Majestic Classics x 12

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ABV 13%

Delve into this outstanding selection of hero wines that have all earned a fantastic reputation amongst Majestic customers.


We asked our Tasting Team to pick wines they'd serve at their 'ultimate dinner party'. They took it seriously, got some food in and started tasting. These are the wines they chose.


Big Juicy Reds x 12

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ABV 13%

We’ve curated this case in celebration of luscious, full-bodied reds. Explore the bountiful intricacies that make each big red unique.


Majestic Premium Selection x 12

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ABV 12.5%

Explore this luxurious ensemble of delicious wine, tailor-made to proudly place centre-table at a dinner party.


Fun Loving Party Poppers x 12

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ABV 13.5%

Have this selection on-hand for jubilant glimmers of sunshine and make the most of the notoriously short-lived moments of British summer-time whenever the moment strikes!