbieres, France, 13% £5.99
La Serrana Tempranillo 2012, Spain, 13% £4.99

Wine of the Week - Grand Ardèche Chardonnay 2012Date published: 23/02/14

Wine of the Week

Grand Ardèche Chardonnay 2012 Louis Latour

£10.99 Buy 2 save £2 = £9.99

The climate in the Ardèche, to the west of Rhône, certainly suits Chardonnay. Couple this terroir with Louis Latour's Burgundian expertise and the result is in the style of Meursault. It is treated as if it were grown in one of the Grand Cru vineyards of the Côte-d’Or.

Yellow-green in colour, with a subtle nose of vanilla. On the palate there are ripe apple and peach fruits with a nutty, buttery creamy texture and notes of vanilla and spice. A powerful and complex wine.

Try with roast chicken or turkey with dauphinoise potatoes.

Ruta40 Malbec 2011Date published: 23/02/14

Ruta40 Malbec 2011

I had the Ruta 40 Malbec 2011 the other night with a BBQ'd sirloin steak, dauphinoisepotatoes and peppercorn corn sauce. It had an intense, deep and brilliant ruby colour and a very expressive nose with notes of roses, dense bramble fruit and blackpepper. It finished with good length and juicines and had a fine tannic structure.

Ruta 40 represent a number of high-quality Mendoza wineries, offering exclusive bottlings of selected small-volume wines. This wine is made by Bodega Antucura, who make this hand-selected Malbec under French winemaker Herve Chagneau. 

Currently priced at £15 per bottle when you buy 2 or more and part of our Fine wine deal.

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc is BackDate published: 23/02/14

Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc (2013) is back! 

Founded in 2009 by former Cloudy Bay winemaker Kevin Judd, Greywacke has quickly established a reputation as one of the best producers in Marlborough. Pronounced 'grey-wacky' it is named after the sedimentary rock which characterises much of the soil in the estates vineyard.

The 2013 vintage has recently arrived in stock. This wine is consistently one of our most popular wines and sells very quickly. At £16.99 on a multi-buy deal it represents great value for money.
Only £16.99 (when you buy two or more bottles as part of a mixed case)
£19.99- single bottle price.

Bellingham EstateDate published: 23/02/14

For any fans of South African wines, now is the time to our store in Stevenage to take advantage of our special offer. One of our favourite South African producers at the moment is the fantastic Bellingham Estate; and right now they have something for everyone. If, like us, you enjoy discovering new and exciting wines then you should give the new Bellingham Mocha Java Merlot a try. At £6.99 a bottle when you buy 2 or more, this is one of the best value reds we have at the moment. As the name suggests, this wine has a wonderful kick of coffee and chocolate which gives an added complexity to the well-rounded fruitiness of the Merlot. The extra spiciness makes this a perfect wine to be drinking as the weather gets colder, but the soft fruitiness is great for those who refuse to believe that the summer is over.

We also have plenty of old favourites from Bellingham at Majestic. Our favourite South African wine pound for pound is the stunning Bernard Series Chenin Blanc. At £9.99 a bottle, this represents great value for money on what is a fantastic quality wine. The 12 months oak ageing has given this wine a buttery, creamy flavour that combines perfectly with the medley of tropical and citrus fruits. The length of this wine ensures that you will be remembering it long after you finish the bottle. The rich, full-bodied style of this wine makes it another perfect bottle for the winter months. If however, you prefer a more aromatic style then the Bernard Series Viognier is the wine for you. A similar rich, buttery taste but with the extra kick of aromatic spices and cloves. This is a very well balanced, rounded wine that would be a great match with creamy seafood dishes. Also at £9.99 at the moment, you will not be disappointed.

Finally, for anyone feeling particularly adventurous we have the rich and powerful Bernard Series Pinotage. Pinotage is a crossing between Pinot Noir and Cinsault and usually produces medium bodied quaffing wines. This particular Pinotage however, is a full-bodied, powerful wine with intense damson and black cherry fruit flavours, backed up by savoury aromas of smoked meat and truffles. Currently at £11.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles, this is a great wine if you're looking to treat yourself to something a bit different. 

chapel down curious brewDate published: 23/02/14

Beers in the Spotlight: Curious Brew Lager, Chapel Down. 

Region: Kent, England

Tasting Notes: Vivid gold in the glass, the nose is packed with floral andstone fruit aromas. Like any good Champagne this wine has citrus and biscuit flavours that are enhanced by a refreshing bitterness.

ABV:4.7%Hops: Casacde, Saaz and Nelson Sauvin 

Origin: From Chapel down winery in Kent this is an awardwinning beer. The product of two fermentations, this beerreceives not only a "dosage" of Champagne yeast in itssecond fermentation but a shot of Nelson Sauvin hops,famed for their intense aromas.

Enjoy: Cold on a hot sunny day with barbecued meats and fish.

Rioja ageingDate published: 23/02/14

Rioja Ageing

If you love Riojas and have a preference on the style you would usually look out for then here is a little guide of oak and bottle ageing.

If you love Spanish reds that are vibrant, full of plum fruit flavours and have a hint of vanilla then a Crianza is the one for you.

The minimum time in oak is anything between 6-12 months and in bottle it's another 12 months giving it a grand total of 24 months before it's realised.

Reservas are great as they have a bit of both worlds (Crianza and Gran Reserva) as you still get the youthful fruit flavours, but you will get a slightly more oaky flavour also. This is because Reservas minimum in oak is 12-18 months with an extra 24 months in bottle.

Gran Reservas are for the Rioja lovers who enjoy heavily oaked, dried fruit characters with the more softer approach on the finished product. Gran Reserva will have a minimum of 18+ months in oak and an extra 3 and a half years in bottle.

Now it's time to venture out to your closest Majestic and pick up a couple of bottles of different aged Riojas to choose your favourite.

Bordeaux vintage guideDate published: 23/02/14

Bordeaux Vintage guide

A fantastic vintage, often overlooked in comparison to the 1996. Uniform 
quality and consistency across the appellations.

Fantastic vintage, especially on the Left Bank, as Cabernet Sauvignon 
dominant wines excelled. Often described as 'Backward' due to success and 
propensity of intensely concentrated and tannic Cabernet Sauvignon based 

A 'Light' and 'Forward Drinking' vintage, blighted at en primeur due to 
excessive prices charged by Châteaux.

One of the great vintages for Right bank wines and excellent Graves. Often 
overlooked in comparison to 2000, but many St. Emilion wines are superior. 
On the Left bank comparisons were made to the 1988, with hard tannins early 
on before the wines put on weight and fleshed out over time.

Sandwiched between one of the greatest right bank years and an excellent 
vintage all over, when many things that could go wrong went right, 1999 was 
the converse. Almost every commune produced wines of great quality and 
dilute and thin wines. Vineyard management, wine making skill and luck were 

Feted as the millennium vintage, described as 'one in a lifetime' and heaped 
with superlatives, 2000 produced wines of spectacular quality on both banks 
of the Girande. Hindsight has not diluted the enthusiasm for the vintage, 
but the press and trade have lost some of the restraint shown when initially 
describing the 2000, so almost every subsequent appears to be superior!

A vintage of quality that was under-hyped following the millennium vintage, 
best described as Classic Bordeaux. Superior to 1999, akin to the 1988 
vintage. Elegant and aromatic wines at a fraction of 2000's price.

Another year of 'Classic' Bordeaux, with Cabernet based wins on the Left 
Bank providing many of the highlights. Left Bank wines had potential for 
extended aging, whereas Right Bank wines provided early drinking highlights. 
Many wines of interest and quality from this often overlooked vintage.

There is only word needed to describe 2003; Hot. Extremely concentrated 
wines, high alcohol levels and reduced acidity levels prevailed across 
Bordeaux. Initially though of as superior to 2000, lack of acidity and 
over-concentration has led to diminishing interest.

A return to a 'Classic' vintage after the over-ripe and somewhat Port-like 
wines of 2003, 2004 was a somewhat dark vintage of high tannin levels and 
perfumed Cabernet. The 2004s have somewhat been forgotten compared to its 
predecessor and successive vintage, but many charming and elegant wines are 

Compared to outstanding and legendary vintages such as 1990, 1982 and 1959, 
the first 'Vintage of the Century' after 2000 and 2003, wines were initially 
very high in tannin and extract, yet still sweet and elegant on release. 
Many of the Left Bank wines require prodigious aging before realising their 
full potential.

A very good quality vintage, similar in style yet slightly superior to 2004. 
Described as another 'Classic' vintage of leafy Cabernet, more approachable 
and elegant when young than previous 'Classics'.

The curse of seven struck again, following on from 1987 and 1997 as poor 
vintages. A miserable summer was saved by a dry and warm September and 
October. An early drinking vintage.

A vintage that was slated before it was even harvested, both because of a 
poor spring and early summer, and the onset of the world's financial 
difficulties. Robert Parker awarded higher scores to the 2008 wines than to 
many of the 2005s (although these ratings have subsequently softened). Right 
Bank wines were generally superior to the Left.

Excellent vintage, the greatest vintage of the deacde, and in comparisons 
with other outsanding and exceptional vintages, 2009 is now the only year 
from the 'naughties' that gets a mention next to '59, '61, '82 and '90. 
Platitutes that were first espoused in 2000, refined in 2003 and honed in 
2005 were brought forth with gusto to describe the quality of 2009, although 
many years will be required to ascertain if the assessments are correct.

Cheese and wineDate published: 23/02/14

Cheese and wine matching.

Cheese and Wine have always been put together as a great food and wine match. But did you know different types of cheese match better to different wines? Here are a few of my favourite pairings!

Mature Cheddar and Bordeaux. This is a great match, which shows off both the food and wine to their full extent. As with all food and wine matches, the idea is to find things which complement each other and show each component at its best. The protein in the cheese softens the tannin in the Bordeaux, making it melt in your mouth and release all the rich fruit and savoury characters within.

Goats Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc. It may seem unusual to have cheese with a white wine, but the creaminess and strong flavour of goats cheese balances perfectly with the crisp acidity and aromatics of a sauvignon, especially something from the Loire Valley.

Blue cheese and desert wine. Again, not something many of us would instinctively reach for, but a sticky sweet wine, such as a Sauternes matches the saltiness of a blue cheese. And with both having a similar intensity of flavour, its a great match. Throw in some Pate as well for a real treat!

We're always thinking about food and wine here, so if you ever want some recommendations for a particular dish or style of food, just ask!

MalbecDate published: 23/02/14

The Malbec grape has found international fame in its guise as Argentina's definitive varietal. However, it actually has its roots in south west France. If you find a wine from the town of Cahors, chances are you're drinking Malbec! It is also known as Kot in France and was previously one of the grape varieties that could be found in a Bordeaux red! Give it a try if you're used to the new world stuff, you might be pleasantly surprised!

PortDate published: 23/02/14

The Portuguese fortified wine 'Port' has the oldest regulated demarcated region of production in the wine world. The specified zone of production was established in 1756, so they've had quite a bit of time perfecting it! and making it one of the most loved wine styles in the world.

Vinalba gran reservadoDate published: 23/02/14

Anyone who is a fan of Argentinian Malbec will have tried the exceptional Vinalba Reserva. We currently have their flagship wine, the Vinalba Gran Reservado Malbec, which takes the Malbec wine to the next level.

A generous nose of warm blackberry and plum-pudding-like fruit, lifted by soft vanilla and flower petal notes. The tannins are silky smooth and voluptuous yet muscular. A fantastic wine which is well worth a try!

Chateau Simard Date published: 23/02/14

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot.

Origin: Château Simard is a 40-hectare estate located at the foot of the St-Emilion hill, on the sandy, gravelly soils typical of the area. It is managed by Alain Vauthier, co-owner of the famous properties of Ausone, Moulin-St-Georges and Fonbel.

Taste:Brilliant ruby colour with brick-like hues. Aromas are predominantly of ripe berries, with hints of violets and earth. Elegantly structured on the palate, well-rounded, with medium length.

Enjoy:Drinking well now. Ideal with roasted rib of beef.

£18.99 or Buy 2 save £10 = £13.99

Party plannerDate published: 23/02/14

Here at Majestic Battersea we offer a great party service to help you with your planned event. We do a free glass hire service alongside your beverages, all we ask for is a £1 deposit per glass which is refundable when they are brought back clean. We hire out wine glasses, flute glasses and Hi balls. Alongside the glasses, we hire out ice buckets (£10 deposit) which are perfect to chill a few bottles of wine and also chiller bins (£15 deposit) for beer and larger amounts of wine. We also do sale or return on your wine as long as it is brought back in a sell able condition. Lastly, we can deliver your wine, glasses, ice, beer etc for free to your party/wedding destination. What more could you ask for? 

All the staff here are also happy and able to help you pick and decide on quantities, the selection of drink and other important matters! So if you start planning your event, why not pop in store and ask us and we'll be very pleased to see you! 

New ZealandDate published: 23/02/14

 A relatively new wine producing country, it has come into its own in recent years with the advent of Sauvignon Blanc and also on the red wine front, Pinot Noir.

New Zealand consists of 2 islands, the North and South, and Marlborough the famous region for Sauvignon Blanc production is situated at the top of the South Island. The weather here is very varied and whereas some bits are relatively warm, frost is still a risk here and can effect the harvest. Other famous regions for wine growing including Martinborough on the bottom tip of the North Island, Auckland at the top of the North Island and Hawke's Bay in the middle of the North Island. The South Island boasts also Nelson, which is to the North West of Marlborough and Otago which is towards the South in the centre of the South Island. All of the places have different and varying weather conditions which is why different varieties of grape flourish depending on which part of the country they are grown. 

February pick n mix is nearly over!Date published: 23/02/14

As many of you have received our February flyer advertising our new Pick 'N' Mix offer and with so many to choose from, the question is, which ones to pick? Well, let me help. I've chosen six; 3 white, 3 red from all areas of the world:

White Wines

Paul Mas Chardonnay 2013, Languedoc, France £5.99 when you buy any 2 pick 'n' mix wines  single bottle price £8.99

Paul Mas wines are a favourite in Majestic and this wine is one of them, a Chardonnay with 20% fermented in American oak and the remaining 80% aged in stainless steel to retain a balanced flavour. On the nose are aromas of pineapple and quince. The palate is fruity with flavours of pineapple, lime and light notes of butter. Great on its own or with any seafood, blue cheese and terrines.

Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Marlborough, New Zealand £6.66 when you buy any 2 pick 'n' mix wines single bottle price £9.99

Another favourite in Majestic are New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs and this Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc is a typical example. Coming from one of New Zealand's most well known wineries, this Sauvignon Blanc is vibrant on the nose with aromas of tropical fruits and gooseberry. The palate is refreshing with balanced acidity and flavours of gooseberry, peach, lime and some grassy notes. Again, great on its own or match with Thai dishes, fresh fish and lemon chicken.

Rustenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Western Cape, South Africa £8.66 when you buy any 2 pick 'n' mix wines single bottle price £12.99

This South African Sauvignon Blanc is different to the Kiwi one above, much more subtle and less vibrant on the nose. Made with 95% Sauvignon and 5% Semillon, this Sauvignon has more body and complexity. Made with free run and pressed juice this wine has aromas of asparagus, green pepper and gooseberry on the nose.  There are subtle flavours on the palate of pineapple and passion fruit. A great partner to enjoy with shellfish and lobster or on its own.

Red Wines

Tucumen Malbec 2012, Mendoza, Argentina £7.33 when you buy any 2 pick 'n' mixwines single bottle price £10.99

This Malbec is new to our range and comes from Argentina's main wine producing area, Mendoza. This Malbec is made in a youthful style with very little oak aging to keep the fruity flavours. The nose has aromas of blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry. The palate is soft and juicy with flavours aplenty of blackcurrant, plum and cherry.  A great wine to share with friends/family or with a meat topped pizza.

Tournelles Voluptabilis 2010, Buzet, France £6.66 when you buy any 2 pick 'n' mix wines single bottle price £9.99

Another new wine to our range this wine is made with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. This medium bodied wine comes from the AOC area of Buzet in south-western France. Voluptabilis is Latin for voluptuous and it certainly is! Aromas on the nose are of blackcurrant, blackberry and black cherry. The palate is smooth with flavours of blackcurrant and black cherry, with rounded tannins. This wine will drink over the next 2-3 years or partner with duck or lamb.

Vina Mayu Malbec 2012, Elqui Valley, Chile £9.33 when you buy any 2 pick 'n' mix wines single bottle price £13.99

This Malbec from Chile is different to the Argentine one above in that this Malbec is full bodied and weighty. The Malbec grapes for this wine are hand picked and cool fermented to add complexity and flavour. On the nose, there are aromas of blackcurrant, cherry and clove. The palate is full with flavours of blackcurrant, blackberry with a note of leather. The length is good. A perfect match with roast beef.

This set of 6 comes to a total of £44.60, so would come with free delivery if necessary or you may want to come in store and make up your own choice.


New This Season - Timothy Taylor's LandlordDate published: 23/02/14

A Classic Strong Pale Ale. Refreshingly reliable, nationally renowned, this full drinking Pale Ale with a complex and hoppy aroma has real "Pulling Power" and stands out in any bar as the ideal regular.

£25.80 for a case or £22.80 when you buy 2 cases of any real ale

Sunday Roast Beef & WineDate published: 23/02/14

So today is Sunday again and if you have the luxury of Roast Beef and all the trimmings being cooked for you for dinner then the olny thing you need is a bottle of red to accompany. I had a look around in-store to see what would be the best option, it only took me 3 minutes to pick my favourite and share with you.

I have gone for the Medalla Real Carmenere 2009 by Santa Rita. This has been one of the best reds I have tasted over the last couple of years and it never failed to impress me.

Plush and full bodied, this wine offers the nose and palate an array of blueberry, plum and oak-softened cassis fruit, accented with intriguing coffee and dark chocolate aromas.

Unlike the majority of its wines which are very modern and fruit-driven, Santa Rita's Medalla Real wines are made in a more classic style, with a little more in the way of secondary, savoury characters. This Carménère comes from sites in the Marchigüe and Apalta regions.

An absolute steal at £9.99 if you buy 2 or more bottles, this is sure to please the family this Sunday dinner time.

Wine storageDate published: 22/01/14

If a wine is stored incorrectly it can affect the flavour or may become faulty. 

For long term storage 

All temperatures should be cool and consistent between 10 and 15 °C

The worst place to store your wine would be in the kitchen due to the high fluctuating temperatures. Also long periods of refrigeration can cause damage to the corks and cause sparkling wine to lose their fizz.

Wines with corks should be stored on their sides to keep the wine inside the bottle in contact with the cork, this will stop the cork from drying out and letting air into the bottle causing the wine to oxidise.  Wines with screw caps can be kept up right. 

Keep wine away from direct sunlight as this will cause the wine to discolour, it will also heat the wine and it will become stale and old before its time. 

Keep wine away from vibrations in order for it to lie undisturbed.  

In depth guide to our Wine courseDate published: 22/01/14

Throughout the year we run our Wine Course tastings for up to 10 people to learn a little bit more about wine in a relaxed tasting run by one of the team in our store. Here is a little bit of what to expect.

Whites - Learn how to taste wine like a pro and decide not just whether you like it but assess it merits and what foods or occasions it may be suitable for. Compare and contrast wines of different grapes from the same climate and then the same grape from different climates.

Fizz - Sit back and sip a glass of Champagne while we explain how it is made.

Reds - A tour of 3 grape varieties, the differences in the style and the effects the winemaking has.

Dessert wines - Try a bit of the sweet stuff and understand how desserts can be complimented with a sweet wine

Food matching - We will taste the wines again with food, see how the food transforms the tasting experience of the wine....but watch out, we won't just show you the good pairings, we will show you a few bad ones too!

We won't focus heavily on the producers or get bogged down in detail, this is to help bring a little more enjoyment to what you already know. If you would like to sign up check out the events page, email us bat@majestic.co.uk

Wairau valley, NZDate published: 22/01/14

The Wairau Valley is one of two river valleys which make up the heartland of New Zealand's Marlborough wine region. It is named for the Wairau River, which flows from the Spenser Mountains in the west to the ocean at Cloudy Bay. Wineries are spread across the towns of Blenheim and Renwick. The Wairau has a warmer and wetter climate than that of the Awatere Valley, which is drier and less fertile.

The valley's varied soil profiles are responsible for the significant variations in wine styles, and are considered to be the most distinctive feature defining the character of wines produced here. Shallow, stony and fast-draining soil patterns aid infertility, a condition which perfectly suits the region's main grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc.

The Wairau Valley, Marlborough climate is one of the sunniest and driest in New Zealand. A rare combination of long, dry summers, bright sun and cool, clear nights provides perfect conditions for growing ripe, intensely-flavoured fruit. Slow ripening creates elegant acidity and more intense flavours.

In spite of these variations, the Wairau Valley Sauvignon Blanc is seen as unique and renowned worldwide because of its basic flavour characteristics: passion fruit, flint, gooseberry, capsicum, grapefruit and tropical fruits.

German BeerDate published: 22/01/14

We don't just do wine!!

Bitburger comes from the German town of Bitburg.  The brewery was first established in 1817.  It underwent much renovation and reinvention up until World War II, when it was destroyed in a bombing raid.  However, the brothers quickly rebuilt it and brewing recommenced in 1946.

Bitburger is brewed according to the German Purity Law.  First established in 1516, this states that beer may only contain water, yeast, barley, hops and hop products.  Bitburger are very proud of the quality of their ingrediants, selecting only the finest.  Interestingly the barley comes from the top growing areas in Germany as well as some from the Champagne region in France.

For me Bitburger is the sort of lager with which you may be able to tempt a real ale drinker.  The beer is full-bodied with lots of hop flavours coming through, yet it is light and refreshing at the same time.  If we ever get the sort of weather conducive to BBQs, I can think of no beer i would prefer to have in my hand than an ice cold Bitburger.

£13.99 for a case of 12 x 330ml bottles

Jargon busterDate published: 22/01/14

Vielles Vignes 

You may have seen this on a bottle of wine and wondered what it means and what the significance is. It's literal translation into English is Old Vines - it refers to the fact that older vines tend to produce better wines. Although there is no legal definition to the term, many wines advertise the fact that when their vines grow older, they produce lower yields but of a higher quality.

The oldest known grape-producing vine is in Maribor in Slovenia, it's a 'Žametovka'  vine and has been producing wine since 1657.

Jargon busterDate published: 22/01/14


 The way to detect tannin in a wine is that drying or puckering feeling you'll feel on your gums when you're drinking a red wine. This comes mainly from the skins of the grape, but can also come from the seeds and stalks. The thicker the skin of the grape the more tannin you'll find in a wine - Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Zinfandel and Nebbiolo can all be quite tannic red wines. Thinner skinned grapes such as Pinot Noir have less tannin, so produce lighter wines and don't have as much of that drying out sensation. Wines that are high in tannin often can be matched up with food which is high in protein, such as Beef, Lamb, Cheese, as this softens the tannin in the wine.

Jargon busterDate published: 22/01/14


The term appellation refers to a legally defined and protected geographical boundary of wine production. While helping consumers determine exactly where a wine has come from, it is a mainly used as a judge of quality and can also hint at the style and the grapes that go into it.

Many wine producing countries use some form of appellation, whether it be appellation d'origine contrôlée in France or denominación de origen in Spain. By understanding appellations, you can begin to enjoy styles of wine rather than one single producer; it is an excellent way to try new wines without taking a risk on an unknown bottle.

Did you know? The first notion of a protected geographical area was the Chianti region in Italy in 1716, while the very first appellation was Châteauneuf-du-Pape which gained its legal protection in 1937.

Other spanish regionsDate published: 22/01/14

Without a doubt, the popularity and quality of Spain's wine industry is built upon its premier region - Rioja. However, the staff at Majestic Battersea feel that Spanish wine has so much more to offer, and we'd like to take you through some of our favourite regions and styles.

Ribera del Duero:

On the banks of the river Duero, less than 100 miles north of Madrid, lie the vineyards of Ribera del Duero. Cut off from the maritime influence of the Atlantic by a ring of mountains, these vineyards are planted up to 850m above sea level. This gives the perfect climate of hot days and cool nights - ideal for Tempranillo. Compared to Rioja, the hotter days bring out more fruit flavours but also results in thicker skinned grapes which bring deeper colours and bolder tannins. These wines will be a great food match for Spanish meats, hearty stews and roasted chorizo.


From north-west Spain, west of Leon, the wines of Bierzo are fast becoming some of my favourite wines. The region enjoys the cooling influence of the Atlantic ocean where the Mencìa grape prospers. The result is naturally acidic wines with fresh black fruit characters. Look to pair these wines with pasta dishes or a cheese board.

How about... Petalos Bierzo, 2011? Just £15.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles.


Once again from the banks of the river Duero, the Toro region is situated 100 miles west of Ribera del Duero. Allowed to ripen and develop in the sun, the resulting wine is full bodied, high in alcohol and extremely powerful. Through careful use of oak, many of the best vintages make it to Reserva and Gran Reserva stages and can be laid down for a number of years. These wines are definitely one for the cellar, how about matching them with that special anniversary steak dinner you've got planned down the line?

How about... Matsu 'El Recio', 2010? Just £12.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles.

Black cottage Pinot grisDate published: 22/01/14

Black Cottage produce one of our favourite Sauvignon Blanc, and now we have their marvellous Pinot Gris available in store. To celebrate we thought we'd tell you a little bit more about this wine...

Winemaker David Clouston has spent time at wineries in the USA, France, Spain and Chile, before returning to Marlborough. An experienced winemaker with a great reputation, all of his Black Cottage wines have a great reputation at Majestic. This Pinot Gris is from selected vineyard plots in the Wairau and Awatere valleys, two of the top areas in Marlborough.

This is a rich and intense Pinot Gris, in an off-dry style. On the nose, floral characters and exotic spices truly entice. The palate has classic Pinot Gris stone fruit favours, and is a great match for any spicy cuisine. Delicious!

New zealand offerDate published: 22/01/14

Not long until now until this fantastic deal come to an end (4th of February!). I'm sure you'll want to take full advantage on all the old favorites, The Ned, Brancott, Oyster Bay. But, why not try something a bit different? How about a Pinot Grigio? Maybe a Chardonnay? You only have to buy 1 with your usual order to get the lower price! Here are 2 wines I would definitely take a leap on:-

Main Divide Riesling - £13.74 or £10.99 when you buy 2 or more NZ Wines - This is a full on, roller coaster of a wine, with bags of honeysuckle and a sweet and acid flavor balance that will get the tongue sloshing about with gusto! Another good food wine that needs something fatty; I'd probably go with Duck!

The Ned Pinot Noir £12.49 or £9.99 when you buy any 2 NZ Wines - We couldn't leave reds out, so I've gone for a familiar name. The Ned shows that Pinot Noir from NZ can cost less than £10 and be absolutely fantastic. It would have gone brilliantly with that Christmas Turkey, but I'm sure a roast chicken would do the job. Red fruits are plentiful on the nose and the mouth feel is silky smooth.

Come in and get your hands on these fantastic January deals!

Chilean ValueDate published: 22/01/14

Chile is known to produce some of the best value wines in the World today. We've got a plentiful range,wines  that will impress the most avid wine drinker and wines that will make that perfect party. Here are 2 wines that will impress and dazzle on both fronts.

Party Wine - LFE Mountain View Merlot - £6.99 or £5.39 when you buy 2 or more Chilean wines - This wine is fruity, full and superb value - it's a lovely purple color, showing youth and vigor. If you want to make it the perfect party, pair it with the Mountain View Sauvignon, which you'll get for the same price. Perfect for all occasions. 

Special Wine - Montes Alpha Merlot - £12.49 or £9.99 when you buy 2 or more Chilean Wines - This is a big powerful wine, merlot at its best. It has been given the full treatment. 12 months in French oak gives it complexity, a rich coffee and tobacco nose lets way to plummy and damson flavors. It's French influenced, but the price tells a different story. You'd have to spend £20 to get a Bordeaux this good.

Chilean Quality and Value Through and Through. You've only got a week to pick them up, so come down now!!

Pedros pick of the day.Date published: 22/01/14

Viñalba Reservado Malbec 2012 Mendoza

The Malbec Reserva from the Vinalba estate has previously won a Decanter award for its quality. Sourced from vineyards at the foot of the Andes, grown at different altitudes to achieve the perfect balance between tannin and acidity.

This wine literally wraps itself around every corner of your mouth with its ripe dark plum fruits, sweet tannins and dark chocolate and mocha. Flavours linger for a long time.

A full-bodied wine, yet with juicy tannins, this wine is best enjoyed with food. Peppered steak, venison or lamb are ideal companions.

£11.99 Buy 2 bottles save £8 


New cider in!Date published: 22/01/14

Great news for all you cider lovers, Quality, dry and delicate cider from the Somerset Cider company. All the apples are home grown on 160 acres of orchards, and are then pressed and blended in a very traditional, dry style!

Available to taste for you lucky lucky people, how good are we!

£18.00 8x500ml Bottles

Party planningDate published: 22/01/14

A new year has begun and hopefully everyone partied well into it from 2013! With January being a notoriously slow month where we recover after Christmas, it gives us a bit of time to think about what celebrations we will be celebrating this coming year, be it weddings, birthday parties or other events. 

Here at Majestic Battersea, we offer a great party service to help you with your planned event. We do a free glass hire service alongside your beverages, all we ask for is a £1 deposit per glass which is refundable when they are brought back clean. We hire out wine glasses, flute glasses, hi-balls and pint glasses. Alongside the glasses, we hire out ice buckets (£10 deposit) which are perfect to chill a few bottles of wine and also chiller bins (£15 deposit) for beer and larger amounts of wine. We also do sale or return on your wine as long as it is brought back in a sell able condition. Lastly, we can deliver your wine, glasses, ice, beer etc for free to your party/wedding destination. What more could you ask for? 

All the staff here are also happy and able to help you pick and decide on quantities, the selection of drink and other important matters! So if you start planning your event, why not pop in store and ask us and we'll be very pleased to see you! 

A little bit more on BordeauxDate published: 22/01/14

In this short article I will take a brief look at the wines of Bordeaux and what Majestic can bring to the table if you were interested in trying some of these wines.

Probably the most expensive wine in the world comes from the region of Bordeaux in Western France. Names like Mouton-Rothschild, Lafite and Petrus fetch quite astonishing prices for their wines, often reaching many thousands of pounds for a single bottle.

With a venerable history of wine production, Bordeaux produces millions of bottles of red, white, sweet and dry wines each year.

The whites are made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon in both sweet and dry styles, with famous 'Chateaux' such as Y'Quem. The reds are made from a combination of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec (although Malbec is hardly used, if at all in modern day Bordeaux), and names such as Chateau Latour and Margaux can be among the top producers.

Red Bordeaux is often referred to by the British as Claret, a word created by the English and totally un-used by the French.

In terms of styles, Bordeaux is loosely divided into 'right' and 'left' banks of the Gironde river. On the left, wines are more dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and are more tannic in their structure, and on the right Merlot plays a larger role producing softer, more supple wines that often mature earlier than their neighbours to the left.

Here at Majestic we offer a wide range here are a few of the best deals at the moment;

Château Méaume 2007 Chateau Matured £10.99

A nose of fruitcake, spice and ripe, plummy fruit. Soft and rich on the palate, with blackcurrants, plum, and smoky cedarwood.

Vieux Remparts 2010 Lussac St-Emilion


Lussac is one of five villages to the northeast of St-Emilion with the right to add that name to their own. Lussac makes excellent 'satellite' wines, slightly more rustic than its big brother, but rounded and with great charm.

This is a rich, full bodied wine showing great concentration of flavour. With juicy black fruit on the nose and palate backed up by a smoky sandalwood character.

Or if you wanted to treat yourself ...

Drinking well now and on a fantastic offer at £14.99 Château Chantalouette 2007 Pomerol

This is the second wine of Château de Sales, and comes from the sameineyard estate. Each vintage, after fermentation is complete, various vats are selected for Chantalouette, which is created as is a softer, earlier-to-mature version of the De Sales blend.

A bright and inviting claret, with a nose of ripe black fruit and subtle hints of earth and forest floor. The mouth-feel is round and supple, yet enduring and possessing a pleasing complexity.

A quick guide to BordeauxDate published: 22/01/14

Bordeaux Made Easy

A Quick Bordeaux Fact Sheet.

Bordeaux can be an overwhelming, confusing and unapproachable region given its grandeur and history. It can also be overlooked in contemporary circles, with new world wines now taking centre stage. This guide will break down the region and show that Bordeaux still has a significant amount to offer.

The Grapes:

Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Franc


Petit Verdot


Continental – The effect of the gulf stream on the Atlantic coast provides lengthy, hot summers and mild, wet winters.

'The Left Bank' (Of the river Gironde)

Dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The wines have more tannin and have fantastic potential for ageing. Think Medoc and Haut-Medoc.

'The Right Bank' (Of the river Gironde)

Usually made up of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, these are smoother, less tannic and more approachable. Saint-Emillon and Pomerol are classic examples of these.

Curious brewDate published: 22/01/14

Are you curious about Curious Brew?

Chapel Down as a winery has became very popular in the past decade. With multiple awards to their name, and lots of excellent press coverage this flourishing business it set to be the future of English wine.

There are many difficulties a British wine firm has to take into account when it comes to creating a wine worthy of the current market. The major issue being of course, weather. Lack of heat and too much rain can completely ruin a crop. However, with cultivating a greater area of land to vine, one can hope the excess grape juice can be stored in stainless steel tanks for many years to come.

Majestic are now proud to introduce Chapel Down's range of craft beers!

What is unique about this beer is that they ferment it with Champagne yeast which adds a distinct flavour I have tasted in no other. With the Curious Brew winning a gold medal award at the International Beer Festival, this distinct flavour is clearly desirable. The craft beer revolution is in full swing across the country, with many producers looking to achieve higher quality beers with a more pronounced hoppy character. 

The high price of craft beer often surprises customers, however, this is due to the production techniques used in the brewing process. Typically, craft beers use far more hops than their blander competitors, leading to exquisite and exiting beers.

Join the revolution today

Available for £17.99 a case

Phylloxera, the devourer of vines!Date published: 22/01/14

Phylloxera – Vine pest that came from America in the 19th Century and spread to virtually every viticultural region in the world. The pest attacks the roots of the vine, eventually causing the death of the vine. It was responsible for destroying much of Europe's vineyards, and then eventually most in the New World. However there are still places where vines have remained Phylloxera free, such as parts of Australia and Chile and there are tight regulations to make sure it doesn't spread to these areas. The way the problem has been solved is to graft the chosen vine onto a resistant American rootstock. These days, virtually all plantings have been grafted onto a resistant rootstock.

New ZealandDate published: 22/01/14

An insight into the region of New Zealand

Up until the 1970's the industry was producing wine mainly from Muller Thurgau for the local market. Subsequently huge growth has been sustained by export markets, for what has rapidly become a wine world classic, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Below are some keys facts on why New Zealand wines have become so popular.

The vineyard area in New Zealand more than doubled between 2003 and 2010. In that time Sauvignon Blanc has become even more dominant and equates to around 50% of all planting

New Zealand Pinot Noir's typically have concentrated red fruit flavours and often have high levels of alcohol due to the intense sunshine

The viticultural quality of New Zealand is the combination of cool to moderate temperatures , intense sunshine and importantly large diurnal ranges. These factors allow grapes to reach high levels of sugar ripeness while at the same time retaining acidity and fresh but intense aromatic flavours

Half of the vineyards on the east coast close to the town of Gisbourne produce Chardonnay

Hawke's Bay is the warmest of the main viticultural areas and has the longest sunshine hours

Marlborough is the major centre for grape growing and the place where new zealand signature style of Sauvignon Blanc was pioneered

Centreal Otago differs from all other New Zealand wine areas as it is inland in the foothills of the southern Alps. The vineyard area is spread over a wide area

We currently have 20% off all New Zealand wines!!!! so whether your already lover of new zealand wine or want to try something a bit different now is a great time to do so.

Beer of the month...Date published: 22/01/14


Curious Brew Lager,

Chapel Down

Region: Kent

Tasting Notes:

Vivid gold in the glass, the nose is packed with floral and

stone fruit aromas. Like any good Champagne this wine has

citrus and biscuit flavours that are enhanced by a

refreshing bitterness.

ABV: 4.7%

Background Info: Hops: Casacde, Saaz and Nelson Sauvin

Origin: From Chapel down winery in Kent this is an award

winning beer. The product of two fermentations, this beer

receives not only a "dosage" of Champagne yeast in its

second fermentation but a shot of Nelson Sauvin hops,farmed for their intense aromas.

Enjoy: Cold on a hot sunny day with barbecued meats

Wine & food pairingDate published: 22/01/14

The world of food and wine matching is incredibly complex. It confuses, baffles and frustrates in equal measure. While any wine can be drunk with any food it will not always leave the most pleasant taste in your mouth. A successful food and wine match will ensure that the wine does not deteriorate in quality. 

The question is, how do you achieve this feat?

