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Inside Knowledge: What Makes Official Rosé Weather?

What Makes Official Rosé Weather?

In Short:
Exclusive research by Majestic, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, has revealed details of when rosé is most likely to be the drink of choice for wine lovers.


With sales reaching their peak over sunnier periods and a heatwave set for this weekend, Majestic has discovered that 26C is the temperature tipping point where Brits decide to bring out a bottle of Rosé in favour of white or red due to its light and crisp flavour.

Analysing past years sales, Majestic was able to pinpoint the exact moment in the year where rosé sales reach their maximum peak and surpass the sales of other wines.

Looking back to 2020, from May 26th May to 1st June, temperatures in the UK soared above 26C and this was the moment Brits popped open a record number of bottles of blush with Majestic reporting over 172k bottles of Rosé flying off the shelves, above their white and red counterparts. 

Just the week before also saw sunny spells of the same temperature on the 21st May seeing 35, 176 bottles of Rosé picked up on this day alone, peaking over and above white and red counterparts. With temperatures expected to peak at over 30C this coming weekend, this could be an even bigger peak for pink. 

The category has boomed in popularity over recent years, with an explosion of interest in lighter, softer styles away from the darker, sweeter pinks of yesteryear. Celebrity appeal, and a high visibility on Instagram, have all had an impact too - with the likes of Brangelina and Jon Bon Jovi developing their own rosés (both now available at Majestic). 

Rosé has also never been more diverse as a category in the UK, with Majestic listing new examples from Greece, England, Sicily, alongside a host of new sparkling wines, this year alone.