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Make your wedding gift list a wine gift list with Majestic

Choosing a gift list for a wedding, civil partnership or other special occasion can be incredibly difficult. Couples may already have many of the items found on a traditional gift list. Wine makes an exciting alternative to the usual choice of toasters or crockery and can be enjoyed in many years to come.

John and Jane's wine rackTogether with the help of our trained staff we can help you create a personal wine list that offers your guests a fun and interesting gift to choose from. What could be better than your own wine cellar to greet you home from your honeymoon?

What Majestic offers

  • A highly personal service tailored to your requirements
  • Free expert advice from our knowledgeable staff
  • Choose from fantastic wines from around the world
  • Your own individual Gift List web page (see this example)
  • Free delivery to your door arranged at your convenience

The fun bit - create your Gift List

The first decision to make is to decide what type of wines you want on your list.

The most popular type of list we offer is a selection of wines, fine wines and Champagne with the intention of enjoying their gifts on future anniversaries or special occasions, but the choice is entirely yours.

Alternatively, some couples set up their Gift List with the wines they've chosen to drink on the day. This can be a great way for guests to contribute to the costs of the big day.

The Majestic website is at your side to give you an idea of what we have to offer, but we strongly recommend a visit to your local Majestic store to discuss your list and personal requirements. Our expert staff can offer advice and recommendations to help you put together a wine list that will be unique and special to you.

We recommend choosing between 10-15 wines at mixed prices so that your guests have a varied list to choose from.

Inform your guests

Once you have finalised your wine list we then set up your own individual web page that lists your wines and explains how your guests can buy a gift from the list (see this example). Your guests can leave a personal gift message wihen ordering. We can also help by:

  • Producing invite slips for you to send out with your wedding invitations which will include your unique web address and Gift List telephone number
  • Emailing your Gift List and 'How to Order' guide to your guests
  • Producing a hard copy of your Gift List to send to guests

The other fun bit - receiving your wines!

We'll close your list either shortly before your wedding day (if you want the wines for the wedding itself) or shortly afterwards if you you prefer.

You can prearrange a specific date and time that you want your wines delivered, or arrange this when you return from your honeymoon. We will also send you a full list of your wines detailing who bought you the gift and the personal message they left for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start planning my list?

Give your guests plenty of time to choose and buy a gift: start at least six weeks before the wedding. The ideal time is about three months before the big day but may be sooner if you wish to send out a full list with the invitation. We ask you to visit the store and select your gifts where you can take advantage of our store teams' expert advice. At this stage you will also be asked to select a maximum amount for each wine that you wish to receive. Other wine specialists may ask you to select a whole case of each wine but we can be as flexible as you wish.

Where will the list be available?

Your list will be available to view online about a week after you have visited the store. We will give you a unique web address which you can give to your guests so they can view it online. And for your guests who may not be as comfortable about using the internet we will be happy to produce a number of paper copies for you to distribute. Guests can buy from your list 8-10 weeks before your cut off point. If you wish you can also mark a couple of products which you particularly want as favourites.

How do my guests buy the wine?

Once your guests have decided which wine they would like to purchase they can call the customer service team quoting your names as their reference. We will then take their order and payment details and send a receipt for their purchase through the post.

When should the wedding list close?

We usually recommend that you keep the list open for at least a week after the wedding as there is always someone who has forgotten to order!

How many invite slips should I ask for?

When registering you can ask for as many invite slips as you wish as they are designed to be included in your invitations. When deciding how many to ask for include everyone who is invited to your wedding but don't forget that you only need one card per couple.

How will I know who bought what?

When your guests place their order they will be asked if they would like to leave a gift message. These messages will be delivered to you after the close of the list.

What if I change my mind or don't like one of the wines chosen?

No problem. As long as the wine is in a re-saleable condition you can take it to your nearest store to replace it.

Get started

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