Well there are some simple ways to ensure that the wine and food will not create a bad taste in the mouth. A good place to start is with the old myth that you can have 'white wine with fish and red wine with meat'. This is a generalisation that is not necessarily the best way to match your evening meal and will stop you exploring some excellent matches that go against this widely held view. However there is some credence in this statement too. When eating fish it is common to have lemon juice or vinegar, which are highly acidic. This matches well with the acidity found in plenty of white wines and can help create a fuller, more enjoyable wine. However reds which tend to be less acidic can taste metallic and thin.

When it comes to red wines and meat, the tannins can have a softening effect however there are still other obstacles to it being a perfect match. Often meats like a rare steak are seasoned with plenty of black pepper. This can have a detrimental effect on some finer, older wines, ruining the depth of flavour but may improve younger, lighter reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese and even make them seem more complex.

Sweet foods are another area that can be difficult to match. Dry wines are a disaster when mixed with them and chocolate especially can coat the mouth and require a strong, full bodied sweet wine to overcome them. Other flavours such as bitterness in wine can be matched with salty foods, while salty foods can also make sweet wines taste even sweeter.

Some classic food and wine matches include smoked salmon with a dry Riesling. Red Bordeaux matches lamb beautifully, while the merits of Gewurtztraminer and thai green curry are becoming very well known. Sparkling wine and champagne can create an elegant match for some fish and chips while Sauternes is a great match for some roquefort cheese.

There are many food and wine matches that classically match however every dish is different as every wine is. While there are recommended ways to match food and wine there is no clear template and the best way to find good matches is to experiment. Sometimes certain flavours in foods may have an unexpected match with wines you wouldn't expect. This is all part of the fun and if a match doesn't work then you can always save the wine to drink on its own after dinner.

Wine coursesDate published: 22/01/14

Do you have a group of friends that would enjoy an evening of wine and food, or need to organise a work event, or simply want to learn a little bit more about what your drinking, then keep reading...

Our free wine course is a one-off 1 and a half hour session which provides you with a basic introduction to grape varieties, wine styles, and food and wine matching.  You will try a selection of red and white wines from around the World and there are a few nibbles to tuck in to to see how well (or not insome cases) different foods match different wines! 

The course is limited to 10 people so it's relaxed yet intimate with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Spaces are limited and are allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you would like to register please let us know as soon as possible and let us know how many guests you would like to bring.

Call us on 02078199796 or email us at bat@majestic.co.uk

WeddingsDate published: 22/01/14

We know planning a wedding can be stressful and at times can give you a headache! This is why Majestic Wine, the UK's biggest and best retailer of wine by the case, have developed a tailored service, which uses both knowledge and expertise to help every couple find that match made in heaven.

Our party planner gives great advice on catering for wedding receptions. When you're ready to start selecting your drinks, the team in the West End can tailor a drinks package to your exact requirements, taking into account your menu, budget, and above all your personal tastes!

On top of this we can offer FREE glass, ice bucket and chiller bin loan (deposit required), FREE delivery and a sale or return option.

Please feel free to pop into the store to discuss your preferences and maybe try some samples. You can also contact us on 02078199796 or email us at bat@majestic.co.uk

Are you in need of a new wine list for your establishment?Date published: 22/01/14

For restaurant, pub, bar, hotel, spa and all other business owners looking for a fantastic wine list, stocked with award winning wines delivered for free 7 days a week, look no further than Majestic! Our commercial team are on hand for a chat about your requirements and to let you know what we can offer and how we can improve your business!

We have a large selection of wines that you won't find on our shop floor, wines that are EXCLUSIVE TO YOU!

Fancy hearing more? Just give call on 02078199796, and leave the rest up to us

DecantingDate published: 22/01/14

For those of you who are unsure, a decanter is a vessel that is used to hold the decantation of a wine which may contain sediment. Decanters are commonly made from glass and vary in shape and design. The need for using a decanter has been up for debate for a very long time now as some argue the wine improves from using one however not all agree.

Commonly, the reason for decanting wine is to aerate it, or to allow the wine to "breathe". The decanter is designed to mimic the effects of swirling the wine glass to stimulate the oxidation processes which trigger the release of more aroma compounds. In addition it is thought to benefit the wine by smoothing some of the harsher aspects of the wine (like tannins). Many experts advocate decanting for the purposes of aeration, especially with highly tannic wines like Barolo, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Port, and Rhône wines while noting that decanting could be harmful for more delicate wines such as Pinot Noir.

However the effectiveness of decanting is a topic of debate, with some wine experts claiming that the prolonged exposure to oxygen actually diffuses more aroma compounds than it stimulates, in contrast to the effects of the smaller scale exposure and immediate release that swirling the wine in a drinker's glass has. In addition it has been reported that the process of decanting over a period of a few hours does not have the effect of softening tannins. The softening of tannins occurs during the winemaking and oak aging when tannins go through a process of polymerization that can last days or even weeks. Decanting merely alters the perception of sulfites and other chemical compounds in the wine through oxidation, which can give some drinkers the sense of softer tannins in the wine.

Fine wine planDate published: 22/01/14

'Open the door to a world of Fine Wine' do you appreciate drinking great wines?

With the Fine Wine Plan you can build a collection of excellent wines and have the confidence they will be stored in the right conditions. Majestic are partners with en primeur specialists Lay & Wheeler and as a result bring you the Fine Wine Plan. It is a very simple and affordable way to accumulate a collection of interesting wines. The package can start from as little as £50 a month. With this you get the expertise and knowledge of our fine wine specialists. They will help you choose the wine to suit your budget and needs and will store the wine in the perfect conditions.

Dessert winesDate published: 22/01/14

Sweet wines contain unfermented sugars and they can be created in a number of ways. I am going to concentrate on the ways in which the best sweet wines are made. Basically the best sweet wines come from grapes that are extremely rich in sugars. This can be done in a number of ways, they all concentrate acids and flavours at the same time.

Noble Rot

Noble rot is used in the production of the best sweet wines including Sauternes from France and Tokaji from Hungary. Noble rot comes from Botrytis a fungus that attacks the grape berry and other green parts of the vine. Wines made from noble rot grapes have distinctive honey and dried fruit aromas. Noble Rot concentrates the sugars and acids in the grapes and helps to create new flavours. This helps add to the complexity of the wines.

Drying grapes on the vine

Once the grapes have reached full sugar ripeness they begin to dehydrate and turn to raisins on the vine, increasing sugar concentration in the juice. These wines have an over-ripe fruit character (dried-fruit, tropical fruits) and a richly textured mouthfeel.

Drying grapes after picking

The grapes can be left on mats out in the sun and left to dehydrate. Conditions need to be dry and warm for this to be successful. This technique is used in the production of PX Sherry and Passito wines of Italy. They tend to have a raisiny quality.

Freezing grapes on the vine

This is used to produce Eiswein in Germany and Icewine in Canada. The ice in the juice from the crushed grapes is removed, concentrating the sugars in the must, which result in a sweet wine. These wines have a very pure varietal character.

Chateau MusarDate published: 22/01/14

Chateau Musar 2005, Gaston Hochar

In 1930, at just 20 years old, Gaston Hochar founded Chateau Musar, inspired by Lebanon's 6,000 year winemaking tradition and his travels in Bordeaux. Seven years in the making, Chateau Musar Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Cinsault from vineyards near the Bekaa Valley villages of Aana and Kefraya on gravelly soils over limestone. The varietal components in Chateau Musar Red undergo lengthy fermentations in cement vats at temperatures below 30°C. 6 months after the harvest they are transferred into French barrels (oak from the forest of Nevers) for one year. The varietal components are brought together two years after the harvest; the resulting blend is then placed back in cement tanks before being bottled 12 months later. Each wine is blended to reflect the character of the vintage. After 4 years’ bottle maturation in the deep stone cellars of Chateau Musar, the finished wines are released a full seven years after the harvest.

The wine is bottled unfined and unfiltered, Chateau Musar Reds are suitable for vegans (fining agents often contain animal proteins); they’re also richly-textured and likely to ‘throw a crust’. This is a common feature of most fine wines and is especially true of Musar Red vintages over a decade old. Ideally, bottles should be stood up the night before opening to settle any sediment. After careful decanting (and discarding of sediment, usually in the last centimetre of the bottle) the wine should be allowed to breathe for several hours and served at 18°C with roasts, grills (especially lamb), casseroles, game, and mature cheeses.

In youth, Chateau Musar Reds are dense and richly-textured, with intense ‘baked fruit’ characters: plums, damsons, cranberries, cherries, figs and dates. Bordeaux grape Cabernet Sauvignon lends black fruit flavours; Rhône grapes Cinsault and Carignan contribute fragrance (violets; pepper) and supple spiciness. Either set of qualities might dominate a particular vintage, but the style is always emphatically Lebanese: enticingly aromatic, with persistent fruit flavours. Over decades the wines acquire tawny hues and mellow notes.

Cloudy bayDate published: 22/01/14

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Marlborough 

Cloudy Bay Vineyards was established in 1985 in the Wairau Valley in Marlborough at the northern end of New Zealand’s South Island. Possibly the most prestigious Sauvignon Blanc in the world, it definitely lives up to its reputation.

A wine full of fresh herbal aromas and layers of ripe guava and tropical fruit. Gooseberries and passionfruits on the medium-full body; the palate is succulent and crisp with a long flavoursome finish.

Superbly refreshing served chilled on a sunny day, this is also a great match for meat or vegetarian stuffed peppers.

Cloudy Bay Chardonnay 2011 Marlborough 

A complex nose that ranges from figs and lemon butter to more savoury elements of fresh hay with hints of butterscotch. The palate is substantial and rounded with toasty complexity and a long finish.

Eminently drinkable now but it will reward those with the patience to age the wine for a further 3 to 4 years.

Cloudy Bay Riesling 2007 Marlborough 

Made from an exceptionally small harvest from two parcels of vines, this is Cloudy Bay's stunning and exclusive take on the classic grape. Echoing the fresh, off-dry Alsatian style of Riesling, this wine delivers a lush and delicately unctuous palate of tropical and citrus fruits, all the time accompanied by a restrained yet potent nose tinged with aromas of beeswax. Drink with mild curries, roasted vegetables or smoked salmon.

Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2011 Marlborough 

Delicate confected nose, with vanilla and hints of spice. A seductive palate, where dark cherries and strawberries are complemented by toasty characters and silky tannins. A complex and textured finish.

Try this with slow-cooked pork belly or a wild mushroom risotto.

Black Cottage Pinot GrisDate published: 21/01/14

We're very excited to have a new arrival from the fantastic Black Cottage. Winemaker David Clouston sources this Pinot Gris from several selected plots in Marlborough's Wairau and Awatere Valleys- the grapes are night-harvested to preserve acidity and purity of fruit characters, further supported by a long, cool fermentation.

This rich and succulent Pinot Gris is filled with vibrant aromas of roses, pear and exotic spices. The palate is awash with flavours of stone fruit, ginger and retains a hint of natural sweetness. Try with fragrant Asian food or enjoy as an alternative aperitif.

Part of our New Zealand 20% off deal- £9.99 when you buy two bottles or more.

Web Exclusive: Arrowfield Show Reserve Chardonnay 2008Date published: 21/01/14

6 bottles for £47.94!

The combination of Arrowfield Estate's low-yielding vines and the Hunter Valley's warm, sea-breeze-moderated climate produces a rich and intensely flavoured Chardonnay. Wild fermentation in oak barriques and extended lees contact add rich complexity.

This is a bold, lush yet easy-going Chardonnay, full of soft golden apple and pear fruit, and subtle aromas of warm honeyed toast. The texture is mouth-filling and round. Why not partner with roast chicken?

This is a limited parcel so order yours online now to avoid disappointment!

Web Exclusive: Arrowfield Show Reserve Semillon 2008Date published: 21/01/14

For a limited time only you can pick up a six bottle case of this fantastic wine for just £41.94.

A superb value example of the unique style that is Hunter Valley Semillon, from old, low-cropping vines on the Arrowfield Estate. This wine is remarkably age-worthy, and is drinking very well now.

Delicate yet well-defined aromas of lime and lemon are joined by subtle floral hints. The palate is soft textured yet lightly crisp, with a long, lemony finish. Enjoy immediately or cellar carefully for up to 5 years to allow the wine to develop a richer, more honeyed profile.

Battersea Wine of the WeekDate published: 19/01/14

La Vieille Capitelle 2011, Langudoc


buy 2 save £4


From the Langudoc region in the south of France. Being just south of the Rhone valley, it is made from a similar type of blend of syrah, grenache, mouvedre and carignan. These grapes are hand-picked, destemmed and fermented at controlled temperatures for great fruit purity.

This is a well structured red with a decent body that offers flavours of blackcurrant and mulberry fruit. You may also get hints of thyme and leathery spice due to its short but beneficial contact with French oak.

Great with lamb of beef stews!

NEW: Burrow Hill CiderDate published: 19/01/14

We have some exciting news! Burrow Hill Cider is now available at our Battersea store.

Originating from Somerset, Burrow Hill Cider consistently rates as one of the best (and often the very best) cider in the UK. It features on the lists of many Michelin starred restaurants, and on the shelves of Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

All the apples are home grown on 160 acres of orchards, and are then pressed and blended in a very traditional, medium/dry style.

In the world of increasingly commercial and flavoured ciders of varying quality and heritage – Burrow Hill Farm stands out for flying the flag of quality led, artisan cider and we are very pleased to offer them to our customers.

Having tasted the cider myself, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Get yours NOW!

£18 per case of 8 (£2.25 per bottle)

OFFER: Brancott Estate, Sauvignon Blanc, £6.99Date published: 19/01/14

Evening Folks,

As usual, we have plenty of great bargains in store; none more so than the Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc. Being the New Zealand fanatic that I am, it comes as no surprise that I absolutely adore this wine. 

Typical to the region, this wine is packed full of fruity flavour. Vibrant and refreshing, you will experience aromas of gooseberry and ripe tropical fruits on the nose. Whilst on the palate, you will experience the typical acidity of a New Zealand wine tempered by concentrated green fruits and hints of grass. 

At this bargain price the Brancott represents incredible value for money. We have stocked ourselves to the brim with this wine BUT, it will go fast. 

Get yours now..... before I take the lot!

Food and Wine MatchingDate published: 19/01/14

Over the next few days I will share these with you and talk about the reason behind the choices, and why certain foods favour particular wines.

Part One: White meats

Enjoy with: Chicken or Pork

This Pinot Noir is the ideal partner to white meats. Its low tannin content and body will not over power the dish. Its bright acidity and red fruit flavours make this a very approachable wine.

This oaked new world Chardonnay is again a great match with white meats. If you are having a white wine with pork or chicken then you need to choose a wine with body that will stand up to the dish. With hints of tropical fruit and creamy elegant finish, there are many sauces you could use to give your dish that extra edge.

Suggestion: Roast Chicken or Pork Belly

Red: Macon Roches Rouge, Louis Jadot £8.99 when you buy 2 or more

White: Medalla Real Chardonnay £8.99 when you buy 2 or more Chileans

Brew Dog Punk IPADate published: 14/01/14

Majestic is not just about wine, we have a wonderful range of real ales, craft beers, lagers and ciders and we want to shout about them as much as we do the latest offerings from the world of wine.

What better place to start than with Brew Dog's flagship beer, Punk IPA. Fresh out of Aberdeenshire, Brew Dog maintain the philosophy of crafting beers that they want to drink, not average beer that is cheap to produce, and we thank them for that. The sheer quantity of hops they use per batch of Punk IPA is eyewaterteringly high, but I'm not here to quote statistics.

The first thing you notice when you drink it is the intensity of the hops, but they are subtlety intense and certainly not overpowering in any way. Next the citrus tones come through and finally a refreshing velvety finish. The Brew Dog guys have stayed true to their word and crafted an all round exhilarating beer drinking experience.

Punk IPA is covered in our current craft beer deal, and 12 cans can be yours for a very reasonable £19.98. This is gourmet brewing at it's very best, treat yourself!

Black Cottage Pinot GrisDate published: 14/01/14

We're very excited to have a new arrival from the fantastic Black Cottage. Winemaker David Clouston sources this Pinot Gris from several selected plots in Marlborough's Wairau and Awatere Valleys- the grapes are night-harvested to preserve acidity and purity of fruit characters, further supported by a long, cool fermentation.

This rich and succulent Pinot Gris is filled with vibrant aromas of roses, pear and exotic spices. The palate is awash with flavours of stone fruit, ginger and retains a hint of natural sweetness. Try with fragrant Asian food or enjoy as an alternative aperitif.

Part of our New Zealand 20% off deal- £9.99 when you buy two bottles or more.

Vina eguia Gran reservaDate published: 14/01/14

Vina Eguia Gran Reserva, Rioja 2004

This wine is really is an exceptional wine that is excellent value for money. The top wine in the Eguia range, this gran reserva has been aged for 30 months in barrel and a further 3years in the bottle before it was released. The end result, is a complex and well balanced Rioja.

On the nose you get dark plumb and raisin notes, on the palate you get fruit flavours of prune and some vinilla spice from the oak aging. This however is not over powering and has a soft, silky smooth mouth feel with great length.

A cracking example of a Gran Reserva at a bargain price!

CodorniuDate published: 14/01/14

Codorníu Brut NV

From the Penedès region in Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. This Cava has been produced with the expertise of Codorníu, whose wine producing story dates back to the 16th century. A dry light bodied Cava displaying green apple, citrus, almond and brioche characters.

This easy drinking Cava is great on its own or as an accompaniment to seafood or light salads.


*When you buy two or more bottles.

Single bottle £10.49

Wine Producer Of The Day- William FèvreDate published: 13/01/14

One of the great Chablis producers. The retirement of renowned oak–advocate, William Fèvre opened up the opportunity for talented winemaker Didier Séguier to take the helm in 1998. Rather than eschewing the divisive style of his predecessor, Didier has polished and refined the oak influence to produce wines of exceptional class and balance whilst still retaining the concentration with which it has become synonymous. In short he has taken this excellent producer in a modern direction without losing its 250 year history. In store we offer his unoaked classic style with incredibly vibrant flinty backbone.

Majestics fine wine arm Lay and Wheeler also offers the 2009 oaked style which is unquestionably Chablis of the highest standard, especially considering the quality of the vintage. 

Are you a business looking for a new wine supplier?Date published: 13/01/14

Are you looking for a new drinks supplier for your business? Bar, club or resturant we supply to everyone!

What we offer:

~ A wide range of commercial only wines 

~ Competitive prices

~ Knowegable staff

~ Free and flexible delivery 

~ You personal account manager

~ Staff training with food and wine advice

and much much more...

CALL us on 02078199796 or EMAIL: bat@majestic.co.uk for more information. 

WeddingsDate published: 13/01/14

Weddings can be stressful to organise. Thankfully, here at Majestic we are vastly experienced in helping you chose the wine and beer for your special days. Whether you want wine to match each course at the wedding dinner, champagne or fizz for the toast or wedding breakfast, or just a great selection of wines to help your parties rock and roll, we are here to guide and advise.

In addition to this we also offer free delivery at a time convenient for the big day itself, free glass and chiller bin hire (refundable deposit required). We even sell bags of ice. Plus with the tasting counter showcasing wines each day you may discover a wine that you had not thought of, and that you really love.

Products are available on a sale or return basis provided they are returned in a saleable condition (managers discretion).

So if you are planning a wedding or any special event for 2014 and need some advice or guidance just pop in, send us an email on bat@majestic.co.uk or call us on 02078199796

VodkaDate published: 13/01/14

All About Vodka

Vodka is a colourless, fairly neutral-tasting spirit. It is distilled to a high strength, usually usuing continuous still, and then filtered through coal to remove impurities before bottling. Because it is distilled to such a high strength, very little of the character of the base material appears in the spirit.

A wide range of base materials can be used including potatoes, cereal grains, and even grapes. The little flavour that remains from the base material used can be an important part of the character of the spirit, particularly with easetrn-style and some western premium vodkas.

As well as differing subtly in their flavour, vodkas also differ in their quality and texture of the spirit. Some are very soft, creamy and smooth; others can be quite harsh with a noticable 'bite', which can be part of the character of the vodka does not always indicate a poor quality spirit.

Eastern-Style Vodkas

Eastern-style vodkas, such as those from Russia and Poland, tend to retain more of the character of the base material. They have characterful flavours, but the alcohol may seem harsher. Potato-based have a particularly creamy, luxerious texture, though they are expensive to produce. Rye-based vodkas have a subtle, but noticably spicy flavour. Barley and wheat are also used.

Western-Style Vodkas

Western-style vodkas aim for smoothness and neutrality, often at the expense of character. The best have a soft creamy texture. They are the ultimate innocuous spirit, and their mixability makes them ideal for cocktails where the main flavours do not come from the base spirit.

Flavoured Vodkas

Flavoured vodkas may be made with modern flavourings such as orange, cranberry or vanilla, or they follow traditional recipes that use cherries, bison grass, plums or honey.

GinDate published: 13/01/14

All About Gin

Gin is made from almost neutral spirit that has been flavoured with a range of botanicals. The most important is juniper. The origin of the spirit can vary but is commonly either molasses, sugar beet-based or grain spirit.


Juniper is always the dominant flavour followed by coriander. Yet a range of other botanicals are used, including citrus peel, liquorice, orris root, angelica and star anise.

Aside from a few Dutch Gins, the final mix does not see any aging before bottling. Instead it is reduced to bottle strength with demineralised or spring water.

Cold-Compaound Gins

The very low priced gins use cold compounding to flavour the spirit. This involves simply adding flavour using essential oils. The reultant product may be quite pungent at first, however as the flavours are not very well 'fixed' the aromas disappear quickly and the flavours are weak.

Distilled Gins

Gins labelled as London Gin, Distilled Gin or Plymouth Gin use a superior range of distillation techniques to extract the flavours from the botanicals. Either the botanicals are added to the neutral spirit to macerate for a period of time before a further distillation, or the vapour is passed through the botanicals during distillation.

Is Ribera del Duero the new Rioja?Date published: 13/01/14

Is Ribera del Duero the new Rioja?

Rioja has long been considered the premier wine region of Spain.  Ribera del Duero with is warmer climate is producing quality wines with more weight, colour and alcohol.  Whilst Rioja's D.O. laws were established in 1970, Ribera del Duero's were not introduced until 1982. Both use the same Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva ageing laws.  Both have the Tempranillo at the heart of their production. However, during the past decade Ribera del Duero wines have managed to combine great power with freshness and elegance.  There are, of course, some famous wines from the region such as Emilio Moro Valderiz and Tinto Pesquera, (apparently Sir Alex Ferguson's favourite wine).  But the region is now producing consistent high quality wines across the price ranges.

Last night I opened a bottle from Ribera del Duero which is under £10, in fact just £7.99 on the present Majestic Wine Spanish offer.  What a little gem!  Soft, elegant fruit with great depth and complexity, grown from organically grown grapes.  Research has also told me that it comes from the oldest winery in the  region.  I've not tasted a better wine for under £10 this year.  I only wish I had tasted the wine blind without any preconceived ideas.  I believe that I would have placed a far higher price tag on it.  It even comes with a very dapper looking elderly man on the label who I believe is Pablo Penalba.  He was head of this wine producing family until his sudden death in 2006.  "What's the wine?" you ask.  Montecastrillo, from the Finca Torremilanos winery made from 100% Tempranillo.

So has Rioja been overtaken by it's neighbour, Ribera del Duero?  You decide by trying a few comparably priced wines from both regions. Buy them now whilst Majestic Wine still has the Spanish offer on.  For me it is just too close to call.  I believe that I will have to force myself to do a little more product research!  Cheers!

Fine Wine PlanDate published: 13/01/14

The Fine Wine Plan

Enjoy fine wine? Fancy starting your own personal collection? Want to get a 10% discounton all your purchases at Majestic Wine? Thanks to Lay and Wheeler, the fine wine arm of Majestic, this is now possible.

The Fine Wine Plan assists you in building a personally tailored fine wine collection but at your own financial pace.

Q. How do I go about setting up a Fine Wine Plan (FWP)?
A. To join the Fine Wine Plan you'll need to first register on the Lay & Wheeler website, and then the simple online application form. You can choose the level of subscription that's right for you, from a minimum of £50 per month. You'll need to specify £100 or more to qualify for your free case of Croix de Beaucaillou 2009. When applying you'll be given options to indicate your main wine preferences, providing your personal consultant with a starting point. Complete the Direct Debit mandate, post it to us, and we will do the rest.

Q. What are the benefits?
A. When you sign up to the £100 per month FWP you will receive a number of benefits including a 10% Discount at Majestic Wine and a free joining case which will consist of six fine wines to add to your collection. You will also receive exclusive quarterly offers featuring fantastic wines especially selected for the fine wine plan. 

To join please visit www.laywheeler.com or call 01473 313 330

Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012- currently in the Bargain Hunt!Date published: 10/01/14

Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2012

Margaret River, Australia

Cape Mentelle is a pioneer, and leading winery of the remarkable Margaret River wine region, the most noted region in Western Australia.

It possesses a cool maritime climate which is similar in style to that of Bordeaux. Cape Mentelle takes a minimal approach to this blend, which allows the regional character to shine through, paying testament to the beautiful South-West Coast.

This vibrant and aromatic blend produces a fresh, distinctive wine that accentuates the unique character of both grape varieties.

Sauvignon Blanc provides herbaceous, green fruit flavours, which are perfectly complimented by the heady lemon blossom aromas of Semillon.

Meticulous winemaking preserves the remarkable intensity of the fruit flavours and provides structure, weight and texture that characterises the Cape Mentelle style.

This wine would make the perfect accompaniment to lightly spiced, Asian-style seafood.

This fantastic wine is also part of the Majestic Bargain Hunt, and is currently only £12.49when paired with any other Bargain Hunt wine, a massive saving of 33.3% on the single bottle price! (£18.74).

Welmoed Cabernet Sauvignon- currently in the Bargain Hunt!Date published: 10/01/14

From selected vineyard sites in Stellenbosch, where the climate is cool Mediterranean, and soils are of loam and granite. Varietal characters are preserved in this Cabernet by cold soaking before fermentation, and maturation with oak staves for just 8 months.

Nose and palate are dominated by blackberry and cassis, with subtle hints of mint leaf and nutmeg showing through. Oak influence is restrained, providing gentle polish to the ample tannins. Welmoed recommend serving with Tzatziki roast beef, or rack of lamb with sautéed vegetables.

Leon Perdigal, Cotes du RhoneDate published: 10/01/14

Leon Perdigal

Cotes du Rhone


This is a classic blend from Southern Rhone, made with 4 different grape varieties Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Carignan. Named in honor of the first cellarmaster at Ogier's famous cellars this wine certainly shows off their long wine making tradition.

Plenty of red fruit on the nose and palate, seasoned with spicy pepperiness. Medium bodies with a good finish, this wine would be a perfect match for haggis...Burn's night not long away!


Fan of Albarino? Why not try Godello?Date published: 07/01/14

Are you a fan of Albarino and want to try something a little different from the same region in Spain? If so, then why not try Godello -  This is a white grape variety found predominantly in North West Spain.  It is a fantastic dry white wine with peachy, ripe pear flavours.

Which ones we sell:

Caixas Godello £7.99 multi-buy price (this is currently open to taste on our tasting counter.)

Montenovo Godello £9.99 multi-buy price

Great Offers in StoreDate published: 07/01/14

With the expense of Christmas and the blow out of New Years Eve, the beginning of any year can often be a time when wine drinking takes a back seat. Whether this is to kick start a new routine, diet or healthy living plan or simply just to cut back on what could be seen as an unnecessary expense. 

However, once we re-open on the 2nd January we will still have our great Christmas promotions ongoing and that will remain the case all the way through January. So this means we will still have 20% off the wines of NZ, Australia, Rhone and Chile. Therefore, there is still some great value to be found around the store. We also have selected Champagnes and Sparkling wines with a 1/3 off! This can create some great savings and presents some great value fizz for any parties/weddings that may be upcoming in the new year.

The best bit about wine as well is that it lasts (with a little self discipline that is) and therefore you can cash in on some great prices and be well prepared for events that may come up throughout the next 12 months! 

Maybe, your new years resolution is to try new or different wines to normal. If this is the case then we always have different wines open to taste and with the offers mentioned above its a great time to explore the wines those countries have to offer. 

There may also be a few extra bargains up our sleeves to throw your way so watch this space! 

Have a good new year and we look forward to another exciting year exploring the world of wine with our customers!

Getting Married?Date published: 07/01/14

We have been meeting lots of wedding couples this weekend, so if you have just got hitched and are planning your nuptials we are on hand to help you out. Now is a great time to stock up on our Cracking Christmas Champagne deals!

On our website we have our wee check-list of all aspects to cover in planning your big day from how many glasses can I get from a bottle to planning corkage and glass hire! http://www.majestic.co.uk/services/weddings

All our staff in store are experienced at advising couples on wines to suit their tastes, their menu and their budget. We'd be happy to help point you in the direction of a few different whites, reds and sparkling to choose from.

Time for a Bargain Hunt!Date published: 07/01/14

This January we've got a real bargain hunt going on. And the only reason we've reduced these wines is to make room for next season's selection.

With a delicious 33.3% off when you buy any 2 from the range of selected wines, you're bound to find some unbelievable bargains. The perfect way to perk up your January. But hurry - stocks will sell out quickly!

You can view the Battersea selection through our website www.majestic.co.uk

Happy Hunting!

Wine FactsDate published: 07/01/14

In the whole of the Biblical Old Testament, only the Book of Jonah has no reference to the vine or wine

Wine FactsDate published: 07/01/14

Red wines are red because fermentation extracts color from the grape skins. White wines are not fermented with the skins present

Top 5 Bargain Hunt WinesDate published: 07/01/14

It's OFFICIAL, our Bargain Hunt offers have BEGUN! With savings of 33.3%, be sure to take advantage of our wonderfully diverse selection of price cut wines.

Here are my personal Top 5 Bargain Hunt wines;

1 - KC Cabernet Merlot, 2010, Klein Constantia, Coastal Region - £7.32

This wine is typically South African in style. Spicy aromas and ripe fruit are complemented by 20 months' barrel ageing. If you are a fan of your blackcurrant reds, this IS the wine for YOU.

2 - Santa Carolina Reserva, Sauvignon, 2011 Leyda Valley - £5.99

In at number 2 is a beautiful Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. With a focus on citrus flavours and tropical fruits, this zingy white is sure to provide a crisp and refreshing experience. Perfectly acceptable to drink on its own or with a nice salad and fish dish.

3 – Composite, Sauvignon Blanc, 2010, Winegrowers of Ara, Marlborough - £6.99

A close 2nd place, this traditionally fruity and tropical New Zealand white also provides a long clean finish. Vibrant and intense, you will realize all your ripe grapefruit desires... This wine will taste even sweeter knowing that you've practically stolen it at a price of £6.99.

4 – Catalpa, Pinot Noir, 2011, Atamisque, Mendoza - £8.66

Elegant on the palate, this Argentine Pinot Noir is incredibly easy drinking (I finished a bottle without it touching the sides!). Aromas of rasberry and jam, if you are a fan of your medium-bodied savoury reds, I strongly advise that you look no further than the Catalpa Pinot Noir.

5 - Les Hautes, Roches, 2009, Médoc

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, one of my favorite blends from Bordeaux. This plummy red is sraightforward and approachable, with a centre of youthful ripe blackcurrant flavour. If you are looking for a perfect match to slow-cooked red meats – this wine is PERFECTION.

So there you have it folks, my Top 5 Bargain Hunt wines. I hope the hunt for bargains has been narrowed down somewhat. However, there are plenty of other wines with prices slashed that missed the cut by only a whisker!

I look forward to grabbing some of my top 5 wines for you in the near future.

Food and Wine MatchingDate published: 07/01/14

The world of food and wine matching is incredibly complex. It confuses, baffles and frustrates in equal measure. While any wine can be drunk with any food it will not always leave the most pleasant taste in your mouth. A successful food and wine match will ensure that the wine does not deteriorate in quality. 

The question is, how do you achieve this feat?

Well there are some simple ways to ensure that the wine and food will not create a bad taste in the mouth. A good place to start is with the old myth that you can have 'white wine with fish and red wine with meat'. This is a generalisation that is not necessarily the best way to match your evening meal and will stop you exploring some excellent matches that go against this widely held view. However there is some credence in this statement too. When eating fish it is common to have lemon juice or vinegar, which are highly acidic. This matches well with the acidity found in plenty of white wines and can help create a fuller, more enjoyable wine. However reds which tend to be less acidic can taste metallic and thin.

When it comes to red wines and meat, the tannins can have a softening effect however there are still other obstacles to it being a perfect match. Often meats like a rare steak are seasoned with plenty of black pepper. This can have a detrimental effect on some finer, older wines, ruining the depth of flavour but may improve younger, lighter reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese and even make them seem more complex.

Sweet foods are another area that can be difficult to match. Dry wines are a disaster when mixed with them and chocolate especially can coat the mouth and require a strong, full bodied sweet wine to overcome them. Other flavours such as bitterness in wine can be matched with salty foods, while salty foods can also make sweet wines taste even sweeter.

Some classic food and wine matches include smoked salmon with a dry Riesling. Red Bordeaux matches lamb beautifully, while the merits of Gewurtztraminer and thai green curry are becoming very well known. Sparkling wine and champagne can create an elegant match for some fish and chips while Sauternes is a great match for some roquefort cheese.

There are many food and wine matches that classically match however every dish is different as every wine is. While there are recommended ways to match food and wine there is no clear template and the best way to find good matches is to experiment. Sometimes certain flavours in foods may have an unexpected match with wines you wouldn't expect. This is all part of the fun and if a match doesn't work then you can always save the wine to drink on its own after dinner.

Exciting New arrivalDate published: 07/12/13

The second wine of Ornellaia, Le Serre shares a similar Bordeaux-inspired blend to the flagship wine, but is produced mainly from the estate's younger vines, resulting in a softer, fresher style that can be enjoyed at full maturity with less time in the cellar. It combines rich black fruit with silky tannins and a firm, well-structured feel, enhanced by a diverse aromatic profile, offering cedar, dried herb and tobacco leaf nuances.

It is included in our ongoing Fine Wine at house wine prices promotion and is reduced to £35 when you buy two fine wines and save £10

Why not send a case of wine?Date published: 07/12/13

Why not send a case of wine?

With over 700 products to choose from, including wine, spirits, Champagne, Port, Sherry & dessert wines, we can help you create a mixed case to suit most tastes and budgets. We also have gift packaging in one, two, three, four, six and twelve bottle formats, so you can present your gift in style. Delivery is free!

Don't know where to start, don't worry, we're always on hand to advise, just ask!

A Christmas guide to PortDate published: 07/12/13

A Christmas guide to Port

There can be no wine that is more British than Port, it was created by the British for the British due to a trade embargo with France back in 1678. So port was discovered from Portugal. Port is the product of a wine with added alcohol (brandy) to halt the fermentation process. The resulting product is generally sweet.

There are a different classifications within port;

Ruby Port

is a young, non vintage, full-bodied, deeply coloured wine.

Taylor's First Estate Reserve Port was £11.99 now £8.99

Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV)

is a wine from a specific year but not a “Declared Year”. It will have been aged in cask for between 4-6 years before bottling and filtering. It has rich complex flavours

Taylors LBV 2007 was £13.99 now £11.99

Tawny Port

is a blend of White and Red Port and has spent at least 7 years in cask aging. Tawny Port is often labelled with an age indication of 10, 20, 30 or even over 40 years. These are the finest of tawny ports, and offer flavours of walnuts, coffee, chocolate and caramel, to accompany faded and developed berry fruit.

Taylors 10 year old tawny port was £25.00 now £20.00

Crusted Port

is a high quality ruby wine of one or more vintages, bottled young and unfiltered. It throws a heavy sediment, hence the name crust.

Colheita Ports

are wines of a single vintage that have been aged in cask until just before bottling. Effectively, they are fine old Tawny ports and do not need decanting.

Vintage Ports

are exceptional wines from one particular year, typically from the best vineyards only, they are bottled at two years old. They mature in the bottle very slowly, until they reach their peak at 20 years or more. They will throw a heavy deposit so need decanting. Not every company declares the same year a vintage. Flavours are rich and complex fruit flavours, syrup and nut.

Delaforce Quinta da Corte 1991 £18.99 

♫'Tis the season to drink Sherry♫Date published: 07/12/13

♫'Tis the season to drink Sherry♫

Christmas is fast approaching and the need for sherry is calling. Whether a dry Manzanilla while the roast is in the oven or a sweet Oloroso with pudding and cheese. We are here to help and have some fantastic offers on this highly underrated wine.

The driest style of sherry is Fino made from the Palomino grape. This light fresh style gives green apple fruit on the palate with floral notes and a nutty undertone that is a result of the flor that develops in the solera system the sherry passes through during its production. Perfect with nibbles.

Pedro's Fino £8.99.

Manzanilla is a Fino that has been aged in the seaside town of Sanlucar. This gives this particular Fino a delicate salty tang. This is by far the most fashionable sherry among the Spanish and is fantastic with tapas.

Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana NV is on special offer at £10.99.

Amontillado is a Fino or Manzanilla that during the aging process has been fortified so the flor that develops dies off, giving this style a partially oxidised characteristic. This is a fantastic dry sherry style with much more prominent nutty flavours and mouthwatering yeasty tang. Serve slightly chilled as an aperitif.

