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Majestic Guides: Best of Prosecco Cocktails

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Wine Cocktails: Best of Prosecco Cocktails

In Short:
Prosecco cocktails are easy to make and are delicious as aperitifs or party drinks.

Why Drink Prosecco Cocktails?

There’s something that just feels celebratory about Prosecco cocktails. Because they are light, bubbly and often come with a gentle sweetness, Prosecco drinks make great aperitifs before a meal.

They’re a winning pick for parties, too, and not only because they’re usually straightforward to mix. Because Prosecco cocktails are made primarily with wine, rather than spirits, they can be lower in alcohol than many other mixed drinks, great if you’re cheers’ing over a few hours.

You can use Prosecco in almost any cocktail that calls for fizz – even if the recipe lists Champagne, Cava or another sparkling wine. Two of the most popular Prosecco cocktails are the Prosecco Mimosa and the Bellini. But it’s worth sampling others, too. You can even invent your own.

Top Cocktails with Prosecco to Try

One of the simplest Prosecco cocktails is the Prosecco Mimosa – all it contains is Prosecco and orange juice, typically in equal ratios. Mimosa is very similar to the popular drink, Bucks Fizz, though the latter contains a higher proportion of sparkling wine with just a splash of juice. Both cocktails were originally invented using Champagne but are just as delicious (and usually more wallet-friendly) when made with Prosecco.

The Bellini, on the other hand, was designed especially for Prosecco. Invented by barman Giuseppe Cipriani in the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, back in 1948, it combines seasonal white Italian peaches with Prosecco for a summery sipper.

Today you’ll find many variations of the Bellini cocktail recipe around the world, but for a classic rendition, gently stir one part peach puree into two parts Prosecco. Just be sure to use the freshest, ripest fruit for a perfect result.

While it’s not as widely known as the Prosecco Mimosa or Bellini, another Prosecco drink you should try is the Hugo cocktail. This slightly sweet aperitif hails from the South Tyrol and is popular as a pre-dinner refresher in the region. It combines Prosecco with elderflower cordial, mint, soda water and lime. Some variations also include gin, but for a traditional, lower-alcohol version that lets the wine shine, leave it out.

The Best Prosecco for Cocktails

The best Prosecco for Mimosas, Bellinis or any other sparkling cocktail? That will be down to your individual taste. Because Prosecco cocktails tend to contain a sizeable ratio of wine, the most important thing is to choose a quality bottle you like. After all, you’ll be able taste it in the finished drink.

One of the best Proseccos for Mimosas is Pasqua ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Prosecco because it’s made in a very dry ‘Brut’ style. That means when you mix it with orange juice it won’t taste too sweet.

Meanwhile, for Bellinis, consider La Marca ‘Extra Dry’ Prosecco. It has flavours of white peach to match those of the fruit puree.

Of course, part of the fun of making Prosecco drinks is experimenting. So why not try your own creation using pink Prosecco? La Gioiosa Rosé would be delicious in a spin on a Bellini which uses fresh raspberry purée rather than peaches.