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Beer & Cider

A terrific range of lagers, ales, speciality beers
and ciders available by the case with unbeatable prices

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  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro product photo
    £28.32Special Offer
  • Budweiser Budvar product photo

    Budweiser Budvar 24x330ml Bottles

    This pale lager has a beautiful golden colour and rich head, its mild hop aroma balances well with the perfectly synchronised sweet-bitter taste. Still only brewed in Budweis, Czech Republic

    £24.00Special Offer
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager product photo

    Samuel Adams Boston Lager 24x330ml Bottles

    Recreation of a 19th century American recipe - rich and satisfying.

    £24.00Special Offer
  • Corona Extra product photo

    Corona Extra 24x330ml Bottles

    The famous Mexican beer, fantastic with a slice of lime on a summer day.

    £31.20Special Offer
  • Asahi Super 'Dry' product photo
  • Curious Brew Lager  product photo

    Curious Brew Lager 12x330ml Bottles

    Curious Brew is a truly premium lager beer. Brewed in England with precision and passion to create a uniquely satisfying, drier, cleaner, fresher, lager beer.

  • Sharp's Doom Bar product photo
  • Adnams Ghost Ship product photo

    Adnams Ghost Ship 12x500ml Bottles

    Pale ale with a pithy bitterness and malty backbone.

    £21.00Special Offer
  • Estrella Galicia product photo

    Estrella Galicia 24x330ml Bottles

    All beers are brewed & packed in A Coruna, where quality, a smooth finish, & flavour is key. The beers are brewed for a minimum of 30 days to intensify flavour.

  • Pilsner Urquell product photo

    Pilsner Urquell 24x330ml Bottles

    The original Pilsner from the Czech Republic starts with a floral and caramel flavours plus a pleasing bitter finish from the saaz hops.

  • Coopers Pale Ale  product photo
  • Orchard Pig Reveller product photo

    Orchard Pig Reveller 12x500ml Bottles

    Light, crisp and gently sparkling with a rich cider aroma.

Showing products 1 - 12 of 61