Amontillado Seco Napoleon is on special offer at £11.99.

Now we have sorted out the pre-dinner tipple we can have a look at the sherries that will finish of the night. Pedro Ximenez is exclusively used to make sweet styles of sherry and is the sweetening element added to the cream sherries produced for the UK market. This is a fantastic style and will go perfectly with desserts or even poured over ice-cream. The unctuous consistency and flavours of fig, toffee and caramel make this a decadent end of meal drink.

Pedro Ximenez Triana is on special offer at £12.99.

For those looking for something a little special as a gift for others or to treat yourself this Christmas a sweet Oloroso is the answer. A dry Oloroso is made when the flor is prevented from developing and the wine is fully oxidised. A percentage of sweet Pedro Ximenez is added to make a sweet style Oloroso which has all the opulent raisined fruit and pudding spice characteristics of a dry Oloroso but with moderate sweetness. This makes it a perfect wine to go with a pudding like Tarte Tatin or a cheese board.

Matusalem 30 year old Oloroso, Gonzalez Byass at £17.99.

Come and explore Sherry with Majestic this Christmas.

A Christmas Guide to Dessert WineDate published: 07/12/13

A Christmas Guide to Dessert Wine

Dessert wines are a must at any gathering and Christmas is the perfect time to test them out. We have a fantastic range in store, but here are a few of my favourites. We shall be tasting a lot of these on our tasting counter throughout December so why not come and explore.

Chastelnau de Suduirat 2009, Sauternes, France 350ml £11.99

Sauternes is from a region in Bordeaux in France. It has

an excellent micro-climate (misty mornings and warm sunny afternoons), perfect for producing amazing dessert wines. Sweet peaches and apricots flavours with a lingering finish of silky honey. Perfect with a fruit tart or even duck breast with plum sauce.

Torres Floralis Moscatel Oro 50cl, Spain, £8.49*

The Torres family have been making this Moscatel Oro since 1946. This wine has aromas of marmalade, Turkish delight and honeyed fruit. Indulgently sweet with a candied finish. Can be enjoyed with fruit puddings, but pairs beautifully with Chocolate brownies.

A Sticky End Noble Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Marlborough, 350ml £12.79

World class Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc comes in the sweet variety too – such as this bold expressive dessert wine with crisp citrus notes mingling with sweet honey and peach. Perfect with a pear and Walnut Tarte Tartin.

Vouvray Molleux La Levriere 2011, Bourillon d'Orleans, 350ml £9.99*

This is a dessert style Vouvray using the Chenin Blanc. This a rich glossy gold coloured wine. The aromas are of ripe pineapple and quince with a palate awash with sweet flavours of figs and crystallised lemon. Perfect with caramel puddings or even strong cheeses.

Pedro Ximenez Triana, Hidalgo, Spain, £11.99

Not a dessert wine but a worthy entrant, this is a beautiful sweet sherry. Made using grapes dried on straw mats it has aromas of raisins, molasses, figs and caramel. Best described as Sticky Toffee Pudding in a glass, this is my favourite. Perfect drizzled over Mingella's Vanilla Ice Cream.

*when you buy 2 bottles or more.

Wine of the Week - Chocolate BlockDate published: 07/12/13

Wine of the Week

The Chocolate Block 2012 Boukenhoutskloof, Western Cape

Looking for a wine for a winters evening, then look no further the Chocolate Block is a bit special which is why its often sold out.

An exciting blend of 5 grape varieties, from innovative winemaker Marc Kent. Dominated by around 67% Syrah, the grapes come from several specially selected blocks of vines on Boukenhoutskoloof's estate, fermented and aged for up to 18 months in old French oak.

An earthy, rustic nose gives up aromas of leather, earth and spices over a backdrop of blackcurrant and ripe raspberry fruit. Harmonious and powerful on the palate, with a cocoa and pepper complexity.

Most at home with spice-rubbed steaks, roast rib of beef, or game dishes.

£27 per bottle Buy any two selected fine wines save £10 

£22 per bottle

Celebrating 50 Years of Vina SolDate published: 07/12/13

Vina Sol arrived in 1963 as a symbol of wine making modernity. When Miguel Torres began began experimenting with cool-fermentation to produce a fresher, more aromatic white wine, he couldn't have foreseen the acclaim that would follow. Yet five decades later, Vina Sol still stands as a benchmark for fresh lively whites, with a huge following of contented consumers and critics around the world . 

Now the blazing Mediterranean sun that gave Vina Sol its name is also the symbol of its 50th anniversary. It shines out from the commemorative label, joined by fifty more suns on the cap. for a bottle that's as fresh and elegant as its content. 

On offer @ £5.99 per bottle.

Spotlight Tasting - Christmas WinesDate published: 07/12/13

Spotlight Tasting Christmas Wines

Aperitif - Jermann Pinot Grigio 2012 Friuli £18 on offer

With pear, quince, honeysuckle and a little peach syrup on the nose. There is a richness on the palate with a delicious tangy oily texture which will awaken the taste buds and possibly the mind after a long morning of gift opening and sipping Champagne. A supremely indulgent Pinot Grigio.

Smoked Salmon – Sancerre Vacheron 2012 £17.99 on offer

Passion fruit, gooseberry and lime all assert their authority and wrestle for domination. 2012 was a good quality vintage and you can sense it on the palate. A searing acidity means it is brilliant with fish.

Turkey (White) – Meursault 2011 Nicholas Potel £22

A typically powerful Chardonnay, all muscle and butter on the nose. It’s tangy and lively on the palate with apple and lemon. At the end the butterscotch and toast really kick in, it finishes hearty and warm with enviable length. Perfect with turkey, which needs a robust, structured white.

Turkey (Red) – Rioja Reserva Vina Ardanza 2004 £18.50 on offer

A really sweet, yet tangy nose of strawberry jam, cedar, vanilla, cranberry and leather—very complex and beguiling, it almost seems a shame to drink it. The palate is light and alive, slightly Burgundian, yet the intensity of flavour is incredible, as is the complexity. High acidity makes it a great food wine too, it has the personality to handle the Christmas bird.

Chateau L'Hospitalet 2011 Grand Vin £16.99 on offer

A superb nose of dark black fruit and hedgerow, a little like Chateauneuf. The palate is very firm and structured, damsons and herbs come to the fore alongside blackcurrant and a florality that gives the wine a perfumed edge. It would be the perfect accompaniment to many hard cheeses as these soften the tannins and allow the flavours to open up with some style.

Christmas Pudding - Cloudy Bay Late Harvest £15.99 on offer

A regal nose of tropical and citrus fruit, very concentrated, like undiluted cordial. Alongside is a buttery, caramel and toast aspect. On the palate these are joined by a little saffron from the botrytis, and a creamy, oily texture. Honey, marmalade and apricot too, there is so much going on, it’s a sipper, ideally served with the Christmas Pudding for an indulgent finish.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe!Date published: 07/12/13

Baileys Chocolat Luxe is a blend of luxurious layers of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur and real Belgian Chocolate. All you have to do is shake it and the pleasure is yours......

£17.00 a bottle and now in stock 


A lovely Gift idea for Christmas!Date published: 07/12/13

Struggling to come up with Christmas present ideas? We may have the solution!

Here at Majestic we do gift vouchers in £10, £20, and £50 denominations, which put an end to your worries.
The gift vouchers have no expiry date and can be used in any Majestic Wine Warehouse across the country, making them the perfect gift for pretty much anyone!

We even have some very nice gift cards to slot them into.

Ask in store for more details!

Why shop @ Majestic Battersea?Date published: 07/12/13

If you're reading this, then chances are, you're interested in a wine we have listed, or you're having a party and are looking for inspiration, or just want to check out the range that we stock.

Our staff are passionate about our product. We don't just sell wine; we smell it, we swirl it, we taste it and then yes, we drink it, but most of all we love to talk about it, and we love to buy it too.

So if you're looking for honest advice, an enthusiasm for food and wine matching, or just want to try something that's a little bit different, then pop in to the store and have a chat with us. We've always got some interesting wines open to try, and we love to talk about wine.... There's even plenty of staff recommendations dotted around the store too, so you can see what's caught our eyes recently.

See you at the tasting counter....

Super second wine from Château Musar.Date published: 18/11/13

At our recent wine tasting event held in store, one of the more popular wines of the night was Château Musar's  second wine, Hochar. Made in a similar style to Musar except aged slightly less in oak, for 9 months and left to further age in the bottle for 2 years. The wine is incredibly light and irresistible with plenty of red and dark fruits as well as leather, pencil lead and oak finished with great spice, a long rounded finish and one you will enjoy with either red meats like duck, pigeon or lamb or enjoy it on its own with good company during the cold evenings ahead. Pick up in store for the great price of £11.99.

Grape to Glass - Have you got your copy?Date published: 18/11/13

Make sure you read your copy of Grape to Glass that should be dropping through your letterboxes soon...it includes some great ideas for the festive season, with advice on Christmas food and wine matching, a champagne gift guide and a beginners guide to dessert wine. All the advice comes from members of staff in Majestic and from our winemakers, so don't miss out. Also available online and in store. 

Planning a Christmas Party? We're here to help.Date published: 16/11/13

At Majestic Wines we deliver 7 days a week, providing that you purchase 6 bottles or more, and your order comes to more than £40. This service is completely free of charge, and we offer flexible delivery hours too for your convenience! We guarantee delivery within 7 days, or placing your order, although it is usually much quicker than that. Ryan our driver is always on hand to deliver your favourite wines, straight to your front door. 

We known how difficult it is to know exactly what quantities you need for a party or event, and you definitely don't want to run out. We are on hand to offer advice on quantities, and we also offer sale and return. We ask that anything you return comes back in a saleable condition- we cannot refund bottles with labels peeled off by chilling, or beer in opened or incomplete cases. 

When it comes to glasses, we've got it covered. Our free glass hire includes wine glasses, flutes, hi-balls and pint glasses. These are available on a £1 a glass deposit basis, which is fully refundable when the glasses are returned. We also offer chiller bins, ideal for chilling beers and wines when your fridges are full. Also, we have ice buckets, ideal for keeping a few bottles chilled. They require a £15 and £10 deposit respectively, which is fully refundable when returned. There is no time limit on returning hired items, we just ask they come back clean and intact. 

The Rhône Valley wines simplified.Date published: 16/11/13

Southern Rhône Valley
The Lirac vineyard is located in a bend of the Rhône not far from Orange and Avignon, spread over the sun-bathed terraces and hillsides of four communes: Lirac, Roquemaure, Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres and Saint-Géniès-de-Colomas. The wines come in three colours: graceful and fragrant whites and rosés that should be drunk young with shellfish; and powerful and generous reds, better suited to red meat.

Southern Rhône Valley
This vineyard is confined to the commune of Gigondas which is located at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail. Originally a Côtes-du-Rhône wine, and later a Côtes-du-Rhônes-Villages, Gigondas finally became an independent appellation in 1971. Its soil, climate and particular varietal mix (dominated by Grenache) yields predominantly robust and powerful red wines with rich alcohol content, displaying a refined bouquet of spices mingled with pitted fruit. They are well-suited to game, and can be cellared for many years without losing their qualities. The few Gigondas rosés are also warm-hearted.

Southern Rhône Valley
This vineyard extends from Vaison-la-Romaine in the north to Apt in the south, at the foot of the limestone Mont Ventoux. The reds produced here are fresh and elegant in their youth, and more robust when they come from westerly communes such as Caromb, Bédoin and Mormoiron. The AOC also produces rosés for early drinking, and a few floral and fruity whites.

Southern Rhône Valley
A few communes in the southern part of the Côtes-du-Rhône appellation area have acquired a special reputation thanks to the quality of their terroirs and stricter rules of production than ordinary Côtes-du-Rhône wines. There are 14 historic commune names that may appear on labels: Chusclan, Laudun, Saint-Gervais, Cairanne, Sablet, Séguret, Rasteau, Roaix, Valréas, Visan, Rochegude, Rorsset-les-Vignes, Saint-Maurice, Saint-Pantaléon-les-Vignes, Sinargues, Massif d'Uchaux, Plan de Dieu and Puymeras. These Côtes-du-Rhône-Villages wines vary depending on their sub-region of origin, and are distinguished from those of the Côtes-du-Rhône AOC by their characteristically generous nature and superior ageing potential.

Southern Rhône Valley
This prestigious appellation is located to the north of Avignon, dominating the plain of the Comtat Venaissin. Thirteen grape varieties are authorized, chief of which are the Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault. The intensely coloured reds are best drunk after a period of ageing, varying according to the vintage. They are ample, full-bodied and robust, with a powerful and complex bouquet that pairs beautifully with red meat, game and cheese. The rare whites hide their power behind delicate floral and fruit aromas (white flowers, citrus fruit, pear, apricot and exotic fruit) and the honeyed notes that they develop with age.

Southern Rhône Valley
This appellation (established in 2005) applies to red wines from one of the four communes located on the borders of the Gigondas and Vacqueyras AOCs: Beaumes-de-Venise, Lafare, La Roque Alric and Suzette. All blends must be based on Grenache Noir (at least 50%), and Syrah (at least 25% by 2015), supported by the other main grape varieties. These are generous, rich reds that display aromas of ripe fruit and spices.

Southern Rhône Valley
Beaumes-de-Venise is located to the northeast of Avignon, with the Mont Ventoux in the background and the AOCs of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Vacqueyras and Gigondas to the west. Like the other vins doux naturels, the wines of this appellation are produced by adding eau-de-vie to the musts before the fermentation process is complete. They are aromatic, fruity, full of finesse and elegance ­– perfect as an aperitif, or as an accompaniment to certain cheeses and puddings.

Wines of Chile Week: Casa Lapostolle 'Cuvée Alexandre' Merlot 2012Date published: 16/11/13

Casa Lapostolle  'Cuvée Alexandre' Merlot 2012 

Grape Variety: Merlot, Carmenere

The Cuvee Alexandre Merlot comes from the Colchagua valley, where Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the most planted grape varieties. The Apalta vineyard also has a reputation for fine Merlot.

Alexandra Marnier-Lapostolle, the dynamic young French founder of this innovative Chilean winery, produces wines of spectacular quality. This fine Merlot comes from one of Casa Lapostolle’s low-yield single vineyard sites.

Aromas of red fruit, rosemary, white pepper and sweet spices on the nose. Rich fruits and notes of vanilla on the palate.

Chateau Grand Faurie La Rose St Emilion Grand Cru 2007Date published: 16/11/13

Chateau Grand Faurie La Rose is a St Emilion Grand Cru responsible for producing elegant and earthy Bordeaux. The relatively high percentage of Cabernet Franc in the blend lends a lovely minerality to the finish and the fleshy Merlot provides soft, plummy fruit. 

This is a gastronomic wine that is crying out for lamb or mutton. 2007 can be a bit of an insipid year but this claret is anything but. Bursting with juicy red fruit and plum with a hint of wood smoke and tobacco maturity on the finish. Highly rated by Decanter at 18/20 and picked as one of their value Bordeaux for Christmas this is one to stock up whilst on it's current deal. A seriously complex and well made Claret for sub-£20.

£18 down from £23*

*Save £10 when you buy 2 selected Fine Wines

Fantastic deals on PortDate published: 16/11/13

With Christmas on the horizon we enter into Port season and once again we have some fantastic deals on.

My pick is either the Taylors LBV at £11.99 or the fantastic Delaforce Corte 1991 vintage port, a bargain at £18.99.

Perfect for Christmas or just to while away those Autumn evenings. 

Explore our new best offersDate published: 16/11/13

We have just introduced a whole selection of some of our best wines at reduced prices. Below are a selection of some of the best value in my opinion.

The Ned Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013 - £6.99

Macon Lugny Louis Latour 2011 - £8.99

Chataeu Meaume BDXSP 2009 -  £8.99

Heidsieck Monopole Brut NV - £16.00

Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Res Chardonnay - £7.49

(All prices are multi-buy prices)

For a comprehensive list of all our offers and prices; visit our website, check our latest edition of grape to glass, or visit us in-store. Enjoy!

New to Majestic: Château Fourcas-Dupré 2004!Date published: 16/11/13

New to Majestic!

Château Fourcas-Dupré 2004,

Listrac Medoc, Bordeaux

Vines have been planted on this site since the 18th century but it it is really only since the 70's where the Château has taken on it's modern identity and this was rewarded with the achievement of Cru Bourgeois Supérieur status in 2003.

A rich and aromatic claret with ripe red fruit along with lifted notes of cedar, clove and sweet spice. Firm in boy with generous tannins. This would be a great match for lamb casserole.

£15.99 reduced to £12.99 when you buy 2 or more

New to Majestic- Croix Saint Adel BlancDate published: 16/11/13

Croix Saint Adel Blanc, 2012 Coteaux du Libron

Grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Viognier.

This award winning wine is produced using the same retro method that was previously used in the Languedoc region- by throwing all different sorts of grapes together. By blending a number of different grapes together it allows the wine to develop complexity.

On the nose you can can appreciate all three grapes. A fruit-filled winewith a  mixture of white apple, grapefruit, peach and orange zest flavours with a soft acidity.

Try this wine with roast ham.

£7.99 when you buy two or more bottles

New to Majestic: Striking French Merlot!Date published: 16/11/13

New to Majestic!

Striking French Merlot 2012,

Pays d'Oc

Made in the Languedoc, an area of significant wine production. Due to the heat and the dry summers there is a definite uniqueness to they red wines from this area. Merlot can sometimes bee seen as a simple and smooth wine but when made well as is the case here it can have interesting sweet herbaceous fruit notes and a rich body.

On the nose there are distincly French notes of stewed plums and sweet spice. Silky tannins on the palate are complimented by dark cherries and blackberry, with a pleasing length.

This would be the perfect match to a classic sausage and mash.

£9.99 single bottle or buy two and save £4 = £7.99

A little insight in to Sancerre...Date published: 15/11/13

Sancerre is located on the eastern side of the Loire Valley, and is widely known for producing some of the finest Sauvignon Blancs on offer. These wines are generally youthful and to be drunk at a young age, with bottle ageing of only a year or two.

A total of 14 villages and 3 hamlets hold the right to produce Sancerre. Two of the best Sancerre vineyards are the pebbly, chalky Chene Marchand in the village of Bue, which is known for making a mineraly, finally etched Sauvignon Blanc. The other being the Monts Damnes in Chavignol, where clay-limestone produces more broader, complex wines.

Sancerre is a dry white wine with high acidity, a steely minerality and is known to offer a gun smoky element. Common aroma characteristics can include classic Sauvignon Blanc flavours such as tropical fruits and gooseberries.

We recommend:

Sancerre Blanc 2011, Chateau De Sancerre

Price: £16.99

Fabulously aromatic nose, concentrated gooseberry fruit flavours, all carefully balanced by a rich smokiness and steely dry palate. A mineral, elegant and long finish.

Food Match: The classic match to white goats cheese, this wine is also a brilliant partner to smoked salmon and poached trout.

Beaune 1er Cru, Louis Jadot 2010Date published: 15/11/13

One of the hardest grape varieties to grow, as anything that can go wrong usually does for Pinot Noir, the rewards of great Pinot are well worth the effort on behalf of the winemaker. The thin skin of Pinot results in lighter wines than most Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot based wines, reflecting the terrior of the region it was grown in and the style of the vintner more than any other variety. The spiritual home of Pinot Noir is in Burgundy, where vintners have been producing wines from ever decreasing vineyard holdings for many centuries. The Louis Jadot estate was built up around the ownership of the Clos de Ursules vineyard in Beaune, which has been in the family since 1826. This was before the Domaine was founded and Maison Louis Jadot started acting as a négociant in 1859. Over time Jadot have built substantial holdings in both the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune.
There are no Grand Cru sites in the 450ha appellation of Beaune, but 28 Premier Cru which account for 322ha. The wine is a blend of grapes grown across many of the Premier Crus sites, combining the more powerful and darker flavours from the northern part of the appellation and the softer, more silky characters from the southern end. The wine making philosophy endeavours to be as simple and true to the region as possible, so that the wines are able to express the terrior of the vineyards. Very little done in the winery as winemaker Jacques Lardière, who has been making the wines since 1970, believes this removes the vineyard's character and shrouds the purity of the fruit.
 Red and black cherries, hints of savoury spices and leather, leads to a warm and vibrant body of sweet fruits, and soft tannins.
 Pinot Noir is a great match for many varied foods, but is at its best when matched with either roasted game or duck.

Only £20.00 per bottle, reduced from £25.00 when you buy any 2 Fine Wines.

Under Dog Atlantic LagerDate published: 15/11/13

Under Dog Atlantic Lager, Flying Dog, Denver USA

 6x330ml cans £12.99

 Buy 4 cases of selected craft beer save £12 = £9.99

Yes, it’s in a can, but premium cans are probably the future of craft beer. The beers taste extremely fresh and are cheaper to transport and recycle; cans also fit with the rebelliousness of the craft beer movement. In a sense, Flying Dog invented the craft revolution. They are one of the most important craft brewers of all, not just because of their great beers; without them, the craft beer industry would look and feel a lot different. Their style and rhetoric has inspired a generation of craft-brewers, not least Brewdog from Scotland. Flying Dog began as brewbar in Aspen, Colorado, in 1990. The Rockies back then were a destination for people who found California too mainstream and thought a bit differently. George Stranahan, an astrophysicist with a passion for beer, started the business. The name came from a painting of a flying dog he saw in a hotel in Pakistan, halfway up a failed ascent of K2. George’s close friend was the ‘outlaw journalist’ Hunter S Thompson who famously endorsed the brewery; he was a former Hells Angel who became a biting political journalist and highly-rated sports writer. Author of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, he was outspoken, brilliant and strongly anti-establishment. His influence on Flying Dog and the burgeoning craft beer movement was to set it out staunchly in the face of the dominant commercial brewers. The artwork was created by British artist, Ralph Steadman. The colour and scratchy, confrontational designs are embedded in the culture of the brewery.

“There is an ancient Celtic axiom that says "Good People Drink Good Beer." Which is true, then as now. Just look around you in any public bar-room and you will quickly see: Bad People Drink Bad Beer. Think about it.” Hunter S Thompson

Web Exclusive: Laurent Perrier Vintage 2004Date published: 15/11/13

We have a new online only offer for Laurent Perrier Vintage 2004 - down to just £30 a bottle when you buy 6!

This offer is only available at http://www.majestic.co.uk/Laurent-Perrier-zid22247x6

We would advise you to get your orders in quick, because once it's gone its gone!


Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier remains in family hands to this day. This superb Brut Millèsime is a 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, all from grand cru vineyards.


A medium straw yellow in colour with an open and well developed nose. A well sustained palate with a slight biscuity character and a long honeyed finish.


Serve just above fridge temperature as an apéritif or with seafood.

As this is a web exclusive distribution will take a little longer than normal, but we will keep you updated.

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc - now £6.99 on offer!!Date published: 15/11/13

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc is probably the most popular white wine we sell in the company and it is now down to just £6.99 when you buy 2 bottles!

A classic example of a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, the vineyards of The Ned are located on the banks of the Waihopai River and on the southern side of the Wairau Valley. The river runs the length of the 268ha vineyard and is the origin of the shingle-based soil.

A nose of nettles and grass leads to generous gooseberry flavours with a smoky herbal twist on the palate. The stony terroir gives the wine a subtle gunflint minerality which delivers extra complexity.

This is bound to fly out the door at this price so make sure you get  your orders in now!

2008 Chateau Grand-Puy-Lacoste, PauillacDate published: 13/11/13

Coming up to Christmas, Claret is always a popular choice both for gifts and as a lovely addition to the lunch and dinner tables. We have a great selection here in store for all occasions (and budgets!), but if you're looking to splash out on something a bit more special then I  would highly recommend the 2008 Chateau Grand-Puy-Lacoste from Pauillac which is available at £40.00.

Pauillac is a region in the Medoc, found on the left bank of Bordeaux in between Saint-Estephe and Saint-Julien. Stylistically, Pauillac tends to produce very full and rich Clarets with distinct notes of cassis and cedar. Pauillac is probably most well known for contributing 3 out of the top 5 Chateau in the 1855 classification; Chateau Latour, Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild. The success of the area is quite often attributed to the free-draining gravel soils which produce great Cabernet Sauvignon. Chateau grand-Puy-Lacoste own around 55 hectares which, in true left bank style, is predominantly planted with Cabernet Sauvignon. There is only around 20% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. 

In 2008, the wines of the area were slightly lighter in style (similar to the vintage in 2001), which makes this bottle softer and more elegant than you might expect from the region in general. The wine was aged for 16-18 months in 70% new oak barrels. There are classic toasty and spicy notes on the finish, but there is also an abundance of rich fruit as well. The firm tannins and fruity style suggest that this wine will easiily age for another 8 years or more.

Jancis Robinson scored this wine 16.5/20 suggesting that this wine will be drinking best between 2013 and 2019 but other critics have suggested a much broader drinking window.

Majestic website review:

"Reminiscent of the 1990, this blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Merlot, and 4% Cabernet Franc possesses low acidity, good ripeness (but not over-ripe), and Grand-Puy-Lacoste's classic creme de cassis character well-displayed. Medium to full-bodied with noticeable tannin in the finish, it is a heady, rich, beautifully made Pauillac that should be drinkable within 3-4 years. 

Anticipated maturity: 2007-2018." Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, 91-94 points

Mulled drinksDate published: 12/11/13

Mulled Wine

As the winds pick up, the temperature drops and the Christmas decorations start to appear, a glass of chilled white wine doesn't feel as appealing as it did all that time ago, when we were all having barbecues and spending evenings outdoors during the distant memory that was Summer. A glass of full bodied red can often remedy this, but for those particularly cold, dark and windy nights a mug of something warm is what's really needed.

Mulled wine doesn't have to be reserved for trips to German markets, nor does it have to be a sub standard sugary concoction bought from the supermarket in a bottle ready to just be heated up in a pan. It can be something you make in your own home, with your own personal touches.

We have just received stock of the Selsey Gourmet Mulling Syrup (£5.49*). It's a concentrated spiced syrup which you can add to a wine of your choice to make some truly excellent mulled wines. Add it to Gestos Malbec (£6.66**) for a full bodied style or add it to the Eguia Reserva (£6.66**) for something a little more complex, adding subtle notes of cedar and cloves.

Alternatively, you could add it to a dry cider such as Henney's (£19.92 for a case of 12) to make a delicious mulled cider, perfect for a pre Christmas celebration with friends.

*When you buy two as part of a mixed case

** When bought with any other pick 'n' mix wine

Winter wine evening 13/11/2013Date published: 12/11/13

At Majestic, we pride ourselves on showcasing our range and product knowledge. What better way to see if you like a wine than to try it? Our wine evenings are a fun, friendly informal way to rediscover an old favourite, or find something new.

Our Winter event will be held on Wednesday the 13th November between 6-8pm, and you can just pop in anytime. Fizz on entry, with a range of reds and whites for you to try. Often we also have representatives from wineries offering products that are sometimes not even on the market yet! Tweet, email or phone us to RSVP

Hope to see you there!

Craft beerDate published: 12/11/13

Craft Beers from Around the World

There's somewhat of a revolution happening in the beer world. Bored by bland, mass produced offerings consumers are snubbing the big brands and looking to expand their taste horizons. This has resulted in a return to more traditional methods, producing beers of character. The number of craft breweries have exploded in the last decade, from a few hundred to now close to 1000 in the UK alone.

Maintaining an ethos of quality rather than quantity, enabled use of adventurous ingredients like rare and unusual hops and long forgotten brewing processes. 

At Majestic, we love anything where care, attention to detail and above all passion has gone into offering you an outstanding product. This includes beer, where differentiation between these is becoming increasingly important in flavour and aroma just like terroir or vinification methods in wine. Why not try some of our ever increasing range as a party alternative to big branded lagers, or as a gift for someone who is perhaps not so keen on wine!

*Mix and Match any 4 Packs and Save £12


Anchor Steam £9.99 for 6*

Brooklyn Lager £9.99 for 6*

Flying Dog: Underdog £9.99 for 6*


Brew Dog Punk IPA £9.99 for 6* (One of my favourites!)

Chapel Down Curious Brew Lager/IPA  £17.99 for 12 bottles


Einstok White Ale £12.99*

Pedro's Palo cortadoDate published: 12/11/13

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Palo Cortado

 Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Palo Cortado is selected from the family Almacenista Cayetano Del Pino y Cia. This old established Almacenista (stock holder) belongs to the Del Pino family and is located in the centre of Jerez de la Frontera on the western side (thus benefiting from the cool western Atlantic winds, so beneficial for flor growth) and is housed at one of the old Domecq cellars, precisely at one of the cellars that once stored the famous La Ina soleras. This Almacenista dates back to 1886 and was once official supplier to H.R.M. King Alfonso XIII. Today they have transformed themselves into a true specialist of Palo Cortado with butts ranging from15/20 year old soleras to a dozen 30yr old butts and half a dozen 40yr old butts. The main business of this family is agriculture, looking after more than 2,000 hectares of land around Jerez (the three main businesses of Jerez have always been; Sherry, agriculture and horse breeding).

Winemaker and winemaking process, including fermentation, ageing and vintage conditions:

Selected by Pedro Dauthieu, the wine has an average age of about 15 years. Palo Cortado (meaning broken stick) derives from a wine that initially started its life as a vintage Fino (fortified to 15%), that in its 2nd classification (a year later) in butts, has changed its character and obtained a special complexity without the flor yeast, but keeping a very clean and expressive body. This wine is then fortified again to 17% as a vintage Palo Cortado prior to entering its own solera system. It is a highly pure Palo Cortado that is completely one wine as it has not been blended with anything other than the same style of Palo Cortado from near identical butts.

Tasting note:

Palo Cortado is the traditionally aged sherry that is most sought after by the wine connoisseur. Palo Cortado is a very rare style of Sherry which falls between Amontillado and Oloroso. Pungent on the nose, yet soft and round on the finish. This Palo Cortado is an excellent match for hard cheeses like Manchego or Cheddar, smoked hams or even as a main course with game, roasts or pot roasts.

Additional info:

The poster shown on the label was commissioned for the Festival de la Vendimia (Sherry Vintage Festival) of 1951.This wine has undergone minimal filtration to obtain the maximum expression in the bottle. There is a chance that it may form a haze or precipitate tartrate crystals, which is completely natural and harmless.

Pedro's OlorossoDate published: 12/11/13

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Olorosso

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Oloroso is selected from the family Almacenista Garcia Jarana,who has dedicated his spare time to his hobby, that of ageing and treasuring over 400 butts of old Sherry, ranging from 15 to 20 year old soleras to single butts of over 80 years of age. The Almacenista (Stock holder) belonging to the Garcia Jarana family is located in the heart of the flamenco birth place and only a few meters away from his original and main business, that being the distribution of motorcycles (another of Jerez's claim to fame, as the racing track of Jerez de la Frontera is known as the mecca of motorbike GP) imported mainly from Japan and sold all around Spain.

Winemaker and winemaking process, including fermentation, ageing and vintage conditions:

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Oloroso is selected by Pedro Dauthieu. The wine has an average age of about 20 years. Oloroso (meaning fragrant) is a wine that is fortified to about 17% alcohol,during the very early stages of the wines life and therefore prior to having any chance of flor life.The must selected for an Oloroso is always a more fragrant one but also a more robust or as we say in Jerez; basto. It is a highly pure Oloroso that is completely one wine as it has not been blended with anything other than the same style of Oloroso's from near identical butts.

Tasting note:

Oloroso is the traditionally aged sherry that is most popular amongst Jerezanos. This is warm,with rounded aromas and full of complexity. Exquisite, intense aromas of toasted walnuts and autumn leaves, with a profound and expansive palate.This Oloroso is an excellent match for red meats, game such as partridges or pigeon, casseroles and chicken and Vegetable paellas.

Additional info:

The poster shown on the label was commissioned for the Festival de la Vendimia (Vintage Festival) of 1956. This wine has undergone minimal filtration to obtain the maximum expression in the bottle. There is a chance that it may form a haze or precipitate tartrate crystals, which is completely natural and harmless.

Pedro's AmontilladoDate published: 12/11/13

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Amontillado 

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Amontillado is selected from the family Almacenista Garcia Jarana, who has dedicated his spare time to his hobby, that of ageing and treasuring over 400 butts of old Sherry, ranging from 15 to 20 year old soleras to single butts of over 80 years of age. The Almacenista (Stock holder) belonging to the Garcia Jarana family is located in the heart of the flamenco birth place and only a few meters away from his original and main business, that being the distribution of motorcycles (another of Jerez's claim to fame, as the racing track of Jerez de la Frontera is known as the mecca of motorbike GP) imported mainly from Japan and sold all around Spain. 

Winemaker and winemaking process, including fermentation, ageing and vintage conditions:

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Amontillado is selected by Pedro Dauthieu. The wine has an average age of about 15 + years and has spent at least half of its life as a Fino and therefore protected under a veil of flor. Once the flor starts to die off due to the lack of residual sugar and protein, the wine is then fortified to 18% alcohol (therefore killing the flor completely) to ensure its strength allows it to go down the new road of its life as it slowly ages as a complex but fresh Amontillado. It is a highly pure amontillado that is completely one wine as it has not been blended with anything other than the same style of Amontillado's from near identical butts.

Tasting note:

This Amontillado is one of the true wines of Jerez. Subtle and delicate bouquet, suggests notes of hazelnut on the nose, yet with light reminders of yeast but smooth on the palate which leaves a fresh and pleasant aftertaste. This is an excellent match for soups and consommés, Tuna, wild mushrooms, hard cheeses like Manchego or Cheddar, as well as Japanese/Asian influenced dishes.

Additional Info:

The poster shown on the label was commissioned for the Festival de la Vendimia (Sherry Vintage Festival) of 1955.

Pedro's finoDate published: 12/11/13

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Fino

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Fino is selected from 2 different Bodegas in the centre of Jerez (both situated in the western part of Jerez, benefiting from the cool western Atlantic winds, so beneficial for flor growth). The first bodega provides the younger wine (Bodegas Sanchez Romate) which needs to be selected from a Bodega that not only ages but also vinifies its Finos as that will ensure the fresh youthful stock. The second being an Almacenista (stock holder) which provides the older wine of the two (Almacenista Garcia Jarana) which will ensure the wines complexity and secondary characters.

Winemaker and winemaking process, including fermentation, ageing and vintage conditions:

Pedro's "Almacenista Selection" Fino is selected by Pedro Dauthieu. The wine is an average age of about 5 years and is a dual solera blend with 70% of the wine is drawn from butts from a solera of about 3 and a half years of age & the remaining 30% coming from another solera of about 8 years of age. Both solera's where blended together and left for a couple of weeks in a stainless steel tank, prior to being cold stabilized at 2ºC and then bottled.

Tasting note:This Fino is a bone dry wine, which is aged under flor to protect itself from oxidation. The Intense flor character brings the yeasty components, complemented by almond and fresh apple notes, which leaves a fresh and pleasant aftertaste. It is an excellent match for all types of tapas, especially olives, nuts, smoked hams, shellfish, oysters, mackerel pate, salads, artichokes, asparagus as well as Asian or Indian cuisine.

Additional info:

The poster shown on the label was commissioned for the Festival de la Vendimia (Sherry Vintage Festival) of 1967.

Pick and mixDate published: 12/11/13

Some of our best wines for November are included in the new Pick 'n' Mix offer on selected wines, where you save 33% off each bottle from the range when you buy at least 2 as part of your mixed case.

There are loads of wines to choose from, but here are 3 of my favourites:

Louis Roederer NV - £42 Buy 2 save 33% = £27.99. A great non-vintage style of champagne from the house the produces the famous Cristal. With a creamy mousse, flavours of lemon meringue and biscuit this a lovely and elegant wine, and a bargain at this price!

King's Favour Sauvignon - £13.99 Buy 2 save 33% = £9.33. From the Marlborough region of New Zealand this wine has all the tropical fruit flavours that you would  want, with a refreshing acidity to match!

Gestos Malbec £9.99 Buy 2 save 33% = £6.66. A lovely, rich and fruit Malbec, the grapes are grown at different altitudes from the Mendoza region of Argentina, giving the wine greater complexity. A perfect warming red for a winter evening!

Ribera del DueroDate published: 12/11/13

Ribera del Duero is one of my favourite regions in Spain.  Nestled just south west of Rioja its climate is fiercely hot and continental. High diurnal range is key to this area. A diurnal range is the Fluctuations in temperature between day and night.  This twinned with cool winds which flow through the valley this area produces some great quality wines. 

The wines produced are generally from the tempranillo grape, the same as Rioja.  The difference is here they tend to be much bigger in style, bigger alcohol, bigger body, yet velvety-smooth.  Vibrant and complex, heaped with vanilla, spice and blackcurrent, This is a fantastic wine producing region that is easily on par with Rioja!

Guide to age labelling in SpainDate published: 12/11/13

Spanish wine making law determines the amount of time certain wines need to be aged both in oak and in bottle.  In order to know what level of quality and style the Rioja you have picked up is going to be, one of the following terms can be found on the label of your favourite wine:


This is a young wine, it doesn't have to have any time in oak and is bottled the year following its vintage - these are for immediate release and immediate drinking


To qualify as a 'Crianza' these wines must be aged for at least 24 months, 6 months of this muct be in oak barrels


A 'reserva' are generally selected from better quality wines in good years.  Reserva's are aged for 36 months, including 12 months in oak.

Gran Reserva:

Only produced in exceptional vintages, the best quality grapes go into theses wines.  Overall these wines must be aged for 60 months, 18 months in oak and the rest in bottle. 

Due to the differing laws about ageing the style of each of these wines is notably different.  A Crianza is a more youthful style with the least ageing and so will have more fresh fruit, a Reserva is a rounded wine with both fruit and also typical vanilla and leather characteristics.  A Gran Reserva will be driven much more by tobacco box, leather and dried fruit (the older it is the more dried fruit instead of fresh!)

The fantastic Gestos Malbec...Date published: 10/11/13

Gestos, 2012, Malbec

Origin: The unique quality of the Gestos Malbec is the fact that it combines two growing environments within the same grape variety. Tupungato at 1100m altitude gives freshness and structure while Barrancas, at 700m, adds colour and density.

Appearance and nose: A deep ruby red wine. Red berry dominates the nose with subtle hints of spices and chocolate. It is aged for over 6 months in American and French oak which also adds to the complexity of the fragrance.

Taste: A fairly full bodied wine with pronounced plum flavours. Herbal spices also come through in the finish. It is perfect when paired with steak or rich sausages. It also goes well with a rich chocolate pudding to finish off a meal.

Price: £6.66 (in the November pick 'n' mix offer where you save 1/3!).

Perfect magnums for entertainingDate published: 09/11/13

We love the wines from the Matsu range, from Toro in Spain; so you can imagine our excitement when these little beauties arrived in store this week. Everything we love about the Rascal and the Tough Guy - only bigger....

So whether you go for the fresh and fruity Matsu El Picaro Magnum at £16 , or you want a bit more weight then try the Matsu El Recio Magnum at £26.  They're sure to be a real talking point at any dinner party - and we think would go fantastically well with your post-Christmas celebrations on Boxing Day. So slice the ham terrine, dish out the home-made chutney and enjoy these magnificent wines, (just make sure you've got a decent glassful for yourself).

Cheers !!

New arrival from Bordeaux... Château CoufranDate published: 09/11/13

New arrival from Bordeaux... Château Coufran

At Majestic we've just purchased a large parcel of Château Coufran 2004 Ex-Château at significantly below the market price enabling us to include it in the current fine wine offer. 

Often described as the 'Pomerol of the Médoc' due to the unusually high percentage of Merlot in the blend, Château Coufran is one of the most esteemed and highly regarded Cru Bourgeois Châteaux. Situated in the town of Saint-Seurin-de-Cadourne on the Northern border of St. Estéphe, the vineyard was replanted in the 1920's following a series of crises where Cabernet Sauvignon based wines became very difficult to sell. 

The wine is an archetypal mature Claret; the antithesis of jammy and overtly sweet young wines with very elegant, perfume and restrained aromas of black berries, wood smoke, plum and Cassis. The perfume and structure of the 2004 vintage comes to the fore in the palate, with ripe and soft tannin, earthy and spicy dark berry flavours and lingering finish. 

£19.99 Buy two save £10 ... £14.99 (on our fine wine deal)

Focus on California: Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Paso Robles, CaliforniaDate published: 09/11/13

Just a short drive outside the small town of Paso Robles, the Paso Creek ranch lies in a picturesque area full of vineyards, cattle ranches and art studios. Their production is very hands-on, with vinification and barrel ageing carried out in small lots before blending.

Dark garnet red with cherry hues. The nose is multifaceted, offering glimpses of caramel, vanilla, black pepper and ripe black cherry. A dense yet supple palate with cocoa-like tannins.

Drink with braised shin of beef.

How to make Tom Collins cocktailDate published: 09/11/13

Tom Collins


60ml Gin (Sipsmith)

30ml Lemon Juice

1 Tsp Fine White Sugar

90ml Soda Water

1 Maraschino Cherry

1 Orange Slice


In a shaker half filled with ice cubes, add the gin, lemon juice and sugar. Shake well. Strain into a Hi-Ball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Add the soda water, stir and garnish with the cherry and the orange slice.

Gifts for your clients?Date published: 08/11/13

Its getting towards that time of year again when you start looking around for that perfect present...here at Majestic we are able to offer you a great range of wines, gift boxes to match all size presents and even offer FREE delivery.  Let us take the stress out of your Christmas present hunting - call us today and find out more! 02078199796

Californian Tasting WeekendDate published: 08/11/13

Starting on Friday 8th November we will have a mixture of Californian wines open to taste. 

We will have a wide selection open to try on the tasting counter, so make sure you pop down to see us!

They are all 20% off, so make sure you don't miss out on any bargains!

A great value Sauvignon with a powerful fruity punchDate published: 07/11/13

Originally £13.99, King's Favour Sauvignon Blanc is currently only £9.32 a bottle when you buy two or more.

A lively and intense, yet focused nose, with fresh citrus and a youthful, sweet tree sap note. Stony and firm on the palate, with an incisive, Sancerre-like structure, albeit with a ripe, rounded edge. It is best paired with fresh oysters, delicate white fish dishes, or soft and creamy goat's cheese.

The winemaker Brent Marris is descended from the noble De Marisco family, whose members variously fell in and out of favour with the English monarchy in the 12th and 13th centuries. As Marlborough's favourite grape, Sauvignon Blanc here represents a time of the King's favour. 

As well as its powerful taste, this wine therefore has a rich history.

But don't just take our word for it, come in store and see for yourself.

Antony's yard 2009, Graham BeckDate published: 20/10/13

Bordeaux region of France still remains as one of the most prestigious wine growing regions in the world, it holds the highest prices and some of the oldest history. One of the most important and well known blends in the wine world is the 'Bordeaux Blend', consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pettit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. This stunning and complex blend has found a home away from it's heartland on the other side of the world, on the south most point of Africa. This dense and baron land is perfect for the BB, the diversity of soils and cooling effects from both the Benguela Current coming up from the Antarctic, and the strong summer winds of the Cape Doctor coming from the east. It is these factors that help to prolong the ripening season and build the grape to physiological ripeness.

This South African beaut has had 12 months ageing in French oak to help integration and to push complexity and roundness. This Cabernet, Merlot and Cabernet Franc blend produce a stunning maroon coloured/garnet rim. The nose has the text book cassis, blackcurrant with a poof of cigar box. Palate: red and black fruit, over hanging tobacco, still freshness about the body, a subtle tanning leave the food match open: Meat or a strong cheese would be perfection.


Buy any 2 bottles form South Africa and save 20%


know your Sauvignon Blanc.Date published: 20/10/13

As part of our Sauvignon Blanc Spotlight Tasting on Saturday September 21st, We though we would highlight what we consider to be the best areas for the grape around the world and the different styles you can expect:

The Loire (France) - The most historic area for Sauvignon in France and the region home to many sort after wines

Why not try? Jean Vincent Pouilly Fume 2010 

Marlborough (New Zealand)  - The home to intensely pungent and aromatic wines which have won much acclaim

Why not try? Matua Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Stellenbosch (South Africa) - With a maritime climate not similar to Bordeaux, This region can make some extremely elegant wines with rich grapefruit and grassy notes.

Why not try? Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Casablanca Valley (Chile) - Often said to have ideal growing conditions for grapes, this Chilean region offers huge value for money with its intense fruit flavours.

why not try? Errazuriz Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Brilliant SpainDate published: 20/10/13

When you think of Spanish wine, you immediately think Rioja. Rioja comes in all different guises from easily gluggable every day reds to amazingly powerful and complex wines that can last for decades. But if we delve a little bit deeper into Spanish wine, we can discover a whole plethora of wines from sparkling Cava, to light and fragrant whites, to deep, luscious reds and even the odd dessert wine, so here is a quick guide to the magic and diversity of Spanish wine.

Sparkling wine - Cava is Spain's traditional-method sparkling wine, with most being  made in or around San Sadurni d'Anoia, just outside Barcelona. Keep an eye out  for Codorniu Cristina Vintage Cava which is made from Pinot Noir, rather than the traditional Spanish grape variety Xarel-lo.

White Wine - White Rioja was pretty much all we used to see in the way of Spanish white wine, but that is no longer the case. Grape varieties such as Albarino and Verdejo offer us wines with amazing complexity and gorgeous stone fruit flavours. A recent addition to Majestic's list is the grape, Godello, with 2 listings now, one from the highly regarded wine producer Martin Codax.

Red Wine - Rioja  will always be the bench mark wine to show off the amazing grape vaiety Tempranillo, but Ribera Del Duero is now giving Rioja a real run for its money. Historically an expensive red wine made from Tempranillo, or Tinto Fino, Ribera del Duero offers a whole range of styles now, from the glamorous and expensive, e.g Vega Sicilia, to the more modest and affordable, Lamatum Crianza is a cracker at only £7.99. Up-and-coming red wine regions such as Toro are also ones to watch out for, made from,Tinta de Toro, again another name for Tempranillo, they are likely to be the next big thing in Spanish wine. The Matsu range with there eye-catching labels offer a range of styles and prices.

So there is our Rough Guide to Spanish wine, Viva Espana!!

Winter Warmers Back In StockDate published: 11/10/13

Exciting times. We have just received our first order of Sipsmith's Damson Vodka and Sipsmith's Sloe Gin which means it must be autumn for sure. Both are wonderfully smooth and rich and really don't need to be mixed, just an ice cube and a log fire will do.

If you do like your drinks longer, they both go very well with Fever Tree tonic and gives a warming twist to a classic drink.

Sipsmith's Sloe Gin 50cl - £23.00

Sipsmith's Damson Vodka - £26.00

Something Sweet...Date published: 11/10/13

As we start to prepare our stocks for the Christmas rush (sorry to mention it already) we have started to see the arrival of our desert wine selection.

From a dark complex black Muscat from California to a light and fresh sweet Vouvray from the Loire our range now covers almost every style of sweet wine around.

My particular favourite that has just come back into stock is the Cloudy Bay Late Harvest Riesling 2007 -  £15.99 when you buy two.

It is a deliciously complex wine but it is still a refreshing style of dessert wine that will pick you up at the end of a heavy meal.

I recently was luckily enough to try a 1999 vintage of this wine and it was fantastic condition, slightly darker in colour and more caramel like in flavour but still very fresh.

The ageing potential of this wine is really a tribute to its quality and at £15.99 it is great value as a top quality alternative to a Sauternes.

Planning a Wedding?Date published: 11/10/13

Are you or is anyone you know getting married in 2013 or 2014?  Did you know that here at Majestic we have many years experience in helping to plan weddings for a wide range of clients?  Our bespoke service includes:

Advice on the best wines to suit your food choices and perhaps most importantly, your budget
Advice on quantities required 
Free wine tasting 
Full sale-or-return
Free glass loan 
Free chiller bin/ice bucket loan 
Free Delivery

If you wish to find out more about our wedding service or about any of our party services please come and see us in store or give us a call on 02078199796

For a Sherry enthusiast!!!Date published: 11/10/13

For a while now our Sherry shelves have looked rather barren and forlorn. Finally I can joyfully proclaim this situation has at last been rectified. Without further ado, let me introduce our brand new exclusive range of 'Pedro's' Sherries. The sherries come from small, boutique, family-owned cellars (called Almacenista's in Jerez) and carry a greater degree of weight and complexity than you will find in more mainstream sherry at similar prices. Our range includes a Fino, Amontillado, Palo Cortado and Oloroso that are all authentic and traditional in style. 20% of the fino blend is from an aged fino solera (average age around 15-20 years), which gives it impressive extra depth making it a different proposition from the clean but lean styles of fino such as Tio Pepe. Nevertheless serve it chilled! 

Pedro Dauthieu is a local man who helped us bring the whole concept together. He proved such an invaluable asset we decided to name the range after him. Pedro knows everyone in Jerez. He is a one-man sherry institution with contacts in every bodega, bar and restaurant in the city. He opened doors on family bodegas that could have easily remained closed.The labels are a selection of vintage posters from the September Jerez festival, taken from the 50's and 60's; they are as authentic as the wine inside. Their colour and vibrancy have fantastic stand out value. It was not straightforward getting permission to use the labels from the Consejo di Regulador, but as usual, our man Pedro knew the right man who was able to make it happen. It is a privilege to stock these wines and we look forward to working our way through the range very soon!

Pedro’s Fino £8.99, Pedro’s Amontillado £9.99, Pedro’s Oloroso £11.99, Pedro’s Palo Cortado £14.99

Red wine of the week - Portillo Malbec ArgentinaDate published: 11/10/13

Portillo Malbec Argentina


(when you buy 2 or more) £9.99 for one

This juicy and plump little number is something slightly special at an affordable price.An intense red-purple colour. Round and fulsome on the palate, delivering a swathe of ripe, fresh black fruit held together by lush tannins. This multi-award-winning wine recently won Decanter's 'Best Argentinian Malbec under £10' trophy. It has also collected Silver Decanter and Bronze IWC awards in other categories.This is a bold and full but not over the top wine which is why is makes a great BBQ accompniament.

The bodegas, Salentein has one of the largest cool-climate estates in Argentina, with 2000ha of vines, at up to 1700m above sea level. Their Malbec is grown at around 1050m. This is where the lift and retention of acidity comes from in the wine.

Open to taste all weekend :)

Autumn Magic of Fine Wine tasting - Angel's Share ShirazDate published: 11/10/13

Hansi Baumann introduces the sixth wine in our Autumn Magic of Fine Wine tasting season… 

 Angel's Share Shiraz 

 £23 buy 2 save £10 = £18 

INTRODUCTION The Australians have always done their utmost to be different - even changing the name of the grape varieties. The distinction between Shiraz and Syrah is not just in name, but in style, as instead of the Northern Rhône's white pepper and rose petals characteristics, the Australian style is typified by black pepper spices with black fruit and berry aromas and flavours, resulting in a more fruity style. This more 'forward and fruity' style of wine was, along with some drastic vine pulling and focus on quality grape varieties in the 1980's, responsible for the rise in popularity of Australian wines. Vines were introduced into the McLaren Vale in 1838, including the original Hardy Winery vineyards, and many of the oldest vines in the world still producing viable crops are in and around this region. 

FACTS Two Hands was established in 1999, with the intention of producing wine from all the growing regions of Australia, highlighting and exemplifying the characteristics of each region. The first vintage was in 2000, and over the years the winery built up a reputation as producing beautifully crafted, expressive Shiraz. The Angel's Share wine comes from the McLaren Vale, in South Australia, where the influence of the Indian Ocean tempers the climate, producing earthy, spicy wines. All the wines in the Two Hands range have playful names; the Garden series named after the proprietors' children and the Picture series, with names such as Angel's Share, Gnarly Dudes and Fly By Nighters. Angel's Share relates to the wine 'drunk by angels' during evaporation, and Fly By Nighters is a tongue in cheek reference to the criticisms aired when the winery opened. 

TASTING NOTE Peppery nose of cassis, plums and hints of leather, leading to a full, rich and concentrated body of ripe black fruits, soft tannins and spice. FOOD MATCH Steak is an obvious choice, although a great partner to any red meat, either grilled or in a rich sauce. 

South African favouritesDate published: 06/10/13

With South Africa now being subject to 25% I have decided to share with you some of my favourite wines that are now on offer. Whilst there are almost too many to mention, I have been disciplined and selected two whites and two reds that are not to be missed under this current promotion. So without further a do, here they are!

Eikendal Chardonnay: £9.36(If you buy any two South African wines) I think this is my favourite South African wine. If God told me I could only choose one South African wine for the rest of my life, this would be it. From Stellenbosch, the grapes are aged for 7 months in French oak before bottling. It is the definition of balanced. Flavours of lemon and toast dance on the tongue and there is plenty of acidity to match the substantive palate. It is just perfect. 

Bellingham "The Bernard Series" Old Vine Chenin Blanc: £8.99(If you buy any two South African wines) It would be impossible to talk South African wines without mentioning South Africa's signature white grape, Chenin Blanc. Made from low yielding old vines and matured in French oak this is a powerful style of wine. Packed with tropical and citrus fruit as well as hints of vanilla this is a wine that will make you sit up and take note. Try matching with pan fried sword fish to see it at its best.

"Anthony's Yard" Graham Beck 2009: £6.36(If you buy any two South African wines)A blend of Cabernet Franc,.Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot this is a a great value alternative to Bordeaux. It has spent a year in French oak, so this adds a wonderful cigar box complexity to the abundance of black fruit present in the wine. Whether I am sitting down to a meal of sausages and mash or roast beef this red is always an excellent partner to the food.

Meerlust Merlot 2009: £15.74(If you buy any two South African wines) Hands up if you like right bank Bordeaux? Hands up if you like the price? I suspect a lot of people raised their hand to the first question and quite a lot less did for the second! This wine is a top right bank Bordeaux but with out the price tag. A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc, it is brimming with power and elegance. Sour cherry and plum dominate, and are complimented by integrated tannins and subtle sweet spice. A great wine for now, but will mature brilliantly over the next ten years.

I hope these selections have given you a flavour of the range and quality on offer in South Africa at the moment. So why not pop down to the store and explore our range and maybe find yourself some new favourites!

Sweet ToothDate published: 06/10/13

As we start to prepare our stocks for the Christmas rush (sorry to mention it already) we have started to see the arrival of our desert wine selection.

From a dark complex black Muscat from California to a light and fresh sweet Vouvray from the Loire our range now covers almost every style of sweet wine around.

My particular favourite that has just come back into stock is the Cloudy Bay Late Harvest Riesling 2007 -  £15.99 when you buy two.

It is a deliciously complex wine but it is still a refreshing style of dessert wine that will pick you up at the end of a heavy meal.

I recently was luckily enough to try a 1999 vintage of this wine and it was fantastic condition, slightly darker in colour and more caramel like in flavour but still very fresh.

The ageing potential of this wine is really a tribute to its quality and at £15.99 it is great value as a top quality alternative to a Sauternes.

Bollinger NV - £29.98 Date published: 30/09/13

Bollinger is made from first-run juice only, and the majority of vineyards used have Premier and Grand Cru status, resulting in a full-bodied Champagne of great class. Delightful pale gold in colour, the mousse is light and persistent.

Buy 6 bottles save 33%, single bottle price £45.00

Hurry Last ChanceDate published: 30/09/13

Spanish wines are all 25% off in store until 8pm this evening! There are some fantastic offers to be had, so pop in store before 8pm tonight! Remember, we do free delivery on orders over £40 and you can place orders over the phone - don't miss out! 



Jose Pariente SauvignonDate published: 28/09/13

An exciting new wine has just arrived here at Battersea Majestic. The Jose Pariente Sauvignon.

In the early 1980's, wineries in Rueda began to grow Sauvignon Blanc as an experimental alternative to their traditional local grape, Verdejo. This wine comes from some of the earliest plantings, now firmly established as the region's chosen international variety.Pale lemon yellow with greenish tints, with an expressive nose of exoticfruits and vegetal, cut grass and herb notes. Fresh and clean on the palate, with a tight structure.

This makes a lovely elegant wine to serve as your guests arrive or match with a platter of oysters as a fantastic start to a meal. 

It's open to taste all this weekend

Food and Wine Matching...the basicsDate published: 28/09/13

Food Wine Pairing

A lot of you wine enthusiasts out there have no doubt heard a lot on this subject, but like myself, are still none the wiser. Worry you not fellow enthusiasts, you are not alone for the experts themselves unashamedly admit to the complexity of the subject.

The confounding factor in all this is subjectivity. The processes that bring about the changes in flavour intensity from wine and food combinations is called sensory adaptation and is a largely neurological process which is highly subjective. A good example of this subjectivity is the difference in sensory perseption between a hyper-sensitive indivdual and one with typical levels of sensitivity. It's quite obvious that the two are not going to have similar experiences of the same food and wine combination.

Further factors also play a large role in confounding the art of wine and food pairing. Regional tradition is one such factor. Winemaking and culinary traditions of a region will have evolved together over the years, so don't be alarmed when you hear that in a certain region they have wine and food pairings which completely go against the grain of what you have been taught to be set in stone. For example, we hear a lot about how light wine should be served with light food,therefore, an intense red wine should be unpleasant with a delicate piece of fish. In the French region of Cahors, famous for its Malbec-based wines, don't be alarmed to find people enjoying a piece of trout sauteed in butter with lemon juice and parsley with a glass of Malbec.

Having said this, for simplicity's sack there are a few generally agreed maximes that are followed when matching wine with food and I know most of you have heard them at some point. Most experts belive that the most basic element in wine and food pairing is understanding the balance between the weight of the food and the weight or body of the wine. A heavy and robust wine like a Cab-Sauv can overwhelm a light and delicate fish like lemon sole, while light bodied wines like Pinot Grigio would similarly be overwhelmed by a hearty stew. Flavour and texture of a wine can also inform the choice of food to be paired with it. Sweetness, acidity, alcohol, and tannins can be minimised or heightened when paired with certain foods. The classic example is pairing a fatty piece of salmon with an acidic wine like a Sauvignon Blanc. The acidity of the wine will cut through the fattiness of the wine while the fattiness reduces the acidity of the wine. So these two are a perfect combination because they complement each other well. Sweet wines like Tokaji go well with salty foods like a salty stilton. Alcohol in wine accentuates the heat of spice so highly alcoholic wines should be avoided with spicy food like curry.

Folks like I said earlier, this is a complex subject and I could go on and on, so when in doubt use the anecdote white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. Sweet and salty go hand in hand but this rule changes with sweet puddings which should be served with sweet wines.

I will leave it hear today folks so till next time, so long.

Oktoberfest Beer Is Back!Date published: 28/09/13

Paulaner have once again paid tribute to the world famous beer fair, by releasing this seasonal brew. This beer is somewhat of an institution, both full bodied with a pleasant taste. 

A German brewer is only permitted to use four ingredients. According to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, the four ingredients are hops, malt, water and now yeast. The Paulaner master brewers only use the regions best ingredients, with the approved hops coming from the Hallertau region of Bavaria, and the yeast comes from its own pure culture. The water used is the purest and softest from Paulaner's deep wells on the Nockherberg. Paulaner's philosophy is the better the ingredients the better the beer. The Paulaner experts therefore check everything thoroughly using their considerable experience and good noses. 

The brewing process starts with milling the malt, this is followed by mashing- mixing the malt with the brewing water. The mash is then refined, simply meaning the mash is filtered to remove the remaining malt solid. The rest is then referred to as 'wort'. The wort is then boiled for 1 to 2 hours in the brewing kettle, and the hops are added in at this time. This helps determine the taste of the beer. The hops give the beer an aroma and adds to its elegance and fresh hoppy taste. They also are responsible for maintaining the shelf life of the beer. 

The finished brew is now cooled and the remaining hops and protein are removed from the work by being spun at high speed in a centrifuge. The last ingredient to be added is the yeast, this is what starts the fermentation. The sugars of the wort is what transforms into alcohol and carbon dioxide. After being stored for a suitable amount of time, the beer is then filtered and it is then ready to be enjoyed. 

A case of Paulaner Oktoberfest beer is £40 (20 bottles). 

The Special World of Super TuscansDate published: 28/09/13

Let's put Chiantis, Brunellos and Montepulcianos to one side (although all brilliant) and talk about these exciting Super Tuscan things.  Many of these wines operate outside the Italian wine rule book so to speak and therefore don't have DOC or DOCG (that bit of paper round the top of most 'good' Italian wines) status. They are labelled IGT because they use non-regulation grapes.  IGT is actually quite far down the ranks in Italy, similar to Vin de Pays in France, but the quality of some of these wines are outstanding and must certainly be looked out for.  

We stock a few famous examples of this type of wine, but one of particular interest to me at the moment is the Guidalberto because it's on a stonking deal!  It is a glorious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and has more power than a similar blend from France for example and much more acidity making it a dream which rich, meaty foods.  Pop one in the trolley next time you're in as part of our "buy 2 save £10" fine wine deal for only £25 each.  You will not be disappointed.

Monkey Shoulder is Back! Date published: 28/09/13

Monkey Shoulder is a Speyside blend of malts from the Glenfiddich family.  Although not as thorough-bred as the single malts it does have other qualities...  Why not try it as a mixing whisky?  Nothing too fancy as you don't want to over power the delicate highland characteristics so something classic like an Old Fashioned.

Take a sugar cube and coat it in a few drops of bitters and a tiny splash of water then muddle (posh word for mash and stir).  Once you've got a thick sugar syrup, fill your glass with ice cubes then pour over 50ml of this great whisky.  Garnish with an orange peel and if you're feeling extra fun a maraschino cherry.  Delish

Monkey Shoulder Whisky on a great deal at £25 a pop and WAIT until you see the amazing cage it comes in!

A few facts about Shiraz/SyrahDate published: 28/09/13

Seeing as it is out Shiraz/Syrah tasting week here are some facts about the grape!

1. It is the offspring of the grape varieties Dureza (father) & Mondeuse blanche (mother).

2. It was commonly called Hermitage in Australia until the late 1980's before being dropped due to the French PDO.

3. It was brought to Australia in 1831 by Scotsman James Busby "The Father of Australian viticulture".

4. Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape, just different names for it, used to describe different styles of the finished wine - Syrah for the Southern French style, Shiraz for Australian style.

5. Hermitage - the town in Rhone that made the wine famous - means Chapel.

We will have plenty different Syrah/Shiraz open to taste all week long so pop in any time

Focus on...Wirra WirraDate published: 28/09/13

Wirra Wirra

OWNED BY- Greg and Roger Trott

LOCATION- McLaren Vale, South Australia

HERITAGE- Established in 1894 by South Australian cricketer Robert Strangways Wigley. The winery produced a range of wines including Shiraz and Burgundy. The winery proved prosperous until 1925 following the death of Mr Wigley in 1924, when it fell into disrepair; it wasn't until 1969 that cousins Greg and Roger Trott revived it.

PHILOSOPHY- Wirra Wirra wines were created to reflect the pleasant things in life; excellent food, scintillating conversation, beautiful surroundings and a great bottle of wine.


Wirra Wirra is an aboriginal name meaning “amongst the gum trees”.

The Mediterranean climate of the region combined with its close proximity to the Gulf St. Vincent produces consistent, richly complex and long lived wines from classic grape varieties, Shiraz being an excellent example.

Roger and Greg Trott made their first wine with an ancient Bagshaw crusher, a pump and an old French press gathered from the ruins of the winery.

Wine Selection

Scrubby Rise - #7wordwinereview- A wine of inky darkness and body! £7.99 a bottle when you buy 2

Church Block - #7wordwinereview- Mocha and cinnamon, a perfect autumn tipple! £12.49 a bottle!

A Brief Guide To Spain (Reds)Date published: 28/09/13



Rioja offers some of the worlds longest lived wines. Years of production has meant that people have discovered the nuances they will get from each vineyard, and each of Riojas three sub region offers something different. This allows the producers to fine tune a particular style. The grapes allowed in Rioja production are Tempranillo, Granacha(grenache), Mazuelo and Graciano. Of these the first two are the most important. Tempranillo is usually the main component in more serious Rioja with Mazuelo and Graciano in smaller parts adding a certain finesse and Granacha is used for simple young drinking styles (although there are some great exceptions). Tempranillo's a great grape if you don't like you mouth being dried out by high tannins and it has an hedonistic nose of ripe strawberry and soft leather. The other two major factor is how long the wine has seen oak , Gran Riservas that have well integrated oak often develop very savoury aromas to support a soft strawberry palate.

The rules about naming helpfully tell us the type of wine we are dealing with. The first,Crianza is wine aged for at least two years, at least one of which was in oak. Rioja Reserva is aged for at least three years, of which at least one year is in oak. Finally, Rioja Gran Reserva wines have been aged at least two years in oak and three years in bottle. These are minimums and sometimes these wine have been aged much longer, and some Reserva have seen a lot more oak aging then some Gran Reservas.

Ribera del Duero

The Warm Summer days and cool nights and high altitude results in Tempranillo that has much thicker skins. The resulting wines are a contrast to Rioja because they are much bigger and more brooding, there is still strawberry fruit but backed up by darker fruits. As a result it benefits from French oak which integrates superbly. As a result Ribera del Duero wines love food.


The second most prestigious region in Spanish wine production. It is unusually diverse in the variety of wines it produces due to its varying altitudes and soils particularly its red slate soils. Traditionally, Priorat wines were made from incredibly low yielding old Garnacha vines, creating massive wines with high alcohol with rancio aromas (think mushrooms and wild game). The modern style of wine is made from international varieties such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and even some Pinot Noir. In general all these wines see a lot of oak, with powerful tannins and deep fruit flavours they are among the world wines with most ageing potential .

A Brief Guide To Spain (Whites) Date published: 28/09/13

Quick guide to Spain

Spain is the the third largest wine producer in the world. Like both Italy and France this is reflected in a diverse array of grapes and regions. At one point, when disease hit Bordeaux, the French switched the consumption to what they considered the second great wine Rioja. However, there is more to Spain than just Rioja, (as brilliant as it is). Of all the European nations Spain has lead the way in embracing modern styles of winemaking. This is a quick guide to some of the major offerings that Spain has.


Previously, people thought of Spain as red country but two very exciting things have happened in the last 20 years. Firstly, Spain has adapted where it needs to adapt to the international market bringing in international varieties to where they will flourish particularly Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc. Secondly, some previously unsung gems have been rediscovered.

White Rioja

Made from Viura (Macabeo) and Malvasia. Of the two Viura offers the fresh acidity and typically fruit flavours ranging from pear to grapefruit. Malvasia is the star of top white Rioja, offering full body and this richness makes for a perfect balancing with the freshness of Viura. The other major factor is the amount of oak that wine has seen. In the past white Rioja used to see a lot of oak which produced a unique wine of great complexity, although these wines are still produced it is much more popular to make a fresher more fruit forward wine.


Another innovator to have come to popular attention in recent years produces two different but similar wines. The local grape Verdejo creates light elegant wines with melon and peach aromas. Realising that the chalky soils and cool evenings would also suit Sauvignon Blanc that now competes with the Loire for the best of European Sauvignon. A movement towards modern techniques has allowed the aromatic fruit to shine through.


Again it is a tale of two grapes in the North West of Spain which have seen popularity soar in very recent history. Albarino the wine behind Rias Baixas (but also grown widely though the North West) offers a full texture balanced by a enjoyable acidity. The nose is a floral bouquet with citrus and stone fruit aromas. Godello thrives on a moderate climate and the rocky slate soils around Galicia. Godello has a very clean nose of pear and pineapple usually supported by a curious grassy herbaceousness.

Fine Wine of the Week: Saint Clair Pioneer Block Sauvignon Blanc 2012 MarlboroughDate published: 28/09/13

Saint Clair Family Estate is rapidly becoming one of the most reputed wineries in Marlborough, despite producing their first wines as recently as 1994. The Pioneer Block wines are sourced from outstanding parcels of fruit, identified by chief winemaker Matt Thomson.

An almost otherworldly intensity of fruit, with pungent aromas of gooseberry and passionfruit, with a steely dryness, herbaceous characters, underlying minerality and a long, lingering finish.

Asian-inspired cuisine is ideal, as the wine echoes the lemongrass and fresh coriander often used in these dishes.

£15.99 when you buy 2+ bottles.

Wine Course coming up!Date published: 28/09/13

Want to know a little more about wine?

We provide a free 90 minute appetizer sheds light on everything from tasting jargon to how to choose the perfect wine for your meal!

If you are interested in attending one our wine courses please give us a call 02075871830 or ask in store!

Our next date is Tuesday 8th October at 7pm.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Lay & WheelerDate published: 28/09/13

Did you know?

Lay & Wheeler have over 150 years of experience in buying and selling fine wines and are experts in the fields of en primeur, in bond sales and wine storage. The company was bought by Majestic in 2009 but runs as a separate company based in Suffolk.

Passionate staff & expert advice

With a wealth of experience in the industry, an impressive array of qualifications and a huge amount of passion for fine wine. Every member of staff oozes enthusiasm and passion and this shows through their large portfolio of customers and wine selections.

Fine wines – hand selected

Their expert buying team sources fine wines from the very best producers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the new world. Tasting wines from around the world they ensure that they not only have some of the top wines, but also some of the most interesting.

Buying fine wine & storing in bond

Buying wine when it is young and cellaring it correctly brings many benefits to the appreciation of the fine wine. While most wines can be enjoyed in their youth, many fine wines benefit from being aged in bottle, developing additional levels of depth, complexity and interest.

The finer benefits

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To find out more or join up visit www.laywheeler.com or call 01473313330

Red Wine of the Week: Beaune 1er Cru 'Les Cents Vignes' 2007 Albert MorotDate published: 27/09/13

Once a négociant, this family firm now lives solely off its domaine, which is made up only of premier crus. This wine comes from vines up to 40 years in age and uses up to 50% new oak adding real depth and structure to this full Burgundy.

Fairly rich and rounded on the palate, displaying toasty oak and lots of ripe red berry fruit, as well as a more subtle earthiness.

Try with pheasant breast or duck, or any game dish. Decant before drinking to really let this wine open up.

£19.99 per bottle

Fine Wine of the Week: Coney Pizzicato Pinot Noir 2011 MartinboroughDate published: 21/09/13

Grown on the Martinborough terrace north of Wellington, by winemakers Debbie Christensen and Emma Easthorpe. The chewy tannins and complex fruit aromas of Martinborough wines shine through in this particularly expressive Pinot Noir.

Ripe cherry, black fruits and smoky, savoury overtones with plum and pomegranate fruits combined with spicy, toasty, complex flavours complemented by integrated chewy tannins and a long, savoury finish.

Good Kiwi Pinot can be enjoyed in its youth, or over five years. An ideal match with venison, game and pasta.

£18.00 per bottle, when you buy any 2+ selected Fine Wines.

White Wine of the Week: Giesen The Brothers Sauvignon Blanc 2012 MarlboroughDate published: 21/09/13

The Giesen Brothers' winery is located in the Dillon's Point area of Marlborough, and it is here that most of their Sauvignon Blanc grapes are grown. A small proportion of the wine has been fermented in seasoned French oak barrels, adding complexity and ageing potential.

A distinctive blend of classic Marlborough aromas – gooseberry, dry grass, currant leaf, ripe pineapple and floral notes that flow onto a palate of crushed herbs, supple fruit sweetness and crisp acidity.

Enjoy immediately or cellar carefully for up to 5 years. Enjoy with goat's cheese tartlets.

£11.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles as part of a mixed case

Star Offer: Gran Vendema, Rioja Crianza Date published: 18/09/13

Gran Vendema, Rioja Crianza, 2002

£7.49, buy any 2 Spanish wines and save 20%, £5.99.

We're not sure where our Spanish wine buyer Matt Pym keeps finding these fantastic Spanish wines, but we're not complaining! The wine is made up of 100% Tempranillo and and has spent 12 months in American Oak barrels, followed by a further 1 year in bottle. All this adds up to a perfectly ready to drink now wine. We challenge you to find a better Rioja Crianza for the same price!

Appearance: Vibrant red core with a slightly paler rim, showing some maturation of the wine.

Nose: There's still plenty of jammy red fruit on the nose, complemented with subtle undertones of oaky vanilla notes.

Palate: As with the nose, there's still lots of jammy fruits of raspberry and strawberry on the palate. The tannins are soft and rounded, a very easy style drinking wine.

Enjoy with: This wine will go fantastically well with Sunday's roast lamb

Daily Wine Review: El Chaparral de Vega Sindoa Old Vine Garnacha 2011, NavarraDate published: 17/09/13

Part of our focus on Spanish wines this week is to show you that Spain does more than just Rioja. This wine comes from the region of Navarra, home to some of Spain's oldest vines and hottest temperatures!
The traditionally bush-trained Garnacha (Grenache to all you Aussies and Francophiles) vines thrive in this environment. The vines producing fruit for this particular wine are between 70 and 100 years old. The age of the vines means they produce small quantities of super-concentrated fruit.
with excellent focus and structure, this wine displays intense, vibrant and fleshy blackberry and raspberry fruit, and ample tannins that add texture and a streak of bitter chocolate flavour.

Drink this puppy with a big, rare, preferably flame-grilled (probably under an umbrella!) rib-eye STEAK.

£7.99 when you buy any 2+ Spanish wines. Open to taste in-store this week.

Daily Wine Review: Lamatum Crianza 2009Date published: 16/09/13

Daily Wine Review: Lamatum Crianza 2009 £7.99 (when you buy 2 or more spanish wines or £9.99 single bottle price)

Part of our focus on Spanish wines this week is to show you that Spain does more than just Rioja. This wine comes from the continental region of Ribera del Duero where some of Spain's most finest wines are made. The Lamatum is made purely of Tempranillo so the wine is bursting with red fruit character. This is a crianza which means that the wine has spent 15 months in French oak so you get a smooth, easy-drinking red with the vanilla notes of oak but still preserving the fruitiness of the wine.

A beautifully fragrant wine with well-integrated tannins and a good finish. It's the kind of wine you could simply enjoy on an autumn evening or paired with some delicious lamb.

We now have this wine open on the tasting counter and with 20% off Spanish wine you can mix and match and still save.

Autumn Magic of Fine WineDate published: 16/09/13

Well, the sun is still shining, but Autumn is definitely on it's way.

Don't let the darkening days get you down mind, Majestic Havant is here to brighten up your days, nights, and the hours in between.

Our tasting counters are always packed full of inspiration, and this is only set to improve with our Autumn Magic of Fine Wine tastings.

In honour of our improved 'Buy any 2 save £10' offer on selected fine wines, every weekend from now until the end of October we will be cracking open a bottle of fine wine to share with the lovely people of Havant.

You may have already sampled the jaw dropping Jermann Pinot Grigio, and the bountiful beauty of Louis Jadot's Beaune 1er Cru over the last two weeks, but it doesn't stop there. Here's what you can look forward to:

20/21 Sept - Coney Pinot Noir 

27/28 Sept - St. Clair Wairau Reserve Sauvignon

4/5 October - Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume, Seguinot-Bordet

11/12 October - Angels Share Shiraz

18/19 October - Chateau Senejac, Cru Bourgeois

25/26 October - Amarone Negrar

Is Ribera del Duero the new RiojaDate published: 14/09/13

Rioja has long been considered the premier wine region of Spain.  Ribera del Duero with is warmer climate is producing quality wines with more weight, colour and alcohol.  Whilst Rioja's D.O. laws were established in 1970, Ribera del Duero's were not introduced until 1982. Both use the same Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva ageing laws.  Both have the Tempranillo at the heart of their production. However, during the past decade Ribera del Duero wines have managed to combine great power with freshness and elegance.  There are, of course, some famous wines from the region such as Emilio Moro Valderiz and Tinto Pesquera, (apparently Sir Alex Ferguson's favourite wine).  But the region is now producing consistent high quality wines across the price ranges.

Last night I opened a bottle from Ribera del Duero which is under £10, in fact just £7.99 on the present Majestic Wine Spanish offer.  What a little gem!  Soft, elegant fruit with great depth and complexity, grown from organically grown grapes.  Research has also told me that it comes from the oldest winery in the  region.  I've not tasted a better wine for under £10 this year.  I only wish I had tasted the wine blind without any preconceived ideas.  I believe that I would have placed a far higher price tag on it.  It even comes with a very dapper looking elderly man on the label who I believe is Pablo Penalba.  He was head of this wine producing family until his sudden death in 2006.  "What's the wine?" you ask.  Montecastrillo, from the Finca Torremilanos winery made from 100% Tempranillo.

So has Rioja been overtaken by it's neighbour, Ribera del Duero?  You decide by trying a few comparably priced wines from both regions. Buy them now whilst Majestic Wine still has the Spanish offer on.  For me it is just too close to call.  I believe that I will have to force myself to do a little more product research!  Cheers!

Ardanza Rioja MagnumsDate published: 14/09/13

One of our most popular quality Riojas, the Ardanza Reserva 2004, is soon to be availiable in magnums! This superb wine is full of complex flavours, with cooked red fruits, blackberry and vanilla spice combining on the palate. The finish is perhaps the most impressive part of the Ardanza, allowing you to relish the flavour well after your last sip.

These special bottles are bound to disappear fast so preorder yours today by ringing us in store on 01539 729 257.2 bottles are better than 1!

Don't forget PortugalDate published: 14/09/13

Whilst our offers on South Africa and Spain are great, we also have offers on Portuguese wines too, buy any two and save £3. Here is our top 3!

Vinho Verde Quinta de Azevedo £6.99 - A perfect aperitif with a slight hint off sparkle and lovely citrus notes.

Tuella Tinto, Douro £6.99 - A plummy red with lots of black fruit and herbs from the blend of indigenous varieties. A great match full flavoured, slow cooked red meat dishes.

Crasto, Douro £8.99 - From the banks of the Douro, this blend is packed with ripe blackberries, raspebberries and hints of spice all rapped up by soft tannins. A perfect partner to spicy cured meats or hard cheeses.

And there are lots more too, just search for Portugal!

Malbecs focus on vintagesDate published: 14/09/13

Focus on Vintages - Argentinian Malbecs


Heres your pocket sized guide to Argentinian Malbec, remember, there are exceptions to the rule but this is a good generalisation...

2008 A classic year, wines good for drinking between 2013-2017

2009 A vintage which produced big, opulent reds for winter drinking! Good between 2013-2020

2010 A cold vintage which offers crisp, floral Malbec, especially at high altitude

2011 A vintage which produced lower yields meaning the wines offer great concentration and depth

2012 Concentrated and powerful, very vibrant and full of body. Drinking well up until 2020

2013 A vintage which will produce very pure expressions of the Malbec grape and would be ideal for the cellar, will last until 2025.

I hope you find this information useful

Matsu El PicaroDate published: 14/09/13

Matsu El Picaro 2012, Toro

Picaro means 'rogue' or 'rascal', and this rapscallion of a wine is a youthful interpretation of the Toro region's style. The grapes come from mature vines of over 50 years of age, but the wine spends only three months in oak, preserving their natural fruit profile.
This is a complex yet fresh wine, with intense aromas of blackberries and blueberries and a hint of minerality. The palate is abundant with dark fruits and good body, ending with liquorice notes resulting from the maturity of the vines.
Pairs well with classic tapas and rabbit dishes as well as spicy meat skewers.You can enjoy it now or can be cellared for up to 2 years.
Open to taste and just £7.99 when you buy any 2 as part of your mixed case

Chapel DownDate published: 14/09/13

I am always one for championing some of our top end British producers so I may aswell start with one of the best.

We may not produce huge amounts of wine in this country but what we do produce is often of a high quality. Chapel Down, located in the beautiful Kent countryside are one of the leading producers of English Sparkling Wines. They have won numerous awards at international tastings. My personal favourite  is the Chapel Down Brut Rose an incredibly elegant drink packed with strawberry notes and perfectly balanced acidity on the palate.

It doesn't stop at the sparkly stuff though, Chapel Down also produce a number of still wines including the exceptional Bacchus, a lovely light, refreshing wine perfect for a relaxing pre-dinner drink. Notes of apple and lychee abound giving a complex wine with notes of white pepper.

If that wasn't enough to get your taste buds tingling they also produce some superb beers! The Curious Brew Lager is not your typical drink, made with champagne yeasts this beer really lives up to its title. Refreshing but with bags of flavour this beer was a real revelation for me.

So, next time your in why not give Chapel Down a try, you will love it!

The wanders of SpainDate published: 14/09/13

Rioja certainly dominates Spanish wine production and was the first region in Spain to gain DOCa status. The principle city in Rioja is Logrono, on the river Ebro. This is used as a reference point for the three distinct sub-regions that to some extent reflect the climatic and soil differences to be found in Rioja.

Rioja Alavesa: Is situated to the west of Logrono, on the north bank of the Ebro. Vineyards are planted up to 800 meters into the foothills of the Cantabrian mountains. The soil is very chalky and the wines are perhaps the lightest  of Rioja, but have the most finesse.

Rioja Alta: Is also to the west of Logrono but lies mainly to the South of the Ebro. Vineyards are planted at a range of altitudes, between 500 and 800 meters. The soils are of largely limestone-based clay creating wines of arguably more depth and complexity. 

Rioja Baja: Is situated to to the east of the Logrono, mainly on the south bank. Here the climate becomes increasingly continental, with hotter summers and more severe winters. The soils are mainly made up of heavy clays and with an annual rainfall of less that 300mml, drought is a real problem. The principle grape in Baja is Garnacha and the wines produced here have less ageing potential than in Alta and Alavesa.

Nothing better than a good BaroloDate published: 14/09/13

Barolo “the wine of the kings, the king of the wines”

Barolo is a red wine produced in Piedmont region of North-West Italy made 100% from the Nebbiolo grape. Barolo must be aged minimum for 2 years in oak and at least one year aging in a bottle.

Rich, deeply concentrated, full bodied with pronounced tannins and acidity. Can be light ruby colour to garnet when young and reach orange when aged. Like Pinot Noir grape is never opaque.

Express aromas and flavour characters of chocolate, strawberries, dried fruit, damnson fruit, eucalyptus, leather, licorice, mint, mulberries, plum, spice, tobacco, white truffles, herbs.

Nebbiolo ripens late in October, which means that temperature steadily drops at harvest time. Due to that fact historically Barolo was actually a sweet wine. Temperatures would drop significantly in November and December forcing fermentation to stop and leaving significant amount of residential sugar. In mid 19th century French oenologist Louis Oudart improved winemaking techniques. Focusing on cellar hygiene, he fermented must completely dry making the first modern Barolo. This style of wine soon became among nobility of North Italy and reach fame as “wine of the kings and king of the wines”.

In twentieth century negociants have dominated Barolo production, by buying in grapes in bulk and producing house style wine. From 1960 first single vineyard wines were produced focusing on individual style. There is still no official classification of Barolo wines, however in 1980 one of the first in Italy region as a whole was given a quality assurance of DOCG status.

The zone of production is 5 miles wide at the widest point and extends into the new communes added half a century ago. However 87% of Barolo is produced in the original five communes Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d'Alba, La Morra, Barolo and Monforte d'Alba.

Wines from Serraluga Valley, where soils are higher in sand and limestone, tend to be austere and powerful and require significant ageing (12-15yrs) to develop. Valleys of Barolo and La Morra with clay soils tend to produce wines with more perfume aromas and velvety textures. These wines tend to be less tannic and full bodied than those from the Serraluga Valley and requite less ageing (8-10yrs).

At the very moment we offer three Barolo wines:

Barolo Milani 2009 comes on the best offer £13.11 from £17.49 when you buy two or more with %25 off Italy. So you are new to Barolo you can mix just one bottle with other Italian wines to get best deal.

Barolo Ciabot Berton 2008 is a great wine from our fine wine shelf on offer now for £23 if you buy two or more, reg. price is £26.

Barolo Natale Verga 2009 is the new addition to our fine wine shelf, also on offer for £18 when you buy two or more, reg. price £23

Versatility of RieslingDate published: 14/09/13

In Germany there is a saying "Riesling ist Riesling ist Unsinn!" Translated this means "Riesling is Riesling is Nonsense!" This phrase, whilst highlighting German's directness brilliantly, is a reflection of the extreme versatility of the grape. Too often Riesling is just assumed to be semi-sweet and often poor quality. However this assumption could not be further from the truth, as there are countless different styles of Riesling made in Germany, let alone the contributions the rest of the world have made in producing this grape! Ranging from mouth fillingly sweet to bone dry, Riesling can be made in a style anywhere in between. The only thing these styles have in common is exceptionally high levels of acidity, however after that they can be completely different animals. So therefore, to borrow from the saying, to say Riesling was predictable and uniform would be "nonsense"! 

We in Majestic are very lucky as we get to experience the full range of styles of Riesling, from wonderful off dry Mosel Riesling to crisp and minerally Clare Valley Riesling. It is my attention in the article to highlight a few of my favourite Rieslings, and whether you are looking to find your feet and try Riesling for the first time or are a seasoned Riesling drinker I hope you will find something in here that will tickle your fancy. Remember, if you think you have seen it all before then I shall remind you that "Riesling ist Riesling ist Unsinn"!

Kinheimer Hubertuslay Auslese 2003, Berres, Mosel, £10.99: For me Germany Riesling is the pinnacle expression of the grape. A range of styles are produced across the varying regions from spicy numbers in Baden to elegant examples in the Mosel. This wine is from the Mosel and is a delight.  The term "Auslese" means the grapes have been picked relative late, with some grapes subject to "noble rot". This means a wine high in sweetness and acidity is the result. Flavours of stone fruit and lime dominate, with a wonderful honey edge. However it is not cloying owing to the bracing acidity present. Enjoy on its own, like a Beethoven piano sonata, this wine needs no accompaniment.

Trimbach Riesling £11.99: From Germany to my second favourite style of Riesling, that from Alsace. Unlike the elegant and ethereal Rieslings of the Mosel, the wines of Alsace are usually dry, perfumed and powerful. This example from Trimbach is a perfect illustration. The aroma of this wine is full of white peach and quince and a subtle flintyness. The palate is robust with more stone fruit and citrus flavours coming through. It is dry and full acidity. This would be a great match to fish paté.

Terroir Hunter Riesling, Chile, £11.99: This is an another example of a powerful and dry Riesling. From southern Chile and located just a few kilometers from the Pacific ocean it is in an ideal climate location for growing this grape. The nose is weighty and brooding with notes of kerosene and minerals. The palate contains far more fruit as well floral elements.Due to the power of this wine it would make a great accompaniment to smoked meats or fish. Or as alternative that will blow the socks off your guests!

Saint Clair Pioneer Block Riesling, £17.49: This wine is made in the style of a German Spatlese. This means in terms of sweetness it sits in between the Auslese I looked at from Germany and the other two styles of Riesling I looked at. This is a wine all about elegance, with floral notes like Elderflower and stonefruit characters like Apricot coming to the fore. This is just one of many styles of Riesling coming out of New Zealand at the moment and I would recommend all Riesling lovers keep a close eye on New Zealand at the moment!

Saturday Kitchen 14th SeptemberDate published: 14/09/13

Wine of the Week

Rustenberg Straw Wine 2011 Coastal Region 37.5cl Half bottle

£8.99 (When you buy 2 or more Spanish wines: 1 bottle – £11.24) 

As recommended by Susie Barrie on Saturday Kitchen 14/09/13, this wine is a truly unique little number.
This wine is so named because it is made in the 'passito method' , where the harvested grapes are laid out on straw mats and allowed to dry for around four weeks, concentrating the sugars.
Aromas of honey and marmalade. Intensely sweet yet vibrantly fruity. Great length and should be enjoyed on it's own or with a fruit pudding dish that mixes sharp with sweet.

So many Sauvignon's so little timeDate published: 14/09/13

Sauvignon Blanc is a delicious style of wine - in fact it is our most popular white wine across the company. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are my  #7wordwinereviews on some of our most popular to help you get started:

The Ned Black Label Sauvignon Blanc 2013: Gooseberry, Apricot, Citrus, Blackcurrant, Crisp yet Elegant

Black Cottage Sauvignon Blanc 2012: Like Ned but with Enhanced Flavour Intensity

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2013: Restrained relaxed Acidity, Creamy, Refreshing, Reliable, Classic

Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012: Gooseberry, Kiwi, Apricot, Herbaceous, Packs a Punch

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc 2012: Sharp Zesty Acidity, Delicate, Mouthwatering and Herbaceous

Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2013: Citrus, Blackcurrant, Gooseberry, Pale with Explosive Flavour

Saint Clair Pioneer Block Sauvignon Blanc 2012: Benchmark Sauvignon, Citrus and Blackcurrant, Intense Complexity

Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2012: Ultimate Sauvignon, Classic Gooseberry, Apricot, Perfectly Balanced

And if you'd like any further guidance or to discover Sauvignon Blanc for yourself, why not pop down for our Free Spotlight Tasting on Sauvignon Blanc and Interesting Alternatives on Saturday 21st September at 12pm and 3pm? We'll try 6 wines in 30 minutes from £5 to £20 so you can taste the differences side by side. And if you can't attend either of these tutorials, it will be Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Week from Friday 20th - Thursday 26th September. So Taste and Explore!

For more details about our tastings visit http://www.majestic.co.uk/services/taste-and-explore

Louis Jadot Beaune 1er CruDate published: 14/09/13

This weekend we'll be opening yet another fine wine on our tasting counter and this week it's a stunning Burgundian classic...

Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru  

Made from a blend of wines from a range of Premier Cru vineyards, this is an excellent quality Pinot Noir, and a great all-round representation of Beaune. Matured in French barriques for 16 months, the wine displays a fine balance between tight structure and softness. Hints of violets on the nose are followed by delicious savoury, fleshy redcurrant fruit on the palate, held together with remarkably approachable tannins.  This works on the same principal as the Jermann Pinot Grigio so when you buy any 2 selected fine wines you save £10. This wine retails at just £20 on this fantastic offer. Once again this wine will be open to taste completely FREE of charge so we look forward to tasting this classic Burgundy Pinot Noir with you. 

Dont miss our great offers!Date published: 14/09/13

Great short term offers not to be missed!

Buy any 2 of the following selected wines and save 33%:

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc £5.99 (£8.99 for a single bottle)*

Grifone Montepulciano £4.99 (£7.40 for a single bottle)*

Prosecco Zonin £6.66 (£9.99 for a single bottle)*

Piper Heidseick Nonvintage £19.99 (£30 for a single bottle)*

Nicholas Feuillate Nonvintage £15.99 (£24 for a single bottle)*

Heidseick goldtop 2007 Vintage £17.99 (£27 for a single bottle)*

These great offers are only running until Monday 23rd September, so don't miss out!

*When you buy 2 or more selected wines as part of your mix of six.

Hurry! 25% off Italian wines ends Mon 2nd Sep!Date published: 28/08/13

Why not make use of this fantastic offer before the summer finishes. Superb Italian wines at a bargain price.

My Favourites:
Valpolicella La Casetta, Ripasso £12.74 when you buy 2 Italian wines or more.

An absolute beauty of a wine! With a portion of fermented dried-skins from Amarone added them, this cracking wine has the body to match with all types of meats and some your favourite cheeses!

Fremondo Greco  £7.49 when you buy 2 Italian wines or more

Looking for something a little different? One of the oldest grapes in Italy, the Fremondo Greco is a delightful wine for all occassions, With Peach, honey and a mineral undertone, you are simply going to love this.

So if you don't want to miss out call us on 0207 8199796 to place an order!

Bollinger - Une certaine Idee du ChampagneDate published: 26/08/13

Lily Bollinger said this of Champagne on October the 17th, 1961:

"I drink my champagne when I'm happy and whem I'm sad.

Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone.

When I have company I consider it obligatory.

I trifle with it if I'm not hungry and drink it when I am.

Otherwise I never touch it - unless I'm thirsty"

Now that's a good approach to Champagne!

Right now we have Bollinger Special Cuvee for £37.00, and for those who have tasted this fine champagne, you'll know this is a steal.

Wines of ItalyDate published: 26/08/13

With 25% now off all still Italian wines under £20 its time to explore this diverse viticultural treasure trove!

Staggeringly different terroirs and winemaking approaches coupled with thousands of indigenous grape varieties mean that Italy can offer something to every wine lover. From the robust yet elegant Nebbiolo wines of Piedmont, to the cherry filled Sangioveses of Tuscany and the perfumed whites of the North East Italy is a vinous paradise!

The wonderful world of Sherry (Part 2)Date published: 25/08/13

Styles of Sherry

Crisp, dry, yeasty, nutty and tangy, fino is the freshest and most delicate of sherry styles, weighing in at around 15% alcohol. Protected from oxygen during its development by the flor, fino needs to be treated like white wine once it has been opened. It’s a versatile food companion, and should be drunk chilled. An excellent example would be Tio Pepe priced at £9.99 which goes brilliantly with fish.

This is a fino-style sherry from the coastal town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Because the more humid environment in the bodegas here encourages a thicker flor layer, these wines are typically lighter and even fresher than fino, often with a distinctive salty tang. A great example (and my favourite) is La Gitana priced at £7.99.

Aged fino that has lost its flor and then gone on to develop oxidatively, amontillado is an amber-coloured sherry that is nutty and complex, with a long finish. It is fortified to around 17.5 ° alcohol to protect it during its development, and because it has been aged oxidatively it will last for longer once opened.

Palo Cortado
A sort of half way house between a fino and an amontillado, Palo Cortado is the result of a fino sherry losing its flor. Nutty, fresh and complex, this is now a popular style. A good example is La Bota de Palo Cortado priced at £40

Complex brown-coloured sherries, Olorosos develop in barrel without the protective flor layer, often for many years. The result is a complex, rich, nutty style of sherry with aromas of old furniture and raisins. These wines are dry. Because they’ve seen so much oxidation during development, they are pretty stable and stay in good condition for a while once the bottle is opened. If you have never tried this style you are missing out...BIG TIME.

Pedro Ximénez
Made from air-dried grapes, with fermentation stopped early by the addition of spirit, Pedro Ximénez is a remarkable wine. Viscous and amazingly sweet, it tastes like liquid Christmas cake. A great example is Noe PX.

Cream sherries are more commercial products that have been sweetened by the addition of Moscatel or Pedro Ximénez. I absolutely love the Lustau East India solera but unfortunately we don't sell it, or any variant of cream.

Fine Wine Plan @ Ley & WheelerDate published: 25/08/13

Lay and Wheeler are Majestic's sister company and deal in fine wine storage and collection building.  They have over 150 years experience in buying and selling fine wines.  The Fine Wine Plan is a simple and effective way to build your own personally taliored fine wine collection, from as little as £50 a month. 

Your wines will be stored at Vinotheque, a specialist wine-dedicated bonded warehouse, which is designed to provide the perfect conditions for the maturation of fine wines.  Whatever your tastes and budget, your personal wine consultant will be able to select and advise upon the best wines to suit your requirements.

A few other great benefits include:

10% discount at Majestic stores when you subscribe to £100 or more a month
A free six bottle joining case will be added to your collection when you sign up
Quarterly offers featuring fantastic wines specially selected for the fine wine plan

Italian Food and Wine...Gavi with...Date published: 25/08/13

Our Italien extra special offer starts on Tuesday 20th August where you will get not 20% but 25% of Italian wines, so we thought we would give you a food and wine matching.

The classic Italian combination of tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella seasoned with salt and olive oil is a fabulous light dish on a summers afternoon. It matches wonderfully with light, crisp whites such as a Gavi. The Gavi Montiero 2012 Rocca has ample acidity to cope with the tomatoes and cut through the olive oil. It's grapefruit and fennel flavours sit harmoniously with the basil and help to bring the full flavour out of the cheese. 

The town of Gavi lies in the far south of Piedmont, by the border with Liguria, and is home to some of the earliest plantings of the Cortese grape. The success of Cortese in this area is no doubt due to its natural affinity with the fresh seafood of the Ligurian coast.

A pale golden colour, with characteristic aromas of lime zest and grapefruit, along with subtle hints of fresh fennel. Bone dry and with moderate acidity, it offers a clean and refreshing finis

How to Match Wine and FoodDate published: 25/08/13

For all you food lovers out there this is a brief summary of some of the rules to follow when trying to come up with the best wine to match your favourite dishes.

Match acidity with acidity

For acidic foods such as fresh tomato salads, fruit salads and any rich tomato sauces it is best to balance the acidity in the food with a wine that is equally high in acidity. Therefore the perfect match for these type of foods would be Sauvignon Blanc whether it is a punchy New Zealand option, something a little bit different from South Africa or the slightly more restrained style found in the Sancerre region.

2) Matching acidity with fat

Acidity in wine can also help to balance a dish that is relatively high in fat. Therefore meat dishes such as pate, pork belly and duck work perfectly with a light red such as a Pinot Noir. Alternatively why not try the classic food combination that this rule follows which is fish and chips with a glass of Champagne.

3) Matching foods with wines of the same region

In many of the traditional wine making regions food and wine have evolved side by side and therefore the wines often work best with the traditional dishes of the region that the wine has been designed to be drunk with. Some of the classic examples of this are as follows:

Olives with dry Sherry

Goats cheese with Sancerre or Pouilly Fume

Smoked salmon with Chablis

Lasagne with Italian reds

Chorizo and other cured meats with Rioja

High protein food such as strong cheeses and rich meat dishes with Claret

4) The perfect match for a dessert

Whether you are having a rich chocolaty dessert or a cheese board at the end of the meal there is a wine option to keep everybody happy. The obvious choice for a chocolate based dessert would be a sweet desert wine where the sweetness of the wine complements perfectly the sweetness in the food so that one flavour does not overpower the other. For those of you however who are not a fan of desert wine why not try chocolate based deserts with a glass of Shiraz? The richness and intensity of the wine will give it a black forest gateaux like effect and still works extremely well.

It may not sound like a match made in heaven to everybody, but for those of you who enjoy the combination of sweet and savoury together, rich blue cheeses can also work fantastically with a glass of sweet desert wine. For me personally I think this combination is divine so why not give it a go and see what you think?

Equally blue cheese works very well with the classic match of Port or other rich reds such as a Shiraz and makes a very enjoyable end to a meal.

For more food and wine matching ideas feel free to come in and ask our expert staff or sign up to one of our free wine tasting tutorials held in store by calling and booking your place toda

Who Discovered Wine- Bite-size HistoryDate published: 25/08/13

Who discovered wine?

If you were to type ‘who discovered wine?’ into Google (as I have just done) you would discover that there are many who lay claim to first producing wine. On one hand you have biblical accounts of Noah and his sons making wine at the base Mount Ararat and Jesus playing all sorts of tricks with blood and wine to slate the thirst of his friends. . . and at times enemies.

On the other hand, Persian legend suggests that wine was discovered by accident after King Jamshid banished one of his many ladies from his court. Feeling unhappy and somewhat put out she took to the kings warehouse and drank from a bottle named ‘poison’. However, what she had actually drank was a jar containing grapes which had spoiled and fermented and by all accounts she had a delightful evening top off by a quick snog and kebab! Ok, so maybe not the last bit, but the king was so happy with her discovery that he welcomed her back with open arms and ordered that all grapes grown in Persepolis would be used to create wine!

While the Persian legend has an whiff of truth, in a so much as wine was probably discovered by accident, it is now believed that a fermented fruit based drink has been consumed from around 10,000 - 8,000 BC. Early man probably collected fruits, wild grains and barley, added water and left these to ferment in the sun, producing an intoxicating drink. However, with the discovery of what is believed to be the earliest winery in the mountains of the Black and Caspian sea, modern day Kurdistan and Eastern Turkey dated around 4100 BC, its clear that in a relatively short period the art of viticulture and vilification had made significant advances. It was the ancient Egyptians who made
the next important leap with wine . . . .

Producer in Focus: De Forville WinesDate published: 25/08/13

Producer in Focus- De Forville Wines

This interview was taken from the Majestic Blog and asks for the insights of all things viticultural from one of our favourite producers in Italy. Paulo Anfosso runs de Forville wines in Italy, and make some great examples of Italian classics at an affordable price,

Q. How did you get into wine producing?

A. My brother Valter and I were born into it. We are the fifth generation of the family that started making wine in 1860. We received a beautiful legacy!

Q. What are the most enjoyable and hardest things about the job?

A. A lot of people think it is a lovely and easy job, but being a wine producer in not a simple thing. Bad weather conditions – like hail –can destroy in a few seconds the work of the year. On the opposite side you get a lot of satisfaction knowing people from the other side of the world ask for your products.

Q. What is your favourite grape variety?

A. Nebbiolo. It is the most difficult to make but also the most satisfying in the final results, giving the best expression of fine wines.

Q. What are you drinking at the moment? What foods does it go best with?

A. I taste wines from everywhere, but recently I have been drinking a lot of Dolcetto – a wine that goes with every meal from a simple panino al prosciutto to a pasta or dish of meat.

Q. What’s your top tip for selecting a great wine?

A. Being a winemaker I look to the quality-price ratio of the wine; you know not always the most expensive wine is the best.

Q. If you were told you could only drink one more glass of wine, ever, what would you choose?

A. Hard to answer, in this case I am partisan, I probably would choose a Barbaresco.

Q. What is the most you have ever paid for a bottle of wine?

A. Maybe 100 Euros for a bottle of Sassicaia.

Q. Finally, music to drink wine to?

A. Classical music for the fine wines. Pop music for the others!

For many more articles like this , head to → http://blog.majestic.co.uk/

Fancy something sweet?Date published: 25/08/13

If dessert's your favourite part of a meal, then you'll absolutely love Brown Brothers Late Harvested Muscat.

Why I hear you ask?

  + Grown at altitude in Victoria to preserve frehness in the grapes

  + Wonderfully aromatic, with apricots, ripe apples, oranges and honeysuckle

  + Sweet marmalade-like flavours, with subtle hints of spice adn honey on the finish

  + A bargain at just £7.99 when you buy ANY 2 or more wines from our Australian range

  + The sweetness of the wine also makes it a great match to spicy dishes, so if a spicy tagine or a red Thai curry is your thing, this is the wine for you!]


North East Italy and the magic it producesDate published: 25/08/13

Whenever I think of North Eastern Italy I am reminded of a simpsons episode where Homer doesnt believe that Bacon, porkchops, sausages and crackling (may have added that) all come from the same animal. North Eastern Italy is very much the same. With cheap plonk available all the way to some of the most distinctive wines in the world it is a true gem. Valpolicella is stand out with its normal level, then classico followed by Ripasso, Reicto and Amarone. All these wines are stylistically different but offer the wine drinker something extraordinary. Soave just next door is not just about massed produced dull wine, it can be brilliant, complex, rich and age worthy. A real alternative to Burgundy. The final element that makes it so special is that Prosecco is close by as well. This one area covers so little space but so many wine styles.

All in all it is a new favourite

Producer in focus: TorresDate published: 25/08/13


OWNED BY- The Torres Family

LOCATION - Catalunya, Spain & Central Valley, Chile

HERITAGE - The Torres family have been making wine since the 17th century and today the winery is owned by the fourth generation of the family. They are the largest winery in Spain with the largest Denomination of Origin in Penedez. They also own the Miguel Torres Winery in Chile's Central Valley.

PHILOSOPHY – To maintain their 100 year old tradition as a family company and to turn every customer into a friend.


Torres's heartland is in Catalunya but they also have vineyards in Chile, China and California!

'Sangre de Toro' translates as bulls blood and is named after the deep ruby colour of the wine.

Torres also produce Spanish brandy, their most famous are Torres 5 and Torres 10!

The Viña Sol is made from Parellada, and the Rose and Sangre de Toro from Garnacha and Cariñena although many of Torres' other wines are made from international grape varieties.

Wine Selection

Torres Viña Sol Rose 2012 - #7wordwinereview- Dry & delicate, like a berry smoothie!

Torres Viña Sol 2012 - #7wordwinereview- A refreshingly crisp wine, perfect for parties!

Torres Sangre de Toro 2011 - #7wordwinereview- Liquorice and blackberries dominate a robust palate.

Magnums- Did you know?Date published: 25/08/13

Did you know that bottles age best in Magnums. So if you planning on buying two bottles of Vina Ardanza for £18 a bottle then why not buy a Magnum for £36 knowing that its 9 years in bottle will have helped it age that little bit better

ViognierDate published: 25/08/13

Saint Ferréol is an extremely old estate that has produced wine for over 200 years now. The Viognier grape reached its peak of popularity at the beginning of the 90s. Like with anything else the popularity brought quantity without quality matching it. Fifteen years later, the grape began to redeem itself. High temperature of Pays D'OC brings the best out of Viognier's character. It has lovely perfumed aromas with peach, apricot and kiwi flavors. All of that is PERFECTLY balanced with a decent level of acidity. This makes the wine easy to drink which is against what people normally think. The range of food that can be matched with this beauty is impressive . Fish and Seafood dishes through to creamy poultry ones; stopping even at Oriental spicy stations and finishing on ripen blue cheese. One of my all time favorites. An extremely well made wine!!!!!

Italy 25% off!Date published: 25/08/13

Italy is the country with the largest amount of vine varieties with over one thousand to choose from. The diversity of Italy's wines is largely down to geography. Grapes are grown from the Mountains right down to the coastal 'Heel'. Here at Majestic we a have great range exploring some of the best Italy has to offer.
As we all know the Italian people have a love for food. With that in mind it's no surprise that the wines are made for food and the food for wine! In both acidity is a key factor. Tomato-based pasta has a good acidity which lends itself well to an Italian red. A good wine match would be the Mandrielle Sangiovese. It is crammed full of red fruit and black cherry flavours and its acidity compliments the acidity in the tomatoes. Its a perfect pastine!! match. 

Forza Italia!Date published: 18/08/13

Here at Majestic Battersea we love all things Italian - pizza, pasta, fresh tomatoes and cheeses, not to mention an array of wines (mostly beginning with B) as long as your arm!

We are very excited about our new improved Italian wine deal, starting this Tuesday, 20th August, where all Italian wines under £25 (excluding sparkling wines) will be 25% off when you buy 2 or more bottles as part of a mixed case. This offer will run for 2 weeks, and we will have a fantastic selection of our favourite Italian wines open to taste in store for the duration of the improved offer.

Also look out for some cracking Italian fine Wines, which we will showcase in store over the two weekends of this promotion.

For more information and regtular updates of tastings and events in store, follow us on Twitter @majesticbat

Red Wine of the week: The Galvo Garage 2008 d'Arenberg, McLaren ValeDate published: 14/08/13

  • Named in honour of the galvanised shed where d'Arenberg's reds are vinified, this wine doffs its cap to Bordeaux's 'garagists', or small independent winemakers. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and a little Cabernet Franc.

  • Combines New World fruit and power with Old World structure and complexity, with plum and cherry overlayed with notes of cedar and mint. Long length.

  • Full bodied and ripe with firm and rounded tannin, this wine offers a real burst of fruit, so match with robust meaty dishes.

£13.98 when you buy any 2+ Australian wines.

White wine of the week: Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Chardonnay 2012 Casablanca ValleyDate published: 14/08/13

  • The Casablanca Valley's climate is largely governed by winds that alternate between those from the Pacific and the Andes. These serve to moderate the climate, and promote a sharp drop in night temperatures, aiding the preservation of primary fruit during ripening.

  • Aromas of peach, apricot, dessert apples and vanilla open the show for a palate with more round, ripe stone fruits and citrus. 3 months in oak barrels has added a touch of creaminess on the finish.

  • Best served with poached salmon, cod or Dover sole, or mussels in a creamy sauce.

£7.99 when you buy any 2+ Chilean wines.

Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc only £5.99!Date published: 07/08/13

With Giesen at £5.99 until Monday 12th August, we thought we would take a quick look at the background of this great value NZ Sauvignon!

Giesen was founded in the 1980s by three German brothers: Theo, Alex and Marcel. Their estate now spans the prestigious Wairau Valley, comprising thirteen vineyards. The wine is then blended together from thirty-two parcels of land under vine. The large number of parcels of land allows each one to be managed individually to obtain the desired ripeness and with the quintessential Giesen flavour.

The key to the Giesen philosophy is simplicity and their Sauvignon Blanc is an apt representation of this. Classic Marlborough flavours of gooseberry and citrus make up the backbone of the wine, with its characteristic zesty acidity complemented by herbaceous lemongrass notes.

And at £5.99, who could argue with that?

Matsu El Viejo 2010, ToroDate published: 07/08/13

'The Old One' of the Matsu range, made from the fruit of selected Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) vines, averaging 110 years of age. Matsu is the Japanese word for 'wait', and the winery's philosophy is one of patience and environmental harmony. The vineyards are fully organic.

The wine is immensely powerful and complex, offering cigar box, lavender and graphite nuances against a backdrop of dense cherry and bramble fruit.

Enjoyable immediately, partnered with good quality steak or rare roasts, but will also reward cellaring of 5 years or more.

£20.00 per bottle when you buy 2 or more.

White wine of the week: As Caixas Godello 2012 Martín CodaxDate published: 07/08/13

Grown throughout the north-west of Spain, in the past Godello has most often been used as a constituent for blends, but has gained increasing recognition as a quality varietal in its own right. It still accounts for only a small fraction of the production of Rías Baixas.
A delicate yet multi-faceted nose of lemon, crunchy pear, melon and subtle floral notes marries with a palate of remarkable texture and a lengthy, citrus zest finish.

Drink with grilled sardines or salt cod.

£7.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles.

White wine of the week...Date published: 01/08/13

Domaine De Villargeu 2012 Coteaux du Giennois.
This lovely Sauvignon Blanc is made in one of the neighbouring regions of Pouilly-Fume, meaning that right off the bat you've got a great quality wine for a very reasonable price.

The nose has a good heap of gooseberry with nice lime notes as well. This comes across on the palate brilliantly with added grass and nettle notes. A fantastic clean and crisp wine for those hot afternoons.

Pair with a Tuna nicoise salad and enjoy!

Wine of the week...Date published: 01/08/13

Our red wine of the week is a wonderful Chateauneuf du pape. The 2009 cuvee Felix Bois de Boursan has been very highly rated, having gained a 91 point Robert Parker rating, and it is easy to see why. This wine screams of quality and sophistication

There is a fantastic nose of spices and mulberries which are also present on the palate. I absolutely love it's herbacious earthy tones which follow the fantastic Kirsch lead.

This would be the perfect partner to venison or maybe even a toulouse sausage. A great wine to open for those rainy summer days that feel more like winter!

Only £35.00

White wine of the week...Date published: 25/07/13

Pouilly-Fumé 2010, Jean Vincent

Father-and-son team Jean and Vincent Chatelain are the 11th and 12th generations of an illustrious winemaking family, based in the heart of Pouilly-sur-Loire. Each parcel of their 30ha estate is vinified individually to maintain the character of each plot.

An intensely aromatic wine, with a nose that centres on gooseberry fruit, enhanced by a smoky, flinty character. This mineral theme continues all the way to the long, steely finish.

£9.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles

Red wine of the week..Date published: 25/07/13

Morgon 2012, Château de Pizay

This top end Beaujolais wine has all of the fruits which you'd expect from the region as well as some of the finesse of a red Burgundy.

A lovely handful of blackberries and an abundance of red cherries forms the majority of this wines palate. A nice structure ensures this wine has a bit of power.

A fantastic partner to roast chicken , makes a great picnic wine.

£8.39 when you buy 2 or more Beaujolais wines.

Chilean Pinot NoirDate published: 23/07/13

When most people think of Pinot Noir they think of Old World Burgundy or New World New Zealand. However, Chilie does some cracking Pinot Noirs, that sometimes just get taken for granted.

For example the Anakena 'Tama' Vineyard selection Pinot Noir 2012 Leyda Valley. A very friendly Pinot Noir, with well-defined strawberry, cherry and cranberry flavours and plenty of ripeness with a soft, slim tannins and gentle oak provide polish and texture.

For the bargin price of £7.99 down from £9.99 when you buy two or more Chilliean wines, its a steal.

Sancerre and Pouilly-FumeDate published: 21/07/13

Have you been caught up in the craze that is Loire Sauvignon Blanc? There is so much more to the region than these two powerhouse villages; better value for money and not compromising on quality.

Behold Menetou-Salon and Coteaux du Giennois. Neighbouring Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume respectively. These wines share all the traits and hallmarks of their well known neighbours such as crisp minerality, concentration of citrus and nettle, and a more restrained palate of gooseberry compared to the typical Marlborough Sauvignon.

With both of these wines under £10 per bottle, they represent excellent value for money. A perfect match to a light fish main course or summer salad

Prepared to be impressed...there I said it.

Simplifying ClaretDate published: 21/07/13

Simplifying Claret:

A Quick Bordeaux Fact Sheet.

Bordeaux can be an overwhelming, confusing and unapproachable region given its grandeur and history. It can also be overlooked in contemporary circles, with new world wines now taking centre stage. This guide will break down the region and show that Bordeaux still has a significant amount to offer.

The Grapes:

Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Franc


Petit Verdot


Continental – The effect of the gulf stream on the Atlantic coast provides lengthy, hot summers and mild, wet winters.

'The Left Bank' (Of the river Gironde)

Dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. The wines have more tannin and have fantastic potential for ageing. Think Medoc and Haut-Medoc. Or if you're feeling a bit more flush, Margaux, Pauillac and St. Julien.

'The Right Bank' (Of the river Gironde)

Usually made up of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, these are smoother, less tannic and more approachable. Saint-Emillon and Pomerol are classic examples of these.

We have a fantasic range for you to choose from ranging from those everyday clarets to match your roast meat, or something a little special to lay down in the cellar.

Good things come to those who wait..Date published: 20/07/13

Matsu El Viejo 2010, Toro - £20.00 

The Matsu range of wines regularly turn heads here at Majestic. The striking label and interesting stories behind the names and provenance of the wine tends to intrigue and interest. The 'Old One' of the Matsu trio, this wine comes from vines averaging 110 years in age. Quite appropriate given that Matsu is the Japanese word for wait. With an ethos at the vineyard of environmentally friendly production, the whole vineyard is organic and the results are quite something.

A hugely complex wine with many layers and nuances; on the nose there are classic cigar and pencil box notes with a touch of lavender. On the palate, the woody and aromatic nose is backed up by dense red and black fruit.

An outstanding wine, and one that will be a real conversation starter, this wine is ready to drink now alongside good quality red meat dishes but such is the quality of this excellent wine that this will easily cellar and improve for 5-10 more years. Just remember, good things come to those who wait!

James' Weekend DelightsDate published: 20/07/13

James Recommends this weekend:

Commanderie de Peyrassol Rose,  a light crisp easy drinking style rose! - £9.99 when you buy 2 or more! (open to taste!)

Prosecco Di Conegliano, a complex and rich style Prosecco,  great as anAperitif! - Only £9.99 per bottle!

Amalaya de Colombe Malbec Blend, Argentina,  Smooth tannins and rich mocha notes, perfect for a BBQ! - £8.99 When you buy 2 or more! (open to taste!)

Nyetimber Rosé: that's how we roll!Date published: 20/07/13


What a wine. Nyetimber have been making some of the very finest English sparkling wines for over two decades. They were the first English producer to craft sparkling wines exclusively from the three classic Champagne varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Nyetimber source grapes exclusively from thweir own premium vineyards. Grapes are hand harvested and carefully vinified to create some of the finest premium sparkling wines available anywhere.

The 2009 Nyetimber Rosé displays and incredible strawberry colour, which hints at the blackcurrant and strawberry aromas. The same clean red fruit exhibits itself on the palate, with a fine bubble and mouth filling texture.

Enjoy with a classic summer Eton Mess, or with delicately smoked Salmon canapés at your Summer Garden Party.

We have a bottle open to taste in store this weekend. Currently on offer at £34.99 per bottle

Chilean wines....Our top picks Date published: 19/07/13

Santa Ema Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2012 £8.74 buy 2 Chilean save 20% £6.99 a new wine to the huge range here at Majestic, this Sauvignon offers a restrained yet intense flavour and all for a very good price.

Terrior Hunter Riesling 2011, Lo Abarca, Undurraga £11.99 buy 2 Chilean save 20% £9.59 another new wine to our range, this is a youthful, dry Riesling abundant with refreshing stone fruit flavours with delicate kerosene notes which add complexity.

Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Chardonnay 2012, Casblanca Valley £8.74 buy 2 Chilean save 20% £6.99. Delicatly oaked this is lighter style of Chardonnay with flavours of Peach, Apricot and subtle vanilla, perfect for creamy dishes.

Luis Felipe Edwards seleccion especial Malbec 2012, Colchagua Valley £7.99 buy 2 Chilean save 20% £6.39 Best known for its Argentinian success, Malbec is growing in popularity and this Chilean example offers an alternative at an excellent price point.

Montes Alpha Merlot 2010, Colchagua Valley £12.49 buy 2 Chilean save 20% £9.99 A Chilean wine with French influence, aged for 12 months in French oak this wine offers tobacco notes mixed in with Black fruits and plums so reminiscent of Bordeaux.

White wine of the week...VermentinoDate published: 18/07/13

Poggioargentiera are based in Maremma, in the southernmost part of Tuscany, where estate owner Gianpaolo Paglia was born. Italy's native Vermentino thrives in the warm, sunny Mediterranean climate, producing generously fruity white wines.

Clean and fresh on the nose, the wine is full of ripe peach and citrus aroma. The palate offers a swathe of soft pear and stone fruit character, cut through with a refreshing limey streak.

Great with pan-seared salmon or trout, with a herby fresh tomato salsa.

£7.99 when you buy 2 or more bottles

Red wine of the week...Morellino di ScansanoDate published: 18/07/13

In Scansano, in the southern part of Tuscany, Morellino is the local name for Sangiovese. In this case blended with 15% Ciliegiolo, another indigenous local grape, this is a slim and youthful style of red, with only a third of the blend spending 6-8 months in new oak.

Ripe cherry and strawberry fruit forms the backbone of this wine, which is medium-bodied and approachable. A subtly rustic streak gives a touch of complexity and food friendliness.

Partner with anything from lamb chops to game, either immediately or within the next 5 years.

£9.59 when you buy two or more bottles.

Italian Vintage InformationDate published: 16/07/13

2010: Plentiful rain everywhere meant tricky
growing conditions, but the wines are good quality,
showing more restraint and acidity than usual.

2009: Piedmont fared very well, producing, rich,
well structured wines. Southern Italy more variable,
although Sangiovese was generally sound.

2008: A wet summer was salvaged by a warm
harvest season. Many wines tend towards elegance
rather than body or power.

2007: Some hail problems, but overall a warm
vintage, producing powerful reds in both Tuscany
and Piedmont.

2006: A good to very good year throughout most
of the country, with Chianti, Veneto and Piedmont
particularly successful.

2005: A difficult vintage. Heavy rain and even hail
covered the country throughout the harvest. Decent
quality is available from conscientious producers.

You are now armed with knowledge :)

Getting Married?Date published: 14/07/13

Getting married? Then you'll need some wine!

Majestic has all you need to make sure your special day runs smoothly. Why choose Majestic?

1) Our expert staff will help you pick out wines that are right for you.

2) We offer free delivery to anywhere in the UK

3) Glass hire and chiller bin loans are also available

4) A wide selection of beers, ciders and soft drinks

5) Sale-or-return offered

And much more!

So why not pop along to your local branch and see how we can help you

Sale or ReturnDate published: 14/07/13

Don't forget free sale or return

Are you having a party coming up in the next couple of months? Not sure of how much to order? Well fear not, not only do we offer free delivery and glass hire, but we offer sale or return. So for the wine you do not use and are still in a saleable condition, you are welcome to bring back for a full refund! How's that!!

Improved Ashes OffersDate published: 14/07/13

With the Ashes well and truely under way we have some great offers to help aid your enjoyment.

Cooper's Sparkling Ale £15.00

Marston's Pedigree £15.00 When you but 2 cases of bottled ale.

Or if you need to toast that England white wash or a Cook double century we have Nyetimber Classic Cuvee at £23

Red Wine of the week: Montes Alpha Merlot, 2010Date published: 14/07/13

The Conquistadors of Spain brought wine to Chile, but France has dominated the vinous influences. A premium wine from the Aurelio Montes has matured this Merlot in French oak for 12 months to impart extra complexities and structure.

Deep ruby. Aromas of black cherry and strawberries on the nose, with floral hints. Black fruits and plums, with coffee and tobacco notes on the palate. A full-bodied wine of with a long, smooth finish. 

Decant for an hour before serving. Drink with rich meat casseroles.

White Wine of the Week: Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2011, ErrazurizDate published: 14/07/13

With grapes taken from 'La Escultura Estate,' where cool sea breezes help preserve the freshness in the grapes. Naturally occurring yeast in the grape skins are used instead of cultivated yeasts, along with subtle use of 10% French oak.

This wine is unbelievably well balanced, with subtle tropical stone fruit in the form of apricot and peach mingling with subtle oak characters and a rich creaminess.

Enjoy this wine over the next 2 years to allow further integration of oak and fruit, and enjoy with roast chicken and seafood dishes.

Sipsmith Summer cupDate published: 13/07/13

Come in and enjoy sipsmiths version of Pimms. An interpretation of the quintessentially English ‘cups’ from the 1800’s, is based on Sipsmith’s award winning London Dry Gin, blended with a host of carefully selected summery ingredients including infusions of Earl Grey tea, Lemon Verbena and Cucumber. Brilliant for this summer weather we are having.

We are now selling magnums for the bargain price of £45

Single bottles £15

Deliveries this weekend 12/13 JulyDate published: 11/07/13

We are filling up fast for deliveries this weekend, with only a couple of delivery slots left for Friday and Saturday. If you require a delivery before Sunday, please call us in store before 8pm tonight on 020 7819 9796.

Many Thanks

Team Battersea

Wine Producer of the Month - Jim Barry WinesDate published: 10/07/13

Wine Producer of the Month - Jim Barry Wines

Located in Clare Valley in South Australia, Jim Barry Wines has been producing award-winning wines since its establishment. The late great Jim Barry was a pioneer of the Australian wine industry. Started with a small vineyard just outside the Clare and added a prime vineyard in the Armagh area later on (purchased from Duncan McRae Wood). This property would go on to be the foundation of their red wine production – including the world renowned Shiraz ‘The Armagh’ and McRae Wood Shiraz. Soon after the old Penola cricket ground in Coonawarra closed in 1996, Jim Barry purchased the property and planted it with Cabernet Sauvignon. The original pavilion and pitch have been retained, thus preserving an important sporting history.

Jim's son Peter runs the show now with over 200 ha of vineyards in Clare Valley and 14 ha of premium site in Coonawarra.

The Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cover Drive is made with selected parcels of fruit from family owned Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in the Clare Valley and Coonawarra to produce a wine that is rich, soft and approachable.

The palate is rich and full-bodied, with ripe blackcurrant fruit, eucalyptus and roasted coffee flavours and a lingering finish supported by velvety fine tannin. The wine displays harmonious balance and can be enjoyed now or will reward cellaring for up to 5 years.

Up your game when you host a dinner party and match this generous wine with a rack of lamb or roast beef.

£10.99 if you buy 2 bottles or more

The Lodge Hill Shiraz

When Jim Barry first purchased the Lodge Hill property back in 1977, he intended it as Riesling-only vineyard. However, there was a small area which had a gentle slope facing north, capturing the warmer conditions and he decided that it was an ideal place to grow a premium Shiraz.

This deep and intense Shiraz is as dark as night. Blackberry, dark cherry lead the bouquet with a touch of white pepper, menthol and roasted coffee.

Easy drinking, yet full of flavour, this is an excellent partner to all your BBQ meat.

£10.99 if you buy 2 bottles or more

'The McRae Wood' Shiraz

The wine's name and label pay homage to Duncan McRae Wood, a sheep farmer from whom Jim Barry purchased the land in 1964 and planted it with his first Shiraz. This is classic South Australian stuff, showing massive ripeness, vanilla and spices.

A big, full-bodied Shiraz, displaying ripe black fruit aromas, floral notes, and black pepper on the nose. The palate is rich and concentrated, with layers of plums, liquorice, black cherry, blackberry and some toasty oak. Best decanted to allow the flavours to open.

This wine is made using the ‘Jim Barry’ method, meaning that it can be enjoyed upon release but would equally benefit from a rest in the cellar to allow the wine to show some mature characteristics that come with age.

If you have a special occasion coming or just want to cheer yourself up with a nice glass of wine, then try this. It's an iconic multi-award winning wine which will never fail to put a smile on your face! Simply put, it's excellent.


The Armagh

The name of ‘Armagh’ was bestowed by the original Irish settlers who arrived in 1849 and named the lush rolling hill after their homeland.

Sourced from a vineyard planted in 1964, this is a 100% Shiraz that spent 17 months in oak before bottling (no fining or filtration).

This wonderful, voluptuous monster boasts notes of chocolate, leather, black cherries, blackberries, mulberries, cassis and truffles. It is bright, fresh and balanced with intense yet reserved characters of sage, cinnamon, cedar and black pepper.

Wine with exceptional depth, richness, and structure, this exceptionally well balanced Shiraz can be cellared for another 10 years.


The Lodge Hill Riesling

The Lodge Hill vineyard is one of the highest in the Clare Valley. This wine is produced from vines planted back in 1979.

It is made in the dry, elegant 'Clare' style with rich aromas of pink grapefruit, kaffir lime and spices; showing its Lodge Hill vineyard heritage. The palate is enhanced by a zingy, fresh acid backbone and flavours of mandarin, white peach and citrus. The wine has immense length and intensity of flavours with a crisp and zesty finish. £9.99 if you buy 2 bottles or more

£9.99 if you buy 2 bottles or more

Special Offers for an Ashes Summer...Date published: 09/07/13

We have a number of offers that have started on Tuesday 9th July to celebrate The Ashes!

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2004 - £29.99 £23.99 per bottle!

This sparkling wine Champagne alternative from Nyetimber really takes some beating. Located in West Sussex, they have established themselves as England's premier sparkling wine house, making world class wines to rival (and often beat in blind tastings) the big names in Champagne. Excellent nose, full of shortbread, toast with lots of citrus fruit. The mousse is well rounded and soft with plenty of elegance and great length. An absolute bargain price for such a well made sparkling wine.

Marston's Pedigree 12 x 500ml - £18 £15 per case when you buy any two cases of ale

Pedigree is brewed in its own 'Cathedral of Brewing' in Burton on Trent. There they have the world famous Burton Union brewing system of 264 interlinked oak barrels.The beer is slowly matured to bring harmony between the two different types of hops used to give a slightly spiced ale with a lovely balanced malty body. Can be enjoyed to (hopefully) toast a victory with rich flavoured foods.

Cooper's Pale Ale 12 x 375ml - £17.99 down to £15 per case

Cooper's isn't your standard Australian beer. This is a hand crafted pale ale from a brewery  which in recent times has had an investment of $100million. It is Australia's sole remaining family-owned brewery of stature, so should you ever go and visit you will certainly bump into a Cooper!

Enjoy The Ashes!

Salivate with a simple salmon starterDate published: 07/07/13

A perfect summer food and wine match , season the fillet with ground black pepper, sea salt and a sprinkle of paprika before giving it a short drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Lightly pan fry to give the outside a crisp sealed coating and place onto a sheet of foil on a baking tray. Baste the fillet with a good quality red pesto , add crème fraiche liberally and wrap it all up then bake for 15-16 minutes on a medium heat. Serve with some simple tortellini pasta , fresh rocket and pine nut salad with a balsamic and Greek olive oil dressing.

The only match for this dish is the Vermentino 2012 from Poggioargentiera, with ripe peach, pear and a citrus character this wine will bring the red pesto alive whilst offering refreshing acidity to complement the salmon.

Only £7.99 when you buy 2 or more Italian wines

Vignes de NicoleDate published: 06/07/13

I enjoyed a few large glasses of this beauty yesterday in the sun. It was gloooooriouss! A lovely blend of Chardonnay and Viognier with the flavour characteristics of both still very nice and prominent due to the fermentation of both grape varieties seperately. The Viognier brought the traditional white floral characteristics which went very well with the creaminess of the Chardonnay. There is a lovely citrus edge, with heaps of pineapple, mango and vanilla. The finish was nice and long. Perfect for a sunny afternoon in the summertime.

Brand New Special Offers...Date published: 06/07/13

Paul Mas Merlot 2012 PGI Pays d'Oc Domaines Paul Mas are one of the largest and most successful wineries in the Languedoc, having 230ha of estate-owned vineyards, as well as access to over 800ha of vineyards owned by contract growers, making a range of great value wines with traditional varieties. An inviting ruby and purple colour, the equally inviting nose offers plum and blackberry fruit, accented with subtle mocha notes. A rich and soft palate with ripe tannins and medium body. Drink any time over the next 4-5 years, alongside sausages, or stewed lamb or veal.

Only £5.99 when you buy 2 or more save £4.00, unit price £7.99

Mlle Jones Fitou 2011 Domaine Jones After 17 years working in sales for a cooperative in Tuchan, Lincolnshireorn Katie Jones bought a small hillside vineyard near the village of Maury and struck out on her own, making a small range of wines with help from Australian winemaking consultant David Morrison. A concentrated, voluptuous wine with a multi-layered feel, combining blackcurrant, liquorice and vanilla notes with hints of wild garrigue herbs in a satisfyingly well-integrated palate. Drink now or cellar for up to 10 years. Enjoy with fillet steak or mature cheeses.

Only £11.99 when you buy 2 or more save £6.00, unit price £14.99

Laurent-Perrier Brut NV Champagne Laurent-Perrier maintain the quality of their non-vintage wines by limiting the release of vintage products to give their cuvées a high proportion of top-quality juice. Leaning towards a lighter house style, Chardonnay flavours predominate - crisp green apples and citrus flavours - giving the wine good food compatibility.

Only £24.99

Veuve Clicquot NV Champagne An archetypal Champagne from an historic house. Madame Clicquot's wine displays a superb marriage of freshness and power - gorgeous and deceptively pale colour with fine, persistent bubbles -a poised, delicately bready nose - and on the palate a richness of fruit and mouthfilling mousse that lingers long.

Only £30.00

Nyetimber RoseDate published: 05/07/13

Nyetimber Rose - Just £34.99

This is a fantastic English Sparkling Rose currently on one of the best offers in the store (in my opinion anyway!)

Nyetimber are located in Hampshire and West Sussex, and since their original plantings of classic varieties in 1988, have established themselves as England's premier sparkling wine house, making world class wines to rival (and often beat in blind tastings) the big names of Champagne. Even the Queen champions them, serving their 'Cuvee Classic' at her Jubilee celebrations.

Their entire range are a must try, but their sparkling Rose truly impressed; the nose is full of wild english berries, redcurrant and rich brioche notes. These complex characters are echoed on the palate, complimented by a super fine mousse and a long, long finish! Pair with summer and friends!

My top rose for the summer!Date published: 05/07/13

Commanderie de Peyrassol Rose 2012, Provence

Firstly, let me give you a little history behind this fantastic wine. Commanderie de Peyrassol was founded in 1308 by the Knights Templar. In addition to 80ha of vines, it also shelters 2500 olive trees, 200 oak truffles trees and a private hunting area with deer, hinds, mouflons and wild pigs.

The vineyard is located a few hours west from Nice, located in the hills of Provence. The estate is run and managed by a delightful, young man named Alban. His passion for winemaking is really expressed in all of their wines.

This dry rosé has a spicy warmth to the fruit, lifted by refreshing acidity and a peachy edge. Notes of strawberry predominate, with background notes of white pepper.

Enjoy equally at home with charcuterie and other cold meats, olives, soft cheese, or fish dishes.

Only £9.99 per bottle when 2 or more purchased.

The Sherry production processDate published: 04/07/13

Some people can become quite confused when it comes to how Sherry is made, me included. So i decided to do a bit of learning and they say the best way to learn is to teach!

Sherry is made in it's namesake region which can be found in the south west of spain facing the Atlantic. It is made from three grape varieties, Palomino which is used for dry sherry, Pedro Ximenez and Muscat of alexandria are found in the sweeter styles of sherry. But for now we'll be focusing on dry sherry. They are vinified like normal wines but in a high temperature. After this they are left in an unsealed tank. A layer of yeast forms on top of the wine which is known as flor. Sherries with a good amount of flor go on to become fino sherry. These are fortified with grape spirit to 15% abv and olaroso (fuller bodied sherry) are fortified to 17% abv.

Next the wines are allowed to settle in large oak butts which are not completely full for a few months. After resting these butts are arranged by age. The youngest sherries feed into butts which contain small amounts of older sherries, when they are fed they are also mixed with other butts of a similar age. This continues until the sherry has travelled through at least 3 different levels known as criadera. Once the desired age has been met the sherry is removed, but a little is left behind to mix in with the next batch. This ensures a very thorough mixing process.

Hopefully You all have a better understanding now and can impress others with your new found knowledge!

Fine Wine at House Wine Prices...Date published: 04/07/13

Majestic proudly introduces a new and exciting offer when buying a whole range of Fine Wine!

Fine Wine at house prices... Buy any 2 selected Fine Wines and save £8.
Simply select any 2 of the stunning Fine Wines below and receive both at House Wine Prices. This new offer allows you to explore Majestic's Fine Wine range without breaking the bank in the process.

Below are our pick of the bunch!
Prices stated below are at the offer price.


- Ch. Grand Faire Larose (£15.99)

White Burgundy;

- Meursault le Meurger VV (£20.00)

- CNDP Domaine Durieu (£19.00)
- CNDP Vignoble Abeille (£22.00)

- Guidalberto (£26.00)
- Banfi Brunello (£26.00)
- Amarone Negrar (£18.00)
- Jermann Pinot Grigio (£18.00)

- Vina Ardanza (£18.00)

- Angels Share Shiraz (£18.00)
- Gnarly Dudes (£18.00)

South Africa;
- Meerlust Merlot (£15.99)
- Thelema Cabernet Sauvignon (£22.00)

Our Guide to Champagne VintagesDate published: 01/07/13

Champagne Vinatge guide

2006 was good for Chardonnay, but not so good for both Pinots.

2005 was not a true or great vintage, although quality is probably only just below the bumper

2004 vintage, which also boasted excellent acids and purity.

2002 produced a high quality vintage.

The 2000 and 1999 vintages are both forward in style.

However 1996 and 1995 are both superior with the 96s having the structure for further ageing.

What does Majestic Battersea have to offer you?Date published: 30/06/13

Some services we offer here at Majestic Battersea

At Majestic, we are all about wine. With over 800 different wines in our store in Battersea, there is a decent range for you to start working your way through! But we often get asked what other services we offer, and what makes us stand out from the crowd?

Free chiller bin hire. If you need to rent chiller bins for a party or a wedding, you can hire chiller bins when you purchase your wine with us. Large enough to chill about a couple of cases, they are perfect for summer parties! Just a £15 deposit is required, which is fully refundable, and they can of course be delivered with your order.

Free glass hire. Whether you need hi-ball glasses, Champagne flute glasses, regular wine glasses or pint glasses, we have it all. Just a £1 deposit per glass, that is of course fully refundable as long as they come back clean!

Sale or return. As long as you still make the minimum purchase of six bottles, we are happy in most cases to take back any wine you don't use, as long as it is in a condition where we can sell it again.

Free delivery. Free delivery to the local area. As long as you spend over £40 and order 6 or more bottles, it is completely free, every time. Feel free to add beer to that order too!

Wine racks. We sell wine racks, with everything from 12 to 48 holes. We can also get our wine racks tailor made to fit a certain space in your house – phone us or pop into store to discuss this further.

Beer. If wine isn't really your thing we have a great range of ales, from all across the country, and of course some local ones such as Sambrooks  If you buy any two cases of English ale, they come down by £3 a case!

Personal recommendations. Every member of staff has been trained in wine, and is either busy studying towards or has already achieved their WSET Level 3 qualification. We like to try everything in our range too, so you can trust that we are giving some professional recommendations!

Champagne: Vintage or Non-Vintage?Date published: 30/06/13

People often query what makes a vintage Champagne that bit more expensive than a non-vintage. Firstly a vintage Champagne is produced only in declared outstanding vintages. It will be made from the best vineyards where the grapes are more expensive. As it is made in better vineyards it will be of superior quality. Another key difference is a vintage Champagne requires longer ageing before it is released. Taking all of this into consideration, vintage Champagne is considered a luxury and often demands a higher price.

It's All About Lebanese wines....Date published: 29/06/13

Ever tried a Lebanese wine?  

Lebanese wine might seem obscure, being produced in one of the most inhospitable areas for winemaking. Not only due to the weather or topography, but also the constant troop movements and shelling. However the picturesque Bekaa Valley produces intense and powerful reds along with rich and perfumed whites. At Majestic Battersea we stock the fantastic Chateau Musar wines, produced by master winemaker Serge Hochar.  

Chateau Musar 2005
- Concentrated plum and blackberry fruit, hints of fig, prune, spice and liquorice. Nice firm tannins with streaks of cedar and cinnamon. £19.99  

Chateau Musar White 2004/5
On the nose there are hints of baked apple, almond, brioche as well as apricot. A lovely buttery, rich honey texture with lashings of vanilla and butterscotch characteristics. £16.99  

Hochar Pere et Fils 2007
- This is the second wine of the famed Musar estate, made in a lighter more easy going style.Similar to the Chateau Musar, with a complex nose of black fruits backed up by figs, dates and spices. Try this with lamb or any Moroccan dish. £11.99  

If you have never tried the Musar range I would strongly advise you do so. A uniquely different wine. 

Provence Rose Tasting WeekDate published: 29/06/13

From today until the 4th July, we will be opening a selection of our favourite roses from Provence to help welcome in the summer.
Provence, in France's Mediterranean south, is an area steeped in rich culture and history. An iconic, picturesque region of rolling hills, medieval villages and fields of lavender, it's the spiritual home of French rosé. These delicious, refreshing wines are a true taste of summer. Just add sunshine!

Why not join us over the next few days to sample some of the delightful examples this region has to offer.  We look forward to seeing you.

How is Rose wine made so pink?Date published: 29/06/13

First things first: pink wines are not made by simply blending red and white wines together. In fact, with the exception of Champagne, it is actually illegal to make rosé this way in Europe!

So where does the colour come from? Well, it's actually easier to think of rosé as a very, very light red . . . the colour of red wine comes from the the skins and so pink wine starts life in much the same way that a red wine would be made. The grapes are harvested, de-stemmed, crushed and fed into a vat (usually made from stainless steel). The colour from the skins starts to 'bleed' into the liquid during a process known as 'maceration'. By keeping this period short, the colour – and flavour – can be kept light. When the colour is perfect, the winemaker draws off the juice into a clean vat, leaving the skins behind and the wine can then be cool-fermented in the same way a white would be made.

In Champagne, blending red and white wines together is permitted, largely due to the fact they then undergo a second fermentation in the bottle (the bit that makes the bubbles). This gives the wine a chance to settle and the character of the wine to develop.

Whereas most rosé used to be made as a by-product of making strong, powerful reds (effectively drawing off the juice early so that the skins could be used to add more colour and tannin to the wine) most pinks these days are made as a quality product in their own right. Usually dry, often light, they make a refreshing alternative to whites and are particularly versatile with food . . . or on their own on a warm summer's afternoon!

The Times - Jane Macquitty's Summer Top 100Date published: 29/06/13

The Times - Jane Macquitty's Summer Top 100

Under £6

Yali Merlot Rosé 2012

£7.49 Buy 2 Chilean wines save 20% = £5.99 until 2nd September

Light watermelon colour, this fresh and floral rosé also displays aromas of strawberries and is well balanced on the mouth.

Grand Heron Marc Ducournau 2012

£7.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £5.99 from 28th June until 11th July

Made with Colombard and Ugni Blanc this is a lively white wine showing pleasing citrus aromas.

Under £8

Vouvray Domaine des Aubuisieres 2012

£9.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £7.99 from 28th June until 11th July

Made in the classic Vouvray style, with fermentation taking place partly in oak barrels and partly in old glass-lined vats cut into the rock. A nose of pear and quince, slightly off dry with intense acidity and a mineral finish.

Under £12

Sancerre ‘Clos des Bouffants’ Neveu 2012

£14.99 Buy 2 bottles save £6 = £11.99 from 28th June until 11th July

Sauvignon Blanc aged on fine lees for six months, which adds complexity and flavour. It shows aromas of green capsicum and gooseberry with hints of lime, chalk and flint. High acidity and a long, lingering finish ferfect partner for goats cheese based dishes.

Pouilly Fumé ‘Les Cascadelles’ 2012

£11.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £9.99 from 28th June until 11th July

From a high-quality cooperative this classy Pouilly-Fumé is packed with aromas of gooseberries and orange blossom, backed by a crisp, elegant mineral character on the finish. Ideal with oily fish such as mackerel.

Muga Rioja Rosado 2012

£10.99 Buy 2 bottles save £4 = £8.99 until 2nd September

Muga is one of the most respected wineries in Rioja and one of the few to have coopers permanently crafting barrels on site. It displays aromas of baked apples, quince and candy floss. On the palate it has smooth acidity, with a long, creamy finish with a hint of vanilla.

My Date wine......Date published: 28/06/13

Fetzer White Zinfandel, the ladies can't get enough of it!

Globally recognised as pioneers of environmentally-sound winemaking, Fetzer's winery is powered by renewable energy, including a solar-powered bottling plant and recycling of waste water from vineyard irrigation.

Bright coral in colour, with a delicious hint of sweetness, offset by a tangy acidity. The intense cherry and raspberry fruit burst enthusiastically onto the palate, with a fine natural spritz.

Superb summertime drinking, but a cunning match with creamy curries or spiced fish dishes.

Only £6.99 when you buy 2 bottles or more.

C'mon Gents, keep her happy eh? It's not worth the hassle.

Red wine of the week...Date published: 27/06/13

Cuvee Diane 2009, Vinalba Mendoza

Dedicated to the wife of Vinalba winemaker Herve Joyaux Fabre. From it's careful wrapping to it's image of a goddess like statue, You can tell there is a lot of love in this bottle.

An enticing aroma of Violets and Black fruits merely hints at the richness of this fine wine. The plum and black fruits sing out with a complex twist of damson and spice.

Pair with any of the following: Pulled pork, steak, spicy casserole or a plate of empanada's!

White wine of the week is...Date published: 27/06/13

St-Véran 2011 Domaine Thibert Père et Fils

This hand harvested wine is picked from a small st Veran plot, which forms part of the Thibert estate. This estate is run by a brother and sister, Christophe and Sandrine.

An intense nose of honey becomes leads to a voluptuous palate which is full of weight. This honey characterstic is found on the palate as well as a lovely creaminess with well measured citrus and pineapple.

A delicious partner to creamy fish and chicken dishes.

Château Bourgneuf 1999 Pomerol Date published: 25/06/13

An intense and fleshy Pomerol, now fully mature and mellowed with age, yet still displaying plenty of power and muscularity. A core of ripe bramble fruit, shaped by well-integrated tannins, and topped off with aromas of dried scrubland herbs, cocoa and earth.

A lovely, ready-to-drink, intense Pomerol. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon roast lamb or beef.

This cracker is only £19.99 per bottle; representing fantastic value for money.

Meerlust Merlot 2009, StellenboschDate published: 23/06/13

On the tasting counter this week we have the fabulous Meerlust Merlot for all of you to come in and try. A blend of 89% Merlot with 11% Cabernet Franc added for a supple and balanced structure and aromatic complexity. This creates a deep, youthful purple wine with a ruby rim. Juicy plum and mulberry fruit abound on the nose, with lifted spiciness, hints of chocolate and a beefy edge. The palate offers silky tannins and good length.

I would partner this with a beef bourguignon, to really bring out the powerful flavours.

Meerlust Merlot 2009 Stellenbosch £15.99

(If you buy two or more selected fine wines, as part of your mixed case)

Beaujolais: the Marmite of winesDate published: 22/06/13

Beaujolais seems to be one of those wine regions people either love or hate. The classic bubblegum and raspberry flavours have us split in store. Personally I think its a brilliant choice if you're wanting a light red to enjoy in the hot weather. But others (aka James) will never agree. I find with these wines you can still find fuller bodied red with more fruit flavours rather than the light bubbleguminess. The Brouilly, Domaine des Maison Neuves, is one of my favourites with ripe berries and soft tannins it's a perfect easy drinking wine.

Brouilly, Domaine des Maison Neuves £8.99

(if you buy 2 or more bottles from Beaujolais)

White wine of the week is...Date published: 22/06/13

Meursalt Vieilles Vignes 2010 Le Meurger

This magnificent meursalt is made from only handpicked grapes which are fermented and matured entirely in cask.

Voluptuous and weighty, this is a heavier bodied white Burgundy than most. Rich apple and honey is accentuated by a wonderful toastyness that comes together to make this a satisfying and intense wine.

Serve with only the highest quality roast chicken and poultry

Deliveries this weekendDate published: 20/06/13

Our delivery slots are filling up fast for this weekend. If you would like to place an order for delivery before Sunday 23rd June, please give us a call in-store today on 020 7819 9796.

Show some SpiritDate published: 15/06/13


Though we are mainly a wine seller, and have a brilliant range of wines for everyone to enjoy. Don't forget that we also sell a range of spirits, not only the run of the mill Gordons and smirnoff. We also have a lot of the rarer and more unique spirits.

The Sipsmith range is one of my favourites, having everything from sloe gin to damson vodka, it is a true good quality British producer. Staying with the Bristish theme, the Chase varieties have potato vodka and apple gin, which cannot be enjoyed more than in the garden on a summer evening.

For something a bit different how about Absinthe, Chambord or Grand Marnier.

Broaden your horizions!


Sloe gin- £23

Damson vodka- £26


Potato vadka- £25

Gin- £30

Absinthe- £40

Chambord- £22.50

Grand Marnier- £30

White wine of the week is...Date published: 15/06/13

Vasse Felix 2011 Chardonnay

Located in margret river and made from premium grapes which are aged in french oak barrels

With an inviting nutty nose and heaps of toastiness, this wine is bound to please your nasal passages and tastebuds alike. The palate has lashings of vanilla followed by the toastiness that is so prominent on the nose.

This would make the perfect accompaniment to any light chicken dish such as a chicken risotto

Red Wine of the week is...Date published: 15/06/13

McGuigan Handmade Shiraz 2008

Handmade, This wine comes from the prestigious Langhorne Creek region of South Australia.

A gorgeous and subtle vanilla nose lead to a fantastically concentrated and rich palate ripe with sweet spices and a velvety finish. This really is a cut above the rest!

The perfect partner to a lamb ragu pasta dish or even a braised lamb shank

Top Quality Meursault - Great ValueDate published: 13/06/13

Meursault Vielles Vignes 2010 Le Meurger.

Maison Le Meurger is a negociant firm based in Beaune, who work with a number of vignerons in Burgundy, vinifying at their own fully-equipped winery. This Meursault is made from fully hand-picked grapes. Fermentation and maturation take place entirely in cask. Closer to the more weighty, voluptuous end of the white Burgundy spectrum, this is a classic Meursault, full of ripe golden apple fruit, hints of honeyed toast and a rich, satisfying texture. Drink with quality roast poultry.

£24 per bottle ---- Buy 2 bottles save £8 ----£20 per bottle

My favourite wineDate published: 12/06/13

Saint Clair Pioneer Block Pinot Noir 2011 Marlborough

Bright ruby red in colour, aromas of raspberry and plum with a luscious and soft palate of redcurrant, raspberries, cherries and an added warmth from ageing in new French oak barrels.

Brilliant for those warm Summer evenings.

Down from £21
(When you buy at least 2 New ealand wines as part of a mied case)

Provence Rose Open to Taste Today!Date published: 08/06/13

Chateau Sainte Marguerite Organic Rose, Cotes du Provence

The Château Sainte Marguerite was created in 1929 and was acquired by the Fayard family in 1977. Situated between Toulon and Saint Tropez, this little seaside village is gifted with exceptional climatic conditions and earth with great soil, to produce top quality wines.

This organic Grande Resérve displays fresh red berry fruits and delightful floral aromas. A slight floral character is also present on the palate.

Light and refreshing, this wine is ideal served with appetizers or dessert.

Open to taste - Château de Sainte Gemme 2002Date published: 08/06/13

Until 1962, Château Sainte Gemme was effectively part of Lachesnaye, but it was bought by the eminent Jean Boutellier who began to bottle the estate's wine as a brand in its own right. It is a 13ha estate on the border of St-Julien, close to Gruaud-Larose and Beychevelle. An approachable, accessible, medium-bodied wine, with a ruby core of ripe red berry fruit, accented with plenty of black pepper, toast and vanilla notes, providing satisfying complexity and length. Mature and ready to drink. Pair with red meat.

At £9.99 this Haut - Medoc represents fantastic value. Come in and try it!

Look out for our posters!Date published: 07/06/13

It might not look like a lot, but the posters up in our windows are very important. For one they show our great offers, for another they are impossible to up. We (and by we, I mean my manager, Pedro) have just spent 20 minuets trying to get one of these priomtional posters up in the window! Some say he is just slow, others say these posters are diffficult to get straight. I will leave you to make your mind up about that.

Next time you come into Battersea, take a minute to look at the promtional posters. They really do show some of outr best offers. Plus, they took a lot of sweat and swearing to get up.

Wine Of The Week - Falanghina 2012Date published: 07/06/13

One of Italy's great unsung white wines. 3 months lees ageing before bottling imbues the wine with added depth and texture, but no oak is used, so the wine retains a light and fruit-driven character.

A brilliant all-rounder, with plenty of citrussy fruit and faint notes of apple and quince, with the merest hint of nutty complexity.

The balance of crispness and texture means this accompanies a huge range of foods, from roasted vegetables to fish and poultry.

What's more, this beauty is on special offer at £8.79 when you purchase 2 or more Italian wines

Open this Week - Waimea Pinot GrisDate published: 05/06/13

Grown in Nelson, to the west of Marlborough, on stoney loam soils with high sunshine hours and a moderating Maritime influence. The winemaking philosophy blends Old World techniques with pioneering methods now becoming commonplace in the New World.

Bursting with aromas of pear, honey, apple, spice and even a hint of cream. Hints of sweetness partner the pure fruit flavours and are complemented by clean acidity, good length and soft texture.

Gorgeous on its own as a fuller bodied apéritif or with Thai and Asian foods. At its best when enjoyed over the next eighteen months.

Try it for yourself it's on our tasting counter this week and it's only £9.99 when you buy 2 or more New Zealand wines

Open This Week - Masciarellli MontepulcianoDate published: 05/06/13

Since its founding in 1978, the successful family-run Masciarelli winery has grown from its original 2.5 hectares in the town of San Martino to a total of 320 hectares today, spread across 14 different towns and villages throughout Abruzzo's provinces.

Bright ruby in colour, with an attractive nose of red cherry, with subtle violet and tobacco notes. The palate frames blackcurrant and damson fruit with taught tannins and notes of liquorice and spice.

Medium weight and a streak of acidity make this a great all-round food wine. Best served with tomato-based pasta dishes.

Try it for yourself, it's on our tasting couunter today and it's only £9.59 when you buy 2.

Beer Season!Date published: 04/06/13

With summer (looking like its) here there is nothing better than sitting in the garden and enjoying a cold beer. The Curious brew lager is one of those special ones that I have enjoyed after a hard days work. (Having helped everyone else buy their alcohol for the sun I enjoy choosing my own finally). Today is the perfect eample day to crack open the beer and relax. I might go for something a little different, and have an ale instead, Black Sheep or those scrummy bath ales.

Curious Brew- £17.99

Black Sheep- £21.60 (When you buy any 2+ cases of bottled ale)

Bath Ales- £21.60 (When you buy any 2+ cases of bottled ale)

White Wine of the Week: Te Muna Road Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Craggy RangeDate published: 03/06/13

The Te Muna Road Sauvignon from Craggy Range is a rare white wine from Martinborough, the home of premium NZ Pinot Noir. This vineyard is shared with Pinot Noir, Sauvignon is grown on stony soil with limestone outcrops, whilst Pinot thrives on the high, rockier slopes.

Rich, ripe aromatics of nectarine, guava, spice and floral notes. The palate is densely packed with stone fruit, lime, grapefruit and mineral characters and is richly textured with a long finish.

This wine has a rich quality for a Sauvignon so will match heavier fish and poultry dishes.

£11.99 When you buy any 2+ New Zealand Wines

Red Wine of the Week: St Clair Pioneer Block Pinot Noir, 2011Date published: 03/06/13

Saint Clair Family Estate is rapidly becoming one of the most reputed wineries in Marlborough, despite producing their first wines as recently as 1994. The Pioneer Block wines are sourced from outstanding parcels of fruit, identified by chief winemaker Matt Thomson.

Bright ruby in colour, aromas of raspberry and plum are complemented by a touch of spice. A luscious and soft palate with flavours of redcurrant, cherries and an added warmth from ageing in oak barrels.

This is perfectly matched with tuna or beef fillet with mushrooms and will cellar for the next two to five years.

£16.79 When you buy any 2+ New Zealand Wines

Having a party?Date published: 01/06/13

Then look no further than your local Majestic Wine.  We spend much of our time advising people on their wine choices, quantities and sale/return options.  Remember we also offer free delivery!  If you are having a party soon and are in need of a little friendly guidance then pop in and speak to one of the team.  We always have a tasting counter full of wines to taste, which can help the decision making process.  Ensuring getting the most out of your wines and not having to worry about the delivery or quantites on the day is a weight we can take off your mind.  Plus, if needed, we also hire out wine glasses, Champagne flutes, hi-ball glasses and chiller bins. (£1 per glass/£15 chiller bin refundable deposit). 

PoggioargentieraDate published: 27/05/13

Out of all the Italian wines we have my favourite red by far is the Poggioagentiera, Morellino Di Scansano. Of course being a Tuscan red it has the classic red cherry flavours, with a background of strawberrys, perfect for those summer BBQ's. Every time I have a sip it reminds me of sitting in the sun in Tuscany enjoying every mouthful. The people behind this brilliant wine also offer a white wine, Vermentino, and a Rose. Why not come in and buy some for yourself and you will see what all the fuss is about.

Partner with anything from lamb chops to game, either immediately or within the next 5 years.

Buy 2 Italian wines and save 20%

Only £9.59

Kings Favour Sauvignon Blanc 2012Date published: 27/05/13

A step up from the everyday Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is by the producers of Majestic favourite 'the Ned'. Showing an intense nose of citrus and passion fruit, the palate is reminiscent of a Sancerre, but with riper fruit character. Drink this wine on its own or with goats' cheese salad.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention Marsico Vineyards (the guys behind this beauty) won New Zealand Winery of the Year IWC in 2011!

So if you like 'The Ned' then you'll LOVE 'Kings Favour'.

At £9.99 it's a snip if you feel like treating the other half.

Conde de ValdemarDate published: 27/05/13

A brilliant wine with a range of great vintages and an interesting backstory. This Wine is produced by the Martinez Bujanda family and has been so for five generations. Some of their wines even date back until 1984 making them practically part of the family!

The Martinez Bujanda family have produced many fantastic Rioja vintages, of note being the 1991 which is ideal for ageing, and the 1994 which is drinking great now.  Majestic were able to buy them from a gentleman who held thousands of bottles of varying vintages in perfect cellaring conditions.
So why not try a bottle today? You'll be tasting a wine with a lot of history behind it!

Does music sell wine?Date published: 25/05/13

I've been holding a little experiment and it seems the music we play, does have an effect on the wine we sell. Jazz music seems to bring the Chardonnay drinkers out in force, the favourite seeming to be the French classic style. Big bold Shiraz seem to sell better when we play some good old school rock. Micheal Bublé and Frank Sinatra are perfect Champagne sellers, nice and refined. A little bit of Tango is the perfect match to the Argentinian selection, one of the favourites being the Amalaya. On the other hand pop music doesnt seem to create any special interest in any particular country or grape variety. Pop makes everyone a bit more sporadical.

This experiment has proven that wine matches music, so if serving Champagne put on some Frank to set the mood! Why not a 2005 Taittinger Brut (£40.00 when you buy two or more)?

Work place CompetitionsDate published: 24/05/13

There is nothing that keeps the work team more motivated than a bit of healthy competition. From who can smash the least amount of bottles a month (which I lose every time!), to who can stack the quickest or carry the most boxes at one time.

Its a brilliant way to keep up moral and get work done quickly. I suggest you start some healthy competition with your friends or work mates, come visit us here in store, set a budget and see who can get the best wine, from the most unusual country or grape variety, which of course still tastes great.

A great way to try new and unusual wine varieties and have fun at the same time.

Condrieu Guigal 2010Date published: 24/05/13

The famous enclave of Condrieu is well known for the richly exotic and perfumed wines it produces from the rare Viognier grape variety.

Guigal was part of the resurgence of Condrieu and uses oak to impart extra nuances to the wine. Aromas of pears, sweet peaches and pineapples abound in this wine, which is delicately dry, full-flavoured, with a silky palate-feel and lashings of vanilla and spice on the long finish.  A superb match for crab and also creamy curries, Condrieu should be drunk young.

Condrieu 2010, E. Guigal £32.00 per bottle.

London International Wine FairDate published: 23/05/13

This was my first wine fair and wow! What fantastic selection of countries showed up, in just a few hours I tried wines from New York state, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia and Lebanon. Croatia was a particular favourite with some brilliant off-dry whites. There was a lovely atmosphere with everyone really having a great time exploring new wines, and I'll definitely be going next year!

AMAZING BANK HOLIDAY DEALSDate published: 22/05/13

You won't want to miss these fantastic offers to help you celebrate the bank holiday weekend!

Macon Lugny Louis Latour £7.99 when you buy 2

Chapoutier CDR Belleruche £7.99 when you buy 2

Beaujolais Village Duboeuf £5.99 when you buy 2

Taittenger Brut only £25!

Corte Alta Prosecco and Rosado only £6.99 each

Lindauer Brut £7.99

Lindauer Blanc de Blancs £8.99

Brancott Pinot Noir £7.99 when you buy 2

Pimm's No. 1 Cup or new Blackberry & Elderflower £13 each!

Impress your friends with a massive bottle of wine!Date published: 21/05/13

What better way of impressing your friends than turning up to a party with a magnum, or even a double magnum! We have some brilliant ones to buy at battersea, including the ever so popular Aix. The Aix is a classic example of a provence style, being a beautiful pale pink colour it will match those summer BBQs perfectly. Also on offer are the Riscal Jeraboams, four bottles of wine in one. With this show stopper everyone at your get together will be asking, “who was so generous?”

Aix Rosé  Magnums £19.99 each.
Aix Rosé Double Magnums £50.00 each.
Marqués de Riscal Jeroboams £75.00 each.

Italian Themed Tasting CounterDate published: 18/05/13

This weekend we are having an Italian tasting tutorial, a brilliant way of trying new wines and learing how to taste wines professionally. But with there being so many grape varieties to choose from, there is over 2000 indigenous varieties, how on earth can you know where to start. My advise, come along to one of our tastings and try a few. Otherswise, be adventurous buy a few of those less know grape varieites, sit in the garden while sipping and see what you think.

We have everything from Soave, Vernaccia and Fiano, to Valpolicella, Barbera and Negroamaro. All available on the Tasting counter until Thurs 23rd May.

Italian Wine Of the Week - Pietrariccia FianoDate published: 17/05/13

Masseria Surani is an estate dating back to the early 1900's, and is located just 6km from the Ionian coast in Apulia, Italy's 'heel'. The Fiano grape is found almost exclusively in southern Italy and Sicily, and is thought to have it origins in ancient Greece.

A bright lemon colour with a golden tinge. The nose offers an inviting mixture of citrus and tropical fruit with floral hints. Crisp acidity and good palate texture make for a refreshing, satisfying feel.

Buy 2 Italian wines and save 20% - Only £7.99 per bottle

Dish of the week is Shakshouka!Date published: 12/05/13

Feeling a bit lazy? Maybe even a bit hungover? If you're after a no hassle lunch that you can throw all sorts of leftovers into, give Shakshouka a try. You will need:

-4-5 Cloves of Garlic

-Half an onion

-4 Eggs

-2 Tinned chopped tomatoes or passata and 2 tomatoes cut into chunks

-Some spice, can be half a birds eye chilli or a few drops of tabasco

Begin by chopping the garlic and onion. Then add to a medium heat and brown, pour the chopped tomatoes in and allow to simmer. Season with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and spice. After some of the water has boiled off crack eggs into the chopped tomatoes and gently drag without scrambling. Place lid on pan and heat until the eggs are cooked through.

Serve and enjoy with some pitta bread and if you're up to it a lovely glass of Montes Alpha Merlot (£9.99 when  you buy 2 or more).

Amalaya de Colomé Malbec Blend 2011, ArgentinaDate published: 10/05/13

One of our Staff favourites on the Tasting Counter this week, this wine is a great example of the new wave of Malbec dominated blends coming out of Argentina. Traditionally made into a single varietal wine in Argentina, in this wine Malbec makes up the backbone of the blend at 70%. This provides it with the trademark deep purple colour and juicy plum fruit on the palate. A little Cabernet Sauvignon brings flavours of cassis, Syrah bolsters the spicy dark fruits, and Tannat provides a firm and structured mouthfeel.

I cannot think of a more perfect wine match for a steak and Kidney pudding, or for that matter a nice flame-grilled, rare piece of former animal straight from the Barbecue! Open to try in-store this weekend.

Currently on offer at £7.99 when you buy two or more bottles.

This weeks white wine of the week isDate published: 08/05/13

Now headed by Christophe and Sandrine Thibert, this vineyard has been run by the same family for 7 generations

This fruit driven, yet zesty white Burgundy has a subtle hint of minerality. Some of the wine is aged in oak barrels which gives it an extra complexity and elegant texture.

This wine makes a fantastic accompaniment with delicate fish dishes, such as baked cod.

It comes in at only £10.99 when you buy 2 or more. So why not come and pick up a bottle?

Red Wine of the week is...Date published: 08/05/13

Produced by Gerard Bertrand, so called embassador of the mediterranean lifestyle and art de vivre (The art of life) ethos of the south of France

A nose of Heathland shrubbery and pepper leads to a concentrated wine of red and black fruits. Full bodied with a great length.

A perfect wine to go along with the rich spice of Merguez sausages or to be partnered with a strong cheese.

It will be open all this weekend, so why not come and try it for yourself. They're £11.99 each when you buy two or more.

New Product: Prosecco Zonin Brut NVDate published: 07/05/13

Made from grapes grown within the DOC Prosecco Zone around Veneto, this wine comes from Itay's largest privately owned winery. Exhibiting cruchy rear and delicate floral notes on the nose, with a delicate freshness on the palate and a nice clean finish. A perfect apératif for quiet sipping in the Bank Holiday sunshine or to partner light fruit based desserts.

Currently on offer ar £7.99 down from £10.99, this is a bargain for Prosecco lovers not to miss!

Wines that make me chuckleDate published: 04/05/13

As you all know, at Majestic we take the tastings of wines very seriously and sell on the taste rather than the marketing. However, sometimes there are just wines that make you smile, for no other reason than the bottle cover or the name.

My top three:

In third place-

The Matsu collection. Each different wine has a different aged man on the cover. The oldest being a very aged wrinkled pensioner. I just cant help thinking is this what the guys I work with will look like in a few years time.

2nd Place -

Chateau Greysac... tehe

1st place-

The Australian Two hands producers have brought out a Cabernet sauvignon called 'Sexy Beast' with a couple kissing on the front. Need I say more!

Did you know?Date published: 04/05/13

That aside from your Magnums and half-bottles you can get a Mordechai (9 Litres) and a Marie Jeanne (2.25 litres)? There is a full spectrum of sizes that start from a Piccollo (0.1875L) all the way to a whopping 30 Litres, the Melchizedek, which is named after the Biblical king of Salem. Many are named after Biblical characters but there are some that have come from history.

Aside from the sizes there are also a large range of bottle shapes which are usually traditional to a region. For instance Bordeaux wines tend to be straight sided with high shoulders. In the new world there are no traditions with shapes and so wine makers shape their bottles after whichever old world region they would like to associate their wines with.

We currently have a set of Lanson Champagne bottles which are sporting a very fashionable Wimbledon tennis polo shirt!

Rose of the week 25th-2nd is...Date published: 02/05/13

As the weather has had a big improvement we've decided to go with a rose this week! We've gone for a L'instant safran which is a modern style rose. Named after Saffron which is the other great export of Cahors, this wine boasts smooth summer berry flavours on the palate with a hint of spice making it a fantastic pre dinner wine.

This one comes in at only £6.99 when you buy two or more. It's such a steal we may have to call the Police!

Red Wine of the week 25th-2nd is...Date published: 02/05/13

Domaine Durieu's fantastic Châteauneuf-du-Pape. These wines are often very bold, with a firm and velvety structure. Unlike many wine makers however, Vincent and Francois Durieu have decided to de-stem their grapes which leads to a very fruit driven and full bodied finalé.

This is a very typical Châteauneuf in power, with red cherry, sage and wild thyme and a length that just keeps going and going and going...

This is part of our brilliant fine wines offering coming in at £19.00 when you buy two or more.

The biggest selling wines today has been....Date published: 20/04/13

Codorniu Brut - £6.99 when you buy 2 or more

From the Penedès region in Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. This Cavahas been produced with the expertise of Codorníu, whose wine producing story dates back to the 16th century.

A dry light bodied Cava displaying green apple, citrus, almond and brioche characters.

This easy drinking Cava is great on its own or as an accompaniment to seafood or light salads.

Red Wine of the Week - Ch Chantalouette , PomerolDate published: 18/04/13

This is the second wine of Château de Sales, and comes from the same vineyard estate. Each vintage, after fermentation is complete, various vats are selected for Chantalouette, which is created as is a softer, earlier-to-mature version of the De Sales blend.

A bright and inviting claret, with a nose of ripe black fruit and subtle hints of earth and forest floor. The mouth-feel is round and supple, yet enduring and possessing a pleasing complexity.

Enjoy with a selection of firm, full-flavoured cheeses.

A real bargain at £15 when you buy 2 or more

Why not try it for yourself it's open on our tasting counter today!

White Wine of The Week - Pouilly Fume, Jean VincentDate published: 18/04/13

Father-and-son team Jean and Vincent Chatelain are the 11th and 12th generations of an illustrious winemaking family, based in the heart of Pouilly-sur-Loire.

The nose has a refreshing minerality and citrus notes matching the subtle tang of green fruit with a delicate floral note to top it off.

All of this is accentuated on the palate making this the perfect bottle to enjoy with shellfish or asparagus in a creamy hollandaise on a sunny evening!

Only £9.99 when you buy 2 bottles or more.

Why not try it for yourself, it's open on the tasting counter today!

PauillacDate published: 17/04/13

Upon the left bank of la Gironde can be found the Pauillac region of Bordeaux. Many people regard this as the quintessential bordeaux wine region. The esteemed critic Robert Parker describes the area as:

"The world's largest supplier of high-quality, ageworthy, powerful, yet elegant table wine".

Such praise from one of the world's most renowned wine critic does not come lightly and really does highlight how important this area of France is. Rich medium to full bodied wines with plenty of tannins and a heap of blackcurrant are the traditional flavours that can be found in a Pauillac red.

Two of our popular Pauillac's are Chateau Batailley's 2007 Grand cru classe which comes in at about £32.00 and Ulysse Cazabonne which is only £17.99.

New Fine Wine Open - Thelema ShirazDate published: 13/04/13

From the coolest part of Stelenbosch, this Syrah is barrel aged in 85% French and 15% American oak to add texture and structure.

Rich and concentrated it displays textbook characteristics of New World Shiraz but with the subtlety of a French syrah.  I think it's a half way house between the old world and the new.

This is a full bodied wine which will be a great match for grilled meats. Will easily improve over the next 6-8 years.

Why not try it for yourself it's on the tasting counter today.

Any Weather WinesDate published: 13/04/13

OK, so everyone is talking about it so I thought I would too. What is with this weather?! So far we've had, rain, hail, wind and sun!

This inconsistant weather doesn't just mess about with our choice of clothing but also plays havoc with our ability to pick the right wine to drink in the evening.

In the sun, sitting in the garden, with a BBQ wine, or huddling by the open fire wines. A few opptimistic customers have brought rose these past few days and a few winter lovers are still persisting with the big Bordeaux wines.

I however, want something in between. Im going for a fruity New Zealand Piont Noir or maybe even a peachy Southern French Viognier.

In surmation bring back the sun...I want to drink some rose!

Viognier- Gérard BertrandDate published: 13/04/13

Viognier grapes are notoriously hard to cultivate, which led the grape variety to drop down to a mere 50 acres in the 1960's. The difficulty stems from the relatively low acidity which requires a lot of sunlight to ripen to their prime, though too much heat will make the wine overly alcoholic. This restricts the vineyards to regions near the sea or upon high mountainsides. This wine from Gerard Bertrand, former international rugby player and is grown in his award winning vineyard Chateau L'Hospitalet.

In appearance this Vigonier is a clear white wine of medium intensity which comes out as a golden leaf hue. The nose has a medium intensity with a distinct floral smell. Like many Viognier's the taste of apricot is present in this wine, alongside tropical flavours such as peach. A subtle hint hint of ginger is also notable. There is a nice zing to the wine which really makes the mouth salivate making this perfect to go along with food.

Overall this is a brilliant summer evening wine to go along with a meal, especially a rocket salad, and at only £7.49 it's a real bargain!

Malbec World Day - 17th April 2013Date published: 12/04/13

Malbec world day is here! Whilst not the most popular public holiday, those in the know understand that a Malbec is something to get excited about. Traditionally deep in colour the wine is known for its concentrated fruit and robust tannins, which come together to create a well rounded and juicy wine.

Some say that the grape variety was named after a Hungarian peasant who roamed France to spread it's popularity. We like to think that he'd be happy to know that there is now a whole day devoted to the wine.

My personal favourite has to be the Catena 2010. Made in Argentina upon the foothills of the Andes mountains, this is a very typical New world Malbec and has just returned to our store at £9.99 on multibuy down from £12.99.

Trick yourself that you're in South Africa! Date published: 12/04/13

So its probably hot and sunny in South Africa, but as usual its freezing cold here.

However, we are trying to bring a little summer into your lives by having a South African tasting week.Why not pour yourself a glass of something, e.g. Thelema Shiraz or Rustenburg Chardonnay, close your eyes and try and convince yourself you're in South Africa.

You never know you might trick yourself for a few minutes.

If I were a Champagne.....Date published: 09/04/13

I'm back ladies and gents, with this weeks dose of me!

I was fortunate enough to win some money of the Grand National last week, and that means only one thing....Bubbles!

I would have to be Ruinart Blanc De Blancs. This delicate champagne exudes elegance. Deliciously supple fruit and harmoniously pairs with grilled Dover Sole.

100% Chardonnay....none of this Pinot Noir malarky.

On offer reduced to £45 per bottle. Wowzers

The Grand NationalDate published: 06/04/13

It's the Grand National today, and I expect many of you like me having put a small bet on a horse. The real question is, however, what is the best drink to have in your hand while shouting your horse along. You could go for the strong stuff like a Martin Millers gin, with the sun out it could be a good shout. Or a glass of Louis Roederer, this may be a bit kooky as you havent actually won the race yet. I'd save that for afterwards, if I were you. Personally, I think a bottle of beer is the best, maybe a crafty Anchor Steam beer. Why beer? When you jump up to cheer on your horse you wont spill your drink over your lap. Forward thinking!

Fine Wine of the Week - ValpolicellaDate published: 05/04/13

Tommaso Bussola began making wines on his uncle's estate in 1977, and made his first solo vintage in 1983.

Since then, he has continually striven to make better quality wines, introducing hand-sorting of the grapes and maturation in new oak, making Valpolicella wines of unprecedented quality.

This superbly-made Italian middleweight is soft and harmonious, with a fine balance of intense sour cherry flavours and polished tannins.

Why not try it for yourself, it's open on our tasting counter all this weekend!

Drink Viognier, make the sun come outDate published: 03/04/13

Drink Viognier, make the sun come out: A Study by Majestic Wines Battersea.

Recent findings have proved that drinking Viognier actually encourages the sun to shine.

Clouds parted over Battersea park as the team conducted the experiment with the reasonably priced Gerard Bertrand Viognier 2011. “This wine is a snip at £7.49,” enthused Trainee Manager Emma Aldred, “and I really believe that the peachy flavours can play a role in the appearance of the sun over the afternoon”.

Shortly after finishing the wine, the sky darkened as clouds descended over Battersea.

The team will be conducting more experiments with the Condrieu 'Les Chaillets' later in the month. Priced at £45, they are predicting a heatwave.  

If I were a wine.....Date published: 02/04/13

....a short ramble by James.

Intense, generously complex. An up -and-coming POWERHOUSE of the fine wine world! You'll never get bored of me, a remarkable vintage that will age very well.

You guessed it.....Hawkes Bay Syrah. Lots of black pepper, liquorice and black cherry!

Craggy Range's eloquently named 'Le Sol' 2009 is one of the finest examples you'll see around and at £50 it's a no-brainer.

Thank you for reading.....keep posted for the next installment of If I were a.....

New Wine Open - Meursault Yves Boyer-Martenot'sDate published: 28/03/13

Yves Boyer-Martenot's wines get better year after year with his Meursaults, being particularly good.

Combining the traditional fat, buttery fruit, and toasty aromas, for which this village is renowned, with a balancing crispness and fresh acidity and a long, nutty, lingering finish.

Try lightly chilled with baked, lemon and parsley seasoned monkfish, wrapped in bacon.

We are closed on Easter SundayDate published: 28/03/13

Please note that we will be closed on Easter Sunday, 31 March 2013. We are open our normal Friday hours on Good Friday and our bank holiday hours on Easter Monday.

Deliveries 22nd - 23rd MarchDate published: 21/03/13

Dear customers,

Unfortunately we are now fully booked for deliveries on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March. The earliest we can now offer delivery on intenet and telephone orders is Sunday morning, March 24th.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Team Battersea

New Offers!Date published: 07/02/13

As of Monday we have our new Spring promotional prices.  We currently have 20% off the entire South African range when you buy any 2 bottles or more as part of your case of 6.  Oeil de Perdrix pink Champagne is also a steal at £15 a bottle.  Pop along to check out some of the best deals for yourself, or look at the website: www.majestic.co.uk

Majestic's Real Deal ends MondayDate published: 02/02/13

This year's Bargain Hunt, our equivalent of a January sale, finishes on Monday.


We have a range of wines on improved offers of at least 33% saved when you buy two or more bottles. This offer is only available whilst stocks last.

Our current regional deals also end on Monday. We currently have 20% off  New Zealand, Australia, Chile and the Rhone Valley. For fans of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in particular we would advise stocking up before these wines come off offer, as owing to a shortened 2012 vintage the price of New Zealand wine is set to increase significantly...


Come and explore!

Fine Wine FridayDate published: 31/01/13

Jim Barry 'The Mcrae Wood' Shiraz £25

Jim Barry has made a name for himself by being the first wine maker in 1959 to start an establishment in Clare Valley, South Australia. This is one of the reasons why here at Majestic we are proud to stock a variety of their wines. The McRae Wood, which we have chosen for this weeks fine wine Friday, is an exceptionally elegant Shiraz. Having been oaked for 17 months and bottled unfiltered, toasty oak flavours accompany berries on the palate, while the nose opens to plums, liquorice and even notes of lavender. Personally I love this wine with roasted venison, but it would also be a perfect match to beef dishes. Come and try for yourself.  

Wine of the WeekDate published: 24/01/13

Our staff pick this week is Cres Ricards Marsanne Rousanne 2010.  Made in Southern France this is a take on blends usually found in the Rhone region, and includes the interesting Marsanne and Rousanne grape varieties a long with a little of the more well known Viognier.  Fresh and fragrant this is a real steal at only £6.66 when you buy two or more.  Party of our Bargain Hunt this will sell quickly so get your order in soon!

Bargain Hunt BonanzaDate published: 10/01/13

As it's January we are also having a sale!  Selected wines are included in our Bargain Hunt and as a result there are some great prices to be found.  Here are a couple of examples or what we have here in stock at Battersea:

Catalpa Chardonnay 2010, Argentina

This is a great little Chardonnay from the Atamisque estate in Argentina.  The grapes are hand-harvested and the must fermented in new French oak barrels to give a creamy, toasty character in addition to apple and pineapple fruit flavours.  A great wine to pair with chicken.

£8.49 when you buy two bottles or more, down from £12.99


Anakena Indo Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Chile

This Sauvignon comes from the San Antonio Valley in the region of Leyda, Chile, close to the Pacific coast which provides a cooler climate, perfect for zesty Sauvignons.  This wine is fresh and aromatic with notes of lime, nettle and a pleasing minerality on the finish.  A perfect aperitif, or partner with seafood and salads.

Only £5.99 when you buy two bottles or more


Chateau La Dournie 2010, France

This cheeky blend of Syrah, Carignan and Grenache is a great value wine from St Chinian in Southern France.  Some of the fruit comes from Grenache vines of up to 50 years in age, which gives great concentration of flavour, combining well with the partial oak maturation it undergoes.  The wine exhibits enticing aromas of black cherry and prune with nutmeg and mocha from the oak.  A great match with Lamb or a spicy burger.


Only £5.99 when you buy two bottles or more, from £8.99


Stocks are limited so act quickly to avoid disappointment.  If you have any further questions then please contact us at the store for more details.


Team Battersea

Opening hours on Monday 7th JanuaryDate published: 03/01/13

Just to let you know in advance that on Monday 7th January we will be opening late.  We shall open at 1:00pm and shut, as usual, at 8:00pm.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Team Battersea

The Battersea Christmas Countdown- Day 11Date published: 11/12/12

Why not whet the whistles of your eleven piping pipers with some Piper Heidseick Gold Top Champagne? At only £19 a bottle,we are aiming to make it affortable to entertain your troupe this Christmas!

Christmas Countdown- Day TenDate published: 10/12/12

Day 10: Ten Lords are Leaping

Swap the leaping lords for our antlered friends the Stags leap. Open a few of these fine wines before your party to get everyone leaping and dancing the night away. The Stags leap are a collection of fine californian wines, all with their own unique flavour, well worth the buy.

The Battersea Christmas Countdown: Day 9Date published: 09/12/12

The best way to get nine ladies dancing? A good party! Here at Majestic we have everything you need for a party, including free glass loan, free chiller bin and ice bucket loan, expert advice on how much to buy, and a sale or return policy on any unopened items. That means there is no excuse not to celebrate this festive season!

The Battersea Christmas Countdown: Day 8Date published: 08/12/12

Get your maids-a-milking up a storm this Christmas with some delicious wines to match a festive smorgasbord of fine cheeses!


  • Pair a rich goats cheese with a steely Chablis such as Domaine Servin at £9.99. A mineral-rich Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley is also a classic match for the chalky white Chevre from the same region. Try the Sancerre Domaine Vacheron at £17.99.
  • Match a hard blue-veined cheese such as Stilton with an LBV style port. The proteins in the cheese round off the tannins in the wine, giving a smooth and rounded finish. Try Taylor's LBV at £9.99. A soft blue such as roquefort is a classic match for Sauternes as well as New World Botrytized Sauvignon Blancs. Pair with The Ned Noble Sauvignion Blanc from New Zealand, a steal at £9.99 when you buy any 2 Kiwi wines!
  • A Mature Cheddar deserves only the finest liquid accompaniment, and here at Majestic Battersea there is only one drink for us, St Stefanus Blonde Beer from Belgium. Conditioned in bottle, this beautiful drop matures in bottle for a richer character over the course of its life. Available in 750ml bottles, £6.49 each.
  • The Battersea Christmas Countdown: Day 7 (a little late)Date published: 08/12/12

    For the seventh day of Christmas swans are normally swimming. This year the Sipsmith brand are taking the day with their swan neck copper still, generally known as 'Prudence'. We really like these guys, Fairfax, Sam and Jared who have made these beauties. For the winter weather why not try their mulled Sloe Gin, of which the instructions are on the Sipsmith website: http://www.sipsmith.com/cocktails/february-mulled-sloe-gin. Only one word can describe the taste, yummy!

    The Battersea Christmas Countdown- Day 6Date published: 06/12/12

    In central London it can be difficult to find a replacement for six laying geese, but we think we have the answer! The 'Giesen' Sauvignon Blanc is a real crowd pleaser, and guaranteed not to hiss at your guests. Only £6.79 when you buy two as part of a mixed case.  

    Fifth day of Christmas- five fine winesDate published: 05/12/12

    Just indulgent as five gold rings are five fine wines for your loved ones. Here are some of our favourites: 1)Montes Purple Angel, a Chilean Carmenere based wine with a dash of Petit Verdot to get a deep fruit flavour. Having spent 18 months barreled in half american half french oak, it is bottled unfiltered so will continue to age beautifully for years. £30 2)La Reserve de Leoville-Barton 2006, On a great Christmas offer this is a brilliant present, drinking well now but can age for another five years. This is the second wine of the famous St-Julien Chateau Leoville-Barton, with a classic left back nose of smokey blackberry fruit. £20 3)Chateau Fonplegade 2007, A full bodied fruity wine with flavours of blueberries, raspberrys and spring flowers. With 90 parker points it's a superb wine to drink over the next decade. £28 4)Catena Zapata Malbec 'Argentino' 2008, One for the wine cellar, aging for another 10-15 years. It has dense rich flavours, delivering on the nose and palate like our driver H who chose it. £60. 5)Royal Tokaji Mezes Maly 2003, We may have left the best to last, Mezes Maly meaning honeycomb this is jammed packed with candied fruit and unbelievable acidity, leaving you wanting more. A sweet wine that cannot be replaced on the dessert table. £95

    The Battersea Christmas Countdown: Day 4Date published: 04/12/12

    Instead of the traditional four calling birds, why not get four Boll-in-gers (still fits in with the tune)? This classic Champagne is one of our best sellers, with yummy stewed apple flavours. As many of us have learnt in the past, this champagne needs to be treated with respect to get the best out if it. 8 degrees is the perfect temperature, ideally reached after 10-15mins in an ice bucket, or brought straight up from the cellar. Please never put in the freezer! And don't forget to serve with a smile :)

    As Lily Bollinger once famously said, “I only drink Champagne when I'm happy, and when I'm sad. Sometimes I drink it when I'm alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I'm not in a hurry, and drink it when I am, otherwise I never touch the stuff, unless I'm thirsty”.  

    The Battersea Christmas Countdown: Day 3Date published: 03/12/12

    La Vielle Ferme 2011, Cotes du Ventoux, Perrin et Fils


    Put all your eggs in this basket with a bottle or three of this spicy French hen from the Cotes du Ventoux appelation in the Rhone Valley. A classic southern Rhone blend of Grenache and Syrah, this wine has a delicately expressive nose leading to a palate of jammy blackberry fruit and smooth tannins.

    Perfect fare for a lazy December Sunday, drink with (and put some in) a hearty coq au vin!

    Christmas Delivery InformationDate published: 03/12/12

    December is a very busy time for deliveries, and we will be keeping this page updated on a daily basis with our current turnaround times and schedule.

    Dat 2: Two Turtle DovesDate published: 02/12/12

    Eat your turtle doves (pigeon) with a gamey Pinot Noir. The Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Rouge 2008 has all the savoury flavours partnered with fruity tannins. At £17.99 (if you buy two or more bottles) its a real treat for the pre-Christmas family meals, or to give to someone special.

    The Battersea Christmas Calendar CountdownDate published: 01/12/12

    Day One:

    Take the Partridge out of the tree and pair it with a salmon blini! Oeil de Perdrix Pink Champagne – only £18 and a perfect gift for the host of the first Christmas party. Meaning eye of the partridge, this elegant, sophisticated pale pink rosé makes a perfect aperitif. It comes from Devaux, more specifically, the Cote de Bars. This gives it a unique style as the red Pinot Noir grapes develop an unusual level of ripeness, crating a Champagne that is delicate in style with a perfect weight of fruit and biscuity characteristics.

    Martin Millers Premium Batch Distilled GinDate published: 25/11/12

    If you, like me, enjoy the finer things in life, then carry on reading. Here we have a remarkably unique gin of distinct quality and let me tell you why!

    A careful selection of botanicals including juniper, coriander, ground nutmeg and liquorice are left to infuse with the finest grain spirit. As they say 'behind every good man, there is a great woman' and this wonderful gin is no different. They are able to boast a century old copper pot still,  seductively named 'Angela.'

    It is distilled in the heart of the 'Black Country' in the West Midlands and then the real journey begins. A 3,000 mile round trip must be embarked upon to reward the unparalled craftsmanship put into this extremely satisfying elixir. Blended with what is considered to be the purest water in the world, from Borganes in Iceland, the unique character really starts to be exhibited.

    The end result of this hard work is a refreshingly smooth gin that is gentle in the mouth, with well balanced botanicals and spicy aromas on the nose.

    The creamy soft palate makes this gin perfect for drinking lightly chilled with a few slivers of lemon rind.

    £26 per bottle

    Wine Of The WeekDate published: 25/11/12

    Made on a beautiful landscape which is famous for its abundance of wild herbs and thick woodlands, this wine really exhibits the unique qualities of the terroir. The Assemat family have been running the vineyard since 1961 when they replanted the vineyard to improve its quality.

    This Lirac is entirely unoaked which allows dense fruit flavours to develop alongside an abundance of freshness.The palate produces blackcurrants alongside the famous Rhone liquorice finish. This is a brilliant addition to your Christmas selection, or one that can be saved and enjoyed for the next five years.

    £7.99 when you buy any 2 Rhone wines as part of your mixed case.

    Louis Roederer - Celebration in a glass!Date published: 24/11/12

    This exquisite Champagne house was founded in 1776 and its wines are as rich as its history.

    The Non-Vintage Cuvée displays notes of toasted brioche and honeyed characteristics on the nose, with baked apple on the palate and a mouth-filling mousse. This exuberant wine rewards with a long and complex finish.

    Drink with a selection of rich canapés, Lobster Thermidor, or as a decadent accompaniment to Friday night's fish and chips!

    At only £30 a bottle you'd be doing yourself an injustice by buying anything else!

    Enjoy! We know we will!

    Sherry Sherry Sherry!Date published: 14/09/12

    My trip to Jerez

    Having never drunk much sherry myself I was eager to get stuck in and try as many as possible. This was easier to do than I thought, after being told to sit and drink SLOWLY, very slowly, we sat and had a few glasses of Oloroso the oldest one being 42 years old. After these we moved on to the finos, where we printed our names on a Majestic barrel of sherry (which tasted the best in my opinion) and tried to use the copita which was hilarious most of the sherry falling on the floor rather than any where near the glasses! Moving on to have lunch, and being given beer if we asked for water, an amaing Tapas meal was served with La Gitana Manzanilla to wash it all down. When the tours had finished we had a enjoyable night and day of sitting and drinking with the views of Jerez below us and relaxing on the beach.

    Summer's back!Date published: 17/08/12

    This weekend we are set to see the hottest day of the year, with temperatures expected to top 30 degrees!

    Why not pop in and pick up a few bargains to see you through the weekend in style?

    • Ruinart Champagnes are still on offer (ends 8pm Monday), with the Non-vintage at £30, and both the Rosé and Blanc de Blancs at £40. Perfect for celebrating a specdial occasion in style!
    • It's been a great summer to be British - right now we're championing English sparkling wines, our best vineyards are producing world beaters in every style! Nyetimber Classic Cuvée is just £24.99, with the Rosé and the sublime 2003 vintage Blanc de Blancs both currently on a great deal at £34.99.

    Ruinart Champagne. Great deals at Majestic!Date published: 08/08/12

    This August if you have something to celebrate or if you are just in the mood for some top class bubbly, why not take advantage of our great offers across the whole of the RUINART range?

    Established in 1729, this House still retains the values of quality, authenticity, elegance and cultivated excellence at the heart of its Champagne production.

    We are certain you will not be disappointed.

    Ruinart Non-Vintage down to £30.00 from £50.00

    Ruinart Rose Non-Vintage down from £60.00 to just £40.00

    And now the real treat:

    Ruinart Blancs des blancs just a tantalising £40.00!

    This last one is made 100% from chardonnay grapes. Citrus, peach and white flower aromas evolve into a fresh and supple palate, ideal when married with oysters and sashimi.


    Hurry though. These great offers end on 20th August. Buy now to avoid disappointment

    Need something non-alcoholic? Come on in!Date published: 08/08/12

    Here at Majestic We also cater for those moments when alcohol is NOT required. So, when you are organising your shindig, soiree or knees-up don't forget the drivers, kids, pregnant people and the tee-totalers! Here are a few highights from our range:

    Badoit Sparkling 6x 1 litre bottles. Down to £4.20 per six pack!

    Schweppes Lemonade 6 x 2 litre bottles. Just £8.10 per six pack.

    Evian Still 12 x 1 litre bottles. Down to £9.00 per 12 pack!

    Diet Coke Cube Cans 30 x 330ml cans. Only £11.99!

    Coke Cube Cans 30 x 330ml cans. Only £11.99!

    Fever-Tree Tonic 4 x 200ml Bottles. Buy 6 packs save 15%, just £2.55.



    High Spirits...more than just wineDate published: 08/08/12

    We have great offers in our spirits section. So when you pop in to top up your wine cellar why not take advantages of some of our great offers in whisky, vodka, gin, rum and other spirits? Here is just a teaser:

    Pimms No. 1 Cup 70cl bottle. Only £12.75 per bottle when you buy at least two bottles.

    Sipsmith Summer Cup. Great alternative to Pimms? £17.00 per bottle.

    Bombay Sapphire London Gin 70cl bottle. Special offer of £20 per bottle.

    Grey Goose Vodka 70cl. Down to £35 a bottle! Premium at a great price.


    Why not also try some of our more curious gems?

    Chambourd Liqueur. Raspberry liqueur. Only £22.50.

    Archers Peach Schnapps. A mouth-watering £15.00 per bottle.

    Cointreau. Only £19.00 per bottle.

    Drambuie. Just £30!

    Chase Marmalade Vodka. Mmm. Only £22.00!

    Kahlua. Just £17.00 per bottle. White Russian time? The Dude abides.


    Come in and enjoy.

    More than just wine! Great Beer and Cider.Date published: 08/08/12

    So we are Majestic WINE Warehouses right? Well, yes. We sell wine. Lots of it. Our range is superb, wide and of the highest quality. However, we sell much more than wine and this summer we have some great offers in our Beer and Cider section. Here are just a few of our great offers at the moment:

    Heineken Export £19.92 per 24 330ml pack. That's just £0.83 a bottle people!

    Asahi 'Super Dry'  £25.92 24 x 330 ml pack . Fresh style lager from Japan.

    Fullers London Pride 12x 500ml bottles. Only £22.20 per pack.

    Henney's Dry Cider. NEW! 12x 500ml bottles. Just £19.92 per pack!


    More great offers in store

    Chapel Down Flint Dry £8.99 Great for the summer!Date published: 25/07/12

    Ever heard of Huxelrube!!
    A fan of Bacchus ? or even partial to Schonburger
    All these grape varietals are available in one fabulous wine

    Our Chapel Down Flind Dry 2009 (£8.99) is grown in the "Garden of England" and on the Chalky downs of Essex.

    This gives the wine body, flavour and complexity all in one.

    Aromas of Elderflower , minerality and a slight smokiness are evident on the nose (If you have ever licked stones as a child you'll know what I mean!!) On the palate there is good minerality and good acidity with some citrus notes
    This wine is very reminiscent of a Fume Blanc
    Great with summery salads. Drink Early ( but preferably after 12 Noon)

    Claire's trip to RhoneDate published: 19/06/12

    Tuesday 12th June

    Arrived in Avignon to an excellent meal at the Restaurant Gerard Alonso where we enjoyed white truffles, nougat (James’s favourite) and what we all agreed was the best cheese board we’d ever seen! Alongside some wines chosen by Samuel including ‘Le Mistral’, a Rhone dessert wine, the Vacqueyras 2010 Domaine de la Garrigue and a few Chateauneuf-du-Papes.

    Wednesday 13th June

    Started the morning off in Beaucastel Perrin et Fils where we did a tour of the wine cellars and we saw the family’s personal wine cellars where all the bottles are laid down by hand. We then went to the tasting room where we tried a brilliant White Beaucastel 2009, made with Grenache and Roussane. We then went to Chateauneuf-du-Pape and saw the famous landmark castle remains on the top of the hill from the label of the Serabel. In the caves we tried the ‘Jurassic’ CNDP style Domaine Lucien Barrot and a few ‘Neoclassical’ CNDPs, including our favourite, Domaine de la Vielle Julienne 2003. Delicious!

    We ate a traditional Provence lunch of tapenade and lamb at Le Verger du Papes, overlooking the Rhone valley. In the afternoon we visited Avignon and after a refreshing beer stop took a guided tour of the Palais des Papes. In the evening we ate at the amphitheatre of l’Orange. We had fois gras, veal and another cheese board accompanied by Samuels’ birthday present wine, a magnum of 2006 ‘Galets Blanches’ Chateauneuf-du-Pape. After dinner we briefly dropped into the end of the pop concert in the amphitheatre!

    Thursday 14th June

    We visited the Cave de Montrail offices where we tried the 2011 Serabel, Les Galets, the Lirac and Beaumes du Venise. It’s looking like it will be a very promising year for these wines. We then went to Domaine du Pegau and tasted some Pegau wines straight from the barrels before blending. Then we had just enough time left for a quick barbeque lunch and some Provence rose magnums before we headed to the airport.

    6 Bottle Delivery now availableDate published: 12/06/12

    We are pleased to announce that from today if you order 6 bottles of wine, champagne and/or spirits (any mix) we will deliver.  You can place your order in store, by phone, or online and as long as the case comes to £40 we will deliver free of charge.  If it comes to less than £40 we will charge a £5 delivery fee.  So there is now no excuse not to enjoy our great range of wines, brilliant offers and friendly, knowledgeable staff!  If you ahve any questions please contact the team here at Battersea and we will be happy to help.

    'My tastes are simple; I am easily satisfied with the best!' Sir Winston ChurchillDate published: 02/06/12

    Pol Roger, a Champenois from Aÿ, founded his champagne house in Epemay in 1849. Over the next 50 years, until his death in 1899, he built his business into one of the most respected in Champagne and, in particular, forged strong trade links with Britain. The founder was succeeded by his sons, Maurice and Georges, who changed their names to Pol-Roger by deed poll and, thereafter, by a further three generations of his direct descendants. To this day the company remains small, family-owned, fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality.
    Pol Roger own 87 hectares of prime vineyard sites spread over the Montagne de Reims, the Vallée de Ia Marme, the Vallée d'Epemay and the Côte des Blancs. This supply is supplemented by grapes purchased on long-term contracts with growers based on the best sites in the region. Total production at Pol Roger is in the region of 1.5 million bottles per annum, making them one of the smaller of the Grandes Marques. The cellars extend some 7 kilometres beneath the streets of Epernay and are carved out of the local chalk over three levels. They are amongst the coolest and deepest in the region, a factor which contributes to the famously fine bubbles in Pol Roger's champagnes.

    33% Pinot Nior – 34% Chardonnay – 33% Pinot Meunier
    Independence and Excellence since 1849
    Champagne Pol Roger, Epernay

    Brut Réserve is blended from 30 still base wines from different vineyards, different vintages and the three main grape varieties which dominate the champagne region: Pinot Noir contributes body, depth of character and life-extending tannins and comes from the villages of the Montagne de Reims – Verzy, Verzenay, Mailly, Ambonnay, Mardeuil and Louvois; Chardonnay provides the lightness, elegance and finesse and is drawn from Epernay itself and the villages of the Côte des Blancs – Cuis, Oiry, Oger, Vertus, Moussy and Chouilly; Pinot Meunier supplies youthful freshness, vigour and plump character with the grapes coming from the Vallée d’Epernay – Vincelles, Venteuil, Troissy, Damery, Vandières, Brugny, Chavot, Monthelon and Pierry.

    On the nose, the champagne is dominated by white flowers, green apple, brioche and a trace of minerality. On the palate there are notes of stone fruits, a certain nuttiness and a hint of honey supporting the freshness of the acidity. UK stock receives an additional 6 months post-disgorgement ageing so it is ready to drink upon release but cellaring for a few years will reveal greater depths. The apéritif champagne par excellence but one which has sufficient backbone to be drunk with fish and even spicy dishes

    Cepage: 60% Pinot Noir - 40% Chardonnay
    Dosage: 10.5 g/l

    Vintage champagne is by definition the wine of a single year and it must rely on the success of that harvest alone. Vintage champagne is therefore produced only when all the necessary components of climate, grape quality and ripeness at harvest come together for the winemaker to produce a wine of optimum intensity, structure and balance. The growing season of 1999 was marked by exceptional warmth and rain, with some heavy hail in May which devastated the vines in some communes. Growth was vigorous, necessitating some green pruning. The grapes were in good condition at harvest time which opened on 19th September and closed 1st October. Fortunately the heavy rain which fell at times during this period did not spoil a record harvest (19,000 kg/ha) with a good maturity (9.9% vol).

    Made in limited quantity, the 1999 Brut Vintage follows the traditional Pol Roger formula of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay from up to 20 Grand and Premier Cru vineyards in the Montagne de Reims, the Grand Vallée de la Marne and the Côte des Blancs. The musts underwent 2 cold settlings before fermentation in stainless steel to preserve the fruit characteristics of the wine. The wine was then blended and transferred to bottle for its second fermentation and aging in the cellars.

    Intense gold with persistent fine mousse. The nose opens with floral rose notes and warms to toasted brioche. The mouth is full and fresh with spicy floral notes (wallflower or nasturtium), underpinned with candied yellow fruit. The finish is long and dry. This is a classy mid-term vintage from Pol Roger that will continue to improve for at least 5 years in bottle and in magnum for 10-12 years. Typically this has the power to match fine dining and would work well with lobster or other crustaceans as well as rich or pungent or spicy dishes.

    'My tastes are simple; I am easily satisfied with the best!' Sir Winston Churchill

    Jubilee WeekendDate published: 31/05/12

    Due to an etremely busy delivery schedule we are now unable to offer delivery before Monday.  If you would like to place an order we can offer collection, or delivery on Monday or later in the week.  Please phone us if you have any questions.


    Thank you for your understanding with this.


    Team Battersea

    Improved offers for the JUBILEE!Date published: 18/05/12

    The year was 1952. Hilary and Tensing climb Everest. Zatopek claims three golds at the Helsinki Games and both Vladimir Putin and David "the Hoff" Hasselhoff were born. It was of course the year that HRH Elizabeth II ascended to the throne. In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, we have slashed our prices even further on a range of products. We look forward to helping you find the best way to celebrate the diamond jubilee.

    These offers will run from Thursday 17th May until Monday 28th May.

    Viña Equia Crianza was £8.99  now buy 2 Save £7 = £4.99

    Heidsieck Vintage was £20 now £18

    Nicolas Feuillatte Non Vintage was £18 now £15

    Prosecco Raboso Rosado Corte Alta was £9.99 now £6.66

    Prosecco Corte Alta was £9.99 now £6.66

    Peroni 12-pack was £15.99 now £12 a case

    Peroni 24x330ml was  £1.30 a bottle  now £1 a bottle

    Riverlands Run Sauvignon Blanc was £7.99 down to £6.24 now buy any 2 New Zealand Wines Save 20% now only  £4.99

    Viñalba Malbec Reserva was £10.99 now Buy 2 Save £4 = £7.99

    Summer Wine Evening Wednesday 16th May: WINES CHOSENDate published: 11/05/12

    Here at Majestic Wine Battersea we like to treat our customers well...you might even say we spoil you a little.

    This Wednesday 16th May at 18.30 we are having a Summer Wine Evening. What does this mean? It means wines for you to try, some fizz, some food, some beer. The price? Absolutely nothing, zip, nada, rien, niente. All you have to do is contact the store and we can book you in.

    As a little taster, here are the main wines we shall be opening. There will be more but this should be enough to get you tempted at the prospect. The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that there are some wines from different regions but with the same grape variety. We thought that it might be fun to compare and contrast.

    M de Minuty 2011, Provence, France

    Caixas Albarino, Martin Codax, 2011, Spain

    St Clair Estate Selection Sauvignon Blanc, 2011, Marlborough, New Zealand

    St Clair Pioneer Block Sauvignon Blanc,2011, Marlborough, New Zealand

    Gruner Veitliner, Kamptaler Terrasen, 2010, Austria

    Vire-Clesse Vielles Vignes, Christophe Cordier,2011, Burgundy

    Beaune Premier Cru, Louis Jadot, 2008, France

    Sarget de Gruaud-Larose, 2002, Bordeaux, France

    St Clair Estate Selection Pinot Noir, 2011, Marlborough, New Zealand

    St Clair Pioneer Block Pinot Noir, 2011, Marlborough, New Zealand

    The Galvo Garage, d'Arenburg, 2007, Australia

    Chateau de Fesles, Bonnezeaux, 2001, Loire

    We would really like to see you,so just contact the store for further details. Lydia, Alex, Lewis and Jason look forward to seeing you there.

    Wines of Italy Tasting Week Friday 11th May to Thursday 17th MayDate published: 10/05/12

    Finally, it's been a long year. We have had our ups; we have had our downs. FINALLY, it is time to focus on one of the greatest wine nations in the world. The land of "la bella figura" , calcio and saltimbocca alla romana.

    We hope that these wines give you just a hint of how great this nation is when it comes to wine.

    We shall be opening:

    Serena Pinot Grigio Rosato 2011

    Pinot Grigio  IGT Veneie 2011, Pasqua

    Soave Classico 2011, Inama

    Flanghina 2011, Terredora

    Rosso Piceno Conte Saladino 2010

    Rosso Il Poggione 2009

    Brunello di Montalcino 2006, Banfi

    Spero che vi piacino!

    What's the big fuss down under??Date published: 08/05/12

    What's big, new and exciting in the wine world? Personally i'm getting a little excited about the Mornington Peninsula but what's all the fuss about?
    The Mornington Peninsula lies within the Port Phillip Zone just an hour south from Melbourne. The wine region takes in the whole peninsula starting at Mt Eliza just below Frankston. The main towns amongst the vineyards are Dromana, Red Hill South, Merricks and Moorooduc.
    The region's climate is dominated by strong winds that sweep across Port Phillip Bay on its western flank and Bass Strait to the south. The region has a hills district rising 300m above sea level. Although rainfall is reliable supplementary irrigation is required at times during the growing period in some seasons.
    There are four principal soil types. Hard mottled yellow duplex soils with a very distinct break marked by a thin, acid cement/sand pan between the surface soil and the underlying friable, well-drained clay are to be found in the Dromana area. Around Red Hill and Main Ridge, red soils of volcanic origin (kraznozems) predominate; these are very deep and fertile. In the Merricks area there are brown duplex soils, while much sandier soils are in evidence at Moorooduc.
    Pinot Noir
    There is an enormous range of styles to the region’s flagship variety, from a haunting elegance and lingering intensity through to the more complex, structured and rich expression of the land. The constant factor is the clear varietal character which is clearly pronounced throughout the different sub regions of the Peninsula. From cherry and raspberry flavours with soft tannins in the higher areas to more tannic, elegant yet assertive wines with plum fruit in the warmer areas. Mornington Peninsula winemakers understand Pinot Noir vines are fussy - they choose their homes with fastidious care, insisting on precise combinations of temperature, humidity, aspect and ripening time. Such special conditions are difficult to find in Australia, but the cool, green rolling hills and valleys of the Mornington Peninsula provide a perfect home.
    The Mornington Peninsula provides a diverse range of micro climates that are perfectly matched to the production of high quality chardonnay. The chardonnay flavours range from melon, citrus, stone fruits and fig with mineral and flinty aspects that are a pure and intense expression of specific sites, often complemented by soft and creamy texture that makes these wines so alluring. Chardonnay, more than any variety, benefits from the extraordinary natural acidity that the cool Mornington Peninsula climate can produce and accentuates the restraint and tight structure for which the region is renowned. In recent years many reviews have described how chardonnay from the Mornington Peninsula provided the most pleasurable reward to those who had kept them in excess of ten years.

    Here at Majestic Battersea we've managed to Source a couple of wines from this great up and coming region.

    Ten Minutes By Tractor Estate Chardonnay 2009 Mornington Peninsular £30.00
    Mornington Peninsular is a sub-region of Victoria which, in recent years, has been identified as arguably the best area in Australia for cultivating the classic Burgundian varieties. From the estate's Main Ridge vineyard, this Chardonnay is whole-bunch pressed and fermented with wild yeasts in French oak barriques.
    The nose shows complex caramel and butter notes, not rich so much as deep. Layered on top are fruit aromas of white stonefruit and honeydew melon, themselves topped by a range of funky, savoury notes. It’s a luxurious wine for sure, one that delivers its caramel and stonefruit flavours on a bed of satin sheets and down pillows.

    Ten Minutes by Tractor Estate Pinot Noir 2009 Mornington Peninsular £35.00
    Mornington Peninsular is a sub-region of Victoria which, in recent years, has been identified as arguably the best area in Australia for cultivating the classic Burgundian varieties. Made in small open-topped fermenters with wild yeasts and matured for 11-15 months in French oak, this is an elegant and polished Australian Pinot.
    As you dive down, you’ll pass through layers of snapped twig, spice, raspberry, umami, ripe cherry, nougat and more. The palate is equally evasive for, although it does not hold back its flavours, the journey on which it takes you isn’t immediately obvious. First, a cuddly hit of berry fruit. Then, on the middle palate, an array of sweet and savoury flavours, encompassing everything from beetroot leaves to rhubarb to tobacco and spice.

    Get them quick before there all gone.
    Contact us on:
    Tel:020 7819 9796

    My Burgundian MomentDate published: 08/05/12

    Burgundy is one of those words that conjures up many images and ideas, so I felt rather lucky that I was able to visit the southern part of the region last week.

    Our trip involved making our way from Lyon, up the Saone valley through Beaujolais, then the Maconnais , the Cote Chalonnaise and finally a quick peek at the Cote de Beaune.

    One of my favourite parts was being able to link the many, great Burgundian wines we sell with the landscape that they come from. There was the natural amphitheatre like hills in between the peaks of Solutre and Vergisson in the Maconnais; the gentler slopes around the village of Buxy and finally of course the Cote De Beaune. To me the Cote de Beaune at this time of year, just as the buds are thinking about bursting but before the leaves have appeared, looked like a long continuous terrace of supporters at a sports meet maybe Le Mans, Daytona, Ascot or Centre court at Wimbledon.

    IT was mind-boggling seeing with my own eyes how close all these great Burgundian appellations are. There was Meursault, followed closely by Volnay and right next door, Pommard. Pommard went up to the roundabout and then, starting by the petrol station was the appellation of Beaune. My local petrol station just has grimy London streets by it…if only it were like this Beaune garage.

    Although we managed to bring the damp British spring weather with us, our time was well spent visiting co-operative wine cellars, viewing vineyards, dining in cracking restaurants and sampling wine. All the wine was good, one was spectacular.

    The spectacular wine comes from the Cave de Buxy, a cooperative we went to in the town of Buxy, near Montagny in the Cote Chalonnaise. The wine is called: Les Vendanges de Novembre, or “November Harvest”. It is a late harvest chardonnay with botrytis. It comes from Montagny Premier cru vineyards but it cannot be called a Montagny Premier cru wine.

    Late harvest is where the grapes are allowed to hang on the vine until they start to dehydrate. This process, called passerillage, concentrates the sugars in the juice and changes the flavours within it.

    This wine is also botrytis affected. Botrytis is a fungus, which removes water from the grapes which leaves more sugars, fruit acids and minerals. This results in a more intense, concentrated final product.

    Trying this wine was one of those moments. We had it with a plate including some pate, foie gras a dash of what looked like rucola leaf and some anchovy paste. To be honest I forgot what the dish was. All I remember is that it worked perfectly with this wine.

    This. Wine. Now, I have a lot of time for chardonnay, it is a pliable grape by which I mean the winemaker can have a great influence on the final style of a wine made from the chardonnay grape. We can truly see their artistry at transforming grapes into wine but…this…wine.

    Pleasure. Uncomplicated, ridiculously simple, pleasure. I am not talking marriage or childbirth (I would get in trouble from loved ones for that) I am referring to the pleasure that adds the chiaroscuro to life.

    What did it feel like?

    It was like realising your DeLorean has a button which makes it hover in the air. It was like watching Marco Tardelli running away from scoring a world cup final goal in 1982 maniacally pumping his forearms. Rather like realising you do have an umbrella in your satchel as the heavens open above you. Kind of like recommending your favourite book to someone and discovering they actually agree with your opinion. Much like turning on the radio and they play that tune ( you know, that one) and the presenter tells you the title and where you can download it for free. A little like waking up and realizing it is not any old Monday but a BANK holiday Monday and you actually planned something constructive to do with your morning.

    What was it like? It was a wine moment. It was glorious. I look forward to the next one.

    Fine Wine Friday: May 4th Ama-ZINNNNN!Date published: 04/05/12

    Fine Wine Friday

    This month's offering is:

    Ridge Lytton Springs 2009, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California, £30

    The Lytton Springs is a Zinfandel based red and the blend is 71 % Zinfandel, 21% Petite Sirah and 5% Carignane. Get a good 95 points from Robert Parker.

    It has a ripe black cherry/raspberry nose, with notes of pepper, licorice, chaparral, and tobacco. Rich black fruit on the palate. Full, viscous. Well-coated tannins and a long, layered finish.

    The winemakers strive to honour the indivudual character of each vine by blending each variety and each lot separately separately using natural yeast fermentation, letting the wines undergo natural malolactic fermentation and employing minimal egg white fining.

    We think you will be impressed and at just that price it represent a great bargain in our fine wine section.

    Wine Tasting: New Arrivals for Summer Fri 27th April-Thursday 2nd MayDate published: 28/04/12

    So we thought it was time to treat you again....

    All this week we will have opened a few of the many many new wines in our range. As it is Summer ( look out of that window again and will the rain away) the wines are taken from those regions on special offer all Summer.

    Please have a look on our web page to see which wines we have available to taste at the moment.

    Remember kids:

    20% Off Italian Wines

    20% Off Chilean Wines

    20% Off Australian Wines

    20% Off New Zealand Wines

    They are here all Summer so do not fret...you have try something from each of the regions. Wny not get a little taster of this year's summer now?

    My Alert @ BatterseaDate published: 16/04/12

    Here at Majestic Battersea we are always selling through items which are very popular and also constantly changing our range with new and exciting products including fine wines. So to help our customer out we have come up with 'My Alert @ Battersea'  If you would like us to get in touch with your regarding any of the following:

    • New wines from certain regions
    • Any new particular offers or when certain offers are ending
    • Any new fine wines from certain regions
    • Any of our usual range that we have sold out of

    Then feel free to get in touch with us at Majestic Wine Battersea via e-mail or telephone our contact details are:

    • Tel:0207 78199796
    • E-mail:bat@majestic.co.uk

    The top of the 'Craggy' Range have arrivedDate published: 31/03/12

    We have just received some of Craggy Range's top wines in very limited numbers. Here's a little history and information about what's getting me so excited for this new arrival.

    The Craggy Range dream.

    Terry Peabody and his family searched for ten years to find the place and the people that could fulfil a dream – that they could make some of the best wine in the world.

    It was this notion of legacy – to create something greater than the here and now – that led Terry Peabody in 1997 to Steve Smith and to the development of Craggy Range. Together they set a plan to buy the best vineyard land, select parcels of grapes grown by the country’s best farmers, and to choose a place for their homes, cellars and country restaurant. Their aim was to make single-vineyard wines – wines that are true expressions of the vineyard’s terroir. And an ambition to make the greatest wines in the land. No small goal and one that is not achieved without considerable effort.

    This is a family affair, a legacy born to be passed through the generations.

    Sophia means ‘wisdom’. It is the collective wisdom of those charged with its creation now and that of previous generations passed on, that makes this wine we call “Sophia” so special.

    Produced entirely from our Gimblett Gravels Vineyard nestled on the right bank of the Ngaruroro River, it is a blend of the very best Merlot and Cabernet Franc parcels of the vineyard. Always classy, always evocative and always richly textured.


    Planted in the early 2000’s with a selection of Pinot Noir clones, the exceptional Calvert Vineyard is finely tuned to capture what we call the essence of Central Otago – wild flowers, savoury herbs, black fruits and beautiful silky tannins.
    Managed biodynamically by the extremely capable team from Felton Road, our Calvert Vineyard Pinot Noir is elegantly restrained and focused with exotic flavours and a lingering finish.


    Le sol translated from French means ‘the soil’, appropriate when one considers the significant impact the stony soils of our Gimblett Gravels Vineyard have on our wine called "Le Sol".
    They keep the growth and crop of these old clone Syrah vines in check and provide warmth in the autumn, all critical factors in developing the enormous character and presence this wine has.

    Traditionally made, heady aromas, luscious yet classical texture. "Le Sol" is all at once luscious, elegant and exuberant – and in a very short time it has shown the breeding of Syrah in the Gimblett Gravels.


    Anything taking your fancy? Get in touch quickly as these wines are very limited and who knows when well see them again.


    20% off Spanish Wines. Que disfruten!Date published: 13/03/12

    Think Banderas. Think Penelope.  Think Torres. Think Cesc. Think Gaudi. Think Picasso. Think Sun, sea, sand, sangria. Think Puerta del Sol. Think Las Ramblas. Think the Alhambra Palace. Think Sierra Nevada. Think Expats. Think sunburnt skin. Think Paella. Think gazpacho. Think camino de santiago. Think Sagrada familia.  Think Farewell to Arms. Think Don Quixote.  Think Paco de Lucia. Think La Macarena. Think Juan Carlos. Think Felipe Gonzalez. Think Andaluces, vascos, gallegos, catalanes, mallorquines. Think siesta.

    Think Spanish wine. Think red, white, sparkling.

    20% off all spanish wine. Now in store.

    Que disfruten!

    The Majestic Bargain HuntDate published: 31/01/12

    Our new spring promotion is the perfect time for a bit of a clear-out to make way for 2012's exciting new wines, so we have just knocked a third off the price of loads of bin ends in the first ever Majestic Bargain Hunt!

    The selection is available in-store now - if you can't visit us in person to hunt out your bargain, please call us or email for more details of what's available.

    Here are just a few of the great wines to find at Majestic Battersea's bargain hunt:

    Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Combettes 2008, Louis Carillon £33.33

    Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc 2008, Napa Valley £6.66

    Domaine de Pellehaut Chardonnay Fruit 2009 £6.66

    Clos d’Yvigne ‘Le Rouge et Le Noir’ 2007/08, Bergerac £6.66

    And many more.....

    Email: bat@majestic.co.uk
    Tel: 0207819 9796

    The wine course is backDate published: 30/01/12

    With Christmas a distant memory  and the January detox coming to an end, why not join us for one of our free wine courses. We will run through some basic starter knowledge with you, try some whites, reds, Prosecco and champagne and also go through some food matching. Not only are the courses free, we'll give you a £10 voucher to spend at any Majestic Wine Warehouse in exchange for your time one evening. The courses start at 7:00pm and run for a couple of hours, If you're interested in any of the following dates please feel free to call us on 0207 8199796 or e-mail us at bat@majestic.co.uk.

    Wine courses:

    Friday 17th of February

    Tuesday 28th of February

    Thursday 22nd of March

    Wine Walk:

    Wednesday 28th of March

    Vodka - a different kind of tippleDate published: 10/12/11

    Vodka is one of the world's most popular, most misused, overrated and underrated spirits.  I say this because there are parts of the world where Vodka is worshipped and a more integrated part of the culture than wine or beer is in England.  For most people it is a tasteless alcoholic addition to any generic mixer.


    Vodka (etymologically derived from a translation of 'Little Water') is a complex, delicate drink which is a beautiful match to foods and the ultimate in social lubricant.  It may sound a strange suggestion to sit and sip a bottle of Vodka with some friends, but that is when it comes into its own.  It partners any form of charcuterie, olives, smoked fish or sushi superbly.


    For a trendy alternative to mulled-wine as a Winter-warming drink on arrival, why not try a glass of neat Vodka?


    Bob's recommendations:


    U'Luvka Polish Vodka - a nose of aniseed, green-pepper and floral notes gives way to a medium-bodied palate, buttery overtones and long finish.  Have this neat at first, then drop in a solitary ice-cube and notice the profile change from buttery and grainy to distinctly herbaceous.


    Sipsmith Barley Vodka - I have had the pleasure of meeting the master distiller, Jared, and can only describe him as one of the most engaging and knowledgable professionals in this, or any other, area.  His passion and studies sing forth in all Sipsmith's creations and this is no exception.  The grainy nose overlays hints of peppercorns and buttered toast on the palate.


    Which do I prefer?  I enjoy the deliberation so much I can hardly say...

    The history of Louis latour in an instantDate published: 09/12/11

    The Latour family has been in Alexe Corton, Burgundy since 1768. Seventh generation (Louis-Fabrice Latour) is in charge and currently owns vineyards in Ardeche,Var, Chablis and Beaujolais totalling 50 Hectares  - Most Notably in Aloxe-Corton, Gevrey-Chambertin, Puligny-Montrachet, Vosne-Romanee, Pernand-Vergelesses, Savigny-Les-Beaune, Pommard, Volnay and Beaune.

    Red Wines are produced at Chateau Corton Grancey while white wines are at Clos Chameroy. Latour introduced Chardonnay into the ardeche in the late 1970's and we have a lovely Grande Ardeche Chardonnay 2009, Vin de Pays Coteaux de L'Ardeche here at Battersea

     Why not try one of our many Loius Latour wines or even have them wrapped up in a gift box showcasing one of Burgundys great winemakers

    our range  is.. 

    Pouilly-Vinzelles ' En Paradis' 2008

    Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru 'Les Truffieres' 2008

    Macon Lugny 2009

    Marsannay Blanc 2008

    Meursaullt  ' Chateau de Blagny' 2009 / 2005

    Aloxe Corton Domaine Latour 2009 / 2005

    Gevrey Chambertin 2007


    Why not for the festive period have us make up a 'Latour box'  filled with loads of sumptious Burgundian wines.

    Gift boxes available in packs of 2,3,4,6 or 12

    Please ask a member of our team at Battersea for more details

    Drop us an email (bat@majestic.co.uk) or call (0207 819 9796)


    Please watch this space for tasting notes of the Latour wines - wines will be reviewed independandly and will give you suitable pairings with food.


    Nautilus Pinot Noir 2009Date published: 02/10/11

    Just in... This lovely Pinot noir is from the renowned Sauvignon Blanc region(Marlborough) of New Zealand. It has a lovely bouquet of rasberry and plum with a touch of violet. Medium to full bodied this wine has soft tannins and a cosy fruit flavour. How could anyone resist this Pinot.

    so much going on and all for £16.99

    Food Pair : Salmon steak

    music pair : Jamie Cullum

    Something special....Date published: 09/09/11

    Cue 'Albatross-Fleetwood Mac' This isn't just a Rioja...... This is La Rioja Alta........Traditional, rich and expressively fruity. This wine has an unusually high amount of Garnacha in its blend. It's been aged for 5 years before release, 3 of which are spent in American oak. It has a classic deep cherry colour and terracotta rim with notes of ripe red berry fruit, cinnamon spice and vanilla. The acidity is perfectly balanced by the sumptuous fruit and refined, soft tannins. This beautifully made Rioja isn't just a Rioja........ this is Vina Ardanza Reserva 2000 from La Rioja Alta wineries. Come in to Majestic Battersea to give it a try for yourself. I'll bring the wine, you bring the lamb.

    Available to taste: Hangar One VodkaDate published: 24/08/11

    We have some excellent new premium vodkas available to taste on our tasting counter.  The wonderfully smooth Hangar One Vodka, and the deliciously flavourful Hangar One Mandarin Blossom.  Come in to have a sample!

    Two Fine Wines Open This WeekendDate published: 22/07/11

    We have two new Fine Wines open for you to try this weekend.


    One Gewurtztraminer from Italy.  Aromatic, fruity and full of sweet, Summer flavours.


    One red Burgundy.  Delicate, complex and light enough to enjoy in the sun.


    Come along to try!

    Store Events(1)

    Free Wine Course

    11 June 2014 (19:00 - 20:30)

    In informal introduction into the world of wine. We will explore the process of how to taste wines, followed by some interesting facts and a bit of food and wine matching.


    Store Tasting(0)

    What we're tasting today...

    Meet the team...

    • Adam Trainee Manager

      I enjoy travelling to experience different cultures as well as explore! I'm currently making my way around the world of wines. A particular favourite of mine is a cool glass of Viognier on a hot summer's afternoon (When they show up).
    • Alex Trainee Manager

      I joined the team in early December from our Vauxhall branch. Having spent much of my life in Argentina Malbec is my passion so if you are planning on having a steak soon ask for Alex!
    • Damian Driver

      HI! I'm Damian and I'm the Battersea branch's driver, I really look forward to delivering all your wine straight to your wine rack/cellar!! Nothing is too much trouble for me, I'm strong!
    • James Senior Assistant Manager

      I joined the Battersea team from sleepy Surrey in October, having previously worked in 3 Central London stores. Come and talk to me about those more interesting grape varieties such as Godello and Greco. Although I do love a nice toasty White Burgundy with a bit of age!
    • James JN Trainee Manager

      I'm brand new to the team. Currently learning all about wine, and hoping to learn a lot more in the next coming months. I graduated from university in the Summer of 2013, and have previous experience working on bars and in restaurants. But nothing quite like Majestic! Favourite wines include a chilled Chablis, or a dry Pinot Grigio.
    • Pedro Senior Manager

      I've been around for over five years and love talking wine. I am also an avid amateur cook and enjoy pairing wine with food. So if you're having a dinner party pop in for a chat and we can match some wines up to your menu.

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